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Sharing the Princess by Katie Douglas – Extended Preview

Between them, the two men managed to get Lea’s dress unfastened without calling for servants or finding a magic user, but it took them so long to figure out all the buttons and bows that by the end they had practically tore it the rest of the way off her. Lea didn’t care much; it wasn’t like she intended to wear her wedding dress ever again.

Standing naked between the two men, Lea wondered what they planned to do to her.

“I think she needs to find out how two men feel when they’re coming inside her at the same time,” Ben observed. “She’s had my cock, and Elspeth’s gotten in on the action too, so it’s only fair that you get a turn. She’s your wife now.”

She started to notice a wetness between her legs; she was so excited to be taken by two men. To prepare her for her wedding night, Ben had already made her take an enema, which she’d hated.

Cedric’s face seemed lit from within as he stood before Lea and contemplated her body. She saw his erection growing harder by the second, then it twitched every couple of seconds. She felt herself becoming quite wet as she thought about being taken by both men at once, but she didn’t have long to dwell on it as Ben reached under her arms and cupped her breasts.

“Your nipples are hardening already, Lea. Have you been thinking naughty thoughts?” Ben asked her. Lea nodded.

She felt a firm pinch as he squeezed her nipples.

“I asked you a question, young lady. Have you been thinking naughty thoughts?”

“Yes, Ben, I have.” She felt herself coloring red as she spoke.

“What have you been thinking about?” he prompted. She shook her head, but he pinched her harder and she had no choice but to talk.

“I’ve been thinking about y-you and Cedric…” She trailed off.

“Go on,” Ben encouraged, and he stroked her nipples now, reminding her that he could pinch them again at any moment.

“I was thinking about what it would feel like to…” She couldn’t finish the sentence because she kept getting too embarrassed by her own naughty thoughts.

“I think our princess needs a lesson to remind her that when I ask a question, I expect an answer,” Ben said, relinquishing her breasts and lifting her up, easily supporting her weight as he carried her to the edge of the bed then bent her over it, so her mounds were upturned and her face was pressing into the sheet. She tried to push herself upright but Ben’s hand held her firmly and stopped her from being able to escape.

“Cedric, take note; you might need to do this for her one day. If she struggles, take her wrists and press them into the small of her back like this,” Ben took each of Lea’s wrists and pinned them to the deepest curve of her spine, where she couldn’t get away at all.

“Then what?” Cedric asked, and Lea tried to psychically slap him but alas, she had no magical powers. It was probably for the best, she thought.

“Then you take your other hand, get a nice swing like so, and just bring it down on this part of the buttocks, where she sits,” Ben said, spanking Lea’s cheeks with a ringing swat that echoed in the room.

“How do you know when you’ve spanked her enough?” Cedric asked, as Ben brought his hand down hard on Lea’s bottom twice more. She gasped for breath and wished she was ten feet taller so she could overpower them for a change.

“The punishment should always fit the crime, so this time she’s only getting a dozen or so. I just want to remind her that she has to answer questions when they are asked.” Ben’s hand made a loud cracking noise as it punished Lea’s unprotected mounds.

“Please, Ben, I’m very sorry!” Lea declared, as her cheeks started to feel very uncomfortable. He stopped a moment later and stroked her hair, although he kept her pinned over the end of the bed.

“Good girl, Lea,” Ben murmured, like he was taming a cat. Lea sighed under his hands. “You will notice, if you look down here, that her slit is now getting fairly wet. That’s a normal response to a light spanking and unless you’re punishing her for a big transgression, you should make her come fairly soon after spanking her,” Ben explained to Cedric. Hearing him talk about her like that made Lea feel even more aroused, and soon her clit was competing with her slightly sore bottom cheeks for her attention.

“So you’re going to fuck her now?” Cedric asked, his voice sounding thick. Lea was willing to bet that he needed to have sex soon.

“We both are. But first she’s going to answer my question, aren’t you, Lea?” Ben’s voice was steely as he turned his full attention back on Lea. She quivered slightly and tried to remember what he’d wanted to know.

“Yes, Ben. What was the question?” she asked.

“You were going to tell me what you’ve been imagining Cedric and me doing to you,” he said.

Lea sighed. There was no escaping this question, by the sound of it. “I was imagining you both… uh… fucking me at the same time,” she said, embarrassed at having to say it out loud, and she felt Ben stroke her hair.

“Good girl. You’re about to find out what that feels like,” Ben said. He got on the bed and shifted her so she sat up, then he lay back and pulled her toward him so she straddled him. Once she was on top, he eased himself into her waiting entrance.

She moaned at the delicious full feeling and ground her pussy into him as she felt herself sink down onto him until his shaft was buried to the hilt.

“Lean forward onto me,” Ben told her, then she snapped back to upright as she felt a finger against her puckered hole. She put her hands back in surprise and looked around to see Cedric standing behind her, his eyes focused on her ass. If her bottom wasn’t already red enough, Lea was sure it would be blushing by now. She looked from Cedric to Ben, unsure about how to handle this now that it was happening.

“Don’t worry, Lea, it’s okay. I promise we’re going to take good care of you,” Cedric said, but Lea wasn’t reassured. She was getting scared, and was now in danger of backing out. She needed them to make her take this, if she was going to be able to go through with it.

Ben seemed to know what was on her mind, because he took her hands and pulled her gently but firmly back down toward him. “You will let us do whatever we want to you,” he told her clearly, “and you will thank us for it and ask for more.”

A spark of excitement shot through Lea’s womb, and she knew Ben would push her as far as she could go. She could always depend on him to get the best out of her. Lea nodded and shifted slightly on his cock, as Ben held her wrists against his chest and stroked the back of her neck.

“Good girl, let Cedric put his finger inside your bottom hole.” Ben’s touch and his cock twitching inside her felt calming, although Lea was afraid of anyone putting anything inside her ass. She felt Cedric pushing against her rosebud and she was sure he wouldn’t fit, his fingers were so much bigger than Elspeth’s, but then, as she thought she couldn’t stretch at all, her back hole started to open to his touch, and she closed her eyes to try to get used to the strange new feeling.

“How is that?” Cedric asked, and Lea decided it was okay, although she wasn’t sure what the big deal was. It definitely didn’t feel as sexy as she’d expected.

“Your finger feels quite big,” she observed, as he slowly, gently moved inside her.

“You’ll adjust very quickly,” Ben said, then he grabbed her hips and began fucking her, while Cedric slid his finger in and out of her ass.

At first, it felt very strange with her attention split between the two men, but then she gasped in amazement. Ben was right. She had already stretched around Cedric’s finger. As the two men fucked her, Lea decided she was full already, and yet it was different to when she had felt Elspeth inside her. Ben took his hands from her waist and caressed her nipples as she started to bounce up and down on his cock, feeling more confident.

“I think our princess can take another finger,” Ben observed, and Lea gurgled in bliss as Cedric pushed a second lubricated finger into her ass. She loved the way this felt, although part of her was still fearful because she didn’t think there was any way that two cocks could fit inside her at the same time.

Lea was rapidly approaching orgasm when Ben said, “Does she feel looser now?”

“She’s not clenching as much as she was when I started. Do you think she’s ready?”

“Yeah, I’ll hold onto her.”

They were talking about her as if she wasn’t there, and Lea felt like a helpless ragdoll as Ben pulled her further forward, so her head was resting on his chest, while Cedric slid his fingers out of her.

The next thing she felt was his cock. The head was huge, it felt so solid, and even though she’d just had two of his big fingers inside her, Lea felt afraid.

“Ben? I don’t think he’s going to fit,” she mumbled, suddenly scared. What would happen to her if she was too small to take both cocks? Would they both go in anyway? She felt herself starting to panic. Ben stroked her breasts, brushing her nipples with his thumbs, and looked deeply into her eyes. She could well imagine him talking down wild horses with those eyes.

“Lea, stop listening to your head. Listen to those exquisite sensations that I know are running around your nether regions about now. Let Cedric in, let him fill your bottom hole, just like you’re letting me fill your pussy, and I promise you will feel the most unbelievable climax, stronger and deeper than anything you’ve ever felt before.” Ben’s voice was hypnotically calming and Lea found herself relaxing. She felt Cedric’s tip move into her ass a little ways, and she scrunched her eyes up again in fear and pain.

“It’s too big! I can’t do this! It’s too hard!” She wanted his cock inside her so badly but she was still afraid.

“Lea, look at me,” Ben ordered.

She unscrewed her eyes for a moment and looked at him.

“You can take this, and if I hear you say you can’t once more, I’ll spank your bottom then fuck you in the ass myself, and make no mistake, I’ll enjoy feeling your hot, spanked butt against my skin as I fill you with my come. I know exactly what you can and can’t take. Stop second-guessing me.” His voice was hard now, arousing her in that place he reached when encouragement and gentle words hadn’t pulled her brain out of the concrete she was stuck in.

Lea felt tears prickle in the corners of her eyes. A spanking was the last thing she wanted right before she lost her anal virginity, but she was so worried that maybe her anatomy couldn’t do this. She closed her eyes again and took a deep breath, then let it out as she felt Cedric’s head try to push into her further.

“Please, Ben, I can’t!” She knew he would spank her now, and she knew she should just trust him, but she was afraid.

“Can you pull out of her, please, Cedric. Our princess needs reminding about who knows what she can take and what she can’t.”

Between the two men, they moved Lea so she was bent over the edge of the bed, then Cedric held her shoulders. Ben swatted her sit-spot hard, with a loud crack, and she kicked one of her legs but she couldn’t fight him off. He spanked her for several minutes, while Lea wiggled and hissed through her teeth to try and get the sting out, but soon she was unable to focus on anything other than the burning pain in her bottom.

“Please, I’m sorry! I’m really sorry! I will listen to you next time! I’m sorry!” she cried.

Ben swatted her ass a few more times, then he stopped and gently rubbed her back. Lea was glad that he hadn’t thought this was serious enough to spank her until she cried, but she was worried that, now the spanking was over, it was time for him to take her ass.

Ben repositioned her so she was on all fours on the bed.

“Keep your shoulders low, princess, and it’ll go in more easily.” He parted her cheeks and she screwed her eyes up as she felt something pressing against her bottom. When she felt a finger slide into her, she felt relieved. She knew she could take his finger. He put another finger to her clit and stroked her button. The exquisite sensations felt amazing, and she found herself pushing back against his finger, trying to take him more deeply, as he finger-fucked her ass. When he slid his finger back out again, she felt like she’d lost something.

“Good girl, stay like that for me,” he told her, and the next moment, his cock, hard and big, pushed against her ass. Her ass stretched, making her feel like she was turning inside out again as he pressed firmly against her tight ring of muscle. Ben wouldn’t push her harder than she could take, though, she knew that. She realized that the reason she’d been so upset earlier was because she had wanted it to be Ben, not Cedric, to take her anal virginity. What she had with Ben was truly special and she wanted him to have every part of her. Accidentally, she had thrown away her actual virginity after she’d saved it for him for so long. This was all she could give him, but it meant a lot to her. The idea of Cedric getting it had disconcerted her.

The head of his member slid into her and the mushroom shape of the tip seemed like it was splitting her open. Despite the discomfort, she moaned in joy as she felt him pause, waiting for her to adjust. He knew exactly what he was doing.

Ben trailed a hand down her bottom cheeks, which were still hot and tingling from her spanking. Lea sighed at his touch. He pushed into her further and Lea felt her ass holding tightly around his cock, pressing against it so she could feel every curve and ridge of his masculinity. He waited a moment then pushed in even further.

When he had given her more time to adjust, he reached around and stroked her clit then slowly, gently began to move inside her back opening. Lea had wanted this for so long and she was so excited to be feeling Ben’s cock pressing into her. The tingles felt strange but wonderful. He fucked her a little faster and Lea felt an orgasm building. It was different to the ones she’d felt from her pussy; it had a different depth, and the nerves in her entire body were lit on fire.

“I’m going to come,” she said, and Ben pressed his hand more firmly against her clit as he continued to make love to her rear.

“Then come, princess. Come with my cock in your ass,” he breathed into her ear.

She tumbled over the edge into a powerful orgasm that racked her entire body and made her feel like she’d been lit up from the inside. She buried her face in the bed and cried out as she had her first anal orgasm. Ben then growled and fucked her with more urgency, until she felt his shaft throb and then she felt liquid shooting inside her, filling her with his seed, as he lost himself in her. She twitched with aftershocks, and when he came out of her, she thought her bottom might have his essence pouring out of it. Ben went to the wash basin and cleaned himself up, then returned to her. He rubbed her back lightly, and she felt cared about, and like she’d just shared something special with the man she loved most in the universe. He waited a couple of minutes before he spoke again.

“I think it’s time for you to find out what it’s like to have two men inside you at once,” he told her.

Lea looked at him askance. Cedric had stood back while Ben had taken her anal virginity, but now Cedric got onto the bed again, and he sat facing Lea. He gazed deeply into her eyes and put a hand to her hair, stroking it gently. She sighed happily, then he leaned in and kissed her deeply, tenderly. When Cedric pulled away from her, he repositioned himself on the bed and he lay down.

“Climb on my cock, Lea.” Cedric’s voice was filled with lust. Lea straddled him, lowering herself onto his shaft, feeling him stretch her channel as she took all of him inside her, then she leaned forward as Ben moved over Cedric and presented his cock to her.

“You’ll have to suck it until it’s hard again,” he told her, then he pushed the flared head into her mouth, and she felt it start to grow harder again quickly. She’d thought men had to wait ages before they could have sex again, but Ben hadn’t needed to wait more than a few minutes. Soon he was filling her very deeply, keeping her mouth open widely as he touched against her throat every so often before pulling back out again so only the head was in her mouth. When she just had the tip, she licked and sucked at it, her tongue circling his opening at the top of the head.

“Wife?” Cedric prompted. Lea realized she’d completely lost herself in the task of exploring Ben’s cock in her mouth, and now she came back to the present. Cedric’s manhood was inside her pussy. It twitched lightly against the pleasure spot at the front of her tunnel and she felt him put his hands either side of her waist before he gently and slowly bounced her up and down on him. Scared she was going to accidentally bite Ben’s cock, she stopped sucking his tip as she held her teeth as far apart as she could. Ben tapped her on the nose and she looked up.

“That’s not how a three-way works, young lady. You need to focus on both men at the same time,” he chided her.

She carefully nodded and resolved to try harder to split her attention. She found she could suck Ben’s member a lot more easily when she was in control of how she moved on Cedric’s hard shaft, and so she took over fucking him, grinding her pussy against his golden pubic hair, as she held Ben’s cock in one hand and sucked on it.

“It’s time for a change,” Ben said, and he pulled himself back out of her mouth. She felt bereft, but not for long. The bed bounced slightly as he climbed into the mattress behind her, then his fingers were parting her still-glowing cheeks, and the head of his cock pressed against her recently fucked bottom hole.

He slid into her more easily this time, perhaps it was because she knew he would fit so she didn’t tense up or worry about it. The feeling of him deep in her ass was even tighter than before, as Cedric’s cock in her pussy left barely any space for a second one. Lea could feel both phalluses pressing deeply inside her, almost touching one another. She had never felt so filled before, and when the two men started to move inside her, she found herself very soon at the edge of another orgasm.

Before she could ask or tell anyone, her entire lower body contracted around the two cocks and she felt a searing tide of tingles flood through her. She screamed and pulled against Ben’s hold, then she felt the two men increase their pace until they shot their liquid essence deeply into her pussy and ass at the same time, causing Lea’s orgasm to swell greater as she cried out and bucked between Ben and Cedric. She could feel the hot liquid filling her insides, making her tingle and shudder, as she kept on coming around them.

When the feeling diminished, Lea felt empty and thoroughly used, as Ben slid his cock out of her ass. She flopped sideways, separating herself from Cedric, and luxuriated in the crisp sensation of the fresh silk sheets against her body.

The three of them fell asleep haphazardly tangled on the bed and at some point, Ben must have awoken and stolen out of the castle before he was found in Lea’s bed by the morning servants, because when she awoke, she was alone with her new husband.

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