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Surrendered Innocence: A Dark Mafia Romance by Measha Stone – Extended Preview


If she doesn’t get moving soon, I’m going to have to make her. As much as I love the fear mingling with the arousal in her eyes, it’s her obedience I want right now.

The blush on her cheeks deepens the longer she contemplates her fate, but it’s her ass that I’m going to redden even more. After more time than I should allow passes, she crawls onto the bed and lays with her cheeks pressed into the pillows. Her bare ass faces me.

There’s no evidence of the spanking I gave her this morning on her ass. It’s as creamy and soft as it was when I pulled her over my knees. It won’t be a blank canvas for much longer; my belt will mark her. She’ll see the consequences of her actions on her ass for at least a day, if not more.

“Hands at the headboard, moy malen’kiy voin.” I press one knee into the mattress, catching her wrists when she flings them toward me. It takes me only a moment to get the rope around her wrists and tied to the thick wood slats of the headboard I had made special for this very activity.

She’s not the first woman I’ve had bound to this bed, but she’s definitely the most interesting. My women have been willing, more than willing. Most beg to be here, but not Amanda.

“If you do this, Maxim, I’m never going to speak to you again. I will pretend you don’t even exist.” Her threat would be more menacing if her pupils weren’t so dilated. I might even take it to heart if I slide my hand through her folds and I don’t find her pussy wet for me. Just to test it, I do just that, gliding my forefinger across her ass cheeks then wiggling between her thighs until I find her sex, soaked and waiting for me.

“Your body tells me more than you will anyway.” I pat her cheeks, enjoying the little bounce they give. “Was I unclear this morning when I left your apartment?” I question as I work my belt buckle open. The jangle gets her attention. It always does in these situations.

“I understood you fine.” Her jaw clenches. Hell, her whole body does, as I rip the thick, well-used leather belt from my pants. Her toes curl at the sound of the leather rubbing against my trousers.

“Then you shouldn’t be surprised to find yourself face down on my bed, bound to the headboard awaiting your punishment.”

“I’m a grown woman!” She tugs against the binds, a little late for such a show of defiance. She’s not getting out of that knot.

“Then you really should have known better, yes?” I fold my belt in half, taking care to tuck the metal buckle into my palm. The goal is not to harm her. But this will hurt. Like hell.

Her eyes widen, but before she can form any words, I unleash the belt across both her ass cheeks. She stiffens, probably thinking it will help when I bring it down again, but her mouth drops open and she cries out. The third and fourth lash have her trying to roll to the side.

“If you do that, I’ll have to bind your legs to the bed.” I lower my aim to the back of her thighs, and she hisses. It’s a pretty sound. Not harsh and ugly, but sweet and savory.

“It hurts! More than before!” she cries out as I begin to really lay into her, making my way up her thighs to the under curve of her ass, over the generous curve then up her ass before making my way down again. I leave no bit of her creamy skin untouched.

Angry red marks crisscross her cheeks, but I’m more concerned with the sounds of her cries. My cock aches, pressing against my pants.

“Please! Maxim! I’m sorry I went out!” She tugs harder with her wrists, and twists one way then the other trying to avoid the belt. But I’m not done with her. I grab her waist and pin her down to the mattress, not giving her the ability to wiggle away.

“You need to understand now. You are my responsibility. You will follow every rule I give. You will obey every order. And if you don’t….” I stop to unleash the belt across her thighs. “This will be a pleasant memory compared to what I will do.” I sit on the bed, holding her still.

I toss the belt to the floor. I want to touch her. I want to feel each ripple of pain. Over and over again, I spank her with my open palm. It only takes another dozen swats before she’s openly sobbing into my pillow.

“The world is a dangerous place, moy malen’kiy voin.” I press my palm against the heat of her ass. “And it just got more dangerous for you.”

Her watery eyes meet mine. “I just want to find my brother.”

“You don’t have to do that alone anymore,” I assure her with a curt nod. “I’m going to help you.”

She sniffles. “I can do it myself.”

I sigh. “Maybe you can, but you’re not going to.” I stroke my fingertips along her thigh, over the red marks my belt has left behind. “Tell me the truth, moy malen’kiy voin. Are you wet?”

She turns her face away, burying her truth into the pillows.

“Ah. I think you are.” I push my hand between her thighs and find her even more wet than before. “You are.”

“I can’t help it,” she mutters into the pillow. “It doesn’t change that I hate what you just did.”

“No.” I reach up to the knot and quickly work it open. “But punishments aren’t meant to be enjoyed.”

Once her wrists are free, she pulls her hands beneath her, still keeping her expression from me.

Fuck that.

“Roll over, moy malen’kiy voin.”

“No.” She shakes her head; her defiance is muffled by the pillow, but I hear it loud and clear.

“Maybe you didn’t learn your lesson, then.” I touch her ass, still warm from the spanking, but she could take more if needed.

She groans but wiggles herself around until she’s on her back. Her arms are crossed over her chest, hiding her pretty tits from me, and she moves one leg to lay over the other. A pathetic attempt to hide her pussy.

“How can I make you feel good if you keep being so naughty?” I cup her chin, forcing her to bring her eyes to me again. Tears have stained her cheeks, but her eyes are dry. The red hue of her cheeks is from embarrassment, I think. I’ve punished her, and for someone as independent as her, she sees this as a failure. She doesn’t understand that I’m part of her now. She’s not alone.

It’s time to teach her another lesson.

One that will have her writhing and crying with pleasure.

“Be a good girl for me now and spread your legs. Let me see how wet your pussy is for me. Show me how sweet you can be.”


His lips are wet. Has he been licking them while deciding if he should devour me now or later?

My body aches. My ass burns, the backs of my thighs hurt, but worse is the pain between my thighs. The very place he wants to see. There’s a fire burning that won’t go away no matter how much I will it to.

“You’re not getting rid of me,” he says, brushing his fingers across my wet cheek. “Show me how pretty your pussy is. Let me taste what’s mine.”

“Yours?” I meant for my voice to be hard, instead of the little squeak that comes out. He can’t honestly believe that just saying something like that makes it true. Except when I look in his eyes, I can see he does. He’s made his claim.

He climbs off the bed, pulling off his shirt and exposing all of the tattoos across his chest, and the scars. So many scars. But beneath the ink and the injuries, he’s a damn god. Muscles everywhere. The mythical V I’ve read about in books, and thought completely fantasy, is right there before me. When I let my gaze travel to where it’s pointing, his cock springs out of his pants as he opens them.

I swallow. Hard.

“Yes, moy malen’kiy voin. Mine.” He kicks away his pants and climbs back on the bed, grabbing hold of my legs. “Now open for me. Show me you’ve learned your lesson and you can be a good girl. An obedient girl.”

I know I should kick him in the face for saying something like that, but my insides are too soft, too warm and melty to do what I’m supposed to do. Instead, I find myself sliding my legs apart, letting him see the most intimate parts of me.

He tucks his bottom lip between his teeth as he drags his gaze up my leg from my ankle to my knee to my very wanting pussy.

“Good girl,” he says, and I get even more wet for him. I fist my hands at my sides, willing my senses back. I can’t just let him do this. I can’t just fall obediently at his feet…

Oh, fuck!

He’s moved between my legs. His warm, thick tongue glides over my clit, circling it slowly around and around, and then beneath and a flick. A stronger flick.

Someone moans.

He looks up the length of my body at me with a smile.

It was me.

“Bend your knees, and spread your legs more.”

“I’m not sure this is a good idea.” Finally, some sense returns.

“I want you to come for me, moy malen’kiy voin, come hard in my mouth so I can lick all of your arousal, and then I’m going fuck you until you come a second time. I think this is a very good idea.”

How can anyone sound as sure of himself as he does?

He lowers his face again. His tongue dances over my clit. With two fingers, he spreads my pussy lips and sucks my clit into his mouth. I clench my toes and breathing becomes second to him making me feel like that more.

He doesn’t disappoint. Over and over, his tongue lashes my clit before traveling through my pussy lips and teasing my entrance.

“Do you want more?” he asks, nuzzling my clit. “You want my fingers to fuck you here?” He pushes two fingers, just the very tips, into my passage.

He’s a tease. A fucking tease.

“Yes,” I hear myself whisper. Traitorous bitch.

“Good girl.” He kisses my stomach, just above my sex then thrusts his two fingers inside. With a curl of his fingers, he makes me cry out.

“Oh, god!” I fist the bedding beneath me and push up with my feet, bringing my ass off the bed. I need more, so much more.

“A little more, I think,” he mutters then his tongue swirls around my clit while his fingers thrust in and out, in and out. A twist of his hand and he begins to thrust downward, striking a landmine of pleasure.

“I’m going… oh, Maxim!” I scream his name as a tsunami crashes over my body. Hard pulses of ecstasy rip through my pussy while he continues to stroke me with his fingers. I suck in a long breath once my screaming finishes. My muscles go lax, and I’m left with a slow hum covering my pussy.

“Such a good girl,” I hear him say a moment before his fingers leave me. I watch, almost through a fog, as he licks his fingers clean. There’s something medicinal about those words good girl. Every time he says them, a warmth, something like pride, spreads through my veins.

Maxim leans back on his heels while tearing open a condom packet. With slow, steady hands he rolls the latex over his thick, long cock. When I look up at his face, he’s grinning.

“You’ll get to taste me later. Not now.” He pushes my thighs open wider and positions the head of his cock at my entrance.

He leans further over my body. His hands are on either side of my shoulders, like he’s about to do a set of pushups right over me. Except the thick head of his cock is pressed right at my entrance.

“Right now, I’m fucking you.” One thrust, and he’s fully embedded in me. The instant burn and stretch makes me scream and bolt upward, but he eases me down again.

Soft kisses to my cheeks, my shoulders, then he hovers right over my lips.

“Does it hurt, moy malen’kiy voin? My cock?” He brushes his lips over mine. “You’re not a virgin, are you?”

I shake my head. “No, but it’s been… a while,” I say as he kisses my chin.

“Is it better now?” He lines up his gaze with mine. Concern laced with deep arousal swims in his eyes.

I nod. “Yes.” I swallow. “It’s better now.” The burn has ebbed into a heated desire. If he doesn’t start moving, the pain will be for a completely different reason.

“I won’t go slow, moy malen’kiy voin. Not tonight. I can’t. I need you.” He grits his teeth, and I realize he’s struggling to keep control.

“No. Not slow,” I agree. He’s not a lovemaking guy. He’s a hard fuck man, and I can’t even deny that it’s arousing as hell.

He pulls back until only the head of his cock remains and then plows forward. I grunt, but it’s not from the pain—though there is some of that. The bite of it though, it makes me want him more. I ache for it.

I dig my fingertips into his shoulders, and he growls. I do it again. Harder.

“Fuck.” He thrusts harder, faster, until the bed bangs against the wall. I want him to unravel. I want to make him lose himself as easily as he made me.

“Oh!” Somewhere along the way, watching him grapple with his own need has brought me back to my edge. “Harder!” I pull my legs back, bending my knees and hooking my feet around his waist.

He doesn’t hesitate; he fucks me harder and harder still. I’ve lost track of which of us is in control. One moment, I’m breathing, the next, there’s no air. My voice is gone, my heart hammers against my ribs, and there’s a heavy throb in my pussy.

“Mine,” he grinds out between thrusts. “All fucking mine,” he says again as he pumps into me over and over, and then he stills. His own release takes him. Arching his back, he rolls his head and roars with his own pleasure.

It’s long moments before he brings his forehead down to mine, our heavy breathing mingling between us.

His mouth crashes over mine while his hand slips to my cheek, cradling me softly while his tongue demands entrance. I gentle my grip on his shoulders, following him into the most passionate kiss I’ve ever had. This isn’t just a kiss. This is a possession.

When he breaks away, he flicks his tongue over my lips.

“There’s no doubt now. You’re mine, moy malen’kiy voin. All mine.”

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