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Sweet Ferocity: A Dark Mafia Romance by Zoe Blake – Extended Preview


As I stretched under the cozy cocoon of blankets I glanced at the bedside clock and was alarmed to see that several hours had passed. It was amazing how a few hours of sleep could make you feel like a new person—or at least like someone who wasn’t kidnapped and spent the last few days chained to a wall.

The sound of clothes rustling caught my attention.

Luka rose from the small sofa near the end of my bed. “What do you want to eat? I have ordered you a burger, a small pizza, a pasta dish, and some cake,” he asked as he headed out of the bedroom into the main living room area.

Was he watching over me as I slept?

I propped myself up against the headboard. “I’m not hungry.”

He returned to the doorway and leaned against the doorframe. “You have two options here. You select something and eat it. Or I select something and feed it to you.”

I crossed my arms. “Are you this mean to your girlfriend?”

He smirked. “I’m a grown man, babygirl. I don’t have girlfriends. I have women I like to fuck.”

My cheeks burned at his bold answer. I didn’t know why I’d fished to learn if he had a girlfriend. It wasn’t like I cared. “I want to get a shower first.”

He frowned. “You really should eat.”

“I haven’t had a shower in a week. I promise I’ll eat after.”

“You can have a bath.”

I wrinkled my nose. “I’d rather just have a shower.”

He nodded. “Very well.” He strolled further into the room and lifted his T-shirt over his head, baring his heavily tattooed chest, and tossed it aside. He then reached for his belt buckle.

I sprang up to my knees, uncaring that the blanket had dropped to around my waist. “Wait! What are you doing?”

“You are weak from your time in captivity. I cannot trust you won’t fall in the shower, so I will take one with you to be safe.”

I snorted. “You fucking wish. No way!”

He slipped the leather strap through the first ring of the buckle. “Make your choice, Katia. A shower with me, or a bath.”

“It’s Katie and I’ll take the bath.”

He pushed the leather strap back through the loop and turned and headed through a door that I assumed led to the bathroom.

I called after him, “You big bully!”

All I heard was his laughter, and then the roar of a tub faucet.

After several minutes he returned. “Do you want me to carry you?”

I shot out of the bed, dragging the blanket around me as I went. “Nope!” I raced past him and through the bathroom door. I slammed it shut and locked it.

Leaning against it, I let out a sigh. I hadn’t had a moment to process any of this shit and didn’t want to start now. I wanted to get clean and then figure out what my next move would be. I looked over at the tub and had to swallow a squeal of pleasure. He had filled it with soft, silky bubbles. Tearing off my panties and bra, I sank into the tub and leaned back with a sigh.

For the first time, I glanced around. In addition to the enormous tub there was a glass shower and lots of white and gold marble. Whatever hotel this was, it was swanky. That should definitely raise alarm bells since there was no way in hell my father was paying to put me up in this kind of luxury. Locking that thought in the for later box, I sank lower in the tub till the bubbles tickled my chin. Reaching for a washcloth, I added even more bath soap and scrubbed every inch of my skin till it glowed.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. I was finally feeling human again.

Unbidden, thoughts of Luka crept into my consciousness.

The sight of him without his shirt on. Holy hell, the man was big. Like big. Like muscles on top of muscles. His chest was covered in super scary-looking tattoos that only seemed to emphasize his toned abs. And then there was the feel of his cock against my foot and his hands on my body.

My palm slid along the top of my thigh. I pretended it was Luka again. Closing my eyes tight, I slipped my hand between my thighs. My fingertip slid between the folds of my pussy to find my clit. Again, I thought of Luka and the erotic, terrifying thrill I’d felt the moment he’d reached for his belt. Was he serious? Was he the type of man who would actually whip off his belt and punish a girl for being bad? I bit my lip as I pressed my fingertip to my clit. I bet he was. I bet he was the type to growl at you to get on your knees and crawl to him as he pulled out his cock.

I circled the tip of my finger around the tiny bud of nerves, alternating between soft and light pressure.

He practically screamed the dirty sex type. He probably liked to spank his women as he fucked them.

I barely stifled a groan as my back arched.

“Don’t stop,” growled Luka.

My eyes flew open. “Oh, my God! What are you doing in here?”

Water splashed over the edge of the tub as I scrambled to cover myself.

He placed the plate of cake he had been holding on the bathroom counter and stalked toward me. His hooded brow was low as his gray wolf eyes pierced me. “I said, don’t stop.”

I hunched lower in the water. Spitting out the taste of soap bubbles as I searched the bottom of the tub for the washcloth to cover my breasts. “I locked the door!”

He reached for his belt buckle. “And I unlocked it. I gave you an order.”

My cheeks burned hot. How long had he been watching me? Did he know what I had been doing under the cover of the sudsy water? Of course he knew, I chastised myself.

He whipped his belt free from his jeans and kicked off his shoes. “I’m not going to tell you again, princess. Keep touching yourself.”

I gathered the fading bubbles closer to cover my chest. “Get out!”

With his jeans half-undone, he sat on the edge of the tub. He reached over and grabbed my face, holding me just beneath my jaw. “Tell me you weren’t just thinking about me as you played with that pretty pussy of yours,” he snarled. “Tell me you weren’t remembering the feel of my hands on your body.”

I whimpered but couldn’t respond.

He caressed my neck then moved his hand further down. He cupped my right breast and squeezed. I cried out.

“Do it now,” he commanded.

My hand trembled as I moved it between my legs.

“That’s it, baby. Do as I tell you.”

My inner thighs clenched, locking around my wrist. This was so wrong and yet so fucking hot. I rubbed my clit, harder this time.

He massaged my breast before pinching my nipple. The shock of pain sent a lightning bolt of awareness down my spine. My hips started to move. The bathwater undulated in waves, splashing onto the floor.

“Push a finger inside. I want you to get that pussy ready for me.”

My mouth opened on a groan as I pushed a finger inside of myself. Then a second one.

This was going too far. I needed to stop this. Luka thought I was someone I wasn’t.

He moved his hand from my breast to between my legs. Pushing my hand aside, he replaced it with his own. His fingers were much larger and thicker than mine as they entered me.

My hips shot up. “Oh, God!”

Using his free hand, he placed two fingers against my lower lip. He forced my mouth open, then pushed his fingers inside. “Suck my fingers. Show me how you’ll suck my cock.”

I had no idea what I was doing. I’d never even come close to sucking a man’s cock in my entire sheltered life.

Luka bared his teeth before pushing a third finger inside my mouth, pushing down on my tongue. “Suck it. Hard.”

His fingers thrust in and out of my pussy as I swirled my tongue around his fingers, wetting them, drawing them deeper into my mouth. As he pushed hard on his fingers between my thighs, he pushed deeper into my mouth, gagging me. Still I sucked as my hips started to buck.

“Good girl. Come for me.”

My hands grasped the edge of the tub as my torso shot up the moment wave after wave of pleasure hit my body. I crashed back down into the water as I bent my knees and grabbed his wrist, holding his hand in place as my pussy clenched down on his fingers. “Yes! Yes! Fuck! Yes!”

With what could only be described as a primal roar, Luka pulled his fingers free and lifted me out of the water. A cascade of soapy water flowed over the edge as he carried me to the shower.


Setting her on her feet, with my fist I knocked the shower lever, turning the hot water on full blast.

I stood there with my jeans still on as the water flowed over both of us, washing away the suds, leaving me with an unfettered view of her every curve. God, she was beautiful. From her full breasts to her hips and sexy, dimpled ass. Her skin looked like fresh cream that I just wanted to lick. I had yet to even kiss her.

Leaning her back against the tiles, I wrapped my hands around her jaw and tilted her head back. I pressed my mouth to hers, breathing her air before slipping my tongue inside. The moment the tip of her tongue touched mine, I deepened the kiss. Pressing my hips into hers, I pushed my fingers into her hair and held her face firmly as I plundered her mouth over and over again. I couldn’t get enough of her taste or the feel of her tongue dueling with mine.

I reached between our bodies to cup her breast. Breaking our kiss, I leaned down to suck one nipple into my mouth. Using my teeth, I teased the sensitive flesh, loving how her back arched each time I gently bit down. I returned to her mouth.

“Open for me,” I rasped against her already swollen lips. I traced her upper lip with my tongue before scraping the edges of my teeth along her full bottom lip. I had to resist the urge to bite down, wanting to taste her blood like I had in my fantasies.

I was a man possessed. All reason and civility had left my body. All that was left was a feral animal need to make this woman mine. I didn’t just want to fuck her. I wanted to breed her. I wanted my seed deep in her belly, binding her to me in blood for all eternity.

I spun her around until she was facing the tiles. Lifting her arms up, I interlaced my fingers with hers and leaned in to whisper in her ear, “I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’ll taste my cock in the back of your throat.”

I then slapped her wet ass.

Katia let out a yelp as she tried to break my embrace.

I spanked her again, pleased when I saw my raw, red handprint appear on her pale cheek.

“Spread your legs,” I ordered, spanking her again when she didn’t immediately obey me.

“Wait! We can’t.”

I fisted her wet hair and pulled her head back. “The fuck we can’t.”

“You don’t understand.”

I tore at the fastening to my jeans, lowering the zipper the rest of the way down. Knowing I would never get the wet denim off, I jerked open the flaps and just pulled out my cock. “I understand all I need to. Your sweet pussy is going to get fucked raw.”

I kicked at her feet, widening her stance even further. Reaching between her legs, I teased her pussy, feeling the silky touch of her arousal, knowing she was ready for me.

I placed my hands on her waist and tilted her hips back until she was bent almost in half. Her brown hair clung to her shoulders. I ran my hand down her back, circling each dimple above her ass cheeks with my fingertip. I spanked her ass several more times, relishing how her flesh bounced with each hit then bloomed into a fiery pink.

“Ow, that hurts!”

“It’s supposed to hurt. Only through pain do we know pleasure.”

I fisted my cock and bent my knees slightly, lining my hips up with hers. I placed the head of my cock at her entrance and then gripped her hips. I breathed heavily through my nose several times, trying to slow the rapid beat of my heart, knowing if I fucked her right at this moment, I might tear her in two. I tilted my head back, letting the water hit me in the face and cascade down over my shoulders and chest. My cock swelled to painful proportions. I could not hold back the tide any longer.

Pressing my fingertips into her pale flesh, I thrust forward.

Fuck. She was so goddamn tight. I barely got my cock in halfway before feeling her body clench and resist.

Katia screamed as she rocked forward. Her body flattened against the tiles. The upward motion of her torso pushed her hips forward, further burying my cock deep inside of her.

Bending my hips, I thrust again. This time with even more force, burying myself to the base in her tight heat.

Katia cried out again as she clawed at the wet tiles.

It all crashed down on me at once.

Her reaction.

The slight resistance I’d felt the moment I breached her entrance.

I leaned back and looked down between us.

Pale pink water was running down her inner thigh.

Jesus Christ.

Katia trembled against the tiles.

She was a virgin.

At least, she had been a virgin.

And I had taken her like a fucking animal.

I knew she was at least twenty-two. How had a girl in her twenties, and as beautiful as she, remained a virgin for so long?

It didn’t matter.

She was mine now.

Truly and completely.

Once again, I looked down at our joined bodies and never wanted to pull my cock out.

I leaned in closer, wrapping my arms around her.

Katia resisted, trying to twist out of my embrace. “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

It was too late for regrets.

And far too late to stop.

I reached around her hip and teased her pussy. Pressing my fingertips between the folds to flick her clit, bringing her back to ecstasy. As I moved my fingers, I kissed her neck, whispering soothing nonsense in her ear. I rocked our bodies together, letting her get used to the feel of my cock deep inside of her. I caressed her stomach and breasts as the hot water eased her tension. When I pinched her nipple, she moaned and leaned her head back on my shoulder as her small hand wrapped around my wrist, holding my hand against her breast.

My cock swelled.

“Detka, ya bol’she ne mogu sderzhivat’sya.”

Katia moaned.

Realizing I spoke in Russian and not knowing how much of the language she remembered from her childhood, I said, “Do you understand me, baby? I need to fuck you. Now.”

I flattened my hand over her belly and pushed her hips back as I pulled my cock out a few inches and thrust back in to emphasize my words.

“Yes,” she groaned.

“Ya ne mogu byt’ nezhnym.” Then I repeated, “I can’t be gentle.”

Before she could respond, I dragged us both out of the shower. I bent her wet body over the bathroom counter. Twisting my hand into her hair, I pulled, forcing her head back and our eyes to meet in the mirror.

Her blue gaze widened as she took in the sight of my massive body looming over her much smaller one.

I pulled back and thrust in deep.

Her mouth opened on a silent scream.

I thrust in again and again.

Her breasts were smashed against the cold marble as her body rocked back and forth with the violence of my movements.

I raised my arm, wanting to see her face the moment I spanked her ass. Her gaze followed my hand. Her lower lip trembled as her eyes glazed over. I brought my hand down on her vulnerable flesh, watching as her swollen, deep red lips opened on a cry. I then tightened my grasp on her hair as I pounded into her, feeling the pressure build deep within my balls.

“Who’s fucking you, baby?”

“Oh, God, you are.”

“Who owns you now?”

She didn’t respond as her hand moved between her thighs. I could feel the tips of her fingers brush the base of my cock as she rubbed her clit, cresting her own orgasm.

I spanked her ass as I held her gaze in the mirror. “Answer me. Who owns you now, princess?”

A spark of the defiance I saw earlier lit within her gaze, turning her eyes from bright crystal to a blue flame. “No one owns me.”

I smiled.

She’d pay for that later.

Showing her no mercy, I pounded into her until her pussy clenched around my shaft as she came a second time that night. The moment she did, I spilled my seed deep within her body.

Branding her as mine, whether she liked it or not.

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