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Taken by the Alphas by Loki Renard – Extended Preview

“What the hell are you doing?” Addie tried to pull out of Adam’s grip, but it was way too strong. He wasn’t even trying to hold onto her all that hard, it was just that when he grabbed something, he apparently didn’t let go.

“You need to learn some manners, girl,” Adam growled. He spoke as if he had some right to her, as if her mere presence in his home was enough to allow him to do as he pleased with her.

“Fuck off!” She didn’t know what he intended on doing, but she had the feeling she wasn’t going to like it. She already didn’t like being dragged about as if she were his possession.

Addie dug her heels in, but all that succeeded in doing was making him grab the scruff of her sweater and haul her up off the floor and then over his knee as he sat down on the bed, grappling her into a position that left her butt vulnerable to his palm.

“You’re wearing a dozen layers,” he grunted. “Won’t feel anything through them.”

She was starting to get an inkling of what he intended to do to her, though she could barely believe it. Nobody spanked grown women. Not even out here. Not even… “Ow!” Addie let out a little yelp as his hand came clapping down across both buttocks in a solid slap that she very much did feel through the layers of her clothing. “Cut it out!” she complained in a pained whine.

“I don’t think so,” Adam said, shifting her slightly on his lap so that her head was lower and her butt was perched over his right thigh at the perfect angle. “Someone needed to do this to you a very long time ago, girl.”

“No, they didn’t!”

Each of her three words of complaint was met with three sharp slaps.

“Stop it! Stop it now!”

Her shouted commands were responded to with harder swats that jolted her body against his thighs. Addie started to realize that Adam wasn’t going to stop just because she told him to. He wasn’t going to bow to the force of her personality. That was something of a novel discovery that simultaneously intrigued and annoyed her. On one hand, she was utterly appalled that he was daring to spank her. On another, she rather admired his nerve. Those were two difficult responses to hold at the same time, and were both swiftly overridden as he took his next liberty.

“You need to learn how to behave,” he informed her as his fingers curled around the waist of her pants and tugged them down over her ample bottom. Addie let out a strangled squeal as her panty-clad butt came into his view.

She felt a sudden flush of shame that made her want to reach back and cover her cheeks, but of course, that wasn’t allowed either. He grasped her wrists and pinned them at the small of her back, leaving her suspended from the fulcrum of her crotch over his hard thigh as he started to spank her again.

The slaps felt much harsher and sharper over less covered skin. The heat and thud of what had been little more than a warmup was much preferable to the way her skin stung with prickling pain as his hand landed again and again, making its way across both her cheeks, up and down until there was not a part of her bottom that wasn’t stinging.

The more he spanked, the smaller she felt. Her panties were drawing tight across her cheeks and between her thighs, putting pressure on her mound and the whole affair was beginning to feel very intimate.

Adam’s fingers began to peel her panties down over her cheeks with a slow, almost teasing touch, distracting her from her questionable memories of men who could become wolves. Now all her attention was on her sore bottom, the heated skin that was being put on display for this stranger with the hard hand.

She opened her mouth to complain about him depriving her of the last scraps of her modesty, but for reasons she couldn’t rationalize to herself, all that came out was a soft little moan as he smoothed his hand over her bare cheeks in slow circles. The feeling of his skin against hers was almost comforting. It had been such a long time since any man had touched her. She usually ran off her boyfriends in a matter of weeks. Addie wasn’t sure she would be able to run off this guy if she wanted to. He was very… stubborn. Was that the word? No. More than stubborn. He was dominant. He was commanding. He wanted her bottom bare and so it was, no questions and no arguments.

“I don’t want to hear any backtalk from you,” he said, his deep growling voice rumbling through all her soft, quivering parts. “I certainly don’t want to hear you curse again.”

“Then maybe you should get some earplugs,” Addie quipped with a giggle. She knew it was going to get her another hard slap, which it promptly did, but by her reckoning it was more than worth it.

“Take this seriously, brat,” Adam said. “It can be much more painful if it needs to be.”

The threat was delivered in tones serious enough to make the smile drop off her face and set her hips in embarrassed, squirming motion that was soon encouraged by a series of swift slaps meeting her bottom in a brisk barrage, leaving her gasping. The sting was so much more potent now that his hand could touch her skin. Even a relatively light tap relit the fires that had been stoked more deeply in her bottom.

This couldn’t have been the first time he’d spanked someone. He was too practiced about it. There was an art and a science to it as he spanked her right to the brink of crying out in pain and then receded before pushing her toward that verge again, every time seeming to deliver more punishment to her squirming cheeks.

Addie found herself swept away from her thoughts into a torrent of sensations. There was the thudding of his hand on her bottom and the sting that followed. There was the heat inside her flesh that was traveling through to the core of her, pressing her now naked crotch against the rough fabric of Adam’s jeans.

She was starting to feel things she hadn’t felt before. Sexual, sensual things that had been confined to her fantasy life and that she had thought she would never experience in reality. A man this confident in himself and his ability to take her in hand. As handsome as he was, it wasn’t his appearance that was making her lower lips swell and moisten. It was the knowledge that she was in the hands of someone more than capable of handling her. That thought simultaneously excited and scared the hell out of her. The fear spoke as his hand began to caress her bottom in slow circles, rubbing the heat and sting into her bare skin.

“You don’t have any right to do this!”

“I have every right,” he replied. “I’ve taken you in, girl. You were a stray in the wilds, on the verge of death. You’re in my territory now, and you will follow my rules. Respect is first among them. You’re a rude little girl.”

Addie blushed brightly. She was so vulnerable to him and his superior strength and his dominant handling was making her feel like the girl he said she was—until his touch made her feel entirely woman.

His hand slid over her bottom and cupped the lower part of her cheeks, the tips of his fingers less than half an inch away from her slit. Her hips and thighs grew tense with anticipation, her bottom rising a little in a silent encouragement of the caress. Her legs parted a fraction, and then a little more as his hand continued to reward her with slow rubbing that lulled her further into arousal.

“Look at you,” he murmured, his voice getting softer but more husky. “Such a good girl when you want to be, presenting yourself to me.”

She wanted to mutter a denial, but what denial could there be when he could see the state of her body?

“I can scent you,” he said, his fingers drifting ever closer to the core of her sex and yet avoiding touching her where she so badly wanted to feel him. “Do you understand now, Addie? Will you be a good girl for me?”

His voice was like silk and there was some part of her that wanted to say yes and surrender herself to the handsome man who was taking control of her body, but the little spark of rebellion still burned in her heart.

“I don’t hear you, my girl,” Adam continued to inquire.

“Maybe?” Her answer came in a soft moan as his fingers circled around her sex, drifting over the back of her thighs, dipping between them, then rising up the other side to the low rise of her cheeks over and over again.

“Maybe,” he repeated. “That’s not the answer I wanted to hear.”

“Well, you don’t always get what you want,” she said with another nervous little giggle.

A sharp slap to her bottom reminded her that this was punishment. The shock of being spanked again caught her by surprise and made indignation rise. She didn’t want to be spanked. She wanted to be touched sexually. She wanted to feel him rubbing on her pussy and sliding inside, and… “Ow!”

The spanking began again in earnest, sharp slaps zipping against her bottom over and over again with a quick staccato that made her arch her back and kick her heels and wail her complaints to the unfeeling walls.

“Oh, god!” she cried out again as the spanking stopped as abruptly as it had started and two fingers pushed deep inside her pussy in one rough, possessive stroke.

Adam held her in place, one hand clutching a handful of the hair at the back of her head, the other plundering her cunt with hard, short thrusts that spread her pussy open and replaced the sounds of spanking with the wet sounds of a needy pussy being fingered hard. It was sudden and rough, but somehow he’d known she was ready for it.

She gasped and wriggled on his fingers, as much as he would allow. The hand in her hair was keeping her mostly immobile, but she could still buck her hips and try to ride his fingers.

“You’re a hungry one,” he growled, his voice thick with desire. “You’ve never been taken, have you, Addie?”

She was not a virgin, but he was making her feel like one. “I’ve… mnnhhh… had sex before…”

“I’m sure you have, horny little thing,” he laughed, pulling his fingers out and slapping her bottom hard. “But I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking about being fucked and claimed and marked so you know who you belong to.”

His words, matched with his two fingers sliding roughly back inside her, almost made her come all over him. He must have felt the tremors of her pussy around his fingers, as he leaned down and murmured in her ear, “Not. Yet.”

Addie whimpered softly. Her mind was confused, but her body knew precisely what it wanted. It wanted him. And not just his fingers, but his cock sliding inside her.

“You’re going to come when I tell you to,” he growled softly in her ear.

She squirmed her hips, her wet pussy writhing on his fingers as she desperately tried to both attain and avoid orgasm. Part of her wanted to rebel, of course, but there was something stronger rising in her. Something she’d never encountered before, some instinct to follow his lead and submit to his desire.

His hand gripped tighter at her nape and his mouth descended to nip the side of her neck. His fingers buried themselves deeper inside her and twisted slowly as she panted with desire. She was held there in that moment of suspended pleasure, so close to the brink of climax that she could feel every muscle in her body trembling with the force of it.

“Now,” he growled. “Come on my hand, Addie. Show me what a rutting little bitch in heat you are.”

His hot, harsh words sent her tumbling over the edge of climax in an instant. She let out a wail as he fingered her roughly all through the cascade of pleasure that coursed through her body, everything that was tight inside her suddenly becoming loose and warm.

She felt Adam slide her onto the bed where she curled up on her side, her pants still down, her red butt still bare, her inner walls still pulsing and clenching with the last vestiges of her climax. She was exhausted, physically, erotically, and mentally. Adam stroked her hair gently as her breathing returned to normal and the bright flush of orgasm slowly faded.

“Do we have an understanding, Addie?”

She shook her head. She didn’t know where she was, or what it was she had just experienced. Everything he’d done should have made her feel terrible. Physical punishment, commanding words, being taken as a possession. She should have been seething with rage, but her body was in a state of relaxation and pleasure she had not experienced in a very long time. She felt at ease. She felt safe. She felt cared for.

Adam smoothed his hand over her bottom and made a soft sound of sympathy.

“This will not be easy for you,” he said. “This is very different from everything you’re used to and everything you’ve been allowed to get away with. It might be painful at times, but I do not do this to hurt you. I do it because this place runs on a different order. It matters more than you think, maybe more than you can imagine.”

As she laid there on the bed, recovering from her orgasm, her butt still stinging from the aftermath of the spanking, Adam began to undress her. Her pants and panties were already well on the way off her legs and only required a tug or two. He pulled her sweater off over her head, her arms rising with the motion of the garment as it slipped over her belly and then over her head, momentarily blinding her as it pulled her undershirts off with it, leaving just her bra to provide her with a temporary sense of modesty, which evaporated as he unhooked the clasp in the center and the cups fell free, baring her curved body, her full breasts, every naked bit of skin she had.

“Beautiful,” he growled in low tones, his fingers drifting over her body in a slow caress. He ran his hand over the curve of her hip, down around her waist and cupped one of her breasts. “I cannot believe you were allowed out here all alone.”

“Nobody tells me what I am allowed to do.”

He smiled rakishly and his fingertips lightly pinched her nipple. “They do now.”

Addie drew in a breath, her thighs clenching together as she looked into Adam’s face. Brash, confident, and very earthy at the same time. There was none of the slickness she encountered in a lot of college men, and little of the softness that characterized her colleagues. He was hard, even when he was being soft. His face was slightly on the narrow side, but chiseled, the rough dark fur of a day’s beard growth making him look wilder still. His eyes were mesmerizing, pale like blue ice, knowing and lustful. No wonder she had mistaken him for a wolf in her fevered state.

“I am going to take you,” he told her, running his hand back down over her belly and between her thighs, cupping her quivering sex. The tremors of the first orgasm were still running through her as he massaged her pussy and looked down into her eyes with an intensity that made her heart leap.

She made no complaint at the announcement, and he stood up and took his clothes off, pulling his shirt over his head to reveal a brawny chest, and removing his jeans to display a long, thick cock… Addie let out a little gasp.

“I’ve seen you naked before,” she said wonderingly. “How is that possible… if it was a dream?”

Instead of answering her question, Adam covered her body with his, the thick rod of his cock pressing against the soft inside of her thigh. He kissed her neck, her breasts, her nipples, and her mouth, his tongue exploring and pleasuring her all the way down between her thighs, where he feasted on her pussy. Addie clutched at his hair, her legs trembling as his tongue lashed her clit and lips and pressed inside her tight pussy to taste her juices. He emitted low growls of desire that vibrated through her sex, heightening her need for him. There were no more questions now. Only moans of pleasure as he took her to the very brink of climax, then pulled away and slid back up her body.

Addie looked deep into his blue eyes, saw the pure possession there as the head of his cock pierced between her lips, finding the wet, swollen entrance of her pussy. She was so ready for him, leaking juices of desire that coated the thick head as he guided it slowly into her, spreading her around him. As he slid home inside her, she let out a little shrieking gasp. She had never been stretched so wide. The sensation only grew as he started to move, her slick cunt coating his cock as he drove deep, filling her bare pussy. She could feel him throbbing inside her, his girth seeming to grow with every stroke. Her nipples grazed against his chest as he thrust his hips forward and slammed home inside her, grinding her spanked bottom against the bed with the power of his body.

She wasn’t just being fucked. It was more than that. She was being mated. He was driving as deeply as he could with an animal urgency that she could feel in his thrusts and see in his eyes. He was fucking her as if he wanted to forever brand her with his mark. It was hard and it was rough and her pussy was as full as it could be.

“I’m going to come inside you,” he growled, his hands pinning hers to the bed as his hips jackhammered between her thighs. “I’m going to fill you, Addie, is that what you want?”

“Yes!” She screamed the word as he pounded her to a climax she could barely contain, every part of her quivering and thrilling to him. He was not the only one with untamed animal instinct anymore; something had taken over Addie, something that was so primal it barely had powers of speech at all. All she knew in that moment was that she wanted him to fuck her to full completion. She wanted to feel his cum inside her. She wanted to be taken totally and utterly.

Adam growled in response, locking his hips hard against hers, her clit grinding against his pubic bone as he came. It felt as though his cock was impossibly thick just inside the entrance of her pussy, as if it had swollen to twice its size. She was locked on his cock, held in place as his cum bathed her womb. This was sex as she had never had it before. This was sex that turned her into a sweat-drenched, cum-filled, eager slut for him.

After a few moments, the thick swelling subsided—but Adam did not. He pulled out of her, flipped her onto her stomach, and plunged himself back into her cum-drenched pussy, slapping her bottom as he fucked her for a second time. Flat out on the bed in front of him, Addie took him again, floating in an erotic haze as he showed her what her body was truly capable of. All the orgasms, all the sex, everything before this coupling was like nothing. She had never known what sex could be, what fucking really was, but now that she knew, she would never forget.

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