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Taking His Human Bride by Kelly Dawson – Extended Preview

Taking His Human BrideIf Melissa had thought it was bad before, it was about to get a whole lot worse. The test wasn’t a test at all, but an embarrassing medical examination, conducted by men she didn’t know; men she had no desire to get to know. Damian wasn’t present. She wished he was. Although she barely knew the man, his presence would be a welcome comfort. He gave the impression that he would keep her safe, that he wouldn’t let any harm befall her, but her gut feeling told her she couldn’t say the same about the men facing her now.

“Take off your clothes and lay them on the chair,” the man who had identified himself as the chief medical examiner commanded her in a gruff tone. Her stomach churned as she looked at him. He didn’t look kind—his eyes looked hard and cold and his expression was stern.

Melissa shook her head. “No way.” She tried to back out of the room but was stopped by another man, every bit as big and burly as Damian, but nowhere near as handsome. He pushed her back into the center of the room. The order was repeated.

“I am not undressing for you!” Melissa yelled. “And you can’t make me!” Fear was making her brave.

The chief medical examiner chuckled, but the smile that had briefly lit up his face was gone as quickly as it had appeared. “You’re not on Earth now, little girl. Things are done differently here. Lucas—rip them off.”

“Damian!” She screamed his name in a panic, desperate for him to come and rescue her. Surely there was some mistake? These men didn’t really intend for her to shed all her clothing right here, did they? But Damian didn’t come.

Immediately, the man who had stopped her escape moved forward and tore her outer garments from her in a series of swift motions. She fought him crazily as she stood there in her underwear, but he simply held her wrists in one hand and used a small knife to slice her bra and panties from her. Melissa screamed and clutched her hands in front of her, desperate to preserve her modesty. She tried grabbing at her ruined clothes, but Lucas held them out of reach. And still, Damian didn’t come to her aid.

“Up onto the examination table.”

Melissa was frozen in place, unable to even shake her head in refusal, her whole body trembling. Her legs were like jelly—she couldn’t have obeyed even if she wanted to.

Smack! Lucas’ hand came crashing down against her bare bottom with such force that she was propelled forward toward the table. She was too shocked to react. When she didn’t immediately comply, he smacked her again, even harder.

“Ow!” she yelled. “Stop hitting me! You have no right!”

“I have every right.” He whacked her twice more, once on each cheek, each smack landing with a resounding crack that echoed around the small room.

Forgetting about modesty, her hands flew to her backside in a futile attempt to rub out the sting. Her bottom was burning!

“Get up on the examination table,” the chief medical examiner ordered her again. “If you don’t, I will have Lucas cane you. And then you will get up on it anyway.”

“I… I can’t,” she pleaded, stuttering. “My legs… they won’t work.” She dissolved into hot tears of humiliation and frustration, wiping at them with the back of her hand, but unable to stem the flow of them.

“Here, let me help you,” Lucas said, taking her arm. He led her to the edge of the table, then lifted her effortlessly up onto it, laying her on her back. He lifted her feet up and secured them in stirrups, strapped her wrists in leather cuffs that hung above her head, and buckled a stiff leather belt over her abdomen, holding her down and rendering her completely immobile.

She wished she had a hair tie—her long blond hair was sticking to her tear-wet face. She’d pulled out the tie that had been restraining her hair into a respectful ponytail so she could relax properly aboard Rosa 710. The tie had been digging into the back of her head, and letting her locks free had been so much more comfortable. But now, with long strands making her face itch and getting in her eyes and mouth with no way to get rid of them, she wished she hadn’t done it. She blew upwards at the loose strands, but they were stuck fast.

Removing a clean, starched white hanky from his breast pocket, Lucas wiped her eyes and nose, then brushed her hair off her face back behind her ears with gentle fingers, giving her a small, reassuring smile.

The chief medical examiner stepped forward as Lucas stepped back.

Melissa came to her senses. “I do not give my consent for this!” she yelled, trying to sit up, but failing.

“I do not need your consent,” the chief snapped. “All I require is your compliance.”

“I will never comply!” Melissa screamed in a panic, thrashing about violently in her bonds, desperate to break free.

“You will be forced to.”

She watched in horror as the chief pulled on some white disposable gloves, flexing his fingers inside the rubber.

“What are you going to do to me?” she cried, her voice high-pitched in fear.

“A medical examination,” the chief informed her.

Lucas stepped forward and laid his hand gently on her shoulder. “Just relax, miss,” he encouraged her. “It won’t take as long if you cooperate. I’m afraid that if you don’t, I will be forced to punish you.”

Melissa flattened herself against the examining table, shrinking away from his touch as best she could. It wasn’t far enough.

“Get away from me!” she shrieked, panic overwhelming her. She flailed around desperately, but she couldn’t move. Her bonds held her fast.

“Where’s Damian?” she asked, her voice shrill with fear.

Lucas shook his head. “He’s not coming. These examinations are exclusive to medical personnel only.”

So Damian wouldn’t be rescuing her. She really was alone in all this; she really did have to face this humiliating violation all by herself.

The chief stepped closer, right up to the edge of the table, as close to her as he could get. He leered at her, raking his eyes over her naked form. She looked good; she knew it. Hours in the gym had seen to that. She instantly regretted the laser hair removal treatment she’d undergone when she hit twenty—some of her friends still preferred a bikini wax, but she’d opted to get her pubic hair permanently removed. She liked how sensitive her pussy was without that light smattering of hair covering it. But now she felt so naked, so vulnerable, she wished it was there now, for a shield against the chief’s prying eyes.

He touched her pubic bone with two fingers. She stiffened, afraid. But as she did so, she sensed that bright light in her brain, soothing her; she started to get dizzy, then the dizziness faded, she shook her head, and she was calm.

Running his hand down lower, he inserted one finger inside her, thrusting it all the way in, the knuckles of his hand pressing against her pussy lips as he moved his finger around inside her, stimulating her. The tip of his finger brushed the little spot deep inside her that sent waves of ecstasy shuddering through her. She gasped. Despite her position, despite her humiliation and fear, the pleasure was very real, and for just a moment, she forgot where she was.

The chief nodded in satisfaction, withdrawing his finger. She watched him, his face impassive, as he held his finger up in front of his face, the glove glistening with her juices. Touching her again, he inserted two fingers this time, and she felt her traitorous pussy clench around him, pulling his fingers in deeper, as he moved them in and out, fucking her with expert precision.

She moaned. How could this feel so good? No man had ever made her feel this way before, although plenty had tried. He reached up with his thumb to rub the rounded nub of her protruding clit, sending tingles pulsating through her. She bucked on the table. More—she needed more.

Abruptly, he withdrew his fingers, wiping her wetness over her pussy. She moaned softly at the spasms in her pussy as he touched the outside of her, spreading her wetness over her juicy lips, running it down between her legs, rubbing it around her tight bottom hole.

She clenched her bottom cheeks together as he touched her there, trapping his fingers. She was jolted back to reality with a start. Shame washed over her; she had become aroused in front of these men! She couldn’t hide her nakedness; she couldn’t hide the wetness that was spread all over her most intimate parts. And now there was a finger pressing against the entrance to her virgin hole. It was too much.

“Noooooo!” she wailed, distressed.

Lucas touched her shoulder again. “Relax,” he commanded softly. His bright green eyes glowed and she started to feel that same bright light infusing her mind, but she forced it away. She wanted no part of the peace he offered—she wanted to be fully aware and conscious of what they were doing to her.

“I can’t!” she cried. “Don’t let him do this to me!”

The chief scoffed. “This has barely started.”

Melissa screamed, trying desperately to twist her body out of the way, but failing. The hard edges of the leather across her stomach bit into her and she yelped.

“Stop fighting it,” Lucas murmured gently. “It’s not so bad.”

“But it’s not happening to you, is it?” she screamed, outraged. She started to wish she had let Lucas calm her after all; maybe it would have been a blessing.

The chief’s finger was still against her bottom hole and he pressed harder. Soon the tip of it was inside her, violating her. She swore at him at the top of lungs, letting rip with a string of expletives that she hadn’t used in years. She’d had no need to—she’d never before been in such a helpless, vulnerable state as she was now, completely at the mercy of a total stranger who clearly didn’t have a merciful bone in his body.

The chief stepped back. “Lucas!” He snapped the order. Lucas left his position at her head and stepped forward, ready to do the chief’s bidding.

Moving to her side, Lucas adjusted the position of the stirrups so that her legs were pulled up and back toward her chest, leaving her bottom spread open and her pussy and anus even more fully exposed than they had been already. Without further delay, he drew back his hand and began spanking her bottom hard, over and over again, peppering her bare backside and the tops of her thighs with wicked slaps that stung and burned. Melissa wriggled and fought as best she could, but the belt around her waist restraining her bit into her and the cuffs around her wrists held her fast. She was completely captive.

The spanking went on and on. With her legs spread wide apart as they were, she made the perfect target, and Lucas’ hard hand landed quickly and precisely, reddening every part of her backside. His fingers even spanked inside the cleft of her bottom, stinging so much more on the tender skin there, and he spanked the very tops of her inner thighs as well, right up high near her pussy. Melissa wanted to die. She was mortified. Who were these people, these men, who thought they had the right to do this to her?

Melissa sobbed, her breath coming in ragged gasps as she cried. Never in her life had she been spanked before, and her tender skin felt like it was on fire under the onslaught of rapid slaps Lucas was raining down on her.


Lucas stopped spanking immediately at the chief’s command, and stepped back.

“Her skin is very red now; she has had enough. Now let’s see if she will comply.” The chief spoke with confidence, as though he was certain she would obey, rather than questioning whether or not she would. He moved forward, back to his position at the end of the table between her thighs. He inserted two fingers into her pussy again, his thumb just barely rubbing her clit. It only took a few seconds for her traitorous body to react to his expert ministrations. She felt herself beginning to relax; she could feel the wetness growing between her legs again. How was that even possible? How could she be so distressed one minute, then behaving like a wanton hussy in the next?

Her pussy was hot and throbbing. She arched her back as far as she could in her restraints and let out a guttural moan. The chief continued stimulating her a few seconds more, then abruptly withdrew his fingers, spreading her dewy wetness over her pussy again, and down around her bottom hole, lubricating her with her own juices. She was sore where Lucas had spanked her, and it stung as the chief rubbed her juices in circles over a wider area than before, touching where Lucas’ fingers had landed near her anus. He pressed one finger up against her tight hole again, and again she clenched involuntarily. He pulled away.

“Lucas!” he snapped.

Her eyes widened in horror as she realized what was about to happen. “No!” she gasped. “I can’t take any more! I’ll be good, I promise!” With great effort, she unclenched her buttocks, forcing herself to relax as the chief touched his finger to her entrance again. She sighed in relief as he withdrew his finger a moment later, but sagged back against the table in defeat when she realized what he was doing. Lucas was holding a jar of lubricant, and the chief was oiling his fingers, spreading the thick substance liberally over her sensitive back hole.

“No,” she begged, her pleading tone barely more than a whimper. “Please don’t touch me there.”

Both men ignored her. They didn’t even look at her. Instead, the chief reached down again and patted her rosebud with the pad of his finger, circling her opening with his thumb. He took his time, rubbing, patting, pressing his finger there, allowing her to get used to the different sensation. Slowly, he inserted his finger up to the first knuckle and she winced at the burning ring of fire that erupted. The pain receded as he eased his finger further in, exploring inside of her with a gentle circular motion. It felt so erotic that Melissa gasped. The chief varied the speed of his movements, moving his finger in and out, up and down. Her hips gyrated excitedly against his finger.

This is crazy! Melissa’s inner voice screamed, horrified, but she wasn’t paying any attention. All she could think about was the primal, aching need deep within her that was getting stronger with every movement of the chief’s finger.

Shudders racked her body as the chief slowly removed his finger.

“Arousal at both holes,” he informed Lucas, who nodded seriously.

Removing his gloves and discarding them carelessly on the floor at his feet, the chief moved up the table, standing beside her to grasp her breasts. He held one in each hand, squeezing them, rolling the nipples between his fingers, weighing them in the palm of his hand. Melissa didn’t even bother to squirm; after what she’d already been subjected to, this was nothing.

The chief squeezed her nipple firmly, watching as it puckered and went hard. He flicked his finger against it, and she felt an aching tightness there. He did the same to her other breast.

“Perfect breasts,” the chief pointed out to Lucas, who nodded seriously again.

“Now for the internal exam.”

“What?” Melissa struggled against her restraints again, trying desperately to sit up, to get away. “What do you mean? You’re not looking inside me!” she declared. “Who do you think you are?”

The chief looked at her incredulously for just a moment, then he offered her an indulgent smile. “Did we fail to introduce ourselves? How lax of me. I am the chief medical examiner and this is my assistant, Lucas. And to answer your other question: yes, I will be looking inside of you. How else I am supposed to determine whether or not you are suitable for breeding?”

Melissa closed her eyes. She had to be dreaming, surely. This had to be a nightmare.

She struggled furiously as the chief approached her with a device that looked very much like a camera attached to a screen, on a very long stick.

“Noooooo!” she screamed in a long drawn-out wail that echoed around the small room. Although her legs were secured in stirrups, she could still kick her feet, and she did so now, aiming right at the chief’s head. Her aim was good. She only got him a glancing blow, but it was enough. The chief medical examiner dropped his device and it clattered to the floor as he clutched his head in his hands with a groan.

“Lucas!” he bellowed. Instantly, Lucas was by his side, peering at the head of his colleague.

“You do appear to be okay, sir,” he conceded.

“Punish her!” the chief roared, still clutching his head pathetically. “Harshly!”

“Yes, sir,” Lucas nodded. He walked over to a cupboard against the wall and took down a narrow leather strap with a wooden handle on the end.

“I’m sorry!” Melissa shouted, but it was too late. Lucas stood between her legs and he raised the strap high. He smacked it down directly onto her pussy and Melissa screamed. He strapped her again, hitting her pussy lips with the wicked lash twice more in quick succession. She could feel her pussy pulsating, swollen and sore. Lucas whacked her pussy one more time, this final blow the hardest yet. She tried desperately to close her legs, to protect her intimate parts from further punishment, but the stirrups held her fast. Sobbing and crying, she felt like her pussy was on fire and she had no way of dousing the flames.

Moving slightly back and to the side, Lucas lashed the strap against her bottom and the very tops of her thighs, wielding it with such force that she heard the whoosh of it flying through the air before it landed. He strapped her thoroughly, first on one cheek then the other, moving down, then up, then down again on an angle, crossing the strap over the welts that were already there.

Melissa couldn’t even scream any more, she was simply lying limp, sobbing, her breathing coming in rapid gasps. How much more of this could she take?

Raising the strap high again, Lucas brought it down hard on her recently violated asshole, igniting a fire there as well. He lashed her again and again, waiting until her asshole finished clenching before applying the strap again. He was slow, methodical, and precise. His aim was sure. Her virgin hole had now been thoroughly violated, first by a finger, and now by a stinging strap. She watched in morbid horror as he raised the strap high again and thrashed it down hard once last time before touching his finger to her lightly. She flinched. Even that light touch was too much.

“She is ready, sir,” Lucas announced, stepping back.


Desperate to avoid further punishment, she remained still when the chief medical examiner placed the device at the entrance to her vagina. He deftly inserted it, swiveling it as he went, observing every nuance of her insides on the small screen at the end of the stick. It was only a small device, but it wasn’t exactly comfortable, especially not after the punishment Lucas had just delivered.

Finally, the chief was done. He withdrew the device, passing it to Lucas to deal with. Stepping back, he straightened up to his full height, puffed out his chest, and glared at her fiercely. “Aside from the quite serious behavioral issues that can most likely be trained out of you, I am pleased to announce that you are indeed fit for breeding. I will send Damian in immediately to tend to you, since he has claimed you for himself, which is his right as one of Commander Zuss’ most trusted lieutenants. From this point on, you are his property.”

Melissa knew this was supposed to be good news, so she tried to smile despite her tears. Wait… property? “Did you just say property?” she asked the chief. “Am I supposed to just belong to someone? Like a pet?”

“Yes,” the chief agreed amicably. “Just like a pet. Although, you will get far better treatment than the average pet; Mojazi men take very good care of their women. You will never want for anything.” He turned his back, striding toward the door.

“Except freedom!” Melissa retorted.

The chief stopped in his tracks and turned to face her. He nodded slowly, smiling. “Yes,” he agreed amicably again. “Except freedom.”

“Lucas was very hard on you,” Damian observed as he inspected her sore bottom and pussy. “Were you very feisty?”

Melissa shook her head. “Not nearly feisty enough!” she proclaimed.

“Lie still,” Damian ordered, pressing her back down onto the table where she had endured indignities beyond her comprehension. “I’m going to fix you up the best I can. This might sting at first—you are very raw and swollen in places—but the sting will ease. I promise you.”

She jumped reflexively as he applied the cold gel to her stinging pussy, rubbing it in gently. But he was right—the sting worsened momentarily, but almost immediately the burning eased and she could feel the swelling going down.

It didn’t take long for Damian to rub the healing gel over her well-spanked bottom, and she was surprised by the tenderness of his ministrations.

“Come on then,” he invited, helping her sit up. “Put this on for now, then we’ll arrange some decent clothing for you before we get married.”

Melissa paused mid-ascent. “What?”

“Clothes. You’ll need some. This robe will do for now, but you’ll need something decent pretty soon.”

“No, not that. The marriage bit. Repeat that.”

Damian just smiled. “Did the chief medical examiner not tell you?” He took in the shocked expression on her face and chuckled. “No, I guess not. Yes, Melissa,” he told her softly. “You are to become my wife. I will do my best to make you happy,” he promised her, threading his arm through hers again and assisted her off the table.

“Do I get a say in this?”

“No. I’m afraid you don’t. I have a reason for taking you as my wife; I need to keep you close to me, I need you to be safe. I need your skills.” He took both her hands in his, then, and stared at her hard, his purple eyes boring deeply into hers. “Listen to me.”

She nodded, his mesmerizing eyes holding her gaze as he spoke.

“To the casual observer, I work for Commander Zuss, helping him raid planets, kidnap women to be sold into slavery, and cause destruction and havoc wherever he goes. But in reality, I am an undercover agent with the intergalactic police force, working to overthrow Zuss and other outlaws like him. Your skills will be very useful in our fight; that is why you must become my wife—so you can help me.”

Melissa felt herself growing faint at his revelation. Could this get any worse?

“Are you okay?” Damian whispered. “You’ve gone very pale.”

She nodded. “I’m just trying to take it all in,” she said. “It’s quite a shock.” She was silent for a moment as her brain digested what Damian had told her—that she had been abducted by outlaw aliens who wanted to sell her into slavery, but she had been claimed by another alien who wanted to make her his wife, and use her skills to help bring down the commander.

“But I don’t understand,” Melissa said. “Why can’t I just help you without needing to marry you?”

Damian traced his fingers gently over her cheek. “Mojaz is very different to Earth. Women don’t have rights there; they are the property of men. They are not allowed to live as single women.”

“What?” Melissa was aghast. “I’m not doing it.” She was determined. “No way.”

“You have to,” Damian insisted. “If you’re not my wife, you’ll be sold for breeding.”

She gasped in horror at his words. Surely that couldn’t be true? But she knew it was. After all she’d just endured, surely it should come as no surprise to her that the chief hadn’t been lying when he said women were merely possessions and nothing more.

Damian’s touch was soft against her cheek and his voice was gentle as he spoke again. “I understand that this is a lot to take in, but Mojazi culture requires that wives are completely submissive to their husbands. You don’t have a choice in this. If you aren’t obedient, questions will be asked and my undercover work will be put in jeopardy. That is why I must be firm with you—you must learn to do as you are told.” His thumb traced circles against the back of her hand that he held, and the fingers of his other hand brushed her lips. “Wives are cherished on Mojaz. Once you get used to it, I think you will enjoy it.”

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