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Taken by the Commander by Stella Rising – Extended Preview

When we arrive, Ondru lets me out of the cage personally in a room that looks more like a dormitory than a jail cell. I open my mouth to let out the invective that’s marinated in my head for the past hour, but my mind goes blank when I see Ondru’s relieved smile. I know that look: home.

“Where are we?” I ask, allowing him to lift me out of the cage and lower me to my feet. “Is this my room?”

He chuckles. “It’s my room, pet. You’re staying where I can keep an eye on you.”

“Don’t you have some kind of jail for captured enemies?”

“We do, but you don’t belong with them. You didn’t ask for this. And I’d get you a private room, but they’re in short supply thanks to the thousands of new residents that just arrived. There’s no reason you can’t stay here with me.”

“No,” I grumble, taking in the shabby domicile. “No reason at all.”

Although it’s nicer than his quarters aboard the ship, it’s still practically a shed compared to my residence aboard Bekke’s Pride. A quick look around reveals two main rooms: a living space and a bedroom, with a small kitchen and supplies closet. The restroom has only a shower stall—no tub. Mildew stains the tiles, while insect webbing fills the corners of the ceiling. A musty, earthy smell permeates the building; I’d ask to open a window, but that would only let in more dust from the street.

“You’re thinking this place is filthy,” says Ondru. “Am I right?”

I snort. “Easy guess.”

“If you want something to do while I’m away, feel free to clean it. We don’t have maids on Haven.”

“Yeah, I figured,” I grunt. “Ondru, I’ve never cleaned before.”

“Yeah, I figured,” he mimics. “Trust me, it won’t kill you.”

“I think I’ll pass.”

“Whatever, it’s up to you,” Ondru replies, shrugging. “You’re going to be here more than me. I promise cleaning is better than being bored.”

I try the panel to open the front door, but it flashes red.

“Did you think that was going to work?”

“No, but I had to try.”

He takes my wrist and sits me down on a small cot set across the room from his bed. Locked around a pipe running up the wall is a manacle, with a matching cuff, no doubt waiting for me. I guess it’s better than a cage.

Is this normal? I’m looking at the prospect of sleeping on a cot with my hand bound to a damn pipe and telling myself it could be worse. What the hell has happened to me in the last couple of days? Is this what it’s like to be the victim of a disaster? The brain goes into some kind of protective field that rationalizes the unthinkable? My thought process has gotten so twisted, it’s hard to believe I’m still Lizette. If Ondru really intends to keep me here until Nox is defeated, I could spend the rest of my life in this damn village—and that’s assuming he even lets me out of this building. How is that even remotely acceptable?

Cloaking technology or not, Nox is still leading an impossibly powerful army and fleet. His family effectively rules the galaxy. Ondru has about a good a chance of defeating him as I do of escaping this ball of dirt.

“Hey,” I say. “Look at me, Ondru. You can’t do this to me. I get that this is a war, and I understand you think you’re on the right side of it; either way, you can’t win it, and I don’t deserve to die here waiting for something that’ll never happen.”

“I’m sorry,” he sighs, his expression souring. “I can’t let you leave. That should be obvious. If you escaped, what you know could threaten the entire Resistance, so it’s out of the question.”

“Please!” I shout. “I won’t tell anyone anything, I swear—”

“I believe you,” he says, taking my hands in his. “But Nox would make you talk. He’d make you tell him everything.”

I shake my head, blinking away tears. “He wouldn’t!”

“Yes, he would. He doesn’t care about you, Lizette! You’re a means to an end—my people’s end! Don’t you get it?”

“If you let me go, I won’t marry Nox! I won’t let him anywhere near me.”

Ondru spins me around and smacks my ass. I hiss from the pain, but continue to wrench against his grip.

“The answer’s no,” he says. “You can leave when Nox is dead. Until then, you will stay here and you will behave yourself.”

I spit on the floor. “I won’t. I’ll be such a nuisance you’ll kick me out of here within a week.”

Laughing, Ondru yanks down my pants, exposing my ass to the cool air. “I’d like to see you try that, kitten. Now take off your clothes. You’ve lost that privilege for the rest of the day.”

Stepping back, I cross my arms over my chest. “What if I refuse?”

He beams a wicked grin. “Then I’ll refuse to fuck you silly after spanking you raw.”

“That’s… that’s not a… problem,” I mumble, squirming as my inner thighs grow slick. “I’d rather sleep… next to an… an exposed quadrium reactor!”

Ondru wraps his arms around me, pinning my arms at my sides. “I was that bad before, huh? I thought you came pretty hard.”

I grasp as he reaches between my thighs and massages my sensitive flesh. Locked in his grip, my heart races, hungry for his electrifying touch despite my frustration. Has anyone ever treated me this way? Everyone I’ve ever known has always acted with extreme deference due to my wealth; no one has dared to dominate me. Am I responding to it for the sake of novelty? I’d like to think so—it would be more comforting than the alternative.

“That was a… a mistake,” I say, my voice fluttering with each word. “I be-betrayed… Nox. When he rescues… me, I’ll… I’ll beg for… forgiveness.”

Ondru releases me, but holds my chin so I have to look him in the eyes.

“With me, you have no need to ask forgiveness. You sought what your body craved, what it’s craving again, right now. That’s all. You owe no one any apology—not for that, anyway.”

“But Nox—”

He covers my lips with his hand. “You listen to me, pet. Your betrothal was an arrangement between your father and Nox. You don’t even know him.”

“Yes, I do,” I say, ducking away from Ondru. “I’ve known him for two years. He was born on his family’s world, Ikrasa. He studied Advanced Interstellar Campaign Tactics at the Consortium Elite Academy. He’s the youngest of five brothers—”

“That’s all publicly known,” Ondru interrupts. “What’s Nox’s favorite food?” he asks, taking off his dark top.

Food? We’ve never talked about that.

“Who cares? Our relationship is built on serious issues.”

Ondru nods. “Okay. Does he want children? If so, how many?”

I grin. That’s an easy question. We must have talked about children. He wants…

We did talk about it, right? I know Father has cajoled me to thinking about giving him grandchildren, but Nox… He likes to talk about the worlds he’s going to conquer.

“I’m sure he does,” I lie. “At least three.”

“You made that up,” Ondru says, grabbing my waist and smacking my rear. “Do I need to punish you for dishonesty? You’re so wet you’re dripping.”

Holding back a sob, I look down at my trembling body. “This is so wrong, sir.”

He whispers in my ear, “Yeah, but that’s what makes it so hot.”

Ondru tosses me onto his bed and pounces, hauling off my panties before turning me onto my front. I groan as he plunges his fingers into my soaked opening while using his other hand to slap my backside.

“So… wrong,” I exhale, lost in the coalescence of pain and pleasure. My skin flushes, growing hot with sweat. Each swat to my ass makes me whine, while I squirm uncontrollably from the thrusts of his fingers. Ondru grumbles for me to stay still, but I can’t comply—I’m too enraptured by the commingling sensations—so he opens a locker built into the wall and retrieves some blue synth weave. He crosses my arms behind my back and winds the weave around them, passing in front of my chest and between my breasts until he’s created a restrictive web. I can flex my fingers, but the binding leaves my arms fully immobilized. My pussy aches by the time he finishes; though he ties me in just a couple of minutes, they stretch into eons as I wait for him to finish what he started.

“That’s better,” he says, resuming the spanking and fingering. “Now you can’t go anywhere.”

It’s like he’s speaking another language. Where did I want to go? All I need is for him to touch me like that harder and deeper for a little longer. My ass burns, and I shudder at the idea of being unable to free myself, but every slide of his thick digits erases the fear and discomfort. Soon my body quakes, as the surge of euphoria I desire so badly rises to the edge and spills over.

My orgasmic shriek erupts so loudly I can’t hear the wet, rhythmic sounds of his fingers invading me. In our small room, my piercing howls have nowhere to go, so Ondru opens the drawer again and retrieves a brown leather belt with a big black ball at the center. I don’t have time to ask what that is before he stuffs the ball in between my teeth and buckles the halves of the belt behind my neck. Grunting through indignant huffs, I shake my head, attempting to dislodge the wide gag. I try to get my tongue around it, but I can’t.

“That’s for your big mouth,” he says, brushing drool from my lower lip and rubbing it on my tender rear.

Growling, I try spitting it out, but it’s fastened too securely. Humiliated, I close my eyes. I can’t stop drooling, and being unable to talk just makes me feel like an idiot.

With my helplessness complete, Ondru takes his time undressing. The sight of his throbbing cock draws my stare, and when he steps out of sight I can’t stop myself from turning to follow.

“See something you like, kitten?” Ondru laughs.

Blushing as my pussy clenches, I nod. After suffering his punishment and restraint, don’t I deserve more than one orgasm?

“Too bad,” he says. “I told you, I wasn’t going to fuck you silly. That was your punishment.”

Shit! Shaking my head and moaning mournfully, I spread my legs, hoping to appeal to his baser instincts.

Instead, he laughs and goes back to his toy drawer. He takes out something I don’t recognize, but it has a long leather handle and dozens of flowing tendrils.

“Close your legs now or I’ll whip that tight little pussy.”

My legs fly together so quickly my thighs make an audible clap. He steps over and fastens my leg to the pipe using the hanging cuff, ensuring I can’t leave the bed.

“I’m going to sleep,” he says, stretching out on his bed across the room. “You can stay up if you want, but I don’t want to hear a peep.”

I stare at him with a plea in my eyes; surely he’s not going to leave me like this, tightly tied up and gagged, all night?

He winks and turns out the lights.

There’s no way I can sleep. A few days ago I would have blanched at the idea of sleeping on a scratchy, bare cot. Right now that’s the least of my problems. Between the bindings, the gag, and my bruised ass, there’s no way for me to get even slightly comfortable. Even then, my sheer exhaustion might overcome all these impediments; the key contributor to my insomnia is my still wet, hungry pussy.

Maybe my body wants to make up for all the time I spent waiting for Nox, and it doesn’t care where those orgasms come from. Ondru sleeps mere feet away from me, his soft breathing a constant song beckoning me. Perhaps the greatest torment of all is knowing he’s right there—I can make out his silhouette in the darkness—and he could give me the relief I crave with ease. Despite the gag, I’m sure I could make enough noise to wake him up, but I can guess what a grumpy woken Ondru would do, and it would not result in my satisfaction.

If not for my hands being bound, I could easily grant myself the relief I need. Though I’m not sure I’d do that, even if I could. I spent years fighting that temptation while waiting for Nox—I’m not about to give into it now, and certainly not for Ondru. Plus, he’d probably laugh long and hard knowing he had me so hot and bothered I was forced to pleasure myself just to fall asleep. There aren’t going to be many fights I can win against him—I shouldn’t let him have this one.

But I also need to sleep—and if I’m quiet, he’ll never know. The cot is small enough that I can hang a leg off the side. Working my way over carefully, I position myself and drape a leg over the edge. Testing the feel of the cot with a slow, soft hump, I groan softly. It’ll do.

What kind of man is Ondru anyway? Who would do this to a woman? Is this normal, to take pleasure from my suffering? Glancing over at him, I could swear his cock’s as hard as ever. Is he dreaming about me right now? That would just figure. Here I am coaxing myself to blissful oblivion against a cot while he’s playing out his fantasies in his subconscious. I’m right here! He could solve my problem and live out his dream right this second. It’s maddening!

At least my plan is working—the not altogether unpleasant feel of the cot is doing what I need it to. My moans through the gag are soft enough that I don’t think Ondru will wake. Will my little experiment leave a stain on the cot that he’ll see in the morning? Perhaps. I’m too far along to stop now, though. Plus, I may have to rely on this technique quite often; I could be stuck on this planet for months—maybe years! Who knows if Ondru will ever let me sleep without restraints?

I hate to admit it, but considering what I know about Ondru’s cloaking technology, it’s safe to say Nox won’t be rescuing me any time soon. How could he possibly find this planet? I may have to accept that if I ever leave here, it will be because Ondru won. I don’t want to hope for that, but I can’t live like this. There’s no good answer here, and my unending mental marathon won’t find one.

“What in hells are you doing?”

Shrieking, I lose my balance and slide off the cot, hitting the floor with a thump. Ondru chuckles and pats the damp fabric.

“You were being naughty, weren’t you?”

No, no, no! I was so close!

On instinct I shake my head in protest, but what’s the point? We both know what I was doing.

“You want to come, Lizette?” he asks, stroking his steely shaft.

I nod, though he already knows the answer.

“I want to hear you say it.”

My lips slide over the ball lodged in my mouth, trying to form words.

“Mmm… oooh… hmmm!”

“What was that?” he asks, squeezing my ass. “I didn’t understand.”

Humiliated, I mumble again, trying to sound intelligible. He understands me just fine, but I need this so badly.

“All right, all right,” he says at last, climbing onto the cot with me. “Let’s make this quick, okay? I need to sleep.”

That shouldn’t be a problem. My pussy throbs and the scent of my carnal appetite hangs thick in the air. I’m so beyond soaked, his thick rod slides in easily. He uses a finger to stroke my clit in time with the thrusts of his cock, while using his other hand to pull my hair. Thirsty and exhausted, degraded and owned, but filled with anticipation as relief draws near, I slip into a state of both sorrow and joy. This is my life now. It’s scary and challenging and horrible, but whatever it is Ondru’s doing to me, I don’t think I’ll ever get enough.

His hot, hard cock drives into me fully with each thrust, filling me up so blissfully I can’t hold back my tears. No amount of pathetic grinding against the cot could produce such ecstasy. My wail increases in time with Ondru’s grunts, and soon he’s pounding my pussy, blasting an orgasm out of me as hot and powerful as a reactor breach. He releases his own bliss, spraying warm jets over my pussy and backside.

Satisfied and exhausted, I gasp around my gag, inhaling as deeply as possible, feeling sweat drip down my forehead. That was exactly what I needed.

“Feeling better now?”

I moan in the affirmative, letting my head sink into the cot.

“Good. But you know I have to punish you for waking me up.”

I’m shocked.

I hear him open the locker with his toys, followed by a small squirt of some kind and the sensation of a cold fluid dripping all over my ass.

Oh, hells. What’s he doing? What is that?

He spreads the liquid between my punished cheeks, urging it into my rear.

Oh, no.

Then I feel a firm pressure against my tight bud. I moan and writhe, trying to communicate my distress.

“I know, I know. You’ve never done this before. Relax yourself and this will be a lot easier. Maybe you’ll even learn to like it.”

He must be out of his mind. How could I possibly like having an intrusion in my most sensitive and forbidden place? As he urges it inward, I try not to clench, but every little movement intensifies the extremely alien pain. When I do finally give up, the toy sinks in deeply, stopping thanks to a wide base of some sort that ensures it goes no further.

Filled in a distinctly different way, I whimper softly; the pain lingers, though not as intensely as when it was first inserted. Something about it feels not entirely unpleasant, but every tiny movement I make seems to reverberate through the plug. I can’t shift or shimmy or adjust anything without receiving a jolt from the jostled toy. Yet, I don’t hate it—not as much as I would have thought.

“Don’t let it fall out,” Ondru warns as he slips back into his bed. “Or you’ll be punished first thing in the morning.”


“Goodnight, Lizette.”

I close my eyes and hope for the six millionth time that this is the end of a very, very long nightmare.

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