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Spirit by Ashe Barker – Extended Preview

Spirit by Ashe Barker

Matt steps away from me, allowing me the space to comply with his request. He moves around to the bed and lounges on it, pillows plumped behind him as he watches me. Something in his expression hardens, his eyes lose a little of their warmth. His erection seems if anything more solid within the constraining denim. He says nothing, but I know he expects me to do as he’s asked, and to do it now. Either that, or refuse. I have no intention of refusing.

I start by crouching to unfasten my trainers and I kick those off. I spare a regretful wish that perhaps I might have chosen rather more attractive footwear this morning, but I could hardly have predicted I’d finish up here. I dressed for fell-walking, not sexual submission. I peel off my thick, serviceable socks too and cram those into my shoes. I stand up again, and unbutton my shirt. I peel it from my shoulders and arms to reveal the skimpy vest top underneath. I leave that in place while I unfasten my jeans and unzip them. I slide those off too and fold them loosely, then look around for somewhere to put my things.

“Where should I…”

“Anywhere. Don’t worry about that.” His tone is clipped, matter-of-fact, as though women undress for him every day. On reflection, perhaps they do. But for me this is a big deal and I hesitate for a few moments before continuing. I have no reason to suppose Matt is unaware of my discomfort, he’s missed nothing else so far, but he makes no comment. He crosses his ankles, and he waits.

I pull the vest over my head, and now I’m just in my bra and knickers. Did he mean I was to take off everything? He didn’t actually say naked. I glance over at him, seeking some sort of clue.

“Problem, Beth?”

“No, I just, I mean, I was wondering if you need me to take everything off.”

“I don’t need you to. But I want you to. I seem to recall you were much less modest in the past.”

Enough said. I reach behind me to unhook my bra and allow it to drop onto the floor with the rest of my stuff. I resist the impulse to cross my arms in front of me. After all, as he’s already pointed out more or less, he’s seen me naked before.

Even so, I feel much more exposed now than I remember ever feeling in the past. Much more vulnerable. My mouth is dry as I hook my thumbs in the waistband of my pants and shove those down too. I step out of them and straighten, meeting his gaze.

He smiles, the grin sexy and approving. I don’t think I’ve changed that much in the last six years, except to fill out a little, which must be a good thing, surely. From his expression I think he likes what he sees. Oh God, I hope so.

Matt swings his legs to the floor and stands. He saunters across the room to where I stand, stiff and immobile. I wait, for what? Some comment? Approval? Some pronouncement that I’ll do, that I somehow pass his inspection?

Matt circles me, viewing me from every angle. He comes to a halt behind me and lifts my hair from my shoulders. I stiffen, but don’t move. He trails his lips down my neck and across my exposed shoulder, nibbling with the edge of his teeth. I shiver.

“Cold, love?”

“No. No, I’m fine. Thank you.” How polite I am.

“Fine? Yes, you are, very fine. Fucking gorgeous, I’d say. But then I knew that. You didn’t though, did you?

“What do you mean?”

“All the time you were undressing you looked worried, nervous. Did you think I wouldn’t like your body, Beth? Your perfect, beautiful body?”

He reaches around me to cup my left breast, grazing my nipple with the palm of his hand. The sensitive peak swells and stiffens, then pebbles even more as he squeezes it between his finger and thumb.

“Do you like this, Beth? Do you like me to touch you?”

“Yes,” My answer is more a breathy moan than an articulated word, but he seems to get my meaning. He brings his other hand around to apply the same treatment to my other nipple. He turns me to my right so I can see myself reflected in the mirrors on the front of the wardrobe, my skin pale in contrast to his tanned hands covering my breasts.

“See, you are lovely. You always were.”

I lean back against him as he trails his left hand down over my stomach to feather his fingers in the trimmed curls at the apex of my thighs. “This is nice too, very neat.”

“Thank you. I think.”

“Thank you is good, but if I’m to tie you to those railings I really believe it should be thank you, sir.”


“Mmm…” He squeezes my right nipple and the shock ricochets through me, straight to my clit.

“Oh, oh, sir I…”

“Nice? More?”

“Yes, more. Please.”

“Please, what?” Another sharp squeeze, more painful this time.”

“Please, sir.”

“Better.” He returns to massaging my breast at the same time as he slides his left hand between my legs. I widen my stance instinctively.

Matt’s fingers part my folds as he reaches farther, exploring the length of my slit. I hear the sounds of my gathering moisture, and close my eyes, embarrassed. Matt angles his hand and slips two fingers inside me. My knees almost buckle, but his arms around me provide enough stability to keep me upright. Just. He withdraws his fingers, only to plunge them back into me. I let out a long, low moan, my inner muscles starting to convulse.

“So wet, so ready.” He pauses, then, “So, those railings?”


He slides his fingers from me and releases my breast. As he steps back I stagger as I have to support my own weight again. He leans in to murmur in my ear. “Go lean on them, fold your arms along the top. Lift your bum as high as you can.”

I turn, peep up at him. “What are you going to do?”

Now that it’s come to it my nervousness must be plain, written all over my face. Matt drops a quick kiss onto my lips.

“Trust me.”

I do, and it’s enough. I move over to the rail and lean over it as instructed. I gaze down into the hallway below, listening to Matt’s movements behind me. Despite my trepidation my pussy moistens still more at the sound of the blanket chest opening, the scrape of objects on the lid as he selects whatever he intends to use, then the soft slam of the lid closing again. Footsteps behind me, then the gentle, scattered thud as several objects hit the carpet. A tube of lube rolls into my line of vision. I know what that suggests. I tremble, but not with fear. Not exactly.

“I’m going to tie your arms to the top rail, each of your hands to the opposite elbow. Is that alright?”

I turn my head to see that Matt has a length of rope in his hands. It’s black, and sort of shiny.

“Not too tight.”

“No definitely not. You won’t be able to move, but you’ll come to no harm.”

“I know. It’s just, I’m having a little wobble here. Don’t mind me.”

He smiles. “Wobbling’s fine, but I’d prefer you to tell me when you’re struggling. I can always slow down, or try something else. So, we’re okay to continue? Yes?”


He doesn’t move, so I nod for greater emphasis. Still nothing, unless a raised eyebrow counts. Then I remember. “Yes, sir.”

“Good girl.” He leans around me to secure my arms as he described, wrapping the rope around my wrists and elbows several times then pulling the knot into place. I try an experimental wriggle to find I’m held firm, bent at the waist, my bottom available for—whatever.

I watch over my shoulder as Matt pulls his T-shirt over his head. The sight of his bare chest is a rare treat, taut muscles rippling across the sculpted contours and sprinkled with fine hair, which disappears into the waistband of his jeans. I hold my breath as I wait for him to drop those too, but he merely strolls around to the other side of me, taking the time to draw his palm across the globes of my upturned bum.

“Nice arse, Beth. I always thought so.”

I wriggle my hips, loving his touch but still not quite sure of my allure to him. “I was too thin.”

“Maybe then. Not now. Now your bottom’s lovely and curvy, firm but soft enough to have some real fun. And we are going to have fun here, Beth. That’s what this is all about.”

He stands behind me and slides his fingers into the crevice between my buttocks, reaching down until he parts the folds of my pussy from behind. He hasn’t asked me to spread my legs but I do anyway, revelling in the sensual caress. The flat of his fingers and palm are stroking my pussy, his fingertips rubbing my clit. I writhe, the curl and clench of orgasm starting already. He knows his stuff, knows just where to touch, just how to arouse me.

I whimper and lift my bottom in wordless pleading. Can it really be this easy? Does he really have to do no more than tie me up and stroke my cunt to bring me to a climax in seconds?

It would seem so. I close my eyes and allow my body to simply respond.

Without warning he withdraws his hands and I’m alone. Abandoned. I turn my head to see him crouching a couple of feet away, picking up an object from the floor. It’s a bullet vibrator.

“What are you going to do with that?” On a stupid questions scale of one to ten, that must score about twenty-seven. Matt certainly thinks so as he grins at me, his leer quite wicked.

“In the future, when you’re a little more confident—in yourself and in me—I’ll probably blindfold you and let you try to guess what I’m using. For now though, since you’ve seen it and you’ve asked, this is going inside your sweet cunt. It’s small, you’ll have to squeeze to hold on to it. I’ll be stroking your clit, and we both know how much you love that, but if you drop our little toy I’ll stop. So, how’s that for incentive?”

“I think it should be very persuasive, sir.”

“I thought it might. And if you treat our toy with the respect it deserves, I’ll let you come. Then I’ll put it in your arse, and we do it all again.”

“I… oh.”

“Did I hear a sir?”

“Sir. Sorry. Will it hurt? In my arse, I mean. You said you wouldn’t hurt me?”

“What I actually said was I wouldn’t harm you. But no, it’s small, you’ll be able to accept it easily. With plenty of lube, and I’ll take as much time as you need.”

He has straightened again as he was speaking to me, and now he’s standing right behind me, his palm again caressing my buttocks. He shoves the bullet into the front pocket of his jeans, then uses both hands to part my globes.

“Such a pretty arse. But a little tight for what I have in mind. Maybe I should help you to loosen up a little…”

I gasp as he presses the tip of his finger against the pucker of muscle, applying just enough pressure to make his presence felt but without penetrating me. Yet.

“Some lube, I think.”

The oil is cool as he trickles it down the crack between my buttocks, and I gasp some more as he catches the stream with his finger and works it around my untried anus.

“Oh God, I don’t think I can do this.”

“You don’t need to do anything, Beth. Just relax, if you can, and don’t fight me. If you need me to stop, really need me to stop, just say ‘red’ and I will. I promise.”

“Oh, oooh.” I let out a long moan as his finger slips into my arse, helped on its way by the slick lube.

“Beth, did you hear what I said? What’s your safe word?”

“Red. It’s red.”

“Okay. And do you need to use it now?”

“No, I don’t think so. I-I’m fine. I think.”

“Your colour for being fine is green. And yellow is for if you’re struggling, close to your limit. Or in your words, yellow is for when you’re having a wobble. So, what colour are you now, Beth?”

“Yellow. I’m yellow.”

“Am I hurting you?” He withdraws his finger and slides it back, just an inch or so I think though it’s hard to be sure. The intrusion feels really strange, intimate, humiliating, yet beautifully wicked. My clit’s throbbing, aching to be touched, and if he does make contact there I know I’ll detonate in a moment.

“No, not hurting. Oh God, I need you to rub my clit. Make me come. Please, Matt. Sir.”

“Soon, Beth. First I want you to look after my little toy for me, remember?”

“Yes, anything. Just, I need…” He presses his finger deeper into my arse, at the same time using his other hand to insert two or maybe three fingers into my pussy. I clamp my inner muscles around them, gyrating my hips in a desperate attempt to get him to stroke my clit. It doesn’t work, obviously, and within moments he withdraws them again.

“Keep still a moment, if you can.” He murmurs the words as he presses something hard and unrelenting past my opening. The vibrator slides in easily, my own juices throwing down the welcome mat. There’s a delightful sensation as Matt’s fingers rim my inner lips, embedding the toy deep inside me, then I let out a keening cry as the vibrations start. It’s both glorious and alien, a pulsing deep inside me that I can’t control, that I can only feel, experience. The bullet is in direct contact with my inner walls, sending deep tremors through my nervous system. All the signals seem to head direct to my poor, swollen clit, and I’m ready to scream if he doesn’t do something, anything, to put me out of my misery.

Suddenly his hands are not on me any more. He steps away to hitch a hip on the balcony rail at my side. I turn my face to him, ready to plead, to threaten, to promise anything.

“Hush, love. Don’t talk unless it’s to say red or yellow. Just feel. Concentrate on holding that bullet inside you. Don’t let it slip, you need to squeeze it. Hard.”

I do as he says, and the sensation becomes so intense I want to let go, to relax. But I know if I do, if I drop the toy, I’ll get no orgasm. I want it now, need it, but restrained as I am I have to wait for him to give it to me, that sweet friction against my throbbing, needy clit.

“Sir, you promised, if I held on to it that you’d be stroking my clit. Please, sir, I need it, you…”

“Okay, as you’ve asked so nicely. And you are doing as you’re told so beautifully.”

He leans forward and reaches under me to scrape his fingernail across the tip of my clit, the merest, most delicate of caresses but it sends shock waves through my entire body. I stiffen, every nerve ending on red alert, reaching out for the next touch, greedy for it, desperate for it.

“Again?” He is circling my clit now, his fingers gentle but maddening as they avoid my most sensitive spot.

“Yes. Don’t stop. Oh God, please don’t stop again.”

“I haven’t stopped, just off target. Do you mean me to touch you here?” He adjusts his angle just enough to bring the pad of his finger into contact with the base of my clit. He strokes around it, long and slow and tantalisingly close. I’m almost there, just another moment, a little more.

“Or would you prefer this, perhaps?” He shifts suddenly to kneel behind me. I instinctively lift my bum more and spread my legs wider. He uses his thumbs to fully expose my clit. Then, he takes it between his lips and he sucks it.

“Christ, I—aaagh!” My orgasm is instantaneous and so powerful it would have brought me to my knees but for the ropes securing me to the rail, and Matt’s shoulders between my thighs holding me up. My body shakes as the waves of sensation punch my nervous system into a quivering wreckage, the aftershocks alone still strong enough to make me groan with pure pleasure.

At last it stops, my scrambled senses start to gather again and I become aware of my surroundings. I open my eyes and attempt to focus on Matt’s hallway several feet below. His tongue is still flicking my clit, but more slowly now, leisurely, drawing me back into this moment of shared intimacy. He draws back and stands, leaning over me to whisper in my ear.

“Well done, love. You didn’t drop it.”

“What? Drop what?”

“Our little toy. You can let me have it now though.”

“Oh, okay, how should I…”

Allow me.” He parts the lips of my pussy and inserts two fingers to grasp the end of the vibrator. It’s still throbbing as he pulls it out. He says nothing more as he inserts one slick finger into my arse. My sated, relaxed state makes the penetration easier, and I’m beyond any shred of modesty or resistance. Shit hot screaming orgasms can have that effect, I’m learning. Has he more in store for me?

He withdraws his finger and replaces it with the solid head of the bullet, still warm from my body.

“Try to push back against it if you can.” Matt twists the blunt end inside me, easing it inside. It doesn’t hurt, but it does feel strange, more alien than his finger did. I obey him, pushing back in opposition to the gentle pressure he’s exerting. The vibrator sinks in deeper, and I let out a sharp hiss, more of uncertainty than any real protest.


I nod, grunting as he nudges it a little farther in.

“Enough I think. Now we have some real fun…”

I’m not convinced there is any more fun to be had this side of heaven, but say nothing. I rest my forehead on the rail, acutely aware of the stretching in my arse though the toy is small and slim. Moments later it erupts into life again as Matt activates the vibrate function. I flinch, gasping at the intensity as the shudders rock my core.

“Oh, oh, Matt, it’s too much.”

“Hang in there a few moments, let it happen, love.” His hand on my naked back makes large, soothing circles, steadying me when I might have caved in to the unfamiliar sensations. I draw in several deep breaths, filling my lungs them emptying them slowly.

He’s right, I can do this. I can. I let out another long, low moan as the exquisite beauty of the inner pulsing fills my senses, and suddenly I’m desperate for him to caress my clit some more. I can come again, long and hard and deep, if he’d just…

“Is this what you need?” He’s there, reaching between my legs. He takes my throbbing nub between his finger and thumb to squeeze and roll it, tugging just a little.

“Yes, oh yes…” I sway my hips, rolling my forehead across the rail as I stretch under his gentle ministrations.

Matt’s touch is more firm now, more demanding. My response builds, gathering at my core, blossoming as he strokes and stretches and presses on that sweet spot. I let out a sharp cry as the intensity of the vibration increases. He’s ramped it up a little, then a little more as I keen softly. He slips three fingers into my pussy, stroking the most sensitive spot there too, and I’m lost.

I convulse around his fingers and the vibrator, gyrating my hips hard as I squeeze down on the precious digits and pulsing toy, wringing every last shred of delight from them.

I’m still trembling as Matt flicks the switch to stop the vibrations and slides the bullet from my arse. He drops it onto the carpet then unties my hands. His arms are around me or I would just crumple onto the floor. Instead I’m lifted and laid on the bed, on my back. I open my eyes to see Matt at last removing his jeans.

This is an excellent sign. Truly magical. I’ve seen enough and allow my lids to drift down again. The bed shifts as he lays alongside me. He is warm and hard, angular, and so solid. I roll towards him, snuggling into his side. I kiss his chest, leaning up on my elbow to flick his flat nipple with the tip of my tongue

“Will you fuck me now?”

“Mmm, that’s the plan, though I’m considering spanking you first.”


“For fun, and to get it out of the way. A girl’s first spanking is a big event, I’m thinking you might be nervous about it. Having another wobble maybe.”

“Maybe, but…”


“But I’m sort of excited too. I want it to hurt.”

“I see. I can manage that I reckon.”

“But I want you to fuck me as well. At the same time. Could you do that?

“Oh yes.”

“I hoped you’d say that.”

“Get on all fours then. And spread your legs wide.”

I scramble into position as Matt reaches for his bedside drawer. There’s a snap of foil, then the head of his cock is at my entrance. He waits, poised, and I quiver with anticipation.

He doesn’t move, just holds that pose. I wriggle, roll my hips and try to shuffle backwards. I’m rewarded by a resounding whack, and a sharp pain resonates through my right buttock.

“Too impatient, girl. Keep still.”

“Oh, oh Matt…”

“I think you mean sir. I’ve been lax until now, but you need to start obeying the rules.”

“Sir, sir, sir!”

“Don’t overdo it. And if you move again, you’ll get another slap. Harder next time.”

“Yes, sir…oh, oh my God!” Matt drives his cock deep into me, right to the balls. My body offers no resistance, so well prepared and utterly ready am I, but he holds still as I stretch around him and I’m glad of the moment’s respite to gather my wits.

He withdraws, then sinks his erection into me again, long and slow. I grasp the duvet under me and cling on tight. My pussy squeezes around him, and he slaps my bum again, this time on the left side.

“I told you to keep still. That means on the inside too.”

“I couldn’t help it. I…oh, oh!!

Two more hard slaps land, the sound harsh in the otherwise silent room. My pussy convulses again, and I tense, expecting more punishment.

It doesn’t happen. I turn my head to look at Matt behind me.

“I don’t understand, why didn’t you spank me? I squeezed.”

“Have I unleashed your inner pain slut? How interesting. But I spank when I choose to. And right now, I choose to fuck.”

He pulls back, almost out of me, then drives his cock forward again, pounding into my cunt. Several more swift strokes and I lurch forward, my face buried in the mattress and my bum held up high for him. He manages to find that perfect angle to hit my G-spot with each hard thrust. My cunt is spasming, my inner muscles well beyond any conscious control of mine. I want him to spank me, and I’m afraid of it too; afraid of wanting it.

Matt drops several more swift slaps onto my buttocks, each one making me squeal and writhe under him. The conflicting sensations are a heady cocktail, confusing signals scrambling my ability to think straight. In this moment though reason seems over-rated. I relinquish any residual hold on sanity and allow myself to sink into a submissive fog where all that matters, all that counts, is what Matt wants, what he chooses to do.

The slaps continue, each one sharp, stinging, the pain beautiful in its purity. My clit is quivering, swollen beyond belief. I want to feel his touch there, but don’t know if or how to tell him. But I need, I need so badly.

“Sir? I, may I…”

“Do it.”

The curt command answers my unspoken question. I reach down to caress my clit, then slide my fingers farther back to feel the fast motion of his cock plunging into me, the lips of my pussy splayed wide to receive him. I let out a groan as I return to caressing my swollen bud, rubbing harder as he picks up a pounding rhythm. He slaps my bottom again, really hard now, and I scream, the perfect blend of agony and ecstasy so intense it fills my consciousness. Suddenly I’m spinning, weightless, my body collapsing into helpless spasming as my orgasm washes over and through me, reaching every corner, every nerve and muscle and melting my bones.

I sag into the mattress as the waves of pleasure die away, and as Matt’s cock jerks hard inside me. In the next instant he shoots a fountain of semen into the condom, his entire body stiffening as the flow fills the latex with wet heat. He lets out a low oath, something obscene, then leans forward to drop a kiss onto my neck, his arms closing around me. He pulls me upright to balance on his thighs, my weight supported by him as I’m beyond such exertions. I lean back against his chest and manage to turn my face towards his to receive his kiss.

He licks at the seam of my lips and I open my mouth. His tongue darts in, tasting and exploring, demanding yet more from me. I should be exhausted, sated, but I swallow my sigh of contentment as he fucks my mouth with his tongue in a sensuous echo of his recent pounding of my cunt. I manage to stretch up an arm and loop it around his neck as I suck on his invading tongue.

At last he breaks the kiss and lifts me from him. He lays me on my back, and I’m conscious of the throbbing tenderness across my bottom. I shift to find a more comfortable position, then decide against that and lay my weight on the tender spot.

Christ, that feels heavenly. Who would have thought the afterburn would be so satisfying?

Matt ties off the condom then takes me in his arms. I crawl onto him, draping myself across his chest. He holds me like that, and neither of us speaks.

Nothing to say really. Except I love you, but it seems a little soon for that.

“I love you.” Matt’s voice is low and sexy, and a little uncertain.

“Mmm, what?” I heard. I’m playing for time.

“I love you. I always did, even back then. It almost killed me when you left. That’s what that spanking was about, sort of. I should apologise I suppose, but I’m not sorry. Not really.”

“I asked for it.”

“You did. But still, are we okay, Beth?”

“Yes, sir, we’re okay. And, I love you too.”


“Yes now. And back then too, perhaps. But I was just too young. You were right about that. I was scared, shocked. I didn’t know what I wanted, what I needed. It was too much. I’m sorry. I wish…”

“Hush, not now. We can talk later. Now, I just want to hold you and know that you’re real, and you’re here.”

“I am. I really am.”

“I need you to stay this time.”

“Here? With you?”

“Ideally yes. But in my life certainly. Will you?”

I nuzzle my face into his chest, inhale the tangy, musky smell of him, so familiar, so solid. “Yes, sir. I think I’d like that.”

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