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Taken by the Admiral by Sue Lyndon – Extended Preview

Taken by the AdmiralA chime at the door drew her from her blissful reverie, and she gave the admiral a questioning glance.

“It’s the doctor. He’s here to examine you.”

“But I-I’m not sick.”

“Standard procedure. All alien females brought aboard must have a thorough exam to make sure they are healthy and sexually responsive.” He grinned down at her. “Do not worry, Lia. I think you’ll pass.”

Doctor Sorn entered Cavvik’s quarters, a large medical bag in his hand. “I understand you have claimed this human female as your mate.” The physician waggled his thick eyebrows at Cavvik. “Wanted to get out of the mating ceremony on Varishema that bad, did you?”

“Mating ceremony?” Lia tried to pull up her pants, but Cavvik stilled her hands and gave her a censuring look.

“You must be naked during the exam.” He hoped her stinging bottom kept her docile enough for what she was about to endure. The doctor had a reputation for being exacting, and while Cavvik believed Lia was sexually responsive and compatible with him, he wanted to make sure she was healthy. Some of the females taken from the Constantina were malnourished and required vitamin infusions, and a few had autoimmune diseases that needed treatment. Lia’s well-being was important to him. Her tales of life aboard the Constantina troubled him, and he was glad she wasn’t aboard the blasted ship any longer.

“Oh, like hell I’ll be naked!” She glared at him and once again reached for her pants.

Surrounding her with his arms, he leaned down to whisper in her ear. “Lia, listen to me and listen carefully. I am your mate and your master. You will not disrespect me by behaving like a feensha cat in front of the doctor. The better you listen, the sooner the exam will be over. It’s necessary for your health. Now, are you going to cooperate, or do I need to turn you back over my knee and redden your bottom while the doctor watches?”

“I swear I’m healthy!” Fright widened her eyes when she pulled back to give him another one of her cute, pleading looks. Blessed One, her begging made him as hard as the ice crystals in the mountain caves of his home world.

“Lia, this is nonnegotiable. You will endure a thorough examination without resistance.” He firmed his tone. “If you disobey me in this, little human, I will take a leather strap to your already punished bottom. Don’t test me.”

The doctor removed a folding patient table from his bag and set it up in the center of the room while Lia watched, her face pale and her hands shaking in her lap. She twisted her fingers together and gulped. The scent of her arousal heightened, and he stared down at his little human mate in utter disbelief. She might not be happy about the examination, but the prospect of it was increasing the moisture between her thighs.

“Lia, yes, you are my prisoner and you have no choice in this, but you are also my mate. I only want the best for you, and your health happens to be very important to me.” This time he softened his voice, hoping to calm her anxieties over the exam.

“Are-are you going to stay with me, you know, during the exam?”

“Yes, Lia. I won’t leave your side.”

Perhaps he only imagined it, but he thought her shoulders relaxed at this. It pleased him that she wished him to remain at her side during the exam. Of course, he hadn’t intended to leave his quarters even if she demanded it, but she didn’t need to know that.

The doctor cleared his throat. He stood next to the exam table and patted the metallic surface. “Have the human remove all her clothing and sit on the table.” He pulled an internal scanner from his pocket and stared pointedly at Lia. The doctor was efficient and professional, and Cavvik had no doubts he would quickly ascertain if Lia required any treatments to optimize her health.

“All right, little human, let’s get your shirt off first,” Cavvik said, helping her remove the sweater. She wore a plain white covering over her breasts beneath it. A bra, that’s what humans called it. Varishan females wore no undergarments of any kind, but he rather liked the way the bra pushed up her mounds. Through the material of the covering, the shadows of her hardened nipples stood pronounced.

He attempted to remove her bra but fumbled with the clasp he found on the back.

She gave a shy smile and reached around to unhook the garment, and it fell to the floor with her sweater. He pulled her pants the rest of the way off her, taking her shoes with them. The next time he allowed her clothing, she would wear a beautiful Varishan gown.

“Was that so difficult?” he asked softly, tracing her nipple.

A needy whimper sounded in her throat and she squirmed on his lap, and he once again thrilled at her responsiveness.

“You’re a lovely girl, Lia. I might keep you naked all the time.”

She blushed almost as red as her punished behind.

After guiding her to the exam table, he lifted her up and sat her upon it. She gasped and wiggled a bit, no doubt adjusting to the chill of the metallic surface.

All business, the doctor stepped forward and ran the handheld internal scanner over her from head to toe, holding it just above her skin. She remained so still that for a moment Cavvik feared she had stopped breathing, but finally her chest rose slightly as she inhaled, then dipped with a slow exhale.

“She is healthier than most of the human females I’ve examined. Only a tad underweight. I don’t even think she needs vitamin infusions, as long as she eats a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.”

“I’ll make sure she eats properly,” Cavvik said, pleased by the doctor’s report.

“Wide hips, full breasts, a fine specimen of her species.” The physician held the scanner over her abdomen. “She is capable of bearing children. In fact, she’s ovulating right now.”

“Is that so?” Her current fertility peaked Cavvik’s interest. He’d already planned to claim her in the near future, but now he had all the more reason to pump into her and fill her with his seed.

Lia lowered her head and her blush deepened.

The doctor returned the scanner to his pocket and retrieved a clear speculum from his bag. Cavvik had requested the exam take place in his quarters rather than the busy medical bay, and he was glad the doctor had come fully prepared. Anticipation skittered through him and he held his breath, watching in fascination as the doctor placed the speculum on the table. Soon Lia would be spread wide and completely exposed. He’d glimpsed her pussy while she’d been over his knee, but he hadn’t seen it stretched open, nor had he touched it yet.

The spanking had aroused her. There was no denying the telltale moisture that had glistened on her nether lips. Would the exam excite her in the same fashion? He had an inkling it would, and he wished the doctor would hurry up and insert the speculum already. He wanted a good look at the tight hole he would be pounding into later.

“Turn and lie down, then scoot your bottom to the edge here,” the doctor said, pulling the stirrups from the table for Lia to rest her feet in.

When she hesitated, Cavvik raised an eyebrow at her, daring her to disobey.

The air tensed and for a moment, he thought he would have to order her to bend over the table while he applied a leather strap to her bottom. But she finally followed the doctor’s instructions, lying down on the table. Her knees wobbled as she scooted to the end of the table, and once her backside rested on the edge, the doctor helped her place her feet in the stirrups.

Still wet. Even more so than before, and so deliciously pink. The overhead lights beamed down upon Lia, giving Cavvik an unhindered view of her intimate parts. He couldn’t look away from her glistening center and he envied the doctor for being the first to touch her pussy.

The doctor donned a pair of gloves and picked up the speculum. He also retrieved a bottle of something from his bag.

“I’m assuming you’ve never had sexual intercourse before?” the doctor asked.

“No, sir.”

“Have you ever had anything inside your vaginal opening before?”

“I…” She swallowed and looked at Cavvik briefly before returning her gaze to the doctor. “Only my, um, my fingers,” she replied in a hushed tone.

For the first time since his arrival, the doctor broke into a smile and chuckled. “Your fingers. Hmm. Well, I imagine you are very tight, being a virgin. Even though your pussy is swollen and wet right now, I’m going to apply a generous amount of lubrication to help ease the way of the speculum.”

She paled and gave a start. “That thing goes inside me?” She started to close her legs, but the doctor placed a firm hand on the inside of her thigh.

“None of that, human. You will remain spread.”

“Do as the doctor says, Lia.” Cavvik’s vision had started to blur, his arousal had grown so great. He needed the doctor to complete his exam and get out. Lia would be lucky if he waited for the elderly Varishan to leave before he pushed his cock into her slick tightness.

The doctor trickled lube on her pussy and she gave a tiny gasp, her back arching on the table.

“Yes, it’s cold, but we must use a good quantity of it.”

With a gloved hand, the doctor spread the lubrication around her pussy, then pushed two fingers inside her. His visage turned thoughtful and his brows furrowed in concentration as he felt around. He placed the bottle aside and pressed down on her stomach while still keeping his fingers submerged in her pussy.

“Everything feels normal so far. Her clitoris is nice and big. I suspect she’ll have no trouble having an orgasm. Have you ever made yourself come before, human?”

A tremor vibrated through her and she turned away, not answering the doctor’s question.

“She has touched herself many times,” Cavvik said.

A whimper floated up from the table. Blessed One, he wanted to hear her whimper again and again, mayhap while she struggled to take all of his cock in her mouth.

“We’ll test her responsiveness after I inspect her further,” the doctor said, placing the speculum at her entrance. She quivered as he pushed it inside her, and Cavvik stared at the wondrous sight, not blinking or breathing. Her pussy lips were stretched to the side and she was opened up, all her pinkness within on display. The doctor retrieved his scanner and held it in front of her widened opening for a long moment. Numbers and lights flashed on the device, and finally the doctor put it back in his pocket.

“Still normal. Still healthy.” He trickled more lube onto two of his fingers and sought out the entrance of her bottom hole. “I assume you plan to claim her here as well?”

“Yes,” Cavvik replied, his voice hoarse with desire.

More whimpers. More trembling. More blushing. Lia was the most beautiful and perfect female he could ever recall glimpsing. Her shame over her arousal fascinated him in a dark way. As her humiliation rose, the moisture between her thighs increased. Lia might not know it, but there were more spankings in her future, and not just disciplinary ones.

A groan escaped Lia as the doctor pushed two thick fingers into her bottom hole. She covered her face to hide her shame. When Cavvik had informed her she was to be examined by a doctor, she had never imagined it would be so thorough. Everything below her waist ached, and the intrusion in her backside entrance glided deeper, making her cry out in a mixture of discomfort and pleasure.

To her humiliation, the fullness inside her tight hole had her clit throbbing and her nipples tightening. Sweat trickled down her temples and she couldn’t stop panting. If the doctor accidently grazed a finger over her clit, she wouldn’t be able to stop from orgasming hard in front of him and Cavvik.

Her breath caught. Did the doctor really intend to test her responsiveness? If not, what would Cavvik do if she came while the doctor was touching her? A shiver rushed up her back. Would he apply his leather strap to her posterior?

Her thoughts became a haze of erotic images. She imagined how she looked spread out on the table with the speculum still lodged within her, the doctor’s two fingers now pumping in and out of her tight bottom hole. She tried to relax around the invasion, but every few seconds she clenched and experienced a delicious burn that made her hips undulate of their own accord.

“Doctor, I believe she wants to come right now.”

“Yes, I believe she does.” Keeping his fingers submerged in her bottom hole, the doctor reached his other hand atop her pussy, aiming for her throbbing clit. “Might as well test her responsiveness now.”

“Oh, please, no!” Lia thrashed around and almost made it off the table, but Cavvik strode to her side and held her down.

“That’s it, little human. You have struggled enough. After you come and the doctor takes the speculum out, you will feel the sting of my leather strap on your bare backside.”

“No, I’m sorry, I—oh, God!” She tossed her head from side to side and her hips lifted off the table. She shamelessly pressed herself against the doctor’s swirling finger, even as she struggled against the firm hands holding her down. The doctor had one gloved digit pressed to her clit, and the warm electric sensation sent pulse after pulse of sensual bliss through her loins. She was burning up, her breasts aching and her nipples so tight they stung as if they were being pinched.

“Normally I use a vibrator on the females when I test their responsiveness,” the doctor said in a conversational tone, as if she wasn’t spread out before him and Cavvik, and as if he didn’t have one finger pressed to her swollen nubbin as he tried to make her orgasm. “However, this human female seems so near to completion that a few more rubs should do it.” As if to prove his point, he applied more pressure to her clit and circled faster. Five more rubs had her gasping out her release. Holy fuck.

Stars exploded behind her eyelids. She thrashed around within Cavvik’s firm hold and came right there on the exam table. The pulsing remnants of her orgasm left her shuddering and moaning. Oh, God. She had never come so hard in her life.

When her eyes fluttered open, Cavvik was staring down at her, his expression intense. She didn’t know if he was angry or turned on. She couldn’t read him well enough yet. Another aftershock rippled through her body, traveling up from her toes to the top of her head. She quaked and closed her eyes, moaning lightly as it ended. The doctor moved from her pussy and drew his fingers out of her bottom hole, and she winced at the sensation of him pulling his thick digits out of her tightness.

Her euphoric release had drained all the energy from her, and she rested limp on the table, though Cavvik still had her arms pressed to the cool surface, holding her in place should she resist. Vaguely, his promise to take a leather strap to her bottom registered belatedly in her mind, but she was so exhausted from her orgasm that she hovered on the edge of consciousness and couldn’t quite grasp the fact that she would soon be punished.

The speculum was removed from her pussy next, and she wiggled around and let her legs close together, feeling odd with all her holes finally empty. Her nipples still felt stingy though, and moisture rubbed together between her thighs. Her moisture. She was so naughty to get so wet.

“She had one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever witnessed in a human female,” the doctor’s voice penetrated her thoughts. “The anal stimulation seems to have strengthened her response to having her clit played with. I recommend a strict regimen of anal training. Use plugs to help arouse her until she is ready to accept your cock.”

Lia’s heart rate picked up. Holy fuck. Even though she’d just come, the instructions the doctor was giving Admiral Cavvik managed to send new pulses of excitement to her private parts. She felt needy again, ready to be caressed until stars once again exploded behind her eyelids.

The huge alien who had decided to claim her as his mate, however, had other plans.

Cavvik cleared his throat. “Thank you, doctor. Before we continue with her exam, she has earned a punishment. I’m going to have her bend over the table and take ten strokes with my strap.”

“Of course, admiral. Naughty girls must be punished.”

Lia sat up slowly, still a tad disoriented, and watched as Cavvik crossed the room and retrieved a long, thick strap from a top dresser drawer. She wondered why he had the implement readily available in his quarters. Did he discipline those under his command? Or had he planned to take a mate soon and assumed whichever human female he selected would prove troublesome? She supposed the reason didn’t matter at the moment. He had a fierce-looking strap and he was going to apply it to her backside, no matter what.

Heat quickened between her sore thighs. The speculum had stretched her wide. She imagined his cock would stretch her even wider and a flush infused her cheeks. She ducked her head, not wanting Cavvik or the doctor to realize how hopelessly turned on she was at the moment. Clearly, there was something wrong with her. It wasn’t normal to feel excitement at the prospect of pain and humiliation, was it? She gulped and stared into Cavvik’s determined gaze.

“You were instructed to be cooperative during your examination, Lia. I asked Doctor Sorn to conduct your exam in the privacy of my quarters, rather than the busy medical bay, where you would have been on display to any protectors that walked in, as well as Doctor Sorn’s various assistants, and the doctor was kind enough to agree to conduct your exam here, in private. This exam is being conducted to ensure your health, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself for putting up such a fuss.”

Where had her fight gone? All the anger she’d felt the first time she’d faced off with Admiral Cavvik had fled. She opened her mouth and the words “I’m sorry, sir,” almost spilled out. But she caught herself in time and pressed her lips shut. Don’t be weak. Don’t let these uncivilized aliens control you. Savages, the lot of them.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself?” The strap dangled from his hand, and she couldn’t stop glancing at it and wondered what it would feel like as it cracked across her sore cheeks.

She lifted her eyes to Cavvik’s and cursed the incessant throbbing of everything below her waist. He’d done this to her. He’d made her needy and wanton. Sex was naughty. Forbidden. She had to remember that. She also had to remember he was the enemy. Whether the captains of the Constantina had provoked the Varishans to attack, he was still the enemy. “Yes, I have something to say.” She swallowed hard and clenched her fists at her sides, summoning up all her courage to fight back against all Cavvik was doing to her. “Go fuck yourself, admiral.”

The second the words escaped her mouth, she wished to take them back. Why had she said that? Why did she think bravery meant taunting the scary alien with the strap?

Cavvik raised an eyebrow at her and motioned for her to get off the table. “Bend over the table and lift your bottom high up in the air. I’ve a feeling that tongue of yours is going to earn you more strappings than you’d like, little human. I’ll not allow you to leave my quarters until I can trust that you will speak civilly.”

“Admiral Cavvik, I…” Her voice trailed off. Tears burned in her eyes. Fuck fuck fuck. What was wrong with her? One minute she wished to turn herself over to the pleasures Cavvik promised to give her with the dark, intense look in his eyes, and the next minute she found herself rebelling against him and wishing all she’d been taught growing up was true. But she had been brought up on lie after lie, most of those lies coming directly from her beloved grandfather. Her world felt shattered.

“Lia, if I have to make you get into position, you’ll get extra strokes.”

She slid off the table and stood before him, naked with her head bowed, before she found herself turning around as if his firm command alone had willed her to obey. She sensed Admiral Cavvik was used to having his orders followed. Why had she tested him?

“Good girl. Now spread those legs. Wider, little human.” He tapped the strap to her inner thigh. “Wider. There, that’s perfect. I expect you to hold this position during your strapping. Had you behaved, you wouldn’t be getting punished right now in front of the doctor, but disobedient girls must be disciplined, Lia. You will soon come to understand this.”

Cavvik’s presence was so strong that she’d almost forgotten the doctor was still in the room. At the mention of him, she looked over her shoulder to find the elderly Varishan watching as Cavvik pressed the strap to her bottom and prepared his aim. She turned around, wishing she could disappear as her shame deepened, a hot flush rising up her neck to cover her face.

He raised his arm, and when he brought it down the impact of the leather snapping over her bottom took her breath away.

“Oh! I’m sorry!” The words she should’ve spoken moments ago came pouring out. But still, Cavvik kept bringing the strap down.

Cavvik sensed the turmoil within Lia. He didn’t like having to chastise her again so soon, but he couldn’t allow her disobedience to go unpunished, especially since she’d acted out in front of the doctor. The sooner she accepted him as her mate and her master, the sooner there would be peace between them. He realized he wanted more than her body; he also wanted her heart and her trust. He wanted her to feel safe and treasured with him.

“Lia, do you understand why you’re being punished?” He paused and let the strap rest against her reddened flesh.

Her shoulders rose and fell quickly. She sniffled. “Y-yes, sir.”

“Tell me why.”

“I-I was naughty. I didn’t cooperate with the doctor during the examination.”

“What else?” He drew the length of leather up the insides of her thighs, close to the wetness that trickled down her legs and betrayed her arousal.

“I used foul language.”

He gave her the final three strokes, landing them low on her backside where her bottom curved into her thighs. She rose up on her tiptoes and howled, and when she came down on her feet she covered her face and cried.

Without thinking, Cavvik dropped the strap and turned her against his chest, holding her and petting her hair. A fierce urge to protect her always rose within him and blasted through his veins like a rush of adrenaline. She felt perfect in his embrace. When she suddenly slipped from his grasp and fell to her knees, he stared, utterly stunned as she leaned forward to kiss his hand.

“Thank you for punishing me, sir.”

His heart squeezed and emotion tightened his throat. Though tearful and in obvious discomfort, she had remembered what he’d required of her after her first spanking and willingly given her respect to him. He caressed her head, running his hand down her messy braid and through the locks of hair that had escaped it. She peered up at him, her blue eyes large and glistening with tears, and her body trembling.

“Doctor Sorn, is her exam over?”

“No, admiral. I must take her temperature to ensure she doesn’t have any infections.” The doctor withdrew a slender probe from his pocket. “Once I insert this into her bottom hole and get a good reading of her temperature, I’ll be finished.”

“Very well.” He directed his gaze back to Lia and tilted her head up with one finger beneath her chin. “Can you be a good girl for this part?”

She nodded. “Yes, sir. I’m ready.”

He helped her up, enclosing her in his arms for one last embrace before lifting her onto the table.

“It’s easiest if you get on your hands and knees,” the doctor said, donning a fresh pair of gloves. He gripped the probe and approached the table.

A pretty blush stained Lia’s cheeks and she hesitated, but only for a moment. Soon she was on her hands and knees, obediently spreading her legs at the doctor’s insistence.

“Arch your back and lift your bottom up now. I want you spreading yourself so wide I won’t even have to pull your cheeks apart.”

Cavvik moved behind the doctor in order to get an unhindered view of his little mate exposing her most private place. Her dark pink pucker clenched and unclenched as she got into position, whimpering as she arched her back. Seeing her ass now high in the air, his cock pulsed more insistently against his pants. Sweat trickled down his temples and he wiped it away, his mouth drying up at the sight of Lia’s wet, pink pussy and shy bottom hole on display.

Reffa, he had to have her soon.

“Still so wet,” Doctor Sorn said, touching the moisture on her inner thigh. “You have yourself a very responsive female, admiral. I recommend keeping an eye on her to make sure she doesn’t take to pleasuring herself.”

“I’ve already warned her that her pleasure is mine. Haven’t I, Lia?”

“Yes, sir. I promise not to touch myself—oh!” She gasped as the doctor trickled lubrication atop her quivering hole, then commenced pumping one finger in and out, until replacing his finger with the long probe.

“This needs to stay deep inside you until the light at the end blinks. Keep very still.”

The end of the silver probe sticking out of her bottom drove Cavvik mad with lust. He stood there, sweltering and swearing under his breath, until the blasted light blinked and Doctor Sorn finally withdrew the probe. Her pucker winked as the tip of the probe slid out, and Cavvik felt his balls tightening as raw, primal need swept through him. That hole belonged to him. He would fuck it soon, he would grab Lia’s hips and seat himself between her little bottom cheeks and claim her most untouched place.

“No fever.” The doctor removed his gloves and packed up his supplies. “She’s one of the healthiest human females we’ve taken; however, you must make sure she eats a healthy diet. Remember, she is a tad underweight.”

“I will see her fed properly,” Cavvik replied, his gaze on Lia.

She sank into a sitting position on the table before sliding down and into Cavvik’s waiting arms. He held her steady and guided her across the room to his sleeping area. A soft sound of alarm rose from her and she dug her heels into the floor, obviously not wishing to be taken to his bed. Poor thing probably thought he intended to maul her before the doctor had even taken his leave. Yes, he wanted to claim her now, and the thought had crossed his mind, but he wanted to win her trust more than anything.

“Relax, little human. You’ve been through a lot. Rest for a while and I will prepare you a meal.” He patted her bottom and she winced. “Keep your hands above the covers. I will tend to your naughty, throbbing parts later.”

She shot him an angry look, though her cheeks grew noticeably pink. At his urging, she crawled under the covers and allowed him to tuck her in. He found he rather liked coddling her this way. He’d visited pleasure houses on his home world, but he had never slept beside a woman or tucked one into his bed. A part of him that he’d never been aware of before came alive in that moment, aching and tender. It scared the hell of him, but at the same time he liked it. Lia hadn’t been part of his life for a full day yet and already she was changing him, affecting him like no other female before.

Realizing he had been standing over her and staring down at her for some time, he straightened as an unfamiliar heat seared his face and strode back to the doctor.

“Thank you for conducting the examination in my quarters.”

The doctor finished folding up the table and nodded. “If I can be of further assistance, Admiral Cavvik, please let me know.”

After Cavvik showed Doctor Sorn out of his quarters, he headed for the kitchen area where he prepared a simple meal of unkga rolls and a salad, remembering the doctor’s orders for her to eat healthy. Once he trusted her to behave herself in public, he would take her to his private dining quarters and treat her to the delicious fare served by the ship’s cook, but until then he would have to play chef. Not that he minded. Just as he’d felt an odd warmth overcome him as he tucked her in, he felt the same odd warmth as he prepared a meal for her.

Lia eyed the food suspiciously, but after a stern look from him, she took a few tentative bites. It wasn’t long before she began eating more quickly and gulping down the water he’d placed on the tray.

“This is delicious,” she said between bites. “Thank you, Cavvik.”

The sound of his name on her lips hardened his cock in an instant. He stood close by, watching as she finished the rest of her meal. Once she cleaned her plate, he returned the tray to the kitchen, his heart beating fast with the realization that he had her alone and all to himself. He knew humans required more sleep than Varishans, and though he ached to crawl atop her and thrust his hardness deep into her pussy, he also didn’t want to exhaust her just yet. He reminded himself that she’d been through an ordeal today, from the attack on the Constantina to her spanking to her exam.

He approached her again, clasped one of her hands in his, and sank down on the edge of the bed. Her breath hitched and she swallowed hard. The steady thump of her pulse point against her neck caught his eye, and he longed to run his tongue over that very spot, before tangling his hands in her hair and holding her captive while exploring her mouth.

Reffa. He needed to calm his thoughts. The little human needed her rest first. After she slept for a sufficient period of time, he would claim her as his and leave no doubt in her mind that she now belonged to him.

“I want you to close your eyes and sleep, Lia.” He squeezed her hand. “Trust me, little human, considering the things I am aching to do to you, you are going to need your rest.”

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