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Tamed by the Alien by Adrienne Blake – Extended Preview

“Is there anything I can get for you?” Chaz asked Megan. He glanced down at the Sybian. Perhaps all Earth women were happiest when they had toys like this to play with.

“Um, no, I’m good, thanks,” said Megan. “Maybe later.”

“You won’t need one later. Come with me.”

Although Chaz had no desire for the other Earth woman, her display on the Sybian had been most stimulating. While he watched Kate in action, his penis had become enlarged under his robe, and all he could think of was Megan and how tight her pussy had been when he’d come inside her. He had no intention of waiting too long for that to happen again. The stories were true about these humans, and he couldn’t wait to have another go.

Chaz took Megan’s tiny hand in his own and escorted her back out into the corridor. She had wrapped the sheet around her so it looked like some kind of toga, and her attire brought more than a few scowls from the other passengers on the carrier. But he was his own man, and his mind was made up on the matter. As long as Megan played straight with him, he would allow her this small concession.

“Where are we going?” she asked as they marched along yet another of the long nondescript corridors.

“Back to my quarters. I am going to fuck you there.”

Whether this pleased her or not, he couldn’t say. But what was important now was he had the need. He was not used to asking his women if they were ready for him. He wanted her now so would have her. This was how it was. This was how it was always going to be.

They were almost at his quarters when they heard a loud bang, and for a brief moment the internal gravity of the ship was compromised and they were forced hard up against the flat gray wall, and the lights in the ship began to flicker.

“What the hell was that?” asked Megan.

Chaz didn’t answer but he suspected the worst. The Lumineres had launched an attack. But then the ship reasserted itself and the lights came back on. He tapped his communicator at once.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“They infiltrated another minor system, but we’ve regained control,” said Kandana. “There is nothing to worry about for the present.”

Kandana signed off. Chaz knew his brother was busy so he would not detain him with idle conversation.

“Is everything okay?”

Chaz observed how her pupils grew large and beautiful when she was frightened. He also knew she hadn’t understood a single word of the conversation he had just shared with his brother, so she was still in the dark.

“Nothing for you to worry about.” Whether this was true or not, he couldn’t say. The Lumineres were certainly being persistent, more so than usual, and this troubled him. The Corollans should have been long gone by now. And yet here they still were, unable to get home, trapped on the dark side of this futile moon. He needed a diversion, and this tiny human woman was the very thing.

The second the door closed on him in his room, he pulled the sheet from Megan, exposing her nakedness once again.

“I like you better this way.”

Megan said nothing, but crossed her arms defensively across her bosom as she had done before.

“Put your hands to your sides,” he said.

She was shaking, but Megan did as she was told.

“Your friend is quite skilled in giving oral pleasure, I believe. I will allow you to suck my cock for me. Get onto your knees.”

Chaz let his robe drop away and Megan, who now knelt before him, reeled away at the size of him.

“I don’t think that monster is ever going to fit into my mouth.”

With his cock already rising to the occasion, Chaz didn’t appreciate her ill-timed humor. Perhaps it was necessary to show her who was boss, so before she uttered the last word of her sentence he reached down and picked her up like she weighed nothing more than a flower.

In a flash he had her over his knee, her backside up in the air and her legs flailing helplessly behind her. Perhaps the shame and humiliation of it would teach her a lesson.

Megan kicked and screamed and said all sorts of words that needed no translation, but he held her steady and refused to let her get away. She might as well learn now as ever that any attempt to get away from him was futile.

“When I issue a command I expect you to obey, Megan, and without question.”

Before she could respond he spanked her bare behind. He loved how her human skin flushed red under his fingers. He could feel the heat as the blood rushed to the spot he’d just spanked, and he allowed his palm to linger there while he absorbed some of the heat into his own hand. It was like a transfer of power from her to him, and he loved it.

“Let me go!” she squealed. “You’ve no right.”

“No right? But I have every right. For example…”

Before she could utter another syllable his hand was in the air. Whoosh. Down it came, connecting with a sting to her supple round bottom.

“Ow! Stop it, you brute.”

“No. I think not.”

He smacked her backside again and even as he did so, his eyes devoured her exposed pussy and asshole. That, too, was a delight he fully intended to indulge in. He was her master now, she must learn to accept it—a lowly female from an inferior race. Indeed, it was a privilege for her that he even deigned to touch her, and it was her duty now to learn just how fortunate she was. Ka-la had blessed her, and the tiny woman must learn how to give her proper thanks. But for now, there would be spanking.

There was no denying he took delight in this exchange. Chaz’s cock had become hard and needy, but he was not ready to indulge it just yet. The view here was just too delicious. He licked his finger and slid it up inside her exposed asshole.

Megan squealed and wiggled to get free, yet the more the tiny human fought him the harder he became. He pushed his finger in a little deeper.

“Fuck you, Chaz, get the hell out of my butt.”

“Not a chance,” Chaz replied. “You have denied me your mouth, so I am forced to take my pleasure elsewhere.”

“Let me go, let me go. You’re too big for me there, you’ll tear me apart.”

Her objections only served to rouse him more. When he was done playing with her, he let her drop to the floor and positioned himself behind her, pointing his hungry cock at her rear entrance, which was now moist and a little lubricated from his expert fingering.

Megan wriggled and squirmed, making it hard for him to gain entrance. He put his hands on her shoulders to steady her.

“Is that your only objection, my size?” he said as he positioned himself right where he needed to be.

“I don’t like pain.”

“And if I promise there will be none, only pleasure, would you object then?”

Megan stopped fighting, and her body relaxed, just a little.

“I will try it, but if you hurt me, I want you to stop.”

It was not his way to listen to the entreaties of captives, but the last thing in the world Chaz wanted to do was hurt this little one. Still, he would demand his pleasure of her. That at least was his right.

Slowly, he pressed his cock into her backside. Megan tensed, but she did not cry out, so he slid it in a little deeper. She moaned softly at that, but it was not a gasp of pain, he knew pleasure when he heard it, so he pressed a little further until his cock was all the way in up to the hilt.

Then he began to fuck her softly, all the while listening to her body; praise be to Ka-la, her ass was so fucking tight. He filled her fully without any need to expand.

After a little gentle fucking, Megan pushed herself up off the floor and spread her knees wider, positioning herself to take more of him in. He put his hand on her neck then began pulling on her hair. She groaned appreciatively, so he caught a whole bunch of it in his fist and pulled it tight, all the while plowing into her perfect backside. He watched his slick, swollen member as it teased in and out of her. The sensation was fucking incredible and he couldn’t hold back any longer, he needed to ram her as hard as he could.

In the back of his mind he was conscious that she was responding with strong thrusts of her own, and he pulled her up by the hair, so that they were upright and fucking on their knees. Chaz let go of her silky black hair and kneaded her breasts; her nipples were stiff and slick with sweat.

“Am I hurting you?” he gasped in her ear.

“No, fuck me harder, I love this,” she cried back.

His ramming became feral; he couldn’t contain it any more than his grunts of delight. He kissed the back of her neck, her ears, then turned her head to devour her mouth. His cock was inside her, but he wanted to consume every part of her. No conquest had never fueled his desire as this one did, and he became greedy for her, and wanted his seed to spill into her and claim her.

His orgasm was powerful, and he pushed her down and forward so he could come as deep as was possible inside her. Megan made no objection; instead she opened her legs even wider, apparently just as keen to receive his seed as he was to spill it. After the last convulsion he fell forward onto her back, their mutual sweat combining as flesh connected with flesh. He was done, but he would not let her go, not yet. There was a strange calm in the silence.

Chaz’s cock was in remission, and after a little while it slipped out of her and lay flaccid on her butt cheek. He felt he could sleep, but was conscious of his huge bulk on top of this tiny person. Oddly, Megan didn’t seem to mind at all.

“I kept my promise, and didn’t hurt you,” he said.

“No, you didn’t. Not really. I felt only pleasure. But I thought you could only come if I did first?”

“The rules are a bit different in your ass,” explained Chaz.

“Ah, I see.”

Megan forced herself out from under him and turned to lie on her back. He admired the light sweat on her body and licked and suckled her nipple. She groaned in delight.

Chaz wondered what she was thinking. It was hard for him to get into the mind of a conquest. Normally predators wouldn’t care, but there was nothing at all normal about this particular conquest. This one had the soul of a fighter, and he loved that side of her. But it was a dangerous question to ask. After all, what if he didn’t like her answer? It wasn’t like he’d be able to change anything. He certainly wouldn’t consider letting her go.

“What are you thinking?” Megan asked.

Can she read my mind now? “Nothing.”

Chaz rolled onto his back and stared up at the ceiling. She was getting into his head. His brother had warned him about this, and he would have to be on guard. After all, there was more at stake than just his libido. The safety of the carrier had to be his first consideration.

“Get up,” he said, as he pushed himself up off the floor. “Grab your sheet. I am taking you back to Kate.”

“Oh,” said Megan. “You don’t want me to remain here for you.”

Chaz looked down at her tiny little body where she still lay naked on the floor. She was beautiful. But more important, she had a lot of power for such a small thing. He would have to be careful. This one was clever and watchful and could easily get the upper hand.

“No. I’m taking you back now. Get dressed. And call me Master, Megan. Do not forget your place.”

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