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Sold by the Alien: A Rough Sci-Fi Romance by Loki Renard – Extended Preview


“I gave you the chance to come with me without punishment, but you thought you knew better. I warned you what would happen if you didn’t obey me.”


“You don’t have to like me. You don’t have to trust me. But you do have to obey me,” he says.

This is serious now. I have that very uncomfortable feeling that only ever arises when I am in deep trouble. I felt it moments after I crashed my shuttle into that troll planet, and I feel it now. Zed does not find this in any way amusing. At first, he seemed very relaxed about it all, even laughing at me as I swum about in my personal stew pot. Now I’m realizing this was never amusing to him at all. He is pissed the hell off at me for running away and almost getting myself killed. It’s almost as if he cares what happens to me.

“I just wanted to feel safe.”

“Then talk to me.”

“You were…”

My arguments are cut off as he picks me up, carries me through to the bedroom and pins me down on the bed face down. He’s not going to spank me this time. This time he’s going to do what he said he’d do. He’s going to thrash me.

He uses an implement which has no parallel in the human realm. Imagine it as something between a leather vine and the physical embodiment of pain. I catch sight of it over my shoulder, a big black curled thing, a thick-laced handle in his hand, the rest of it an intimidating six feet, at least. It is not floppy, but also not hard. It is whippiness incarnate.

“You will obey me,” he repeats himself, bringing the lash through the air with a singing vengeance. I feel it cut across my ass, a thick and stinging thing which wraps around the side of my hip. At first, it hurts. A second later, it really fucking hurts. It feels like he whipped me with pure fire. I scream out, hoping that he might show me mercy.

He does not.

He lashes me again, and again.

“You could have been killed before I ever had the chance to find you,” he lectures. “Twice now, I have found you on the verge of disaster and kept you safe. And you reward me by sneaking off, abandoning our plans…”

I lose his lecturing in the swirling, stinging heat which is being lashed into me. I have never been punished like this before. I never knew it was possible to feel this intensity of shame and soreness at the same time. I know I deserve it, and that means I can’t fight it, can’t pretend as though I should be shown mercy. I tried arguing before this started, but he is right.

I have come close to complete oblivion twice now, and each time I thought I was making a good choice. The lash lands again and I am certain in that moment that I could not make a good choice if I had to.

I lose track of how many times he brings the lash down. It curls in a devastatingly fresh way every time, catching the outside of my cheeks and the insides of my thighs.

It is not long before my resistance, my pride, my hope for being able to get through this without breaking down, all disappear. I give in to the feeling, because that is all that is left besides Zed’s stern displeasure.

I lie sobbing on the bed.

I hear him sigh. “I do not like punishing you, Ava. You are too delicate and too vulnerable, but you must learn. Whatever danger you might think you are in with me, there is far more waiting for you elsewhere.”

He runs his hand over my rear in an effort to soothe me, but his touch only reignites the flame. I whimper and yelp and pull away.

“Ava,” he murmurs my name again. I hear my pain in his voice, and I know he truly did not like doing what he just did. I am not aroused, and I don’t think he is either. This wasn’t for fun. This was because I fucked up. I am going to feel this for a very long time.

He lifts me up and pulls me into his lap, carefully and gently, stroking my hair.

“You’re a very bad girl,” he says, but not in an accusatory, angry way. He says it more in a way which suggests it is a simple, inevitable, inescapable fact. “I’m surprised Earth turned one like you out. Last I heard they were working on strongly regimented people incapable of rebellion.”

“They’re trying,” I whimper.

“I doubt I will succeed where they have failed, but I want to keep you alive.”

“Me too.”

He holds me in silence for a while. The only sound in the ship is my occasionally sniffling. The majority of the tears have dried, but there’s remnants of pain and shame that I think might have been implanted inside me with that wicked thing.

“I’ve never punished anybody before,” he muses. “I’ve spanked plenty, but never had to actually teach someone to behave.”

“Really? You seem like a natural.”

“You bring it out in me,” he says, his voice dipping into that low growl again. “I was going to leave you to your fate and choice, but I couldn’t. You have a hold over me, little human.”

“You were going to let them eat me?”

“No. Yes. No. Of course not. But for a moment, it seemed as though it would serve you right. The lash served you better though.”

We are both confused. I don’t think Zed ever intended to care about anybody. He’s an opportunistic scammer. And me, I don’t think I ever thought I’d be an explorer. I’m not good at it.

“Have you learned the lesson?”

“Yes.” I answer quickly, because all other potential answers lead back to the lash, and I do not want that.

“What’s the lesson?”

“Obey you.”

Those two words are harder to say than I expected. They catch in my throat, like I might choke on them.

“That’s right,” he says, tipping my face up to his. I meet his purple gaze and feel about as small as it is possible to feel. “You’re mine and you’ll obey me, or I will do that again. And now, for the second part…”

“Wait. What?”

I had almost forgotten the second part, or hoped that it was not something he truly intended on going through with.

“I told you what I would do to you, and I intend to do it,” he says. “Both parts.”


He’s running his hands over my thighs in a thoroughly intentional way. “Your punishment is not complete,” he intones. “And you know it.”


I don’t even know how to finish the sentence. He did tell me what he’d do, and I know he intends to carry it out. But if he does it in the same way he whipped me…

“I don’t know how much I can take. You are so big…”

He turns me over his knee and my uncertainties are swept aside by the spreading of my aching cheeks followed by the very tender, wet touch of what must be his tongue right on the tight little bud of my ass. His grip on my sore ass makes me whimper, his heat against the tight, tender spot which evaded punishment so far but will not for much longer. He swirls the tip of his agile tongue around and around, creating a small tornado of sensation between my cheeks. God. Is he going to actually make me want this? The heat from my thrashing is still intense. I am overloaded with sensation and some of it is being channeled to the soft, downy lips which hide the hole he has already claimed twice before.


I am going to fuck her ass.

I am going to sink my cock into that tight little hole, the one that makes her blush when it is so much as mentioned. I know this is considered taboo in human culture. They are very driven by the notion of purpose, and that means they feel most comfortable when they believe that things are being used for the correct purpose. Her ass is going to be used for my pleasure, and her discipline.

She tastes like salt and the remnants of desire which have slid down from her pussy. Does she know how wet she is? How her sex lips are spread and full, silently begging for my thick alien cock to once more spear inside them? I do not think she does. She is too busy worrying about what it will feel like when her anal virginity is rendered obsolete.

Ava is a very bad girl, and I am going to treat her like one.

I move pillows into the center of the bed and place her over them, her bright red ass a delicious beacon. The whip left very pretty, deeper marks of red curling over her skin. They will fade soon, but for now she looks as though she has been spanked by a tentacled creature which left no part of her deserving ass unpunished.

“Stay still,” I order. This is a test. I have told her that she must obey me. We will see if she is capable of that in any way. I have my suspicions she will disobey as soon as she has any reason to. She is not naturally obedient, and one punishment, no matter how thorough, is not enough to change her essential nature.

I know her body is tender and delicate. I will have to be very careful while fucking her ass. I choose a good lubricant, one capable of ensuring that the very sensitive and important mechanical parts associated with space travel are able to function while zipping through a planet’s atmosphere and being superheated. That should do the job.

A brief smear of it across her winking little hole will be more than enough. It is a compound with fascinating qualities.

“Eep!” She makes a little gasping sound and squirms her hips back and forth, waving her ass like a bright red flag. “It feels tingly.”

“Imagine how it will feel when my cock is inside you.”

“My ass can’t take you,” she whimpers. “Fuck my pussy, please.”

She would love it if I would change tack and instead give that soft, swollen, weeping slit of hers the honor of being filled by my cock. But that’s not going to happen.

“Your pussy is for pleasure,” I tell her, reminding her that she is being punished. “Your ass is for when you’ve been a bad girl and have to be disciplined.”

With that, I press the head of my cock against her ass. I know she’s going to have a hard time taking it. I know her tight, pink sphincter is going to have to submit, relax, and stretch to take me.

“Ow oww ow ow ehhh ow!” She complains and wriggles, but the lubricant is doing its job and little by little, the big head of my dick is sinking into what I discover is the hottest, tightest hole she has.

I push through to her interior, the sight of her ass gripping the shaft of my cock super fucking hot. Yes. I will never be glad if she puts her life at risk, and yet the way it feels being inside her now…

My cock is already throbbing intensely. I could come now if I did not have the self-control to hold back. I begin to slowly work inside her, making sure not to harm her, but filling her up as far as her body can take me. I want her to remember this ass fucking. I want her to be soaked with shame and need, and I want the pain from the whipping to be mixed in there as well. I want her fuck-bonded to me in a way she will never be able to extricate herself from.

So I take it slow. I make her feel Every. Single. Inch.


He is inside me and I have no idea how I can take this. My fingers are curled in the sheets, my toes are curled in the air. My ass is stretched impossibly wide, filled with his stern cock. He means to punish me, and he is doing that. I can feel the head of his dick moving inside me, probing me, slowly making its way through my interior.

“I’m sorry,” I whimper. “I’ll be good. I promise.”

He draws his cock out a few inches and slides back in. I squeal as he starts to thrust, to fuck my ass, to truly give me the second part of my embarrassing punishment. I feel tight and hot and sore, all the things he intends me to feel. But I also feel something else. I feel my clit tingling with intensity I rarely experience.

“I’m sorry!” I try again. I don’t know why I bother. I know the punishment is not over. He is going to fuck my ass until he knows I have submitted, and he’ll be able to feel and hear when that happens. Apologies are useless in this moment.

Zed fucks me sternly, driving his cock into my ass and pulling it back out only to thrust it back in again. He does not use tender words or gentle touches. He lets me know that I am being punished with the intensity of his energy.

“I’ll be good!” This time the promise comes naturally, not out of any desire to avoid punishment, but as a promise to him.

“I know you will,” he growls against the back of my neck. “I intend to make very sure of it.”

I arch and give into the punishment even further. I know he needs me to show him true submission. It’s not going to be enough to tell him that I’ll be good. I have to show him. I relax my muscles as much as I can and let him do as he will do me. And that is when the magic truly happens. I feel a sudden wave of hot need coursing through me as his thick alien cock finds new depths of my ass, and then he touches me, his fingers brushing over my pussy with an ever-increasing pressure.

He’s going to let me come, and I’m not turning the invitation down. I breathe deeply and I let all the sensations, physical and emotional, combine in the pit of my very being. I am naughty. I am ashamed. I am sexy. I am aroused. I am loved. Yes. Loved.

The orgasm I have with his cock in my ass is stronger than ever before. I come hard, knowing that he came for me and saved me, punished me and loved me, even though I have to be the most maddening creature he has ever encountered. Zed holds me close and pounds my ass faster and harder. I will be sore after this, but I will be grateful for it.

“Please! Yes! God! Please!”

He pinches my clit between his big alien fingers and I lose all control. I come with my ass stretched wide around his cock. I let myself go, my pussy drenching my thighs as he pulls out of my ass and spends his come all over my sex. He is marking me, splashing his blue seed between my thighs. It coats my pussy and my ass. It covers my clit, and then it is spanked in by his fingers as he wraps one hand around my throat to keep me in place as he whips my pussy to a swift second orgasm, not content with the one he ripped from my ass. I am making absolutely unintelligible sounds now, his come tingling against my skin, my poor, sore clit now throbbing and stinging with the swift slaps Zed is laying against my cunt. My ass is empty for now, but the ache will stay with me for a very long time.

When he finally lets me go, I know I have been punished.

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