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Taking Their Maiden by Demi Lane – Extended Preview

Indre gave me one last kiss then pushed up, letting Blaise thrust a few more times before she gave him a look and he pulled out, fisting his cock. “Let me get situated,” she murmured, giving him a quick kiss.

I had no idea what she meant. My head was spinning, and I was boneless as Klev sucked and licked my sore nipples. It felt so good. Soothing but stimulating. My pussy was still clenching, soft rhythmic pulses rocking my body. I watched Indre with blurry, tired eyes. She lifted the heavy thing Blaise had tossed beside me, giving me a scolding but amused look.

“You’ll ask for permission to come next time, girl,” she scolded. “If you don’t, I won’t be slapping your ass; I’ll take that leather to your naughty pussy instead.”

I held back a whimpering moan, watching her adjust the thing in her hands. It was a large, phallic-shaped insert. Not as thick as Klev’s and Blaise’s cocks, nor as long, but alarming nonetheless. It had two parts, one that protruded forward, and another part that was thicker and similarly shaped. It hooked upward, and Indre fit the insert between her own legs, the hooked part slipping inside her pussy while the large, cock-shaped portion pointed toward me.

She meant to use it on me.

Indre grinned at my wide-eyed expression, pushing my thighs open as she laid her body over mine, joining Klev in kissing my breasts as she held the insert, rubbing it through my wetness. She teased the tip over my clit, making me squirm and cry out.

“I was going to make you beg for it,” she murmured over my panting lips. “But you were so naughty coming on my face like that. I think I’ll fuck you now and make you beg me to stop as a punishment, hmm?” She sank inside, pausing for only a moment when I hissed at the stretch. It burned, but Indre eased in until her hips were flush with mine. She pulled back slow, and pushed in again, her eyes meeting mine when my panting turned to soft, slow breaths. Her eyes danced with wicked delight, and she kissed my breast once before starting to thrust faster. And harder. So hard, her thighs slapped against mine. Her breasts brushed mine as she moved, and I gasped, arching my back off the mattress.

“That’s right. You want to be a naughty girl? I’ll show you how naughty girls get fucked.”

She braced her hands beside my ribs, pushing the insert deep inside me in steady rough thrusts. The slide of it inside me was intense, and the toy was so long it bumped a spot deep inside me. I knew she was preparing me for Klev’s and Blaise’s larger cocks, getting me ready to take them so deep.

The pain of her initial entry ebbed, and a pleasant pressure filled me, pushing me toward the edge I’d fallen off of earlier. It frightened me. I didn’t want to lose control like that, but I didn’t know how to stop it.

“That feels good, doesn’t it, Talia. Having your tight little pussy fucked,” Indre purred, bending to kiss Klev. He met her lips, then turned his head, fondling my bouncing breasts as he sucked her pierced nipple. Indre moaned, slowing her thrusts but keeping them deep.

“I can tell how much you like it, girl. You’re squirming. Pushing your hips up to meet me. I can’t wait to watch Klev and Blaise ride you. Pound your little cunt until you scream.” She thrust harder, coaxing out a small cry. A preview of the screams they’d promised me. “Do you like it, Talia? Does it feel so good having your pussy filled?”

Blaise appeared behind her, his wild hair coming out of its braid, face twisted in what looked like rage as he watched me over Indre’s shoulder. “Answer her, girl. Does it feel good? Don’t you fucking lie.”

He was so brutish, almost feral with lust as he stared at me. I couldn’t speak the words; they were too shameful to admit. Yes, I liked it. I liked everything they’d done to me, the way they overpowered and dominated me completely. Each obscene act they’d engaged me in, pushed me into, was more devious and delicious than the last. I didn’t know how much more I could take, but I wanted to find out.

Indre’s face was focused, her eyes fluttering as she fucked me. I could tell by the way she moved, the way she ground her hips to move the insert inside her while using it to torment me—she was close to another orgasm. She was panting, moaning softly, then her hips stuttered and she grunted, eyes squeezing shut and her head bowing against my chest.

“Blaise, fuck.”

“I want to,” he growled from behind her, and I gasped in shock. The insert was inside her, but so was he. He’d spread her cheeks, and his hips pumping hard, which meant…

Oh, Gods…

It was so wrong, so deviant, but Indre moaned and continued to pump into me as Blaise pounded into her. They set a rhythm. Rough and fast and deep. Blaise let out a near feral groan and gripped Indre’s hips. “I want you to fuck her while I fuck you. I want you to show her how good my cock feels, yeah?”

Indre moaned out a laugh and pushed herself up, bracing again as Blaise pumped his hips against her backside. “You won’t be fucking her ass tonight, love. That’s all mine.”

“I’ll have hers some other time. Tonight I want yours.”

They began to kiss each other, my eyes blurring as Blaise directed Indre’s thrusts inside me. Harder. And harder still. Until I was almost sobbing, my breasts bouncing on the bed as Klev rose up and cupped the back of my head, putting his cock to my lips.

“Get me ready,” he directed, pushing into my open mouth “That’s it, girl. Make that cock nice and hard so I can fuck you with it. You’re gonna love it, girl. I promise.”

I whimpered, having no doubts he was right, shameful as that was.

Indre’s thighs rubbed against mine as she moved, the insert sliding in and out roughly as Blaise fucked her into me. They were wrapped up in one another, kissing and murmuring in their native tongue. Indre moaned. Blaise grunted. They fucked me harder, together, the pressure building inside me again as I looked pleadingly at Klev. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, keeping the leaking tip against my lips.

“Master… please,” I begged, tears slipping out of my eyes as my body tightened, the same heat from earlier building with each slide of the phallic insert inside me. “I think I might… I might come again.”

“Oh, yes, sweet girl. You will. You’ll come so many times tonight,” he promised, reaching down to rub my clit. “But you hold it back right now, hmm? Wait for me to be inside you this time.”

I whined, seeking his comforting hands as the pressure built. “I can’t… please,” I begged, but Klev shook his head and slipped his cock back into my mouth.

His cock slid down my throat, and I was grateful for the distraction. It didn’t ease the ache but it gave me something to focus on. Sucking him deep. Licking the smooth, hard column of flesh. I had to focus on that, because I didn’t want to find out what would happen if I came without permission again.

Klev issued a soft warning in Kavarian that made Indre laugh, and she bent to kiss my breasts, grinding into me as Blaise pumped hard. She moaned, tucking her head into my neck, sucking a spot that made me arch. She cried out, her hot breaths warming my skin as Blaise continued to pump and pump and pump until she went limp against me.

He pulled out of her, fisting his cock as he stalked across the room to one of the basins while Indre kissed me deep. At last, she withdrew the insert from inside me, and my pussy threatened to clench around nothing. She reached up, releasing my hands from the bindings and looking to Klev.

“Have at her, my love. She’s going to feel so good.”

Klev growled, then kissed her deep before he launched himself off the bed. Indre moved to kneel above me, her hands coming down to fondle my breasts while Klev moved between my legs. He pushed my thighs back and she took them, holding my ankles to keep me spread open and exposed.

“Just until you get inside,” she purred as he moved over me. “I want you to have those legs around you. Feel how she squirms as you fuck her little cunt.”

Klev moaned, grinning as he gripped his cock and slapped it against me, making my legs jerk in Indre’s grasp. “You want this inside you, Talia? You want me to fuck your cunt?”

I licked my lips, giving the tiniest of nods as Indre chuckled. “I want you to fuck her cunt. Blaise wants you to fuck her cunt.”

Yes!” Blaise yelled from the side of the room. “Get on with it.”

Klev smiled and Indre laughed softly, leaning over me to kiss her partner.

“Well. In that case.”

Klev pushed inside, stretching me anew and moaning as I gasped at the sheer size of him. It was different from the insert. He was bigger, so I was fuller, and his cock was longer too, which made my belly ache as he sank in, not stopping until his balls nudged my ass. He pulled back slowly, then thrust in again and let out a low, pleased sigh.

“That’s it,” he soothed, bending to kiss my breasts. “Don’t worry, Talia. We’ll never leave this sweet cunt aching for long. Now come for me. Let me feel how tight you can get.”

He gripped the outside of my shaking thighs, pulling them around his waist as he pumped hard, fast, and so damned deep. I felt him in my belly, in my throat. My breasts rolled with each push of his hips, and my pussy squeezed his cock like it was trying to pull him deeper. Indre shifted, settling her hips over my face as Klev continued to pump, the two of them kissing each other as they used me like a toy meant to please them.

That’s what I was.

Gods, it made my pussy clench even harder.

“Mistress Indre, please,” I begged, crying out when she pinched my nipple softly and lowered herself down, grinding herself over my mouth.

“Shhh, girl. Keep your tongue out and let me fuck your sweet mouth while he fucks your pretty cunt.”

Klev grunted and somehow started to fuck me harder, but I obeyed what Indre said without question. I extended my tongue, licking as she rocked her hips over my face and Klev’s cock filled me over and over.

“She tight, love?” Indre asked, and Klev groaned.

“So tight. Feels so good.”

“Fuck her,” Indre moaned, grinding her hips on my face. “That feel good, Talia? His big cock pumping inside you?”

The question had to be rhetorical because I couldn’t answer. My mouth was busy. Both of them were moaning, and I felt Indre brace on my breasts, my body jostled between them. Blaise’s hands joined the chaos, stroking my thighs that were wrapped around Klev’s hips, holding my legs open so his partner could pump harder.

“Fuck that little pussy,” Blaise growled. “Gods, that’s a sight. My two lovers riding my sweet maiden. Her pussy taking that cock so well, her mouth open to taste you.”

His words caused the pressure inside me to build, and my legs tightened around Klev’s thrusting hips, little moans escaping my throat and getting lost between Indre’s thighs. Blaise crossed my ankles around Klev and held them there as his partner somehow fucked me harder.

“Please! I’m going to come,” I whined, panicking as the pressure built again. “Please, please—”

“Come, sweet girl,” Indre urged, grinding harder as I started to moan. Klev’s thrusts stuttered as I cried out, my thighs squeezing him tight, pussy throbbing around his length. Pleasure shot up my spine, making it bow off the bed, my hips rocking into Klev’s thrusts. It was too much. It wasn’t enough. My soft moans were muffled by Indre’s pussy against my mouth, but I could hear Klev’s eager grunts as his own climax drew closer.

“Fuck, you feel good, girl,” he growled, and I felt him pushing hard, like he was trying to bury himself in my womb. “Gods dammit… fuck. Fuck!

He cursed violently then let out a long, enraptured moan as his cock swelled and twitched inside me. He continued to move, drawing back and pushing in, a wet, slapping sound reaching my ears each time his hips hit mine. He sawed himself into me as bursts of his release filled me and my pussy continued to clench. Indre tightened too, her release washing over her as she rode my face with wild abandon then collapsed, cupping my breasts as she and Klev exchanged breathless kisses.

“She feel good?” Blaise’s voice growled.

“Fuck, she feels perfect,” Klev groaned, holding my hips as he pushed in and out, his cock still slightly hard even after release. The bed shifted, and Indre crawled off my face, turning to kiss Blaise as he lay down beside us.

Klev finished his thrusts and bowed over me, taking my mouth in a brutally sweet kiss. He laced his hands into my hair, holding me steady for his eager lips. “Did you like that, Talia girl? You ready for more?”

I tried to catch my breath, returning Klev’s filthy kiss before he pulled back and uncuffed my hands.

Then I was lifted, straddled over Blaise’s supine figure, my hands pulled behind my back and linked together, unable to resist as Indre settled behind me. She and Blaise took hold of my hips, centering them over Blaise’s straining cock.

“Sit down, girl. Ride me,” he growled, fingers digging into my flesh as he pushed me down on his cock. Indre assisted, and it was all I could do to resist, my thighs braced as he filled me, inch after thick unholy inch. Gods, I was going to tear in half. I couldn’t take him.

“Master, I can’t…”

Blaise gritted his teeth, then gripped my hips and braced on the bed, thrusting his hips up and filling me full of his cock. I cried out, impaled on his massive length, my hips and his hips flush together. His balls rubbed my ass, and as they coaxed me to grind, his cock moved inside me, hitting spots that made me cry out in agony then moan in indescribable pleasure.

“Too… too much,” I moaned, tears slipping out of my eyes as Blaise bucked under me and pushed my hips, grinding our bodies together.

“Never. You take that cock, girl. Fuck me.” Blaise bucked harder as Indre’s hands moved around my waist and dipped between my legs, her fingers finding my clit. She used her fingers to rub small circles over the nub, kissing my cheek when I started to moan.

“You heard your master, girl. Ride.”

“Your cunt is ours now,” Blaise said, slapping my ass to get me to move. “You’re gonna learn how to use it.”

“Godsdamned right she is,” Indre moaned as she rubbed my clit faster. “Fuck that cock, Talia. He feels good, doesn’t he? I would know. I love it when he’s buried deep, and you’ll learn to love it, too.”

I sobbed, pleasure and pain filling me as my head fell back on her shoulder. She kissed my neck, thrusting her own hips to keep me moving as Blaise gripped my waist, the two of them guiding me until I found a rhythm of my own.

Then I was fucking him.

I was in control.

I worked my hips, seeking the pleasure of his cock hitting that spot buried deep inside me. My belly undulated and my hips thrust, working Indre’s fingers on my clit as Blaise’s cock twitched. I swore he got bigger, but I rode him harder, grinding myself forward and back and rising up and down on his length. He grunted, reaching up to cup my bouncing breasts, his head falling back.

“Yes, fuck. Ride that cock. Use me, girl. Make yourself come.”

I thrust faster, thighs burning as I started to lift my hips up and sink them down, the slap of him pumping into me sending a shiver down my spine. It was wet and obscene. Klev’s cum was leaking out of me and Blaise was fucking it back in.

“You love it, don’t you, girl.” Blaise swatted my thigh and thrust up so hard I had to brace on his chest to stay upright. “Say it. Tell me how much you love my cock.”

Indre kissed my neck and squeezed my breasts. “I… I love it,” I managed, breathless and dizzy. “I’m… coming… please!”

Indre chuckled, and moved away as Blaise took over, sitting up and wrapping me in his embrace. We rocked and rolled and writhed together until I was crying out against his lips. He was grunting, panting, holding me still as he thrust up and his cock began to pulse. His hands gripped my ass, and he laid back, an enraptured look on his face as he climaxed and filled me with his seed. It slipped between us, making both my sex and his cock slippery and wet. So wet that when Klev approached us and dipped his fingers between my cheeks, they sank right into my backside. I grunted, then whimpered in alarm as he pushed deeper.

“Oh, Gods, no. You can’t!”

“We can,” Klev growled, working his fingers in and out, spreading them open as Blaise ground his still hard cock into my pussy. I was useless to resist. Klev’s fingers probed deep, and when he started thrusting them I no longer wanted to resist. It was filthy and so wrong, but my pussy clenched tight around the cock still throbbing inside me.

“She’s ready for you, beauty.”

Blaise moaned, and he slapped my ass and spread me open as Klev moved aside. Indre returned, her lips meeting my shoulder and I felt the insert she’d had earlier slip against my skin. It was covered in oil, and I whimpered when she fit the blunt head against my opening.

“Please,” I begged. “I’ve been good, please.”

“This isn’t a punishment, Talia girl. You’d know if it was.” She pushed inside slowly, each little thrust stealing my breath. Indre worked the toy forward and back, grinding and opening me until her hips were against my ass and the insert was seated deep in my backside. She thrust softly, the toy rubbing against Blaise’s cock.

Which was hard again.

“Oh, Gods.”

“Pray if you want, but we’re the only salvation you’re going to get,” she murmured, kissing me as she pulled back.

Then they both began to move.

I knew then that I wasn’t strong enough. I couldn’t take what they would give me. It would kill me someday. The pain. The pleasure. The agony and ecstasy that mixed within me like a devious spell. Blaise’s thrusts bounced me softly on top of him while Indre’s pumps ground me forward and back. I was so full it ached, my pussy and ass tight and clenching as sensation overwhelmed me so much, I barely noticed the orgasm building until it was right on top of me.

“I’m coming!”

“Yes,” Indre laughed as I started to moan, kissing my neck and playing with my breasts. “Yes, you are.”

She unclasped my hands and pushed me forward, both her and Blaise starting to fuck harder as my climax raced through my body. They were rough, using me in tandem like they had earlier as Klev stepped forward, grabbing my hair and pushing his cock into my mouth.

“Don’t think you’re done yet, girl. You’re going to ride me next.”

He filled my mouth as they filled my other holes, and my masters used me, each of them reaching another climax as I was helplessly rocked between them. When Blaise moved me off him, Klev took his place, and Indre continued to pump and slap her hips to my ass while Klev fucked up into my aching, well-used cunt. Blaise wasn’t done with me either; he took my mouth, caressing my hair and promising to give me more.

I wasn’t sure if I could take more, but I had no choice, and no other desires, than to accept their dominance and control. The power they held over me. The pleasure they pushed into me. The feeling of their hands caressing my skin, their words whispered into my ears that I was theirs. I was their good girl.

And they were never going to let me go.

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