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Stolen Vows: A Dark Mafia Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

“I’m sorry about what you saw last night,” he finally said.

“It’s nothing,” I said shyly.

“It’s not nothing, moya malyshka.”

“You had business that needed to be taken care of,” I replied.

“I need you to understand that my world is a dangerous one, babygirl. Because of that, I’m going to give you a set of rules so that you can stay safe from those that might mean to hurt me through you,” he continued.

I stiffened at the mention of rules, like I needed to be handled like a little girl when I was a grown woman.

“I don’t need to be handled like I’m a child,” I countered.

“Babygirl, these rules are not optional,” he growled. His eyes darkened and his whole demeanor changed. It wasn’t like what I’d seen last night. This was different and the sexual tension between us nearly undid me.

“I am an adult, Sergei. I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself,” I answered.

“There will be consequences. Should you test me, moya malyshka, you will find yourself with your bottom bare over my knee,” he threatened.

“Over your knee?” I echoed, disbelievingly.

“Yes, babygirl. When it comes to your safety, I will not hesitate to spank that gorgeous ass of yours bright, bright red. If necessary, I’ll even take off my belt,” he warned.

I opened and closed my mouth in shock for a moment. I almost couldn’t believe what he was saying. Husbands didn’t take their wives over their knee and spank them when they were naughty still, did they?

It hadn’t stopped there either. Not only had he threatened to spank me with his hand, but the belt truly gave me pause.

“You would spank me? Really?”

I still couldn’t wrap my head around his words, but my body certainly recognized them. In a remarkably twisted turn of events, my nipples had hardened painfully tight, and my clit was throbbing even harder. I couldn’t stop myself from imagining him lifting my dress and pulling down my panties before he forced me over his knee.

Fuck. Why was that so hot?

My body certainly liked the idea, although my head was extremely reluctant to follow. I licked my lips, trying to get a hold of myself while feeling like I was caught in a tailspin.

I’d never been spanked before. Not as a child or as an adult.

“If you need an example right now, Natasha, I can certainly give you one,” he said, his intentions temptingly dark. There was something about his expression that told me that he would like to do exactly that, and I blushed hard. Would he do something like that here? Would he really give me a spanking in the middle of a restaurant just because he could?

“I rented out the whole restaurant today, Natasha. I won’t even have to take you out to the car to deal with you, if need be,” he continued, and my cheeks only flamed hotter.

“You don’t have to sp… spa…spank me,” I stuttered.

My clit disagreed.

“That’s my good girl,” he purred, and I very nearly moaned out loud. I felt irrationally out of control. My body had taken the wheel, and my head was only going along for the ride.

“What are your rules?” I asked tentatively, trying to change the subject so that I stopped imagining his big, strong hand smacking my ass before he reached between my thighs to find me soaking wet. Maybe I was overreacting and he was just threatening something that should scare me, but it was only more intriguing the more I thought about it.

“You are not to leave the house after dark,” he began.

“I really like walking the gardens at night. Will you not allow me at least that?” I tried.

“As long as you agree not to leave the gardens. My entire compound is monitored by cameras, so I will know if you leave them. My men will inform me of your whereabouts, and then you and I will deal with your disobedience right then and there. Understand me, babygirl?”

“I understand. Thank you for allowing me that,” I replied shyly.

I should be fighting this, shouldn’t I?

“My rules aren’t to control you, Natasha. I just want to protect you.”

I nodded, but I was still lost in the fantasy of him taking me in hand. “What else?”

“If you would like to leave the property at any time, you will bring the men I assign to you. I want you to have protection anywhere you go, especially if I am not at your side,” he continued.

“I’m not going to walk around school with bodyguards,” I scoffed.

“It’s not up for discission, babygirl,” he answered, and my bottom cheeks tensed reflexively.

“You’re not being fair,” I replied, my voice definitely showcasing my annoyance more than I wanted it to.

“When your life is at stake, everything is fair, moya malyshka,” he answered calmly. “I know it’s not going to be anything like you were used to, but I do business with very dangerous, vicious men, men who own knives and guns and who aren’t afraid to hurt someone like you just to go against me.”

After what I’d seen last night, it made sense, but that didn’t mean that I had to like it.

“You didn’t have to threaten to spank me,” I blurted out.

“You need to know that there will be consequences should you choose not to follow the rules, sweet girl,” he explained. By the look in his eyes, he meant every word. If I tested him, he was going to spank me.

I shifted in my seat, my panties thoroughly soaked through. Just being around him had aroused me, but being threatened with punishment from his own hand was driving me wild. I stared down at the table, too embarrassed and ashamed of the direction of my thoughts to say anything more.

“If you do leave our home, Natasha, you will take my men with you and tell me where you’re going and approximately how long you’ll be gone,” he added.

“Anything else?” I scoffed.

“I think that’s a good enough start for now, babygirl. If there is anything else I think would be helpful to add in the future, we will discuss it together. Understand?”

“Yes sir,” I said, turning my head and glaring at the floor. I said it more out of sarcasm than anything else, but it made my clit pulse so hard that I was almost convinced that it had its own heartbeat.

“I like the sound of you calling me that, moya malyshka.

The way his words rumbled through me was sinful. I hazarded a glance up at him, and I instantly regretted it because I saw a dark excitement there that told me that he couldn’t wait to put me over his knee the first time I went against his rules.

I wouldn’t dare. Okay… That was a lie. Even I knew myself better than that.

Thankfully, the waitress returned with our food, and Sergei’s attention was broken from my noticeably aroused shame for at least a second. The steak looked absolutely delicious, and when she poured a glass of wine for me, I rushed a little to taste it.

I swallowed a bit too fast and choked, which only brought Sergei’s attention right back to me. Flustered, I sat back and tried to clear my throat.

“Is everything alright?” he asked.

“I’m fine,” I squeaked, and I eventually settled back down enough to stop coughing. I gulped down a few swallows of water before focusing on the meal in front of me.

The waitress left the room too soon. No longer distracted by anything else, Sergei turned back to me, not looking away for even a second. He cut off a piece of steak and slowly pressed it between his lips as I blushed like a naughty girl right there in front of him.

A naughty girl that needs to be put over her husband’s knee.

Needing to find any distraction I could, I swiftly turned to my own meal. Every bite was perfection, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially when I paired it with his wine choice. I didn’t ask about how expensive it was, because then I’d probably calculate the cost of every mouthful rather than enjoy the strong, full-bodied flavor.

By the time we finished eating, my body was burning with an aroused fever. It was so intense that my thighs were trembling from trying to keep them together, and I wanted nothing more than to play with my sensitive nipples as I reached my hand between them.

Sergei’s eyes studied me intensely.

“Clear the table,” he said and even though I didn’t see anyone there, several waiters responded at once. In the blink of an eye, the table had nothing on top of it. Feeling more flustered than ever, I peered back at him with suspicion.

“What about dessert?” I tried lamely.

“What I want isn’t on the menu, babygirl,” he replied huskily. He stood up and strode around the table to me so rapidly that it made my world spin. He grasped my upper arm gently and pulled me to my feet. His hands wrapped around my waist, lifting me easily off the ground so that he could sit me down on top of the table.

“I’m not going to fuck you, not until you ask me for it, moya malyshka.

“What are you going to do then?” I asked shakily.

“I’m going to lift your dress and pull your panties to the side. If you’re not wet, I won’t take them all the way down. If they are, I’m going to make you come right here on the table with my tongue,” he threatened.

My heart pounded frantically in my chest. I was almost afraid that it might burst free.

I swallowed hard.

“Why does me being wet matter?” I asked breathily, not knowing what else to say.

“I have a sneaking suspicion that your sweet little pussy enjoyed the thought of being taken over my knee very much, and I want to know if I’m right,” he explained, his eyes dancing as he stared into mine.

I fidgeted on the table, pressing my legs together demurely until he grabbed them and forced them wide apart.

“You wouldn’t do that here,” I insisted as I blushed.

“Would I not, babygirl?”

I didn’t answer. I knew that he would.

I swallowed hard. Not only was he planning to look at me for the first time, but he was going to see that he was unequivocally correct. I was wet, and it was exactly for the reason he suspected, and that only made my shame run that much deeper. My core clenched fiercely, and a tiny whimper escaped my lips.

He pressed his body against mine, and I felt the iron steel of his erection right against my cloth-covered pussy.

He leaned forward, kissing the cusp of my shoulder before trailing up the expanse of my neck to kiss my cheek. I turned my head a little, earning a deliciously possessive kiss that made my insides quiver just as much as my fingers currently were.

“Do you trust me, moya malyshka?

“Yes,” I whispered. My voice was tentative, but it was at least partially true. Frankly, I think I was telling him that I wanted him to look at me like he’d threatened he would and then maybe, just maybe, I’d find out what it felt like to have a man’s mouth between my legs for the first time.

He kissed me once more before he pulled away and stared into my eyes with his own seductive gaze. His other hand dropped a little lower, brushing against the upper crest of my ass, and I shivered hard.

“If you disobey the rules I put in place for you, babygirl, I’m going to put you over my knee. Your bottom will be entirely bare, not just because it will allow me to see just how bright red those cheeks get as I punish them, but also so I can see just how wet it makes this delicious pussy,” he warned with a rumbling purr. I shivered harder in his arms, imagining that very scenario.

“You should know that the spanking will sting very much, and it will last far longer than you want it to, babygirl. You might even cry over my knee, but I think you will come even harder for me once it’s over because of it,” he continued.

My core squeezed so tight that I nearly doubled over.

Why was I reacting like this? Why did a part of me actually want it to happen?

“Now, I think I’m finally ready to take down those pretty pink panties of yours. I’m very curious as to what I’m going to find.”

I knew what he’d find, which made the whole experience even more shameful than I could have ever imagined. His hands settled on my waist and the heat of his touch made my pussy clench ferociously hard.

“Please…” I blushed and tried to close my legs, but his body kept them wide apart. The only thing it did was reveal how much of an effect he was having on me.

“Is there something you’d like to tell me, babygirl?”

I shook my head, my face too hot to say anything else. I didn’t want to tell him what he’d find. That almost seemed worse than him just finding my arousal pooling between my thighs all on his own. His fingertips slid down the sides of my waist, gliding past my hips and then onto the tops of my legs. I shivered, heated tendrils of fire cascading through me with wild abandon.

I tucked my face into the crook of his shoulder, trying to hide as he stood over me. The door opened behind us, and I started, whimpering quietly.

“Out,” he ordered. His voice was fierce and hearing it made me quiver the slightest bit, but it wasn’t directed at me. Thankfully, his body was hiding mine.

The door closed, and it didn’t open again.

“The only person that’s going to lay eyes on my bride is me,” he growled fiercely, and my heart thumped in my chest.

He pushed my dress roughly up around my waist, and I cried out in shock. His fingertips caressed the hem of my lacy pink panties. I’d chosen them with the sincere hope that maybe Sergei would finally take me tonight. The lace was sheer in places, and he’d be able to see that I was shaved fully bare through them with ease.

His touch flitted across the thin lace, and I gasped, my sensitivity at an all-time high.

“These are very pretty, moya malyshka,” he murmured, his breath tickling the sensitive hairs along my earlobes. I shivered.

“Sergei,” I whined.

“I think they’re going to look even prettier when I pull them down to your knees,” he breathed, his husky desire apparent in his own voice.

“You can’t…” I started, but he cut me off with a hard kiss.

“I meant what I said, babygirl. I’m going to look at you, and in that, you don’t get a choice,” he whispered.

My clit pulsed and I sucked in a heated breath. This man was going to be the death of me. His thumbs slipped underneath the thick lacy hem, just gliding back and forth and teasing me with his touch and what was to come.

Very slowly, he began to edge them down. There was no rushing this. It was as though he was savoring every moment. He didn’t look down yet either. Instead, he kept his gaze solely on me, which only made my face burn hotter. As he exposed each inch of me, my heart pounded faster, and my clit followed suit. I was convinced that my panties were already soaked through, and I wasn’t sure if that showed on the delicate lace.

A bit roughly, he tugged my panties past my bottom, and I gasped, knowing that my full exposure was scant moments away. When he bared my pussy at last, I shivered hard.

Shameful arousal coursed through me like a firestorm.

“You’re thinking about me taking you over my knee, aren’t you?”

The gentle purr of his voice nearly undid me. I didn’t want to tell him that he was right, that I was imagining that very thing at this exact moment. He took a step back, just for a second so he could whisk my panties all the way down my legs. I tried to close my thighs to hide myself, and he chuckled, the sound of it dangerously ominous. Firmly grabbing my knees, he forced my legs open and stared into my eyes.

My cheeks were fully aflame, and I couldn’t find it within me to answer him. I swallowed hard and his gaze danced with aroused amusement.

“Keep your legs open, babygirl. Disobey me and you’ll find out what my hand feels like on that bare little ass before I put you to bed tonight,” he instructed, his voice stern, and my belly flipflopped inside of me. I nodded, letting him know I understood. Already overwhelmed by the fact that he was going to look at me, I didn’t want to add more to it by earning that stinging spanking he’d already threatened.

That didn’t mean I wasn’t imagining it, that maybe a part of me kind of wanted it.

“Eyes on me. I want you to see me look at you for the first time,” he growled.

I quite literally moaned out loud.

I clapped my lips shut as quickly as I could, but the damage had already been done. There was no way he wouldn’t have heard that. I whimpered, doing as he instructed even as my whole body burned with shame. He held my gaze for a few long seconds as my world started to spiral, knowing he was going to be looking directly at a place no man had ever looked before.

And then it happened.

His eyes flicked downwards, and that would have been bad enough, but then he knelt down between my legs to get a much closer view.

“Please,” I begged. My thighs twitched, trying to close. He didn’t allow it. As if he had anticipated me doing that very thing, his palms pressed against them so that he could keep them open.

“Babygirl, I thought you might only be a little wet for me,” he began. By the way he said the words, I knew he wasn’t done speaking. I knew he’d seen.

I wanted a black hole to open up beneath me and swallow me whole. Embarrassed shame cascaded through me, yet my body continued to betray me. My nipples were painfully hard, blessedly hidden by the pushup bra beneath my dress. I tried to focus on that small victory even as my pussy fluttered with hope as he stared right at it.

At least he wouldn’t see those… Right?

I looked away, and he cleared his throat.

“Look at me,” he demanded.

With a mortified whine, I did as he commanded, meeting his gaze as I trembled before him.

“You are absolutely soaked, moya malyshka,” he said out loud, making the arousal that I had hoped was maybe just a product of my imagination very real in a fraction of a second.

Did he like it? Did he think I was just a depraved whore? Would he think something was wrong with me?

“This soaking wet little pussy is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

My thighs twitched as I tried to tell myself that he was just making it up, that he was just saying those things to be nice. His thumbs grazed up and down my inner thighs, not touching my pussy but coming temptingly close.

“You should know something, Natasha,” he began, and I shivered, knowing whatever he was going to say would probably send my body into overdrive.

His thumbs didn’t stop teasing me either. Frazzled, I tried to focus on him, but everything inside me was demanding my attention in another very needy place.

“Seeing you wet and needy like this for me makes my cock very, very hard, babygirl,” he taunted, and I moaned out loud for a second time. I bit my lip, trying to keep at least some measure of dignity, while also keenly aware that this man was my husband and I, his wife.

If he wanted to, he could take me right here on this table, and my arousal was too far gone for me to get ahold of the reins anymore. My body was directing me now. My mind was simply a not-so-innocent bystander. He knelt between my legs, peering up at me as my pussy wept for him.

Truth be told, I liked that I was making his cock hard. I’d felt it several times against my hip tonight, but in my current position, it meant more to me.

“Babygirl, I like what I see, very much,” he added, as if he knew I was sitting there bare bottomed on the table, questioning everything. His lips kissed the inside of my thigh, and I couldn’t help but quiver against him.

“You do?”

“I do. This pretty pink pussy is so tempting right now. A part of me wants to taste it. Another wants to tease it so that you beg for me to make you come, and an even louder part of me is screaming for me to fuck it,” he explained. His steely gaze held mine, and my blood seemed to boil with every word.

He started kissing my thighs, trailing his tongue up and down my sensitive flesh. With a quiet moan, I tried to hold myself up.

“Lie back, babygirl. I want to worship these gorgeous thighs,” he demanded.

His lips glided up and down my thighs, setting my soul on fire with every kiss as I lowered my back to the table. He never approached my pussy directly, but he got close several times. I bit my lip when he pulled away from my center, trying to keep myself from pleading for him to put his mouth where I wanted it the most.

I don’t know how long this lasted, but it felt like forever. My hips started to roll of their own accord, almost like my body was begging him to kiss me there instead.

He kept taunting me, forcing my body to such a heightened arousal I no longer knew what to do. I’d never experienced anything like this, not in my own bed or even with my own fingers between my thighs.

This was so much more than all of that combined.

“Please, I need…”

“I’m enjoying myself, Natasha,” he scolded, and my pussy clenched down hard.

“I can’t…”

Just then, he kissed directly on top of my clit, and I could have sworn my soul left my body for a perilously long second. My back arched clean off the table, and I cried out, consumed by the delicious pleasure that coursed through me from such a strategically placed kiss.

“I want…”

“What do you want, babygirl?”

“Don’t make me say it,” I pleaded. He continued his kisses down my thighs, but now I wanted those lips on my pussy more than anything.

“I love the taste of this sweet little pussy, babygirl.”

I moaned, immediately overwhelmed with the wicked words coming out of his mouth. My hips rocked. I couldn’t keep still anymore to save my life. My fingernails dug into the tablecloth, trying to hold on even as the rest of me spiraled out of control.

“Oh please,” I begged.

“Are you feeling needy?”

“Yes!” I wailed.

“What do you want, babygirl?”

I bit my tongue, the words too shameful to say. I couldn’t ask for him to keep his mouth on my clit, could I?

“I can keep teasing you all night, sweet girl. Is that what you want?”

My thighs twitched involuntarily. I shook my head. I didn’t want that. More than anything, I wanted to come, and I wanted him to make me.

He kissed my clit once more, and my body visibly shook.

“No, that’s not what I want,” I whined.

“You’ve never had a man’s mouth on this pretty pink pussy, have you?” His grin was utterly wicked, and I couldn’t think of anything that I wanted more than that, but most of all I wanted it to be him.

“I haven’t,” I said and felt myself blush.

“Has anyone ever looked at this gorgeous pussy before?”

I shook my head, and his smile grew wider still.

“Fuck, babygirl. That makes my cock rock hard,” he growled.

His hands squeezed my thighs possessively, and I moaned once more.

“Please, Sergei,” I pleaded. My hips rocked again, begging silently for his mouth to return to the incredibly needy bud between my legs.

“Tell me what you want, babygirl, before I decide this pretty pussy needs to be spanked bright pink,” he warned, and a lightning bolt of desire pierced through me. Almost as if he was warning me, he placed the flats of his fingers directly on top of me there and when I didn’t reply right away, he lightly smacked me there. The sting was instantaneous, but the magnificent spike of desire that followed almost did me in.

“I want to come,” I begged, my face burning so hot that I hoped the world would swallow me up.

“How do you want to come?”

“Don’t make me say it,” I whispered shyly.

The flats of his fingers spanked my pussy again, but this time they punished me more firmly. The sting that followed was much fiercer, and I cried out, squeezing my eyes shut as the pain escalated for a long moment before it eventually faded again, only to be replaced with an even greater desire than before.

I opened my mouth, and he slapped my pussy for a third time. My entire body tensed, anticipating the pain as it hit me, but knowing what would follow would ultimately be worth it.

“Do I need to punish you, babygirl?”

I shook my head, gasping as I grappled with the stinging pain as delicious pleasure took its place. If he teased me for much longer, I was certain that I would internally combust.

“Please make me come… with… with your mo… mou… mouth,” I managed to whisper, my voice essentially inaudible. My muscles clenched, expecting another stinging spank, but it never came.

His lips kissed my clit.

“That’s my good girl,” he praised, his fingers squeezing my thighs hard enough to ache. I sighed and spread my legs wide, trying to show him that I could be his best girl.

He trailed slow kisses along my inner thigh, just glancing along my outer folds and driving me wild with need.

“You should know that I’m going to make you come hard for me. By the time I’ve had my fill of this delicious pussy, your throat is going to be hoarse from screaming,” he threatened, and my core squeezed so tight that I nearly came right then and there.

“Someone might hear,” I blushed.

“Let them hear. Let them be jealous that I have eyes only for you,” he growled, and I chewed my lip, finding his possessiveness more than a little intoxicatingly addictive. As much as I would be embarrassed about the waitstaff hearing me climax, I was much too aroused to care. Truthfully, it added to my arousal, and I couldn’t deny it even if I tried.

There was a slight residual sting remaining on my wet flesh when he finally lowered his mouth between my legs.

“Don’t you dare try to hide your sounds from me. Disobey me and I’ll give you a hard spanking over this table and then take you home wet and needy, without allowing you to come for me at all,” he added.

“I understand. Please let me come, sir,” I answered quickly, overwhelmed by my own desperation.

“Are you ready, moya malyshka?”

“Yes, sir,” I whispered.

“Am I going to have to spank you?”

“No, sir,” I said with a blush.

“Good girl. I want you to keep that in mind as you come for me,” he demanded, and my pussy clenched hard. I took a deep breath as his lips dropped to my pussy, the coarse hair of his beard teasing my needy flesh. I closed my eyes and laid back, enjoying the warmth of his mouth with a trembling shiver.

Then he used his tongue on my clit for the first time.

The warm wetness overwhelmed me instantly, causing my eyes to roll back in my head as I gasped. My thighs tensed, and his arms pressed on top of them, holding me down against the table. My hands reached for him, and he took my wrists in his firm grasp, pinning me down so that he could have his way with me.

I tested his bonds, finding myself securely held in place. I couldn’t close my legs or push him away and a fierce volley of passionate desire jolted me from within. My hips bucked along with it.

He slid the tip of his tongue over my clit, circling it slowly and coaxing my need even higher than I thought possible.

“Please,” I begged.

He didn’t answer. He simply wrapped his lips around my clit and suckled inward. Instantly, my core squeezed with ferocious intent, and I teetered on the edge of orgasm. I tried to hold it back, not wanting him to think I was an easy lay or fast, but there was nothing I could do. It was like I was riding a train about to hurtle off its tracks. There was nowhere to hide and nothing to do but accept what he gave me.

I was going to come, right here in the middle of a restaurant, where the waitstaff would be able to hear me, and I didn’t even care.

He suckled a little bit harder, and I knew I was losing the fight even as my orgasm ripped through me. I came with a startled shout, balling my fingers into tight little fists as I lost complete control of myself. My core squeezed tight, and my inner walls fluttered so fiercely that it was impossible to keep still. My hips bucked beneath his mouth as wave after wave of heated pleasure coursed through me, savagely intense and shamelessly wicked.

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