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Sold: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance by Loki Renard – Extended Preview

You will come with us. Now.”

I am scared. These are big, frightening men, and I know what will happen when I am alone with them will change me forever. There is no way I am going with them of my own free will. There is no way I can overcome the girlish fear of this much male flesh, let alone the feeling that I am in deep, deep trouble.

Pharaoh takes the matter of obedience out of the equation. He scoops me up over his shoulder and he carries me out of the library, and into a big bedroom a few doors away.

“Mattias!” I call out, but he does not come. I hear male chuckling as I am drawn away to what must surely be the ravaging that has been coming for a long time. After all I have been through, the market, the sheriff, in the end, this was always coming. My resistance has only managed to get me as far as a man I could not avoid, hurt, or kill.

The bed is huge and expansive and… round. I am confused by it enough that when Pharaoh puts me dead in the middle of it, on my knees. The others stand around the bed, forcing me to turn to look at them when they speak.

It is Tore who begins laying down the law. His ice blue eyes lock on me. I instinctively want to look at the muscular wall of male flesh, but I can’t, because this big Norse beast demands I give him all of my attention.

“Do you know why we chose the four of us to have you first?”

“Drew straws?”

My attempt at flippancy falls flat.

“We are the four most equipped to tame a mouthy little girl and show her how to be a woman. You are unbroken, Trissa. You are wild and you are untamed. And that will not do. When we are done with you, you will know how to behave.”

I bite my lower lip.

“First of all, you will call each of us sir,” Tattoo Face says.


There’s no amusement in any of their faces at my bold defiance.

“Second of all, you will know us by our names. I am Keanau, this is Tore, as you know. The man you called Gladiator is Alexios, and the one you called Pharaoh is Mark.”

“Pharaoh is a better name,” I argue smartly. I know I should be quiet. I know I should agree to whatever they say. My butt is still stinging from when Mattias spanked me, but there is something inside me that just won’t let me quietly agree to them and their terms. I have to fight.

They shoot looks at one another.

“Anyone object now?” Tore asks the question of the others. Apparently they had some discussion about what to do with me. Apparently, I’ve managed to make whatever Tore suggested palatable to them.

“No. Go ahead,” Keanau sighs, making a gesture with his big meaty hand.

Tore sits down on the bed, reaches for me, and takes me by the back of the head, his fingers curling in my long blonde hair. He slowly, but firmly pulls me toward him, and then over his hard lap.

“Your spirit is impressive,” he tells me. “But your mouth isn’t. I want respect out of you, Trissa. I want obedience. I know you don’t know how to behave yet, but you will learn tonight. How much that hurts is up to you.”

Held over his thighs, I want to squirm and curse at him, but there’s a warning in being held like this. My ass is vulnerable. I try to be good, quiet, but that is too little, far too late.

Tore’s hand glides across my upturned cheeks, then slips away and returns with a sharp slap.

“Ow! Please! Ow! I already got spanked!”

“But the lesson obviously didn’t take,” Tore says. “This is for the attitude.”

“I’m not giving you attitude!”

“Yes, you are,” he says, rubbing my bottom once, before slapping it hard again. The sound is like a gunshot echoing around the room, and my plaintive cry afterward sounds pitiful. “I want to hear you calling me sir. I want to hear you thanking me for this spanking.”

“Why the fuck would I… ow!”

Tore releases a barrage of hard, heavy slaps that make me scream out with shock and sudden pain.

The slaps Mattias gave me before are nothing compared to this. This hurts. This is pain searing through my bottom and finding every nerve in my body. I scream and writhe and wail. I kick and I squirm, but his arm is strong enough to hold me in place and make me take every single one of those vicious swats.

“Stop it! Stop it now!”

“I’ll stop when you call me sir.”

“You’re a fucking asshole, sir!”

That does not go down well at all. The spanking intensifies, finds my upper thighs. I am spanked from leg to bottom and my kicking and squirming and swearing does nothing to stop him.

This is a battle of wills, but it is a battle I have no chance of winning. I am battling my own threshold for pain. Tore could do this forever, I am sure, so all I am doing is making it hurt me worse before it stops.

“Please, sir! Stop!”

I scream the words. It stops.

It stops, and I burst into tears, because his stopping has done absolutely nothing to stop the pain. That sears on even in the absence of the spanking, my thighs and ass burning and tingling.

Strong arms wrap around me, pull me up against Tore’s chest. He cradles me, one arm underneath my knees, one around my back and he holds me close, murmuring soft, comforting words to me.

“It’s over now, Trissa,” he murmurs. “It’s done, little girl. You learned your lesson, didn’t you.”

I don’t know if I’ve learned anything. I am tearful and sobbing, and I am afraid. But I still bury my head into the crook of his neck and I let him comfort me, those same hands that whipped me into screaming whimpers now helping to soothe the sting away.

It takes long minutes for my tears to abate. When they do, I find myself cowering in the arms of yet another strange man in a long line of strange men who have laid claim to me only by merit of the fact they are men.

“It hurts,” I whimper.

“I know,” Tore says. “It hurts more than it had to, but remember this, so it doesn’t have to hurt again.”

So all I have to do is whatever they say, and it won’t hurt. But I don’t want to. I don’t want to be obedient. I don’t want to submit to this. I wasn’t raised to submit.

He eases me back from his body so he can look down into my shameful, tear-filled eyes. I can’t meet his. Can’t look at him. Can’t stand to see what he did to me, written on his face.

I bow my head and hide myself from him, and from the others. I can feel their eyes on me, looking at me as I cower. I hate this. I hate how it hurts. I hate how small I feel. I am cracked, beginning to break. If I can’t get control of myself, I might fall apart completely.

This is terrifying. Men are frightening. When I was alone, I used to imagine what being with one would be like. I never considered it would be like this. I never understood how much more powerful they are, how demanding they can be. I never knew how the muscles I used to hunt, to survive, would suddenly feel so inadequate and weak in comparison to theirs. There is no fighting Tore, or any of the others. Pulling, kicking, twisting, none of it worked. He is so much stronger than I am, to the point I may as well not fight at all.

“Did I do too much?” I hear Tore whisper the question to one of the others.

“She’s okay. She’s not hurt. She’s probably never been disciplined before, wild little thing.”

Pharaoh plucks me off Tore’s lap. His large hands slip beneath my arms and he holds me up before him in all my red-bottomed, naked shame.

“That hurt, didn’t it.” It’s a flat statement, but I answer it like a question.

“Yes,” I whisper.

“It will hurt again if you behave that way again. But it does not have to hurt. We are not here to make you feel bad. We are all going to feel very, very good.”

He is painfully handsome. There is a symmetry to his features, a regal elegance that makes me tingle low in my belly, even in this miserable state. His eyes are beautiful, they glow with an amber hue that leaves me weak with something like desire—but how can I feel arousal after that humiliating punishment?

Alexios and Keanau nod in agreement as Pharaoh lays me down, face first on the bed. I offer no resistance. The sting and the ache remind me of what happens when I disobey, and I am done with inflicting pain on myself through rebellion today.

I feel four pairs of large hands begin to rub me, running up my thighs, over my bottom, finding my back and my shoulders. Each of them has a different part of me and slowly, surprisingly, it starts to feel better.

My muscles start to relax. My mind starts to wander, not to any particular thought, but to a comfortable state of relaxation, where it doesn’t matter that I have been punished. All that matters is that I feel better now.

“Spread your legs, Trissa.”

I let my thighs part, and I let their big hands slide over the sensitive inner skin. I let myself feel good. They’re going to make me come. I know it. I can feel their intentions in the way their fingers move with constant reference to my sex.

I won’t resist pleasure, but my orgasm is no guarantee of anything. The sheriff made me come before I killed him, and if these men treat me badly, they will not be any safer.

I should want to kill Tore. But I don’t. And that confuses me too. He hurt me. I should want his blood. But instead, I am lying there, purring like a kitten as I am massaged by these big, brutal men who will oversee my deflowering.

Which one of them will take me first? Who will claim the prize between my legs? I know it matters to them. And I know I will not be the one to choose.


“Mmm,” I let out a little moan.

Being held by Mattias was the first comforting contact I’d had in years. And this is even more intense.

A big hand slides over my sore bottom, thick fingers brushing lightly between my thighs.

“She’s wet,” Alexios purrs.

I arch my hips up, let him touch me more. It feels good, and I like this man who speaks with the accent of someone from very far away.

“Good,” Keanau replies, his voice more guttural than before. Their desire is like a force I can feel, a male energy that wraps around me, turns the heat from Tore’s spanking into something more pleasurable.

Alexios’ hand slides away, to be replaced with another one. I don’t know which one of them it is. I may never know, I realize, when they take me like this. Surrounded by men, they begin to feel like one masculine beast with eight arms and four cocks.

“She’s not ready for us tonight.”

I look up and pout at Tore, then try to modulate my expression because those eyes catch mine and it is as if my bottom flares into heat again.

“She’s ready for something more,” Alexios says. “Have you seen a man before, girl? Naked?”

I shake my head as they ease me back up into a kneeling position.

“You’re about to see four,” Keanau says, reaching for the fastener of his pants.

They take their cue from him, removing their pants together as I kneel there, my mouth open in female surprise. Their bodies are gloriously strong. Every one of them wears the marks of war, and displays the strength of warriors. I could stare at them for hours—and now, what comes into view is even more extraordinary.

Their cocks are big meaty rods, thick and twitching with what seems like lives of their own. Each one of them is different. Keanau’s is thick and heavy. Pharaoh’s has an elegant, near scimitar curve to it. Tore’s is rod straight, somehow disciplined all the way to his dick. Alexios’ seems more ridged and veined than the others.

I am torn between curiosity, fear, lust… I kneel there, just staring.

“You’re adorable,” Alexios murmurs, reaching out to caress my hair gently.

“You’re…” I don’t know what to say. I feel a hunger. A new hunger. My body wants these cocks. Wants these men, but I don’t know what to do with myself. I can feel the wetness Alexios discovered between my thighs. There’s more of it now.

The hand that caressed my hair now draws me closer to him.

“Do you want to taste?”

He is taking his time with me, he is giving me the impression of choice. For that, I am grateful.

I am curious. I do want to taste. I want to know what this cock feels like. I want to know how I will feel when it goes inside me.

“Open your mouth,” he says gently. “That’s it…”

I part my lips. He pushes forward and I feel the hot flesh of his cock brushing between them. The head of it is softer than I anticipated, but the shaft is very hard. There is just a faint, masculine musk to the taste as he glides forward, filling my mouth with his cock.

“Oh, yessss,” he hisses, his eyes half closing.

I make a muffled sound around the thick flesh that is even now sliding out, leaving my mouth empty.

“Was that good?” His fingers caress my scalp, his dark eyes smiling down at me.

I give a little nod. It was good. It was different, the feeling of having this powerful man put the most sensitive part of his anatomy into my mouth. It suddenly occurs to me how much he was trusting me just now. He saw me slay a man not that long ago, but he is brave enough to risk his manhood to my teeth.

“You want to taste again?”

This isn’t about the taste, I know that. There is no real taste. There is just the pleasure he feels when he sinks his cock inside my hot, wet mouth. I see that in his eyes, and I think he sees the knowledge of what he’s doing in mine.

I open my lips for him, let him sink in one more time, feel the heat and hardness of his cock finding my tongue.

“God, that looks hot,” Pharaoh growls.

“The others are getting jealous,” Alexios smirks down at me. “Will you taste them too?”

I give a little nod. The dynamic is still unfolding between us, but I am starting to understand. They want pleasure from me, just as I want pleasure from them. It doesn’t have to hurt. And it doesn’t have to be against my will.

He pushes his cock between my lips and then pulls it out one more time, his fingers scratching lightly across my scalp in a reassuring motion. Then Pharaoh does the same. Then Tore. Then Keanau. Four big, strong cocks slide in and out of my mouth in rotation, using me.

“Good girl,” Pharaoh praises me.

“Such a good girl,” Keanau agrees.

“Very good,” Tore adds.

“Perfect,” Alexios drawls, just as his cock slides over my tongue.

I am learning something. Pain dissuades me from being outright bad, but I never knew how good being good could feel. This is the first time I have seen true approval on their faces. I like how it looks. I like how it makes me feel warm deep inside. I like how I feel protected, and somehow cared for, even as those cocks slide in and out of my mouth in a slow rotation.

“Touch yourself, Trissa,” Pharaoh says.

I slip my hand down between my legs, and find myself wetter than I have ever been. These cocks, pressing between my lips, sliding in and out, are setting off a sexual reaction I can’t control. There’s something searingly hot about being on my knees before these men, having them clustered around me, wanting me. They are all stronger than me, they can all take me as they please. They have no need to be kind or gentle, or slow, but they are taking their time, letting me explore their bodies in the most primal way, with my lips and tongue.

“How does that pussy feel, girl?” Keanau grunts the question. His cock is so hard, and when he pushes it into my mouth I taste the salt of his need. He stretches my mouth with every stroke and I can only imagine what it will feel like when he takes me properly for the first time.

There will be a first time. There will be seven first times. Every single one of these men is going to take me. Kneeling with my knees spread, my fingers in my pussy, rubbing the wet little bud I used to grind against. I am beginning to feel a hint of the capacity of my body to both experience pleasure and give it.

“This isn’t going to do it,” Tore grunts. “I can’t come from a few strokes. I need her mouth.”

“Take it,” Keanau says, pulling free. “We’ll each have our turn.”

Tore clasps me by the back of the head and begins to plunge his cock in and out of my mouth. He is careful not to go too deep, but I can sense his urgency and his need in the straining muscles of his forearm and the guttural, masculine grunts emerging from his throat.

Suddenly, hot viscous liquid fills my mouth, bathing my tongue in the strangest taste I have ever encountered. It shocks and surprises me.

I scream and yank out of his grasp, spitting and coughing.

“What’s wrong?” Tore and the others look at me with pure confusion.

“What was that!” I stare at him, wiping my face with my hand. The taste is rich and thick in my mouth, unescapable.

Suddenly, their expressions range from amused to, well, more amused. Tore’s softens into compassion when he sees how frightened I am.

“Come here,” he says, reaching out, grasping me by the ankle, and drawing me back to him. “That was cum, Trissa.”

“Nobody told me it was liquid!”

“Oh, my…” He scoops me up in his arms and holds me close to his chest, just as he did after he spanked me, except this time, instead of crying, I am trying to get the taste out. It’s so very strange, like nothing I have ever tasted before. It’s pungent and sort of savory, but in the oddest way.

“Nobody told you what cum is?” Alexios asks the question.

“Nothing comes out when I come! Why does it come out of you!”

“Why does it…” Pharaoh repeats the question.

“You don’t know anything about sex, do you, girl?” Keanau asks me.

It’s true. I don’t. My father never talked about it. I knew that it had something to do with pleasure. I knew when I climaxed what that meant. I picked up little bits here and there over the years, overheard conversations with a few passing raiders and travelers, but nobody told me about the liquid.

“Let me show you,” Alexios says. “Lie back. Tore, hold her so I can cover those breasts…”

“Don’t you dare get that on me,” Tore growls, nevertheless putting me into position, my arms pulled back behind me, my chest thrust out. Again, I am vulnerable and exposed. I squirm, but Tore holds me in place on his lap, murmurs little words of encouragement to me, while threatening Alexios.

“There’s seven of us. Better get used to cum,” Alexios smirks, his fist pumping along the shaft of his cock. “You’re beautiful, girl, and you’re going to earn so much of our cum. These are just the first tastes…”

Just like Tore, his voice becomes strained, his breathing catches, his grunts are more guttural as he strokes his cock with hard, swift motions, then throws his head back and lets out a roar of release.

His cum shoots in great jetting streams, landing on my breasts, slipping down and coating my nipples in warm viscous fluid.

It feels… nice. Not just the warm cum, but seeing him like that. These men are incredibly strong and perfectly in control, but they lose control when they are with me, even if only for a few moments.

Keanau and Pharaoh are left, their hands wrapped around their cocks.

“Do you want to taste more?” Pharaoh asks the question, his elegant, brutal beauty captivating me into a small nod.

Tore releases me, Alexios’ seed running down my breasts as the thickness of the semen seems to dissolve into a stickier part and a watery one, but I am not paying attention to the cum on me. I am paying attention to the cock in front of me.

“Take it in your mouth,” Pharaoh urges me gently. “Suck on it a little, let your mouth go up and down.”

Before, they were taking my mouth, now I am the one doing the work on my hands and knees, my tongue tracing a delicate little path around the head of his dick.

“Yes, good girl,” he praises. His voice is already changing, getting tighter, deeper. I like it. I wrap my lips around the head of his cock completely and give a little sucking motion. The rumble in return, followed by a gasping exhale teaches me so much. I may be small, may be weak. I was starting to think I would be utterly unable to control my destiny, but this shows me I can.

I let my mouth sink deeper, keeping my lips tight, and I feel Pharaoh move forward. He’s no longer standing. He’s on his knees on the bed, and as I sink down to find his cock again, a sense of mischievous power rushes through me.

They own me, but maybe I own them too. They need me. I am the only woman within miles. I am the only one who can satisfy them this way.

“She has some talent at that,” Keanau murmurs. He is still to come, and I can see his cock throbbing with need, the head swollen, the shaft gripped tightly in his fist. Looking him in the eye, I run my mouth in a deliberately slow motion over Pharaoh’s rod, my tongue twisting around his shaft.

“Oh, you little minx,” Keanau growls, the very corner of his lip twisting in what might be amusement.

Maybe I shouldn’t tease him, but the only power I’ve felt I’ve had since I got here was when I killed the sheriff—and I can’t kill them all. I’ll have to settle for little torments, like making Keanau watch me bring pleasure to another man while he stands there aching with need for me.

“Good girl, nice and slow, take it all,” Pharaoh encourages me, not seeing what is going on with Keanau. I do as I am told, but I make a show of it.

Keanau’s brows rise, his lips spread in what might be a grin, but looks more like a snarl.

I keep working my mouth over Pharaoh’s thick rod, feeling it grow harder and hotter, hearing his groans of pleasure as my slower motions move him toward a powerful climax. I never break eye contact with Keanau, I make him watch what he doesn’t yet have. I let my tongue twirl with artistic flair, I torment him in every way until finally Pharaoh cannot take any more and spills his seed down my throat with a ragged cry.

“Oh, you’re mine now,” Keanau says, grabbing me the moment I am done swallowing. I have been teasing his big, thick rod for long minutes now and he is all out of patience.

He takes my head between his big, powerful hands, and he pushes his cock into my mouth, fucking me harder and deeper and more forcefully than any of the others did.

Obscene wet sounds fill the room as he plunges his cock into my mouth, ravaging my lips.

“You’re a hot little fuck,” he growls down at me, those dark eyes locked on mine. “I’m going to use your pussy like this too. I’m going to hold you down and fuck that virgin cunt of yours so long and so hard…” He trails off into a grunt, but his words have had the effect he wanted. I am bucking my hips against my hand, rubbing my wet pussy, looking for the peak that seems to elude me over and over again.

In the end, it is not my touch, but his words that send me over the edge, the promise of being fucked and used and owned—all terrifying prospects when I am clear of mind suddenly becoming utterly arousing now that I have his dick plunging into my mouth.

We both climax as he hammers his cock over my tongue, my fingers desperately rubbing that slippery bud until the pleasure makes my muscles seize and I am allowed to collapse back against the bed.

“Good girl,” Alexios praises me first. They all join in, masculine rumbles of approval that make me glow almost as much as the orgasm did. I have not been treated this way before—and I like it.

I like feeling the aftermath of pleasure, shared with others. I like the way they lie next to me on the bed, Alexios on one side of me, Keanau on the other, Tore and Pharaoh two muscular sentinels at either side.

Since being captured, I have existed in a state of tension. My previous orgasms were small valves, alleviating some of the pressure, but this is something else—a total relaxation that allows me to sink into the bed and lose myself in their embrace.

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