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Sternly Chastised by Morganna Williams – Extended Preview

Sir Eldrick entered the great hall with a smile as he walked up to his overlord. “Lord Garrick, we’ve found her.”

Garrick straightened and looked at his man at arms. “You’ve found Lisbette?”

“Yes, my lord,” the man said with a grin.

“Where is she then?” Garrick asked with a puzzled frown.

“In the dungeon of course, awaiting your decision on her life,” Sir Eldrick said with a frown.

“Her life? I would never harm my wife, Eldrick! Nor have I ever said I wanted her placed in the dungeon when she was found,” he roared.

“But a faithless wife, milord…”

“Lisbette is not faithless, you imbecile! She’s a frightened child raised by brutish barbarians and expected little better from the man the king gave her to. She ran because she thought she had to survive and thanks to you now she fears me even more,” Garrick told the man, disgusted by the whole situation as he left the room and hurried toward the dungeons, yelling at a maid he passed to have a bath delivered to his rooms.

He’d known from the beginning he’d have to handle Lisbette carefully, she’d looked so timid as her brothers had grudgingly escorted her into his keep. Then that night when he’d gone by her rooms to see if she found them to her liking she’d heard them talking to her.

“He’ll use you good, girl, rut between your thighs like an animal until you scream, but he’ll not stop. He’ll take you over and over again until your belly swells with his babe and you’d best hope it’s a boy. Oh, he will punish you, girl, and soon you’ll not be so uppity. You’ll realize how good you had it with yer brothers, but it will be too late… we won’t have you back once you’ve been sullied by the likes of him.” Then all four of the louts had stormed out of her chamber and left the keep, while their sister, his timid little bride had sobbed herself to sleep.

Garrick hadn’t had the heart to disturb her further after hearing them, and then the next morning she’d been gone.

The three weeks it had taken to find her had been agony; he’d worried for her safety. Their marriage had been completed by proxy; Garrick had done it to ensure she was safe from her brothers, now he had to convince her she had nothing to fear from him.

When he opened the door to the cell and saw her kneeling on the cold floor in a potato sack he was enraged. Her usually tawny-colored hair was dirty and matted; he could see bruises and dirt on her bare legs.

She didn’t even flinch when he entered, just stayed frozen in place with her head down. “Lisbette?”

She turned her head and looked up at him with wide blue eyes when he said her name, her gaze serene. “Milord,” she said softly, her voice light and clear.

“There’s been a mistake,” he began.

She frowned. “Aren’t you here to kill me?”

Garrick looked at her in horror. “Kill you? What on earth made you think such a thing?”

“I meant no offense, milord; the other man just said death was too good for the likes of me so I thought…”

He could no longer stand the sight of her kneeling there so peacefully, as if she was ready for him to strike her dead and release her from the hell of this world. Garrick stalked toward her and lifted her off the cold floor and straight into his arms.

“The other man should be horsewhipped, and I might see to that matter personally,” he told her, cradling her carefully against his chest as he strode from the cell and up the stairs back into the main hall. “The mistake that was made is that you weren’t simply placed in our chambers, wife.”

She stiffened against him. “Wife? No… I… no!” She began to twist in his arms like a wild thing, suddenly in a blind panic.

Garrick held her fast and walked swiftly past his gawking people as he strode through the hall and up the stairs to their chambers. “Shah… sweetling… shah… you’ll hurt yourself.”

She continued to buck in his arms as she pled for freedom. “Please… I’m sorry… please let me go… please… please…”

Garrick set her on her feet next to the steaming bath the maid had left. “Calm yourself, woman. Right now you will simply bathe.”

Her blue eyes widened and she tried to rush past him in another effort to escape. Garrick caught her easily and ripped the wretched potato sack garment from her trembling form, leaving her naked before him.

He couldn’t help but see her beautiful body, full breasts with pouty nipples, a tiny waist, and full hips, though she’d obviously lost so much weight in the last three weeks her belly was almost concave.

Scooping her back up, he then gently lowered her into the hot water. “Wash yourself, please.”

Suddenly her blue eyes snapped fire up at him. “I won’t! Why should I clean myself for you to rut me like a pig?”

Garrick grinned, pleased to see some fire in his bride. “There will be no rutting like animals, my dear. By the time I take you, Lisbette, you will be begging for my cock.”

Lisbette gasped in outrage. “I won’t!”

He laughed. “You will, but for now, young lady, you will wash your body and your hair or I will spank your delectable bottom rosy red.”

She gaped at him, shocked and unsure how to react to such an audacious threat. “I… you… I am not a child to be threatened with a smacked bottom.”

Shaking his head, he knelt at the side of the tub, picking up the ignored rag and soap. “A woman fully grown you are, wife, and it’s not the smacked bottom of a child I’m threatening, but the very well spanked backside of a woman disobeying her husband.”

She spluttered as a big hand came up to hold her head and the soapy rag began to gently wash the dirt from her face. Closing her eyes automatically, she submitted to his care for a moment; no one had taken such care with her since her mother died when she was ten.

The warm, soapy rag felt good cleaning the grime from her; she relaxed as he finished her face then soaped her neck and shoulders. Her eyes sprang open when the rag dipped into the water before coming up to soap her upper chest. “I can do it!” she cried, grasping frantically for the rag.

“Too late, you’ve lost the privilege of cleaning yourself and you’ve earned a spanking,” he told her matter-of-factly.

“What?” Lisbette gasped, sitting up taller in the water, then glared, crossing her arms over her chest. “I’ve been beaten before.”

Garrick frowned. “I will never beat you, Lisbette, but I will apply my hand firmly to that naughty backside of yours when it’s needed. Now move your arms and straighten up.”

She found herself obeying almost without thought as the rag slid over her skin, her breasts puckered when the rough fabric abraded them gently and a soft moan of confusion escaped her.

He moved to her back, the rag scrubbing in delicious circles that almost made her want to purr with pleasure. Then he soaped each leg in turn and by the time he reached her womanhood she barely flinched as he washed her there, then he lifted her slightly from the water and his soap-slicked fingers rubbed between her dewy lips, slipping over the little nub protruding slightly there.

Lisbette was lost in a haze of need she didn’t really understand, her head falling against his chest as his fingers continued to play between her legs then one long finger slid deep inside her as another toyed with the pucker of her asshole.

She gasped and jerked against him, a softly whimpered protest escaping her drowned out by a gentle kiss and a thumb placed strategically against her clit. “Shah… you’ll see, sweetling… you will enjoy being my wife… such pleasure I plan to visit on your delectable body… and I swear by all that is holy… no one shall ever harm you again.”

Her body stiffened, her hips bucking helplessly to take his finger deeper and deeper as she built toward some pinnacle. “Milord? What’s happening?” she cried, as everything seemed to stretch ever tighter, then explode when the tip of the finger teasing her anus slipped just inside.

Lisbette gave a soft little scream as her body convulsed delicately in his arms, the pleasure like nothing she’d ever known. “Good girl.”

Garrick pulled his fingers free from her body and finished washing her, then poured another bucket of warm water over her head; she shivered as he washed her long hair then rinsed it. “Stay in the water.”

He rose and walked to the door, yelling down the hallway for a maid. A woman appeared almost immediately. “I’ll need at least three more buckets of hot water.”

The woman curtsied and hurried away, in almost no time three women entered each carrying a bucket of steaming water. “Anything else, milord?”

“I’ll call when I’m ready for the water to be removed,” Garrick told the women.

“Yes, milord.” They all bowed then hurried from the room, closing the door behind them.

Lisbette watched the entire exchange wide-eyed from her rapidly cooling bath; she was still reeling from the response he’d drawn from her body and the way he dealt with servants was another revelation.

Nothing in her experience had prepared her for gentleness and kindness from a man. It had just never been a part of her world. It made her nervous.

At least with her father and brothers she had known what to expect from them.

“Stand up, sweetling,” he told her with a reassuring smile.

She found herself obeying him without protest, standing naked before him in the bath water. “Good girl,” he told her as he poured the first bucket of water over her head. The hot water felt delicious running through her hair and down her body.

He continued the process with each bucket until her hair and body were free of soap then wrapped her in a thick white robe and lifted her from the tub. Lisbette laid her head on his shoulder as he carried her to a chair in front of the fire and sat down with her on his lap.

He smelled so good, like leather and a hint of orange. Lisbette smiled as she rubbed her nose against the rough fabric of his shirt.

“Sit up, Lisbette, I wish to comb the tangles free from your hair as it dries,” Garrick softly commanded.

“I can brush my hair,” she told him as she sat up straight on his leg.

“I’m sure you can, sweetling, but I wish to do it,” he said; lifting the big ox-bone comb, he began carefully working its teeth through the snarls in her wet hair.

Garrick patiently worked the comb through every bit of her hair until it hung down her back in thick luxurious waves, almost dry. Throughout the process Lisbette had become more and more relaxed until she was almost falling asleep in his lap.

She startled back to awareness when he stood with her in his arms carrying her to the bed. He stood her on her feet and pulled the robe from her body, leaving her naked once more.

Lisbette blushed and covered her breasts with her arms.

“It is time for bed, sweetling, and before I make you fully mine I owe you a spanking,” he said firmly as he sat down on the edge of the bed, catching her neatly by one arm when she turned to flee in the other direction.

“Wait! No… I…” She pulled frantically at her arm.

“Tis best you fully understand how I will deal with disobedience and defiance now,” Garrick said as he deposited her face down over his knee.

Lisbette barely had time to adjust to the position before his broad palm began to fall on her defenseless bottom. It hurt! It stung… heat filling each area where his hand landed. The sting only grew as swat fell upon swat until there wasn’t an area of her bottom that didn’t feel scalded.

She began to kick her feet helplessly as his hand continued to fall, the heat in her bottom had grown to almost unbearable proportions and she sniffled as tears began to fill her eyes.

“Please… I’ll be good! Please…” Lisbette cried.

“I intend to make sure you are, wife,” Garrick said, tilting her over more and paying special attention to the crease between her bottom and thighs. She howled in response, kicking her feet wide and he took advantage of the opening and slid a finger straight into her very wet little quim. “Seems to me someone is enjoying her spanking.”

“Ohhhoooohh,” Lisbette groaned, caught between the pleasure of the invasion and embarrassment that her body had responded to his chastisement.

“Fret not, sweetling, it is normal for your body to respond to my dominance,” he told her as he began working his finger in and out of her pulsing sheath, his thumb playing over her clit as his other hand continued to fall hard and fast.

She found herself lost in a sea of pleasure and pain; the orgasm when it came surprised her, stealing her breath as she shuddered over his lap. Garrick laughed and then flipped her over to her back on the bed where he immediately fit his mouth to her swollen clit and sucked hard.

Lisbette writhed beneath his tongue like a wild thing begging for more. “Please… please… I need…” she cried desperately.

When he rose above her and pressed the head of his thick cock to her needy channel she wrapped her legs instinctively around his hips, trying to pull him to her.

“Tell me what you want, sweetling,” Garrick said teasingly, as he rubbed the head of his dick against her weeping slit.

“You! Please, I need it…” Lisbette begged.

“Need what?” he asked almost idly.

She remembered his words earlier and flushed but boldly looked him in the eye. “I need your cock… please fill me.”

It was all Garrick had been waiting for; with a surge of his hips he drove all the way inside her wet heat and through the thin barrier protecting her maidenhood.

Lisbette gasped at the stretching of her tender tissues as he filled her completely. He captured her mouth as he began to move, his tongue filling her mouth as his shaft filled her body, mimicking the same movement.

Garrick swallowed her cries of pleasure as he drove her higher and higher until she shattered around him, her inner muscles squeezing him tight and pulling him with her into the vortex.

The feel of his hot seed filling her, splashing against her inner walls sent another jolt of pleasure through her loins, her inner muscles contracting reflexively as if trying to get as much of his cum as possible.

Lisbette gave a soft whimper of discomfort as he pulled free from her body but then he was cuddling her close and praising her as he stroked her hair and back.

She sighed contentedly as she lay against him, her head resting on his heart.

“You’ve experienced punishment and pleasure, wife, what think you of married life?” Garrick asked her quietly.

“I think this will be a happy marriage,” Lisbette said with a grin, before snuggling down in her husband’s arms, free of her fears and happy with her lot.

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