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Taken by the Aliens by Samantha Madisen – Extended Preview

Mina fell into a deep sleep despite her desires and confusion, but her dreams were all sexual—scenarios that would have made her blush in real life. They were the sort of dreams in which sexual encounters promised, but never delivered, release.

She was woken by a slowly increasing light and a change of temperature in the room, and then, to her utter surprise, the smell of fresh coffee, as if she had been sleeping in a luxury resort on Earth.

The first day began and proceeded as many others would, until she lost count of them. Food was served to her by an anodyne servant that she rarely saw, and then Voso appeared to ask her how she had slept and to ensure that she bathed and removed the chastity cloth from her body. His fingers moved along the zipper of the material, sending shivers racing along Mina’s spine from her tailbone to her neck. Clothing was laid out for her, and Voso retrieved her from her chambers to take her to one of the various chambers in the vast fortress.

The first day, she was not taken to the chamber of punishment right away, but rather, to a chamber that Voso was unable to translate.

“It looks pretty much like the punishment chamber,” she had commented dryly, earning herself a punishment for speaking without permission.

“It is a chamber of trials,” Mozok had assured her, appearing from nowhere.

Trials, Mina thought, her breath shuddering in her chest, along with the cool arousal that was becoming more familiar to her. The trials would almost certainly be sexual, and if what she had experienced so far was any indication of their nature, they would require submission from her—submission on a level she had never dared to undertake in her previous relationships.

But was that because she had never wanted it? Or because none of her lovers had ever asked it of her?

Because none of them would dare? She could hardly imagine any of the men she had ever “dated” being as commanding, demanding, physically imposing, and…

She stopped her thoughts about Mozok and Voso in their tracks. She needed to watch out for Stockholm syndrome, she decided. This was a business deal. Her mind was playing strange tricks on her now—it could only get worse from here. She had to keep herself focused on what she wanted in the end, and that was to endure this Trothplight and win the contract.

And it was ridiculous to think about Voso and Mozok like… like that.

“I first wish to assure you,” Mozok said, approaching her, “that you shall not be harmed. This was the reason for the examination that we gave you. The limits of your trials were set based upon the biofeedback that we received from the examination.” He was standing very close to her, his muscled chest visible between the loose folds of his robe. He put a finger under her chin to lift it, but Mina forced herself to raise it herself, so he would know that she was not afraid to meet his gaze. His eyes looked deeply into hers as he spoke, and the power behind those orbs made her stomach flutter. “I was surprised and pleased to find that those limits are less restrictive than I expected. For a Human.”

He smiled and gestured toward a contraption that looked a great deal like the punishment chair, except that it was covered in rich, silky fabric, and the shackles were more comfortable looking, covered in soft material as they were.

Mina jutted her chin. “How would you like me?” she asked defiantly.

“You have earned yourself quite a few punishments,” Mozok said, with a grin. “There is another.”

Mina shrugged. She was able to show such defiance, she realized, because the punishment didn’t entirely scare her. If she was being honest with herself, she was almost pleased to receive it. Her bottom seemed to warm at the thought of it, and the memory of the painful smacks made her eyes slightly damp with tears—and yet in her core, an elixir of arousing feeling swirled and tickled her.

“Lie down on your back, and spread your legs,” Mozok told her, sliding the robe from her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. She was wearing the tricky shoes they had given her, but he did not seem to want them removed.

Mina crawled onto the bed and lay back, hesitating for a moment in humiliation before parting her legs. Mozok and Voso were standing at the foot of the bed, looking down at her, their eyes hungry. Despite her intentions to not be afraid, Mina felt exposed and vulnerable as she looked at the two aliens; they were enormous, muscular, overpowering. She felt fragile. But she spread herself open to them, and even as the humiliation and vulnerability churned inside of her, she could not help but imagine the heat of Voso’s body against her inner thighs, or think of the thick manhood between Mozok’s legs, and feel the phantom heat of it in the center of her body.

Her pussy was dripping wet, and she knew it. Her clit even pulsed, throbbing so hard that she was sure they would see it. The pent-up arousal that she had struggled with all night, that had subsided temporarily, seemed to be released from inside of her like an animal from a cage. She desperately longed for relief, and she suspected that part of her “trials” would be to get none.

Voso approached her and pulled her legs apart even further to shackle them to restraints on either side of the bed. He rounded the bed and drew her arms with him, dragging his fingers along the undersides of her forearms with a delicious, delicate caress. Mina shuddered in spite of herself. She had to close her eyes to keep them from seeing the moisture that welled up in them because the feelings were so overwhelming.

She drew in a deep breath and made a promise to herself to endure just one more day.

Her eyes flew open when, without warning, a hot breath caressed her inner thighs, and immediately the warm, gentle pressure of Mozok’s mouth enclosed her clit.

Her mouth flew open in shock, and she lifted her head to look between her legs. Mozok met her eyes, his jaw working steadily as he lapped at her engorged clit, bringing her rapidly to the very edge of an orgasm with his steady rhythm.

Mina gasped, and her legs began to shake.

Then she gasped again and let her head fall, a groan escaping her throat without her meaning to have allowed it. Mozok had stopped, and his tongue had wandered to the creases of her pussy, where they tickled and teased, so much that Mina had to roll her hips and toss her head to try and escape the painful pleasure of it—but her clit throbbed in agony from being abandoned so very close to her climax.

She opened her eyes. Between her legs, her body was screaming as it had never done before. She wanted Mozok to enter her, more than she had ever wanted anything before. If Trothplight had been a task of not allowing Mozok to stretch her open with his cock, she would have lost then and there.

Sweat had gathered all over her skin, and she felt it beneath her shoulder blades, making her slip on the silky material as she squirmed and panted. She hated that he was reducing her to an animal, but he was. He began again to lap at her clit, and she squeezed her eyes closed and felt like she was going to lose consciousness. Why was he so good? No man had ever managed to pulse his tongue against her clit with such precision, such strength and rhythm…

“Oh my… oh my god…” Mina panted, as Mozok stopped again before she climaxed.

Mozok grinned, she could see it on his face, and feel it in her damp lips. “Your punishment will not always take the form of a spanking,” he breathed against her wet folds, his jaw grazing her thighs.

Mina mewled, almost sobbing.

“You will learn to behave,” he said. “Or you will suffer. Of course…” He lifted his head. “You can always ask to end Trothplight, and I will happily release you. You could release yourself…” He leaned back and brought a finger to just above the place she most wanted him to touch her, swirling lightly in the thick juices that covered everything between her legs. “…With just the flick of a finger…”

Mina opened her mouth, and then snapped her lips closed. She shook her head feverishly.

So on and on it went.

Was it hours, or days? She had no idea. It felt like an eternity. Mozok and Voso took turns pleasuring Mina until she was certain she would go over the edge at last, but they never allowed her to do so. At last, they released her from her shackles, but only to turn her over and place her in an even more submissive position. Her arms were stretched out in front of her, her bottom pointed up at the sky, her legs shackled together at the edge of the bed.

“In order to accommodate myself or Voso,” Mozok told her, “you will need to be trained. And so we will begin with the smallest of our tools, which you are to wear throughout the day. I am afraid it will most likely stimulate you constantly He trailed a finger down her spine, sliding through the feverish sweat on her skin before he swirled his finger around the eyelet of her ass.

He played with her hole, and Mina felt herself squeeze it tightly, even though she knew—she’d read books, after all—that she should try to relax. The memory of the public enema she had received washed through her body as a hot wave, goosebumps flashing over her skin as the heat faded.

She next felt a cool, wet sensation and the hardness of metal pressing against her. Her clit throbbed, craving stimulation, craving a final release from the torture they had just imposed upon her. The object stretched her hole, and for a moment there was a sharp pain, but it faded quickly as Mozok pressed the object in, filling her with a cool metal that warmed quickly. Soon, all she felt was the fullness that had so surprisingly aroused her before.

He moved the object around inside of her, pressing it many different directions. The stretching made Mina whimper in pleasure. Parts of her body that she had never thought much of began to heat up, to crave attention and the satisfying soreness of Mozok’s attentions.

The object was long, and it kept going in, on and on, getting wider, stretching her open. At last, a heavy, larger object stopped it from going further, snugly cupping her stretched anus with a heavy, satisfying weight. It was some sort of ball, she supposed, to keep it from being swallowed inside of her.

Mina mewled again. She couldn’t stop herself.

Okay, she thought, panting, shifting her weight around to accommodate the object. She had done it. She could handle it. The soreness in her ass actually felt… good. She would be okay.

Mozok had one more trick up his sleeve, however.

And that was a second object that he was slipping into the folds of her pussy. It stretched her open, rubbing against the membrane that separated it from the phallus in her bottom. The pressure was unbearably delicious. The phallus in her pussy was large—not as large as Voso or Mozok, but large enough to make her feel overwhelmingly full. Large enough to press against the root of her clit, promising to rub against it and bring her to climax…

But then, even though she tried to wiggle against the pressure, she could not get it just right. Voso placed a hand on her lower back to stop her from grinding against the dildo as Mozok pushed it in.

“We shall leave you for a bit,” Mozok said.

Mina whimpered, twisting her ass in the air with futility, trying to move so that the two phalluses might somehow make her come… But they would not, she knew it. Her hands were bound and so were her ankles, and Voso was now affixing something between her knees, spreading them slightly apart.

And then, leaving her to her pleasurable torment, they left her.

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