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Sweet Surrender by Maddie Taylor – Extended Preview

Sweet Surrender by Maddie TaylorAs the jets stopped and the lights gradually came on, Jessie groaned with disappointment. A low chuckle from nearby had her cracking an eye. Marc was leaning against the wall watching her, a sexy smile adorning his gorgeous face. She was so into the music and the all-over body massage, she hadn’t heard him come in.

“One more round, please…”

“You’ve been in for forty minutes, Jess. It’s time to get out.”

“I can’t move. My body has been pummeled into a useless heap of jelly. It was wonderful, near orgasmic, and better than anything I’ve ever experienced.”

He cleared his throat and her eyes popped open. She smiled languidly. “Present company excluded, of course.”

“Thanks for bolstering my ego, Jessie.” His sarcasm was said in a teasing manner, as his hands slipped under her and he lifted her limp body into his arms. When he carried her out the door into the main corridor, she stiffened.

“Won’t someone see?”

“No. It’s after seven. Everyone’s gone home by now.” He walked down the hall and into an open exam room, kicking the door closed behind him. With his elbow, he switched on the lights and then set her down on the exam table.

“What are we doing in here?”

“Ultrasound; it should really precede the hydrotherapy, so I might have to give you that manual massage you were hinting at for your neck pain after all.”

“I hope you’re not the jealous type, because I’m in love with this machine. AquaMed,” she sighed wistfully, “you’re my hero.”

His low, husky laughter warmed her. “Replaced by a machine, I’m crushed. How will my ego ever survive?” As he bent to her, his lips found her ear, his teeth nipping then sucking on her lobe to ease the sting. The warmth rekindled and sparked into more intense heat.

“Remove your clothes, Miss Swanson,” his order rumbled low in her ear, “all of them, including your panties, and we’ll get started.”

“Getting bare-assed naked for a pain in the neck. I’ve never heard of this procedure, doctor.”

“I know some trigger points we need to focus on and have some other treatment modalities in mind. I also don’t want to get the transmission gel on your clothes,” he murmured as he lifted his head. The soft brush of his lips was barely a kiss across her parted lips, before he moved to the storage cabinets by the wall. “Multi-focused therapy works the best, cara. Trust me. Strip and hop up.”

Her fingers went to the buttons of her blouse, releasing them. “Who am I to argue then? Do your worst, doc.”

“No, sweet Jessica, this evening you’ll get nothing short of my best.”

He rolled a machine next to the table. On top was a white wand with a rounded head and a bottle of gel, set in a warmer. Marc waited, arms folded across his broad chest, eyes glued to her fingers as they moved down the front of her shirt. Once it was undone, she shrugged it off her shoulders. He held out his hand. She laid it over his palm and watched as he twisted and hung it on a hook mounted on the back of the door. In a second, he was holding out his hand for the rest.

Although she’d worked around doctors for years, she’d never dated one until Marc. It was weird to be in this position. In a clinical setting with bright lights blaring overhead and the austere, seemingly sterile environment of the exam room, it made her a bit uneasy. This was his clinic, his domain; he was in charge, most definitely. As if his usual commanding presence wasn’t enough, the authority inherent in a doctor/patient relationship along with the fact that she would soon be bare while he remained fully dressed, still wearing his lab coat—wait, when had he put on his lab coat?—added a vulnerability to the mix, which shifted all the power into his court. Especially with his eyes focused intently on her in less than a professional sort of way.

She was aroused. A tingling sensation that had started between her thighs moved up to her nipples, making them tighten. As she opened the front hook of her bra and slid down the cups, her peaked nipples made it obvious how turned on she was.

His eyes locked onto the tips of her breasts, his scrutiny making them all the harder.

“Cold?” he asked with a grin. “I can adjust the heat.”

“No, smart aleck, I’m anything but cold.”

He nodded, saying nothing else as she stood and passed him her bra. Not taking his eyes from her, he didn’t hang it up with her blouse. Instead, he stood motionless, his eyes locked on her as she unzipped her skirt. They followed as she slid it over her hips, hooking the sides of her panties with her thumbs. His hand came out to steady her as, still wearing her heels and standing on the narrow exam table step, she stepped out of them.

Accepting the rest of her clothes, he instructed, “Lie face down on the table.”

She climbed up, noticing that for the first time that the table was more like a massage table, with a padded circular cutout at the top. When face down, she wouldn’t have to turn her head to the side, which would give him easy access to her neck and shoulders. As she got as comfortable as possible atop the crinkling paper-covered table, she asked, “Remind me what the ultrasound is supposed to do. I know in theory—”

“It has many uses. Our therapists use it for pain management and to improve the efficacy of their exercise programs.” As he explained, she felt his hand in her hair, brushing it up and out of the way. A squirt preceded a blob of gel—mm, it was warm, not ice-cold like usually—being applied to the lower part of her neck. That alone felt good.

“Essentially,” he continued as he gathered gel on the head of the wand, and began to glide it in circular motions over her neck and down the curve of her shoulder. “The sound waves generate heat in the affected area, which stimulates blood flow. It helps loosen up the tissues, muscles, or joints for any manual techniques, like massage or exercise that follow. It can also reduce swelling and inflammation.”

As he leaned over her, she felt the notable swelling and inflammation behind his zipper. She giggled. Her reward was a sharp swat across her bare ass.


“Ouch! You sneak! Now I know the reason I’m bare ass naked.”

“That wasn’t the reason, but as it turns out, it’s very convenient, especially with a less than cooperative patient. Now hush and let me concentrate.”

“Yes, doctor. I’ll be good.”

“Mm, I like the sound of that; if only you were this obedient all of the time.”

“Ha! Then you’d have no one to spank and be bored to tears.”

Two more laser-fast swats landed along the bottom curve of her vulnerable cheeks. “Quiet down, non-compliant patients on my exam table earn consequences.”

His tone was teasing. She smiled, but did as she was told and silently relaxed under his ministrations. As he worked, however, her mind conjured up all sorts of wonderful ideas of what those consequences might be.

About fifteen minutes later, he switched off the machine and pushed it out of the way. He wiped off the gel and his big, warm hands began to knead the tight muscles of her neck and shoulders. It was a deep, bone-melting massage and produced a groan that seemed to roll all the way up from her toes.

“Oh, doctor,” she moaned, “you’ve missed your calling.”

Marc didn’t reply, quietly using his magical fingers to work out every kink and knot from her neck and shoulders. She was reduced to a puddle of goo right there in the second floor exam room, even more than she had been with the AquaMed.

Too soon for her liking, he stopped. Her disappointment turned to anticipation when he leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Roll over, bella mia, I have one more trick up my sleeve.”

Mindlessly, she obeyed. She heard the wheeling of a cart again and some crinkling of packages, but in her post-massage lethargy, she didn’t even try to guess what he planned for her front, nor could she summon enough energy to turn her head, let alone open her eyes to see what he was doing. Not until, that is, something cold and sticky pressed onto her breast. Then her lids popped open.

Lifting her head, she gaped in amazement as he placed a square electrode pad on her breasts, near the outer edged of each nipple. “Um, dare I mention, doctor, that if you’re doing an EKG, those pads are way off course?”

As he picked up two more pads, he smiled. “This is a bit different than an EKG. Spread your legs.”

“Uh…” Anatomy may not have been her best subject, yet she knew no parts in her neck were connected to what his gaze was aimed at. Something was definitely up. “What do my—uh,” she paused, “um, girlie parts have to do with my neck problem, doc?”

“It’s all part of my multi-focused treatment plan, baby. Now be a good patient and do what you’re told. Open your legs and say ah…”

She hesitated, not finding his humor the least bit funny. Her mind reeled as she tried to grasp exactly where he was going to put those other two electrode pads, and she wasn’t sure she liked it one bit.

His head twisted. As his determined brown eyes met hers, Jessie inched her thighs apart.

“Good girl, but I need you wider apart. I need full access for this.”

Swallowing, with carnal images playing like a slideshow in her head, she moved another inch, which brought the outside of her thighs near the sides of the narrow table.

“Wider, cara.”

“I can’t. There’s not enough room. I’ll fall off.”

He frowned, seeing her predicament. “Too bad these tables aren’t equipped with stirrups.”

She swallowed hard.

He laid the pads, sticky side up, on her belly. “Be still a minute while I improvise.”

“Marc,” she began, coming up on her elbows as he walked toward the storage cabinets.

“I said be still, Jess.” This was said over his shoulder as he searched through the array of drawers and cupboards. “Ah, this should do.”

When he turned, he held a pair of scissors and a roll of Thera-band, the latex resistance bands they used in rehab for strengthening. He cut a long length and moved to the head of the table. She twisted, trying to see what he was doing.

“Lie back and relax.”

“What are you planning to do with that?”

He pressed down on her shoulders until she lay flat on the table. His perfect face appeared over her, upside down. “Are you going to cooperate or am I going to have to restrain you like we do unruly patients?”

The word ‘restrain’ froze her body and her tongue simultaneously. Her brain on the other hand went wild with naughty images of herself in bondage. She blinked up at him and he smiled. “I’m glad the idea isn’t a problem for you, sweet Jessie.”

The next thing she knew, he’d wrapped a length of latex around her thigh and formed a sling. He shortened the length, which pulled her knee practically to her chest, tying both ends over her head to the top of the table. She felt exposed as cool air wafted across her damp pussy lips, even more so when he repeated the process with the other leg. When he finished, both of her hips were flexed, her knees were upraised, and her thighs spread wide, baring every inch of her pussy from stem to stern. It was like being on the gynecologist’s table, only more extreme and definitely more intimate as she lay naked—without even a thin paper gown or a drape—fully on display for his viewing pleasure. And he did—view, that is—and with great pleasure if the grin on his face could be believed. Moving to the foot of the table, he came to stand between her upraised legs, stroking her inner thighs with the backs of his hands.


Exposed, displayed, vulnerable, helpless, unprotected, all of these words and more came to mind; comfortable wasn’t one of them. Essentially mute, she nodded anyway.

His hand came to the top of her mound, stroking downwards along her bare lips, slowly, not stopping until he reached the curves of her ass. On the return, one long finger dipped into the cleft between her cheeks, stroking slowly over her bottom hole, up past her perineum where he stopped to circle her weeping entrance before moving on to tease her clit. He lingered there a moment, rounding it with his fingertip and rubbing it from side to side, then with a rub from his thumb, his hand was gone and reaching for the not-forgotten electrode pads on her belly.

He stuck one on her outer labia up near her clit. “Good thing you keep this gorgeous pussy smooth or I would have had to shave you. Not that it wouldn’t have been fun, but I would have had to go downstairs for the supplies.”

“Marc, I don’t know about this.”

“You trust me, don’t you?” As he asked, he attached the other electrode. Pulling the cart closer, he picked up two more electrodes, which were efficiently applied to her skin, this time in between her cheeks, flanking either side of her asshole.

“Holy crap!” she cried, as his fingers brushed the sensitive skin.

“Shh… it’s going to be fine and a whole lot of fun.” His eyes contained a wicked glint as they met hers with a wink. He reached over and began fiddling with the machine on the cart. It was a TENS unit, not the hand-held device she was familiar with, however. It was a tabletop model with at least eight knobs and as many gauges and electrode wires leading out from the terminals to the sticky pads stuck to her body. It looked like he was either going to jump start her like a car battery or call ‘clear’ and defibrillate her heart.

“Why do I get the feeling I missed my last meal and the Last Rites all of a sudden.”

Another chuckle let loose, although she could tell he tried not to let it slip. “This is perfectly safe, baby, or I wouldn’t use it on you or any of my patients.”

“Well, I guess I should be thankful you’re only using six wires,” she murmured, her voice shaky with nervous anticipation.

“I can’t show all my cards the first time I bid, now can I?” She observed warily as he set the first pair of dials. A light vibration started in her nipples. He observed her constantly as he turned up the intensity. The sensation changed to a prickling thump. A moan escaped.

“Feel good?”

“It feels like dwarves hammering at my nipples with tiny pickaxes.”

“Hmm…” He adjusted the dials. “What about now?”

Abruptly the feeling changed to a more constant pulse and her nipples constricted, tightening spasmodically as though being suckled. It was so intense that her hands flew to her breasts.

Marc caught them before she could rip off the electrodes. “Does it hurt?”

She paused to consider before answering. “No, it’s strangely intense, almost too much.”

“If it’s only almost too much, I’ll leave the settings as is for now.” He placed her hands up beside her head. “Can you keep these here? Or do I need to tie them?”

If he did that, she’d be totally restrained and open to him, completely at his mercy. Liquid heat flooded her pussy as she exclaimed, “Tie them, please.”

His lips came down swiftly, his tongue invading, hot and demanding, as he growled, “I’ll be damned if you don’t suit me to a T.” He lifted his mouth, staring down at her with such heated passion that she almost came there on the spot. He moved away and she soon found her hands tied above her head with the same black latex band that restrained her legs.

She was completely vulnerable, with no choice except to submit to his will, and she loved it.

Her pussy lit up next as prickles of electric sensation vibrated along the nerve center. He started it out slow, and then started to build it. By the time it reached a steady buzz, she was breathing heavily and moaning aloud.

“I take it that’s good too,” Marc said as his hands stroked up and down her thighs. With sweeping strokes, he massaged her legs as his avid eyes viewed her. “Damn, you’re hot, bella mia.” He left her thighs to glide over her hips and up her belly, and then cupped both breasts in his big palms.

“I… I can’t—take much more, Marc, please.” She barely managed to eke out the words as wave after wave of sensation engulfed her body.

“Don’t come yet. We’ve got one more set to get humming and I want to be inside you when you explode.”

“Marc, please…”

He stood up. “Wait for me, Jessie.” It wasn’t a request. Authority rang true in every word, as well as desire. His emotion spurred on her passion and had her struggling for control.

As he reached over to the TENS unit and activated the last set, her bottom came to life and the pulsing electricity made her sphincter clench fitfully. She arched off the table, unable to hold back, crying out his name in desperation. The next second he was at the foot of the table, his big hands under her hips as he slid her bottom down to the very end. In fact, she now hung over the edge, testing the limits of the elastic bands that bound her legs. With her knees pressed to her chest, she was spread unbelievably wide and more fully exposed, allowing him to come easily inside, filling her, gliding in deep.

“Damn!” With a guttural growl, he began driving into her. “Don’t hold back anymore, baby. Come all around me.”

She let go then, her body flying apart as pure pleasure swept through her, every muscle convulsed, her hands fisted as her body bowed upward. Her legs jerked closed as much as they could with his big body between them, pumping determinedly. Ordinarily, she would have started to ease down from her peak, but the pulse of electricity kept her at it. His cock filling her, pounding into her, pushed her past it, and she erupted in another screaming orgasm.

Vaguely, she heard him shout as he tensed, surging into her, filling her as he came. As he began to relax, she cried out as the pulsating current continued to hammer at her, those damn dwarves pounding at her nipples, clit, and clenching ass.

“Good God! Make it stop, please,” she cried out.

He stretched out an arm and flipped off the near torturous flow of electricity. She collapsed on the table, panting, her chest rising and falling rapidly as a trickle of sweat rolled along her hairline.

“That was amazing,” he murmured as he bent over her, his lips kissing and licking between her breasts moved upward in a slow path to her throat. He nuzzled there for a moment before lifting his head, his hand coming up to gently stroke the damp hair from her face.

“You okay, cara mia?

“Mmmm…” was all she could manage.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He dipped his head and kissed her softly, sweetly, his hands stroking and soothing her. When she had relaxed beneath him, he lifted his head and grinned down at her.

“How’s your neck pain now?”

“What neck pain?”

He chuckled. “That’s what I thought.” With one last brief kiss, he eased off her and pulled out. “Let me get you cleaned up.”

With a warm cloth, he cleaned her intimately, wiping off the evidence of their passion with a gentle touch. As he peeled off the sticky pads, he used another cloth to swab her skin free of all residue. He untied her, massaging her hips that had been in a flexed position for some time, moving onto her shoulders and wrists that hadn’t been as awkwardly restrained, yet still deserved equal attention. When he lifted her to a seated position, they laughed when he had to peel the saturated exam paper from her sweat-dampened skin.

He found another washcloth and some towels in the cabinet and gently bathed her before he helped her dress. She was amazed when she looked down and saw that her shoes had stayed in place the entire time.

“I’m surprised I didn’t put out your eye.”

“I was very careful and I found the heels made an already hot interlude even hotter.” He ran his hands over her hips and cupped her bottom, pulling her in close as he gave her a leering grin. “Stockings and a black corset would have been nice, maybe next time.”

She flushed. “I’m going to have to start calling you Dr. Kink. Who knew you were into bondage, and electric sex, and on top of it all you have a thing for shoes and lingerie. What else are you hiding?”

“You’d be surprised at all the naughty scenes that have been running through my mind since I saw you that day at the diner.”

“When was that?”

“Just after you started at St. Joe’s. Your mother was our waitress and pointed you out. The short t-shirt and skirt got to me right off the bat.”


“Yeah, didn’t she tell you?”

“It’s funny, I knew you were there but I never saw you. A large man was blocking my view of your table.”

“A very large man at the lunch counter?”

“Yes! I walked out of there determined not to look at you, having no time in my life for a man. Never would I have guessed that sexy surgeon, doing something as mundane as eating dinner with a friend at the Telegraph Diner, would have me tied and wired while having his wicked way with me on his exam table one day.”

“I’d like to make it a regular event, sweet thing. Next time, I want to be in your ass when you shatter around me.”

“Marc…” They hadn’t even spoken of that before.

“Next time,” he whispered as he kissed her. Guiding her toward the door, he added, “Right now, I’m starved. It’s almost nine and we haven’t eaten.”

“Wait!” Jessie hurried back to the table, balled up and discarded the soiled paper in the red bin, then threw out the used electrode pads. She stowed the TENS unit in the only empty cubby and closed all the doors. Finally, she used one of the disinfectant wipes to clean the table. After washing her hands, she joined him where he waited by the door, shaking his head and wearing a very amused grin.

“What? The nurse in me couldn’t leave that mess for the next shift.”

“You were removing the evidence.”

She shrugged. “Yeah, well, that too.” Still a little rubber-legged, she clung to him, her arms around his waist, his strong arm supporting her easily as they walked down the hallway. “So, what’ll it be? Dine-in or take-out? Chinese, Mexican, Italian?” Her stomach rumbled as if on cue, and she added, “As long as it’s quick, I don’t care.”

“How about a pepperoni, beef, and mushroom Sicilian from Buddy’s Pizza? We can pick it up on the way home.”

“You’re on,” she eagerly agreed, “but I want antipasto salad and Buddy Bread, too.”

He looked at her with an arched brow. They didn’t indulge often; when they did, the legendary thick crust, square pizza was usually more than they could eat between the two of them.

“What? I’m starving. Maybe electric sex therapy burns extra calories.”

“Possibly, sounds like something that needs to be researched. And you, my lovely assistant, can be my first test subject.”

“Excuse me, doc, but I better be your only test subject.”

“Of course, baby. That goes without saying.”

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