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Strapped for Cash: A Dark Mafia Romance by K.L. Hiers – Extended Preview

Mickey didn’t need a hotel.

He needed an insane asylum.

First, he would commit Roger, and then he would commit himself because here he was still driving over to the Master Inn Economy Motel.

He wasn’t entirely sure if his head was screwed on right when he locked the door of their room for the night, finally alone with Roger.

The ride over here had been tense, and the air inside the small room was absolutely electric. He questioned his sanity for going through with this, but his growing desire trumped any hesitations.

Roger immediately made himself comfortable by stretching out on the bed, and he grinned. “Now, get naked. I wanna see you.”

“Bossy, aren’t you?” Mickey remained standing by the door and kept his clothes on for now.

“Oh, very.”

“I’m going to need for you to simmer down for a second.”


“Because this is a very bad idea.”

Roger frowned. “What are you talking about?” He narrowed his eyes. “We’re still fucking, right?”

“Yes, but—”

“Then who cares!” Roger pulled off his shirt. “I’m still hot as fuck after watching you clean out that restaurant. Also, silencers, not quite as silent as I thought they would be.”

“After tonight, we’re done,” Mickey said firmly, trying not to stare as Roger continued to strip. “I need you to understand that this is a one time thing.”

Roger had the most delicious looking tan line around his hips and thighs from sunning in what looked to be a very small pair of shorts. The lines framed his cock perfectly, and Mickey’s mouth was filling with spit.

“What are you so afraid of?” Roger challenged, rising up to his knees on the bed. “Getting a taste and wanting more, huh?”

“I’m not afraid of shit!” Mickey snapped. He took off his jacket, laying it over the top of the television. He removed his shoulder holster as he continued to argue, “You’re fucking crazy, and I don’t like getting mixed up in crazy.”

“Yeah, but you’re about to put your dick all up in some. Come on. Why are you hiding all that beautiful fire?”

“You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.” Mickey stepped toward the bed, watching Roger’s quick fingers unbutton his shirt. He was honestly surprised he didn’t rip it off. “There is no ‘fire.’ You’re just insane.”

“No? Then why are we here, eh?” Roger smirked. He pushed Mickey’s shirt down and off his shoulders, greedily sliding his hands down his bare chest. “You like me. You like what I bring out in you.”

Mickey’s pulse began to steadily climb, and he refused to acknowledge Roger’s accusations.

He did like it… perhaps too much.

Grabbing Roger’s wrist, he shoved him back on the bed. “Fuck you.”

“I mean, that’s the plan, isn’t it?”

“Why do you have to be such a fuckin’ pain in the ass?” Mickey jumped on top of him, grunting as Roger dragged him into a harsh kiss. Their teeth clicked, and he found himself getting sucked right back in.

The crazy must have been contagious.

Roger kissed him fiercely, and he raked his nails down Mickey’s back hard enough to make him hiss.

It hurt, but it was exciting, and a fresh surge of adrenaline made him lightheaded. His cock was hard, throbbingly so, and he rolled his hips down to pin Roger against the bed.

Something about being held down made Roger moan, and he went limp, sagging into the mattress. “Fuck, mmm, that’s good.”

Mickey recalled how much Roger had liked being shoved around before, and he had more than a few reasons to still be angry with him. He grabbed Roger’s wrists, pushing them up over his head. “I shouldn’t even fuck you, you know. You don’t deserve my cock.”

“What?” Roger’s eyes widened, and he pulled against Mickey’s tight grip. “No, come on. I’ll be good, I swear. I can be so fucking good for you.”

Those words made Mickey shudder, and he was once again flooded by the unique thrill of power. Roger would do anything for him, he realized. In these heated moments, Mickey had total control over him, and fuck…

That was hot.

“Please,” Roger continued to beg, rubbing his body enticingly against Mickey’s. “Fuck me, Mickey. I’m so good. I’m so fuckin’ good. I’m the fuckin’ best there is. Everyone fuckin’ says so. My ass, my hands, my mouth…”

“Oh, yeah?” Mickey smirked. “You trying to fuck everything that moves? Try to give your ass out to everyone, you fuckin’ slut?”

The dirty talk came easily, and the fog it put in Roger’s already lusty gaze told Mickey all he needed to know; he needed to keep going.

“I bet you love it,” Mickey taunted. “Whoring yourself out, getting your hot little body all used up. Don’t you?”

“I have to…” Roger bit his lip and whined.

“Oh? Why is that? Just can’t help yourself?”

“Because I’m looking for the right one. I need a man.” Roger let his head drop back against the bed. “No, not a man. I need a monster.” He grinned suddenly. “And I think I finally found one.”


“Yeah,” Mickey breathed, a new wave of lust surging down his spine to power the grind of his hips. “I’m a monster.”

He killed people for money and had never experienced the slightest hint of remorse or regret. He was good at it, even liked it at times, and he knew he would probably never stop.

“Mine.” Roger groaned, lifting his head and chomping down on Mickey’s neck.

Okay, that fucking hurt. Mickey didn’t mind some occasional love nibbles, but he swore Roger was trying to take flesh.

“You bitch!” Mickey grabbed Roger’s hair and pulled him off, turning his face to shove him down into the bed. He checked his neck to see if he was bleeding.

Roger laughed, letting out another delicious groan as Mickey rolled him over to pin him down face first. “Oh, there we go. There he is… my little monster.”

Mickey twisted Roger’s arm behind his back to keep him there, and the urge to punish him was becoming irresistible. He had to show Roger that kinda bullshit wasn’t acceptable, and he wasn’t going to tolerate it.

Roger was practically writhing beneath him, and his perfect ass was right there, pale and round and so very vulnerable.

“Now, you listen to me. I’m not going to put up with your shit, do you understand?” Mickey pushed Roger’s wrist up into the crook of his shoulder and reared back with his other hand. “I might be your monster, but this monster expects you to fuckin’ behave. Like right fuckin’ now, you’re gonna take your punishment like a good little boy or you’re gonna get nothin’.”

Yes. This was it. This was exactly what Roger needed.

To be spanked, punished, to be put into his place.

Mickey’s palm came down on Roger’s ass, but the angle was all wrong. He didn’t get the singular smacking sound he was hoping for, and Roger only mildly jerked in response.

“Really?” Huffing in what must have been disappointment, Roger drawled, “I canceled getting my nails done for this?”

That smart-ass little remark made Mickey even more furious, and something inside of him snapped. It reminded him of the rush he got right before a job, and he had no idea why. From the moment he’d met Roger, all he’d done was piss Mickey off.

He was tired of him acting like all of this was a joke or some sort of game, and he was determined to make him answer for every offense.

Mickey brought his hand back again and spanked Roger’s round ass so hard his palm stung. The sound of colliding skin was like a firecracker popping, and Roger’s ensuing moan was absolutely erotic.

“Oh, fuck!” Roger whimpered, his swagger reduced once more to soft pleading. “Ow, okay, okay. Mmmph, message received. I need to be good for you. I can be so good. No more bullshit, I’ll be so damn good for you.”

“Can you, though? Really?” Mickey brought his hand down again with another wicked smack. He could feel Roger’s entire body stiffen and buck up against him, and the resulting thrill was incredible. Mickey was powerful, in absolute control, and Roger was totally at his mercy.

“Yes! Fuck!” Roger cried out, his hips shaking as he squirmed against Mickey’s grip. “I’m sorry! Mmm, I’m so sorry. I can’t help it. I know I was bad. I was so fuckin’ bad.”

“You’ve been a fuckin’ brat from the second I met you,” Mickey went on, spanking Roger again. “But it’s okay. You’re gonna learn, aren’t you?”

“Yes!” Roger’s cheek was turning a beautiful shade of pink, he smothered a small sob into the mattress. “I can learn. Please, Mickey.”

Mickey stroked Roger’s ass, amazed at how quickly his own handprint was appearing there. He could see each individual finger and the heat, wow, was surprising. He could only imagine what it was like for Roger, and he reached between his legs to grope his cock.

“No… don’t. Don’t do that.” Roger tried to wiggle away, but Mickey held him firmly.

“You’re so hard,” Mickey taunted, giving Roger’s dick a rough squeeze. “You like this, don’t you? Getting your sweet little ass spanked? Hmm?”

“Fuck off!” Roger panted. “I don’t! But I wanna be good! Just, just let me be good for you!”

“Not until you take your punishment, slut.” Mickey grabbed Roger’s balls and tugged, enjoying another sultry moan before raising his hand to spank him again. He loved the sound of his hand smacking against Roger’s ass, and the immediate response was addictive. He could bend Roger to his will, make him do whatever he wanted, and punish him thoroughly for being such a brat.

After another sound spank, Mickey reached down to squeeze Roger’s cock. The heat of it was comparable to the reddening handprints he was leaving all over Roger’s ass, and he slipped his thumb over the head. “You’re so fuckin’ wet. Mmm, just a little bit more, and maybe you’ve learned your lesson, huh?”

“Fuck… yes.” Roger sounded weak, broken, and he cried when Mickey stroked his dick. “I’m so very sorry. I fucked up. I fucked up so much. I’ll be good, okay? I swear.”

“I don’t know.” Mickey grabbed Roger’s blushing cheek, enjoying the scorching heat he’d left behind in the wake of the spanking. Having power over someone else like this was incredible. “You’re a fuckin’ disrespectful little slut.”

“But I can be good!” Roger pleaded. “Please, please! Mickey, I’ll be so good!”

“Then be good… and take your punishment.”

Every sob and moan Roger uttered only spurred Mickey on, swinging with all his strength. He smacked Roger’s ass so hard that his hand was tingling, and he shivered at how Roger moaned in reply.

“Fuck, yes!” Roger gasped, rocking his body down into the bed as if trying to give himself relief. “Oh, God… oh, Mickey… See? I can take it. I can take it all so fuckin’ good.”

Mickey’s hand was getting sore, and he decided to give Roger a break. He marveled at how quickly so many red handprints had popped up all across his abused cheeks, and he paused to trace one almost reverently.

An alien sense of pride fluttered in his chest at how well Roger had taken his punishment. He hadn’t asked Mickey to stop once. He wasn’t exactly sure what to do with it, but it made him smile.

“Good slut.” Mickey petted Roger’s red cheeks, giving him one last little pop. “You did so fuckin’ good for me. Now I’m gonna fuck you.”

“Mmm, yes. Thank you. Lube is in my wallet.” Roger was out of breath, his face flushed nearly as red as his ass when he looked back at Mickey. “Condoms too.”

“I got some,” Mickey said defensively.

He was an assassin, not some irresponsible dickhead.

By the time Mickey had pulled out a condom from his wallet, Roger had already fished out two small packets of lube from his pants on the floor and ripped one open with his teeth.

Roger squirted the lube all over his hand as he rolled over onto his back, thrusting two fingers right into his asshole with a deep groan. There was no buildup. There was no gentle opening. Roger was fucking himself hard and fast, and he demanded, “Come on! Put it in me, Mickey! Please, I was so good for you!”

“Christ, hang on!” Mickey slapped the side of Roger’s thigh, scrambling to open the condom. He was careful not to catch his piercing as he rolled it on. His pulse was thundering in his ears, and he was panting as he struggled to get into position.

He was totally consumed with the need to be inside Roger, to fuck him, to own him completely. He had to have a taste of that sweet hole, and he didn’t waste a second pushing inside of him. He groaned at the first taste of tight heat, gritting his teeth as he thrusted in balls deep.

Oh, fuck, that was good.

Roger was already clenching around him, as if trying to pull him in even farther, and he’d melted down into the mattress with a loud moan. “Ah, fuck, yes. Yes, Mickey. Give it to me!”

Grunting, Mickey rocked his hips and began a brutal rhythm. Roger was so damn tight, and Mickey loved how his legs fell apart as he took every inch of his cock. “Such a good fuckin’ boy,” he hissed. “Mmm, you like that dick?”

“Yes!” Roger grabbed his knees and pulled them up to his chest, begging, “Fuck, you feel so good! Come on, fuck me harder!”

“Fuck me harder what?” Mickey stilled and smirked down at him. “Gonna have to teach you some manners, huh?”

“For fuck’s sake!” Roger whimpered, staring up at Mickey with a pout. “Are you serious right now?”

“Uh huh.” Mickey pulled out leisurely, sliding back in about halfway and refusing to give him any more. He grabbed Roger’s hip to stop him from trying to push down on his cock and quickly spanked the underside of his thigh.

“Ow! Fuck!” Roger cried sharply, going still now. “Mickey! Please!”

“Tell me what I fuckin’ want to hear.” Mickey slapped his thigh again. “Now.”

Roger let out another delicious moan, and Mickey was struck by a new surge of lust from how responsive he was. That flare of defiance was lost in beautiful submission and watching it go out was like a drug. Roger was trembling, desperate, and Mickey could see his eyes getting glassy.

“Fuck me harder,” Roger said between gritted teeth, “please.”

“Please what?”

“Please, sir? Master? Your highness?” Roger whined. “I’ll call you whatever you fuckin’ want, just please fuck me!”

“Oh, master sounds real good,” Mickey declared wickedly. “Call me master.”

It was ridiculous and completely over the top, but it felt so right in that moment. He wanted to have full command of Roger’s body, and he wasn’t going to give him what he wanted until he heard those precious words.

“Please!” Roger begged, writhing beneath him. “Master, please fuck me!”

Mickey’s response was instant, and he slammed his cock back inside with a low grunt. He pushed Roger’s legs back up, and he fucked him as hard as he could. He could let go completely, focus on his own pleasure, and bask in Roger’s passionate moans.

He didn’t have to worry about hurting him or being too rough because this was exactly what Roger wanted.

Roger was taking his cock like he was made for it, giving it up beautifully with a litany of excited cries. He kept his legs arched up, and his toes were curling. He loved this, Mickey could tell, and they were just getting started.

Mickey drilled him so fast and fierce that their bodies were slapping together, and the noise echoed throughout the room. He didn’t know what was coming over him, but he suddenly swept his hand down and smacked Roger’s ass to add to the symphony of sinful sounds.

“Oh, God! Master!” Roger’s body tightened down around Mickey’s cock, and he pulled his legs up to bite down on his knee as he whimpered. “Fuck, fuck, fuck! God, yeah! Fuck me up!”

“Yeah, you fuckin’ slut,” Mickey grunted as his thighs burned. “Take that fuckin’ dick! Mmm, yeah! Just like that!”

“Thank you, master!” Roger’s jaw was hanging open, and he cried out shamelessly with each slam. “Thank you, fuck! Yes!”

Heat was already coiling up inside of Mickey’s loins, and his balls were pounding with the need for release. He was getting close, and he was overwhelmed with sensation. Roger felt so damn good, and the thrill of dominating him was so much that it was making Mickey’s lips tingle.

He knew then he was totally fucked because he already wanted to do this again. He didn’t want to give this up. He wanted to punish Roger, to spank him, to make him his over and over—

“Fuck!” Mickey groaned as he suddenly came, his hips stuttering as he worked himself through his orgasm. The head of his cock throbbed as it was surrounded in the wet heat of his load, and the piercing there was aching sweetly. It was wave after wave of intense feeling, a pleasure that made every muscle in his body ache and sizzle as his dick pulsed.

“Yeah, get that fuckin’ nut, master. Yeah, come on.” Roger reached down to grab his cock and jerk himself off. “Mmm, fuck yes!”

Mickey watched him in a daze, still coming down from his climax, but he snapped out of it when he realized what Roger was doing. He curled his hand over Roger’s, halting him. “Ah ah, did I tell you that you could fuckin’ come?”

“No, master.” Roger licked his lips. “No, you didn’t. But… but I was good for you. Can I please come now?”

“Not yet.” Mickey felt a twinge of excitement from how obediently Roger moved his hand away, clearly waiting for permission. He pulled out with a satisfied groan, sliding off the bed and heading into the bathroom to dispose of the condom.

He got a glimpse of himself in the dingy mirror, and he was struck by how he was smiling.

He looked… happy.

He also had a giant bite mark on the side of his neck.

That son of a bitch!

Mickey was tempted not to let Roger come and make him wait until next time, but he immediately squashed the idea. This was supposed to be a one and done deal. That was it.

No matter how much fun it was to boss Roger around and spank him, he didn’t have time to get involved.

He did, however, have time to make Roger wait a little longer. He lingered inside the bathroom for a few more minutes, used the toilet, washed up, and finally came out to find Roger face down, humping the bed impatiently.

“Please, master,” Roger groaned, gazing up at Mickey. “Can I come now? I was so good. I was so damn good. I fuckin’ waited like you told me to.”

Mickey debated dragging this out more, but he was starting to feel the itch to leave. There wasn’t any reason for him to stay now that he’d gotten off. He wasn’t exactly the cuddling type.

He gathered his things and said, “Go on. You’ve been very good for me. You get to come now.”

“Thank fuck!” Roger flopped onto his back, grabbing his cock and stroking fast. He bit his bottom lip, and he panted, “Yeah, fuck… thank you, master.”

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