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Take Me, Daddy: A Dark Irish Mafia Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

“Are you really going to… to… spank me?” I blurted out nervously and my pussy clenched hard. Even just saying the word out loud felt naughty. I looked around quickly, wanting to make sure that there wasn’t anyone walking by that might hear and seeing nothing.

“Yes, little girl. I’m going to take you over my knee so that I can deal with you in the way a very naughty little girl deserves,” he assured me confidently.

“I’ve never been… spanked… sir…” I added, having trouble with that single word.

“It will be my pleasure then,” he rumbled darkly, and he pulled me closer to him.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl as he guided me over both knees. I squeaked in surprise as my hands flew forward to catch myself, but I hadn’t really needed to. I was situated over his lap safely with my bottom in the air.

I panicked for a moment, but when the security of his arm around my waist encased me, I remembered to breathe. The fingers of his other hand slid along the bare skin of the backs of my thighs. My skirt had ridden up a little, exposing me and I bit my lip.

I suddenly wanted his hand between my legs more than anything.

He lifted that hand and smoothed it over my bottom on top of my skirt. I sighed, enjoying the delicious feeling of his soft touch and reveling in it.

It felt perfect and I yearned for so much more of it.

“You were quite sassy with me, weren’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” I breathed. My pussy tightened hard with anticipation and my heart pounded so loudly in my chest that it echoed deafeningly in my head.

His fingers slipped back down to the edge of my skirt and very slowly, he began to lift it.

A sudden fresh surge of aroused panic burst through me and I gasped, but he didn’t relent. Instead, he bared my flesh inch by inch. I reached back to try to stop him, and he casually pinned my arm behind my back.

“Sassy girls aren’t spanked over their skirts,” he scolded lightly, and my face felt like it had caught fire. I was thankful for the red curtain of hair that hid me from his gaze. My cheeks probably matched it.

“But…” I exclaimed.

My protests didn’t stop his advance and when the fabric slipped over the lower curves of my backside, I whined out loud. He pushed it up all the way to the small of my back, revealing what was the prettiest pair of panties that I owned.

This was the first time I’d worn them, actually. They’d been a part of a raffle I’d won at a bachelorette party years ago and I’d never had the nerve to put them on until tonight. They were pale orange see-through fabric with embroidered blue and green flowers. They didn’t really leave much to the imagination, but I felt extraordinarily sexy when I’d put them on.

I’d hoped he’d see them, but I really hadn’t imagined it being like this.

His palm smoothed over my right cheek. His hand was so broad. It easily covered one entire side of my ass and that knowledge took me aback.

I sucked in a breath, trying to keep calm. I could feel his gaze focused on me.

“These are very pretty, little girl,” he murmured.

My blush practically tripled. He was looking at me and I hummed nervously as I realized that he was enjoying it too.

“I won’t even need to take them down to see how red this gorgeous little bottom gets after you’ve been spanked,” he observed.

I clenched my muscles nervously.

He skimmed his fingertips along the edges of my panties, teasing and taunting me so much that I struggled to remain still. I had to remind myself time and time again to keep my thighs together. I wasn’t sure if my wetness would show through my panties.

“Sir,” I whispered, not sure if I wanted to beg him to start or if I wanted him to let me up so that I could bend over the table and plead for him to fuck me instead.

Oh, my god. What was wrong with me?

I felt like a wanton slut in heat, and I couldn’t stop myself. With his hand, he squeezed my left bottom cheek just enough to make me gasp. The gentle ache shot straight to my core and my pussy practically convulsed.

I was going to need to come tonight; whether by his hand or mine, it was going to happen. I sincerely hoped it would be his though. He did the same to the other side and I whimpered softly, struggling to contain the wildly growing desire within me and failing.

“Did you wear these panties for me, little girl? Did you hope that I might see them?”

I whined in shame.

“You will answer me when you’re over my knee for a spanking, naughty girl,” he scolded, and I thought that I might internally combust right then and there. I struggled to speak for several moments, and he waited patiently as if he could sense it.

“Yes, sir. I wore them for you,” I whispered hoarsely. I could hardly hear myself, but his answering groan told me that he’d understood every word.

“I like that very much, little girl,” he answered.

I smiled, a sudden storm of overwhelming happiness bursting through me. He liked what he saw and that made me feel brave.

I wiggled my hips a little, enticing him further.

“Such a bad girl,” he murmured seductively, and he lifted his hand from my backside. I tensed, chewing the inside of my cheek, and trying to relax even though I had the feeling that my punishment was finally about to begin. He cuffed my left cheek, causing several tremors to spiral down to my core.

The arm around my hip tensed and he growled, the sound incredibly tantalizing. His cock was digging into my hip, and I whimpered, realizing at that moment how incredibly large it was.

Being fucked by such a large cock would never be gentle.

Arousal surged through me, and he spanked me more firmly this time. The sound was far louder than I anticipated, something like a gunshot inside the open seating area of the bar. At once, I worried that someone outside would hear me getting a spanking like a naughty little girl. I pushed against his leg, but his arm around my waist pinned me in place.

I wasn’t going anywhere.

Instead of making me afraid, my body burned that much hotter. He was overpowering me, but everything about it felt right.

The next spank bounced off my left cheek and it was just as loud. There was a slight sting that followed, but it only added to the growing need inside me. He spanked me several more times like that and the sting grew a little.

I squirmed over his lap, inadvertently grinding my hips against his cock and hoping to push him further. He spanked me at a constant pace now, each one progressively harder until the sting was enough to make me gasp.

“That doesn’t hurt,” I sassed. I’m not really sure where that kind of bravery had come from, and I almost regretted the words as soon as they left my mouth. To be honest though, I was curious enough to want to know how dark his tastes were because I had a shameful feeling that I might like them too.

“I’ve only just begun, little girl. Don’t worry, by the time I’m through with you, your bottom is going to be bright red,” he promised.

True to his word, he smacked my ass harder. I yelped at the change of intensity, lost in the place of figuring out if I really wanted this and the inevitability of it happening anyway. His palm seemingly turned to a piece of wood, stinging immensely as he punished the entirety of my bottom. He started at the tops of my cheeks and painted all the way down to where my backside met my thighs.

I cried out when he spanked those because they stung the most. I squirmed and struggled as stinging fire spread out all over my bottom, but my relentless desire still surged anyway. As the spanking went on, my sounds grew more desperate and needy until a throaty moan escaped me. He slapped the tops of my thighs and my back rolled as I unconsciously lifted my hips and sought out another.

I was lost in a sea of arousal as he spanked me. I couldn’t help but imagine how I must look to be over his knee with my skirt up and my bottom reddening from his hand. Something about it felt taboo and wicked, but it was without a doubt the hottest thing that had ever happened to me in my life.

My clit throbbed hard as he punished me. I had trouble staying still. I’d long forgotten to keep my thighs together and I blushed thinking he might have seen the evidence of my arousal staining my panties with every glimpse I gave him. My bottom stung and I didn’t know if there was any end in sight.

His arm gripped tighter on my hip and the spanking turned a bit harder. I squirmed and cried out as the sting from his firm hand overwhelmed me for several seconds. I felt out of control and my pussy spasmed eagerly. He made sure to thoroughly punish every inch of me and by the time he was done, I was out of breath and whimpering quietly.

His warm fingers skimmed on top of my scalded flesh, and I moaned softly. The terrible sting faded quickly, leaving a gentler throbbing ache now.

“Do you feel like a punished little girl now, Leah?”

I panted with heat, trying my best to keep it under lock and key and failing miserably.

“Yes, sir,” I whispered. My thighs slid against one another, needy sensation flying through me with wild abandon. His touch lingered and I closed my eyes, knowing that he was looking at me and liking that he was. He squeezed my bottom, and I gasped as the reignited sting burned through me, but when he let go, I could think of nothing but the fierce passion that came with it.

“Good,” he murmured.

His hands wrapped around my waist and lifted me up. I yelped when my scalded backside brushed against his thigh, but I bit my lip. I kind of liked how it felt. I kept my eyes down, too embarrassed to look him in the face right now. He reached for me, sliding his fingers beneath my chin. With subtle forcefulness, he lifted it and made me look at him.

My face burned, fully aflame with shameful arousal.

The same palm that had just spanked my backside cupped my cheek. Its warmth surprised me, and I couldn’t help but lean into it just a bit. His thumb brushed against my lip as his gaze searched me. The touch was the slightest bit rough, and it made my heart pound, the promise of so much more screaming with that single possessive movement.

He angled my face toward his. When his lips descended toward mine, my heart pounded frantically in my chest, and I sucked in a single heated breath. His mouth kissed me so very gently at first and a crackling fire of sweet sensation spiraled through me. His lips were softer than I imagined. His face was shaved clean, but I could feel the slightest bit of scruff scraping against my flesh that drove me wild.

I moaned, unable to help myself and he swallowed the sound. The kiss deepened and I kissed him back just as passionately.

His arms wrapped around me as I pressed myself against him. I was sitting on his lap now, facing him. Tentatively, I curled my hands around the back of his neck, and he didn’t push me away. My pussy pressed against his cock, the fabric of my panties and his slacks the only thing keeping us apart. I could feel him throbbing beneath me and I ground myself on top of him, enjoying the feeling of my stinging bottom and his turgid arousal.

When he finally pulled back, I looked shyly back at him. His thumb trailed up and down the line of my chin.

Before I could think myself out of it, I leaned forward and kissed him myself.

His approving growl was enough to send spirals of passion straight to my core. His kiss had been gentle before. This one was not.

He owned me with that kiss. It was brutal in its sweetness as his lips claimed mine more thoroughly than I could have even fantasized about. His hands cupped the back of my head, holding me in place so that he could savor every second. When I opened my mouth to catch a breath, he nipped my bottom lip hard enough to make me whimper. His tongue slid forward, dancing with mine.

He didn’t begin that kiss, but he was the one who ended it.

When he finally pulled away, my lips felt puffy and sore, and I felt more like a needy little girl than ever. I had tried to keep still, but my hips had started rocking during that kiss, directly on top of his cock.

There was no way he wouldn’t have noticed. I gripped the back of his neck, glancing up to see the blazing fire of heat within his eyes as he stared back at me. The swirling blue waters had turned turbulent, as though I was gazing right into the eye of the storm, and I whimpered with sudden anxious arousal.

It was the kind of look that told me that this night was only just beginning.

He leaned forward, lightly kissing my cheek so that I turned my head. His mouth brushed against my ear, and I shivered at the light touch, wrapping my arms even more tightly around him at the same time he tightened his on my waist.

“I want to ask you a question, little girl,” he began.

His words tickled my ear and my pussy tightened with need.

“What is it… sir?” I asked, still struggling a little with the term, but knowing he liked it. With his face pressed against my cheek, I could feel his lips curl up with enjoyment at the use of it.

“You walked in on me knowing I had just gotten out of the shower and pretended it was an accident, didn’t you?” he asked, but it sounded deceptively more like a statement than anything else.

My face burned at being called out like that, but I couldn’t really deny it.

“Yes, sir,” I confessed shakily, fidgeting a little on his lap and inadvertently rubbing myself against his cock. He groaned softly and I knew he had felt exactly what I had done.

“Did you like what you saw, little girl?”

I gasped out loud, immediately turning my head so that he couldn’t see how red my face became at his very direct line of questioning. His hand dipped, squeezing my freshly spanked bottom hard enough to hurt. I cried out and looked back at him at once. His hand slid up my back along the course of my spine and I sighed, the heat of his touch a decadent soft caress.

“I did… I did like it,” I admitted shyly.

He growled softly and my core felt like it was about to simmer over.

“How did you know I did it on purpose?” I finally braved, tightening my hands and digging my nails a little into his back.

“I know the look of a naughty girl when I see one,” he purred and I curled against him, hiding my face in the crook of his neck.

“I’m not naughty,” I replied, and he chuckled quietly, the sound dangerous and arousing at the same time. He didn’t believe me and neither did I.

His chin grazed against my shoulder as he whispered in my ear once more.

“What do you think should happen to a very naughty girl who walked in on a naked man on purpose?”

My stomach catapulted all the way down to the tips of my toes. I pressed my body flat against his chest and tried to ignore the way my nipples were pebbled inside my bra.

“I… don’t know…” I tried.

“Yes, you do, little girl,” he murmured.

I blushed hard. My bottom stung enough to tell me the answer, but it had already begun to fade into a memory that I knew I would fantasize about time and time again in the coming days. What if there was more to just getting a spanking though? I gazed back into his eyes and decided.

I was going to find out the dark secrets hidden within those tumultuous depths.

“I guess she should be punished… sir,” I tried. My bottom clenched hard. Would he put me back over his knee? Would he do something else? I worried my bottom lip, unable to contain my nervous excitement.

“Mhmmm. I agree, little girl,” he said, his voice a mix of stern warning and playful flirtatiousness. His hands slid up the side of my waist beneath my shirt, just brushing against the lower curves of my breasts and I moaned softly.


“The punishment should fit the crime, shouldn’t it, little girl?”

I shivered. I would never tire of him calling me that. With him, it made me feel small and incredibly desirable. The more he said it, the more I liked it.

“Yes, sir,” I said hoarsely. My core was so tight with desire that it ached.

“You saw all of me, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” I admitted.

“It’s time I saw all of you, naughty girl,” he stated, his voice steady and confident. I whimpered, more out of nervousness than anything else.

“Yes, sir,” I replied, unable to hide the way my voice trembled.

“Stand up for me,” he guided. This time, his hands never left my body, and I was grateful for it. I placed my foot on the floor and then the other, feeling my legs shake beneath me. He stood up in front of me and cupped my face once more.

“You are so very beautiful,” he whispered.

His fingers flitted down my neck as he slowly knelt down. He began by removing my shoes. His hands were gentle against the back of my ankles, and I leaned forward, placing my hand on his shoulder for support. The moment my bare feet touched the floor, I shivered, not from the cold but from feeling even smaller when he stood back up in front of me.

It was a heady sensation and I wavered from side to side.

His hands surrounded my waist, pausing for just long enough to stabilize me before dropping to the bottom hem of my shirt. I gasped when the heat of his fingers dipped beneath the fabric against my bare flesh. With a confident calmness, he lifted it up, inch by inch. I trembled, closing my eyes as his touch caused electric tendrils to drift up and down my body with growing intensity.

When the time came, I lifted my arms up and over my head. I glanced at the darkness outside the window, hoping no one would walk by and see but knowing it was a possibility all the same.

Maybe that made this even more exciting.

He reached to my low back, finding the zipper that held up my skirt and pulling it down with ease. He slid it past my hips, and it dropped down to the floor. He grasped my hand as I stepped out of it, and he folded both pieces of clothing before he put them aside on the table.

In only my bra and panties now, I felt embarrassed and so warm that I might burst into pieces. As if he could read the mental struggle all over my face, he stepped back and just looked at me.

His eyes were dark with ravenous hunger, like there was only one tenuous string holding him back from throwing me onto the table and fucking me so hard that the entirety of South Boston would hear me scream his name.

I lifted my chin and pulled my shoulders back, trying to play at defiance and maybe goad him into exactly that.

He grinned, his dark gaze growing even more perilous.

He reached for me, deftly pinching the clasp of my bra open like he’d done it a thousand times. I shivered as the cups drooped and my breasts bounced free. I struggled not to lift my hands and hold the bra up to hide myself. Leisurely, he pushed the straps down my arms and just when I was about to give in and cover myself, his fingers lightly grasped my wrist. I pulled in a nervous breath, but as he pulled my undergarment away from me, my eyes rushed to his.

My breasts were heavy with desire. They weren’t particularly large like most men liked, but they were at least enough to fill his big palm. He reached for one, groaning seductively as he traced his thumb over my erect nipple.

A spark of pleasure flew through me at the simple possessive touch. His palms drew down my naked back, petting me gently and causing electric fiery sensation to swirl up and down inside me.

“Sir,” I breathed.

He pulled me close as I peered up at him. His lips captured mine and I moaned, unable to resist wrapping my own arms around his waist just so that I could feel the firmness of his body beneath my fingers. His rock-hard cock pressed against my belly, and I shuddered, imagining what it would feel like to have that monstrosity inside me.

He kissed me with increasing fervor. I kissed him back with just as much passionate need until he nipped my lower lip with his teeth, and I gasped at the sharp sting. His kisses descended down my throat and I couldn’t keep quiet as my desire for him to take me escalated to insurmountable levels.

He trailed soft kisses all over me. His tender lips pressed against every inch of me, from the top of my shoulder to my collarbone and down to my breasts. I couldn’t keep quiet when he took my right nipple between his teeth, nipping it lightly as he teased it with his tongue. My feet nearly gave way beneath me, and he picked me up, cupping my bottom as he sat me down on the table. The hard surface was especially unforgiving on my still stinging backside, but it only added to my need for more.

His palm pressed me all the way down until I lay flat on my back.

His lips grazed against my stomach, journeying across my bare flesh with rapt attention. His gentle caresses drove me wild, but when his lips brushed against the skin just above the hem of my pretty panties, I truly lost control.

He was going to take those down too. It then hit me what he would see.

What I wanted him to see.

I shuddered hard at that realization. I thought he was going to pull them down with his hands, but he didn’t.

He used his teeth.

Inch by sordid inch he lowered my panties, and at the moment he was going to reveal the top of my mound, he paused. I swallowed hard, knowing that he would see that I’d shaved myself bare just for him, that I was soaking wet and my pussy was swollen with need for him.

The anticipation of that moment nearly undid me.

Carefully, he pulled them down a bit further until I was fully exposed, and I cried out, my pussy clenching down hard. Impatiently, he used his hands to drag my underwear the rest of the way down my legs, and I bashfully pressed my thighs together.

“Open your legs, little girl. If I need to tell you again, I’ll spank that soaking wet little pussy as red as your bottom,” he warned, and a glimmer of excitement raced through me. I paused for a moment, trying to figure out if he was serious or not.

I waited a bit too long.

He grabbed my thighs and spread them open gently, but with a level of force that I couldn’t fight against. Once my legs were open and my pussy was completely exposed, he cupped his hands directly against it.

“Naughty girl, I’m beginning to think you enjoy this,” he murmured heatedly.

He slapped my pussy firmly and the sudden sting caught me entirely off guard. I yelped, tightening my muscles as I tried to cope with the pain. The sharp ache was quickly followed by an even headier passionate need that made me tremble.

“I’m sorry, sir,” I whispered, unable to stop myself from smiling just the tiniest bit.

“Hmmm, you don’t sound quite sorry enough yet,” he teased. I felt positively indecent lying down on the table entirely naked, but that didn’t stop my hips from rocking with desire.

His kisses began again, brushing against the bones of my pelvis and then to the cusp of my thighs. I waited, hoping he would kiss somewhere else and nervous that he would at the same time.

When he kissed directly on top of my clit, I nearly came right then and there. I reached for his head and drew my fingers through his hair. He didn’t stop me and when his tongue inched forward enough to flick my needy bud, I dug them in.

“Please,” I begged, trying to push him away.

I couldn’t bear his mouth between my legs. It was too shameful for him to see me like this up close.

“You can’t,” I whimpered.

He pulled back. I sighed with relief, but then he spanked my pussy again. I cried out, the sting far more intense than the first time and a fresh wave of desire coursed over me. I was so aroused it hardly even stung now and all it did was taunt me with an orgasm that was just beyond reach.

Feeling a bit rebuked, I pouted and spread my legs a bit wider, hoping to entice him back so that he didn’t spank me there again. He groaned and kissed my inner thigh lightly. My clit pulsed with need. My body rolled as his lips closed over my needy bud once more and I moaned.

“Please, sir,” I pleaded again.

I knew then that this was going to happen one way or another. He was demanding my surrender and I wanted nothing more than to give it.

I rocked my hips upward as my thighs flexed nervously.

He was staring right at me, catching my gaze before he looked down at my needy little pussy.

There was still a residual sting cascading across my folds from his palm, a casual reminder that he could really punish me if he wanted to. I liked that. My core squeezed tight.

His mouth closed over my clit, swirling his warm wetness around it and my world immediately burned with nothing other than the intense desire. I cried out and arched my back, pressing myself against his tongue as he tasted me.

I felt embarrassed and more exposed than I’d ever been in my life.

I’d never had a man go down on me before and it was absolute bliss. His tongue danced over my clit, teasing and taunting me until I cried out, right on the very edge of orgasm. My hands had moved to cup my breasts, teasing my nipples with the roughness of my own palms. I knew he was watching when I took my nipples between my fingers.

I’d always had very sensitive breasts.

He growled and renewed his efforts between my legs. He drove me right to the very edge of the cliff but didn’t let me fall off. I whimpered and begged and moaned.

“Please, please, let me come, sir,” I wailed.

My fingers couldn’t stop teasing my nipples. I pinched and twisted them as one jolt of electric desire after another coursed through me. I was writhing on top of the table, and I didn’t care.

I needed Kieran to make me come.

He latched onto my clit and sucked inward, using his tongue to give me just as much pressure as I needed.

I came hard.

My eyes rolled back in my head as my back arched off the table. White-hot bliss danced before my eyes, blinding me enough for me to close them. My legs trembled and squeezed together, but his broad shoulders kept them wide apart.

He didn’t let go and I kept coming.

My inner walls spasmed hard and I moaned. As my orgasm continued on, that slowly transformed into a scream. I felt like I was burning from the inside out. My fingers pinched my nipples so hard that they stung. The pain from my own hands and the pleasure from his mouth twisted into one scalding consuming sensation.

For the first time in my life, I came again.

It came on so quickly that it caught me by surprise, and I wailed with sudden panic. His mouth was perfect, coaxing me higher and taking my surrender by force.

My entire body shook. My thighs quaked the hardest. I drowned in swirling blissful sensation and when it finally faded, I was thoroughly out of breath. Numb satiety simmered through me, leaving my fingers and toes tingling with the most intense pleasure I had ever known.

He pulled back and leveled his gaze with mine. My clit throbbed as if it was calling him back.

“You came for me, didn’t you, little girl. Not once, but twice,” he stated.

I blushed and tried to hide, but there was nowhere to go. I couldn’t close my legs or even turn away.

“Naughty, naughty girl. I didn’t give you permission to come that many times,” he scolded, his voice lightly seductive. I hummed with shame.

“I’m sorry, sir,” I murmured, playing the part of contrition because there was something more dancing in his eyes.

“I see I’m going to have to be much firmer with you than I originally thought,” he murmured, and my core swirled with curiosity. Purposefully, he pushed his hands against the table and stood up while I watched. I swallowed hard when his hands dropped to his belt.

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