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Taken as Collateral: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

Michael paid me no attention as I entered. He simply sat in an oversized leather chair, a book in his lap and a glass of some liquor in his hand. He turned page after page while I waited, finally taking a sip of his drink. The bastard. He knew exactly how to control the situation. If he knew anything about me, he realized that I wasn’t used to waiting for anything or anyone. I had no patience.

I scanned the area, studying the artwork, the expensive but very old world carpets. Nothing in the house seemed like what little I knew about the movie star. He’s been seen jetting off to Monte Carlo and Paris with beautiful blondes, not sitting by an unlit stone fireplace reading a book.

He cleared his throat and lifted his head. I could read the carnal desire, the desire furrowing deep inside the man. And I could swear his cock was already hard. He glanced at his watch, exhaling. “Right on time.”

“As requested,” I managed, the words sticking in my throat.

“Would you like a drink?”

“Why not?” I was waiting for the shoe to drop as they announced my faux pas.

He nodded to one of the soldiers, who promptly moved toward the bar, finding a crystal stem and pouring from an already opened bottle of wine. Red wine. Even Michael’s capos had been instructed on my particular tastes. Bully for him.

The capo moved forward, shoving a glass into my hand. His sneer was just as disapproving as the intense look on Michael’s face.

“You can leave us now. I’ll be able to control her for the evening.” Michael gave the command without bothering to address either of them. He only had eyes for me.

The second brute remained, drawing Michael’s attention. “Need to see you for a second, boss.”

Michael seemed annoyed but followed behind him and out of the room. The second brute leered at me as I waited.

“He’s not a man you cross,” he said quietly.

“I’m not the kind of woman you cross either.”

The soldier actually chuckled. He didn’t realize I wasn’t joking. I moved the wine from hand to hand, both clammy. The adrenaline from before was wearing off, leaving me quivering all over as the reality set in.

I heard Michael’s boots hitting the hardwood floor as he walked in and with every step he took, I shivered.

“You can go, Grinder. I will handle her.” Michael’s voice was guarded but soft.

“Yes, boss. We’ll be outside if you need us.” Grinder took a step back, nodding, a sneer on his face. He wasn’t thrilled that I was here.

Michael walked back to his chair, sitting down and reaching for his drink. He seemed to be contemplating what to do or at least what to say to me. He remained silent, adding to the tension.

I waited until the men had left before bothering to take a sip of the wine. I could only hope the liquid libation would help calm my nerves. I decided to ignore the obvious. “Your house is… interesting.”

“Not mine. A friend of mine allowed me to borrow it for a few days.”

“Until the heat goes away?”

He seemed agitated by my comment, as if I was challenging his level of control. “I wanted to make certain that we had some time to get to know each other without interruption. Now, I know that I was correct in my assumptions.”

His formality was just as curious as the man himself. He took another sip of his drink, studying me intently. I couldn’t stand the way he was looking at me.

Leering at me.

Undressing me.

Dominating me.

“What? You abduct me, offering some business deal. You bring me to God knows where. You threaten me if I’m not a good girl that you’ll punish me, and you expect me to enjoy the time I spend with you?”

“I expect you to be civil.” I didn’t expect the vehemence as he slammed down his glass and rose quickly, closing the distance within two seconds. He grabbed both arms, yanking me closer until I could feel the heat of his breath cascading across my skin. The wineglass was almost knocked out of my hand, liquid spilling out over the rim.

I gasped, palming his chest and pushing. The way his muscles felt against my skin was electrifying, my head buzzing from the closeness.

The scent of him was intoxicating, spilling into my nostrils and sliding into every cell. I blinked twice, holding back a moan. While there was anger in his eyes, it wasn’t the same level as I’d seen before, even when my father had gone into one of his rages.

This man was far more controlled.

Releasing one hand, he yanked the file from his pocket, lifting the metal piece in front of me as he shook his head. “You shouldn’t have done this. You obviously know who I am and what I can do.”

“More threats. I know you’re going to have to kill me. If you think I’m going to let you do that without a fight, you’re dead wrong and I don’t give a fuck who or what you are.”

His eyes opened wide. When he spoke, his tone was curiously soft. “I have no plans of hurting you, at least significantly, Francesca, but as I’ve already told you. I refuse to tolerate your insolence. What did you think you were going to do with this anyway?”

“Defend myself at all costs.”

My answer obviously didn’t please him.

“Instead of starting with a nice dinner, perhaps even pleasant conversation, I’m going to finish your punishment first.” Jerking away, he yanked the glass from my hand as he shoved the file back into his pocket with the other. Snagging my arm, he dragged me out of the room and down a hallway, finally ending in a spacious and beautiful kitchen. Stainless steel appliances glistened in the single light over the stove, the granite counters wide and expansive.

“What are you planning on doing?” His hold was firm, his fingers digging into my skin.

“Remove your dress,” he commanded. While he dropped his hand, he loomed over me, lowering his head until his lips were dangerously close to mine.

I could almost hear the raggedness of his heart beating, thudding in his chest. The electricity I’d felt before shot off the charts, creating another intense wave of heat pooling between my legs. To be attracted to this man was more than just ridiculous. The raw emotion could cost me my life.

“No. I will not.” I scuttled backward, defying him again.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way. If I cut the dress off you, then you won’t have anything to wear tomorrow. If you take off the dress like a good little girl, then you’ll earn the right to wear something of my choice tomorrow. That’s your choice, Francesca.”

Every time he muttered my name, I cringed, but not from hatred or fear. Desire. I blinked yet kept my stance, my jaw clenched.

“You have ten seconds to make up your mind or I will,” he stated. He was very much at ease with being in charge, his entire face chiseled, his brow furrowed. He was completely different than the pictures I’d seen in magazines. The carefree actor was much more like a captivating Don, a ruler.

“Five seconds,” he added.

“Fine. Okay? I’ll do what you ask.” I turned away from him, more embarrassed than ever, my fingers fumbling as I attempted to remove the simple frock.

I heard his heavy exhale behind me. I wasn’t certain if he was still disgusted or impatient.

I kept my head down as I pulled off the dress, taking my time to fold and place it over one of the kitchen chairs.

“Turn around.”

Swallowing, I could barely stand what was happening, but I did as he commanded, turning to face him. For all my bravado, I’d never been happy with myself or my body. There’d never been a man who’d ravished my body, showering me with passion. I’d never enjoyed kinky sex or had a single man in my life attempt to spank me. I certainly wasn’t naïve, but I’d made certain my education and career had come first.

Or maybe I was just lying to myself.

There’d been no one to trust, no boy who wanted to dare date the daughter of a violent man. That hadn’t helped with my self-esteem.

I was prepared for anything. Cruelty. Harshness. Anger. What I wasn’t prepared for was a kinder, gentler Michael. I have no idea if he sensed just how uncomfortable I was, but when he inched closer, taking his time as he placed his index finger under my chin and lifting my head, I was floored.

He inhaled, lowering his head and almost nuzzling his face against my neck. I shuddered the moment he darted out his tongue, drawing the tip across my earlobe. I couldn’t breathe, my chest tight. I was suffocating from his touch alone.

“You’re very beautiful, Francesca. Gorgeous in fact. I will show you the kind of pleasure that will break you free of those chains firmly planted around your neck.”

His words were chilling, leaving me so wet, my pussy clenching then releasing. He inhaled in an exaggerated manner, allowing his lips to brush across my neck.

Oh, my God. What did he think he was doing?

He slid his hand down the length of my arm, his fingers dancing over my skin. The sensations that rocketed through me were almost euphoric, driving me onto my tiptoes. I realized I’d placed my hand on his chest, clinging to his shirt in a seductive manner.

Giving him the wrong impression.

Pretending this was anything other than a nightmare.

“Please,” I whispered. “Don’t.”

The snap of his mood swing was instantaneous. He growled as he eased back, his eyes turning a darker shade. “Rules, Francesca. My house. My rules. You made a deal I plan on requiring you to keep. Move to the kitchen table and lean over, arms over your head. I suggest that you stay in place or your punishment will be that much more severe. Do you understand me?”

I said nothing.

“Do. You?” he demanded.


He turned away, ceremoniously dismissing me. My God, the man was crazed, volatile.



I bit my lip until I knew I’d drawn a drop of blood. He wasn’t going to fool me with his bullshit. I wasn’t going to fall for his charm. However, I’d be a good little girl just like he asked, accepting his ridiculous punishment.

For now.

Two could play at a game like this. He’d met his match.

I sauntered over to the table as if I didn’t have a care in the world. When I leaned over, all bets were off, the same nausea from before setting in. I wasn’t entirely certain I could go through with this. Pain wasn’t something I was accustomed to. The earlier spanking had been merely a taste.

When I heard what sounded like his buckle being jingled, I stiffened and couldn’t help but look in his direction. He was removing his belt. Jesus. Christ. He was going to whip me with his freaking belt. Tears immediately formed in my eyes, my heart racing as the terror skittered into every joint.

Oh, please. Oh, please.

I knew no amount of begging was going to help. The jarring sound of his footsteps caused near panic. I gripped the sides of the table, digging my fingers in until they ached.

He moved behind me, hovering only inches away. And stood there. Waiting.


Adding to the horror.

But I remained quiet. He was testing me. He was challenging me again.

Michael ran the tips of his fingers down my spine, moving slowly to the crack of my ass. “Your bottom still has a nice glow.”

Fuck you. Fuck you to hell! I bit my tongue, holding back the tears but a single one slipped past my lashes. He wasn’t going to see me cry. Nope. It wasn’t going to happen.

“I’m going to give you thirty lashes, Francesca. That should help you understand that I do mean what I say. I will protect you in this house, but you will not attempt to maim or kill either myself or my men. If you do, there will be no second chance.”

I knew he meant what he said. This wasn’t a threat but a promise.

“Yes. Sir.” I issued the words through clenched teeth, closing my eyes as he patted both ass cheeks.

The sound of the belt whooshing through the air seemed to take forever, as if by some magic he’d been forced to stop. I felt lightheaded, refusing to breathe or think. The second the thick strap was brought down across the center of my bottom, I didn’t even react.

There was no pain. Not even a tingle.

I shifted my hips, finally taking a deep breath. The second whooshing sound wasn’t as terrifying.

Until the belt was slapped against my ass.

Holy. Fuck.

The pain bloomed along the base of my toes, shooting up through my legs and exploding in my bottom. “Oh!” The yelp was strangled, and I pushed up from the table, gasping for air.

“Relax,” he commanded, pushing his hand against the small of my back.

My mouth remained open, my toes curled as I tried to slide back down to the cool and comfortable surface. I was in some kind of shock, my mind lost in a fog. The snapping of his wrist dragged me back into reality. The pain was just as intense, but I was able to bite back the sound even though I struggled to remain in position.

He caressed my bottom, moving his hand around in lazy circles.

I tried to take another deep breath, floored as he delivered three or four strikes, one coming after the other. How could he enjoy this? How could he do this kind of thing to a woman?

“Oh, God. Oh…” My moan wasn’t nearly as loud, my throat closing once again. I was going to die lying on this table. There was no doubt in my mind.

I could still hear his heavy breathing, could almost tell his mind was reeling.

“You’re doing very well. I shouldn’t have to do this. I should be able to have a conversation with you.”

He was actually trying to rationalize with me? “Fine. Yes. Okay.”

Another four strikes were followed by a reprieve, allowing me to rest. I could no longer feel my legs, the anguish to the point I felt numb inside. My mind fell into another place, quiet and beautiful. I knew my bottom was bright red, that the spanking was continuing, but I accepted what was happening. I was strong. This man—this monster wasn’t going to break me.

I heard the guttural sound erupting from his throat and knew he’d tossed the belt onto the floor. I bristled because my instinct told me that this was far from over.

“You can get up now,” he stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

I pushed up from the cool wood, loathing the fact tears had stained my cheeks. I was overwhelmed with anger, grief, sadness, fear—every emotion that there was. After managing to stand, I shifted slightly, biting back a primal scream. Then I lunged toward him, pummeling his chest with my fists.

“How could you? How could you dare do something like that? I don’t belong to you. I don’t belong to anyone!”

If he was surprised or angered by my outburst, he didn’t allow me to see any hint of expression.

But he did react.

Michael tossed me over the table, his hand wrapped firmly around my neck, the pressure enough I had difficulty breathing.

“Who do you think you are, Francesca? I know who you are, a princess who’d lived a life of comfort. You’re misguided and nasty, refusing to accept anything but what you require in life. Well, sweetheart, do you know what happens to little girls who act entitled?”

Huffing, I kicked out, connecting with some part of his body. “Fuck. You.”

He leaned over, yanking hair from my face. “They. Get. Fucked.”

The man was going to fuck me? I pushed as hard against the table as possible, trying to break free of his hold. “I hate you!”

“You’ve already said that, sweetheart. I don’t care.”

Michael smacked my already bruised ass just seconds before he rubbed his cock back and forth across it, taking my breath away.

Another moment of slow motion occurred as my entire body reacted, a hint of eagerness washing through me. The round of sensations trickling down my legs was intense yet more shameful than anything else. Even my nipples were aching to the point that I wanted to scream for them to be sucked, twisted, and plucked.

I closed my eyes as he shoved my legs as wide as possible. This couldn’t be happening. This wasn’t something I could handle. Then he brushed the tip of his cock across my pussy lips and my entire body bucked, straining.



“You’re wet, sweet and beautiful girl. Seems like you don’t mind this kind of punishment. I’ll have to keep that in mind.” He blew a swath of hot air across my back seconds before plunging the entire length of his cock inside my pussy.

My muscles stretched, trying to accept the invasion. Stars floated in front of my eyes as he pulled out, drawing the tip of his cock up and down my pussy. I was wet, sopping wet, juice trickling down the insides of my thighs.

“I love the feel of your sweet pussy clamping around my cock. Just imagine what your asshole is going to do.” He thrust fingers inside my wetness, flexing them open as he pumped several times. “Oh, yeah. Nice and hot.”

“Uh, oh, God.” This was sick, horrible. I was disgusted in every manner.

Especially with my body’s reaction. “God isn’t going to help you. Only I can give you what you need, give you the fix for your insatiable cravings.”

His arrogance further fueled my hatred, but his velveteen voice was far too enticing, so sultry that the syllables trickled down my back. Goosebumps appeared, covering almost every inch of my naked skin. Panting, I realized I was grinding my hips in an involuntary manner. Another betrayal of my body. I did everything I could to shut down, fighting with the bitterness and hatred of the woman inside. I was far too strong to allow any man to take control, no matter the circumstances.

Fuck him.

“Yes, you’re hot for me. Wet for me. Your pussy and your tight little asshole belong to me.” He shifted his hand, wiggling the same fingers between the cleft of my ass until he found my dark hole.

I stiffened when he slipped the tips of two fingers inside. “No. No! Get the hell away from me.”

“Very tight. Like all good little girls should be and I don’t think you want me to leave you alone. In fact, I think you want me to push you to your limits. Maybe fucking you daily, claiming every hole as mine will be sufficient. Maybe I need to go further, taking you to extremes.” He pressed further, taking his time.

The pain was extraordinary, biting and horrible and… suddenly, a moment of bliss swept into me, joyful and debilitating. I groaned, every bit of air expelling from my lungs.

He pumped several times, moving harder and faster after a few seconds. “Such a good girl. My guess is that you crave pain. Don’t you? You long for a man to satiate all those urges you’ve had in the middle of the night.”

God damn him! My thoughts were muddled, my brain refusing to connect the dots. No matter how many times I attempted to scream that he was a monster, dazzling electricity continued to shoot into my extremities. My pants turned into moans, heat coursing throughout my body.

“My beautiful submissive. You will surrender without question.”

Even clenching my eyes closed couldn’t abate the visions, being shackled to a thick post, strapped until the agony turned into ecstasy then fucked over and over again. I shuddered the second he shoved his cock back inside my wet heat, his fingers gripping my hips as he drove into me, giving me no mercy. The force slammed me against the table, dragging out guttural sounds. I was lost, helpless, and yet I fought to keep from climaxing.

But as with everything else, I failed.


The friction, the way my pussy muscles clamped around his thick shaft, and a deep-seated longing that I’d buried deep within my psyche threatened to break free, unleashing my own beast. I was shattered as the orgasm erupted, sliding up from the tips of my toes, cascading along the backs of my legs before capturing my pussy. “No!”

Michael didn’t stop. Instead, he picked up his pace, grinding into me in a brutal manner. Nothing was stopping him.

And I knew nothing ever would.

He’d found a weakness, the monster ready to consume. “That’s it, Francesca. Come for me. Come on my thick cock like an obedient girl.”

I clung to the table, taking deep breaths, biting back a scream as the single climax turned into one giant wave, crashing down me over and over again.

He finally slowed, still inserted deep inside, still pumping. Leaning over, he allowed his husky whisper to float across my face, sizzling my skin. “Just remember that you belong to me to do anything I want with. Now, I fuck your ass.”

The whimper floating from my lips meant nothing as he drove the tip of his cock past my ass cheeks, pressing inside my asshole. My entire body stiffened as he pushed in inch by inch, holding still for several seconds then thrusting the remainder inside.

There was no way to describe the instant thrash of pain in my virgin asshole, no understanding of how I was supposed to react. He’d made good on his promise, fucking me like a true savage. I was nothing more than his property. I’d always been good at acting, playing the part of a sweet and innocent daughter, looking the other way as violence erupted all around me. I’d gotten damn good at it, enough so I’d managed to keep myself out of harm’s way.

I’d wear that mask once again, pretending I was giving in very slowly, allowing him to feel he was in control.

Then I would strike.

Even if my body wanted more, craved more.

Was begging for more.

As the hard fucking continued, my mind was swept away, no longer feeling anything but a complete rapture.

This was wrong.

This was his undoing.

This meant revenge.

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