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Snake: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

You can’t do this. You just can’t.

For some crazy reason I wasn’t doing anything at all to stop his advances. In fact, given my words, I’d encouraged him to act like a beast. My body was a treacherous bitch, allowing the rough and tough man to see me in a state of undress, let alone adopt the theory that he could have anything he wanted by offering that sly smile of his.

No. This was morally wrong, so sinful that if I were Catholic, I’d have to go to confession every day for a month. No, a year. I involuntarily dragged my tongue across my bottom lip, which caused the larger-than-life man to growl like the beast he pretended to be.

And he’d spanked me. I still couldn’t get over that he’d treated me like a child.

What did you do to him?

No, I was patient for the most part until he plucked my last nerve.

I was shaking all over, unable to accept that the man was going to ravage me.

The protective side of me told me to run far away, but I couldn’t. He’d become a strange drug, setting me free of the cage I’d placed myself in for protection. Why now? Why him?

I’d tried to remind myself at least a half dozen times he was my patient, but nothing was working. Then I’d tried to remind myself that I was just as damaged as he was, but around him I didn’t feel that way any longer. Nothing could stop my wicked visions.

Snake rubbed his thumbs across my cheeks as he stared into my eyes, his chest rising and falling rapidly. There wasn’t a single doubt in my mind about what he was going to do to me. This was crazy, horrible.



He was absolute eye candy, his physique powerful and structured, tattoos covering a good portion of his chest and both arms. I was transfixed by the art, but they were nothing in comparison to his sculpted body or his long, thick, throbbing cock. How could a man be built to such perfection yet want nothing to do with keeping it honed?

As I allowed my gaze to fall, he smirked while watching me. I reached out, tracing one of the artistic figures with my hand but he yanked it away.

“Not so fast, little girl.”

“I can’t touch the merchandise?”

He lifted an eyebrow. “Do you think you’re buying me, lady? Not a chance. You see, I’m broken beyond fixability. Isn’t that what they told you?”

There was such sadness in his tone as well as the fury the dwelled within.

“How come you don’t look broken?” I purposely scanned his face, smiling as I did so. “From where I am, you look pretty devilishly handsome to me.”

Why are you doing that? You’re encouraging him. Maybe that’s exactly what he needed.

“Oh, really?”

“Without a doubt.” His heated breath sent another wave of tingles through every muscle, the carnal look in his eyes keeping my pulse erratic.

He licked around my lips before slowly using two fingers to lower the straps on my bra, pulling down the material and exposing my breasts. Another shiver trickled down my spine as I watched his eyes light up like firecrackers before he dropped his head. He brushed the tip of his tongue across one nipple while pinching the other between his thumb and forefinger. Almost immediately my body swayed in reaction, the hint of pain mixed with pleasure forcing me to swoon.

A part of me still wanted to shove him away, but the electric sensations tearing through me were unlike anything I’d felt in such a long time. A slight moan slipped past my lips as he twisted my hardened bud, plucking it several times, gripping and twisting until it hurt, but the pain was delicious. I was almost delirious from it, hungering for more. He rolled his lips to my other breast, taking his time to lick my skin before engulfing my nipple.

I was forced to grip his arms to keep from crumpling to the bed. The fact I was lightheaded, my heart racing did nothing for my mental faculties. He lifted his head only a few seconds later, the husky sound of his heavy breathing tickling my ears. A sly smile crossed his face as he reached around me, deftly unsnapping my bra just a second or two later.

Chuckling, he threw it against the wall, immediately shoving me down on the bed, yanking one leg into his arms. He said nothing as he fisted my boot, jerking it off. The man had a definite need for the dramatic, pitching it aside then the other. Then he gripped the two edges of my jeans, not a second’s worth of hesitation before he tugged them over my hips.

His breathing was even more labored, the heated look of lust in his eyes becoming primal. After dropping the dense material to the floor, he cupped my mound, pressing his thumb against my clit. Then he drove two fingers inside, hooking them and pushing in deep. I was almost out of my mind from the rumble of pleasure.

“You’re wet for me,” he muttered.

“Uh-huh.” I couldn’t think clearly let alone answer him. Goosebumps had formed on every inch of my skin from embarrassment. I didn’t know this man. I’d never had a one-night stand, let alone kissing a man after knowing him less than an hour.

I was so going to hell.

He knew exactly what he was doing to me, his irises mere pinpricks as they pierced mine. I’d never seen such a beautiful man, but his eyes were so haunted, his hunger knowing no bounds.

I continued to shiver, yet with every touch from the rough pads of his fingers, every look tossed my way, I was drawn further into a raging desire unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

He rubbed up and down my pussy, his eyes never leaving mine. Seconds later, he gathered my legs into his arms, spreading them wide open, an intense growl erupting from his throat as he pressed his mouth between my legs.

“Oh, God.” Stars rushed across my eyes, sparkling like diamonds against the dull ceiling. I smacked my hands on the bed, shocked that he had the ability to throw me into a crazed moment, sensations tearing through me like wildfire. All while sucking me through the thick lace.

He issued several growls as he moved his head back and forth, purposely making sucking sounds as he feasted on his prey.

I couldn’t watch, couldn’t think, and I wasn’t about to try to urge him on.

Why not? You deserve pleasure.

I bit my lower lip to keep from letting go of any other sound, but it was becoming difficult given the amount of pleasure. Just the way he yanked aside the material, his tongue finding my wetness was proof of his possessive nature. He shifted his head, sliding his tongue between my swollen folds.

“Yes. Yes.” I blinked furiously; the way he drove his tongue inside, lapping my cream was a pure slice of heaven. I wiggled and moaned, even laughing softly. Every time I moved, the thick comforter scraped across my bottom, which created another round of pain from the spanking. I should be angry and incensed but with every swipe of his tongue I was falling deeper into a spell that I never wanted broken.

He teased me for several additional seconds before I sensed his patience had run out. As soon as he ripped off my thong, he lifted me up by my hips, resting my thighs on his shoulders.

Shocked, I crunched the bedding under my fingers, my eyes open wide. I was helpless, completely at the man’s mercy. The second he darted his tongue around my clit, I couldn’t hold back a series of ragged whimpers, panting after doing so. He pushed my legs apart as much as possible, using his fingers to keep me spread wide open.

My face flushed from a combination of embarrassment and sheer rapture. He took his time flicking his tongue back and forth several times before sucking on the tender tissue, leaving me so sensitive that every sound I made was breathless.

“Yes. Yes.”

He pulled away, blowing on the inside of one thigh then the other. There was no tenderness in the man, just a need that had to be fulfilled. As he buried his face in my pussy, I issued a high-pitched yelp, electric vibrations shooting through every muscle. He was rough in his actions, thrusting both his tongue and several fingers inside.

Every sound he made seemed to fuel his fire as well as the darkness I’d seen deep inside of him. Yet he was full of passion, his needs so powerful I was pitched into a wave of rapture almost instantly. The man knew exactly what I wanted without telling him anything, sucking on my clit then shifting to my tight channel, keeping his fingers flexed open as he fucked me with them.

I tossed my head back and forth, yanking on the covers as he brought me so close to a magnificent orgasm then pulled away, leaving me shaking all over. “Please.”

“Please what, little Miss Chasity?”

“Please let me come.”

“Not yet. Not until I’m finished, and you taste far too damn good.”

Even the sound of his voice sent dazzling waves of ecstasy through me, the crackling hum reverberating in the darkest reaches of my body. Panting, I struggled to get to him, but it was no use. As he licked up one inner thigh then down the other, the fire tearing through me became uncontrollable.

He buried his face against one, shifting it back and forth, flicking his tongue. There was no way I could take it any longer. As I clawed the bed, I heard his dark laugh. When he dared to slide his thumb into my dark hole, an orgasm exploded from deep within. Gasping, I jerked up, blinking several times. There was no chance at focusing, my breathing so ragged that raspy noises were pushing past my lips.

I could tell my entire body was shaking, bucking hard against him. He refused to let me go, staring down at me as he rolled his head back and forth, licking every drop of my cream.

A single orgasm drifted into a second and the beautiful wave that crashed over me was as close to pure ecstasy as I’d ever experienced.

“Oh, God. Yes. This is…” My thought disappeared, the bliss becoming too intense. The lightheadedness remained, but almost immediately I was as torn as I’d been before, the guilt overriding the joy. What was I going to do?

When I finished shaking, Snake issued a long, slow, and husky growl before biting down on my inner thigh until I cried out from pain. Then he licked the area where he’d bitten, soothing the discomfort.

I was shocked how amazing it had felt. My heart was racing to the point a dull echo rang in my ears. We’d just met but it was as if he already knew what I needed and what my body had craved for so long.

As soon as he eased my legs to the bed, he crawled over me, swirling the tip of his tongue around my bellybutton. I stiffened, fluttering my hand to the ugliness that I’d been left with. He didn’t say a word about the scars crisscrossing my stomach or the ones on the inside of my right thigh. I shoved it aside, his touch keeping me completely ignited. I rolled my fingers down his chest, teasing his cock by running the edge of my fingernail back and forth across his sensitive slit. His shaft was fully engorged, the veins on the side pumping with blood and I had to wonder how it was going to fit inside.

He dragged his tongue up by several inches, every sound he made deep and guttural. Electricity flashed through both of us at the same time, the jolt powerful enough I whimpered. I kneaded his chest, digging my fingers into his muscles. He shifted my legs further apart as he eased between them. I wrapped one leg around his thigh, finally sliding one hand around his neck, pulling him down until our lips were almost touching. His breathing was scattered, his eyes darting back and forth. They were a rich blue, so dark that they were infused with a deep violet, flecks of gold surrounding his irises.

As he slowly lifted my right arm, intertwining our fingers, I lifted my gaze, noticing the scar on the inside of his wrist. I shuddered from the realization of what he’d attempted to do. When he lifted my other arm, he rubbed his thumb around my palm in lazy circles.

“You have no idea how beautiful you are,” he whispered, his hot breath cascading across my jaw. “I love when you fight me. That makes your pussy that much sweeter to claim.” The tickling sensations drifting through me intensified and I allowed my eyes to roll closed as he clasped our fingers together.

I bucked my hips in a vain attempt to beg him to fuck me.

“Are you needy, my little nurse?”

“Yes.” God, yes. I was more than ready.

“Do you hunger for my cock?” His tone was gravelly, another low rumble vibrating from his throat.

“Uh-huh,” I managed as I nodded. He bit down on my chin, the pulsating rumble continuing.

“Then say my name. Tell me you want it.”

“No,” I muttered.

He dug his nails into my palms, keeping his body aloft to torment me. “Say it!” His command was not to be denied, which is why I did exactly that, shaking my head.

His eyes flashed as they’d done before and he bit down on my lower lip, creating instant pain. As the taste of blood burst onto my tongue, he laughed softly, rolling his lips from one side of my jaw to another. “You forget how much of a beast I am. Say it!”

He shifted his cock against my stomach, and I bucked again, the feel of his thick shaft between my legs tantalizing. When I remained quiet, he grinned and squeezed my hands then acted as if he’d release me.

“Snake. Please fuck me. Just fuck me. Do it. Hard. Rough. I need you.” The words tumbled from my mouth.

There was no reason to say anything else, no additional need to tease each other. He dragged the velvet tip of his cock across my thigh before settling his body on top of me. There was nothing like the feel of his full weight crushing me into the bed, but I needed his cock inside of me. As I wiggled back and forth, his grin grew wider. I fought to release my hand, finally managing to tug it away, slipping it between us.

Chuckling, he hooked his arm under my leg, lifting it higher, leaning on his elbow as I stroked the base of his cock. The feel of his thick shaft throbbing against my hand was incredible. As I pumped up and down, his breathing increased in tempo. He never blinked as I toyed with him, but the moment I pressed his glistening cockhead just past my swollen folds, he thrust all the way inside. The action was deep and raw, my muscles struggling to accept his wide girth.

“Oh!” Another series of stars floated across my field of vision, my muscles clamping and releasing several times, pulling him in even deeper. Yet he pulled out, showing me just how much he was in full control, allowing just the tip to remain inside. Then he pushed up on his fingertips, forcing my leg to extend fully before plunging inside again.

My muscles struggled to accept him, stretching to accommodate his girth. His actions were brutal, the slice of pain adding to my dark cravings. As he drove into me again, I raked my nails down the front of his chest, my pulse skipping as my blood pressure increased. Then he developed a rhythm, burying his cock in even deeper, providing the kind of brutal fucking that I’d longed for during the lonely nights.

His chest rose and fell as he remained hovering above me, never blinking as he continued fucking me. Then he dropped his head just as I lifted mine, our lips colliding together, the need building to a frenzied state. The kiss became heated and desperate, two people needing to feed off the other in order to survive. Butterflies swarmed my stomach, my mind filling with endless possibilities as the passion erupted between us.

Everywhere my skin touched his was seared, white-hot crackles sizzling every inch of my body. He tasted of bourbon and my pussy, with a hint of coffee so inviting, more so than I ever would have imagined. I devoured his mouth as he swept his tongue inside, exploring the darkest recesses. I’d never been kissed this way before, so all-consuming and powerful that no other man would ever be able to come close.

When he pulled away by a few inches, we were both breathless, his hard pounding driving every whimper and moan from my throat. There was something almost manic about the way he was fucking me, his entire face pinched, every muscle tense. We were feeding off each other, and as we locked eyes, I was lost in his fiery sapphire gaze, realizing that it would become easy to drown in them.

I felt a part of him becoming undone, as if he was spiraling out of control, his hunger knowing no bounds. I didn’t care, but I should. What I was doing was wrong, but it felt as if I’d waited my entire life to feel this kind of ecstasy.

The pleasure he was driving into me was building to an explosion of sensations, my pussy muscles still struggling to accept just how deep he’d plunged inside of me. Panting, every cell in my body was on fire, tingling to the point I floated away into a wondrous moment of sheer bliss.

“Come for me, Chasity. I need you to come.” His tone was so demanding that my body responded almost instantly, prickles flashing along every inch of skin seconds before a climax swept in unexpected and violently.

“Oh. Oh…” I tossed my head from side to side, pressing my face against his arm, my breathing labored. He slowed down, rolling his hips, somehow managing to drive himself in even deeper. I threw my other leg around him, flexing my fingers open as I pressed my hand against his chest. My God. The man’s skin was so hot, and I watched as beads of sweat trickled across the furrowed lines in his forehead.

As soon as he thrust harder and faster than he’d done before, I was driven into another orgasm, this one leaving me aching all over.

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh.”

“Good girl,” he muttered. “So good.” He lowered his head, nuzzling his face against my neck.

I wrapped my arm over his shoulder, aimlessly rubbing my thumb up and down. He was so tense, his breathing labored, and I sensed he’d yet to get enough.

Maybe it would never be enough.

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