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The Soldier’s Girl by Gracie Malling – Extended Preview

Kathy was finding it difficult to focus on the film. In fact, Kathy was finding it hard to focus on anything except the heat and weight of Frank’s arm around her shoulders and the way he had kept rubbing his thumb against her collarbone. It was strange how quickly they had become ‘intimate’ in this way: touching each other, letting their legs rest against one another’s, embracing whenever they met. Perhaps this was how they did things in America? Kathy was used to respectful distances and stuttering awkwardness in these situations, but Frank seemed to have bypassed that phase and gone straight to familiarity.

Maybe it’s the spanking…

Kathy blushed and felt grateful for the darkness of the cinema. Yes, maybe once you’d had a girl squirming and whimpering over your lap, it was no longer possible to feel shy around her.

She smiled to herself and experienced that now-familiar pleasurable clenching feeling in her belly at the thought of him taking her over his knee. She still didn’t know what it was that she liked about it so much but the more time she spent with Frank, the less that seemed to matter. It made him happy and it made her happy (if a little sore) and so where was the harm? Her mind wandered to when he might be persuaded to do it again…

The rest of the audience suddenly laughed at something on the screen, pulling Kathy out of her pleasurable daydream. Frank joined in—his laugh warm and rumbling—but Kathy had no idea what had happened.

“What did I miss?” she whispered, leaning sideways toward him in the darkness.

“You see Judy there?” he whispered back, pointing at the screen. “She just threw a bucket of water over her husband and… oh… well, now.”

He trailed off and Kathy’s eyes widened as she finally gave the film her full attention.

Judy’s husband had just pulled her over his knee.

“Oh, my,” Kathy breathed.

She felt Frank squeeze her shoulder as they watched a marital spanking unfold on the screen in front of them. The rest of the audience were still laughing—it was clearly meant as a comedic scene—but Kathy didn’t find it funny. On the contrary, her heart was pounding, her skin was flooding with heat, and she could already feel moisture pooling between her legs. By the insistent way that Frank was now roughly squeezing and massaging her shoulder and the increased pressure of his thigh against hers, she could only assume that he felt the same way.

“Darling! Please!” squealed Judy, wriggling and kicking her legs as her husband held her down and spanked her skirt-covered bottom. “I didn’t mean it!”

“Oh, so the water just threw itself at me, did it?”

The camera cut to Judy’s comically despairing face as she twisted and squirmed in an attempt to escape. “I… I thought it would miss!”

More laughter from the audience.

“Oh, you did, did you?” replied Judy’s husband, his voice dripping with cynicism. “Well, I don’t believe you. Now hold still and stop your complaining; you and I both know that you’ve had this coming for a long time.”

By the time Judy had run off screen, clutching her bottom and wailing about her ‘brute of a husband,’ Kathy was quite beside herself. The urge to start squirming in her seat was almost overwhelming and she was aware that her breathing had sped up so that she sounded as if she were panting.

Frank leaned over and she felt his warm breath on her cheek. “Want to go somewhere private?” he whispered.

Kathy felt a hot pulse between her legs at his words.

She bit back a whimper and nodded.

Any lingering doubts that Frank may have had about whether or not Kathy enjoyed being spanked were obliterated the moment she closed her bedroom door behind them and all but fell into his arms.

He was already hard—had been, in fact, all the way from the movie theatre—and as she pressed up against him, the feeling only intensified.

They kissed each other into a state of breathlessness up against the door, Frank taking hold of Kathy’s bottom and using his grip to grind her in closer and closer to his body. The floorboards creaked and groaned as they rocked together, straining against each other’s bodies, still fully dressed but becoming more and more familiar with one another with each passing moment.

Frank wanted Kathy. Hell, he wanted Kathy more than he had ever wanted a woman before. There was a part of him that was desperate to tear off her clothes, throw her down onto that pretty little cast-iron bed, and fuck her senseless. It was clear from her increasingly high-pitched whimpers and the wanton way she was grinding herself against his erection that she would be unlikely to object at this point.

But afterwards?

Frank pulled back from the kiss and gathered his self-control. This wasn’t right. They weren’t married. In fact, when you thought about it, they barely knew each other. They weren’t even officially an ‘item.’ As much as they both might want to, it was too soon. Frank couldn’t afford to allow himself to get carried away when the consequences—for Kathy especially—could be very serious.

“What’s wrong?” Kathy was blinking up at him, still dazed from the kiss, her lips swollen and puffy.

Frank put his hands around her waist and moved her backwards a pace, opening up a bit of distance between them. “Kathy, have you ever been with a man before?” he asked, his hands still holding her waist.

The expression of wanton abandonment vanished at once, to be replaced by a look of shocked outrage.

“I ain’t some kind of tart, Frank Davis!” she snapped, pushing his hands away from her waist and backing away even further. “What? Are you worried you’re going to catch something?”

Never had an innocent question backfired on Frank so spectacularly. His attempt to broker a discussion about intimacy, boundaries, and the risk of pregnancy had somehow taken him right back to that brawl with Daniels over those stupid posters.

“Because I ain’t like that, all right?” Her face was red; the flush of arousal rapidly making way for simple anger. “Just because I liked kissing you doesn’t mean… it doesn’t…”

She broke off and went and stood by one of the windows with her back to him, her arms folded tight.

After a few deep breaths, Frank straightened up. “That wasn’t what I meant,” he said, keeping his voice calm and low. “I just didn’t want you rushing into something with a guy you hardly know.”

Kathy turned back around so quickly that her blond curls bounced around her head. “We were kissing! In our clothes!” Her voice kept rising in pitch and volume. “I ain’t sure what you had in mind, Frank the Yank but I’ll thank you not to go making assumptions when you—”


“—don’t even know a girl because I don’t do things like that and—”

“Kathy!” he insisted, having to hold back laughter now, as she was so damn adorable when she got worked up like this but he was pretty sure that telling her that would be a very bad idea right now. “I get it. We got our wires crossed. I’m not making any assumptions, ok? I just didn’t want to jump on you like some ravening beast and… end up causing you a whole heap of trouble.”

She frowned a little then, but at least appeared to be calming down. “And what difference would me being a virgin or… or not make to that?”

Frank shrugged, unused to having his thoughts pulled apart in the way that Kathy seemed to insist on. “It’s just… if you were a virgin and didn’t know what you were getting yourself into or, you know, what could happen… well, I’d be a pretty lousy guy, wouldn’t I?”

Kathy considered him for a moment and then sat down on the edge of the bed, her arms still folded and her face taking on an expression that looked uncannily like a displeased school mistress. “Just because I’m a virgin, Frank the Yank,” she started, looking at him severely, “that don’t mean I’m an idiot. I know where babies come from, I’ve had more warnings than I care to remember from Ma about slimy men who will promise you the world and then drop you the morning after and I unfortunately know rather more than I’d like to about venereal disease, what with my old uncle Tim being a pharmacist’s assistant and all. So don’t you go tiptoeing around me like I’m some kind of innocent little fool, you hear?”

What else could he do? Frank saluted, lips twitching. “Yes, Miss Phipps.”

“Damn right,” she said, doing a fairly decent imitation of his accent.

Frank grinned, walked over to the bed and—without warning—picked her up, sat himself down on the bed, and deposited her over his lap.

“What are you doing?” she shrieked.

“Picking up where we left off,” he replied, still grinning.

Still disoriented by being so unceremoniously upended, Kathy wriggled and squeaked as Frank flipped up her skirt and pulled down her knickers.

“Come on now, Miss Phipps,” he said with mock severity. “What would Judy’s husband say?”

Kathy caught her breath enough to reply, “Something pompous and not very funny?”

Frank laughed then. She loved the sound of his laugh; so low and rumbling. “Probably,” he agreed. “But what would your Sir say?”

Sir. That clenching feeling was back in Kathy’s belly and it took all of her self-control not to moan aloud.

“Be… be still and… and call you Sir… Sir?” she whispered, dismayed at how rapidly she had descended into breathless incoherence.

“Good girl.”

She did moan then, only quietly, but she was sure he’d heard. He didn’t mention it though and Kathy was soon distracted in any case as he applied his hard hand to her soft, bare bottom. This spanking was slow but hard, each smack causing an overwhelming but delicious burst of stinging heat that was just fading away as the next smack landed. On and on it went and then Kathy was arching her back and pushing her bottom up to meet his hand, craving each smack that now felt like beautiful, beautiful warmth, luxuriating in the sensation and wriggling more out of pleasure than pain.

Her breathing had changed from short, panting gasps to whimpering, drawn-out sighs. She was nothing but warm skin and an underlying throbbing. The coarse texture of his army trousers against the bare skin of her thighs felt almost unbearably sensuous. The blond curls that had fallen like a veil in front of her face seemed otherworldly in their golden softness. The feeling of her breasts pressing down hard against the edge of his thigh was nigh on overwhelming.

From what seemed like very far away, she heard Frank’s voice. “I think that’s enough spanking for now.”

Before she could prevent it, a disappointed moan escaped Kathy’s lips.

He laughed: a deep, low chuckle with a dark, wanting edge. Kathy felt the vibrations of it in her belly and in that hot throbbing place between her thighs and she moaned again, blindly pushing up her bottom in the direction of his hand. When his palm pressed against her right cheek and then squeezed, hard, her answering cry was long and loud.

“You like that, Kathy?”

“Yes, Sir,” she gasped. Her voice didn’t sound like it usually did; it was hoarse and ragged, as though she had been screaming at the top of her lungs rather than just whimpering and moaning on the bed.

“How about this?” Without warning, he dipped his fingers into the shivering wetness between her thighs and Kathy cried out at the sudden stab of pleasure she felt.

“Mmm, yes, I think you like that too,” Frank murmured and, with fingers slicked with her wetness, he began to stroke Kathy’s most sensitive place with a delicious friction that made her pant and writhe over his lap.

What was he doing? For all her talk of not being ‘an innocent fool,’ no one had ever conjured up sensations like this in Kathy before. She had been completely unaware that her own body could yield such mind-shattering feelings.

“Oh… oh, please…”

“Please what?” How could he sound so calm, so very in control, while she was sprawled over his thighs, shuddering and bucking and whimpering in utter desperation?

“Please… please don’t stop.”

In response, he increased the pressure of his fingers and now Kathy was screaming. She couldn’t have stopped it if she’d tried. It was both too much and not enough. It was wonderful and yet she sensed more to come, instinctively urging herself toward the release she didn’t know was coming, pressing herself against his firm, slippery fingers, writhing with increasing urgency.

And then she felt it, the building up and up… and then the overflowing pleasure, bursting through her body like an explosion… and she was bucking and writhing faster than ever, her cries tumbling over one another.

As soon as her breath returned, Kathy pushed her hair away from her face and looked back over her shoulder.

“Frank, what the bloody hell was that?”

The sight of Kathy’s wide eyes and flushed face as she stared at him over her shoulder was almost enough to set Frank off himself. As if the feeling of her writhing and grinding against his cock while pulsating desperately against his fingers hadn’t been overwhelming enough.

He moved his hand back to her red bottom and squeezed gently. “You never climaxed before, Kathy?” he murmured, using his grip on her bottom to ease her further into his lap so that she was once again exerting pressure on his cock.

“I didn’t know I could,” she replied, taking her cue from him and starting to undulate her hips in a way that made him groan and close his eyes.

“Well, now you know what to do,” he said, his breath catching, “when you feel hot and you want to do something about it.”

“Can I… can I do something about it for you?”

Her question stopped Frank in his tracks. The thought of her soft hand closing around his hard cock sent a shot of pleasure through his body. He cleared his throat. “You sure?”

She looked back over her shoulder again and nodded, her eyes heavy lidded with pleasure. “If you show me how.”

With one last squeeze of her bottom, Frank helped Kathy to her feet and then repositioned them both so that they were lying side by side on the bed, propped up with pillows. Kathy gave a little nervous laugh as he unbuttoned his trousers and he looked up to see that her face was redder than ever.

But then his attention was captured by Kathy’s hand delving into his underwear, her fingers curling around his throbbing cock. “What do I do?” she whispered against his cheek.

Frank’s pulse was thudding in his ears. He swallowed. “Squeeze a bit harder… ah, that’s it… now go up and down… up and… yeah, that’s it… damn, you’re good at that… don’t stop… good girl…”

Kathy leaned in for a kiss and he all but devoured her as her ministrations drove his desperate cock into a frenzy, delivering wave after wave of pleasure with every rhythmic squeeze.

Frank’s whole body went rigid and every muscle tensed as his own climax moved steadily closer and closer. Kathy’s soft tongue in his mouth and her swollen lips pressing into his fed into the growing pressure in his loins.

With a desperate groan, he reached over, took hold of her right breast and squeezed hard. He had never touched her in this way and when she whimpered in his mouth, the sensations in his cock reached a new peak.

He could go right now, if he let himself. He could spurt all over her hand and that would be it.

But no. He wanted more. They might not be able to go all the way but he still wanted more.

He wanted her naked.

Frank pulled back from the kiss. “Take off your clothes,” he ordered, his voice ragged and brooking no opposition.

Kathy made no protest and at once removed her hand from his trousers, unbuttoned the front of her dress, and pulled it up over her shoulders. Frank watched her hungrily whilst also removing his own clothes, not caring where they fell as he flung them away. Damn, this girl had some beautiful underwear! The cream brassiere was especially fine but he liked it even better once it had been unclipped and thrown onto the floor, quickly followed by her suspender belt, stockings, and knickers.

And then there she was: just bare skin, wide eyes, and softness. Frank’s determination not to take her virginity yet was sorely tested as every instinct in his body was urging him to fall upon her and plunge himself between her thighs.

He swallowed. “You’re beautiful.”

A breathy laugh. “You ain’t so bad yourself.” A pause. “So… would you like me to…?”

Frank silenced her with a kiss that went from gentle to frenzied in a matter of moments. And now his hands were squeezing her breasts, circling her waist, gripping her thighs to pull her closer… and her hands were on his chest, feeling their way down… down… and finding his cock once again.

Frank growled in her mouth, grabbed her bottom and used his grip to position her so that she was straddling his thigh with her most sensitive area pressed hard against his muscled flesh. His hand still squeezing the soft warmth of her right buttock, he urged her to writhe against him and was rewarded with the sound of her own whimpers of pleasure in his mouth and an increased urgency of the movement of her hand on his cock.

They rocked and writhed together, the old iron bed creaking beneath them with increasing energy. The feeling of Kathy’s wetness rhythmically grinding against his thigh only added to the sensations that she was creating with her hand. And when she finally pulled back from their kiss to cry out her release, that was enough to send Frank over the edge and he gasped and shuddered as wave after wave of hot seed spurted out of his cock.

They lay quietly together while their breathing returned to normal, Kathy still draped over his thigh with her face resting on his chest and Frank holding her firmly in his arms.

He wished he would never have to let her go.

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