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A Short Leash by Loki Renard – Extended Preview

A Short Leash by Loki RenardOver the following weeks, Sierra regained much of her strength. Frequent meals, plenty of rest, and an abundance of care transformed her completely. Just one month after her arrival she had put on weight, her skin was clearer, her eyes were brighter, and her hair was so shiny and healthy she couldn’t help but admire it at every opportunity.

Master Kade had kept her confined indoors, something she had not minded at first, for she had not had the energy to go running about anyway. But as her strength returned, so did her native curiosity and her desire to explore his compound.

“Before we go out,” he said after she begged for the umpteenth time, “you’re going to have to wear this.” He held out a thin strap of leather with a dark circle attached to the center and a fastener on one end. She knew instantly what it was, and she did not want anything to do with it.

“No more collars,” she said, shying away.

“I know you don’t want to wear one,” Kade said with some sympathy. “But I promise you will only wear it when you’re out. The moment you come home, the collar comes off.”

“No.” Sierra was not often defiant or stubborn, but she found both traits at her disposal when confronted with the thick black band he wanted to put around her neck. She put her hands to her neck and shook her head emphatically. “No collars.”

“Don’t be naughty, Sierra,” he said, his tone cajoling. “A collar is sometimes a necessity. If you’re wearing this and you get lost, I will be able to find you.”

“You mean if I run into the wilds you’ll be able to find me,” she said, screwing up her nose. “I don’t want to wear a collar.”

“This isn’t optional,” he informed her. “And this isn’t a collar like your old owner put on you. It’s much lighter and much more comfortable. You won’t notice it once it’s been on for a few minutes.”

“No!” Sierra took further refuge in refusal.

“Well, in that case,” Master Kade said, “you can go to your room and you can stay there. I wanted to take you out around the compound today, but if you’re going to be a brat, I won’t bother.”

Sierra bit her lower lip. “But I want to go out.”

“Then you have a choice. Wear the collar and go out. Or go to your room until it is time to eat.”

They had just eaten, so it was not going to be time to eat for another four hours. That meant four hours of daydreaming and napping instead of going out where the plants and the wild winds were. Or maybe… maybe she could go to her room and then go out anyway. The doors of Master Kade’s home were not locked, so far she had stayed indoors only because he told her to. She had been a good, obedient little pet, but that was going to change if he insisted on putting that collar on her.

“I can practically hear you thinking, Sierra,” he said. “Go to your room and scheme there. Perhaps this afternoon you will be in a better temper.”

Sierra went to her room as he had told her. There was little point in directly defying Kade, but indirect defiance was always an option. Once in her room she dressed in the best sneaking-around clothes she had. She had long ago discarded the silk clothes the citizen had provided her with and instead wore what Kade had on hand, of which there was rather a lot. She selected a green tunic and dark underwear, eschewing pants altogether. Then she opened her door, went to her belly and began crawling across the floor. In such a fashion she could move practically silently and she did so all the way down the hall and through the living room. She did not know where Kade was, but she kept an eye and an ear out for him as she went, face pressed flat to the carpet as she listened for his steps.

Ow!” Sierra screeched as a hand came down across her bottom hard. She looked up and saw Kade towering over her. How he had moved so silently was a mystery to her, but was probably just one of his hunter tricks.

“This is not your room,” Master Kade said. “Naughty girl.”

There was warmth in his voice even as he chided her. He did not seem truly angry at her; he seemed amused.

Sierra rolled over onto her back and looked up at him. “I wanted to go out.”

“You knew what you needed to do if you wanted to go out,” he said. “But now you’re going back to your room for the rest of the day to think about what happens when you disobey me.”

A pout established itself on Sierra’s face. “The rest of the day? The whole day?”

“Yes,” he said. “The whole day. That’s what happens when you’re disobedient. There are consequences.”

“I don’t want to go to my room.” She looked up at him under lowered lashes. “Are there other consequences?”

“What do you mean, you little brat?”

Sierra sighed. “I mean is there something else aside from sitting all alone in my room all day long? Something that is less lonely?”

She had spent far too much time shut out in the cold and even though her room was no cold yard, being separated from Kade for long periods of time was unpleasant. Even going to bed at night alone was sometimes more than she liked, but she made sure to fall asleep quickly so it would not seem as long until she saw Kade again.

“Less lonely,” he said. “Yes, there are consequences that are far less lonely.” He sat on his favorite couch, the one that was long enough that he could stretch out on it comfortably, and patted his thigh. “Come up here and lay yourself over my lap.”

Sierra was up and in position before she thought about what the consequences might entail. To be close to Kade, to have his strong body pressed against hers was more reward than punishment. Even when he put his hand on her bottom and swatted her lightly, she still wasn’t concerned. She stretched out with a little sigh of contentment and closed her eyes as his other hand ran up and down the length of her back in a slow massage.

“You make punishing you a difficult proposition, you know that? You’re almost too sweet to be spanked.”

Sierra smiled and turned her eyes to him. “Then don’t spank me.”

“I said almost,” he reminded her, swatting her bottom. “Sometimes it’s the sweet ones you have to watch.”

With that, he whacked her bottom hard three times, catching the lower part of her cheeks with each stinging blow. Sierra gasped as she was jolted against his thigh, the little nub between her legs igniting with excitement.

She would never have told Kade as much, but she liked being spanked. She liked how it felt to be held over his lap. She liked how her pussy clenched and tingled whenever his hand landed. She even liked how his voice sounded as he growled gentle chastisement down at her. Master Kade was not rough or cruel; he was firm and some of the slaps landed with enough impact to leave her bottom tingling for several minutes but at that moment they only served to make Sierra’s hips squirm against his leg, arching her hips forward so her clit received the perfect amount of pressure needed to turn pain to pleasure.

“I’m not sure you’re learning all that much from this,” Kade drawled, palming her bottom for a moment. He rubbed gently, massaging some of the sting into her cheeks. “I think those panties need to come down.”

Sierra lifted her hips as he peeled the soft fabric from her bottom and settled it right beneath the rise of her cheeks. There was something exciting about the way he bared her and yet did not, keeping the pouch of her pussy covered as his hard hand returned to her now bare cheeks, spanking them over and over with firm swats that made her grasp at the arm of the couch.

It was just as well her pussy was covered, for if it had been bare he would certainly have seen moisture welling between her lips. The more intense the spanking, the more aroused she became, letting her legs part with each slap so she could grind herself harder and more shamelessly against his leg.

“Sierra,” he said, suddenly pushing her panties down to mid-thigh. “What is the meaning of this?”

She froze, hearing what sounded like censure in his tone.

“You’re soaked,” he said. A moment later, she felt his fingertips drifting over the seam of her pussy lips, coating themselves in wetness. Her wetness. “Do you think I spank you so you can gratify your naughty cunt?”

His words were hard and almost harsh, but the circling of his fingertips around the entrance of her body softened the message.

“I think you need to be mated,” he said. “Or at least tended to down here. I cannot have a horny pet distracting herself when she should be paying attention to her lessons. Stand up and bend over the back of this couch.”

Sierra did as she was told. Kade came around behind her, fastened one hand on the back of her neck and speared his bare cock inside her with a long thrust that made her squeak in surprise as he started fucking her with hard, rough thrusts. There was no foreplay as such, no tender kisses or romantic words. There was just his hard cock sliding deep inside her soaking wet cunt with enough force to make her rise up onto her toes.

“My naughty pet needs a different kind of punishment,” he growled, leaning down to bite the back of her neck, his arm snaking around her upper body as his hips pounded against her hot bottom. He pulled her up almost to a standing position and fucked her hard and fast, pounding her pussy. Grinding against the back of the couch, Sierra’s clit was also given the same treatment, her body disciplined and pleasured at the same time.

His large hand cupped and held her breasts, the other on her hip, pulling her back so she had the full benefit of each and every stroke. That meant she could no longer wriggle herself against the couch and her throbbing clit went unsatisfied as Kade pushed himself deep inside her until his cock pulsed against her cervix.

All of a sudden he pulled out, leaving her wet and needful. “Down,” he growled out, pointing to the floor.

Sierra sank to her knees as Kade stroked her hair, took hold of the back of her head, and aimed his cock toward her mouth. She was more than willing to part her lips, her fingers going between her thighs to rub herself to climax as Kade began to use her mouth as he had used her pussy. It was probably supposed to be a punishment of some kind, but Sierra loved how it felt to have his hot hard rod spiced with her own scent sliding in and out of her mouth.

While she was distracted, she didn’t take careful notice of what Kade was doing. One hand was in her hair, but it slid down and a second later she felt the collar latched about her neck. She tried to make a sound of complaint, but Kade shook his head, his aquamarine eyes flashing warning as he kept her speechless with the application of his cock over her tongue.

There was nothing Sierra could do. She had been fucked and collared and her fingers were rubbing desperately at the wet nub of her clit as she suckled on Kade’s pulsing cock. Her tongue lashed around the head of him, tasting the first droplets of his salty semen. A second later, Kade began to spend himself. The rush of his seed triggered her orgasm, her fingers working hard against the nub of her clit in desperate circles until she too felt a release, though it was not as powerful as it would have been if he had provided it.

“You weren’t meant to cum,” Kade said, taking her hand to draw her up to her feet.

“You didn’t say that,” Sierra shrugged with a little smile as he slapped her bottom lightly.

“I suppose I didn’t,” Kade admitted. “Put your clothes on. We’re going out.”

Though collared, Sierra could not keep the smile off her face. She was immensely satisfied with being outside as the cool air wrapped itself around her, lifting her spirits immediately.

“This compound covers several acres,” Kade informed her. “It’s surrounded by thick walls, so there’s no opportunity to get into the wilds proper, but, and this is a big but, once you pass that fence,” he pointed to the crisscrossing wires just barely visible a few hundred feet off, “there will be both predators and prey. I keep this place as close to the wilds as possible. There are real dangers here.”

Real dangers. Oh, how she had yearned for real dangers every day she was locked in that little yard. Citizens did not like danger. They insulated themselves from it at every turn and instead amused themselves with noisemakers and brightly colored visual machines. Every night, Sierra had watched as her citizen owner and his wife sat before a rectangle of material about three feet wide and two feet high and just stared at the flashing images until they fell asleep.

Kade’s compound was not truly wild, but she could scent that what he was saying was true. Being a wild one, her senses were more keenly attuned to nature than citizens’ senses. They may as well have been blind, deaf, and dumb compared to a wild one. To a citizen the shimmering fence was probably hidden in the greenery, but to her it stood out like a sore thumb.

Sierra stood very still, drinking in the wonders of that outdoor space. She thought she could smell rabbits, foxes… and something else… something she couldn’t quite place. The smile faded as she realized she didn’t know.

“I can’t… why… I can’t scent the…”

“It’s alright,” Kade said, putting his hand on her shoulders. “You were incarcerated for a year. Your wild senses have diminished. They will return in time and with practice. Don’t worry.”

“Don’t worry?” Sierra’s voice rose to a panicked pitch. “I might as well be blind! I can’t scent anything. Some rabbits, that’s it!”

“The enclosure contains a lot of animals,” Kade said. “No large predators, but there are plenty of medium-sized equally dangerous ones, and serpents too. For the moment, I want you to stay in this garden, away from the animals. It has been a long time since you were allowed into the wilds and it’s likely that your body isn’t as strong as your mind anymore.”

“I am strong!”

“I’m not saying you aren’t,” he explained patiently. “I’m saying you’re used to being able to run almost as fast as a gazelle, climb as adeptly as a monkey, and fight with all the fierceness of a tiger. But you just spent a year in confinement without proper nourishment. Your muscles will not be what they once were. It will take months to restore their old strength.”

Sierra looked at him doubtfully. She felt strong. Weeks of good food and relaxation had left her feeling very well. How dare he say that she was no longer fast or agile or able to take down prey? She would show him.

There was a large tree next to the house. It stood twenty times taller than Sierra at least and was clothed in thick branches covered in smooth bark. To a citizen it was just a leaf-dropping inconvenience; to Sierra it was a stairway to the stars.

She ran to it, planning to scoot the ten or so feet to the first branch, take hold of it and propel herself up from there onto the roof of Master Kade’s house. That would show him. She grabbed hold of the trunk, wrapped her arms about a third of the way around it, and put her feet to the bark. In the past she would have been able to haul herself up it easily with a run-up, but she found her hands slipping and her feet scrabbling and instead of a grand ascent she slid unceremoniously down onto her sore bottom, landing with a yelp at Kade’s feet.

“You might try listening to me and believing what I say,” he said mildly. “You will need training to get back to your old strength.”

Sierra’s eyes filled with tears, not because the landing had hurt, but because she had lost so much more than she realized. Her health, her looks, and even her strength.

“Don’t worry,” he said, reaching down to run his fingers through her hair in a way that soothed her. “You will be back to your old self before you know it. Your mind remembers how to do these things and your muscles do too, they just need a little more care.”

She nodded and blinked back the tears. She was tired of crying and feeling sorry for herself. It was time to work, not whine.

“There is more to be done,” Kade said. “I’m going to train you as a house pet, so you will be able to have the run of the house and have as much freedom as possible as well as being able to perform basic chores.”

Sierra snorted. “I have long dreamed of performing basic chores,” she said, her voice dripping with heavy sarcasm. “Do you think, if I work very hard, I might one day be able to make beds and clean floors?”

Kade lifted a brow at her, suddenly looking quite stern. Sometimes she forgot the real nature of their relationship—him as master, her as pet—because he was friendly and gentle most of the time. But he could remind her without a word. All it took was body language and energy to let her know that she was getting ahead of herself.

She looked up at him, then down at the ground. Annoyance began to set in. She did not want to be a house pet. She had no interest in chores, or anything to do with the way citizens lived.

“Sierra, I can feel your defiance from here,” Kade drawled. “I think you might need a nap. There has been a lot of excitement today.”

“I am not sleepy and I am not tired,” Sierra refused. “I am unhappy, and I don’t think sleep will fix that.”

“It may not, but going to your room will prevent you from getting into trouble,” he said. “You’re heading for it, Sierra, and I don’t want to have to smack that bottom of yours right now. I don’t think you’d like that very much.”

“I don’t think I like anything very much,” Sierra replied. “I haven’t liked anything in a long time and I am tired of not liking things. I am not going to be a pet anymore. I am my own person and I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to.”

“Sierra,” Master Kade said. “Everyone has to do things they don’t want to do. Life is made up in large part of doing things we don’t want to do. For instance, I don’t want to have to take my best leather to your behind, but if you don’t check your attitude I will do it anyway.”

Sierra set her features in a scowl and stayed where she was, her buttocks safely pressed against the ground.

“I’ll leave you out here for a little bit,” Master Kade said. “Maybe the outdoors will calm you down. Remember, stay away from the fences.”

He went inside and almost instantly Sierra crept to the fence line, looking over her shoulder to make sure Master Kade was not watching. He would almost certainly punish her for disobedience. When she was certain that he was not watching, she touched the fence and was promptly kicked by an unseen horse. Swearing, she retreated from the wire, clutching at her hand. There was definitely no horse in sight, but something had dealt her a serious whack.

Sierra tried the fence again with much the same result. It was more painful the second time around. She pressed one hand to the other and swore vengeance against the invisible beast beating her. She knew somehow this had to be connected to Kade, so she sought him out to tell him precisely what she thought of his aggressive fences. She found him inside the house, watching one of the moving pictures citizens enjoyed so very much.

“That was mean!”

“Hmm?” He raised a brow at her.

“Your compound is attacking me,” she frowned, rubbing her hand against her thigh.

“You’ll have to be a little more precise, Sierra.”

“The fence kicked me. You made it kick me.”

“The fence is electrified, Sierra, that’s why I told you to stay away from it. Which you clearly didn’t. You must be getting your strength back; you’re becoming extremely defiant.” He patted his lap. “Come here,” he said. “It’s time for you to go over my lap, my girl.”

Sierra did not agree that it was time to go over his lap. She thought it was time to go back outside and make another attempt at climbing the tree. Propelled by the desire to avoid a spanking, she managed to actually make it up into the lower branches, an achievement she followed with a loud shout of triumph.

Master Kade came out and stood below, his arms folded over his chest as he looked up at her. “Well,” he said. “Looks like you just needed the right motivation. Don’t think this means you’re out of trouble.”

“I’m not in trouble,” Sierra said. “Because I’m not going to come down. I’m going to live up here.”

“Sierra, don’t be ridiculous,” he said, his tone lowering as he became serious. She was learning something about him. He truly did not like to be disobeyed. “If I have to get you down from there, you’re not going to be a happy pet.”

“I’m not a happy pet now!”

It wasn’t entirely true. Sierra was experiencing her first rush of physical prowess in a long time. She had almost forgotten how good it felt to be able to move throughout the world with grace and speed, and to look down on those who weren’t as gifted.

“Sierra. Down. Now.”

She might have obeyed the order if she thought there was any way he could enforce his will, but she was well out of his reach. Walking along the edge of the roof, she let her foot dangle over the side with each alternate step.

Master Kade did not say anything more. He went back inside the house and Sierra clapped her hands, thinking she had won. Oh, how wonderful it was to be a little more powerful than the man who was master.

She was mid-step in a little victory dance when hard hands clamped onto her from behind, one on the back of her neck and the other on her hip.

“Next time I tell you to come down, you come down,” he said, slapping her bottom hard. His palm cracked across her cheeks several more times, making her feet dance against the rooftop as she emitted a squealing sound.

“Do you understand me?” He gave her a little shake, turning her to face him. “I will not tolerate disobedience,” he informed her. “I especially will not tolerate defiance.”

Butt stinging, pride wounded, Sierra was not in the mood to meekly agree with the man holding her. She didn’t know how he’d managed to get up on the roof, but getting up on the roof was not the only feat she was capable of. With a swift bite to his wrist, Sierra managed to get Kade to loosen his grip long enough for her to make an escape back down the tree. Now he was on the roof with an angry red mark on his wrist and she was on the ground, rubbing her bottom.

“How long do you want to play this game, Sierra?” Kade growled the question down at her, his looming presence more intimidating than a crouching mountain lion. “You’re in very, very big trouble, my pet. I would not suggest making it any worse.”

“I don’t want to be in trouble,” Sierra said. “So I will not be.”

“That’s not how it works.”

“Yes, it is. If you can decide that I’m in trouble, I can decide that I’m not.”

Master Kade’s expression performed antics of confusion alternating with annoyance and eventually settled on stern. He turned and walked back out of her sight. Sierra backed away from the house and tree, not sure where Master Kade was likely to reappear. He seemed to have all sorts of secret ways of getting about the place; he had certainly materialized on the roof almost silently.

When he didn’t appear immediately, Sierra crouched and waited. He was coming. He had to be coming.

Almost fifteen minutes later she realized that he was not coming. She looked in through the house windows and saw him sitting on the couch. He was working with something in his hands, but other than that he was not so much as looking at her.

Another fifteen minutes later Sierra pushed through the door and looked at him, maintaining a careful distance. “What are you doing?”

“Waiting for you to come receive your punishment.”

“Why would I do that?”

“Because you know you deserve it,” he said. “Because you know you’ve been a bad girl and you know you’re due a spanking. When you’re ready, come tell me.”

Sierra squirmed in the doorway. It was somehow more difficult when he wasn’t chasing her down. She didn’t know what to do with herself; she certainly wasn’t going to take herself over to him and let him punish her.

Kade did not pay any further attention to her. He went about his business as usual, made a meal as always, and even served a portion for her. She was a little reluctant to come eat it lest he grabbed her and started spanking her, but he showed no sign of doing that.

They ate together in silence. Sierra had never noticed how much they chatted in their everyday life. Each meal was accompanied by a conversation on some matter or another, usually a debate on the life of a citizen vs the life of a wild one. But Kade did not say so much as a word to her and she was not inclined to try to start a conversation that he would not entertain.

“When you’re finished, you can go to your room,” he said, breaking the silence. “Unless you’re ready to face your punishment.”

“What if I said I was sorry?” She looked at him under her lashes, hoping he might relent.

“You’d be lying,” he replied. “You’re not going to be sorry until we’re done, and you’re not going to be properly forgiven until I’ve dealt with this matter. You bit me, Sierra. You put your teeth on me. You don’t ever do that.”

There was something in his voice she didn’t like. It wasn’t anger, and it wasn’t frustration. It was something else, something almost sad but not quite. Disappointment. He was disappointed with her. The realization hit Sierra like a rock. From the moment she’d arrived he had cared for her and implicit in that care was a kind of approval. He exuded warmth that she didn’t even notice until the very moment it went missing.

A little whimper rose to her lips as she finished the last bite of her meal. He ignored it, choosing to clean up the plates as Sierra sat on her stool and wished she’d never misbehaved in the first place. She especially regretted biting him, as he seemed to be most upset by that.

“What will you do?”

“Give you exactly what you deserve,” he said, washing the remnants of food from the plates. “I’m going to give you a taste of leather.”

“You’re going to make me eat leather?”

The dimple in his cheek made a brief appearance. “No, I’ll strap your disobedient backside with a leather strop until I’m satisfied you’ve learned your lesson.”

“You would do that to me?”

“I won’t enjoy it, Sierra, but I will do it. What you did today wasn’t acceptable. I need to know that you’ll obey me when you’re not under my direct control. I need to know I can keep you safe, and I can’t do that if you think it’s funny to disobey me.”

“But I climbed the tree,” she pouted. “Isn’t that good?”

“It’s good for your muscles,” he replied. “It’s not going to be good for your hide. Go bend over the back of the couch. I will tend to you when I have tended to these dishes.”

Sensing that this was an opportunity to get back on his good side, Sierra got up from her seat and walked obediently over to the back of the couch. She sat on the back rather than bending over it, but that was better than not going there at all and she figured he might be happy about that.

He looked over his shoulder and made a swirling motion with his finger. Clearly sitting on the back of the couch was not in fact the same as bending over it. She reluctantly let her feet down until they touched the floor, then turned around and bent over the back of the couch, her hands on the soft cushion. The position was more comfortable than she’d thought it was going to be. The back of the couch was well padded and she could swing her legs back and forth in a way that was somewhat amusing.

“Stay still,” Kade said, a growl in his voice, but the glimmer of a smile on his face. He was having a hard time staying angry at her. Sierra hoped that would translate into clemency later on.

She stilled her legs and held position, waiting for the clinking of dishes to stop and the smacking to start. It was not a pleasant wait. She did not like the idea of tasting leather, even if she was going to be tasting it with her butt.

“Good girl,” he said, some of the warmth returning to his voice. He seemed to genuinely appreciate her submission. Finishing the dishes, he crossed over to her and patted her bottom with affection. “When this is over, we will start over again,” he said. “And you will have learned something important.”

“I will have learned that annoying you is a bad idea. I already knew that.”

“You will have learned how very important it is to obey me,” he said, peeling her panties down over her hips to bare her bottom. His hand landed shortly thereafter in a harsh slap, which was followed by many, many more. Kade wasted no more time in conversation; the spanking had begun in earnest and his hand was moving in a blur, whacking her cheeks so hard and so fast Sierra didn’t feel the swats as separate slaps but as one continuous burning heat.

She let out a yowl, but that did not stop the punishment. It went on and on until her bottom felt as though it burned as hot as the sun. She kicked and wriggled and squirmed, but Kade showed her no leniency at all as he spanked her to a crescendo of whimpering and sniffling.

“I’m going to forgo the leather this time because you’ve already been spanked today, but you will obey me,” Kade growled down at her. “Especially when it comes to matters of the wilds. Your senses are still quite dulled. You will be in danger if you do not listen, understand me?”

“Yes,” Sierra sniffed sadly.

“I know you’re feeling strong,” he added, “but you are nowhere near full strength, Sierra. Even when you are, I need to know you will obey me.” He rubbed her bottom, soothing some of the sting away. “And every time you disobey me, you can expect to be punished even more thoroughly. This was just a warning, Sierra. It can and it will be worse if you do not learn your lesson.”

As tears fell, Sierra promised that she had learned her lesson and was finally rewarded when Kade picked her up in his arms and held her close, kissing her cheeks and cuddling her close. “You can be a good girl, I know you can,” he murmured.

Sierra wasn’t so sure.

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