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Taking Her Medicine by Adaline Raine – Extended Preview

I strutted down the hallway trusting that Zoelle would listen and follow. I glanced at her nightstand looking for the jar of lubricant, and spotted it. I rarely backed down from a challenge and she had presented me with just that—on multiple levels. No doctor worth his salt would argue over the location of where a thermometer needed to go, especially not me. Using a rectal thermometer on my sassy neighbor had actually been the highlight of my week. Scratch that. More like my entire month, remembering how her pretty face had blushed when she’d set the case down on her coffee table. Her flushing wasn’t just the fever. Zoelle was so sweet, and her haphazard comment about not having a daddy perked up my ears, and my dick.

I’d wanted a little girl of my own for a long time. Potentially finding one who also wanted me to do naughty medical procedures to her too was beyond anything I could have hoped for. I slipped off my coat, laying it out on the ottoman near the bed. My little patient shuffled her feet as she slinked into the room behind me. I held up a different case and brought out the clinical thermometer. It was five inches long, thicker, and as she laid eyes on it, her pupils dilated. My instrument would register her temperature, but she would be keenly aware of it as it stimulated all of her nerve endings.

I shook it down with two quick snaps of my wrist and dipped it into the jar.

“I brought my own since you had trouble finding yours.” I sat down on the bed and patted my thigh. Her eyes remained locked on the glass object in my hand. “Over you go.”

“I don’t want to.”


Her mouth parted slightly and her eyes darted to mine. “Stop counting.”


“Wait! That’s not fair.” She scrambled over my lap. “You can’t count down like there’s a consequence.”

“Oh, but there would have been consequences. Luckily, you decided to listen.” I tugged her pajama pants down to her thighs and slid my index finger underneath the waistband of her pink polka-dotted panties. They were so cute and no doubt deliberately chosen. I lowered them with one finger.

“Can you explain what you meant by consequences?”

“It’s more of a show versus tell.” I slapped my palm against the lowest curve of her ass and admired the afterimage of my handprint, a stark contrast to her milky white skin. She gasped, but pressed into me rather than fighting. The sight prompted me to deliver another blow to the opposite cheek. The allure of her blushing bare bottom standing in the corner while she sniffled and promised not to break another rule—once we were in an established relationship—appealed to me in ways I’d barely be able to explain to her. “I meant a spanking. Do you need one to cooperate?”

“Not tonight.”

Her noncommittal reply was not lost on me. My cock stirred at the prospect of delivering swift justice to my sweet friend via my hand—applied to her butt. I kneaded the soft flesh of her plump bottom. She breathed out in a sigh, relaxing as I rubbed. “Your answer makes it sound like there’s more going on in your head.”


I landed three quick slaps, admiring the way her skin bounced and flattened underneath my palm. We hadn’t discussed physical repercussions, but she hadn’t protested yet. “Spit it out, sweetheart.”

“You holding me like this makes me nervous.”


“No one has ever held me over their lap.” She stuttered and shifted slightly against my thighs. “You said you were going to but I didn’t know how much I’d enjoy it.”

“Then you should definitely be in this position more often.”

“I was aroused enough by the thought of you coming over here. You don’t have to use the granddaddy of thermometers to get my attention.”

“You pushed for a response. Here it is.” I spread her cheeks, exposing the tight ring of her ass. I pressed the thick glass rod into her, slowly. I slid it almost completely out of her, then repeated the action. She clenched around it, her breathing heavy. “Relax.”

“Easy for you to say. I’ve had a lot of stuff on my mind and it’s making me poke at you more than usual.”

“What else is on your mind, Zoelle?” I moved my free hand to her hair and untangled a knot. She pressed her head into my hand, but didn’t say anything. I stroked her soft golden brown tresses, loving the silkiness between my fingers. “I’ve got nothing else to do. You might as well talk.”

“I don’t really want to.”

I twirled the glass instrument, sliding it out of her puckered opening and in again with deliberate slowness, fucking her most private hole with the thermometer. I hadn’t truly needed the instrument to confirm her fever; I knew she had one before she’d draped herself over my lap. But it made for a fine excuse to use it.

“Mmm,” Zoelle said. “I can’t think when you do that.”

“That makes two of us.” I tapped the stem in between my fingers, hoping the tiny shockwaves sent pulses of pleasure through her. She pressed her body against mine, making my cock even harder.

“You’re going to make me come if you keep it up.”

“If I knew you wanted that, sweetheart, I’d have been trying.” I reached between her legs, finding her clit. I tugged on her tiny pleasure nub while twisting the thermometer. I continued the pattern, occasionally plunging a digit inside her slick heat until she moaned.

“Oh, please, Aaron?” Zoelle said, whimpering.

I loved the way she said my name while she writhed against me, worked up from my touches.

“Please what?” I pretended not to have a clue. If she begged me, I’d have a tough time not offering her the moon and the stars afterward. As much as I physically stroked her hot spots, she was mentally stroking my dormant Daddy muscles. “Say it.”

“I want an orgasm,” she whispered, her breathy voice wavering. “Please?”

If she weren’t so sick, I’d have flipped her onto her back and plunged into her, making her scream my name before I allowed her to peak. I plucked the glass tool from her rosette, before plunging it back inside, rougher than before. Her body shuddered as she came, her muscles quivering. The sounds slipping from her lips were so hot, I wanted to claim them with my own, but not until she felt better.

I removed the thermometer at last and read it. “One-hundred two point seven. Still a fever, but much lower than earlier.” Drawing her sexy panties back into place, I then tugged her pajama bottoms up to her waist and patted her bottom.

“An orgasm made me feel so much better,” she cooed.

“Good. I’m going to wash my hands, but I’ll be right back,” I announced and slid her off my lap.

My little patient needed rest, but my aching hard cock wasn’t getting the memo. I had half a mind to take care of things in her bathroom, but instead thought of cold, dark things to quell the raging erection. Circling back to her bedroom, I found her curled up on her side watching me. Despite her lousy condition, her eyes sparkled when I met her gaze.

“Tell me what’s been on your mind, sweetheart.”

“It’s been bothering me that I didn’t reach out to you and clarify some things. I mean, we’ve seen each other, but it was easier for me to pretend our almost moment didn’t happen at all.”

I stretched out on the bed next to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. She sighed softly and curled closer. “It happened.” I pressed a kiss to her temple. “Back to the topic at hand. If you could fashion any relationship what would it look like?”

“I’m not sure. Can you tell me what yours would look like first?”

“I haven’t had much time for relationships, or even friendships, in a while.” She knew that already from the lack of time we had spent together since New Year’s Eve. We had an established friendship, more than just being friendly neighbors, but neither of us had brought up the topic of dating. “I’ve spent a lot of time worrying about my career and not paying attention to my personal life. I’ve wanted someone special who I can spoil as well as help her grow in whatever ways she needs. Her being into kinky things would be a huge bonus.”

“Would she call you Daddy?”

“I’d like her to.”

“Would you make rules for her?”

“Yes, if she would allow it.”

“What are your thoughts on medical play, like kinky BDSM stuff?”

“I’m into it.”

“You’re checking a lot of my boxes, Aaron.”

“Hmm.” My cock perked up again. She was going to make me perpetually hard from our kinky discussion. “Were you serious about a more intimate exam?”

“I was serious about a lot of things today.”

“The number of ways I can make you orgasm from stroking different parts of your body, as well as inserting objects into certain orifices, are countless.”

“Like butt stuff?” Her breath caught in her throat.

“Well, I’ve got extensive knowledge of anatomy including that part of your body,” I teased her gently. “I’m not bragging when I say how quickly I can get you to peak.”

“No kidding. You made me come so freaking fast.” Zoelle shifted and laid her head on my chest. “I wish my stupid throat didn’t hurt so we could do fun things instead.”

“We’ve got plenty of time. Be patient.” Rubbing the top of her head and down to her shoulders, I felt the tension leaving her body. She had quite the day and I wanted her calm before bed to ensure a restful night’s sleep. We sat in silence for a few minutes, and though I wanted to hear her response, it was more important for her to get rested.

“So, um, I’ve wanted to be with someone who makes the decisions most of the time. I make so many at my job that I’d like a break once in a while. I want a man who knows what he wants in the bedroom and tells me what to do.” Her fingers trailed up to my hair, and she massaged my head lightly as she talked. “I’m adventurous and kinky for sure, but I don’t want to think—at least in the bedroom. I know what my limits are, and I’ll happily write them down if needed.”

“Share one fantasy you’ve had about me.”

“Oh, my god, I can’t!” Zoelle perched up on an elbow, her hold on me abandoned. “I’m embarrassed…”

“You like a little bit of humiliation though, don’t you?”

“How did you figure that out, Aaron?”

“Your cheeks flushed a hundred different shades of pink when you brought out the thermometer. If the route had been oral, I doubt you would have blushed as much.” I stroked a knuckle against her cheek. “I won’t judge you,” I added, hoping to prompt her into sharing.

“The stuff you did this afternoon came close to some of the fantasies I’ve had.”

“You’ve had multiple fantasies about me?”

“Cut it out or I won’t tell you!” she threatened, looking even cuter with her face scrunched up in mock irritation.

“Name one.”

“It started with us making plans to go out somewhere and I got cold feet and pretended I wasn’t feeling good. You came over to see if I was all right, and uh, it ended with me getting punished after you checked my temperature.”

“In your fantasy how did I punish you?”

Zoelle laid against the mattress on her back, staring up at me. She brushed a hand across each of her nipples; the thin fabric outlined her pebbled tips and I wanted to suck on them. I reached across to increase the pressure on each of her sensitive peaks.

“Y-you spanked me,” she managed.

“I spanked you for pretending to be sick?”

“You spanked me because I wasn’t honest, and I lied about being sick.”

“Two lies.” I trailed a finger down the front of her pants, tracing her clit through the soft cotton fabric. “Two lies would earn you not only a spanking, but you’d also get your naughty mouth washed out with soap. I won’t tolerate lying, little girl.”

“When you call me little girl, my… my brain turns into mush.”

“I should have asked if it’s even a name you’d like to be called.”

“Only by you.”

I swallowed hard. My calling her little girl pointed at the possibility of her becoming mine. It had been so long since I flexed my Daddy muscles, and yet I wanted to do it for her. She was the sweetest little thing. I brushed a piece of her hair out of her eyes and tucked it behind her ear. “I’m happy to hear you say that, and I’d love to stay and talk some more, but it’s getting late. Climb under the covers and I’ll tuck you in.”

“Do you remember where my spare key is?”

“Yeah, you have that cute unicorn statue in your rock garden. Don’t worry. I’ll put it back.”

“Thank you, Aaron.” Her lips curved up into a smile. “You really are a lifesaver.”

“I don’t know about all that.” I got up and assisted her under the blankets. “If you still have a fever, anything over one hundred tomorrow, you should take acetaminophen. Do you have the liquid form?”

“Yeah.” She pouted slightly and the sight tugged on my heartstrings.

“Would you like another house call in the morning?”

“No.” Her eyelids drooped. “Maybe…”

“I’ll stop by on my way to work, but if you’re sleeping I’ll text you instead. Be sure to reply when you wake up. Deal?”

“Deal.” Her cheeks dimpled as she smiled. “Thank you again. I mean it.”

“You’re welcome. Get some sleep.” I shrugged on my jacket and showed myself out, locking the door behind me as promised.

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