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Sold to the Beasts by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

Over the next few weeks, Michelle grew more comfortable in her duties, enjoying the daily routine of simple housework. During the course of her work, she also learned the layout of the manor, including the barred-off areas that supposedly led to the east wing, as well as a mysterious basement that no one was allowed anywhere near. Surprisingly, she stayed off the brothers’ radar for some time, despite seeing them at breakfast every morning and dinner every evening.

Roan hardly spoke to her, Dane even less and she begrudgingly accepted her fate. It hurt to be shut out by Roan, especially when he kept providing her with food for Sheena. She knew that she wasn’t meant to have her happily ever after with these men. It took some time for her to accept, but at least she could live a comfortable life here, a safe life. At least she had Clara and Sheena.

In that time, Sheena had grown to be the size of a large panther. Her gray tiger stripes had darkened in color, now dark gray shimmers amongst a coat of shiny jet black. Her dark feathered wings were massive, easily spreading the length of her bed when fully extended. At night, when Michelle checked that it was safe, she would sit on the windowsill and watch Sheena run around the yard. The shenkah would hunt and return sometimes hours later, but upon her return she would curl into bed beside Michelle. Somehow, she’d even close the window behind her when she came back from her adventures. Michelle always tried to stay awake to see how, but she always ended up falling asleep before the shenkah came back.

Late one night, Michelle was awoken by a vicious growling, half expecting it to be Sheena, only it seemed like it was coming from deep inside the manor. Beside her, the beast lifted her catlike head and growled in return. Feeling uneasy, Michelle looked out the window, noticing that although the sky was dark, there was a rather large amount of light outside. Glancing up, she realized the light of two full moons was the source of the brightness. Grabbing a candle, she decided to investigate.

Peeking out her door, she ventured toward her kitchen, the growls continuing to rise in volume, although they seemed to come from somewhere below her. It must be in the basement, she thought. Sheena followed and despite her protests, the shenkah stuck to her side. Thankfully, the house was mostly dark and the creature’s black coat blended in with the shadows. It was unlikely that she would be seen walking through the manor beside her.

Anxiously, Michelle pressed onward, finding the entry to the basement level, despite meandering around in the dim light. Closing the door behind her, she felt Sheena brush against her leg as she lit a candle.

Slowly, she ventured down the stairs, the growls growing progressively louder with each step. When she reached the bottom, she took a step into the darkness, the feebleness of her candle barely lighting more than a foot in front of her. Wandering down a hallway, she found a few doors that were locked and continued on. When she reached the end, she gasped upon seeing a massive iron door that must have been ten feet tall.

The growling was definitely coming from inside.

She noted that a massive iron bar spanned the door, locking it from the outside, rather than the inside. Whatever was inside wasn’t meant to get out.

Sheena snaked around her legs, whimpering with fear at the sound. She pushed Michelle away from the door, as if the creature was telling the girl to steer clear of whatever was inside that metal door. The growling reached a feverish tone, and she moved to cover her ears at the sound. The groaning of bending steel shrieked and she turned to run and dropped the candle.

Sheena grew increasingly agitated and bit the material of Michelle’s nightgown, dragging her back toward the stairs. Stumbling, Michelle decided to listen and snuck back to her bedroom with the shenkah as her guide. She’d have to see what was inside that room another day. For now, it was far too dangerous.

The next morning, neither Roan nor Dane attended breakfast. She didn’t see them for the rest of the day either. On a hunch, she snuck up toward their bedrooms at lunch, listening for any sound of movement or life inside the room. Hearing nothing, she quietly grasped the handle of the old wooden door and pushed it open.

She found Roan first, looking like he’d been in a fight, sleeping like a baby in his bed. Silently, she crept out of the room and checked in on Dane next, finding him in a similar state. When no one was looking, she crept back down the stairs and back into the basement. It was still dark even though it was light outside, but she immediately noticed that the massive steel door was no longer closed and locked.

Tiptoeing inside, she gasped softly at what she saw. Two massive iron-barred cages were on either side of the room, doors wide open. Whatever had been caged there the night before, was now freely roaming the world. Someone had let the beasts out.

With a shiver, she noticed that some of the bars were bent. The strength needed to bend bars that thick must be astonishing.

Backing away with a whimper, she turned and ran straight into a massive male form.

“Are you afraid, Miss Carter?” Dane’s voice rang out.

“Yes,” she whispered, trembling as he wrapped his arms around her.

“You should be. Haven’t you been told this area is off limits?” he chided, his voice gravelly and exhausted.

“I… I… did know,” she admitted, knowing that she had no other choice.

He sighed and shook his head.

“Let’s go. Roan and I are going to have to handle your willful nature once again,” he said firmly, as he took her by the upper arm. Forced to follow him, she didn’t say a word, yet she felt her thighs begin to tremble. Her bottom clenched, imaging what happened the last time she disobeyed the brothers.

She whined when she realized her pussy was also damp with her arousal.

He brought her upstairs and threw open Roan’s door without even knocking.

“Brother, wake up,” he roared and Roan groaned as he opened his eyes and sat up in bed.

“What do you want?”

“I found Miss Carter down in the basement. She was exploring forbidden areas and found the cages,” Dane growled.

Roan shook his head, rubbing his fingers on his forehead. With a heavy sigh, he tossed the covers off himself and she gasped.

Holy shit. He was naked.

He stood up from the bed and her eyes took in his massive male form. His chest rose and fell, sculpted muscle trailing down to narrow hips. Although completely unclothed, he radiated more power than ever and it was intoxicating and incredibly seductive. Impossibly broad shoulders tensed, corded biceps stretched and flexed, his fingers tightening into a fist then straightening out. Chiseled abs tightened, dragging her eyes down to the v of his hips. Swallowing heavily, her eyes ventured even further downward and she inhaled when she took in the sight of his massive male member.

She’d seen a man’s cock before, but Roan’s put them to shame. His cock looked to be rigid iron, its bulbous head bobbing in her direction, a drop of liquid rolling off the top. She licked her lips, wanting to lick it off.

Her nipples hardened beneath her dress and she couldn’t free her arm from Dane to hide them. Squeezing her thighs together, she tried to control her body’s visceral reaction to him, but had little luck.

It was like her body was calling for him, needing him to help her fulfill a need she hadn’t even known she had. His aura begged for her to come to him.

He turned and she saw the powerful form of his back, down to the tight curves of his ass, and his muscled thighs. Silently, he pulled on a pair of black pants and turned back toward her, his face a mask of dark seduction.

“Miss Carter, what were you doing down in the basement level?” he asked, his eyes boring into her, dark and dangerous, yet she yearned for him.

Her body heated to a feverish level and she squeezed her legs together.

“Please. Roan,” she begged, unsure of what she was pleading for.

He moved closer to her and his male scent was smoky, spicy, and powerful. She felt tipsy off him, wanted more of him. She was growing so hot that it felt hard to breathe.

He touched her then, a single finger lifting her chin so that he could look into her eyes. Studying her, he ran his thumb over the curve of her chin before he shook his head, a sad look passing over his eyes.

“Brother,” he murmured. “She’s been struck with mating fever.”

“Really? But she has to be punished. She broke the rules,” Dane countered, his voice fading off as he studied her.

“What’s mating fever?” she questioned, her body burning up, her arousal dripping down her thighs. She was so hot. She felt like she was burning up.

Dane gripped her by the shoulders and spun her around. Despite his anger, her gaze turned red as she stared back at him. Reaching up, she boldly ran her hand down the length of his sleeved arm, feeling his own physical power underneath.

“Mating fever, my dear, is something that happens between my species and humans sometimes, but especially when the human is innocent and fertile. Sometimes it strikes right away, other times it takes a while to develop, we don’t know much about how it forms, only how to cure it. Your temperature will gradually rise over the next few hours and will continue to do so, unless you mate,” Roan said calmly behind them.

“I can’t mate with her. I vowed to never again after Rose,” Dane replied furiously.

“I know, I did too, but we’re the ones that induced the fever. You know how it works, we have to be the ones to cure her,” Roan replied.

For a long moment, they stared at her, their reluctance to touch her palpable.

“Please,” she begged, circling her arms around her waist. She was so hot, her blood felt like lava, boiling just under the surface of her skin, ready to erupt at a moment’s notice. Her core felt painfully tight, an unmet need centering deep in her belly. She needed them desperately.

“When she gets well, she’s never going to sit again,” Dane growled, as he began to unbutton his shirt.

Michelle watched as Dane removed his shirt, revealing his own chiseled physique. She yearned to run her fingers down his chest and along his hips. She wanted more, needed more. Her clit pulsed. Her thighs, wet with her arousal, trembled as both alpha males stared her down.

As they both stalked toward her, her heart quickened and her breath turned into soft little pants. She watched as Dane gripped the fabric around her neck, felt Roan take hold of her neckline behind her.

A dreadful tearing sound filled the air as they ripped her dress from her body for a second time. Her nipples peaked, hard as little pebbles as the chilly air caressed her skin, doing little to help cool her overheated body.

Her gaze was red as she stared at their shirtless forms and she couldn’t get enough. All her insecurities left her then, the fear that her hips were too wide, her breasts too big, her bottom too round, everything fizzled in the fiery blaze of her desire.

Roan grasped her by the shoulders and twisted her toward him, claiming her lips and plundering her mouth like he’d discovered treasure. She kissed him back, moaning as she felt Dane tentatively kiss her neck. Behind her, Dane grew bolder, almost as if her mating fever was contagious.

Hands moved downward, cupping and kneading her breasts. Another set squeezed her bottom, as fingers glided across the wetness that spread across her inner thighs. Keening, she spread her thighs a little, allowing him access to her innocence.

Their bodies pressed against hers and she shivered with excitement, every single nerve in her body ablaze with fiery passion. Dane bit at her shoulder, dragging his teeth along her skin as Roan claimed her lips. His fingers tightened on her nipple, pinching and rolling it between his forefinger and his thumb. Roan’s arm wound around her waist, bringing her even closer to his warmth, his heat and she shuddered from sheer ecstasy.

One set of fingers ventured in between her legs and another down the cleft of her ass.

“She’s soaked, Dane,” Roan said, his desire clear in his voice.

“She’s a naughty girl, isn’t she, brother,” Dane whispered, and she shivered at his words. He nibbled at her ear and she groaned, pressing her backside against Dane’s clearly iron-hard cock. Roan rocked his hips, dragging his own shaft against her mound, and it was almost too much, her passion reaching new heights as she keened with desire.

She tried wrapping her fingers around the waistband of Roan’s pants, but Dane captured her wrists in his fists. Holding them tight against her hips, he bent down behind her and kissed the curve of her lower back. Quivering, she relished the attention as he gradually worked his way even lower, pressing his lips and exploring with his tongue across her highly sensitized skin. Roan knelt in front of her and kicked her legs wider.

“I’m going to release your wrists, but you may not move them. If you do, I’m going to have to tie them together and punish you,” Dane warned as he let her go. Trembling with desire, she nodded.

Quickly distracted, she focused on Roan’s lips trailing across her breasts, his teeth grazing over her nipples, his fingers exploring her wet folds and shivered with need.

Would it hurt? Would she like it?

Breathless, she panted, her fever causing everything to burn hotter than ever. Fiery tendrils of passion blazed straight to her clit and she moaned with every single touch. Roan’s tongue drifted lower, down her navel and to the top of her mound. She moved to block him with her fingers, when a harsh slap burned across her bottom.

Dane had spanked her for moving her hands.

Quickly, she put her hands back at her sides, just like he had commanded. Inside, a little thrill caused her pussy to clench with desire. She actually liked obeying him.

Roan’s lips descended on her clit and her legs weakened beneath her. Dane’s fingers spread the cheeks of her ass, while his other hand descended between her legs, gathering her wetness and dragging it backward toward her bottom hole.

She shivered at the shamefulness of it, yet she didn’t want him to stop. In fact, she wanted more of it. He pressed a single digit against her tight rim of muscle while Roan devoured her needy bud, and she quivered with need.

“Please,” she begged. “I need to…”

Roan threaded his hand between her legs and pressed a finger into her channel, followed by a second and she rocked against him, keening as Dane continued his assault on her bottom hole. The oddly familiar stretching sensation pained her, but in the best way possible. Moaning, she hazarded moving her hands to Roan’s shoulders, needing the support.

She whined as Dane entered a second finger into her tight rosette, the ache quickly molding into something more pleasurable.

With Roan’s mouth on her clit, his fingers caressing inside her pussy and Dane’s digits pressing deeper into her bottom, it was too much. White hot pleasure splintered her in two as she shuddered with her release.

As she quaked with her desire, the brothers moved her quickly to their bed. Without warning or a moment for her to get nervous, Roan maneuvered between her thighs, pressing the tip of his massive girth at her entrance.

“This is going to hurt, beauty, but only for a second,” he whispered as he gripped her hips with his fingers. She was still too far gone to care, shivering in the depths of desire from the orgasm they had just given her.

His hips surged forward as he took her innocence and claimed her as his. Red hot pain painted her senses and she panted with it.

“Oh, please, it hurts,” she whispered as tears prickled at the corners of her eyes.

Slowly, he began to move and the pain ebbed, burning away into a gentle ache as her body stretched to accommodate his girth. Quickly, he lifted her, so that he lay on the bed and she straddled him, pushing him deeper than ever before.

She felt Dane’s chest press against her back as he gently pushed her down.

“Reach back and spread your cheeks for me, little one. Both your pussy and your naughty bottom hole need to be taken to rid your body of fever for good,” he said firmly and she whimpered.

Slowly, she slid her hands across her ass, gripping each cheek in her fingers and spread her backside just as he had commanded. A slippery liquid spurted against her tight rosette and she squealed in surprise.

His fingers returned, pumping the slippery liquid in and out of her naughtiest hole, before replacing it with the fiery heat of his cock.

She keened as he began his entry into her forbidden passage as Roan held her still, pumping his own shaft in and out of her pussy. Lines between pain and pleasure blurred as her release built once again. Squeezing her eyes shut, she panted as Dane’s assault on her bottom continued.

The head of his cock breached her entrance and he pushed deeper and deeper.

He didn’t allow her mercy, he took her as he saw fit and she loved it. Once fully seated in her ass, Dane pulled out and she groaned, both in misery and utter delight. Roan began to pump his hips, caressing the need deep inside that was rising once again with a fervor like she’d never known.

Being taken and claimed by two men at the same time was more than she could have ever dreamed of. They took her hard and without mercy, but it was exactly what she needed. The fever that had burned within her limbs blazed hotter, so hot that it felt as though every one of her nerves would be scorched away.

Moaning and delirious with desire, her thighs clenched as her muscles quivered, and the rubber band within her core tightened more than ever before and she felt like she was going to snap at any moment.

Oh, God. It felt so good.

Clutching on Roan’s shoulders for dear life, she screamed as her world shattered into a thousand brilliant little pieces. Her release compounded into another as Roan pinched her nipples firmly and Dane slammed hard into her ass. Stars blinded her as her passion rocked her body and she moaned as the brothers shuddered around her.

The moment she felt their white hot seed spurt deep within her, her second orgasm rolled into a third as the fever reached its peak.

The intensity of her pleasure caused every muscle in her body to tense and quiver for what felt like a lifetime, until she felt the fever finally begin to break. Blazing heat faded into a chilling cold that left her grasping for the brothers’ warmth.

With a whimper, her world faded to black as exhaustion reared its ugly head. Her body was overtaken with it. With a heavy sigh, she closed her eyes and wondered if she would ever wake up.

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