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Sweet Severity: A Dark Mafia Romance by Zoe Blake – Extended Preview


Each door that closed behind me as we made our way to his penthouse in the Four Monks was like a prison gate slamming shut.

When we got to his floor, he marched straight into the library. Tossing aside a brown shopping bag he grabbed from the SUV, he took off his blazer and gun holster, then loosened and tore off his tie.

I stood silently in the middle of the octagon. Waiting.

The faint impressions of all his tattoos were visible through the thin silk of his white dress shirt as he untucked it from his dark jeans.

It was wrong how the man could look so handsome and yet so terrifying at the same time. Like how sometimes a criminal’s mugshot resembled a GQ model, but then you found out the man was accused of several murders.

Mac kicked a brass foot pedal key on the floor near the fireplace and flames engulfed the realistic looking fake logs.

The silence stretched.

I wished it was an actual fire so at least there would be comforting crackles and pops from the logs to break the deafening quiet.

With his arms spread, he gripped the marble mantle and bowed his head as he stared into the flames.

I cleared the scratch in my throat, the sound startling even me.

More silence.

Making as little noise as possible, I slipped out of his heavy wool peacoat, folded it in half and gently put it over a nearby leather bench. I then pulled his hoodie off, leaving me in only the T-shirt from yesterday and my yoga pants. Self-conscious, I wrapped my arms over my middle to hide the coffee stain that hadn’t come out when he had them both laundered.

Still, it was better that I had nothing of his when I left.

The tension in the room stretched.

I swallowed several times as the tickle returned to my throat, not willing to clear it again and draw attention to myself.

It was clear he was angry—very angry.

The problem was I couldn’t exactly pinpoint why. Every minute I spent in this man’s presence just increased the laundry list of offenses.

Was it the crash?

The hundred grand?

That I said no to the nanny job?

That I wouldn’t let him have sex with me?

That I ran away?

That my brother caused a huge scene that brought the police?

That I said I wanted to go to a friend’s house instead of his?

I imagined a large carnival wheel, lights flashing as it spun around and around while a man in a top hat asked the crowd which peg they thought it would stop on.

I cleared my throat again. “I just wanted to say…”

Mac didn’t look up as he released the mantle and balled his fists. “Don’t. I’m warning you, Bebe. Just don’t.”

The dark guttural tones of his Russian accent deepened.

After taking a deep breath, he straightened and turned to face me.

With his brow lowered over his bright emerald eyes and his lower body framed by flames, he looked like a vengeful demon come to life.

As he kept his piercing gaze on me, he reached for his belt buckle.

At first, I wasn’t alarmed. He’d already taken off his jacket and tie to be comfortable.

He pulled the thick leather free from the belt loops, folded it in half and stretched it between his fists.

Uh oh.

My heart raced as I stared at the belt.

He isn’t thinking…

He couldn’t possibly be…

Mac stepped toward me. “Take off your clothes.”

My eyes widened and I moved backward so quickly, I stumbled down onto the leather bench, sitting for only a second before I bounded up and circled around it. “Why? What are you going to do?”

He twisted the belt between his hands. “In the last twenty-four hours, you’ve made several decisions that put you directly in harm’s way. I can’t have that. You obviously need to be taught a harsh lesson so that you’ll learn.”

My back pressed against the bookshelves. “Learn what?”

Without warning, he came for me.

His large body pushed against mine, pinning me, as he placed the folded belt under my chin. “That I’m now in charge and any defiance will be met with discipline.”

“This isn’t fair!”

He caressed my cheek with his free hand before he leaned down and kissed my forehead. Moving his lips against my skin, he rasped, “I know, baby. And I’m sorry for that. I know you didn’t ask for this.”

My lower lip trembled. “So why are you doing it?”

His gaze moved over my face as he took a moment to answer. “Fate brings people into our lives for a reason. You’re too sweet, too sheltered to survive in this world on your own. You need someone to watch over you, to protect you. That is why fate brought me into your life.”

I sniffed. “It wasn’t fate. It was a stupid patch of ice.”

His thumb stroked over my cheekbone as he cupped my jaw. “Have it your way, baby. Either way, I’m here now and I’m not letting you go.”

I swiped at my eyes. “I don’t understand why. I’m nothing special.”

He moved back to look at me. “The fact you think you’re not special—is why. But I can’t protect you if you disobey me, which is why you need to be punished.”

Taking advantage, I slipped under his arm and bolted to the other side of the room.

After scanning the shelves, I snatched a blue-and-white vase from the nearest one and held it high. “I don’t need your protection and I will not let you punish me as if I were child!”

He set the belt aside.

For the barest of seconds, I thought I had won.

Then after unbuttoning the first top few buttons, he pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it aside. All his hard muscles and scary tattoos were on full, terrifying display.

My mouth opened then closed at the overt sight of his strength and power.

I was screwed.

He picked the belt back up and stalked toward me. “Wrong answer, kukolka.”

With a panicked cry, I squeezed my eyes shut and threw the vase.

I opened them in time to see him deflect the heavy porcelain with his forearm. The vase smashed into a thousand pieces the moment it hit the polished black marble floor.

My torso twisted as I prepared to bolt…

I was too late.

My shoulder blades slammed against the books behind me as his full body weight hit me. My arms flew up to cover my face and ward him off. He easily trapped both my wrists in his free hand and stretched them over my head.

His gaze focused on my lips. “Always the hard way with you…”

Before I could fire back a response, his mouth claimed mine, giving no quarter.

This isn’t a kiss… it is the start of my punishment.

His tongue pushed past my lips as a fold of the leather belt he held brushed the sensitive skin just under my jaw.

I could barely breathe as he devoured me. The force of his kiss so powerful, I could taste a tinge of copper where my teeth cut the inside of my cheek.

The earthy scent of the leather belt and the warm yeasty smell of the paper from the books combined with the spicy cedarwood and anise of his cologne, surrounding me in an aura of masculine energy.

Releasing my wrists, his fingers gripped the collar of my T-shirt and tore downward, easily shredding it.

My cry was swallowed by his mouth as his rough palm cupped my bare breast. I hadn’t been able to find my bra before dressing and escaping earlier.

When his fingers pinched my nipple, I rose on my toes in a desperate attempt to escape the pain.

He rasped against my mouth as he continued to place open-mouthed kisses across my lips and jaw. “There is no pleasure without pain. Don’t hide from it.”

I whimpered as he twisted the nub, hating how he was right. A warm rush pooled between my legs at his rough handling.

He flipped the leather belt around the back of my neck and used it to anchor me to him as he deepened the kiss.

My fingernails clawed at his naked chest as I tried to both escape and draw him closer. He had me not knowing my own mind.

When he broke the kiss, we were both breathless.

Without giving me a moment to recover, he pulled on the belt. I lurched forward. As if I were a kitten on a leash, he guided me to the wide, upholstered leather bench. After he kicked it to a position closer to the roaring fire, he commanded, “Crawl up on the bench and lie on your stomach.”

I had passed the point of no return.

There was no escaping what was about to happen, so to fight him would only make it worse.

On shaking limbs, I pressed one knee then the other onto the bench and gingerly laid down, hissing when the cool leather touched my nipples.

Pulling the belt from my neck, he folded it in half and trailed the rounded curve down the center of my back. “Why are you being punished?”

My cheek pressed into the leather. “I don’t know.”

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Yes, you do. Now answer me. Why are you being punished?”

A tremor ran over my body. I swallowed past the dry fear in my mouth. “Because I was a… a bad girl?”

His long legs easily straddled the bench near my calves. “You were a very bad girl. Your actions almost got you killed today, and that is unacceptable.”

“My brother probably wouldn’t have—”


I tightened my lips closed.

He leaned over my body as he grasped the waistband of my yoga pants. “You don’t get to tell me that a piece of shit holding a knife to your throat wasn’t a threat, understood?”

“Yes, sir.” I wasn’t sure where the sir came from, it just slipped out.

He chuckled as he pulled down my yoga pants, exposing my naked ass. “Repeat after me. Da, ser.”

My hand reached over my hip to instinctively pull them back up.

The back of my hand stung after he whipped it with the belt. “Keep your hands under your hips.”

Obeying, I pushed my hands under my body.

“Now, say it. Da, ser.

“Dah suur,” I sounded out.

“Good girl,” he said against the skin of my lower back, placing a quick kiss there.

The waistband tightened around my upper thighs as he shifted to stand next to the bench. Once again, he caressed my skin with the curve of his belt, running it over my vulnerable ass. My cheeks clenched and squeezed together at the light touch.

Out of the corner of my eye there was a flash.

It was his arm raising then rapidly lowering.

The snap of the leather belt connecting with my skin reverberated around the octagonal library.

My torso arched as I pushed up on my forearms. “Ow!”

He struck me again, across both cheeks.

My hips turned as I squealed in pain from the hot sting.

His powerful hand pushed my hips back down for another two quick lashes from his belt.

“Ow! It hurts! Please!”

The humiliation of being spanked was increased by having my pants around my thighs. My skin burned and pulsed with each heartbeat. My legs scissored within the restraint of the thick elastic band as my hips twisted to the right, then left.

The belt whipped around my hip to strike my abdomen.

“Oh! Oh!”

Learning my lesson, I laid flat although my feet still kicked.

He fisted my hair to hold me steady as he raised his arm again. “Who knows best for you? Who wants to protect and spoil you? Me? Or you? Who has almost died twice now because of your foolish actions?”

The belt struck my sore ass cheeks as I answered, raising my voice to a higher pitch. “You, sir!”

Da, ser,” he growled in response.

“Da, suur!” I repeated.

“Get up on your knees, but keep your head down.”

Sliding my knees forward, I raised my hips, hissing as the movement stretched my punished skin. Even the heat from the fire felt more intense now.

I pressed my forehead into the leather, watching his legs move to the end of the bench.

His hand caressed my left ass cheek, then slid along the curve of my right cheek. The touch both painful and soothing at the same time. Then his hand slid between my legs.

My face burned with embarrassment knowing what he would find. I tried to squeeze my thighs shut to prevent him.

He smacked my ass with his bare hand. “Open your legs.”

I sniffed but obeyed.

His fingers pushed between my pussy lips, sliding along my aroused wetness. He stroked his two middle fingers back and forth, stimulating my clit.

“Your pretty pussy is very wet. Perhaps my punishment was not painful enough,” he teased.

Afraid he might pick up the belt again, I rolled my forehead against the bench. “No! Please, don’t. It was! It was!”

I couldn’t explain my reaction to being disciplined by him. There was just something about the elevated tension and emotion in the room combined with the pain that sent every nerve ending in my body bursting into flames.

It was like experiencing every sense in high definition.

He moved away from the bench, but I knew better than to change position.

The rustle of a brown paper bag, then the crack of a hard, plastic packaging being ripped open broke the silence.

Tilting my head, I peeked under my arm at him.

He was opening something from the shopping bag he’d brought in from the car. I watched him reach inside the bag again and pull out a tube of lube.

Oh God!


Tossing aside the packaging for the berry-shaped anal plug I purchased earlier, I moved toward the bench.

Standing to the side, I lowered the zipper to my jeans and pulled my hard cock free. Fisting its girth, I pumped my hand along my length a few times to ease the pressure.

Placing my arm just beneath her breasts, I raised her body and sat down. I then arranged her over my lap, but on her side so her warm stomach pressed against my cock, her knees curled to press against my hip.

Her hands gripped at my lower back. “Is my punishment over?”

I smoothed a hand over the warm skin of her ass, using a fingertip to trace some of the welt marks left from the edge of my belt. “No, baby.”

Taking the raspberry-shaped plug, I pushed it between her legs to tease her pussy entrance. It was about six inches long and three inches wide so I knew it was too big to push inside of her, or I would risk her maidenhead. There was no way I would deny myself the exquisite feeling of breaking through her barrier with the head of my cock later.

After twirling the plug in her own cream, I swirled the tip against her entrance.

Her body stiffened.

I raised my arm and brought my palm down on her ass. “Don’t fight me.”

“I’m sorry!”

The tip of the pink plug pushed against her entrance, teasing and tormenting her.

“It hurts.”

I smoothed my hand over her hip. “My baby has a really tight pussy. We need to open your entrance more before you can safely take my cock, or you will tear.”

She rose on one forearm in a struggle to get off my lap. “You promised you wouldn’t have sex with me unless I asked.”

With gentle pressure, I forced her torso back down as I twisted the plug, careful not to push it too deep, beyond the space of a first knuckle, inside of her. “And I’m keeping that promise. Unless you continue to fight me…”

The metal switch was cool to the touch as I turned the knob to activate the vibrations.

Her body twitched on my lap. “Oh God!”

The corner of my mouth lifted at her unguarded reaction to having the plug vibrate and pulse.

After several moments, I wedged the plug close to her pussy between her thighs and picked up the lube, lifting her left ass cheek up as I leaned back slightly to tilt her hips. A clear, glistening stream of gel poured over her puckered entrance as I gently squeezed the bottle.

“What are… what is that?”

My hand cupped her neck to keep her on her side over my lap. “Shhh, I didn’t give you permission to ask questions.”


I arched an eyebrow. “Should I get my belt again?”

“No, sir,” she whispered.

Net, ser.

“Neeyet, suur,” she repeated softly.

I gave the plug at her pussy entrance between her thighs a twist.

She moaned.

The tip of my middle finger swirled around her clit while my left hand caressed down her spine before pushing between her ass cheeks.

Her breathing became erratic as her hands pushed against my lower back. “Please, please, please don’t,” she whimpered.

“Shhh, Bebe.”

My index finger slid over her asshole, swirling the lube around her entrance. I then pushed in the tip.

Her body convulsed, her knees jerking against my hip.

Increasing the pressure of my right-hand fingers on her clit, I forced my left finger deeper into her ass.

Her fingernails dug into my back. “Ow!”

Applying pressure along the rim, I pumped my finger in and out of her ass, relaxing the clenching ring of muscle. With the lube, she was powerless to offer any resistance.

The moment I forced a second finger into her ass, I increased the intensity of the vibrations in her pussy.

Her mouth opened on a silent cry as her body convulsed.

With two fingers thrusting into her tiny asshole, I soothed her, speaking soft and low. “You’re being such a good girl, opening your tight little hole for me.”

“It hurts,” she moaned.

“Push your hand between our bodies. Grab my cock and squeeze as hard as you like, baby.”

Her cool hand brushed my abdomen before curling around my hot flesh.

I leaned back as a low, guttural growl rumbled in my chest at her sweet touch. “That’s it, baby doll. Hold me tight.”

As I pushed a third finger into her ass, her fist clenched around my shaft.


My head fell back as my eyes closed. It took several deep breaths for me to get back under control. It took all my willpower not to flip her onto her back, spread her legs, and pound into her.

Once more cursing myself for my ill-fated promise, I reached between her legs and twirled the plug against her clit. “I want you to be a good girl and come for me.”

“I don’t think I can.”

“Yes, you can, baby. Think what a good girl you’re being for me. I’m so proud of you for taking three fingers in your ass.”

“Oh! Oh!”

It was clear that my girl had a praise kink, only one more thing to instantly adore about her.

She really was my perfect little sex toy doll.

The lube glistened on her skin, her ass slowly opening under the pressure of my fingers as her hips rocked against my middle. I knew she was close.

Her fingers clenched around my cock as she cried out.

I timed the thrusts of my fingers in her ass to the rocking of her hips as the first stirrings of her orgasm rolled over her body.

Her nails dug into the hard muscle of my shaft, giving me my own satisfying bite of pain.

“I’m…I’m… I’m…” she breathed as her hips bucked.

Holding her tight against me, I pushed all three fingers into her ass and kept them there, wanting her to feel the pressure on her inner walls as she came.

Her limbs tensed as she held her breath, then her body relaxed as she let out a low, keening moan.

After giving the plug one more twist, I turned off the vibrations.

Shifting her body to the right and off my lap, I said, “Go back up on your knees.”

As she obeyed, I placed my left hand on the back of her head. “Now open your mouth.”

“Do I have to?” Her breath caressed my cock.

“Yes, baby doll. Unless this is you begging me to fuck you instead?”

I stilled, waiting for her response.

Her lips brushed the head of my cock.

Applying pressure to the back of her head, I growled, “All the way down.”

She tried to speak, but it only came out in a gurgle.

As the head of my cock bumped against the back of her throat, I pressed the tip of the berry anal plug against her puckered hole.

She tried to rear up but my grip on her head prevented it. “Push your throat all the way onto my shaft, or I’ll do it for you,” I warned.

Her hot tears hit my upper thighs as she choked and gagged on my hard flesh.

I watched as the plug slowly forced her hole open.

Bebe cried out, sending pleasurable vibrations up my cock.

Pausing at the widest part of the plug, I twisted it clockwise then counterclockwise, applying pressure to the rim, opening her further.

Her hips shimmied forward in a vain attempt to move away from my grip.

“Hips back,” I ordered. “Push back on the plug.”

After a soft moan from her, she did as she was told.

It was one of the most erotic things I’d ever witnessed in my life, watching her ass reluctantly accept the thick, cream-coated plug inside of her. Her tiny hole swallowed the rubber nub until it closed around the narrow handle.

“That’s my pretty girl.”

With a twist of the metal switch, I started the vibrations again.

Her hips bounced up and down.

“Do you enjoy having a plug up your naughty, forbidden hole?”

I allowed her to raise her head and take a quick gasping breath before expecting an answer. “It’s too big. Please take it out!”

“My poor baby doll, this plug is nothing like what my cock will feel like when I finally fuck your ass.”

Her brow furrowed as her lower lip trembled. “But I don’t want you to fuck my ass. It will hurt.”

“Shhh, don’t you want to make me happy?”

The brush of her lips against the side of my shaft as she answered almost sent me over the edge. “Da, ser.

Fuck, her speaking Russian while knowing her mouth was filled with the taste of my cock made my balls tighten as the pressure increased along my shaft.

I forced her mouth back down on my cock and moved my right hand between her legs to tease her clit again. “I want you to come again for me as you suck my cock.”

The only sound in the room was the dull buzz of the vibrating plug in her ass and her own gurgling gags.

Her ass cheeks tightened as her thighs clenched around my wrist with her second release.

Seconds later, I pushed down on her head and released my hot come deep down her throat.

Breaking my grasp, her head wrenched back off my cock as she choked on my seed.

My hand pushed her head back down as my right hand pulled the plug almost out of her ass to tease the rim again with the widest part. “Lick my cock clean now.”

The tip of her tongue ran along the sides of my shaft repeatedly, like a kitten licking cream.

When she was finished, I gently pulled the plug from her ass.

Setting it aside, I caressed the small gaping hole with my fingertip, enjoying the sight of it trying to clench fully closed but unable to until her rim tightened again. I leaned forward and blew on her asshole, stimulating it further, knowing the lube would cool with my breath.

Her eyes were closed as her cheek rested on my upper thigh.

Stroking her hair, I brushed it back over her shoulder. “Open your mouth again baby.”

The sapphire blue of her eyes darkened as she whimpered.

I traced my fingertip along her swollen lips. “It’s okay baby, I just want you to hold my cock inside your mouth while I hold you.”

She blinked a few times before hesitantly opening her lips.

I guided my still semi-hard cock into her warm mouth and pulled her body back onto her side to hug around my middle. My right hand moved in soothing circles over her ass as I stroked her hair, back, and hip with my other hand.

Letting my touch and the warmth of the fire slowly lull her to sleep while she gently suckled on my cock.

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