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Sweet Savagery: A Dark Mafia Romance by Zoe Blake – Extended Preview


Do car trunks run out of oxygen?

I banged on the trunk lid several more times and screamed for help. None came.

Next, I tried to kick out the taillight. It looked way easier on television. All I succeeded in doing was breaking the heel on one of my favorite black pumps. I pressed my palm to the center of my chest and tried to slow my breathing. The trunk reeked of rubber and that astringent chemical new car smell, which made it feel even more claustrophobic and warm.

With no phone and no one answering my cries for help, I was completely at Ivan’s mercy. He had only been driving for less than maybe ten minutes, but for all I knew we were on our way to Wisconsin or the airport even. He could take me back to Russia with him. Oh, God! What if he was actually taking me to Russia? I would be completely screwed.

Even if I escaped, would the Russian authorities even believe me when I said I was an American citizen, with no passport to prove it? It wasn’t like they could look one up in the State Department’s database or anything. I’d barely ever left the state of Illinois, let alone the country. Wouldn’t it just figure the first time in my life I got to travel somewhere it was while being kidnapped and stuffed in the trunk of a car?

The car veered sharply to the left, then right, then left again, as if we were going around and around in tight circles. A parking garage! We must be in a parking garage. What did that mean? The airport? Weren’t parking garages notorious places for criminals to kill people? Oh, God! He was going to kill me and toss my body onto the filthy garage floor between two dusty abandoned cars.

The vehicle came to a stop. I held my breath and listened. The driver’s side door opened and closed. There was the scrape of a shoe against cement. My body tensed, waiting for the beep of his car key fob which would signal the trunk was unlocked. The moment the trunk sprang open, I inhaled deeply, ready to scream bloody murder. I never got the chance.

Ivan snatched my arm and lifted me out of the trunk, then hoisted me over his shoulder in one move. I kicked out, losing both of my shoes. Undeterred, I screamed as I uselessly hit his back with my broken heel, which I thought I could use as a weapon. “Help! Someone please! Help me!”

Pushing the tangled hair out of my eyes, I looked around. We were on the upper level of a parking garage, but only Ivan’s car was parked here. There wasn’t another soul in sight. I twisted to look over my shoulder as he carried me past two sliding glass doors. Thick carpeting muffled his footsteps as he crossed a circular entrance up to two large, black metal doors. He swiped a keycard, and they swung open, only to slam shut the moment he carried me over the threshold. We were in what looked to be a massive penthouse suite, like the kind that takes up an entire freaking floor of a hotel. So much for hoping I could plead for help from someone in the lobby. This was obviously the super-secret villain entrance for the uber rich.

Ivan tossed me onto a nearby sofa. He shrugged out of his suit coat and pulled off his tie as he crossed to the bar. Lifting the stopper from a crystal decanter, he poured himself a drink. Since it was clear and he was very Russian, it was safe to assume he was drinking vodka. As he downed the contents in one swallow and poured himself a second, I took stock of my situation.

No phone.

No shoes.

No purse. I’d left it in his trunk when he pulled me out, so no ID or money.

I glanced out the floor-to-ceiling windows, which wrapped around the penthouse. Judging by the view, I was at least still in Chicago, although I had no idea at which hotel. We appeared to be alone in the suite, and clearly even if I called the police, they would not help me.

Pulling on the hem of my dress to shove it past my knees, I inhaled a deep breath and asked, “What are you going to do with me?”

Without turning around, he responded nonchalantly, “I’m going to finish my drink and then take you into the bedroom and fuck you.”

I blinked. Seriously, who the hell talked like this? “I… I… no, you’re not!”

He turned. In the soft light of the room, his eyes seemed to glow a bright cerulean blue. “You’re right.”

The knot in my stomach loosened.

He drained the glass and set it aside. Keeping his eyes trained on me, he unbuttoned his shirt. “I’ll probably fuck you here first.”

I stood and placed the sofa between us. “Listen, you have your money back. You don’t have a claim on me anymore. You had no right to interrupt my date tonight.”

I was fully aware of what a hypocritical bitch I was being, since at the time I’d appreciated his intervention. Of course, in my defense, I hadn’t realized that five minutes later he’d be throwing me in a fucking trunk like a sociopath. So, I think I’m allowed to change my mind about the situation.

He pulled his shirt free of his pants and tossed it aside. In the center of his chest was a massive tattoo of an open parachute surrounded by a pair of gold wings and some Cyrillic writing. It looked like a military insignia. Just above the tattoo laid a heavy chain with the Russian Orthodox cross looking more like the sinister symbol of some secretive cult than a religion.

He unbuckled his belt, and I clenched my inner thighs. My mouth went dry as I watched him pull it free, but then toss it aside. At least I wouldn’t have to go through the indignity of another humiliating punishment. I couldn’t bear it if he whipped me with his belt again and then forced me to acknowledge how wet and aroused it made me.

“Your date was with me. You do not have my permission to meet with any man for any reason. Do you understand, malen’kaya kukla?”

My temper got the better of me. “Go to hell.”

He pounced.

He moved so swiftly I barely had time to react. In my panic, I ran deeper into the penthouse instead of toward the exit. A heavy force hit my back, propelling me against one of the massive windows. His hand wrapped around my throat from behind.

Ivan growled into my ear, “Do you see that city below?”

I looked down at the thousands of twinkling lights. The Chicago skyline looked like an inverted sky filled with stars. We were so high up the traffic-filled streets were just thin ribbons of flashing red and white.

Without waiting for my response, he continued, “There are millions of people down there and not one of them is going to prevent me from fucking you so hard I’ll bruise that sweet cunt of yours.” He licked the side of my neck, like a predator tasting its next meal. “There is no one who can save you from me.”

I swallowed, feeling the tight grip of his hand around my throat even more keenly. “You could have anyone you want. Why me?”

He unzipped the back of my dress. His knuckles brushed my spine the entire length, sending a dangerous shiver over my body. “Because it turns me on how much you fight your attraction to me. Lower your arms.”

 Trapped between his body and the window, I had no choice. I lifted my palms away from the glass and lowered my arms. He pulled my simple black cocktail dress off my shoulders. It slipped over my hips and fell to the floor. He unhooked my bra. I raised my arms and pressed the lace fabric to my breasts, unwilling to be exposed.

Ivan leaned down and sank his teeth into my shoulder. Not deeply, but enough to make his point, like a stallion nipping his mare to move her into position. With a cry, I let the bra fall away. The glass was frigid against my erect nipples.

His fingers slipped under the strap of my thong. He pulled it away from my skin. I squeezed my eyes as my body stiffened, knowing what was coming. My hips jerked back, then forward as he tore the panties off me. I was so tense, I jumped when his fingers returned to caress the length of my spine.

He shifted the hand around my throat, pushing it up closer to my jaw, forcing my head against his shoulder. The rough stubble on his cheek rubbed my soft skin as he spoke. “Are you afraid of me?”

A tear slipped down my cheek. I licked my lips to moisten them before answering, “Yes.” My warm breath fogged the glass.

His hand caressed the curve of my ass, then my hip, then back up my spine in a hypnotic, agonizing circle. “The body’s response to fear is not all that different from excitement. The blood pumps hard and fast as your heart races and your breath quickens.”

His words seemed to heighten my body’s response. I could feel the blood coursing through my veins as my heart pounded in my chest, making me dizzy and breathless.

Without warning, he slapped my ass. The harsh sting radiated over my skin like a lightning strike.

His Russian accent gave his voice a dark, sinister edge. “Fear increases pain as well.”

He spanked my ass again. I bit my lip to keep from crying out as a tremor of arousal settled deep in my belly.

“And as my babygirl now knows… pain leads to excitement.” He bit my earlobe. “And pleasure.”

He pushed at my feet, forcing my legs open wider. His hand brushed my now sensitive ass as he unzipped his pants. When he pulled his cock free, he pressed its hard weight against my lower back. Its heated length was like a brand. His hand slipped between my legs to caress my pussy. I squeezed my eyes shut as a wave of humiliation washed over me. There would be no hiding that his rough handling aroused me.

He arrogantly chuckled as he pushed two fingers in deep. I hissed in pain as I was still sore from his finger fucking earlier that day. Uncaring, he thrust his fingers in and out, ruthlessly scissoring them inside of me, forcing my body to respond for him once again.

He pulled his fingers free as he fisted his cock and positioned himself between my legs. His knuckles pressed against my inner thigh.

My voice was tight with fear. “Do you at least have a condom on?”

He didn’t even hesitate to answer. “No.”

“You have to put one on!”

“I’ve never fucked a woman without one before. You’re safe.”

“It’s not just that. I’m not on birth control. I never… ever… you have to… please… you can’t.”

 “Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do. I’m going to make sure you feel every hard inch of me. There will be nothing between us. Do you understand me? Now, push your hips back.”

This was too much for my already over-stimulated mind to process. So, I didn’t move to obey him.

He pressed his warm body against my back as he squeezed his hand tighter around my throat. “You know what will happen if you make me ask twice.”

Rule number two.

Having no other option, with a whimper, I placed my palms on the cold glass and pushed my ass back. The heavy bulbous head of his cock pushed at my tight entrance. My body reflexively clenched as my hips pushed forward, barring him.

The stubble on his jaw brushed the top of my shoulder as he pushed my hair aside to whisper harshly against my neck, “Moya kukolka, pozhaluysta, ne zastavlyay menya prichinyat’ tebe bol’. Day mne to, chto my oba khotim.”

His lips skimmed the sensitive spot below my ear as the raw, guttural growl of his words settled like a pool of molten lava deep inside of me. I did not know what he said, but there was a harsh, lustful tone that needed no translation.

He shifted his grasp from my throat to my breast. His warm hand a startling contrast to my chilled skin. He rolled my painfully erect nipple between his fingers as he said in the same raw tone, “My little doll, please do not make me hurt you. Give to me what we both want.”

His fingers moved between my breasts to caress down my front, then splayed wide over my abdomen. He applied steady pressure, till I had no choice but to shift my hips back to press into his.

“Good girl.”

He pushed his heavily engorged cock between my legs again. He thrust in just past the entrance. The tight muscle ring protecting my entrance stretched painfully around the wide tip, only to close around his shaft.

My sharp breaths hurt my lungs as I breathed in and out in rapid succession as panic made my heart race. There was no turning back. He was going to pierce my flesh with his massive cock, and it was going to tear me in two. The anticipation of the pain I was about to endure made me light-headed with dread.

I tried one more time to plead with him. “Please, don’t do this.”

His large hands moved to grasp my hips, holding me in place. “It’s already done.”

He thrust forward, burying himself to the hilt inside of me.

I screamed.

Fuck, it was too much. He was too big. My whole body cried out in agony as his thick shaft penetrated deeper than I thought was possible. He pulled back and thrust again. My body struggled to open to his assault.

I pressed my heated cheek against the cool glass as I willingly pushed my hips back, hoping to ease the pressure and pain.

“Christ, babygirl, you’re fucking tight,” he growled as his hands tightened around my hips. Each press of his fingertips was sure to leave a mark.

As his violent thrusts settled into a deep rhythm, my body recovered from the shock, and against my wishes responded. As his thick cock filled me to my core, a gentle tension built. Each time his shaft caressed a delicate nerve ending, I jolted as if hit by an electric charge.

The millions of tiny city lights swam before my eyes. In the far, dark distance, the rough waves of Lake Michigan crashed over the rocky part of the shore, sending up sprays of white foam. The steady beat of the waves mimicked the thrust of Ivan’s hips, only adding a deeper, primal edge to his fucking.

Ivan let out a low growl before twisting his fist into my hair. Keeping our bodies joined, he swung away from the window. He tossed my body over the low back of the nearby sofa. I dug my nails into the soft cushions as, with this new angle, he pounded into me even harder. I rocked back and forth from the intensity of his thrusts. Each movement ground my pussy against the edge of the sofa back, which only heightened my pleasure.

He viciously pulled on my hair, bowing my back and pushing my hips high.

I cried out. The position of my hips allowed him to thrust dangerously deep. “Oh, God! Wait. It’s too deep.” I honestly feared he was going to cause internal damage if he didn’t stop.

With his free hand, he pried open my ass cheeks and forced a single finger into my clenched asshole. My mouth fell open in shock.

Ivan leaned his powerful frame over my prone body. “You’ll take it in your pussy or in your ass, your choice.”

Oh, my fucking God.

He twisted his finger.

“Ow! Ow, oh God. That hurts. Stop.”

“Then choose.”

“My pussy.”

Ivan spanked my ass cheek, hard. “Say it. Beg me to keep fucking this tight pussy of yours.”

My cheeks burned hot as I rasped, “Please keep fucking my pussy.”

“With pleasure, moya malen’kaya kukla.”


I was a savage. My one driving need was to fuck her into submission. With every driving thrust into her tight heat, my control was slipping. Never in my life had I experienced such a primal need to conquer and tame.

This wasn’t just fucking a beautiful woman.

This was different.

She was different.

Fucking her once, twice, a thousand times would not be enough.

As my blood ran high and fierce, pumping through my veins, spurring me on, I knew it would never be enough. My need was almost overpowering. I wanted to crush her delicate body between my hands till she was small enough to fit in my palm so I could hold her close and never let her go. I would hide her away from the corrupt and dangerous world. I would keep her safe by my side so I could control everything about her.

My own little doll.

I wanted the breath in her lungs to come from my mouth. I wanted her food to come only from my hand. I wanted her eyes to see only me. Her skin would know only my touch.

From this moment forward, she was mine and mine alone.

I would take care of her every need and in time, her belly would grow from my seed. She would be bound to me for life. She would fight me, of course, I would expect no less from her. It was one of the things that drew me to her. What man wouldn’t want to hold fast to a woman not afraid to tell him to go to hell even as her body craved his touch?

I twisted my fist into her hair, tightening my grip, relishing her small cry of pain. Shifting my hand from her hip to her lower back, I held her body down as I pounded into her faster and faster. My balls tightened as tension gnawed at my gut. The pleasure I felt as her pussy clenched down on my hard shaft was surpassed only by the vision of one day soon forcing myself inside her even tighter ass, but that would have to wait until I had gotten her pregnant. Considering how often and thoroughly I planned to fuck her, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was carrying my child before the end of my trip.

Focusing on the curve of her back and her soft, ivory skin, I thrust in several more times before I could hold out no longer. “Blyad’! Da! Da! Da!” I spanked her ass with my open palm with every exclamation as my hot come filled her tight hole. Despite the pain coursing up my now sensitive shaft, I could not stop thrusting even after I had come. My semi-hard shaft pushed into her body over and over till every drop had found its way into her body.

Breathing heavily, I finally stopped. I stared down at the angry red handprint on her right ass cheek, knowing that would not be the only mark she bore from our fucking tonight.

I wouldn’t call it lovemaking.

That was too tame, too prosaic of a word for what was between us.

We fucked. And we would fuck again and again.

I would drown out her protests with my cock down her throat, if necessary, but every time I came, it would be inside her sweet pussy till I knew she carried my child. This was the first time in my life I had ever met a woman I thought worthy of carrying on my bloodline, and I had no intention of letting her get away from me.

She placed her palms on the sofa cushion and straightened her arms in an attempt to rise. Instead, I grabbed her hips and flipped her around. Her shoulders rested on the seat cushion. Her hair was a wild and untamed halo of burnished golden brown. Her eyes glowed bright with anger and unshed tears.

I wrapped my hand around her knees and forced her legs open wide as I pulled her forward till her ass was resting on the low sofa back. I stepped between her thighs and placed three fingers into her still wet cunt. My thumb stroked her clit. She bit her full bottom lip and groaned as her torso thrashed.

I knew she didn’t want this.

I knew she’d rather I let her up so she could run to the bathroom and wash my come from her body.

I would not give her that chance.

My tongue flicked her clit as my fingers pulsed inside of her. I pushed her legs slightly closed so I could feel the soft skin of her inner thighs against my bearded jaw.

Dylan moaned.

I circled her nub with just the tip of my tongue as I increased the pressure. Her body tensed. She inhaled and held her breath. She was close. My lips closed around her clit, and then I gently sucked.

Dylan’s chest shot upright as her fingers clasped my head, pulling me closer as she yanked on my hair.

I growled, knowing the vibrations would send her over the edge. In between words, I continued to ruthlessly flick her clit. “Pridi za mnoy, detka. Poydem za mnoy seychas zhe.” I commanded her to come in Russian, knowing it was more important that she feel my words than know their meaning.

She cried out my name as she came. “Ivan! Oh… fuck! Ivan!”

Her thighs tightened around my head as I vibrated the tips of my fingers inside of her, extending her orgasm.

After several moments, she released her grip on my hair and fell back. Her legs opened as her body became listless. She pulled jagged gasps of air back into her lungs as her eyes slid closed. Her creamy skin glowed with a soft sheen of sweat.

I hoped to always have her looking this beautiful.

Picking up her limp body, I walked into the bedroom and placed her in the center of the bed. After pulling a corner of the blanket over her shoulder, covering her, I padded barefoot into the bathroom. I turned on the taps to the jacuzzi tub and undid the fastening to my now wrinkled trousers. After undressing, I ran my fingers under the stream of water to make sure it was hot, but not too hot for her delicate skin. When I was satisfied, I closed the drain and watched as it filled quickly. After adding a silvery stream of liquid soap, I returned to fetch Dylan.

She groaned, but still did not open her eyes as I once more pulled her into my arms. I carried her into the bathroom and stepped into the tub. I lowered our bodies into the heated water without letting her go. She stirred as the water reached the tops of her breasts.

Dylan placed her palms against my chest and tried to push back. “Wait. What are you doing?”

I leaned my head back onto the rim of the tub and closed my eyes without releasing my grip. “Babygirl, can you not fight me just this once and enjoy the bath? I promise I will fight with you all you want later.”

She squirmed within my embrace. I wrapped my hands around her waist and forced her to straddle my hips. In retribution, she splashed water onto my face and shoulders.

I snatched her wrists. After securing them at her lower back with one hand, I grabbed her jaw. “Stop it,” I ground out.

“Fuck you,” she fired back.

I smirked. “You already did that. Are you so eager for round two, moy malen’kaya kukla?”

She shrieked and thrashed in my embrace. I pulled her head down and claimed her lips. Savoring the sweet wine taste of her mouth. Then she bit me. I snapped my head back. I swept my tongue over my lower lip and tasted blood.

Her eyes widened as I wrapped both hands around her throat. I pulled her in close. “Remember, baby, you asked for this.” I then kissed her, staining her mouth with my blood.

Shifting my hand to the back of her head, I broke free of our kiss and rasped, “Deep breath, baby.”

Her brow furrowed. “What?”

I lifted my hips, which shifted her body back. A wave of water sloshed over the sides of the spacious jacuzzi tub. She was still on her knees when I pushed her head underwater, causing her cute ass to rise in the air. I fisted my cock and pushed the tip against her closed lips, but she refused to open them. Using my grip on her hair, I pulled her to the surface. She sputtered and gasped as she pushed her long wet curls away from her face.

“You bastard!”

“I won’t warn you again. Deep breath.”

Before she could scream, I pushed her head underwater again. This time, I thrust forward, pushing her lips against the sharp edge of her teeth till she dutifully opened them. I sank my cock deep into her warm mouth. I pushed half the length into her mouth before releasing my grip and letting her rise to the surface again. This time she didn’t waste precious oxygen trying to yell at me. With her beautiful chocolate eyes wide with fear and excitement, she sucked in a deep breath right before I pushed her under again.

As her mouth closed over my cock, I used my heel to kick on the jacuzzi jets. I shifted her body till one of the powerful water jets was aimed directly between her legs. The vibrations of her groan shot up my cock.

I pulled her to the surface a third time. “This time I’m not letting you up to breathe until my cock hits the back of your throat.”

Dylan choked and a small bit of water trickled over her bottom lip. She smirked. “Bring it on.”

Damn, if I wasn’t careful, I could fall in love with this woman.

I pushed her head under the water. This time, her small hand gripped my shaft to guide me into her mouth. Once again, I made sure the jacuzzi jet was hitting her cunt in just the right spot. She swallowed most of my shaft but gagged on the last few inches. I applied pressure to the back of her head, pushing until the tip of my cock bumped against the back of her throat. Her shoulders jerked as her teeth scraped along my shaft. The sharp sting of pain only spurred me on. I thrust my hips up, pushing in even deeper. I kept her head immobile for another second, enjoying the feel of her tiny nose pressed into my abdomen before I relented and allowed her to rise.

She sucked in a deep breath as she leaned against the side of the jacuzzi tub. Her cheeks were flushed a bright cherry red, either from the hot water or her desperate attempts to pull oxygen into her lungs as she fought my embrace. Either way she looked gorgeous.

I wrapped my hands around her waist and flipped her around to rest on my lap so her back was pressed to my chest. I forced her thighs open. I rubbed my bearded jaw against the side of her throat. “Tilt your hips up.”

“Please, I’m still sore.”

“I don’t care,” I growled, “do as I say.”

With a slight whimper, she raised her hips. Fisting my cock, I positioned myself at her entrance and thrust upward, spearing her with my flesh. She cried out in pain, but all I could focus on was the delicious tight clench of her body around my cock. I placed my hands on her hips and pushed her back down, forcing her to take me in deep. Dylan moaned as her head fell back onto my shoulder.

Sill inside her wet heat, I positioned her open legs in front of the jacuzzi jet. Adding the tips of my fingers to the pouring water pressure, I didn’t let her rest until she had orgasmed twice.

Once she was finished, I placed her now malleable body on her knees, leaning her over the edge of the tub, and unleashed my pent-up need. I fucked her hard and fast, filling her body with a second shot of my come.

There was barely any water left in the tub by the time we finished. I wrapped her in a towel and carried her out of the water-logged bathroom to the massive king size bed. I wrapped a warm blanket tightly around her naked body, and ran my fingers through her wet hair to get rid of the tangles. Only a few minutes had passed before she drifted off into an exhausted sleep. I shifted to pull her onto my lap. Placing a hand on the side of her head, I pulled her down onto my shoulder.

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