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Solemn Vow: A Dark Mafia Romance by Measha Stone – Extended Preview


Her pretty eyes widen. She couldn’t have thought I was going to forget about that, could she?

When I’ve been waiting all day to get my hands on her sweet ass?

No fucking way.

“You can’t be serious. Viktor, I know you teased me about that, but really.” She pushes her hands into the arms of the chair, like she’s going to spring up from it and make a run for the door.

She has no idea what the code on the elevator is; she’s not going anywhere.

“I wasn’t teasing, moy sladkiy voin. It’s a dangerous world out there, and when you take off on your own, how can I keep you safe?” I stand my ground. Any sudden movement from me and she’ll flee. While catching her would be fun, it will be much sweeter if she comes to me willingly.

“Viktor, you have to understand. You just barge into my life, and—”

I put my hand up to stop her. “I’ve heard this already. I barged in, you told me to go, I said I’m staying. It’s all very simple, Marlena. I’m not going anywhere, no matter how many times you run, you try to hide, you try to wiggle away—I will catch you every single time. And each time, we’ll end up right here. You getting your ass punished and me reminding you that I’m not going anywhere.”

Her jaw slackens.

Slowly, she eases herself up to her feet. Her eyes flick to the doorway leading into the hallway that will take her to the front of the condo. The woman has no idea how easy it is to read her.

“If you run, I’ll catch you before you get to the elevator.” I roll my shoulders back, flex my hands. I know my girl.

“You don’t know that.” She thrusts her chin up.

Ah. My sweet Marlena.

“Do you want to place a wager?” It’s too easy, baiting her like this. “If you make it to the elevator, I’ll have Igor drive you home.”

Her tongue touches the tip of her upper lip. She’s contemplating. Ah, but I haven’t given her the other side of the coin yet.

“But if I catch you, you take your punishment like a good girl and you spend the night with me, let me drive you to work tomorrow without complaint, and you’ll take the lunch Mrs. Ivankova packs for you.” I raise a finger with each item announced.

Her eyes narrow.

“You seem to be getting a lot if you win,” she negotiates.

“Are you afraid you’ll lose?” I question.

“No, but let’s at least make it worth it for me to win. When I win, you’ll ask Igor to drive me home, and you’ll back off about Jimmy and you’ll accept that we aren’t together. You’ll call if you want to see me and if I say no, you won’t just show up at my apartment.”

Her requests are insane. None of that will happen.

“Fine.” I agree only because she’s not getting to that elevator.

She nods with a smile and spreads her footing a little, getting ready to take off.

“Go!” I shout and lunge for her. She shoves the glass top coffee table at me, hitting me in the shins then takes off in a run, maneuvering around the couch and out of the door into the hallway.

Getting over the coffee table only delays me a breath or two. I’m almost on top of her before she’s even in the hallway.

The elevator is within sight. I’m barely breaking my stride and gaining on her. She makes the mistake of looking over her shoulder.

She screams when I wrap my arm around her middle and lift her off the floor.

“No! No!” She wiggles.

I laugh. Did she really think she had a chance?

“No fighting now.” I flip her around in my arms, then hoist her over my shoulder until she’s dangling down my back. “You lost.”

“No fair. You have longer legs!” she argues as I climb the curved staircase up to my room.

“Don’t be a sore loser.” I flip her skirt over her ass and slap her over the tights she’s wearing.

Her fists fly into my back as I step off the stairs and make my way down the hall to the corner room.

Once inside, I kick the door shut and bring her to the bed in the middle of the room. Most of the house is decorated like something an architecture magazine would cover, but not my room. This room is not meant for anyone but me. Dark green walls, traditional wood flooring throughout with dark gray throw rugs. And a king-sized bed with four wood posts and a hand-carved headboard.

“Before I put you down, remember you lost. No more running or trying to get out of what’s coming. Yes?” I rest my hand on her upturned ass, ready to plant a few smacks if she decides to go back on her word.

She stills beneath my touch.

A moment passes.

Then another.

I wish I could see her face, to watch as the indecision turns into decision.

“I remember. I won’t try to get away,” she finally says, sounding every bit the pouting girl who lost the race.

I pat her ass. “Good girl.”

Easing her down my body, I enjoy every moment she’s pressed against me. Once she’s on her feet, I capture her mouth beneath mine. Her hands reach up, touch my cheeks, then press flat against my chest and for a moment I almost forget what I brought her up here to do.

My need to be inside her, to feel her pleasure mount and crest and throw her into a whirlwind of need almost overtakes my need to teach her a lesson.

I break the kiss, resting my forehead against hers.

“Remove your clothes.” I kiss her once more then step away. If I don’t put space between us now, I’ll throw her on the bed.

At first, she looks up at me through her lashes, an innocent smirk on her lips.

“Did you want to add more to your punishment for going back on your word?” It takes everything not to grin back at her at that impish little act. She’s not one to give in easily. It’s one of the things that draws me to her with such fierceness.

But right now, I’m not playing games. In my world, if she sneaks off like she tried to do, it could be life or death. And since I have no doubt she’s now a permanent fixture in my world, I won’t allow her to get away with it. Her safety is all that matters.

She blows out a sigh and reaches for the hem of her sweater. “No. I guess not.” She turns her back to me and lifts the sweater over her head, dropping it to the hope chest at the foot of the bed. I watch, my cock getting harder with each piece of clothing she removes and drops to the pile.

She stumbles a little when she pulls the tights off her feet, but she catches herself and grumbles something under her breath about being graceful. I smile, but don’t comment. If she could feel how hard her movements have made my cock, she’d think differently. But she’d probably try to run again.

Once she’s done what I’ve asked, she stands in front of the post and puts her hands on her hips, looking at me over her shoulder. I stand behind her, tracing her shoulders with my fingertips then down her arms to her waist. I pull her ass back at me, until my cock pushes between her ass cheeks.

She sucks in a breath.

“First, your punishment,” I growl in her ear.

Swinging myself around her body, I plant myself on the end of the bed and pat my lap. “Over.”

She looks down at me with her eyebrows knit together. “Over?”

“My lap, get over my lap.” I pat my knee again.

She continues to stare.

Moy sladkiy voin, you have to move on your own. If I have to drag you over my knee, I will, but it will be worse.”

She shuffles forward until her legs hit mine. Already, she blushes as she leans forward until she’s completely over my lap. As soon as she’s on her tiptoes, I adjust my seating, lifting her ass up higher with one knee and letting her dip over the other side a bit more.

“Viktor!” She reaches for the floor, but her fingertips barely brush the rug beneath us and now her feet aren’t touching either.

“I won’t let you fall. And this way you won’t wiggle too much.” I lay my palm on her ass cheek, squeezing just enough to satisfy my own lust for her body.

“This is so humiliating,” she mumbles to herself.

“Humiliation is something we can play with if you want, but this isn’t that. This is simply my girl being naughty and needing me to remind her how to behave.” I pat her ass. “When I tell you I’m coming to pick you up, do you think you can manage to be there when I get there?”

“I would like to point out that I did tell you not to pick me up, but you—ow!”

I bring my hand down again and again over her ass, one cheek then the other, until she’s writhing on my lap. Try as she might, she’s not going to get away from my hand.

“Try again.” I stop, resting my hot hand on her thigh now.

She’s breathing hard.

“Yes. I can do that,” she finally says.

I have no intentions of making her feel embarrassed, but if having her over my lap this way helps her learn her lesson, I think I’ve found the best position for all future lessons.

“Can do what?” I rub up and down her thighs, sliding my fingers between them when I get close to her pussy. Already heat and wetness greets me. She clenches her ass cheeks when I wiggle my fingers closer to her entrance.

“I’ll be there when you say you’re coming.”

“That’s a good start.” I pull my hand away and lay into her upturned ass, spanking her over and over again until the slight crimson coloring deepens. She smacks at my legs and kicks, but we’re not finished here.

“Please!” she begs.

“Viktor, I promise!” She bucks.

But I continue to spank her, spreading the smacks down her thighs.

“It hurts so bad!” Her voice cracks.

I wrap my left arm around her middle, holding her body against me as I increase the speed. My fucking hand burns like fire; I can only assume how hot her ass must feel. But I won’t stop until I know she’s learned her lesson. Until I know she understands her safety will always be a priority.

“I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have tried to ditch you this morning!” she yells.

I ease up.

“It was rude.”

“And?” I rest my hand on her ass. Between the heat of her skin and my palm I’m sure we could heat the whole room if needed.

“And it’s not safe to sneak off.” Her confession is a little grumbled, but I’m confident she gets it. At least enough not to do it again.

Anytime soon.

“Good.” I readjust my arm around her waist, so that I can use both of my hands to pry her ass cheeks apart.

“Viktor!” she cries out in surprise. “What are you doing!”

I softly spit onto her puckered hole.

“Getting you ready for the next lesson.” I drop more saliva before running my finger through it and pressing it against her asshole.

“No, not there! Oh, god. Viktor!” She tries to wiggle out of my lap, but she’s not going anywhere. “I learned my lesson. I promise!”

“I know. Now you’ll learn that there’s no part of your body that doesn’t belong to me.” I push my middle finger past the tight ring of muscle up to my first knuckle.

“Okay. I learned, now stop it!” She presses her hands against my legs and tries to buck up again while looking over her shoulder at me.

“We can go back to the first lesson if you need.” I give her a hard glare. She pinches her lips together but gives in and relaxes.

“It’s so… oh, Viktor.” My name dances on her moan as I turn my finger and push up to the next knuckle.

With my free hand, I slide beneath her, between my legs and her body. Her clit is swollen and soaked when my fingertip brushes across it.

Another moan.

“Good girl,” I grin. Rubbing her clit in a small circle, I pace my speed with my finger as I pump it in and out of her ass, then push a second finger in as well.

She clenches.

“That will only make it worse,” I warn her and she relaxes. “Does it feel good, moy sladkiy voin? My fingers in your ass while I play with your little clit?” I rub harder.

She moans again, and I can almost see the frustration in her eyes. Always fighting, my girl.

I love it.

“Yes, Viktor,” she finally says when my fingers drop away from her clit.

I gently pull away from her asshole, watching as the muscle holds open for a moment before closing again.

Sliding my arms beneath her, I move her to the bed on her stomach.

She gives me a frazzled look when the buckle of my belt jangles as I work it open.

“No more spanking, moy sladkiy voin,” I assure her as I yank off my shirt and toss it to mingle with her clothing at the foot of the bed. “Just a lot of fucking.”


Viktor’s hungry stare fixates on me as his knee hits the bed, and he climbs on with me. His cock is heavy and long as he crawls behind me, grabbing me by the waist and pulling upward until my ass is high in the air.

I clench my eyes, bury my face in the most luxurious pillows I’ve ever felt, and curl my toes.

“Viktor, maybe this isn’t a great idea.” The pillow muffles my words.

“Of course it is.” His hand slides around my waist, once more finding my clit, and immediately my body melts into his touch.

He lowers his body over mine until his lips are pressing against my shoulder. When I don’t look up at him, his hand sinks into my hair, and he pulls my head back. The burn on my scalp ricochets through my body. Little electric shocks jump from one nerve to another all the way down to my clit.

Viktor nips my ear.

“I’m going to take your ass now. Tell me why.”

“Because my body belongs to you,” I whimper and a tear slips down my cheek. He licks it away and grins. I think I’ve made his night being so compliant, and since he can’t see my innermost thoughts, I can admit it feels good giving over to him.

“Yes, it does, moy sladkiy voin.” He presses a soft peck to the side of my mouth. His finger is gone from my clit. A drawer opens and closes, then he moves behind me.

Using both hands, he spreads my cheeks.

My body erupts with heat, and I clench my eyes shut.

“My girl is so beautiful,” he says while trailing a fingertip over my asshole. Slowly he wiggles it past my tight muscle again, then another finger. “Your little asshole sucks up my finger so easily, it will be better when you have my cock inside.”

I groan. Embarrassment and desire mingle together in my chest. I’m not sure I can untangle them.

He thrusts his fingers in a little further, stretching and teasing as he enters a third finger.

“Too much.” I wave a hand behind me.

“Not yet it’s not,” he assures me and bends over me, kissing my ass cheek. The burn from the spanking renews with his kiss. “Your ass is a pretty shade of red. It will be even prettier when I put my belt markings all over your ass. Don’t tense up, you’ll love it. I promise.” He twists his fingers, making the burn return my attention back to what he’s doing with them.

“You like the little bite of pain.” He pulls his fingers away. The bed bounces beneath his weight as he moves up to his knees, directly behind my upturned ass.

He’s right, and I can’t explain it or understand it.

The round head of his cock presses against my tight ring and I clench.

“Viktor.” I whine his name, gripping the pillow with both hands.

“Shhh.” A cool dollop of lubricant drops onto the skin between my cheeks. He swipes it over my ass, then again slides three fingers past my muscle. The new sensation makes me clench.

“Easy, Marlena, you can do this.” More lubricant, more thrusts of his fingers, ramping up my arousal.

The bottle of lubricant is dropped to the mattress, and he pushes the head of his cock against my ass again.

“Viktor, slow. Please. Slow,” I breathe, getting ready to bear the pain, but he gives me no quarter. In one thrust, his head is past my muscle.

I cry out.

He’s so much bigger than his fingers.

“It’s too much! Viktor!” I squeeze my hands into the pillow.

He pushes forward again another inch.

I scramble forward, trying to crawl away from the pain, but he has his hands on my hips in an instant, holding me in place.

“You’re not going anywhere.” He smacks my tender ass for good measure and laughs when I try to glare at him over my shoulder.

“It hurts,” I complain.

“And you love it when it does.” He winks before sliding a hand beneath me and finding my clit. “See, soaked just like I love.” He thrusts forward again, moving even further into me. The pain isn’t so much now, not when he’s touching me like this at the same time.

“That’s my good girl. Take every inch of my cock.” Another thrust, harder this time and he’s fully embedded. His balls slap against my pussy, and I cry out, but this time from the pleasure his fingers, his cock, his soul is giving me.

“Don’t move,” I beg him as my body finally starts to accept the intrusion of his thick, long cock.

“What would be the fun in that?” He slowly drags his cock back until he’s almost gone from me before plowing forward in one hard thrust.

I scream, the pain intense, but so is the pleasure as he does it again. His experienced fingers never leave my clit.

I try to wiggle away enough to relieve some of the pressure.

“Fuck!” He fists my hair again. This time he pulls me back toward him until my back arches, and I’m almost staring up at the ceiling.

“Oh, oh, ah!” He’s going further, harder, and I can’t keep up with the sensations.

His fingers move faster, with more force.

My stomach rolls into a tight knot.

I can barely catch my breath.

“Viktor! I can’t, oh fuck.” I grab hold of his forearm and push back at him, matching his thrusts as he fucks my ass harder and faster.

“Good girl.” He leans forward enough to bite my shoulder.

The new sting of pain is enough to send me flying over the cliff. My orgasm rips through me. Every nerve dances, shooting electricity throughout my body. Wave after wave hits and ebbs and hits again.

I’m screaming his name over and over again. It’s too much but not enough and I don’t want it to end.

“Ah, my good girl,” he urges me on as his fingers slow over my clit. “Such a good girl.” He kisses my shoulder then with his hand still in my hair, he pushes me back to the mattress until I’m on all fours before him.

I lean into the pillow, catching my breath, barely realizing his hands are gripping my waist.

He’s not finished with me yet.

This isn’t my body anymore; it belongs to him.

That’s the lesson.

And I’m a fast learner.

I fist the pillowcase just as he thrusts harder into me.

He shows no mercy, taking my body for his own pleasure, plowing harder and faster and harder still until I’m crying out from each movement. My body adjusts to him, accepting him, but he pushes the limits, fucking me with more and more force.

“Tell me, moy sladkiy voin. Tell me you learned your lessons today.” He sounds like he’s holding on by a thread.

When I say nothing, he slaps my ass hard.

“Never try to sneak away from you.” I hold myself up, pushing back at him, taking every inch of him, and enjoying the pain it brings. “And my body belongs to you now.”

He pauses, catches my eye as I look over my shoulder.

“Fuck, yes.” He gives a curt nod. He comes with the roar of a lion. His fingers dig into my hips as his cock fills me.

He kisses my back, sliding from my ass as he trails kisses down to my ass cheeks, kissing each one.

“Stay here.” He touches my back. Then he’s gone.

But only for a moment. He’s back with a wet washcloth, cleaning me, soothing me.

“You are all right.” He looks at me with concern, but his words suggest he’s telling me, not asking.

“I am.” I smile with more contentment than I have a right to as I ease my body down beneath the thick covers of the bed.

He disappears again from my sight, and I close my eyes for just a moment. When he climbs back into the bed, he drapes his heavy arm around my waist and pulls me into him. I burrow into him, accepting the warmth of his body and the comfort of his presence.

“Now. About where you call home.”

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