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Subdued: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

“Take off your clothes. It’s time you paid for disobeying our orders, and for not only causing Valdus to be injured, but for putting yourself and the rest of us in danger,” he scolded, and I dropped my gaze to the ground.

I’d never felt guiltier in my life. My legs trembled and despite it all, I could feel my pussy growing wet with arousal.

“Take your punishment well and you’ll earn our forgiveness. Then after it is all over, you can make it up to us with your pretty little mouth,” he purred, the suggestiveness in his tone causing my body to heat despite what was about to happen. The side of his mouth turned up in a smirk and I began to accept the fact that I was about to get the whipping of my life. My clit began to throb between my legs and a small complaint escaped my throat.

“Zane,” I whispered, unsure of what I actually wanted to say. I felt awful about what had happened. I wanted this, but then again, I didn’t. I couldn’t understand what I was going through. Even as Zane threatened me, I could feel the reaction of my body. I knew my thighs were quivering with need, that my nipples were hard beneath my shirt and that the place between my legs was already moistened with desire.

“Bare yourself for me, now,” Zane said softly, the command in his voice ringing deep in my bones. I closed my eyes for a moment and breathed softly, allowing my hands to drift down. I opened them again and gripped the hem of my shirt and slowly pulled it up. Zane was there with me, helping to guide the fabric over my head. He didn’t rush me, only calmly assisted as I stripped before him.

He gently pulled off my boots and then my socks, leaving me standing on the soft mossy underbrush beneath my feet. Next, we took off my pants together. Standing in only my bra and panties, I shivered. I saw a look of appreciation cross his features. He wanted me too.

His thumb drifted across my skin then.

“Your skin is so pale and beautiful. I bet it’ll bear the mark of my lash beautifully,” he mused and the dark seduction in his voice left me breathless with need.

I reached behind my back and undid the clasp of my bra, and my breasts felt heavy as I pulled it away from my body. Zane gripped the hem of my underwear and knelt before me, dragging them down my hips and revealing the last of my secrets to his view. His breath was warm against the wetness of my pussy and I breathed shakily in response.

“Zane, please,” I begged.

The tip of his tongue reached for my wet folds, dragging up across my clit. I squeaked with both surprise and pleasure, and he chuckled quietly at his conquest.

“Your cunt tastes the sweetest when you know you’re about to be punished, little human,” he said, and all the breath left my lungs in a single gasp. There was no fighting him then, I knew that. He could whip me, spank me, fuck me, I didn’t care, but I would do anything to feel that tongue between my legs once more. He met my gaze and I knew he knew it too.

He stood back up and I watched as he uncoiled some rope from his belt. He curled one loop around my wrist and tied it to a nearby tree. He did the same with the other. After I was stretched outward like I was mounted on a cross, he moved behind me and allowed his fingers to touch the vulnerable skin of my back. I sighed and then he dragged them down until he cupped my ass with them. Clutching my nervous cheeks, he dug his fingers into my flesh and I moaned softly, unsure if I should be feeling pleasure, pain, or even both.

When he released my ass, I sighed, with relief or disappointment, I didn’t know.

Behind me, I heard his belt jingle quietly and I tried to swallow my rising anxiety. I’d never felt the fire of a man’s belt before and as much as I wanted to escape right now, I wondered just how it might feel. If I might like it. I knew it would hurt, but my body was doing curious things in response. My nipples were harder than ever, begging to be touched. My legs rubbed against each other and I knew I was much wetter than before. I could feel it dripping down my thighs. My body wanted to feel the leather against my bare skin.

I should be ashamed. I shouldn’t be reacting like this.

But still, my pussy clenched with desire. Zane’s arm reached around my hip, reaching between my legs and I shook with pleasure. He cupped my pussy in his palm stroking one finger up and down my wet folds.

He chuckled softly, and I couldn’t stop the whimper from escaping my lips. It took tremendous effort to draw in one breath after another. I tried to control the nervous anxiety and developing excitement in my body, but I was quickly losing it. Zane took his other hand and dragged it up my back. Gooseflesh erupted all over my skin and I sighed with delight, only for him to reach up behind my head. In a rush of movement, he gripped the hair at the base of my skull, pulling my head backwards.

I cried out at the sudden pain, but I did not protest. I knew begging for mercy would accomplish nothing. Zane was going to punish me, and he wouldn’t stop until he wanted to, until I learned my lesson and my entire body was good and sore. As much as I was afraid of what was about to happen, I couldn’t deny that I wanted it too. The hand cupping my pussy fell away from my skin.

A slapping sound echoed throughout the woods and at once, I realized that he smacked my pussy. Delicious pain consumed me for a long moment, but then, my pussy began to throb with pleasure. I breathed heavily, drawing in air as my desire began to grow.

“After I whip this naughty ass, I’m going to make sure to punish that wet little cunt of yours, good and hard,” he whispered, and my pussy clenched in excitement.

Zane’s hold on my hair fell away next and then a piece of fabric drifted over my eyes. Deprived of my vision and swallowed up by darkness, my other senses grew stronger. I heard the crackle of leaves behind me, the sound of Zane’s bated breath, the sway of the trees in the wind, and I found it hard to quell the rising desire in my body.

I heard many footsteps in the leaves and then someone moved in front of me, but I couldn’t figure out who. All I knew was that Zane was no longer the only one taking part in my punishment. My nipples hardened into tight little peaks and my pussy clenched and I couldn’t deny that I wanted to know what was going to happen next. A pair of fingers reached out and caressed my nipple, before pinching it hard enough to make me cry out.

Another hand reached between my legs, exploring my rampant arousal and I shivered with my shame. I felt a smooth surface rub against my cheek and the scent of leather drifted to my nose. Trembling, I tried to pull in a breath but then, the fingers between my legs began to circle my throbbing clit.

“About to get the belt, and still, she’s as wet as ever,” Valdus said nonchalantly and my shame washed over me.

Another pair of fingers joined his, before they left my pussy and immediately thrust into my mouth.

“Taste how wet you are,” Zane mused. All four of them knew it. I felt humiliated, but also incredibly turned on.

Trying to be as obedient as I could, I swirled my tongue around his thick digits, tasting the sweetness of my arousal. I whimpered softly with my shame, before he dragged his fingers from my lips. Gently, he cuffed my cheek and I could feel my own wetness on my skin.

“She’s beautiful,” Caleb muttered under his breath and his voice was like a light in the darkness for me.

Next to me, Zane pressed his lips to my shoulder.

Devoid of sight, I didn’t know what was going to happen next, but when I heard something swish through the air, I stiffened. A fiery lash burst across my ass then and I cried out with surprise. If I had thought Tavik’s palm had been painful, it was nothing compared to Zane’s belt. The lash fell again as Zane began to fall into a steady rhythm. I twisted and turned in my bonds, but the belt met the curves of my ass, as well as my thighs each and every time.

I cried out. I begged, but nothing I could do stopped the leather’s assault.

It burned hot and with my sight taken away from me, it was the only thing I could focus on. Hands grasped at my breasts and my pussy, pinching me, teasing me and forcing me to feel pleasure even as the belt whipped against my skin. With the men touching me, it was hard to keep my body’s reactions at bay. The whip of the belt caused an initial burst of pain, but then, with the men’s touch and knowing how I’d lost complete control, pleasure soon followed. Fingers pinched at my wet folds, and I couldn’t stop them, bound as I was. They were going to give me pleasure and pain, and I couldn’t do a thing about it.

I had to take it. All of it.

One after another, the belt kissed my ass, starting from the tops of my cheeks down to about mid-thigh. The ones that punished my legs brought tears to my eyes, the pain quick and intense. Zane made me dance before him, my hips swaying back and forth, attempting to avoid the lash, but failing every time.

Before long, my ass burned hot, igniting with pain like I’d never felt. It was hot, intense, and quickly morphed into something more pleasurable that left me wanting more. Zane didn’t allow me to get comfortable though. My body became a pleasurable mass of confusion, pain, and desire building with each passing second. Tears sprang to my eyes as I tried to handle this deliberate and intense assault on my senses. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to stop myself from crying, but I was quickly overwhelmed. My breath caught in my throat and Zane focused the belt on my thighs, the cadence of his lashes quickening until all I knew was the sting of my punishment.

As the first tear escaped my eyes, I whimpered. Soon, the mask over my eyes was damp from my tears and I felt a change in my body then. At first, I had been fighting, but I gradually quieted and accepted the fall of the lash. I hung from my bonds as the belt licked into my backside. In that moment, I accepted it, knowing I’d deserved every last one.

Zane’s fingers brushed against my ass and he dragged his nails down my freshly punished flesh.

“My marks look marvelous on you, Kaela,” he exclaimed softly.

“Zane,” I whispered, my voice breathy with pain and desire.

“Have you learned your lesson, pet?” he asked.

“Yes,” I breathed, as multiple sets of fingers explored every inch of my body. My ass burned, and I could feel each welt from the belt as it rose on my skin. It hurt, but the pulsing between my legs was quickly overpowering the effects of my punishment. Zane wouldn’t let me forget though, as he trailed his sharp nails up the curves of my backside. I gasped, pressing my hips into his touch.

Hands grasped my wrists and soon, I was freed from the ropes. My body felt like jelly, but my four men were there to support me. They wrapped me up in their arms, caressing my sore punished flesh, caring for me despite everything that had just happened. My tears dried, and someone reached behind my head and loosened the mask covering my eyes. I sniffed and blinked several times as my sight adjusted to the light of the day.

My lips parted. All four men stared down at them.

“Are you ready to show me how sorry you are?” Tavik asked, his voice a soft purr that left me wanting to please him.

I nodded as he grasped my chin and traced his thumb over my lower lip.

“On your knees,” he demanded, and the others dropped my feet to the ground. Slowly, I obeyed. His hand traced down the front of his pants and he cupped the bulge between his legs, teasing me with it then. He took his time as he undid his belt, unbuttoning his black pants and unzipping them with a sense of leisure that left me nearly breathless with my arousal.

Even slower still, he pushed his pants open, revealing the bulbous head of his cock to my view. Up close like this, I could see the entirety of it in all its glory. Tavik’s member was huge. It was slightly deeper in color than the rest of his body, a dark, delicious wine color that left me craving all of it. His cock was thick, long, and the veins running along either side of it pulsed with his own desire. The slit atop the head of his dick parted just a little, releasing a single drop of pre-cum to slide down his length.

He took his entire cock in his hand and fisted it slowly, deliberately as though he was teasing me with it. I sat back on my heels and squeezed my thighs together, feeling my pussy clench in desperation to be filled. His palm drifted up and down in length and I imagined that it was me, pumping up and down on his cock as my legs wrapped around his waist.

I wanted him to fuck me and I knew he wasn’t going to do that, yet. I had to prove to him that I was worthy of it and that I had been adequately punished. Even then, I didn’t know if he would reward me with his thick cock in between my legs.

“Sit up and spread your thighs,” Zane commanded. I did as he said and was surprised when his head moved beneath me. He pressed his lips to my clit in a soft kiss and I gasped with surprise and delight.

“Oh, god, Zane, please,” I begged. I heard him chuckle softly beneath me and then, Tavik reached down and took my chin in his grasp, making me to look up at his cock once more. I panted, wondering what it would taste like when he ultimately thrust it into my mouth.

His thumb pushed hard against a pressure point next to my jaw, igniting a flash of pain and forcing me to open my mouth. His hips moved forward deliberately as he pressed his cock between my lips, and I had to open my mouth even wider to take all of his girth.

His hips rolled forward, pushing his dick deep into my throat and for a long moment, I could scarcely breathe. He pulled back then and repeated the motion, forcing me to open my throat to his length. At first, I gagged around him, but his steady dominance pushed me to please him and to take him deeper than ever. Eventually, I was able to calm myself and focus on him, at least until Zane’s wet mouth closed over my pussy. His breath was hot against my soaked mound and I trembled at the promise it held.

Was I going to get to come as I sucked Tavik’s cock? My body reacted violently with pleasure at the idea. My skin felt like molten lava and my core throbbed with unreleased passion. Every nerve in my body felt like they were going to ignite at any second and there was little I could do to fight it.

I twirled my tongue around Tavik’s cock just as Zane circled my clit with his and my hips bucked. Zane reached up and grasped each side of my waist, forcing me to remain still as he suckled at my clit.

I was going to take whatever he was going to give me, that much was clear.

My mouth closed around Tavik’s cock and I began to work his length.

“Fuck, your mouth is so wet, so hot,” Tavik muttered and I could feel my body quiver with heat in response. Pleasure raked through my body then as Zane teased me with his own tongue, forcing my desire to rise as I sucked his leader’s dick.

I lifted my hands and placed my palms on Tavik’s thighs, steadying myself against him. I moaned around his cock as I worked him, finding my own body heating up as I did so. I was turned on and with Zane in between my legs, I knew I was going to come and that I was going to come hard.

I tried to focus on Tavik, but Zane’s tongue was making it difficult. It swirled up and down my pussy, sliding in between my folds. It was wet and so hot. His breath on my clit was almost more than I thought I could handle, but I knew I didn’t have a choice. He was going to make me orgasm. And I was going to like it.

Tavik groaned as I suckled his dick and I reveled in the power I had over him in that moment. I could feel his member throb in my mouth and I redoubled my efforts and he sighed loudly with pleasure. I felt vindicated and strong, with one man in between my legs and another in my mouth.

Then, Tavik gripped the hair at the back of my head harshly, taking back control as he jerked his cock deep into my throat. I had to focus on him in order to time my breath with his movements and I realized I was simply there to experience his control.

He used my mouth hard and the sounds of his cock in my mouth echoed around me, wet, filthy, and wrong, but incredibly right. I wanted it and he would give it to me, every inch of it. I moaned around his cock as my core pulsed and Zane pleasured me from beneath. I could feel my body tightening, my release moments away when Zane pulled away.

I moaned around Tavik’s cock.

My body throbbed with desire, needing to come. My needy cunt clenched tight, but all I felt was Zane’s hot breath on my very wet flesh.

Sighing with desire, I tried to press my pussy back into his mouth, but his grip on my waist tightened, not allowing me to move an inch. For a long minute, he waited, forcing my body to come down before his tongue laved against me once more.

Again, he brought me to the edge, before forcing me to wait. Teased again and again, my body heated to a feverish level and there was little I could do except wait for him to grant me relief. Tavik’s fist was tight in my hair, igniting a pleasure pain that rocked my senses.

I was quickly overwhelmed with their dominance over my body.

I wanted more of it and my desperate cries demanded it.

I quickly learned I wasn’t the one in control. The more Tavik fucked my throat, the more Zane teased me to the edge and back, the more I realized that this was the second half of my punishment, that they would determine if and when I would find release. I couldn’t even beg for them to let me come with Tavik’s dick in my mouth.

They were in control and they were going to make sure I knew it.

Zane used the flat of his tongue against my clit, rolling it back and forth and I almost forgot to breathe. I gripped Tavik’s legs, trying to stay steady as my body screamed for release. My eyes rolled back in my head as he pulled my hair roughly, pleasure pain ricocheting through my body. Even my fingertips burned with unreleased passion. My skin felt electrified with it.

The men weren’t gentle as they used my body and I didn’t care. I wanted it. I wanted more of it. Needy and feeling more punished by the second, I whimpered around Tavik’s cock, but he didn’t listen. Instead, he fucked my throat harder, forcing me to take every last inch of his thick length.


I was so hot.

I needed to come.

Zane took me to the edge and back again and I screamed with frustration.

To either side of me, Valdus and Caleb knelt, each one taking my nipple in between their fingers and squeezing hard. Rich, delicious pain cascaded through me and I melted in their touch.

Between the four of them, I was a very punished little human. Needy, sore, and desperately wanting to come.

“Submit to us. Give us everything and we’ll give you exactly what you need,” Caleb whispered in my ear and I groaned with pleasure. I shivered and tried to obey, knowing he was only trying to help me.

I burned with desire and my hips twitched as Zane dragged his tongue. I wanted to beg and plead for mercy, to ask that they let me come, just once, but I knew that Tavik wasn’t going to allow it. Caleb and Valdus gripped my nipples harshly, forcing tiny zings of pain and pleasure to race down, straight to my clit.


I was so hot.

I needed to come so badly.

Maybe Caleb was right. Maybe I needed to stop fighting and just go along for the ride. Give myself over to them completely and then they’d let me have the orgasm I so desperately needed. They were strong, powerful, and more than worthy to give me what I desired.

Tavik jerked my head back hard and his dick followed. I groaned around his girth as the pain from his grip exploded across my scalp and in that moment, I gave him completely. I let him use me. I let Zane tease me and I accepted that my four Vakarran captors had control of my mind and body. They chose when they used me. They would choose whether I experienced pain or pleasure and they would let me come when they wanted, not when I wanted.

In that moment, I was theirs.

My body melted like butter. It rode the waves of desire, enjoying the way Zane teased and tormented with each passing second. All resistance within my limbs ebbed away. They had my submission.

Tavik groaned with pleasure, pumping his dick down my throat faster and harder. My tongue swirled around his length and my body buzzed with longing.

Zane’s fingers squeezed on my hips, holding me steady. His mouth latched on to my pussy and he began to work my needy little clit with his tongue. I felt my body begin to rise again, the passionate desire rising within me once more, only this time it felt stronger, faster, and even more intense than before.

I began to tremble. My moans around Tavik’s cock sounded more desperate and my pussy clenched hard. At once, Caleb and Valdus released my nipples and a flash of pain cascaded throughout my system, racing down my veins and straight to my core.

I felt my feverish desire run wild and a white-hot burst of pleasure shattered me completely. I couldn’t think, breathe, or do anything except experience the ecstasy these four men had given me. It was intense, consuming, and utterly exhilarating.

Hot. So fucking hot.

I panted and moaned around Tavik’s cock. My eyes rolled back in my head and he groaned loudly, and his thighs shuddered hard. His hot seed spurted into the back of my throat, but he never lessened his grip, forcing me to swallow around his dick and take every last drop of his essence. A full rich berry flavor exploded over my tongue and a second, more powerful orgasm rippled through me.

I screamed. I moaned. I trembled with pleasure and enjoyed every last second. I knew I shouldn’t want this, but at that moment, I didn’t give a damn about any of it.

Tavik pulled free from my lips and dropped to his knees. He pulled me into a devastating kiss that left me breathless, not caring that my mouth had just been on his cock. His tongue collided with mine, dancing with me as I quivered with orgasm.

My arms twirled around his neck as I struggled to hold myself upright. My legs felt weak as Zane worked my pussy, twirling and nipping at my clit as he forced one release from me after another. I shook with my ecstasy as my thighs shook from the exertion.

Zane didn’t care though. He wrenched another orgasm from me then and I began to wonder if he’d ever stop. Caleb kissed me next, his lips sweet and coaxing, but still demanding. Valdus kissed my neck and I shivered as goosebumps rose all over my skin.

Fuck. I didn’t know if I could take much more of this. I felt like I could internally combust at any moment. I was that hot.

Every muscle in my body tightened and all of my senses were in overdrive, drunk with desire and mind-bending pleasure. As I was shaking with orgasm, my four men lifted me off of Zane’s mouth. He crawled backwards, and suddenly, I was thrust down on top of his cock. Full, thick, and bigger than I remembered, his dick speared me in two in one smooth, hard motion. He thrust upward, taking me deeper than ever and my pussy greedily clamped around it.

“Give me that wet little cunt,” Zane demanded boldly, and I shivered at the shamelessness in his tone. He grabbed onto my hips as I ground into him, milking his length with my pussy. He kissed me, swallowing my screams of passion as I came.

He made me ride him hard. He wasn’t gentle in the slightest. In that moment, I was his and he was going to wring every ounce of pleasure from my body that he could. His palms drifted backwards, cupping the cheeks of my freshly whipped ass. I cried out from the pain at first, only after a few seconds, it turned into a pleasure that shook me to the very core.

“Fuck, I can’t take any more,” I pleaded.

“You’ll take it everything I give you, little human,” Zane said darkly and in response, my pussy tightened greedily around his cock. Just when I had finally gotten used to his size, I could feel him lengthen within me. Not only that, his girth began to grow too.

“I’m going to punish this naughty cunt all I want,” he growled, and I moaned forlornly, resigning myself to however many more orgasms he would force from my body. His cock stretched my entrance painfully, but in the most delicious way possible. My thighs trembled and squeezed around his waist. He held me firmly down, making me take every last painful inch and as much as I wanted it to stop, I couldn’t deny I needed it. I adored him for it.

My hips rocked back and forth, taking his cock deep. It felt as though we were one and he groaned low beneath me and ripples of desire cascaded through me. My pussy clenched around him and he shuddered hard, before I felt his seed spurt up inside me.

His cum was hot and I came again. I’d lost count of just how many times I orgasmed, but it didn’t matter. My eyes rolled back in my head and knives of scorching, fiery pleasure pierced through me.

“Fuck. Zane,” I keened, and he growled, pumping his hips up as I shattered into a million little pieces on top of him. I couldn’t control the movements of my body anymore. My back arched, and my own hips moved wildly against his. My fingers dug into my thighs and I flung my head back, shaking with my orgasm.

My pleasure seemed to go on and on. I was far gone, lost in my own world of decadent shameful desire and I didn’t care. I needed this. I wanted this and I was going to enjoy every last moment until I collapsed from exhaustion.

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