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Tamed by Her Mates by Sassa Daniels – Extended Preview

The way the medical room was set up made her shudder. A table, upon which she would lie in an inverted Y-shape, dominated the space. There were various shackles affixed to it that could be used to tie her down in any number of ways. A spotlight floated overhead that could be moved into any position to give the men a better view of her most intimate body parts and she realized, to her horror, that there was also a surveillance disk there. Did that meant they intended for this examination to be watched by others?

Next to the table a tray hovered. Lottie could make out several instruments sitting on it but, from here, she couldn’t identify any of them. One thing was clear, though—someone had given a lot of thought to what they were going to do to her.

Marc and Ren walked her a little way into the room and then surprised her by releasing her arms.

“Get up on the table,” Marc instructed.

They wanted her to offer herself up to them. Lottie debated for a moment as excitement and dread coursed through her veins. Knowing these men, an intense experience awaited her, one she thought might bring her pleasure but also a degree of humiliation. This would be about them taking control, but could she just calmly give it to them? She decided she couldn’t and turned to flee. Immediately, one of the men grabbed her from behind. Mocking laughter filled the air.

“Told you she’d try to run,” Ren said, and she knew then that he was the one holding her.

With his arms tight around her waist, she had little room to move but her feet were free. She jumped and used them to push off from the door. She launched herself backwards. The element of surprise and the momentum she gained helped her topple Ren over. He grunted as they landed heavily on the floor with him taking the brunt of the impact. He was winded just long enough for Lottie to wriggle free. She leapt to her feet and headed for the door, but Marc stepped in her way in an infuriatingly unhurried manner.

“Just where do you think you’re going?”

With the dreaded gag in her mouth all Lottie could do was grunt incoherently. She swung her arm back to strike Marc for that irritating look of amusement on his face, but he caught her wrist easily and pulled her hard against the immovable wall of his chest.

“I think our little prisoner’s getting overstimulated,” Marc told Ren. “Maybe it would be better if she didn’t see what was coming.”

Lottie’s pulse quickened as she looked over her shoulder to see Ren going to the tray beside the examination table. He held up a blindfold and she shook her head furiously. It was bad enough being robbed of speech, but not having her sight throughout this examination would make it unbearably intense.

“Be a good girl and we’ll let you keep your hearing,” Ren said.

Whether it was in response to the threat to deprive her of her hearing or because he’d given her some hope by speaking to her in that soft tone he’d always used with her, Lottie did as she was told. Ren put the blindfold in place and tied it tight behind her head. It had thick black pads that fitted over her eye sockets to block out all light. Someone took a firm grip of her arm and she was led across the room. Lottie’s legs disappeared from under her as she was lifted and deposited none too gently onto the padded table. She winced as her punished bottom met the firm surface.

She found herself being pushed back and her arms were raised over her head. Her wrists were secured in rigid leather cuffs that had absolutely no give in them. Her breath caught at the back of her throat as her legs were spread wide and shackles were fastened around them to hold her firmly in place. She whimpered as the movable bottom half of the table was pulled further apart, drawing her legs out into a wide stretch. Exposed and utterly helpless, she could only wait for what was to come.

Several minutes dragged by and then movement at the far side of the room signaled a new arrival.

“I see our little prisoner is ready.” It was Jax who spoke. “Marra, you may begin.”

Marra? Lottie had assumed that Daen would be the one to carry out the examination, not one of his assistants. She wasn’t sure how she felt about a female touching her so intimately. She guessed at this stage she didn’t have much of a choice.

Behind her gag, she let out a startled yelp as her right nipple was pulled up sharply and what she soon realized was a small metal clamp was attached to it. Although her mates had loved to play with her breasts, she’d never experienced this before and she wasn’t sure she liked the intense pressure on such a sensitive part of her body. She held her breath as she felt a thin chain trailing between her breasts and then her other nipple was clamped in the same way as the first. A sudden tug on the chain wrenched both nipples upward and she hissed in pain. Bizarrely, a jolt of lust fired through her at the same time, bringing her body to life. There was something exquisitely erotic about the way her adorned breasts felt, and she wished she could see them.

“Her nipples are nice and sensitive,” Marra said, “and that certainly got her juices flowing.”

It did indeed. Lottie blushed as she focused her mind on that space between her legs and realized how wet she was. Her skin tingled as fingers trailed from her breasts to her belly and she shivered in delight as they came to rest on her pubic bone. Goosebumps rose on her skin.

“She responds well to being caressed,” the Bylanthian woman said.

Lottie lifted her hips the tiny amount she was able to as fingers slid between her legs. She groaned as her sensitive flesh thrilled to the touch. She tried to roll her hips but a harsh slap to the outer thigh stilled her.

“She has too much freedom to move,” Jax complained.

He had to be kidding. With her arms and legs stretched taut she could barely raise herself an inch off the table. She could move her head and wiggle her fingers and toes, but that was about the extent of it. Apparently, her current state of bondage was not enough for Jax. Several pairs of hands set to work at once, fastening thick leather straps around her upper thighs, waist, and across her chest, rendering her completely immobile. Although she couldn’t see, Lottie imagined how she must look, completely bound in leather with only a few glimpses of her pale skin showing through. It would be a tantalizing sight for her mates and anyone else who was watching.

“Better,” Jax said approvingly. “You look good all trussed up and at our mercy, little prisoner.”

The fingers she now knew belonged to Marra parted her lower lips and explored her feminine cleft. The touch was precise, clinical yet her body, starved of intimacy for the long months she’d been unconscious, responded with a tremor that ran right to her core.

“Your prisoner is highly aroused,” Marra delivered her verdict. “Her clitoris is nice and plump, and her pussy is wet. It’s a beautiful shade of pink. Perhaps, sir, you would like to check her responses for yourself.”

Someone—it must be Jax—stepped between her legs. He pressed himself against her mound so she felt the hard ridge of his arousal beneath his clothing. He held still just long enough for her to appreciate how much her vulnerability turned him on and then stepped back. Lottie couldn’t help herself, she moaned at the loss of contact. She was grateful when he slid two long, thick fingers inside her and began to fuck her ever so slowly. Almost immediately, her pussy clamped down on him.

“Always so eager,” he said in what sounded like admiration, “but greedy little prisoners don’t get what they want until they’ve earned it.”

Lottie groaned as he removed his hand just at the point where she was beginning to enjoy his touch. A moment later something cold and metallic slid inside her. She thought it might be a speculum but suddenly it whirred to life, sending out a strange electrical pulse that made her quiver with growing need. This was an instrument she recognized. It mapped internal organs and Lottie knew the men would be able to see what was happening inside her on a screen. As the frequency of the pulsing was increased, her pussy clenched around the metal object. Her face contorted with the agony of chasing a climax that was just out of reach. Despite the gag, she begged for release. Her words were either indecipherable or her mates chose to ignore them because she was not given relief. Instead, the instrument was deactivated and removed from her sopping wet channel, leaving her empty and unfulfilled.

“Everything looks healthy,” Marra said. “The red spots you see on the screen are her most sensitive areas, which will arouse the greatest response if you wish to give her pleasure. I should also point out that she is very fertile right now, should you wish to breed her.”

What? Lottie’s heart thumped and she shook her head from side to side. If she was to have a child with one of these alien men, she would have to undergo a series of treatments to make her biochemistry compatible with theirs. No way did she want to put her body through that when she wasn’t sure if they still saw her as their mate. Even if they did, she wasn’t ready to become pregnant. Panicked, she started to struggle violently, the restraints digging painfully into her flesh as she thrashed about, unable to free herself.

“Calm down,” Jax said sternly. “We have no plans to breed with a prisoner.”

Well, that put her in her place. Lottie didn’t like the way he kept referring to her in those impersonal terms, but she was relieved they didn’t intend to force a pregnancy on her. She should have known that even though they were incredibly angry with her right now, they would never do a thing like that.

There was no time to enjoy her relief as a thin metal instrument was inserted into her bottom. To her horror, it began to open, stretching her anal channel wide. Even as she whined in discomfort, her clitoris began to pulse, and she wondered what was wrong with her that she could find this so arousing. When the speculum was opened fully, fingers began to explore her rear passage. Unable to move, Lottie was forced to lie still and allow herself to be prodded at. She had always enjoyed anal play but right now she was embarrassed that she was being treated like some sort of living, breathing science experiment. She bit down onto the silicone ball that was wedged in her mouth and tried to hold back her tears. When the fingers were withdrawn and the instrument removed, she felt both relief and emptiness at the same time.

“You will have no trouble taking her bottom,” Marra said.

“She’s well used to taking a cock up her ass,” Marc replied.

Lottie’s cheeks burned at the way they were speaking about her as though she was not lying there spread out in front of them. While she did enjoy having her bottom fucked by her mates, to say she was used to it was something of an exaggeration. She accepted it eagerly, loved it most of the time, but she was not sure she would ever grow completely accustomed to having something the size of one of her mates’ cocks in that tight channel.

Wondering what mortifications she would be made to endure next, Lottie was surprised when the restraints around her ankles were loosened and her arms were freed from their shackles. All the leather straps that had held her down were removed and she was helped into a kneeling position on the table, facing toward the head. The blindfold was taken off and she blinked as her eyes adjusted to the bright light. Three of her mates stood before her and, as she looked around, she realized for the first time that Daen was not present. She couldn’t help worrying about what that meant, but when Jax cleared his throat pointedly, her attention returned to him. He was holding a thick band of leather with a small metal ring attached to the front.

“You will wear this collar as a symbol of your new status,” he announced.

Although tears pricked her eyes at what she had been reduced to, she nodded in agreement and Jax fastened the collar around her neck. It was not unbearably tight, but she still felt it pressing against her throat and she knew she would not be able to forget its presence for a single second.

“Now that it’s in place, we will not remove it. For as long as we want you, it will serve as a reminder that you are ours to do with as we please.”

There was an implied threat that the time might come when they no longer desired her. If that day came, they would cast her aside, perhaps sell her off as Jax had threatened. It was a horrifying thought. Lottie lifted trembling fingers to touch the collar and sent up a silent prayer that it never be taken from her.

“She’s all yours,” Jax told Marc and Ren before he turned to leave the room.

Lottie watched him go, her brow furrowed at his departure, and then looked to the twins.

“On all fours,” Marc commanded as he moved around behind her.

She got into position and watched in fascination as the chain hanging between the clamps on her nipples swayed beneath her. Marc pressed a button and without warning the table lowered. Lottie had to catch herself before she lost balance and toppled over. The table stopped moving when it was at just the right height for Marc to fuck her from behind. She wondered whether he would take her pussy, which ached to be filled. Although she’d had little option, she did cooperate during the examination—well, for the most part, she did. Surely, she’d earned some reward.

When Marc squirted a drop of cold gel onto the pucker of her anus, she knew it was not his intention to give her what she wanted.

“Let’s get this gag off,” Ren said amiably. “I have plans for that mouth.”

The instant the hideous ball was removed, Lottie swallowed down the excess saliva that had pooled in her mouth. She scrubbed a hand across her lips and hoped she would never have to wear that damned thing again. Sucking in a few deep breaths, she worked the stiffness out of her jaw.

Marc pushed his thick cock slowly but insistently into her bottom, and Lottie gritted her teeth. No matter how often they did this, she still felt like she was going to be torn apart. It was painful, but in the best possible way. He rotated his hips and she gasped as her body adjusted to the fullness. Mere moments later, a different sensation gripped her—lust—and she needed him to move. Pushing back against him, she whimpered in need, but Marc held still, a reminder that her men were always the ones in charge. He would fuck her ass the way she wanted him to, but not until he was good and ready.

Ren unfastened his pants and directed his rigid shaft to her lips. Lottie took him into her mouth and swirled her tongue around his cock, feeling that zigzag protrusion under the skin that added to her pleasure when he fucked her. All Bylanthian men had a ridge partway along their penis that added an extra dimension to the enjoyment they could bring a woman. Ren and Marc had the same shape but Jax and Daen both had a row of raised bumps that drove her wild when they hit just the right spot.

Lottie moaned as Ren and Marc both pushed deep inside her at the same time. They stilled as though in concert with one another and then began to thrust. Sucking lightly on Ren’s cock as he slid in and out of her mouth, she tried to concentrate on pleasuring him. It was impossible with Marc pounding furiously into her rear. All she could do was hold herself steady and take the hard fucking they were both intent on giving her. When Marc drove into her bottom, she was pushed forward, and Ren’s cock slipped further down her throat. It took all her effort not to choke as her mouth was filled to capacity. She whimpered and writhed on the table, trying to find some way to alleviate the pressure building inside her. While Ren stroked her cheek with tenderness, coaxing her to take all of him, Marc reached beneath her and tugged the chain linking the nipple clamps. Pain shot straight to her clit, which throbbed with need and she screamed around Ren’s cock.

Tears of frustration poured down her face as satisfaction remained elusive. It would be so easy for Ren to play with her breasts as Marc fingered her clitoris, but it was clear they would do neither. This was for their pleasure and her punishment. Denying her what she desired was as effective as the harshest whipping.

Filled so completely by her men, she gasped as she felt them both swell at the same time. Ren’s shaft became impossibly large and she struggled to breathe around it. He pulled back a little to let her adjust and then pushed in deep once more.

“You’re doing great, Charlotte,” he told her.

He shifted his hips and the head of his cock seemed to tickle the back of her throat just before he spilled his seed. She swallowed dutifully, savoring the saltiness on her tongue, even as Marc’s erection began to throb within her rear channel. He slapped her thigh hard and she clenched around him.

“Take it all,” he commanded as his fingers dug painfully into her hips.

Lottie tightened her muscles, squeezing his shaft to milk every last drop of cum from him.

When the men both stepped back from her, she dropped to the table, exhausted, Marc’s semen dripping from her.

“You have pleased us today,” Marc said as he adjusted his clothing. “Continue to do so and you may soon earn a reward.”

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