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Sold to the Russian: A Dark Mafia Romance by Isabella Laase – Extended Preview

Pavel’s cock hardened in anticipation when his sassy submissive took her stand in the middle of the erotic playroom. He snapped his fingers to silently demand that she finish stripping, and she followed his instructions with her chin held high and her eyes sparkling with an untamed sauciness. She twisted to unfasten her bra, dropping it slowly to the floor and sliding the plain white panties over her thighs before folding them into a neat pile with her dress.

She was stunning, and she was his. Her full breasts were framed by the pert nipples nestled in the dark pink rings of her areolas and long, sculpted legs reached to her closely shaved pussy and flat abs. Her thick brown hair nestled over her shoulders with the unruly rumple that he’d grown to expect, further emphasizing her round eyes and innocence. It took all of his efforts not to take her on the gray floor of the dungeon, but he’d long since learned that the rewards from tormenting a willing sub’s erogenous zones would far outweigh what he would gain from a quick fuck.

“You’re afraid, little girl,” he said softly. “I can see it in your eyes, but are you afraid of me or of your own reaction when I chain you to the cross?”

She offered a quick nod as though that answered his question, but it didn’t matter. Since his father had introduced him to this lifestyle many years before, he’d worked with enough new submissives to recognize her confusion. It was her dominant’s role to combine the abject fear over the unknown with the burgeoning arousal buried between her legs. A firm exploration of her tense muscles would further tie her to his control.

As he caressed her, she leaned into his touch in a manner that was totally unacceptable, but he was willing to dismiss her mistake until he’d had a chance to work with her at length. As they’d progressed to this point in their tumultuous relationship, he’d been granting her a great deal of time to make up her mind, but he wanted her to instinctively respond to his every touch and direction without question or hesitation.

He grasped her ass more firmly, leaving a red imprint across her ivory white skin, but she stood still with an obedient resilience and a small gasp. Tweaking her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, he simultaneously stroked her already soaking labia. She ground softly into his hand, licking her lips in satisfaction, and her full breasts begged for more attention. With his hand resting at the small of her back, he sucked hard on her stiff nipples, scraping his teeth against the edges.

Whimpering like a kitten, she twisted to take a small step back, making it clear that the time had come for restraining her. The cross in this room was specially made for the club with a simple X pattern and a center leather pad to hold her weight if he chose to lower her to a flat position. Pressing her breasts on either side of the leather pad, he adjusted the bars for her height, fastening her wrists into the cuffs and slapping the insides of her thighs until she spread them far enough to meet the ankle restraints.

Any woman spread-eagle on a St. Andrew’s cross would harden his cock, but with Zoya’s beauty, strength, and sass under his control, for the second time since entering the dungeon, he considered taking her first and tormenting her second. No matter how tempted he was, however, he wouldn’t rush the experience. For a woman as independent as Zoya, giving herself to another would be her biggest challenge, and, of course, transform into her greatest reward, making this session essential in establishing her trust.

“Are you frightened, little girl?” he asked, rubbing his hand across her ass.

She spoke softly. “You will have to do better than this to frighten me.”

Describing the pleasure of delivering to a submissive the unique combination of pain and pleasure was almost impossible, but Zoya was clearly ready to fulfill his needs. He rubbed his hand across her ass before delivering a hard spank. She yelped at the unexpected correction, but immediately closed her eyes to embrace the warmth.

He slipped a velvety soft black blindfold over her eyes. “You don’t need to stare at a concrete wall to enjoy this,” he murmured, as her muscles tensed, and she pulled at her restraints with another whimper. “Focus your energy on your remaining senses, the sound of my voice and the touch of my hand.” He slid his palm through her wet channel and placed his fingers on her lips. “Open for me, pet. Taste what your pussy has given you.”

In another sign that she didn’t truly trust him, she paused, but he would gain her blind submission before the evening was over. Nudging his finger forward, he rubbed her lips until she accepted him. He stroked her vulva with long, sensual caresses and she finally latched on to his fingers, sucking with an urgency that made him chuckle.

“Good girl.” He rewarded her with a quick rub over her clit. “But let’s begin our first lesson. You will never even attempt to deceive me, little girl, because your subservience will form the basis of our relationship. Only one of us will be in charge, and that person will be me. Do you understand?”

“I’m sorry, Pavel,” she said in a direct reversal from her earlier attitude. “I won’t do that again. I’ll… I’ll be more careful in the future.”

“You’re right,” he said, noticing that she still hadn’t referred to him as sir. That was her end game, and to let her leave today without achieving that goal would forever damage his authority. “But let’s cement that lesson with a stronger reminder.”

His large canvas duffle bag held his personal collection of toys, and he retrieved the two floggers that he’d recently bought from an artisan in California. Swishing the leather with a snap of his wrists, he tried each one to get a feel for the potential impact. The true rewards from this relationship were embedded in the power dynamics and not necessarily from inflicting pain. With a solid cedar shaft and tails made from thick, heavy elk, the black and gray flogger would deliver a nice thud, a much better place to begin than the stinging pain that would come from the shorter, nine-braided horsetail. He’d save that one for making his final point.

But first, he generously lubed a pink anal plug. To prepare her, he invaded her private space with his finger. Slowly at first, he passed his first knuckle, stretching her tightness until her soft groans made clear her confusion over the alien sensation. She took deep gasping breaths when he withdrew, but he wasn’t done. Separating her cheeks, he forced the hard piece of rubber into her opening, fully enjoying her squirming attempts to evade him. She didn’t complain, but expended a great deal of useless energy to defeat his forward progress until the wide flange settled against her crack.

With a light touch, he slid the leather whip between her legs, across her ass, and down her thighs before moving to her shoulders. She arched her back to his touch, and he added a circular motion of his wrist to begin his attack. Taking care to avoid her spine and kidneys, he moved the flogger across her shoulders, leaving small red marks that disappeared almost immediately.

Despite her introduction, she pulled at her restraints as he moved closer to her inner thighs.

“Ouch,” she said unnecessarily. He’d watch her closely for any signs of distress, but with that light touch, she’d yet to learn the difference between the deep, warm massage and true stinging pain. “What are you doing?” she asked nervously.

“I’m whipping you, little girl,” he said as he continued to warm up her skin for more serious play. “Do you like the feel of my whip against your ass?”

When she didn’t respond, he increased the pressure and picked up speed, alternating downward circles across her shoulders, but moving upward over her ass to catch the fleshy part of her bottom and sensitive upper thighs. She continued to pull at her restraints, failing to squirm away from him, but he responded with harder and harder connections. He’d yet to deliver any true pain and this struggling was nothing more than an attempt to control his movement.

“Settle,” he demanded, stopping to rub his hands across her bottom to reconnect her to his person and not his whip. “Stop fighting me.”

Taking a deep breath, she nodded, grasping the cross with her hands and holding on tighter.

“You’re too tense, pet,” he scolded. “You need to experience this without assuming that a whip is going to be painful. Don’t come to this with any preconceived ideas.”

Starting again, he circled her shoulders with the same consistent rhythm to allow her the gift of anticipating where the strands would fall. With her muscles clenched, the transformation came slowly as she adjusted her expectations to embrace the swirling pattern that continued to redden her skin, the heavy tails kneading her muscles. Soon, her soft, contented moans accompanied an increase in her wiggling, only this time she was working toward his flogger like a kitten getting her back scratched.

He moved to her front, switching to a figure eight pattern and catching the tails around her thighs and breasts to deliver a stronger heat. A flicking motion introduced more sting, and when she’d adjusted to that, he twisted the tails together to take her to the next level. She accepted each new maneuver, wiggling her shoulders and curling her back, and he finished with a quick, random attack that caught her off guard, and with no break between his whips, she cried out for the first time.

Her skin was glistening with a brilliant sheen, and he rubbed the effects deeply into her muscles, giving her a chance to catch her breath. “Are you still with me, Zoya?” he asked. “I need to know that you can still hear me.” She nodded, licking her lips. From his bag, he pulled a bottle of water and held it to her lips. “Drink, little girl. I can’t have you dehydrating.”

When she’d settled, he used the smaller, braided flogger, repeating its snaking traverse across her beautiful red marks. The scratchier red and black horsetail aggravated her punished skin, but he spoke softly as he slid the tails over her vulva to tease her clit. “This one will deliver more pain, but you’re well prepared for it.”

Following the same circular pattern, he added another soft touch, but the flogger still delivered a more intense bite, leaving thin red lines in its wake. Flinching each time he connected, she bit her bottom lip as though she were prepared to take everything he offered, but after a half dozen strokes, she’d returned to writhing away from him and making small shrieks, both telltale signs that she was reaching her peak and prompting him put the whip away.

She’d done beautifully for her first time and deserved the reward. With a new vibrator from his bag, he teased across her stomach and ass, working downward until he reached her wetness. He stroked her channel with long, fluid caresses inside her swollen lips and over her clit before entering her, reaching deep into her pussy to take from her a moaning contentment. He pulled out and began his attack again, manipulating her sex to deliver her to the edge of her climax.

With no ability to rub against her own sex, she remained dependent on his touch, teaching her that he would control her most basic desires. Sliding his middle finger through her channel to gather her wetness, he moved upward until he reached the plug, moving it in and out against her muscles.

“Stop,” she whispered. “I don’t like that.”

“Of course you do,” he said softly. “Someday, you’ll take my whole dick in your ass, won’t you?”

She didn’t answer, so he moved even further into her, stroking her pussy to bring the two sensations together.

“We both understand that this isn’t enough. Your pussy’s a stubborn one, and you won’t come unless I tease your clit. Your arousal right now is sharp enough to make you uncomfortable, but the true benefit of being tied to my cross is that you won’t have any satisfaction until I allow it. Watch what happens when I touch your swollen sex just one time.”

Teasing the tiny nub from its glistening sheath, he pinched it between his thumb and forefinger, making her gasp. Her breath was reduced to shallow pants as she came closer to her climax, but he withdrew her pleasure before she could fully embrace it. “Ask me nicely to come, Zoya, or I can do this all night.”

“Please, sir, make me come,” she ceded. “I can’t take…”

“We won’t ever go through this little power display again,” he warned, his cock surging with the additional control. He removed her anal plug to prepare her for his next set of demands. “Today was a one-time exploration into how far you can push me. Do you understand?” Snapping his fingers, he added, “From this point on, when I snap my fingers, you will remember what it feels like to take my leather across your punished ass, and you will obey me without question. Do you understand?”

She nodded, but he strapped the vibrator to her thighs to keep it buried in her pussy. Taking his belt from the top of his duffle bag, he ran his hand across her still red ass before his leather came down hard on her punished bottom. She shrieked while he added a second and third, perfect red stripes decorating her skin angrily, her wet arousal dribbling down her inner thighs.

“Please, sir,” she begged. “I’ll be good. I promise. Don’t… no more…”

With a smirk, he stroked her clit, sending his finger around the hot little nub. It took very little effort to make her scream as she writhed against her restraints as though she had a chance to escape the inevitable. She could take her whipping without complaining, but the sensational force from her orgasm caused her to beg him to stop. He continued to torment her, past her spasms until her overstimulated clit had had enough, and she gasped for breath.

He lowered the table until her head was at his waist and stepped between her outstretched arms. Releasing his cock, he rubbed his hands along his length to bring a glistening bit of cum to the end of his shaft before resting it on her lips. With an eagerness that pleased him, she took him without hesitation, sucking hard as he directed her with a firm grasp on her hair. His muscles shuddering, he roared through the pulsing, filling her with his seed and keeping his cock in place until she’d swallowed to firmly establish himself as her master.

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