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Taken by Her Mates by Grace Goodwin – Extended Preview

Taken by Her MatesI carried my mate down the long, plain corridor and felt rage gather in my chest. I was supposed to live the rest of my life on the Colony. It was to be my new home. This place, these men, were supposed to be my future—if my father had his way. The men who we’d just fought, those who wanted Jessica for their own, were like me. Warriors who had fought for the coalition, protected billions of lives on hundreds of planets, but unlucky enough to be captured and tortured by the Hive, contaminated by their technology and banished forever.

Shame at my lack of understanding made me clench my jaw as I carried my mate. Jessica had pointed out the obvious, that there was nothing wrong with any of them. Their Hive biotech implants were like her scars: marks of honor, of service. Of respect. If anything, the implanted technology would make them all stronger, faster, and more lethal than ever before. And yet these men found themselves banished to the Colony, disrespected and forgotten. Denied a mate, denied a family. Stripped of their honor and their worth and used for nothing more than slave labor.

The disgraceful treatment of our warriors would be one of the first things I would change once I was Prime. I looked down at the golden shimmer of my mate’s hair where she rested in my arms and knew, without doubt, my princess would be a fierce advocate for these warriors as well.

It had been a proud moment for me to see her confront the doctor, confront injustice, and make us all see things in a new light. Her words, her ideals, were meant to protect not just the two men who would claim her, but all the veterans of the Hive wars, all the wounded and scarred warriors on this world. I had no doubt she would fight my father’s prejudiced system, without surcease. She was fierce and brave and passionate.

My perfect mate.

It was time now to claim her, to fuck her. We should be fleeing the Colony without pause, but I had to fuck her first. She had to understand the power of our mating bond and a good, hard fuck would do that in ways words could not. The collars, as well as a few intense orgasms, would ensure that she never doubted our bond again.

This wouldn’t be the ceremonial bonding, our permanent claiming, but it would be a start. With the collars about our necks, with our seed having coated her skin, her emotions and needs were obvious now. I sensed her every feeling as she felt mine—and Ander’s—in kind.

I felt the lingering arousal from her examination. She’d liked it. Loved it. Loved fighting against Ander’s hold, knowing that there was nothing she could do but give in. Despite the unfamiliar situation, she’d chosen to trust Ander, to have faith that he would not allow anything harmful to happen to her while he’d gripped her wrists. She had taken comfort in our presence, trusted us and been able to submit to the examination. I had never seen anything more beautiful than her orgasms as Ander and I held her, watched over her.

She’d lost control, and that had just been to the medical probes. I longed to discover how loudly she might scream her release when it was Ander and I fucking her, stretching her, making her come.

One of the men led us down a hallway and pressed a button on a wall, three, no four doors down. He bowed once. “A privacy chamber.”

I nodded to the man, who, only a few minutes ago, Ander had punched in the face. There was no animosity among us, for the authority and respect for mates of our warriors was strong, the collar around her neck a permanent sign of ownership. She owned us now. Both of us would die to protect our right to care for her, father her children, and bring her pleasure.

Ander thanked the man and closed the door behind us. I took in the room. A bed, a table, chair, another door that led to a bathing chamber. The space was simple. Basic. It mattered not besides the fact that it had a large bed and we were alone.

The way she’d responded to the medical probes—after we calmed and reassured her—had been stunning to witness. She was so responsive, not only to the stimulation, but to the strap across her hips, to Ander and his firm grip on her wrists, his spoken commands.

Our mate’s pussy had grown wet the moment Ander began issuing orders. Jessica could not hide the truth from us, the truth that she had enjoyed being bound, had grown aroused by the hard strength of Ander’s hands on her wrists. Her release had been powerful, her cries echoing through the chamber making my cock hard as a rock, eager to take her, to force her to another peak.

She was too feisty, too headstrong, to give up control. She was a warrior, as we were. But her reaction today had revealed the truth to all three of us: she was indeed stubborn, fierce, and defiant, but she hungered for a mate strong enough to dominate her, a mate with whom she could feel safe enough to let herself go.

I would be that mate. Ander would as well. If she needed to feel our control and dominance when it came to fucking, then we would provide. She wasn’t a virgin, but by the surprised look on her face when we’d brought her to climax, any man she’d been with before had not given her what she needed. She’d never before felt safe enough to completely give up control.

The fact that we’d been matched assured me that my conclusions were correct. While I hungered to dominate her, to tease her body and prolong her pleasure until she begged, Ander’s stoic power aroused her as well. Ander and I admitted our needs, were comfortable in our roles as her mates, and did not try to hide our darkest desires. The opposite could be said for Jessica. She acted as if her needs were a surprise to her. It became obvious to me, with her chaos of emotions swirling through me via our mating collar, that her mind was at war with her body. Her ego and conditioning compelled her to resist, but her body was incapable of lying. The processing center’s matching protocols did not lie. She needed everything we gave her.

That was why my cock was hard as a Prillon pipe and if I didn’t fuck her soon I would surely come in my pants. The collars connected us and I sensed not only Jessica’s lingering desire but Ander’s eagerness as well. The connection we shared was intense, sharp, and hot as hell. I flicked a glance at Ander and he gave me a small nod.

We would take her now. With the collars, there would be no doubt we would be attuned to her every need. If she disliked anything, we would know immediately. Starting now.

“Now that I wear your collar, I’m legally a Prillon bride?” she asked.

“Yes. You belong to us now.” I placed her on her feet before us and swiped the blanket from her shoulders, tossing it onto the chair in the corner. She would not need any kind of covering for now. “We will learn all of your secrets, Jessica. You won’t be able to hide anything from us.”

She shivered but lowered her hands to her sides. She stood before us regal as a queen and my cock swelled to the point of bursting. “I don’t understand. I’m not hiding anything now.”

Ander tilted his head and raised an eyebrow. “Yes, you are, mate. You’re hiding from everyone, including yourself.”

A rush of pleasure flooded our connection as Jessica responded to his words, his commanding tone. She licked her lips. “Like what? I’m standing here naked wearing your collar. What could I be hiding?”

“How you like to be fucked,” I responded.

Her chin came up with that and I stifled a smile.

You are going tell me how I like it?” She arched a brow.

“No,” I replied simply. “Your body is going to reveal the secrets you are not willing to admit.”

She backed up a step as I continued, “You want us to fuck you hard.”

“You want it rough,” Ander added. He lifted the hem of his shirt and pulled it up and over his head, dropped it on the floor.

Her eyes fell to Ander’s chest and she stared.

“You need to let go, to be told what to do.”


“You need to relinquish control when it comes to being fucked by your men,” I clarified. “You might be a warrior in your own right, but when you are naked and between the two of us, you will do as we say.”

She took another step back, her chest heaving as her arousal climbed. As she turned, I could see the flared end of the plug parting her ass cheeks. My cock pulsed at the sight. Cringing in discomfort, I undid my pants.

“What if I don’t? What if you’re wrong?” She lifted one hand to rub the top of her chest and side of her neck in a nervous gesture I found utterly endearing. She wanted what we were offering her, but was afraid to take it.

“Do you trust us, Jessica? Do you trust us not to hurt you? Do you believe we are strong enough, disciplined enough, to protect and care for you? Do you believe that our one desire is to make you happy, to meet your needs?”

Her hand froze on the side of her neck and she bowed her head, staring at her feet for several long seconds that felt like a millennium to me, and I was sure, to Ander as well. He held his breath where he stood next to me. We both did, waiting for her answer, waiting for permission to claim her. This one fragile female held our very hearts and happiness in her hands.

I walked to her then, pulling her into my arms so that her ear was pressed to my chest above my beating heart. I held her close, stroking the curve of her back and hip with one hand as Ander watched with an intense need I knew was mirrored in my own gaze. The other hand I tangled in her hair, holding her to me softly, like delicate crystal.

“Do you hear the beating of my heart? It beats for you. Every cell in my body is dedicated to you, to your comfort, to your safety, to your pleasure. The collars around our necks mark you as ours, mate, but in reality, we belong to you. We serve no other but you. We will fight for you, kill for you, die for you. We will do everything in our power to make you feel safe, protected, and loved. If you allow us, Jessica.” I cupped her cheek in my hand and tilted her head up so I could look down into her pale blue eyes. “Say yes. Accept our claim. Let us love you.”

One word. That’s all we needed to make her ours forever. One word would set us free, to touch, to fuck, to mark forever.


I kissed her gently, softly on the lips in acknowledgment of her gift. I did not protest as Ander reached for her hand and gently pulled her away. I knew he, too, was starved for her touch.

I pulled my own shirt from my head and dropped it to the floor as Ander took a hold of Jessica’s hand and led her to the bed. “First, dear mate, you will be punished.”

“Punished—what? Why?”

He walked alongside the bed, pulling her forward so she had no choice but to crawl up onto the mattress. Only when both her knees were on the soft surface did he release her hand to slide his arm beneath her waist. “Your stubborn refusal to obey Nial earlier caused us to injure two of our brothers and damage the doctor’s examination room.”

“I said I was sorry about that. I didn’t understand.” She was on her hands and knees and his free hand caressed her bare bottom as he leaned over to speak in her ear.

“That is not good enough. You put yourself in unnecessary danger, mate, despite the fact that Nial warned you. Did you stop to consider what would have happened had Nial or I lost the challenge?” His hand came down on her bare ass, hard.


A pink handprint appeared and she fought to break his hold, but she had no chance of escape. Her face flushed pink as Ander spanked her again. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Ander shook his head. “Language, mate.”

He spanked her again. And again.

She panted in his hold, her nipples pebbled into hard peaks and her eyes closed as she fought the arousal I could smell flooding her pussy. “This is stupid. I’m not a child.”

“No, you are not. You are mine. You are Nial’s. We will pleasure you. We will care for you. And when danger is near, we will protect you.” Smack. Smack. “If you defy us and place yourself in danger, we will punish you. We will hold you down and spank your bare bottom until it’s bright red and your entire body is on fire.”

Blinding sensual hunger flooded my collar as Ander spoke to her. I dropped my pants and fisted my hard cock in my hand as I watched him dominate her. She bit her lip and moaned, her breasts swaying under her with each firm strike of Ander’s hand on her round ass.

The perfect flesh turned swiftly changed color as his palm struck a different spot each time. I could not deny the fascination with the way her lush ass quivered.


My second spanked her until she dropped her head, her pussy so wet I could see the glistening call of her arousal from several feet away. Ander struck her once more, hard, then plunged two fingers into her pussy from behind.

“You like a little pain, Jessica? Do you want me to spank you some more?” He pulled his fingers from her pussy and they were shiny and wet when he pushed them in deeper, rubbing her clit with his thumb. “You want me to spank you harder?”

She shook her head, but we all knew differently. Ander groaned and fucked her with his fingers, plunging hard and deep as Jessica’s lust flooded both of our collars. I walked to her side and stroked the long, elegant curve of her waist, my eye on the plug in her ass. I leaned down to her other ear. “Do you want us to fuck you with the plug in place? Do you want us to stretch you until it hurts so good and make you scream?”

“Oh, God. I can’t. I can’t.” She whimpered the words, shaking her head side to side as I took over and swatted her ass myself, enjoying the sharp bite of her pain through the collar and the flood of heat that followed behind as I spanked her. She loved being spanked. Loved what Ander was doing to her now, as he used three fingers to spread her pussy wide and the other to tug and play with the plug in her ass.

He did not remove it, but pushed and pulled enough to stretch her pussy and her ass, to make her burn as he finger-fucked her wet core. A sheen of sweat broke out on her skin, her fingers clenching the sheet.

“You forget. The collars connect us all. You cannot lie to us,” I told her. “I can feel your struggle, the ache inside as you try to understand how it’s possible to find pleasure in the pain.”

I spanked her again, the cracking noise of the contact filling the room.

This time, Jessica moaned. “Oh, God.”

“I am not a god, but you may call me master.” I stepped closer and cupped one full breast in my hand, pinching the nipple, tugging as I smacked her ass again.

“Your pussy never lies. The collars never lie. Surrender, Jessica, do not question your needs, simply accept them and we will pleasure you in ways you’ve never imagined but always wanted. I bet you never knew having your ass filled would feel so good. There is no shame in giving your desires to your mates to fulfill.”

Ander lowered his head and softly nipped at her red ass with his teeth, just hard enough to make her squirm as I pulled on her breast. We would not relent until she admitted the truth. We felt it through the collar, she felt it in every cell of her being, but she had to accept it. Finally, I saw her shoulders slump, her fingers loosen, her head drop. She gave in, gave over to our mastery of her body, to her needs. To the truth.

“Yes, master,” she gasped.

“Do you want us to fuck you?” Ander asked.

She whimpered when he pulled his fingers free and walked to offer them to her. “Open your mouth, taste perfection.”

She did, and he slipped the tips of two fingers between her lips. As the taste flooded her body with need, I slipped one finger of my own into her core and removed it to have her taste on my tongue. She was sweet and warm and I could feel my cock weep with the need to plunge deep.

Stepping back, I shed the remainder of my clothes, all the while staring at her exposed pussy, open and eager, swollen and wet. I couldn’t deny the gorgeous sight with the plug just above in her ass. With her cheeks red and hot from her spanking, I couldn’t want anything more. I ached to get my seed in her, to coat her pussy walls with my essence, to bind us together even further. Just the taste of her on my tongue dragged me under. I belonged to her, utterly and completely. No other woman would ever satisfy me. She owned me and it was time to take extend our bond.

“I’m going to fuck you now. I’m going to put my big cock in this eager pussy.”

Jessica’s head arched back as Ander forced her head up with a hand around her neck. Her back curved beautifully, her ass high in the air and her legs spread wide as she wiggled her hips in welcome.

“Ander is going to fuck that mouth of yours. It gets you in trouble, mate, and so he’s going to keep it occupied.”

Ander stripped, too, so we were ready for her. She lifted her head then and her eyes widened as she saw his cock for the first time. It was long and thick, the head of it broad, perhaps too broad for her mouth. She’d take it though; she’d take all of it. I could sense it, could feel her eagerness for it to touch the back of her throat.

A pearly drop of essence dripped from the tip.

“Lick it.” Ander stepped close, placing one knee on the bed so his cock bumped her mouth. She had no choice but to open, to flick her tongue over it.

I almost came watching that little pink tongue swipe the fluid away. She groaned and closed her eyes in bliss as the bonding essence in his seed flooded her senses. I watched, awed, as her open pussy clenched down on empty air, eager for me.

I could wait no longer. Stepping up to her, I grabbed hold of the base of my cock, aligned it with her eager entrance. With one hand on her hip, I watched as I pushed forward and my cock disappeared inside her inch by inch. I pulled on her buttocks, spreading her wider and her pussy lips flared open around my thick shaft, the soft pink tissue stretching and opening to take me deep.

Splaying my hand wide, I placed my palm over her perfect ass cheek, and settled my thumb on the base of the plug in her ass, moving the trainer in and out of her body, adding to her sensations. I knew, through the collar about my neck, that while she was adjusting to being filled, she loved it. She was not in pain, but in the most intense pleasure.

Pushing forward, I buried myself to the balls, until she couldn’t take any more and I settled there, watching as she eagerly licked the head of Ander’s cock, each drop of pre-cum adding to her arousal causing her pussy to clench down on my cock like a fist.

With my free hand, I reached forward and took hold of her long hair, tangling the silken strands around my fingers. As I pulled gently, her head came back so she was in the perfect position to take Ander. Deep.

“Open up, mate, and take us both,” Ander nudged forward so the tip of his cock went into her mouth, forcing her lips apart.

She opened readily, taking the crown of Ander’s cock. There was no doubt she was eager for more of the bonding essence to coat her tongue.

“Do you want us to fuck you now?” Ander cupped Jessica’s chin as she looked up at him. She made a noise of assent, but she couldn’t speak around his meaty cock.

“You’ll take us both, mate. Now.”

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