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Taken Captive: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Marlee Wray – Extended Preview

Zawri stiffened when Wex called Roll via com and said, “Bring her to me.”

“I haven’t completed the examination or fulfilled Tok’s requests.”

She bit her lip nervously. Exactly what special requests was the hunter making that required a physician to prepare her?

“Bring her. You can do all that later,” Wex said.

“All right,” Roll said, taking her by the arm and drawing her off the table. She grabbed her shift and pulled it on, holding it closed where it had been cut.

He smiled. “It’s all right to put it on, but they won’t let you keep it.”

She folded her arms, hugging her middle, and stared straight ahead. “I’ll keep it as long as I can.”

He motioned her into a passageway. The walk was brief and ended in a bathing chamber that was not unlike the ones on the luxury liner she’d been abducted from. The walls were natural warm yellow stone with umber veins. Wex sat casually on an amber-topped bench. He looked her over.

“When she finishes her duties here, I’ll bring her to the medical area and you can continue preparations.”

“Good enough.”

Roll cupped her face for a moment, then turned and left.

Wex stood in the bathing cavern. “Handmaiden, come do your duty.”

She stepped tentatively into the cool stone-walled enclosure. Wex discarded his clothes into a floor chute that sucked them away. She had never seen a nude man before. He was very like the photos of worker slaves she’d seen in com footage. His body was very muscular and powerful in a raw way.

“Take that off,” he commanded.

“If my duty is to bathe you, I don’t need to remove it.”

“For every protest, your first punishment later will be longer.”

Her eyes widened.

“Off now. I don’t want water wasted on a shift that has no reason to be cleaned.”

Her fingers trembled slightly as she shrugged off the fabric, revealing her slim limbs, curved hips, and the fluff of curls protecting her sex. His eyes focused on her belly and full breasts. She dropped the shift, which was pulled into the chute and whisked away.

“A beautiful body,” he said, cupping her breasts and squeezing them slowly.

She inhaled slowly. “I—”

“Quiet,” he said gently. His thumb and finger pinched her left nipple. It stiffened to an aching nub. “I like heavy breasts. I’ve never seen nipples this color. Sandy pink,” he said, the huskiness in his voice unmistakable as he handled her almost reverently. “It’s different.” His mouth grazed her shoulder, making her breath come in short gasps. She should’ve been terrified and fighting to escape his grip, but she didn’t move, save for breathing heavily.

“During my last month in captivity, a brat of a young woman from the next house snuck into the stable where I was kept, wounded from my last beating. She smelled like you. Tangy and sweet, like fruit that we picked but weren’t allowed to taste. She wanted to see me up close. I was chained. She teased my body,” he said, winding Zawri’s hair around his hand and pulling her head back slowly. “I’d bet all the gold in my hold that her nipples were like yours. I never got the chance to look at her naked body. Never got to touch or tease her. You’re going to stand in her stead. It’s my turn to be the master.”

Her heart thumped hard against her ribs.

“I’ve done nothing to hurt you,” she whispered. “I did what I had to do to protect my sister.”

“Your lies cost us our shipmate for months. He could’ve been lost for good.”

She winced as he squeezed her breast with nearly bruising force. She panted.

A small smirk curved his lips. “A part of you looks forward to paying back your debt.”

She shook her head.

He reached back and then produced a cleansing sponge. “Rub my muscles and wash my body, handmaiden.”

“I know how to wash you. That I’m happy to do. But what does it mean to rub your muscles?”

“Hard work makes them bunch up,” he said, taking her arm in his hand. His fingers dug gently into her flesh, massaging the muscle of her upper arm. It caused an almost painful sensation that also felt good. “Like that.”

“Yes, all right,” she said. Squeezing the sponge caused the sultry aroma of the captured suds to emerge. She dragged the sponge over his chest and belly, looking up at him. “You’re tall. Lean down so I can get your shoulders properly.”

He shook his head. “Just do what you can reach.”

She set the sponge on a ledge and put her hands on his chest. His body was warm and smooth. Her hands glided over his flesh and then she pressed her thumbs into his muscles. He closed his eyes and tipped his head back, his mouth opening on a sigh.

There was a lovely power in being able to please him by her touch. She drew out her exploration of his torso. His ridged abdomen was so different than her own, the triangle of hair trailed down to a stiff and inviting cock. She didn’t let her fingers stray that far, but a knot formed in the pit of her stomach, a dull ache deep inside her.

“Turn, so I can work on your back,” she said in a soft husky voice.

His lids rose slightly to study her. “You haven’t finished the front of me.”

“I will after.”

He turned, revealing a brutal work of art. There were scars and tattoos in a chaotic pattern. She found the flesh there harder to work, but she used the sponge to make him soapy and slick and then her thumbs and fingers dug gently into pressure points. He rested an arm against the stone and then his forehead against it.

The scars were thinner over his lower back. Her hands worked more easily. Then his tight buttocks were under her palms. Her pussy clenched and grew damp. She reached around him with her sponge to stroke him. He straightened with a groan and then turned to face her.

“Not from behind. I’m not a slave anymore.”

“Did someone—?”

“Soap up my cock and balls, then kneel on the mat in the corner,” he commanded.

She did as she was told. It was hard to resist the urge to stroke him with her hands, but she sensed it wasn’t what he wanted at the moment.

She moved to the corner of the bath cavern and knelt on the thick springy mat. A moment later water gushed from multiple angles, drenching them both. She gasped, startled and shaking as the water stopped.

He stepped forward. “Open your mouth.”

She did so and the thick cock slid over her tongue until it was lodged well into her mouth. Her nipples tightened and her pussy clenched at being made to receive him in such an intimate way.

“Close your lips around me,” he said huskily.

She obeyed, letting her tongue explore the ridged flesh, enjoying the texture and taste.

He spat out a foreign word, but though he sounded angry, she didn’t think he was. He buried his fingers in her hair, controlling her head as he pulled back and then thrust deeper.

She choked a bit, then resumed her teasing strokes.

He murmured something.

She made a questioning noise.

He shook his head, the jerk of his hips becoming more rhythmic. “Good,” he murmured, stroking her scalp with his fingers.

Occasionally he directed her, but for the most part he let her instincts guide her. She relaxed into her role, licking and sucking, taking his thrusts, drawing in air between his movements.

She could feel the need building in him. A sense of urgency overtook her as well. They were connected through the intimacy of the act. She wanted to see how this would take him over. He tightened all his muscles, the movement of his hips growing more frantic.

Then warm fluid erupted from him. She swallowed several times, then sputtered softly.

He pulled free as the last gushes of his seed filled her mouth. She swallowed once more, then shook her head and licked her lips.

“I didn’t know it could be—is it safe to drink?”

He laughed, wholly unguarded. “Yes.”

“Was it the way you wanted? Or did it hurt?”

“It felt exactly the way it should. And better than I expected with an untrained girl.”

“Your expression was… it seemed to hurt a bit at the end.”

He shook his head. “But if it had, that would’ve been all right. Some kinds of pain can make pleasure sharper.” He pushed his wet hair back from his face. She liked the cleft in his chin and his high cheekbones.

“Stand,” he said.

She rose.

He kissed her forehead. “You performed well. No, don’t look up at me. Lower your eyes now. It’s time for you to be taken for your punishment.”

“What? Why?”

“Because Linc was forced into the Wilds when he should’ve been given a hero’s reward.”

“A hero’s reward?”

“Yes,” he said, taking her arm and drawing her still wet body from the bath chamber. “Come along.”

Tok leaned against the wall, watching as Wex led the girl into the recreation room. Dead realms, she was a beauty. Creamy skin, juicy breasts capped with rose-colored nipples, and those wide sea-colored eyes. Her face was almost too pretty to be real. So was her pretty round ass.

Rollow strode over to them while Linc lowered himself onto a bench to wait. He’d already made it clear that he wouldn’t partake. He was apparently saving his fury and his passion for another girl.

“What took so long?” Tok asked casually.

Wex turned his head. “I fucked her mouth. That’s all.”

Tok nodded.

Roll tipped the girl’s face up and studied her lips a moment. “Open.”

“Why?” she demanded.

Tok’s brows drew together. He liked her spirit. He also wanted to break it. That was tough to reconcile.

Roll pinched the girl’s jaws until she squeaked and opened her mouth. “Good girl,” he said.

Tok shook his head. That was Rollow. Always encouraging and nurturing their captives. They’d once had a murderous cannibal on board and Rollow had fed the man seared meat through the detention bars, praising him when he remained calm, right up until his death.

“Do you want to start?” Wex asked Tok.

“No. Rollow, then you, then Tok,” Linc said.

So he meant the girl to be soundly punished. Tok exchanged a look with Linc and then nodded.

“Bind her,” Tok said.

“No!” she snapped, suddenly losing her nerve. She tried to jerk from Wex’s grasp, but he held firm.

Rollow took hold of her too, and the pair laid her on the smooth stone with a cushioned bolster under her belly and legs dangling off the end. At the sight of that gorgeous ass raised and ready for punishment, his cock turned to stone.

They secured her wrists in straps so that her breasts were pillowed against the table. He wanted to suck on her nipples until she whimpered and purred. And he wanted to see them get pierced while fat tears rolled down her cheeks.

Behind his back, he clenched his fists, fighting for control. He wouldn’t rush her punishment.

She struggled, protesting noisily. Her movements only increased his hunger.

Rollow set to swatting her ass until she settled down. The color rose steadily until both she and Roll were breathless. Pink gave way to a nice juicy red.

“That’s enough. That’s enough for now. Please,” she said.

“No,” Wex said, kneading her punished cheeks. “Larsinc went hungry for months. He was hunted and wounded. It was a seven-month fight for survival.”

“I helped him. I paid to help him!”

“How?” Linc asked.

“I used our fortune and resources. I gave it to the tribes of the Wilds as payment to leave you alone. To let you live.”

“They didn’t honor the agreement,” Larsinc said mildly.

“I did the best I could.”

“The best you could would’ve been to tell the truth,” Wex said.

Tok strode to a built-in cabinet and took out a thick rubber phallus with its attendant straps. “Open,” Tok said.

She shook her head.

“Sting her.”

“What? No!”

The crop whistled through the air before it landed on the girl’s buttocks.

“All right,” she shrieked. She opened her mouth.

He slid the phallic gag in and secured the straps. He smoothed her hair back from her face. He wanted to see her pretty eyes as she cried, as well as her lips stretched around the invading toy.

“Wex, your turn. Get on,” Tok said.

Linc nodded.

Wex spanked her swollen ass thoroughly. He alternated a cupped hand with a flat open palm. The red turned to crimson, warmth saturating her flesh. Her frantic cries from behind the gag weakened to sobs and tears spilled over her lashes.

Linc stood and approached. His big hands squeezed her swollen flesh slowly.

She whimpered, spilling tears more lavishly.

“Let her cool. Then a few, seven, with the crop. One for each month,” Linc said.

Tok squeezed his cock through his skin pants. He did not want to come. Or actually he did. Inside her innocent little pussy. He concentrated, trying to hold the lust at bay.

Roll stroked her back and whispered comforting words.

“You can take the gag out,” Linc said, smoothing lotion onto the girl’s scalded buttocks so that the globes looked like ruby fruit.

Tok wanted to get his hands on those hot globes. He wanted to squeeze them while she whimpered and writhed. He wanted to separate them, to expose her little star of an anus. He would fuck that pretty little hole too when she’d been stretched and trained to receive a cock in her tight ass.

Tok put a hand on Roll’s shoulder. “Don’t pet her too much. This is punishment that she earned.”

When the gag was removed, her noisy sobs faded into almost silent crying.

“One for each month,” Tok said, pushing Linc aside. Tok patted each buttock, which were still a deep red. The crop would hurt a lot. He steeled himself against hesitation. The girl and her sister had almost cost Larsinc his life.

He swung the crop with medium force. It snapped against her flesh. She shrieked as a fiery line rose.

“That’s one,” he said evenly. Then he laid them down steadily until he reached six. Her screams had reached a crescendo. He held out the crop to Linc, but the warrior shook his head.

“Finish! Please!” she begged.

Tok swung the crop, letting it land low on her buttocks, right where they joined her thighs. She shrieked out a curse, then dissolved into tears.

Tok slipped a hand down and stroked her wet pussy, rubbing moisture over her clit before he began to rub it.

“No, don’t!” Zawri rasped as the wretched hunter served up fresh humiliation by tracing his fingers over her warm sex. “Stop,” she begged.

“Hush, girl,” Roll said in a soothing voice.

“How is she?” Wex asked.

“Drenched,” Tok said.

Her dangling legs shook uncontrollably as he teased her. The clenching in her pelvis hadn’t stopped. Her flower was dew-covered and ready to be plucked.

“Oh,” she groaned softly.

“Come and cool her welts.”

“No,” she whimpered, not even sure what that meant. She only knew that the desperate longing was making the heat in her bottom intensify.

The flat of Wex’s tongue licked her ass. She shrieked at the rough texture being dragged over the crop’s marks, but then the air did cool her burning flesh.

“I’d love to suck on this,” Wex said, squeezing her buttock slowly.

“Please, Tok. Please,” she whimpered.

“Please what?” he asked, still grinding his fingers over that most exquisitely sensitive spot.

“I need… more.”

The feel of the hot smooth head of his cock against the barrier to her pussy made her arch her back, raising her bottom.

He gripped her hips and drove into her. The sharp pain receded quickly, replaced by a fullness she desperately needed. Wex and Roll both groaned with lust and moved closer.

“All the way inside on the first thrust,” Roll marveled.

“Must be nice and wet,” Wex said, his voice thick with lust.

Tok eased back and then thrust again. Her groan matched his.

“Mmm,” Wex said. “She’s hot and juicy after such a hard punishment? Feels like this little pussy was wasted on the shelf.”

She couldn’t understand her body’s response. They’d punished and shamed her in the worst way. How could she enjoy his firm grip on her hips and the deep thrusts inside her? Why did she struggle to get closer to him?

“Open that pretty mouth,” Rollow whispered, pressing his cock against her lips.

She opened and obediently sucked.

“That’s it,” he whispered. “Get me ready to fuck that hot little pussy.”

She whimpered a moan. Then she felt her lower body lifted, and Tok banged deep inside her one last time, then spilled his seed in several firm thrusts.

He’d barely only pulled out when the next hard shaft slid into her waiting channel. She moaned as Wex set a steady rhythm.

“Mmm. Feels really good. Like that, sweet girl? Red ass up in the air? Pussy full of cock?”

Roll popped from her mouth, squeezing himself as he panted. “That’s enough of your velvet mouth. Don’t want to spill my seed down that pretty throat.”

Wex roared out his pleasure, squeezing her ass hard enough to bring tears to her eyes again.

As soon as Wex pulled out, Roll took his place. Everything had become sore and achy.

Fingers tickled her clit. The hunter’s hand again.

“Please,” she rasped.

“I know what you need,” Tok said, staring into her eyes while his fingers played her body like an instrument.

The relentless thrusts connected with the sensations in her clit and her ass. She wailed, her body hitting a peak she’d never known existed.

Roll groaned and pistoned his hips, spilling another river of seed into her. She didn’t care. She came all over Tok’s fingers.

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