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Staking Their Claim by Ava Sinclair – Extended Preview

Staking Their Claim by Ava Sinclair

It was no secret now that there was a woman in the camp. As Jenny walked between Cody and Nigel she kept her eyes on the ground, careful to avoid the stares of those they passed. Her two guardians had bought her a new dress—a green gingham frock—to wear home. She did not have to look up to know that both her protective men were staring down any man who dared look at her for more than a second.

In the cabin, she jumped when Cody slammed the door behind them.

“What in the world were you thinking, Jenny?” he asked, as beside him Nigel stood grim-faced, his broad arms crossed across his chest.

“What was I thinking?” she asked, looking from one stern face to the other. “What do you expect? Did you really think I couldn’t hear you last night, practically killing each other over me?”

Nigel sighed. “We realized when we woke up to find you gone that was what had happened. But regardless, Jenny, you had to know that if we fought, it’s only because we love you. And that love would only increase our pain if you’d come to harm.”

Cody nodded. “And this ends now. We can’t risk you running away again. When we found out you were at Cora’s, we spent some time talking before you woke up. God knows we each want you for our own; I guess now you know that, too. But it’s too much to take. So we need you to make a choice, Jenny. We both want you, but only one can have you. The other is ready to accept that decision, if you’ll have one of us.”

Jenny again looked from one man to the other. She looked at Cody, tall and broad-shouldered, his dark hair curling at his collar, his eyes so intense. He’d been the one to decide to take her in, the one who’d first spanked her for her own good. She looked at Nigel, strong and lean with that lock of sandy hair falling in almost a boyish fashion across his forehead—Nigel, with his sharp features that were almost too beautiful for a man. He’d read her poetry, and taught her the exquisite bite of the cane.

She burst into tears. “I can’t!” she cried. “And besides, you don’t want me! You think you do, but you don’t!”

“And why not?” Nigel asked.

She turned to them, her fists balled at her side. “Because I’m bad! Even if May tells me I don’t belong at Cora’s, I do! Because what kind of woman wants two men—not just to love, but in bed with her, holding her, fucking her?”

“Jenny!” Cody’s eyes widened. “Where did you hear that word?”

She flushed deeply, but even so kept her gaze on them both. “Last night wasn’t my first time at Cora’s. I’d hidden there once to escape Dan Forbes. I was in a closet, in a room, when May came in. She was with two men. I know it was wrong to watch, but I was trapped and I couldn’t… I couldn’t look away!” She paused. “May was with them both! Let them both take her at once! And—God forgive me—but now, at night, I think of that! Only I think not of May, but of myself, lying on my bed while the two of you…”

She caught herself then and stopped, panting as her words died away.

“Sweet Jesus,” Cody said, and took his hat off to run his hand through his hair. Beside him, Nigel just stared.

Jenny put her face in her hands in a sudden show of humiliation at her honesty. It was a moment before she could face them again. “So you see,” she said. “You should have left me there.”

“No…” Cody walked over. “We’d never leave you.” He looked over at Nigel. “I don’t want to leave her there, do you?”

Now Nigel walked over. Cody had placed his hands on Jenny’s waist. Nigel, behind her, had her shoulders in his gentle grasp. “No,” he said, his voice hot in her ear. “Why would we ever want to leave such a bonny lass?”

Cody tipped her face up then, and Jenny felt like she was in a dream when his lips gently found hers.

This, her first kiss, left her breathless. For just as she was aware of Cody’s lips on hers, she was equally aware of his large hands spanning her waist and Nigel’s hands gently squeezing her shoulders.

“Did you like that, little Jenny?” She could feel Nigel’s breath on her neck now, and then his lips. She felt her head fall back as his lips moved up to hers. She groaned against the pressure of his mouth—its texture and taste different from Cody’s. It was the reverse of what she’d thought it would be. Cody, the more demanding of the two, had been gentler in his kiss. The Englishman was more demanding, sliding his tongue into her mouth as Cody’s hands moved up and down her waist, as if gentling and reassuring her with his touch.

The throbbing between her legs returned with a vengeance, the tension now also evident in her breasts, which felt tight and achy, especially at the tips. When hands—whose, she did not know—moved up to cup them, she moaned.

Now Cody’s hands moved up to her face and he held her gaze with his. “Is this really what you want, Jenny?” he asked.

“Oh, God, yes,” she said. “Please…” She looked from one man to the other. “I can’t chose. Please, I want to be with both of you. Don’t stop touching me. It feels so good, so right!”

Cody needed no further encouragement. As the Englishman sat down in a nearby chair and pulled Jenny into his lap, the cowboy knelt in front of her, pushing the hem of her dress up to the top of her thighs. She wore no undergarments—just the borrowed stockings that May had given her. Now Jenny kept her eyes on Cody’s as he dragged his stubbled cheek up the inside of her leg. She hissed when that cheek moved past the stocking top to graze her soft inner thigh. She could feel his hot breath stir the hairs on her virgin mound, and that warm breath—just that—made her clench there, and throb with pulsations that forced a gush of arousal from within her hungry core.

“You have the most beautiful pussy,” Cody said. “We’re the first men to see it, to taste it…”

“Taste…” Her eyes grew wide. “No. You can’t… You don’t mean…” But he looked up at her as he leaned forward, his hands on her thighs now to prevent them from closing.

“It’s all right,” Nigel crooned in her ear. “Your pussy was made to be pleasured, and to give pleasure.”

“No…” Jenny said, but she didn’t mean it, for she wanted what was about to happen. The place between her legs had a name now. Pussy. And she wanted Cody’s mouth on her, even if she knew it was a wanton desire.

The cowboy’s tongue skimmed the slit as it opened to him, exposing the inner petals like an exotic flower. Jenny cried out, arching her back, vaguely aware now that as Cody began lapping her there—on her pussy—Nigel had undone the little row of buttons on her dress and was sliding his hands inside to cup her breasts.

“Aaaahhhh!” she cried, her hips brashly following the motion of Cody’s mouth as she pushed her breasts into Nigel’s questing hands. It was nearly too much, and yet not enough, each insistent lap, tug and stroke pushing her toward a peak and leaving her wanting more with each passing second. It felt as if something was coiled right where Cody’s tongue was pressing. And then his mouth latched onto her, to that very epicenter of her need and Jenny screamed as a rush of pleasure rocked her, sending shudders from her pussy out through her body. Nigel was biting her neck, his teeth nipping her just enough to blend little waves of pain with the bliss into a feeling she’d never thought possible.

Her legs were shaking, and she didn’t realize she’d been raised to her feet until she felt Nigel’s strong arms supporting her as Cody removed her dress, sliding it down her shoulders before leaning down and lifting first one foot and then the other from the puddle of fabric. Next came her shoes; the stockings stayed.

She gasped as Nigel picked her up as effortlessly as if she were a child and carried her to her room. He laid her on the bed almost reverently. Cody stood on the other side, stripping off his shirt. Nigel had unbuttoned his, and lay down beside her.

“Would you like to touch me, little Jenny?” he asked.

She nodded, curious about how the bulge of his chest muscle would feel. He took her hand and placed it palm down on his smooth chest, so different from Cody’s, which was covered in a smattering of hair.

“Your skin is soft,” she said, her voice filled with wonder as she looked into the Englishman’s eyes.

“So is yours,” he said. “And I want to feel more of it.” He rose over her, his hands roaming, his mouth moving to her breasts, the feel of his tongue on her nipples pushing her back up toward pleasure’s peak. His fingers were playing between her legs, teasing that place that had just recently felt Cody’s mouth.

“Her maidenhead is there, but I can just get my finger through it,” Nigel said to his friend. “Breaching it will cause pain, but it won’t be as bad as it is for some. It’s best done soon, while she’s so aroused.”

The men had locked eyes, glancing at her before looking back at each other. Jenny knew that they both wanted to be the one.

“Can you touch my breasts?” she asked, moving her hands up to her chest, her gaze imploring.

Cody knelt by the bed and took her hands. “Do you want me to suck your sweet tits while Nigel takes your maidenhead?” he asked.

She nodded. “If you’re both touching me, you’re both taking it,” she said.

Cody looked at his friend and nodded. Nigel rose from the bed, undoing his pants. Jenny’s eyes, hooded with desire, widened when he withdrew a shaft of flesh, which he gripped tightly.

“You’re going to put that inside of me?”

She remembered seeing the two men with Mary. Neither of them had seemed quite so large. Or thick.

“This is my cock, sweet Jenny,” Nigel said. He nodded to Cody, who was pulling his free now as well. “And that’s Cody’s.” She gulped. It was equally large. She looked from one to the other, mesmerized, as the men pulled on their cocks, drawing back the skin to expose a smooth shaft networked with purple veins. The heads, like pink mushrooms, were crowned with drops of clear fluid. She had a sudden, wild desire to lick that fluid away. Would that be allowed—tasting of them as they had tasted of her?

Cody knelt again, his mouth closing on a tip of her breast as Nigel spread her legs and began to lap her already wet pussy just as Cody had done. A well of pleasure bubbled up inside her, spilling over, slickening her thighs. Nigel’s body loomed over her now; she could smell her essence on his breath, heady with musk and desire. His cock was nudging against her pussy now, pressing in, but stopping.

“One moment of pain,” he said, “then a lifetime of sweetness.”

Before she could ponder his words, he drew back and rammed home in one swift thrust of his slim hips.

She screamed.

The burning sensation of Nigel’s cock breaching her maiden barrier took her breath away. Jenny saw stars and sought to push him away.

“It hurts!” she cried, her eyes tearing with pain and betrayal.

“Just wait,” Cody was saying. He’d moved his mouth from her breasts and was now smoothing the hair from her face. “Just wait a moment more.”

Nigel was fully embedded in her, and then—as if by magic—the pain receded, supplanted by a different, more familiar sensation. Her pussy had begun to throb again, this time around the Englishman’s cock.

“Ah, that’s it,” he was saying and he began to move then. At first this, too was uncomfortable, for she was tight. But as Cody resumed his attentions to her breasts—lapping and suckling the nipples as Nigel continued to fuck her with long, slow strokes—she felt her orgasm building more powerfully than ever before.

“Oh, it’s too much!” she cried, thrashing her head back and forth.

“Tis no such thing,” Nigel countered, chuckling as he guided her legs around his waist. Jenny seemed to know instinctively what to do, hugging him with her legs, drawing her to him, the pulsing of her pussy drawing him inside of her, deeper, into her need.

“Yes!” she said, not knowing what she was saying ‘yes’ to. She closed her eyes and when she opened them, she knew. She was saying ‘yes’ to this, to both these men who looked down at her with love and wonder as cock and hands and fingers and tongues explored her. She was alight with sensations, alive with them. The pleasure welled within her and erupted with a surge of passion. The sounds of sex filled the room. Nigel cried out and grasped her ass in his large hands as his cock began to throb inside her. She felt warmth in her core—hers but also his as his hot seed spurted into her.

Nigel held her like that for a moment before slipping from her. Jenny looked down; his cock was still hard, but somewhat deflated. But beside her, Cody’s was straight and hard as a flagpole. She licked her lips.

I want more.

Did Cody read it in her gaze? She blushed as she realized that he indeed had.

“Come here, Jenny,” he said, raising her to standing. Her legs were shaky beneath her, and when she looked down she could see pink-tinged wetness coating the inside of her thighs—Nigel’s seed and her virgin blood.

“Feel.” He took her hand and guided it between her legs. Jenny gasped as she looked down. The inner folds of her pussy were slick and swollen and sensitive to the touch. Her nipples and surrounding circle—usually a light pink—were tight and darker in tone.

Cody leaned down and kissed her.

“Do you know how special you are to us?” he asked.

Jenny looked up at him through a teary haze. She’d never felt more overwhelmed or empowered in her life. They were making her a woman. Their woman.

Cody turned her around and gently pushed her forward over the bed. Jenny thought back to the last time she was in this position, and felt a rush of wicked pleasure as she remembered the pain of Nigel’s punishment. She knew that what he’d seen between her gaping legs then was being displayed again, but this time it was spread by her own desire, and slick with the evidence of her first coupling.

Jenny looked back to see Cody guiding the head of his cock to her pussy. She moaned with need, marveling at her own body’s hunger. This time, the entry did not hurt. She was well prepared with the combination of her own slickness and Nigel’s earlier offering. Cody pushed in to the hilt, his pumping steady and deep as he grasped her hips, his balls slapping against her pussy with each vigorous thrust. Jenny met him thrust for thrust, loving the way her tender breasts swayed.

“Oh!” She looked back again with surprise. Cody had slowed his thrusts, and was circling his lubricated finger around the rim of her bottom hole.

“No! It’s not decent!” It felt good, but forbidden. She had to have limits, didn’t she? But Cody wasn’t hearing it.

“There’s not a part of you we won’t eventually explore, little Jenny. You’re ours now—mine and Nigel’s.” His voice was husky with desire. “I’ve never seen a woman with such passion.”

“That’s right, love,” Nigel said. “Your pussy is just the first thing we’ll fuck. We’ll claim all of you—fuck all of you.” He fisted her hair and put his face inches from hers. “Oh, Jenny. You were made for two.”

Then, as the Englishman kissed her, the cowboy began to fuck her again in earnest. This time, her pleasure burst along with his, and she cried out against Nigel’s mouth as Cody filled her with his tribute.

Then, gently, he withdrew and the three of them lay down on the bed. And Jenny, nestled in the protective embrace of both men, fell into a dreamless, happy sleep.

Leaving the warmth of Jenny’s soft body was even harder than leaving England, Nigel mused as he rose from the bed. Jenny, he decided, now represented home. Where she was, he would be. And Cody, also.

As he rose from the bed and looked down to where his friend still cradled her lush, naked form, the Englishman wondered why he felt no jealousy. The sharing of a woman was usually something done in a debauched drunken state, the details something to be reflected on later through hazy recollections.

But this moment between the three of them had crystallized so perfectly, and felt so right. The night before, they’d fought over Jenny. Today, they’d both claimed her as their own.

Nigel pulled on his pants and walked to the kitchen, where he put on a pot of strong coffee. He pulled a second cup from the cabinet as Cody emerged from the bedroom, dressed now in his pants and an open shirt.

The men sat in silence at the table for a moment once the coffee was done and poured.

“Well, everyone’s seen her now,” Nigel said. “There’s not a man in the camp or in the town who won’t know we’ve got a woman up here.”

“She’s ours now. Forever.” Cody’s tone was fierce and Nigel nodded his head in agreement. “Keeping her safe is more important than ever.” He shook his head. “I don’t know how to do that now. She doesn’t know how to use a gun, and she might hurt herself if she tried. The weather’s getting too cold to take her to the claims, and besides, that’s no place for a little thing like her.”

“We need a minder,” Nigel said. “In England, until a woman of the upper class married, she had a governess or a nurse to look after her—a strong, sturdy woman who could protect her and correct her if need be.”

“The only women I’ve heard speak of here are Doc Martin’s nurses. But I don’t suppose they’d be available.”

“We need to check,” Nigel said. “I’ll go into town and inquire.” He paused. “I never thought something like this would feel so right. I never thought I would meet the perfect woman, let alone share her.”

“You’re right. She’s perfect.” Cody sighed. “But I have to admit I feel a little guilty for at least not waiting until her mourning period was over.”

“Don’t feel guilty.” Jenny’s voice came from the doorway. She’d donned her simple nightgown and walked over to stand between them. Cody pulled her down onto his lap as Nigel pivoted his chair to face them. She leaned her head back against the cowboy and smiled.

“I felt so adrift and alone until… well, now I feel like I belong not just to one person, but to two. I’m so glad May took me in so you could find me. I don’t ever want to leave.”

“And you won’t,” Cody said. “You’re ours now, and we mean to make an honest woman of you.” He sighed. “I don’t want you to think that we don’t intend to do right by you. I’ll marry you in Coloma, if that’s agreeable to Nigel.”

“And then I’ll marry you in another town where nobody knows us, even if it means going all the way to San Francisco,” Nigel said. “Even if my marriage to you won’t be valid, it’ll still be valid in here, where it matters.” He put his hand to his heart.

Jenny teared up, and Nigel took her hand and kissed it.

“We may have to wait to marry,” Cody said. “But that don’t mean we can’t make our own private vows here.” He tilted Jenny from his lap and turned her so that she was facing both of them.

“Jenny Beaumont,” he said, taking her other hand. “I promise to be devoted to you all the days of your life. I promise to meet all your material needs, see to your happiness and health, and guide you with a firm but loving hand, so help me God.”

Nigel couldn’t help but smile. “Jenny,” he said. “I promise to do the same. I promise to make your wellbeing my highest priority, and to work with Cody here to give you a loving home free of strife. I promise not just to you—but to Cody, too—that I’ll share not just your body, but the responsibility of your care. I promise to treasure you always as our little one, and our wife.”

“I promise the same,” Cody said.

Nigel watched a flush of pleasure come to her face and felt her squeeze his hand as she was squeezing his friend’s.

“And I promise to love and obey you both,” she said with a quavering voice. “I promise to trust you and to accept that if you punish me, it’s for my own good. I pledge my body and heart to both of you… and…” She paused. “Wait. What of children?”

“What of it?” Nigel asked.

She looked from one to the other. “How will we know who it belongs to should I have a baby?”

Cody threw back his dark head and laughed. “I think it will be clear. If the baby is dark, she’s mine. If fair, she’s Nigel’s. But it won’t matter. She’ll be ours—a daughter to the three of us.”

“I’m so happy!” Jenny threw herself into their embrace. But then Nigel pushed her back, his face suddenly serious.

“Did you mean what you said, Jenny, about trusting us to correct you if you did wrong?”

“Of course!” Her eyes were shining as she spoke. “You’re my husbands—if not in the eyes of the law yet, in the eyes of God. And you’re also my guardians.” She furrowed her brow. “Why?”

“Because,” Nigel said, and nodded at his friend as he spoke. “I believe there must be consequences for your running away the other night. Even if you were running away for what you thought was our benefit, the truth is you put yourself in danger, and that’s a punishable offense.”

“You mean to punish me after what we shared?”

“He’s right,” Cody said, pulling her forward and pushing her across his lap. “You could have been killed, and you’ve complicated things for us by exposing your presence as a woman in the camp. Don’t you think you deserve a spanking?”

She looked back, her eyes swimming in tears, and Nigel thought she was the prettiest thing he’d ever seen, lying there over his friends lap. Cody had raised the hem of her nightgown, baring her round bottom. As he rubbed his hand over the springy mound of flesh, Nigel realized that living like this would require self-discipline. He would always want to be the one spanking or fucking the beautiful woman he and his friend shared, but he knew they would always find that balance—for her.

“Ow!” Cody had begun to spank her, his hand rising and falling to leave palm prints blooming in their wake. Jenny kicked her legs; the sweet little mouth that had been moaning earlier was now opened in a childish bawl as she sobbed aloud, her eyes scrunched tight.

“It hurts! It hurts!” She was bucking over his lap now, her legs gaping as she kicked. The inside of her thighs was sticky with their dried seed, but she was shameless in her flailing and Nigel wondered if Cody’s cock was as hard as his had become.

After her bottom was a dusky pink, the cowboy stopped.

“Are you going to be a good girl?” he asked.

“Yes, sir!” she wailed, still writhing on his lap. Nigel shifted in his chair to accommodate his rock-hard erection. The sound of her submissive tone alone was enough to have him nearly unmanned for the second time that morning.

“Up with you, then.” Cody set her on her feet. “Now, I trust you’ll do what we say so you can stay safe, right?”

She nodded, whimpering, and rubbed her bottom as the men stood.

Nigel looked at his friend. “I’m going to go see Doc and see if he has any advice. I bet our little love here would like a hot bath.”

“I think I can see to that,” Cody said, and Nigel headed toward the door.

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