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Taken as Theirs by Kryssie Fortune – Extended Preview

Cassie looked up, surprised to see Dane alone for once. The way his eyes glowed with wolf-y lights thrilled her. She grinned and pointed at the valve she’d been working on. “The brewing kettle overheated and blew out the valve. I put out the fire, and now it’s cooled off, I’m fixing it for you.”

His eyebrows pulled together and his lips thinned into an angry frown. “Let me get this straight. The alarm sounded and you risked life and limb, not to mention serious burns, to do what? Save a test brew? You getting burned or scalded isn’t acceptable, and I will punish you for it.”

Shaking her head, she backed off. “Dad taught me engineering. Besides, there’s no harm done. Talking about punishing me is plain silly.”

He took a step toward her, all muscle and menace. “Then your father doesn’t value you as he should. Your safety is all-important.”

Angry that he criticized her family, Cassie’s head shot up. “Of course he values me, and Dad’s a stickler for safety procedures. Everything revolves around eliminating the risk. That’s what I did when I doused the fire beneath the vat.”

Dane shook his head. “The damn kettle could have exploded, but since you like the heat, I know just how to punish you.”

The sun shone outside, but the brew house felt dark and threatening. Cassie glanced all around, but Dane blocked the only exit. Submitting to a punishment she didn’t think she deserved wasn’t in her. She hung her head, feigning submission. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think.”

He didn’t give an inch. “Then it’s my job to see you do in future. Come here.”

She took two slow steps toward him, ducked under his arm, and ran for the settlement. Four strides and he looped his arms around her waist and hoisted her into the air. She kicked her feet and waved her arms, but he tossed her over his shoulder and jogged toward the town.

Her laughing protests only earned her a slap on the behind. “Stay still and behave, little human, or it will be the worse for you. We’re going to visit Mum’s greenhouse before we discuss your antics.”

Cassie didn’t have a clue what he intended, but she stilled and ogled his bum. The horticultural workers had finished for the day. That left the poly-tunnels and greenhouse silent and deserted. Dane carried her down the aisle labeled Ginger. When he reached the biggest plant, he dug one-handed in the soil. Grinning, he pulled out a piece of root about seven inches long.

Cassie twisted, trying to see what he intended. All that got her was another stinging slap on the bottom. He turned and strode back to the brew house, marched inside, and locked the door behind him.

When he put her down, Cassie sidled away from him. Shaking his head, he looped on arm around her waist and pulled a beer barrel toward her.

“Lean that flexible little body of yours over it,” he commanded.

Damn, he meant to spank her after all, but why the trip to the greenhouse? That didn’t make sense. Resigned to her fate, she obeyed. Dane widened her legs and patted her bottom. “Exactly the right height for what I have in mind. Stand up and strip off. When you earn a punishment, you receive it naked.”

Cassie chewed on her lower lip as she righted herself. “I should have thought before I acted, but I’ve learned my lesson. There’s no need to spank me.”

He stood before her, legs spread, his hands on his hips. “Little human, a spanking is the last thing on my mind. This is a punishment to remind you not to go near things that burn. Clothes off and back over the barrel or I’ll add a spanking too.”

Not knowing what to expect, she stripped off, but even naked, she was full of defiance. “This is meaningless if I don’t think I deserve punishing.”

Scowling, he demanded, “Did you put yourself at risk when it wasn’t necessary?”

Startled by his thinking, she hung her head. “Yes, Sir, and I’m sorry.”

“Apology accepted,” he patted the top of the barrel, “now lean over and let me check the height.”

Cassie backed off. “But you’ve accepted my apology. You can’t punish me now.”

Lifting one eyebrow, Dane pointed at the barrel. Her stomach roiled and her mouth dried. She didn’t want to do this, but maybe she should have thought before she raced into the brew house. Nervous, she chewed on her fingernails as she took a step toward the barrel.

“Lean over it,” Dane repeated.

Again, he spread her legs, but this time he tied a rope around her left ankle. After wrapping the loose end around the barrel, he attached it to her right leg.

She liked how he inserted a finger between the rope and her ankles, checking they weren’t too tight. Still fighting the inevitable, she tried to close her legs. There was no give in the rope and the knots held firm.

He rinsed the soil from the ginger, checking he removed every last bit then peeled the top half of the root. The smell made her think of bonfires and hot soup on winter nights. Only there was nothing comforting in the tapered end he’d just peeled.

His smile turned diabolical. “Lean over the barrel and press your breasts against the top.”

She shook her head as she realized his intentions. “I won’t.”

He placed his ginger on a spotlessly clean shelf and stood in front of her. Rather than argue, he pulled her in for a kiss. His lips dominated hers and his tongue slipped into her mouth, bossing hers.

Surrendering to his embrace, she kissed him back. He pulled her forward and stretched her arms over her head. “That I won’t has earned you half a dozen swats on the behind. Now, be a good girl and put your palms on the floor.”

As if doing yoga, she held the stretch and reached for the floor. He bound her wrists the way he had her feet. Bent over the barrel, she couldn’t close her legs, couldn’t move her arms. All she could do was accept his punishment.

He stroked her bare behind. “We agreed this was my night alone with you. I’d planned a romantic evening, but your behavior’s put paid to that. I promised you a spanking for your defiance. Are you ready, little human?”

She nodded, knowing the next half hour wouldn’t be pleasant.

Burying his fingers in her short curls, he forced her head up and stared into her eyes. “I need the words. Tell me what you did wrong and ask me to punish you for it.”

By now, she wished he’d get on with it. “I was foolhardy and put myself at risk. I swear not to do it again, but if I deserve punishment for fixing your broken valve, then please punish me, Sir.”

He released her hair and moved behind her. “Not the fulsome request I wanted, but yes, you do deserve punishing for it.”

Cassie shuddered. Bound over the beer barrel, she reveled in his mastery. Dane punished her because he cared about her, and she loved him for it. Her family had supported her, but as the oldest sibling, her parents had expected her to set an example. Dane and Eli accepted her, mistakes, imperfections, and all. There was something heady and wonderful about that.

Without warning, he brought his hand down hard on her rounded bottom. She screamed as the sound of his slap reverberated around the brew house. Hard as she tried to wriggle aside, her bonds held her too firmly.

He spanked both her sit spots in quick succession, so hard that tears filled her eyes. She wriggled her butt, trying to find some ease. His next two slaps landed on her the sensitive spots where her thighs met her bottom. She screamed and tensed, expecting him to hit her there again. Instead, he slapped her pussy.

Pain reverberated through her bones. As it rippled through her body, it morphed into sensual heat that left her breathless and needy. Her womb contracted. Cum squirted from her cunny and coated her thighs.

When Dane rubbed her cum over her anus, she tensed again. He leaned over her as he fingered her darkest hole. “One day, little human, I’m going to claim you here.”

As he spoke, he slid one finger inside her ass. She tensed at the intrusion. “No, please, don’t.”

He mantled his body around hers, so close his breath warmed the back of her neck and sent shivers down her spine. “This hole is mine, and when Eli and I claim you, I’ll fuck it hard.”

He slid his finger deeper, making her moan and pant. Her nipples pearled as she rubbed them against the top of the barrel. Her juices coated her pussy like hot honey that dripped onto her thighs. When he pulled his finger from her darkest hole, she moaned.

He chuckled. “You like that, little human? Enjoy it while you can, and remember, you brought this punishment on yourself.”

Dane moved in front of her, carved ginger in hand. Kneeling, he buried his hand in her hair and gently lifted her head, letting her get a good look. “Guess where this is going, my beautiful little slut. It will sting and burn, exactly the way the steam would have done if you’d got too close. Unlike the steam, this won’t do any lasting harm, but you won’t enjoy it.”

Releasing her hair, he moved behind her. Cassie moaned when he spread her butt cheeks. He chuckled. “You’ll be moaning for another reason soon. Relax your muscles or this will hurt more.”

She sniffled, too mortified to speak. She felt something press against her bottom hole and tried to wriggle away. Not that her bonds allowed her much movement. Naked and bound, she couldn’t fight him. Instead, she concentrated on her breathing and thought about rainbows or butterflies. It didn’t help.

The pressure on her bottom increased, and she felt the ginger plug slip inside her. The intrusion felt shameful and humiliating, but it didn’t burn as much as she’d expected. He pushed it so deep the entire peeled half slid inside her.

As her bottom hole closed around it, she whimpered, as much from embarrassment as from pain. Naked and bound with ginger sticking out her arse, she must look like the worse sort of slut.

He rubbed her bottom as if he meant to soothe the pain of her spanking. His massage grew rougher. Each time his fingers kneaded her butt cheeks, she jiggled beneath his hand. The ginger pressed against the delicate tissue inside her back passage, first stinging then burning like a blowtorch.

When he moved his hand, she danced in her bonds, trying to ease the pain in her bottom. The burning sensation built like flames licking a bonfire. When he reached between her legs and pinched her clit, she clenched her butt cheeks. “Take it out. Ow, ouch, ow, it feels like my bum’s burning on the inside.”

Her wriggles made him chuckle and pinch her clit again. She clenched her bottom hard. Heat spread from her butt to her toes. She’d rather take a spanking than endure this. Dane stayed unsympathetic and stern. “Better the ginger than a scalding. You’ll remember to look after yourself in future. We’re almost there, little one.”

The next time he reached between her legs, he slipped a second piece of ginger inside her vagina. She wriggled and clenched, a desperate moan coming from her throat. Ignoring her protests, he returned to tormenting her clit. The ginger essence on his fingers made it tingle.

Her every movement spread the burn in her bottom. She wanted to stay still and lessen the pain. Thanks to his clever fingers massaging her most personal places, she writhed in her bonds. Her every movement made her think of steam scalding her arse.

When he jiggled the ginger protruding from her ass, she clenched and shrieked. Heat shot through her, and she felt as though he held a blowtorch to her cunny. Sobs shook her shoulders, and she sniffed to stop her nose running. The worst part of her punishment was the way the ginger in her pussy set her libido burning as much as her bottom.

Dane tugged gently at her clit. “Did you know that ginger is an aphrodisiac? I’m going to enjoy watching those juices make your pussy lips swell. So, little slut, which turns you on the most? The pain or the pleasure?”

She panted and writhed but when she tried to answer, the heat in her bottom took her breath. She tried to ignore the desires burning in her pussy, but her body felt overheated—hungry for his dominance. So wet she felt certain her juices shone in the candlelight, she wanted this over and done. Maybe.

Her needs grew into a bonfire that heated her blood. She wriggled and thrashed, rubbing her aching clit against the barrel to find the relief she craved. The burning in her bottom grew more intense the longer the ginger stayed inside her.

A wanton part of her relished the desperate sensual need her punishment sparked in her cunny. Clearly enjoying the way pleasure and pain confused her body, he rubbed her behind. “Tell me why I’m punishing you, or I’ll push another piece of ginger in your arse.”

“No more ginger,” Cassie screeched. She rubbed her cunny against the barrel Dane had bound her over, desperate to come. “I couldn’t stand it. I’m really, really sorry, Dane. I should have thought before I ran into the brew house. I didn’t mean to make you worry, and I’m sorry I upset you.”

He moved close again, pinching her clit and rubbing her bottom. “That’s my good girl. Another five minutes and the ginger in your bottom hole will lose its potency. I bet it’s not as intense now.”

She stilled a moment. “No, it’s not, but that doesn’t mean I like it.”

Reaching around her, he ran his finger through her cunt then slipped it between her lips. “See how wet your figging has made you. You might say you don’t like it, but your body says otherwise. Taste your juices. Aren’t they delicious when they’re tinged with fresh ginger?”

After licking his finger clean, she gave a pleasured moan. “Mmm… Sticky, sweet, and spicy.”

Pulling her bottom cheeks apart, he removed the ginger sticking out of her arse. His seeing her like this filled her with shame.

Releasing her wrists, he helped her straighten up. The movement sent residual sparks of heat nipping at her sensitized bottom hole. She sniffed but said nothing as he massaged her wrists. He placed them on the top of the barrel and kissed the back of her neck. “You did good, my beautiful little slut. I hope you behave as well when Eli punishes you tomorrow.”

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