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Taken as His Pet by Sassa Daniels – Extended Preview

“Come over here,” he said as Lucy stood, transfixed by uncertainty about what to do next. “I want you to sit on the seat next to me.”

He saw her chest rise and fall as she seemed to make up her mind to do as she was told. There was a natural feline grace in her movements as she came forward and turned to lower herself into the chair. She shuddered visibly as Taryn got up from his seat and came to tower over her. Lucy gasped as he pressed a button and the chair began to move, rising to a height that would make an intimate examination easier to perform, while the back reclined into a horizontal position. When it finally came to a stop, Lucy was left lying on her back with her legs dangling over the end of the chair.

“Now, raise your hands over your head,” Taryn instructed.

Again, Lucy complied relatively quickly. That told him one of two things. Either she was a quick learner who understood that failure to do as she was asked would lead to punishment, or she was excited by what she was being commanded to do. Perhaps it was a combination of both.

“Good girl,” he praised. “Now, spread your legs wide.”

Lucy immediately parted her thighs. Taryn ran his finger along the space between her legs and opened up the fabric of the bodysuit so her bottom and pussy were completely exposed. Then he created a gap in the top of the garment that was wide enough to allow her beautiful breasts to spill out. Apparently embarrassed by her sudden nakedness, she lowered her hands as though to cover herself.

“No,” Taryn said sternly, “leave your hands where they are.”

She hesitated for just long enough before raising them again to make him question whether she would be able to keep them out of the way during the examination if she was not tied down.

“Fetch the medical kit and a set of restraints,” he instructed Delina, before turning back to Lucy.

“You’re planning to tie me down?” Lucy’s eyes were wide, and her bottom lip trembled. Whether her reaction was one of excitement or fear, Taryn wasn’t sure.

“Since you seem unable to do as you’re told, yes.”

The look of contrition on Lucy’s face was adorable, but he didn’t have time to enjoy it as Delina returned, with a small tray carrying several medical implements. Setting it down on a nearby chair, she handed Taryn a set of leather cuffs, which he wrapped around Lucy’s wrists. There was a small magnetized disk on each of the rigid shackles. Taryn took her arms, drawing them up over her head and out to the sides. Then he activated the magnets and the shackles fixed onto matching metal disks embedded in the chair. As well as holding her fast, Lucy was stretched to her limit, which had the added benefit of pulling her pert little breasts taut.

With a broad smile on her face, Delina stepped forward and slipped her hand between Lucy’s legs. His pet shuddered with obvious need as the other woman explored her feminine cleft. Taryn nodded approvingly as Delina held up her fingers, glistening with the indisputable evidence of her arousal. He watched with interest as the Taar-Breckian woman lifted Lucy’s legs up over her head and placed her finger at the entrance to her untried channel. Gasping in shock, his little human began to struggle.

“Settle down,” he said firmly, accompanying his words with a warning swat across her thigh.

As Lucy obediently stopped moving, Taryn gave Delina a nod to let her know she could continue. With obvious care, she pushed her finger, lubricated with Lucy’s own feminine juices, into her bottom. Lucy whimpered in distress as the tight ring was breached for the first time. As Delina added a second finger, Lucy let out a low moan that held equal amounts of agony and desperation for something more. He felt an uncomfortable tightening in his groin as he watched Delina fucking Lucy’s ass with her fingers, seeming to take her time sliding them out and then back in again. His little pet began to pant and raise her hips in a way that told him she was becoming unbearably aroused. At Taryn’s signal, Delina removed her fingers and allowed Lucy to lower her legs. The groan of disappointment that escaped Lucy’s throat was an encouraging sign that she’d been incredibly turned on by having her bottom penetrated.

“Initial signs are good,” Delina confirmed to Taryn as she used a spray to cleanse her hands. “Her skin is flushed, and her pupils dilate as they should, but we need to do a more thorough examination to test her responses and ensure she is properly prepared for the tail.”

“Very well,” Taryn said with a grin at the thought of what was in store for his pet, “you may proceed.”

Lucy felt her cheeks reddening as Taryn and Delina spoke about her as though she wasn’t even there. She had no idea what preparation was required in order for her to wear the tail or what responses they wanted to test, but she was sure she was about to find out. She could see Delina moving around but wasn’t able to lift her head enough to get a good look at what she was doing.

“I’m going to attach these sensors to her, so we can monitor her physiological responses,” Delina told Taryn.

Lucy felt something cool and metallic being stuck onto her neck to measure her pulse. Another sensor was placed on her chest and a third was fixed in place just above her clitoris. After entering some information onto a tablet, Delina turned back to her. She was holding up a little silver object with a long chain trailing from it for her to see. Lucy had no idea what its purpose was, but she found out a moment later when Delina attached it to her right nipple. A sharp hiss escaped her, and she grimaced as she adjusted to the uncomfortable sensation of having her nipple squeezed tight. Just as the initial shock was dissipating, Delina tugged hard on the chain and pain shot through her breast. Lucy cried out and clenched her fists as a ripple of bittersweet ecstasy made its way to her feminine core.

“The data looks interesting,” Delina told Taryn in a dispassionate tone as she consulted the tablet.

Lucy had no idea what was interesting and she really didn’t want to ask. She just wanted for this humiliation to be over as quickly as possible. As Delina released the clamp from her nipple, she squeezed her eyes shut to cope with the discomfort as the blood rushed back to the stiff peak.

“Now, I’m going to inspect her pussy,” the Taar-Breckian woman said, clearly addressing Taryn and not her. She looked down at the apex of Lucy’s thighs and smiled. “No need for any lubrication, I see.”

Lucy felt as though she would spontaneously combust, the heat in her cheeks was so intense as they burned bright red. Expecting the other woman to now slip her hand between her legs, Lucy was surprised when Delina turned to the medical tray and picked up an instrument. There was no time to fear what would happen as, a moment later, something cold and hard was slowly inserted into her vagina. Lucy squealed as it was pushed deep inside her, as far as it would go. She moaned as Delina began to open up the instrument, stretching her feminine channel. Lucy tried not to squirm as Delina inserted some sort of thick silicone probe inside her. Stuffed impossibly full, she bit her lip and fought against being overcome with humiliation as Taryn and Delina examined the tablet as though they’d forgotten she was even there. They nodded as though extremely pleased with what they were seeing.

Despite feeling vulnerable, Lucy felt her clitoris begin to throb and her pussy contracted around the instrument that was stuck inside her.

“Everything is as it should be,” Delina commented. “She’s very fertile. When the time comes, she will have no problem bearing younglings.”

“That is good,” Taryn commented.

“Do you wish me to implant the hormonal serum now?”

“What?” Lucy couldn’t prevent the outburst. “What are you talking about?”

“A hormone to allow you to become pregnant,” Delina explained. “Your body will need to change to accommodate the lieutenant’s seed.”

Lucy’s eyes widened. Were they really discussing the idea of her having children?

“Don’t look so worried, pet.” Taryn gave her a reassuring smile. “We will not be having children any time soon.”

Relief that she was not expected to become an incubator for Taryn’s offspring was spiked with anger that such decisions were being made without any thought to what she wanted. Of course, she wasn’t thinking about having his children, but it would be nice to be consulted. She knew that speaking her mind would do no good, so she simply pursed her lips to convey her irritation. Delina removed the instrument from inside of her and set it down on the tray. Then, she turned back to Lucy and gave her a smile that was far from reassuring.

“Time to check that little bottom of yours now,” Delina told her. “I need you to lift your legs up and hold your knees to your chest.”

With reluctance, Lucy did as she was instructed. Her hands were still secured above her head, so she had to work the muscles in her lower body hard to remain in position. As she held herself as still as possible, she felt something cold being smeared around her bottom hole. A moment later, a long, thin object was slowly pushed inside her. Almost immediately, it began to expand, placing enormous pressure on her virgin channel. She squealed as she was assailed by feelings of intense discomfort, embarrassment, and something else that she didn’t want to admit to, a stirring of arousal.

Smiling as though she knew exactly what Lucy was feeling as the object stretched her back passage and pressed against her pussy, Delina began to stroke her clitoris. Lucy whimpered and moaned as the engorged bud pulsed a frantic beat and her pussy clenched. She wiggled restlessly and emitted agonized sounds that spoke of her need for relief from this sensual assault. Coming to Lucy’s aid, Taryn slid his hand under Delina’s and pushed two long, thick fingers inside her. He hooked them upward to caress that special spot inside her. Impossibly full, experiencing deeper pleasure than she had ever felt before, Lucy was helpless to resist the waves of ecstasy that came crashing over her. As she reached the pinnacle, Delina suddenly pulled the instrument out of Lucy’s bottom. The harshness of its sudden withdrawal tipped her over the edge. With a scream, Lucy came hard, convulsing furiously as a jet of fluid squirted from her body.

As she slowly regained her senses, Taryn released her from the cuffs and helped her to sit up. He removed the sensors from her body and handed them to Delina who placed them back on the tray. Lucy allowed Taryn to fix the top of her bodysuit so her breasts were concealed once more, and to seal up the lower part of the garment just enough so her pussy was no longer on display. He left enough room for her bottom hole to be accessed, however, and Lucy understood that was because it was time for the tail to be put in place.

“The readings all look good,” Delina told Lucy and Taryn with a smile. “Everything is as it should be. You will be able to tolerate having the tail inserted for extended periods of time and when you are ready, you will be able to carry younglings without any trouble.”

Exhausted after that powerful climax and unsure what to say in response to Delina’s assessment of her intimate health, Lucy said nothing. She bowed her head and waited to be told what to do next.

Taryn was pleased with how obedient Lucy had been throughout the examination. It couldn’t have been easy for her to lie there so exposed and vulnerable, but she hadn’t complained or tried to prevent Delina from carrying out the intimate inspection. It would have been futile to resist, of course, but still, her forbearance was impressive. Taryn helped Lucy down off the table and pushed the button to convert it back into a chair. His pet looked a little shell-shocked but he was sure she would cope with what was still to come. Taking a seat, he pulled her down over his knee.

Responding to his silent nod of command, Delina fetched the tail and pressed the rounded tip of the plug against Lucy’s bottom hole. At first, there was no resistance but then, when she tried to push in the wider part of the plug, Lucy seemed to tense up. She squealed and tried to get up off Taryn’s lap.

His response was swift. Unable to allow any disobedience, he delivered a series of hard swats to her bottom and upper thighs, one after the other, in quick succession. As his palm spelled out his displeasure in no uncertain terms, Lucy bounced on her toes and let out a sob. Taryn knew that beneath the catsuit, her flesh would be turning a glorious pink color.

“Now, stay still,” he ordered.

“I can’t,” Lucy complained. “It’s too much. I can’t take it.”

“It is for me to decide what you can take,” Taryn growled, and Lucy’s shoulders tensed. “This is just the beginning. I will expect you to cope with having something a lot bigger shoved up your ass before I’m finished with you.”

Delina shot him a glare that suggested she thought his tone was too harsh. He glowered back at her, warning her to keep her opinions to herself. It was not for a subordinate to make judgements about his behavior.

“Breathe through it,” Delina advised Lucy. “It will feel better in a moment.”

Lucy gave a little nod and the tension seemed to drain right out of her. Apparently Delina’s soothing words had worked because Lucy now lay quietly across his lap. She took long, slow breaths in through her nose and blew them out through her mouth as Delina pushed the plug forward until it was fully seated inside her.

“There now,” Delina said. “It’s all done, and you look so pretty. Wouldn’t you agree, Lieutenant?”

“Yes,” he replied as he admired the sleek tail that hung down between Lucy’s legs.

Although the initial suggestion that she should become his pet had come from Lucy, Taryn had to admit that with each passing moment he was growing more and more enthusiastic about the idea. He couldn’t wait to get her on board the transport ship, where they would have two weeks alone, time in which he could train her to respond to him just the way he wanted.

He lifted Lucy from his lap and placed her down on her feet. He couldn’t help but notice that she winced as she straightened, no doubt as the plug shifted inside her. It was obviously uncomfortable but that was something she was just going to have to get used to because he enjoyed seeing her pretty little bottom filled.

“Now, pet, I want you to thank Delina for examining you and putting your tail in,” he said.

Lucy’s cheeks reddened slightly, but she immediately turned to the Taar-Breckian woman.

“Thank you for examining me and putting my tail in for me, Delina.”

She spoke so sweetly, it made Taryn wonder if she was genuinely grateful to the other woman.

“You are very welcome.” Delina gave Lucy a radiant smile, before turning to him with a scowl on her face. He wasn’t sure what her issue was, but it was not Delina’s place to disapprove of his actions. “Now, was there anything else you needed from me, Lieutenant?”

“No, Delina, you may leave us now,” Taryn told her, “and please make sure we are not disturbed for the duration of the trip.”

Delina nodded and turned to leave the room. Once she was gone, he looked up at Lucy, who was standing in front of him, her hands clasped together, as though waiting for instruction.

“So, pet, how do you like your new tail?”

“It’s very nice,” Lucy said quietly. “Thank you, Master.”

Taryn smiled. She seemed to be a quick learner. That was good, because he was about to give her another lesson and he hoped she would prove herself capable.

“I’m glad you like your tail, pet, but I think it’s time you learned to demonstrate your gratitude properly.”

“I… eh… what?” Lucy stammered, and Taryn suspected that her nervousness was because she had some idea what he was about to instruct her to do.

“I said, it’s time you learned to demonstrate your gratitude,” Taryn said carefully. “So, get down on your knees and show me just how thankful you really are.”

Lucy knew exactly what Taryn wanted her to do. She’d read a lot of books and she wasn’t stupid, but she’d never done anything like this before. The prospect of doing something wrong made her nervous. She really wasn’t sure she would be able to please him.

“Did you hear what I said?” Taryn asked, a slight edge to his voice that made her wary.

“Yes, sorry, Master,” Lucy replied as she sank to her knees.

As she got down onto the floor, she was acutely aware of the enormous plug shifting inside her bottom. She wouldn’t describe its movement within her body as painful. Well, not exactly. It was quite uncomfortable. With that discomfort, however, came a strange feeling of arousal as the plug pushed forward putting pressure on her pussy.

“Now, unfasten my pants and take out my cock,” Taryn said.

The bluntness of his directions sent an unexpected thrill racing through Lucy’s veins. She shuffled forward on her knees and reached for the metal fastenings that held his pants together. She unhooked them carefully and freed his enormous, erect penis. Her eyes widened, and she wondered if she would ever get used to seeing the long, wide shaft with its glistening purple head. It was a thing of beauty, but terrifying at the same time.

“Start slowly,” Taryn told her. “Lick around the head.”

Grateful that he was giving her some instruction, Lucy moved forward and began to explore the head of his cock with her tongue. It was soft flesh, like the ripest fruit, yet there was a hint of steel beneath the surface. The tip of her tongue dipped into the little slit and she lapped up the salty droplets of liquid that had collected there. Strange. It was like nothing she’d ever tasted before. She couldn’t really say she liked it, but it was not totally unpleasant.

“Good girl,” he praised, and Lucy couldn’t help but smile in response. “Now, open your mouth for me, nice and wide.”

Looking up at him with wary eyes, she let her mouth drop open. She wasn’t entirely comfortable, so she imagined herself at the doctor’s saying “aah.” Her eyes widened as Taryn shifted his hips and guided his hardened rod into her mouth, pushing forward until she feared she might choke. Her hands shot out and grasped his thighs, needing something to hold onto.

“Keep breathing,” Taryn instructed, “relax your jaw and try not to panic. You’ll soon adjust.”

Lucy tried to do as he said, but she couldn’t escape the feeling she was going to be suffocated. Her mouth was incredibly full. But, just as she started to grow anxious, Taryn slid his shaft back past her lips, just enough for her to be able to breathe once more.

“Okay,” he said patiently, “let’s try that again.”

Before Lucy could respond, he pushed his cock deep into her mouth once more. It was still unpleasant, and she struggled against him a little but, this time, she felt less like she was choking. Again and again, Taryn slid his velvety length back and forth over her tongue. Gradually, Lucy got used to the strange sensation of having her mouth packed solid. She began to explore the underside of his penis with her tongue.

“That’s better.” Taryn’s words signaled praise, but his voice was strained, almost anguished.

With increasingly insistent thrusts, he fucked her mouth, making grunting sounds that revealed his growing pleasure. Lucy moaned around his cock as her own arousal began to build. She could hardly believe it, but she was actually enjoying this. Moisture was gathering at that place between her legs and her heart was beating furiously. As Taryn thrust into her mouth over and over, his hand curved around the back of her neck to hold her in place. The firmness of his touch made her gasp and her pussy clenched, desperately trying to clamp down on thin air.

“Touch yourself,” Taryn instructed her as he seemed to sense her need.

She didn’t have to be told twice. Lucy slipped her hand between her legs and found the sensitive nub that was just crying out for attention. She rubbed it hard and, of their own volition, her hips began to roll in a tight figure eight. As her arousal grew, her movements became more and more frenzied. Within seconds, she came violently, just as Taryn’s cock swelled within her mouth and his seed began to spill down her throat. Taken by surprise, she tried to swallow it all, but a dribble escaped and ran down her chin. With the back of her hand, she quickly wiped the residue away as Taryn withdrew his cock from her mouth.

“Next time, you will swallow it all.”

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