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What You Need by Morganna Williams – Short Story

Felicia smiled when she read the memo talking about a new program her company was instituting immediately. It was entitled What You Need, and her eyes zeroed in on the words “new snack machine in the employee lounge.”

She grinned and promptly dropped the memo into her trashcan, having already learned the most important thing: there was a snack machine in the lounge and she could get the Snickers bar she’d been craving all morning. Felicia studiously ignored the little extra jiggle in her hips that might indicate she didn’t need a candy bar as much as she thought she did and made her way to the lounge.

A bright silver machine sat against the wall; it was the biggest snack machine Felicia had ever seen and it didn’t have any pictures or anything to indicate the selection. With a puzzled frown she approached the machine.

At her approach a small flat panel slid out. Directions were on it instructing people to type their selection into the keyboard and then place their palm directly on the surface to the right.

“This is really weird,” Felicia said aloud as she typed in “Snickers” and then placed her palm flat on the indicated area. A whirring sound filled the air as brightly colored lights began to swirl beneath her palm.

She was startled when a mechanized voice sounded, “Felicia Summers your selection does not compute with what you need therefore a more appropriate selection has been made for you.”

“What?” she asked in surprise, and then glared when instead of the requested candy bar a large red apple popped out of the slot instead. “Are you freaking kidding me? I want a Snickers not an apple!”

“I must request you take your healthy snack and return to your desk or Corporate Compliance will be contacted,” the machine said in its precise speech.

“I will not return to my desk. I want my Snickers bar you big hunk of tin!” Felicia yelled and then gave the huge machine a little kick in frustration.

“What seems to be the problem here young lady?” a firm male voice asked from directly behind her.

Felicia spun to face a very nice looking older gentleman. Even though she was still very irritated, she couldn’t help the spark of attraction that made all her girl parts pulse with anticipation.

“I ordered a Snickers bar and this stupid machine gave me an apple,” she said with another glare at the machine.

“I see,” the man said before walking up to the machine and punching a few keys and collecting a little slip of paper that came out. “Hmmm, it says here that your body is dangerously low on fiber and other key nutrients needed to optimize your performance level and that a candy bar is not in your best interest at this time. It would be best if you took your apple like a good girl and returned to your desk. The machine has determined this is what you need.”

Felicia was outraged, “I don’t give a flying fig what the machine said! I want a Snickers bar and I refuse to eat that apple.”

The machine gave another little whirring sound and then spit out a second slip of paper. The man collected the paper, read it, and then turned to Felicia with a look of resolve on his face. “Very well. I must insist you come with me, Ms. Summers.”

“What? Why should I come with you? Who are you?” she asked, glaring up at the man who no longer seemed quite so attractive.

“My name is Abram Smythe. I’m the director of the new Discipline Division in Corporate Compliance. You’re our first referral,” he told her with a small smile while he began rolling up his shirt sleeves.

Felicia took a step back. “Discipline Division? What exactly does that mean? Are you seriously going to write me up because I refused to eat an apple?”

“No, Ms. Summers, I have a much more effective way of dealing with non-compliance,” Mr. Smythe said before catching her firmly by the upper arm and pulling her quickly down the hall and then through a door she’d never noticed before.

He stood her in the center of the room and got a straight-backed chair to set in front of her, while Felicia watched him warily.

“Now young lady, what do you have to say for yourself?” he asked as he seated himself on the chair in front of her.

“About what?” she asked.

“Your refusal to do what’s best for yourself,” Mr. Smythe explained.

“Give me a break! I don’t have to eat fruit if I don’t like it! I’m well within my rights to have a candy bar!” she yelled down at him.

“You didn’t read the memo this morning, did you?” he asked knowingly.

The man gave a sigh, then pulled her face down over his lap, clamping his right leg over her thighs and lifting her skirt in barely more than one motion.

“What the hell are you doing!” she cried in alarm, finding herself unable to move from his iron grasp. Then, to her horror, her panties were unceremoniously pulled down to the tops of her thighs, baring her to his gaze. “Hey!”

“If you’d bothered to read the memo, young lady, you would know your employers care about your health and what’s good for you and have enacted some new policies accordingly. Failure to comply results in immediate disciplinary action; you will find if you read the fine print of your employment contract that the choice of discipline is at the discretion of your employer in any instances that it becomes necessary.”

“But that doesn’t mean you can…” she sputtered to a halt unable to finish the sentence.

“Spank you? Yes ma’am, it does,” he said just before he brought his large palm down on her upturned posterior.

He followed the first slap with several in a row that left her howling and kicking her feet in vain as he began to deliver the worst spanking she’d ever received.

Felicia lost count of how many times his hand fell as he spanked her, but the discomfort and heat in her poor bottom grew quickly.

By the time he stopped her bottom felt like it could light a furnace and she was sure it was swollen to three times its normal size.

Mr. Smythe lifted her sobbing form to stand in front of him and turned her to face the corner. “Now you will spend some time in the corner reflecting on your behavior while I prepare your enema.”

She spun to face him again in alarm. “Enema!” she screeched.

“Yes. You refused to eat the apple and provide your body the proper amount of fiber, so the machine recommended an enema instead,” he told her firmly. “I suggest you face the corner young lady or I will start your spanking again from the beginning.”

Felicia spun to face the corner, all too aware her bright red bottom was on display to anyone who happened to walk in the door. He couldn’t really give her an enema could he? Surely this violated several labor laws… Her shoulders slumped. She really should have read the memo.

She wanted to further protest the enema but the idea of repeating the spanking she’d already received on her hot sore backside wasn’t something she could even bear to contemplate.

“I’m ready, Ms. Summers. Drop your panties to the floor, raise your skirt to your waist, and bend over the end of the table.” Mr. Smythe’s instructions were very precise.

Felicia turned to see him standing there next to the table holding a thick tube attached to a large bag hanging from an IV stand. She shuddered and began crying again as she shook her head at him.

“Ms. Summers, it won’t be as bad as you think, but if you don’t comply with my instructions immediately I will add to the punishment you’ve already received.”

“I just can’t!” she cried.

“Very well, remember you made the choice. You will have a ginger plug to hold the enema after it’s administered and then I will strap your bare bottom while your body absorbs the full effects of the enema and the ginger plug. I assure you by the time it’s all said and done young lady you will wish you’d bent over the end of the table as instructed.”

His implacable resolve made her bottom clench as she watched him attach the well-lubricated tube to the bag and walk toward her. Felicia turned to run but didn’t even make it two steps before she was caught under his strong left arm, leaving her legs to windmill in the air. In a matter of seconds he’d pulled her panties free of her frantically kicking legs and unsnapped her skirt and pulled it from her body as well.

She was mortified to find herself completely bare from the waist down, and to add insult to injury, his right hand began to swat her upturned bottom with each step he took toward the table.

“I’m sorry! I’ll be good! I promise!” she cried as his hand fell again and again.

“Very well,” he said as he set her down on her feet in front of the table. “Bend over the end of the table and reach back and hold your bottom cheeks open for me.”

She stared at him in horror, a little squeak the only sound that escaped her lips.

“Do you need further incentive?” he asked with a quirked brow.

Felicia practically threw herself over the end of the table and then reached back to catch a burning bottom cheek in each hand. She spread herself wide open to his gaze with a shuddering sob. She’d never been so humiliated in her life. A strange man was staring down at her tight little asshole, a sight no man had seen before, and he planned to stick that tube up it.

The little trickle of moisture escaping from her vaginal canal to line the lips of her labia only added to her mortification. What was wrong with her that she found this vile treatment arousing? She knew he could see everything from her cringing bottom hole to the moisture gathering below it. Were her lips swollen and wet?

“What a naughty little creature you are Ms. Summers. That is something I would enjoy exploring another time, but today discipline is the only thing on the agenda. Naughty girls don’t get to cum. Remember that in the future, young lady.”

She shivered at the subtle promise in his words. “Yes sir.”

Then she felt the tip of the thick tube press against her anus. He continued to press firmly against her little hole until the tube slid inside, stretching the tight ring of muscle. When he had it all the way in, he patted her bottom lightly and then held it in place. She heard the snick as he released the valve and warm liquid began to flow into her bowels.

Felicia moaned as the fluid began to fill her to capacity. “Oh, no more please!”

“Shhh, you’ve only received half the dose, once it’s all in you’ll have to hold it for ten minutes.”

Her bowels were already protesting the intrusion and cramping in response but still it continued until she felt her tummy swell as it was filled completely. Her anus contracted nervously as the tubing was removed, and then she felt something even thicker pressing against her sore little hole.

Mr. Smythe pushed the thick ginger root in a little, then twisted it before pulling it out again. He continued working it in and out of her bottom like a parody of anal sex until finally he pushed it all the way home. Felicia’s bottom contracted around the thick root, squeezing it tightly and releasing its juices, making her whimper as the burn inside her ass grew.

“Ohh it burns! Please—please take it out!” she cried.

“Next time you’ll bend over the table the minute I ask, won’t you dear?” he asked with amusement apparent in his voice.

“Oh, yes sir! I promise!” she cried fervently.

“I’m afraid the ginger will have to stay in, along with your enema, for the entire ten minutes my dear. Now I’m going to give you ten licks with the strap to finish your punishment.”

“Nooo! Please…” she sobbed into the bed.

“Release your bottom cheeks, young lady. I don’t wish to injure your fingers,” he instructed.

Felicia quickly brought her hands and arms to rest beneath her hot face, gasping when he made some kind of adjustment to the table that lifted her feet from the floor and arched her bottom out prominently for punishment.

The first line of fire fell right in the crease where her bottom and thighs met, making her howl in pain. Mr. Smythe methodically striped her bottom from mid-thigh to just below where the end of the ginger root poked out from between her cheeks. Each stripe also served to jiggle the root and increase its burn inside her poor backside.

Felicia didn’t even notice when the strapping ended; she just lay in place sobbing out her misery. Her bottom burned inside and out, and she feared she’d embarrass herself any minute.

A gentle hand stroked her lower back soothingly. “There’s my good girl. You took your punishment very well, Felicia. Let me take this ginger out and then I’ll help you to the bathroom.”

Mr. Smythe pulled the burning root from her tender bottom, then lifted her carefully to stand in front of him, hugging her to his side as he led her to the small toilet tucked behind a screen.

She was so eager to sit and release the enema that she didn’t even try to get him to leave. Finally it was over and she even submitted to Mr. Smythe’s help cleaning herself up. He was gentle now and caring. Once she was all clean he picked her up in his strong arms and carried her to a chair, where he sat and cuddled her on his lap.

“You’ll be my good girl from now on, won’t you Felicia?” he asked as he pressed a gentle kiss to her brow.

“Yes sir,” she promised softly, knowing she was forever changed.

“You were so good for me that I’m going to give you a little reward,” he whispered in her ear as his fingers slid between her thighs and found her slick heat.

Felicia groaned and spread her thighs wide for him. The heat burning in her ass and on her sore bottom cheeks suddenly made her ache to have him invade the only place he hadn’t touched.

Three fingers shoved inside her aching sheath hard and fast as his thumb stroked her swollen clit in a circular motion, and she came a few seconds later, screaming and bucking in his arms.

“That was lovely, my dear. Let’s have another,” he said, sinking a finger from his other hand deep into her burning ass, stroking his fingers in and out of her in tandem while his thumb continued to ride her clit. Then he seemed to stroke the same spot high inside her from both sides until she began to shake as she built towards the strongest orgasm of her life. Felicia suddenly stiffened and her breath came out in a keening wail as she came hard, fluid spurting from her in the process until she lay spent in his arms.

“What a good girl you are,” he praised her. “Would you like to have dinner after work?”

Felicia smiled. “I’d love to.”

Later, after she was all cleaned up and dressed, on her way back to her office she saw a friend at the snack machine. Lisa was frowning down at the apple in her hand.

“Eat the apple!” Felicia yelled.

Lisa looked at her, startled by the outburst. “But…”

“Trust me, it’s what you need.”

The End

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