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Surrender: A Mafia Billionaire Romance by Shanna Handel – Extended Preview

The doors close quietly behind us. Sweat pricks beneath my arms. Across my hairline. Over my palms. He releases my hand. Goes to the center of the room. Presses another button on his watch. Two slats of flooring move away. Something begins to rise from beneath them. I hold my breath and wait.

It’s a pommel horse. Like those the gymnasts use. And I know exactly what it’s for.

To bend me over.

My stomach churns. I wring my hands, one around the other. I’ve got to get out of here. Should I scream for Heidi? Try to dig my phone from my purse and call for help? I remember I’ve given up my purse.

Nick’s busy opening and closing drawers, eyeing me as he does so. What he’s retrieving? I don’t want to be here to find out. My feet seem to be frozen to the floor, but my gaze frantically searches the room for an exit. There’s not one in sight. At least not one I’m going to be able to uncover.

My words come out sounding as shaky as my knees feel. “Nick, I-I’m not sure I want to stay after all. I’m not sure this lifestyle is one I’m capable of—”

Before I can finish, he’s got me in his arms. Kissing me deeply. My body melts against his. My nerves begin to melt. The feel of his body against mine, his scent… it’s intoxicating.

God, how I’ve missed him.

He pulls back, those blue eyes searching mine. “You trust me?”

I pause a moment. With my teeth sinking into my bottom lip, I give a nod.

“Tell me with words.”

“Yes… sir.”

“Good girl. Now let me tell you what is going to happen to you. You broke your promise. Took off without telling anyone where you were going. You need to be properly punished.”

A slight whine creeps into my voice. “But why?”

“Because the next time your mind tells you to run away, your punished ass will remind you it’s a bad idea.” His hands brush over the back of my skirt. Barely caressing my bottom. His fingers creep down my thigh. Slip beneath that fluttering green dress. Trail their way along the elastic band of my panties. To the cleft of my ass. Pressing. Until the tip of his finger is putting pressure on the hole of my bottom. “And this is where I’m going to start your punishment.”

I gasp. Push my hands against his chest, which suddenly feels like a brick wall. Move away from him, untangling myself from his arms, shaking my head. “No. No… no. No.”

“Yes. Yes. Yes.”

I turn to run but he grabs my arm. Tugs me to the pommel horse. Beside it’s a table, its top holding a tube of lube and an oddly shaped silver item I’ve not seen before. I assume it’s meant for my poor bottom. I cry out as he bends me over the pommel. The leather is soft but firm against my belly. He’s somehow gotten it to the perfect height for my short stature and my head and arms hang over the side.

He flips my skirt up over my lower back, pressing his hard palm flat against it, holding me in place. His other hand strokes my panty-clad curves. Sending tingles and shivers over my skin that make me moan. I’m thinking to myself, maybe this won’t be so bad, then his hand comes crashing down in a sharp spank.

My ass is stinging, a handprint-shaped fire burns on my skin. “Ow!”

“Let’s get these panties down.”

“Oh, no. Please don’t. Not here.” In this moment of terror and shame, I realize something truly terrible—the glass that made the rear wall of the sky lounge extends across this room as well. I can see Bachmans moving about the tarmac. Can they see me? I’ve no time to worry over it because his fingertips are hooking into the waistband of my panties. Rolling the fabric down over my bottom. Down my thighs. Leaving them just above my knees.

“Spread your legs for me.”

I don’t instantly obey and I’m punished for my hesitation with a volley of hard spanks. “Ow! Ow! Oh, my goodness… alright then! Have it your way.”

I part my thighs, humiliated by the sound of my crackling wetness. His fingers immediately bury inside my aching pussy. It’s a wonderful surprise and I relax against the leather. His fingers run over my slickness. Playing with my pulsing nub. Sliding within me for one delicious pump. The walls of my pussy clench around him, greedy for more. Then he’s gone. I let out a sigh of disappointment.

And a gasp of shock.

His fingers have left my pussy and are creeping up to my bottom. He was only gathering my juices for his invasion. My eyes shut tight with shame as his slick fingers press against the tight hole of my bum. I whimper as my muscle relaxes, allowing him access. He slips a finger inside of me.

“You were a very bad girl.” The finger moves in, then backs out.

I answer with a whimper.

“You haven’t yet accepted my rules.” Slowly in, my muscles contract around his finger. Then back out. “But you will. I’ll teach you to obey me.”

His finger plunges in and out of my bottom. Stretching my flesh, making it burn with an uncomfortable fullness. I’m whimpering, tears building in the backs of my eyes. Tears not from pain but from the shame of having him dominate me in such a taboo way. Milking the humiliation from me. Showing the power he holds over me with one simple movement of his finger.

“Are you ready to accept your punishment?”

“W-what? I thought this was it. Aren’t you doing it… now?”

“I saw you looking to run from this room. Trying to find an escape. My finger is just a tool to get you to where you needed to be. A place of acceptance. Submission. When I punish you today, I don’t want to hold you in place. I want you to lie still. Taking what’s coming to you like a good girl. Can you do that for me?”

“I… I think I can.”

“I know you can.”

I sigh with relief as I feel his finger leave my bottom. He brushes a kiss against my cheek. Leaves me over the horse. Through the strands of my upside-down hair, I see him reaching for the tube of lube from the table. Opening the cap and spreading it across his fingers. He takes the silver thing in his other hand. I watch in awe as he lubes it right in front of me. Taking his time. Letting this all sink in. “This, my dear, is a plug.”

He walks around and once again stands behind me. I stare at the empty table, willing the plug to magically fly from his hands and return to where he got it from. Instead, I start at the touch of his prepared fingers. The jelly is cold. He spreads a generous amount of the lube over my tight muscle. He slips inside, lubricating my rear entrance.

I groan. “Are you sure we need to involve… that… thing?”

“Your pretty plug? Yes, I do. Now, ask me to punish your bottom.”

My world comes crashing down around me. A white heat flashes over my face as I feel the true weight of what I’ve agreed to by staying. I wasn’t just saying yes to Nick. I was saying yes to this sexily shameful way of life. Perspiration pricks at my hairline. He taps my bottom. “Don’t keep me waiting.”

Can I do this?

Maybe I’m not as strong of a woman as I claim to be. My knees go weak. I’m shaking. My tongue feels large and swollen in my mouth. But I must answer him. “Please… p-punish my bottom, sir.”

“Good girl.”

I squeeze my eyes shut tight waiting for the plug. The icy cold tip of it pushes against me. He’s pressing it in ever so slowly. My muscles fight back but he tells me to relax. Rubs my lower back. The plug begins to inch inside of me. Stretching and burning and filling my tiny bottom hole. It’s a sensation like no other I’ve felt. Discomfort. Yet arousal. And again, a deep throbbing of submission fills my belly. The plug is fully inside of me now. He gives it a twist that makes me lose my breath. “Now to mark you with my belt.”

The submissive feeling suddenly washes away. I stand. “I don’t think so. We’re done here.” His hand is one thing, but to be struck by his leather belt—the idea is too much. My buttocks clench and I’m reminded of the plug inside me.

And why I’m being punished.

I have been a bad girl. And I’ve told him that I trust him… that I’m going to accept my punishment. He raises one dark brow to me. And I find myself lowering my body over the pommel horse.

“There’s my good, good girl,” he croons. My belly flips and flops at the sound of the unbuckling of his metal belt. The whoosh of the leather leaving the loops of his trousers. “Lift your skirt.”

He’s instrumenting a process; making me accept, comply, obey.

Flush builds in my face. My trembling fingers find the hem of my dress. I lift the material, shame filling me as I bare my bottom to him to be punished. The cool air rushes over my skin.

The leather swooshes through the air and I brace for the impact. I cry out as it comes down across the fullest curve of my bottom. Stinging and burning. A decadent burn that awakens my carnal desire. Is it strange that I love the pain? “Oh, I…”

“This is what happens when you break a promise.”

The sting is delicious and has me thinking I may be breaking more promises in the future. But when the belt comes down the second time, it’s much harder. A searing, blinding, white-hot pain bursts across my flesh. It has my toes curling, my voice howling.

“I don’t know if I can—” My breath catches in my throat as he brings the belt down again. A new stripe of heat lights my ass and tears flow down my cheeks. It’s so painful, so intense. I can think of nothing other than the scorching line across my ass. “No more. I’ll never break a promise again. I promise!”

“One more.”

The leather strap comes down, one more time, and I shriek as it lands on my skin. I can’t believe how quickly I went from enjoying this to sobbing and begging. I cry out, “I’m sorry. I’ll be good. I’ll be so good for you!”

“That’s my good girl.” The belt rests on top of my throbbing skin. He slowly slides it off, the soft buttery leather caressing my hot flesh. The sound of it dropping to the floor echoes through the room. I exhale a sigh of relief.

His hand smooths over my fiery ass. Cups the curve of my bottom. He starts to spank the tender place where my ass meet the tops of my thighs with soft little spanks. They’re gentle and sensual and make my pussy drip with arousal. Mewing noises rise in the back of my throat. The little spanks fool me as the first stripe of the belt did. Then the spanks get harder, sharper, faster. Peppering every inch of that sensitive area. Stinging my skin. Making my pussy weep and beg.

“Spread your legs.” He’s stopped spanking now and is rolling my panties down around my ankles. I can’t imagine what he has in store for me next—but I know what I want. I part my thighs further. The plug moves as I do. Stretching and pulling and only adding to my desire. The cool air caresses the hot wetness of my slick folds. I catch the scent of my own arousal. I feel his gaze appraising between my legs. “Beautiful.”

I hear the dropping of his trousers. I feel the heat of his thighs against the backs of mine. “Please, please fuck me.”

“Only because you’ve done so well taking your punishment.” He gives a dark chuckle as his fingers dig into my hips. His cock finds my slick entrance. The head pressing against my tight pussy. One rough shove and he’s inside of me. As his cock fills my pussy, my breath catches in my throat.

The plug.

His already huge member has me absolutely stretched to capacity with the space the plug is taking up in my core. I’m whimpering, my clit pulsing as he slowly retracts, then gives another hard, full thrust, filling me to capacity.

He pumps hard as he tightens his hold on my hips. His huge cock slams in and out of my slippery sheath. The pulsing nub between my folds bumps up against the firm leather pommel with each thrust, sending a shockwave of pleasure through my overly stimulated body. My fingernails dig into the pommel horse. My eyes squeeze shut. My mouth gapes.

The orgasm building within me is more powerful than I’d dreamed one could be.

The tips of my toes barely touch the floor as he fucks me, over and over and over. Every time his hips meet my ass, the plug gets a little push. My clit another rough caress. My sheath tightens around him. Milking him for every ounce of pleasure. Heat covers my body, my breaths come in fast pants. Perspiration trickles between my heavy breasts as I finally experience the sweet release of climax.

Over and over again.

He’s still pumping within me. My limbs feel weak. My pussy sore and raw. Just when I’m crying out that I can’t take any more, he grabs my hips. Pulls me in close. I feel his cock explode inside of me. Pulsing and throbbing. His hot seed fills me, spilling out and running down the inside of my thigh.

He lays over top of me, as we catch our breath.

He brushes the damp hair from the back of my neck. Kisses and sucks and bites that delicate flesh in the way I so adore. Kisses my cheek. Whispers into my ear, “Such a good girl.”

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