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The Stolen Bride by Jaye Peaches – Extended Preview

The Stolen Bride

“Allow me, my lord, to justify why I think this examination is necessary.” The prioress spoke with unnecessary glee as she retold earlier events. “I undertook the care of Nadia at the request of her grieving father. I believed, since she was of good birth that she would take to convent life. However, she frequently vanished from the convent and missed her chores. We, my fellow sisters and I, to our error assumed it was due to laziness and daydreaming on her part. I should have had her followed.”

“What do you mean by that?” Arnaud snapped.

“That she deliberately tricked us into thinking she was lazy and tardy. I punished her, of course. Perhaps too leniently. However, the birch made no impact on her stubborn nature. It wasn’t until Christmas that I discovered what she had been hiding from us.”

“Go on,” Arnaud said quietly.

“A widow in the village of Kirkdale sent for me to help prepare her poor son for burial. The young man had died of a sudden fever. While she wept over his body, she revealed that on his deathbed he’d confessed to the priest that he’d had carnal relationships with a nun. A young woman whom he met in secret in a barn. The two had fornicated on numerous occasions since the summer. He gave her name as Nadia.”

Listening to the prioress, Nadia recalled her lover’s face. The man she’d wished she might marry. However, he was the carpenter who had repaired the damaged stalls in the church. Her father would have never permitted it. A solitary tear left her eye and she whipped it away with the back of her hand. To cry would be to admit her fault. She had to convince Arnaud that the relationship had been chaste. She opened her mouth to protest.

“This was back at Christmas and you said nothing before the wedding!” Arnaud bellowed, before she could speak.

“I had to weigh up my conscious, lord. For weeks I fretted over this. The woman had lost her husband and only son. She had spoken in her grief. Later, after she’d sent him to his rest, she implored me not to speak of his dying words. They were his confessional and not to be repeated. I took pity on her and agreed to say silent. Nadia had changed too. She spent more time on her knees praying, no doubt, for the young man’s soul.”

That was true. Nadia had prayed for him and mourned him. Even now, to think upon him, brought a swell of sadness. She pushed the emotion away. She couldn’t show it and had to prove to Arnaud that she was worthy to be his wife.

Arnaud turned to her. “Is this true, Nadia?”

She inhaled deeply before answering. “I did admire a young man. But I didn’t sleep with him.” She lifted her chin and shot a glance at Edgar. If he was the man to bed her that night, then she had to persuade him that she never had sex. She hoped that the interloper was inexperienced enough to not recognise the signs of deceit. “I have not had carnal relationships.”

“She lies, lord,” the prioress snarled. “Let me prove it to you.”


“I have long believed that virginity is the highest accolade a woman can offer her God. Since I have no carnal experience myself, I do this examination with no shame. It requires a detachment. I insist the woman is naked. Stiffened nipples are a sign of indulgence.”

“And the cold!” Nadia interrupted. How unfair to have a frigid woman decide what was lustful and what was nature at work.

“Nadia,” Arnaud lifted his hand. “It is best you remain silent.”

“Once naked, she must part her legs and show me her privates. I shall require boiled water and oils to aid my inspection. The basis of my examination is the insertion of my finger, or if necessary fingers. The practise is sound. The more fingers I accommodate in her wicked place and the deeper they go, the greater her lust has been. Perhaps many times.”

“I see,” Arnaud murmured.

“Naturally, I appreciate, a man’s member will discover this for himself, but in the power of lust, they do not comprehend the level of wickedness. A man is consumed by the passion of desire. My examination is without such distractions and will inform you of the degree of her sinful ways.” The prioress had a satisfied expression on her face. How Nadia hated her.

“It is a humiliating test you propose, Reverend Mother.”

“An innocent will suffer if I am wrong, but a debauched whore will not find it humiliating.”

“If you are wrong—”

“I’ve never harmed a girl, sir. She will remain as I find her.”

Throughout the interchange, Nadia wished she could bolt out the door. Edgar appeared equally uncomfortable; his face twitched as the prioress had described her plan. What would he think of her once he saw her laid bare? If the prioress conducted her intimate intrusion, then she would be too mortified to look at anyone.

“I should leave.” Edgar walked toward the door.

“Stay,” Arnaud demanded. “This needs verification and you will be the witness.”

“My lord, I don’t think it appropriate.” Edgar cocked his head toward the prioress.

“I insist. Think of this as a trial by ordeal. Is that not the way of the Saxons?”

Nadia certainly considered it an ordeal. She clasped her hands together. Please stay! she silently implored. She needed him—he seemed the only friendly face in the room.

Edgar stared at her. “Might I speak to Nadia in private?”

Arnaud’s eyebrows rose in surprise. “If you think it necessary.”

“I do, my lord. I wish her to understand my… independence in this matter.”

With Arnaud’s agreement, Edgar led her toward the other end of the room, away from the crackling fire and the prioress’s need to speak in detail of her previous uses of her technique. “Many girls I have uncovered to be wickedly sinful,” she loudly proclaimed.

“Nadia,” Edgar held her steady, holding her arms. “I want you to know that when the baron originally proposed this night as his payment of debt that I planned to refuse. Then, I saw you at Beckthorpe and your beauty filled me with desire. I’ve not felt like this before.”

“I too, have felt… but I’m married now.” She quickly retracted her mutual feelings. Inside her belly churned anxiously, while a multitude of emotions rushed through her head. Just half an hour ago, when they’d entered the chamber, she’d been less than delighted with Arnaud’s plan; now she wanted the comfort of a man. She missed the warmth and touch of his caresses.

“Yes, you are. But, regardless of what the prioress reveals, I will make love to you, I will show you my passion, my lust for you. I care not whether you are a virgin or not. The infatuation the prioress has with maidenhood is not one I share. I have no need to feel your innocence, in fact, I’m somewhat glad you are not. It makes this agreement I have with Arnaud easier.”

“You want me still,” Nadia gasped. “But will I not be a whore in your eyes?”

“No. Never. I shall help you. I shall undress you and hold your hand throughout. I will not allow that nun to harm you.”

Unbeknown to them, Arnaud had moved closer. “I agree. This examination will take place now. Edgar and I shall ensure you are not hurt, but I will see this test of the prioress.”

Nadia blinked back the tears. “Yes, my lord.” She was resigned. She knew that he had the power to force her to comply. He could have her bound and held down. Fortunately, Edgar’s offer of support strengthened her. “I submit to this, lord, because I know in my heart, I must trust you.” She spoke to the baron, but her eyes were fixed on Edgar.

She stood very still during her disrobing. Edgar unlaced the bliaut and lifted it over her head. He smelt her perfume; the intoxicating aroma stiffened his cock.

While the prioress washed her hands and smeared oil over them, Edgar with Arnaud’s permission undressed the bride. Not his bride, but how he wished she were. Every feature of her nubile body excited him. The plump breasts, which he ached to cup with his palms, were delightfully round and he would love to sink his lips on her little neck. Her pale, almost translucent skin lacked blemishes and as he slipped the shift down, hundreds of goose bumps rose up on her arms and across her chest. He sighed, wishing he could do more than undress her.

“Cold?” he whispered. Unsurprisingly, her nipples stood out as hard stones. They were engorged and, he suspected, their erectness was not due to coldness, but the proximity of his body.

She shook her head. “Nervous.”

“I understand.” He stroked his palms up and down her back, where he considered it appropriate to touch. “Take deep breaths and lie on the bed.”

“Tell her to rest her bottom on the edge,” the prioress instructed.

Edgar glowered at the nun, whose leering glances added to the humiliating situation. He turned away from her. “Come, Nadia. Please, do as you’re asked.”

The stunned Nadia lifted her bottom onto the bed and still holding his hand, she lay back.

The prioress rubbed her hands together. “Her legs must be wide apart.”

Arnaud had kept his distance from his bride, giving Edgar free rein to handle her as he saw fit. Now, the baron stepped forward and spoke to his bride. “You will do this, Nadia. The quicker you comply, the better.”

Nadia’s legs shook uncontrollably. She stared up at the wooden beams above her head and spread her legs. Edgar saw the neat folds of her sex, the trimmed hairs on her mound, and the cloaked clitoris. He squeezed her hand and sat on the bed next to her.

“Nadia,” he whispered into her ear, “when she puts her finger inside you, don’t hold your breath. Just relax.”

“Yes, sir,” she answered. He liked the way she trusted him. Both of the men in the room seem to keep her attention. She ignored the prioress and refused to look at her.

“Remember,” he lowered his voice, ensuring the prioress could not hear him. “I care not about your virginity. If you keep your eyes on me, then I shall ensure this is not an ordeal.” He kissed the back of her hand.

The prioress knelt at the foot of the bed, between Nadia’s trembling legs. “If these are shaking too much, then we can tie them to the bed,” the prioress suggested.

“That won’t be necessary,” Arnaud growled. “She will do as I command.”

Nadia gasped and her eyes sprang open wide—the prioress had poked her forefinger into Nadia’s pussy. The poor girl. The shame of it! What possessed the nun to believe such an examination was acceptable? How many had she done to justify her claim it was necessary for new postulants?

Arnaud stood behind the woman, his face somewhat impassive as if he were merely observing an everyday occurrence. However, his calm demeanour and lack of malice at the accusation of her promiscuity instilled in Edgar a sense of hope that he would not inflict some terrible torture on Nadia in the name of virtue.

What a strange day was unravelling before him. Witnessing the marriage of the woman he was to bed had turned into a near farcical inspection for no better purpose than to humiliate the girl and indulge the nun in some puritanical obsession with virginity. Yet, Nadia submitted to the intrusion with bravery, and as he watched the nun rotate her wrist, the young bride had screwed her face up not in pain, but a muted display of arousal.

“She’s wet, the hussy,” the prioress declared. “My finger glides into this… opening.”

Nadia bit on her lower lip. “I can’t help it,” she muttered under her breath. “There are two men watching!”

Edgar suppressed a soft chuckle at her explanation. Perhaps, he should not fret so much over her reaction. Nadia showed nothing that was not natural, in his opinion. A lusty girl with a wet pussy meant she was ripe for taking. It also sealed her fate—she had lost her virginity and had probably been fucked numerous times. Regardless of the circumstances, Edgar felt more than an obligation to comfort Nadia. It was a necessity, too, because hiding his growing erection would become increasingly difficult if they didn’t hurry up.

“No resistance, my lord,” piped up the prioress. “Nothing. See how my finger slips all the way to the knuckle.”

“Continue, then.” Arnaud folded his arms and frowned.

“I shall try for two fingers.”

Nadia squeezed her eyes shut and Edgar patted the back of her hand.

“Fuck.” The tiny word left her mouth in an exhale. Edgar was sure she’d said the lewd word.

“What?” he asked, leaning over her.

“It’s shameful, that’s all.” She shook her head, as if to dislodge some thought from it.

“What is?”

Nadia blinked several times as she opened her eyes. The moons of her pupils reflected the firelight. “How I feel. The way my body responds. I hate her.”

“Perhaps, you’re not thinking about her, but somebody else?”

It was true. She was thinking of other things. Not her dead lover. She had to leave him behind. No, what she couldn’t help entering her mind was how strangely arousing it was having two men watch her humiliated by a woman. The insertion of the finger hadn’t hurt due to Edgar’s gentle undressing, his kind words, and his hand holding her. He’d done much to help her overcome her anxieties. The use of oil by the prioress assisted too, but she couldn’t deny Edgar’s soothing touches had started an uncalled-for arousal.

Arnaud, her proud lord, stood straight back and expressionless. He focused on her open legs, watching the prioress sliding her fingers in and out in a deliberate attempt at stimulating her. The convolutions of her movements, the subtle thrusts and twists of her hand were as expert as she’d expect from a lover’s hand. The embarrassment was brought on by the combination of a deepening penetration and the mesmerised attentions of two men, one of whom sat in close proximity, near enough for her to feel his warm breath on her bosom.

“Oh, my,” she gasped.

“Two fingers, my lord,” the prioress announced with glee.

“I can see,” Arnaud responded quietly. “More. I want to see what she is capable of doing.”

“Naturally, my lord. She must demonstrate the extent of her wickedness. It is a sorry task I undertake, but necessary.”

Was this an examination any longer? The prioress clearly thought it so, but Nadia began to suspect her husband with his delight in watching sex was enjoying the spectacle of her intimate probing. If it helped soften his anger toward her, then she would show him her submission. Gone was all hope of convincing him she was innocent; instead, her only option was to portray herself as a desirable woman, taught how to please by a lover who had demanded much from her.

A carpenter he might have been, but the man to whom she had given her virginity had been dominant and adventurous in lovemaking. That was why she had left the convent so many times and risked a thrashing. Her addiction had been to savour his ardent fucking. Now, lying naked and humiliated before two men, she had to accept she enjoyed the sensation of being the centre of their attention.

Nadia relaxed her tense pussy and let the prioress thrust three fingers deep inside her. How could such a mortifying appraisal keep pushing her into a state of forbidden lust? When the flutters of butterflies in her lower belly swarmed, sending flights of tingles into the heart of her sex, she moaned and twisted her pelvis from side to side.

“Does she hurt you, Nadia?” Arnaud asked.

She wished it were not so, but there was no point in lying. He could see the evidence leak out of her. “No, my lord. I’m ashamed to say.”

“You are far from being a virgin.” He sighed, heavily. “Prioress. What of four fingers. Is she that capable?”

The nun, still crouched between her legs with her black wimple poking up between Nadia’s knees, snorted in a derisory fashion. “I shall prove her wickedness.”

Nadia clenched Edgar’s hand tightly. The inevitable was happening. She wanted to come. It was a ludicrous situation that had nothing to do with the prioress. The nun hadn’t a clue about how to excite the clitoris or how inside her pussy, her fingers brushed against the sweet spot Nadia’s lover had cherished. No, her arousal was the response to the man who held her hand and comforted her, and her husband, who remained firmly in control of the situation. She couldn’t deny his commanding presence entranced her. Could it be that two dominating men had ensnared her with their complementary ways?

She inhaled sharply and tried to squeeze her legs together. She mustn’t come!

The prioress elbowed her legs apart and knuckled four of her oiled, plump fingers deeper. Nadia’s softening muscles stung as the prioress massaged her hand into Nadia’s pussy.

Nadia grabbed at Edgar’s arm and clamped her hands around his muscular bicep. Clinging on, she writhed and panted, and in reply to her desperate attempt at salvaging any last dignity, he looped his arm under her neck and supported her as every muscle in her body tightened, ready to be released by her orgasm.

“Enough.” Arnaud snapped his fingers. “I have the proof I need.”

Once the prioress slipped her fingers out of her pussy, Nadia brought her knees together and hid her wet thighs.

“Cover her, Edgar,” Arnaud ordered.

Edgar wrapped his cloak about her and she rose to her feet. He steadied her and kept her upright. “Well done. You were very brave.”

Nadia sniffed and held back the tears. Brave, yes, but also foolish if she believed Arnaud had not just witnessed her nearly come on the prioress’s fist.

The prioress washed her hands and dried them on a cloth. “So, my lord, you see I told you the truth. She is not worthy of you. She’s a whore.”

The declaration crushed Nadia. She was ruined. Her father would never speak to her. Her husband, who’d not shown any interest in touching her, would now never lay a finger on her. Only Edgar had seen past her virginity to the woman that lay hidden away. She wanted to show him her gratitude, if Arnaud intended to keep his side of the bargain.

Arnaud paced the solar, deep in thought. He spun on his heel to face the prioress. “You will leave here now and speak not one word of what has happened in this room.”

She started, as if punched. “My lord. I thought you understood. She must come back to the priory and live there with me. I shall ensure she is penitent every day—”

Arnaud sneered. “In return for a donation? Is that what this is about? Your silence will not be bought.”

“Bribe you! How dare you suggest such a repugnant accusation.” The prioress crossed herself.

“Sir William FitzHerbert is your benefactor, is he not? He provides the priory with your grant?”

“Yes, why… do you know him?” The prioress went as pale as her white habit. Nadia hadn’t considered the nun’s motivation was financial gain. All those poor girls she’d inflicted her particular examination on and even if they hadn’t been virgins, had the prioress manipulated the truth to gain a bribe?

The baron’s physical stature bore down on the diminutive prioress. “We fought side by side. If I hear one word of anything against Nadia, then I shall inform Sir William that you have been involved in sexual acts with other women.”

“What?” the prioress screeched.

“Yes, that is what I shall inform your benefactor and he will cease your grant.” Arnaud planted his hands on his hips. “Now leave.”

Nadia smothered a smile as the prioress scurried out of the chamber, muttering under her breath. However, once the Reverend Mother had left the room—the door slammed shut behind her—she had to face the wrath of her husband. She sank to her knees before him. “Please, I beg you, my lord, don’t tell my father. He is sick and it will break his heart to know that I am a whore.”

Arnaud sat in the master chair before her. The canopy of the top cast him into a shadow. She awaited her fate with a thumping heart and a dry mouth.

“I won’t tell your father. Other than Edgar, nobody else will know of this. And you are not a whore. You made mistakes, misjudged situations, and allowed your lust to rule your body. But that is not a good enough reason for me to reject you.”

She slumped forward and wept with relief.

“I’m not angry with you, Nadia, for losing your virginity to a man you loved. I’m sure you loved him. I understand the power of love. What I will not tolerate is lying. Before we married I offered you the chance to tell me what you kept from everyone else and you held back. A husband should be party to all his wife’s thoughts. And here, in front of me and Edgar, knowing of our agreement, you lied again, forcing me to put you through this humiliating examination. That was part of your punishment. The other part is you will be spanked by me, your wronged husband, and Edgar, too, since he was tricked as well.”

Edgar stirred from where he’d stood quietly. “My lord, that isn’t—”

“It is necessary, Edgar, because once you have spanked her hard, you will come to appreciate how disciplining a wife brings closure. It will put this behind us and we can move on. You will have your fuck, Edgar Raymond. I keep my promises. My honour will remain intact. This woman, my beautiful wife, might not be pious, but she will now submit to us because she has shown quite clearly how she desires my dominance and yours, too.”

Nadia lifted her face out of her wet hands. She’d anticipated a punishment, but she’d not considered it would involve both men. A birching by the prioress would bear little resemblance to what her husband proposed. More shame! “My lord. I’ve never been spanked by a man before.”

“It will not do you any harm to be punished, Nadia. You will lie across my lap, then across Edgar’s. Then to ensure the punishment is complete, you will bend over the bed and submit to a spanking with our scabbards.”

“Yes, my lord,” she whispered. There was little point in protesting. What he offered was far better than informing her father. Her arse had hardened itself to many a beating—this would be no different. Her assumption was based on her experiences of pain. What else would a spanking do other than hurt?

Arnaud leaned forward. “Now, Nadia. Nothing has changed between us, only that you have carnal knowledge. I wish to know the extent of it. Have you had a man’s cock in your mouth?”

Nadia cringed with embarrassment. She could hardly claim to be a virtuous maid, but she’d been more than a little adventurous. “Yes, sir.”

“Swallowed his seed?”

“Yes, sir.” She had done this many times to avoid the risk of pregnancy.

“In your cunny many times?”

“Yes, sir,” she squeaked.

“Your bottom hole?”

She gaped; behind her Edgar moved, as if awakened from a trance. “No, my lord. At least, not the manhood, only his fingers.” The heat in her face had risen with each of his questions.

Arnaud smiled. “See, a virgin after all. Then this will be Edgar’s delight—to take all of you. What say you, Edgar?”

“Yes, my lord. Now, I understand. She is not a fragile petal to be plucked with a careful hand.”

“No, young man, she’s more, much more able. You must show her what we men desire. The night is still young. Come morning, my wife, you will be forgiven, well fucked, and in need of gentle embraces and a warm bath. However, first, we must clear up this matter of your lies. Nadia, come here and place your knees on either side of my legs, your bottom facing me and your hands on the floor.”

She crawled across the floor, discarding the cloak behind her. What she had to do now was what she’d always done with the prioress—accept her punishment with grace and fortitude. Also, from her late lover, she’d learnt how to be meek and willing. But when the prioress had thrashed her, her bottom had been covered. What Arnaud proposed—to spank her bare bottom—was quite different. More intimate, humiliating, and sensual. However, she mustn’t fear the men who’d awoken such an intense feeling inside her. They commanded her in a way she’d not foreseen and the quaking in her legs was due to anxiety, not fear.

Reaching his great oak chair, she twisted her body around and lifted her legs up on either side of his body while her hands touched the floor and supported her weight. Arnaud aided her by holding her in place as she positioned her hips between his knees and lowered her head between his legs. Then, she leaned forward onto her hands.

He faced her raised arse while she saw nothing other than his boots. “My lord,” she panted. “Please be gentle with me.”

“Gentle?” he laughed. “This is a punishment. I shall give you pain, but nothing that you can’t handle. For a novice who has been birched many times, this is more about your humility than suffering.”

He ran his hands along her thighs, then squeezed her arse cheeks briefly before smacking both buttocks at the same time.

“Ow,” she hollered.

He alternated, slapping her bottom cheeks one at a time, swiftly and without pause. She rapidly concluded hands hurt just as much as a birch, if not more. The weight behind each spank was nothing like the thud of thin twigs. She jolted forward each time, requiring concentration so not to topple off his lap. When she struggled with her balance, he held her about the waist and continued to spank with one hand, switching between her throbbing buttocks with sufficient time to raise his hand high enough to cast a shadow before her face.

If this was the first of her spankings, how would she manage the scabbards? “Oh, sir. I’m not used to this.”

Again, he chuckled. “I should hope not. However, a naughty girl, especially one who likes to lie, needs regular spankings. Mark my words, Edgar. See how her arse turns pink and her pussy lips swell. She is not innocent in the slightest.”

She heard Edgar’s boots scuff on the boards. He was close by.

“She has a pretty arse, lord,” Edgar murmured. “Very pretty.”

“Once you have your cock between her cheeks, then you will find it more than pretty. Nice and tight, too.”

“Indeed, sir. I don’t doubt it.” The younger man spoke softly, almost inaudibly, unlike Arnaud’s overly confident voice. Two conflicting tones and it mirrored her own swirling emotional state.

The spanking continued undeterred by Arnaud’s lecturing. A consummate liar, he declared, an unbecoming attitude for a gentle woman. Her fair face, which hid her dark soul, needed to reflect a purer nature.

She squealed, mortified by the combination of their detailed conversation and embarrassing spanking. It was nothing akin to the punishments the prioress inflicted upon her. This was something else, almost too much, but at the same time, it left her awash with desire. But for whom? Her ageing, impotent husband, or the strapping young man who would leave the next day?

“Mark my words, Edgar. If I tame this creature, she will be more than a beauty to behold. She will worship me. See how she leaks. She responds to chastisement. It is more than an act of discipline. She reaches beyond it and fights with her desires. It means she can be taught many ways to pleasure a man. Remove the misery of punishment and she will thrive.”

“Yes, my lord. Your tutelage will be welcomed by her.”

“There. You have two blazing arse cheeks,” Arnaud declared. “Now it is Edgar’s turn to show you his displeasure.”

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