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Tamed by the Alien by Adrienne Blake – Sample

Chapter One: Predator

The gooey cheese filling oozed out of the side of the sandwich. Megan didn’t care. A sizzling, juicy Hot Pocket was her special treat after a gruesome hour of glute torture. Her personal trainer, Joe, had been especially ruthless tonight and had pushed her harder than ever.

“If you want to keep that bottom tight and high, you’re going to have to push a little harder, babe,” he’d said. “Let’s face it, none of us are getting any younger.”

Megan had kicked harder than ever, though she half-wished Joe’s head had been the target. She’d have hit a bullseye for sure. But instead she clenched her teeth and focused on getting her legs up as high as they would go.

There goes any chance you had for a date, mister, she thought. You’ll have to find someone else’s butt to spank.

Now here she was, freshly showered and standing on the corner of 5th and Elm, indulging in the one guilty pleasure she looked forward to all week.

“Oh, no, you don’t,” she said, using her finger to push the cheesy goodness back in. “I worked hard for you and I’m damn well gonna eat you.”

No sooner had Megan’s lips clamped around the juicy sandwich than a strange, rattling sound behind her reminded her that it was late, and this wasn’t the safest part of town to be in at night—even for an ex-marine like herself. No matter how well trained they were, everyone had their limits. There was no point testing hers unnecessarily.

She rewrapped the top of the pocket to keep it warm and hastened down the street. At the bottom of the road was a diner, where her best friend, Kate, had asked to meet her at the end of her shift. It was still too early, but there was no point hanging around on this street corner; why invite trouble?

Like all restaurants, the diner frowned upon bringing in food from other vendors so when she reached the entrance she unwrapped the Hot Pocket and snarfed the last of it down as fast as she could.

“Umh, that’s just so wrong!” she said appreciatively as she swallowed the last bite.

Just as she did so, there was another rattling sound just a few feet away. Megan peered into the darkness and this time she thought she saw—but no, there was nothing there at all. She was probably dehydrated and her mind was playing tricks on her. But still. Better safe than sorry. She tossed the empty wrapper into a nearby trash bin and hurried on inside.

Kate was behind the serving counter, her head to one side as she attempted to read upside down a customer’s copy of some magazine. Something bizarre, knowing Kate. But no matter how hard her friend tried to get the hot dude who owned it to notice her, he wasn’t paying Kate the slightest bit of attention.

Kate shrugged, and seeing Megan, she gave up her mission and wandered over to the booth where Megan had just seated herself.

“You’re supposed to wait to be seated, miss,” Kate teased.

“Kiss my ass,” Megan laughed.

“I would but it’s looking so tight these days it’ll probably explode if I do.”

“Thanks for noticing,” said Megan. “I never knew you cared.”

Kate put her hand on her own, somewhat generous bottom. She glared wistfully at the man at the counter and sighed. “I think I should pay a little more attention to my own, don’t you?”

“I can speak to Joe for you if you’d like? I’m sure he’d give you a special rate as a friend of mine.”

“Nah,” said Kate, brushing off the idea just as quickly as it came. “Some men like a plump bum, don’t you think?”

“There’s a sock for every shoe,” agreed Megan.

“Not on this planet.”

“No, you don’t think so?”

Kate slipped into the seat across from Megan and pretended to be busy replenishing the sugar. “Not these days. All the men around here are such pussies, afraid of their own shadows. Me, I want a real man. You know, one like from the old days, when men were men and women were…”

“Suppressed?” interrupted Megan. “Second class citizens?”

Kate laughed. “Your trouble is you see too much as black and white. All men should be this. All women should be that. I tell you, I’m as much for equality as the next person, but in the bedroom—oooooeeee—I’m game for a little slap and tickle.”

Embarrassed, Megan hunched forward and looked around to see who might be listening. “Shush, keep your voice down,” she urged. “Someone will hear you.”

Kate grinned. “I tell you, if you want a real man these days you’ve got to look further afield.” She looked over to the customer still seated at the counter. “I was reading this alien space thing in his copy of Ablov’s…”

“Aliens! Really, Kate? Is this the shit you’re reading now?”

“Trust me, I’m telling you, according to that article in Ablov’s, there really are other species out there, mingling among the populace, pretending to be human, just waiting to pounce on us when we least suspect it.”

“Oh, right,” laughed Megan. “And just supposing this was true, and there really are aliens out there, then I suppose they’re just cruising our solar system looking for desperate women to mate with? I can just picture it now—that first encounter when you stare into each other’s eyes and cry, ‘Oh, take me, large blob person. I’m yours.’ Right. It’s official now. You’re off your meds, honey. You shouldn’t watch so much Netflix. It addles your brain.”

Kate shrugged and looked apprehensively over to the cook who was glaring at her from the kitchen. “I’d better scoot before Kurt there has a shit-fit,” she said. “I’ll be done in ten. You want a drink or something?”

“Just a water, I’ve eaten already.”

“Okie dokey.”

Kate ran back over to the counter where the dude with the Ablov’s magazine was sighing impatiently for his check. Aliens indeed. Maybe Kate really was going off the rails.

But she did have a point about one thing. Neither of them were getting laid, and in her own case, Megan hadn’t seen any action since her ex-husband, Paul, had walked out the door on her. And that was almost two years ago. And not a lot of guys were into the ex-marine thing. The moment she mentioned her military service they’d be off running before she could say lock and load. So maybe an alien lover was her only hope. Megan laughed at the silliness of it, and sitting back in her booth, tried to make sense of the dark shapes outside her diner window.

“What on earth is that smell?” It was the aroma that first attracted him. Still a little dizzy after the teleport, Chaz’s eyes had yet to grow accustomed to Earth’s lighting. It was much darker than he’d expected, and so he sniffed the air, hoping for a clue to set him on the right path. His nostrils expected a cold, stony atmosphere, but what he actually encountered was something much warmer and inviting.

Chazflyn tapped the analysis button on his wrist communicator. It wasn’t working.

“Damn.” He shook it vigorously and it rattled a little. Something must have dislodged during teleportation. He shook it, and tapped it again. This time it answered in a shrill, metallic voice.


“Great.” This information didn’t help much. He tapped another button. “What is cheese?”

A food derived from the fresh curds of milk.

Chazflyn rolled his eyes. He didn’t know what milk was either. At least now he knew it was some kind of processed food, which meant humans couldn’t be too far away. From what he’d read about them, they loved destroying what they ate. Whatever it was called, it smelled divine and he wanted some for himself. After all, he had an empty belly—eating was not recommended several hours before teleporting because it caused the worst kind of nausea. Chazflyn inhaled deeply, filling his nostrils with the delicious scent then turned in search of the source.

It didn’t take long for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. And then he disappeared. And then he came back again. Good. His chameleon ability to blend into his surroundings for a few seconds had been unaffected by the teleportation process. Such a skill was common among his people and Chazflyn had often found it useful on his expeditions to other worlds.

Chazflyn shook his communicator again and prayed to Ka-la that a rattle was the only thing wrong with it. If it was something more serious he might be stuck on this planet for a very long time. The fleet carrier was in a low orbit just on the dark side of the moon. His brother was the chief Corollan on it, but even he might not think to search for him for some weeks. These expeditions were of no fixed duration. An absentee predator might simply be having too good of a time. They were on vacation after all.

According to his calculations, he should be somewhere in downtown Allentown, Pennsylvania. But it was clearly night, and he’d thought to arrive in the day. Perhaps the location was wrong as well. He hoped not. His fellow predator-travelers preferred the larger cities, like New York, London, or Sydney, but the best of those harvests had been long-since reaped and, well, Chazflyn had never been one to follow the crowd. So while the others were stalking in the major cities, he expected to return with a fine specimen for sale—one the other alphas would admire and perhaps remark on. This was his first trip to Earth, after all. Maybe he was destined to get lucky.

But to the business in hand.

Before it was done teasing him, the aroma took him around two dark corners to a dimly lit street. And then there, on the corner, was a woman pushing the source of the amazing scent down her gullet. Damn. After all that, the object of his desire was about to be consumed by a very short human woman, much smaller than he’d ever expected. But perhaps his information had been wrong about that, too. Maybe she was typical of the species. He’d never met one in the flesh after all.

Chazflyn stretched to his full six-foot-seven inches and checked his communicator again. It rattled at exactly the wrong moment, making the owner of the cheese-thing turn to check the source of the disturbance. Chazflyn blended back into shadows, hoping the woman hadn’t spotted him before he transformed. At one point she was looking directly his way, and he admired her firm, yet feminine figure and pretty face. She was a little old for the prize he sought, and so he was about to slip unseen into the darkness when she turned around.

Oh, Ka-la, take a look at that! Chazflyn thought. She had the tightest, most spankable ass he had ever seen on any female this side of the solar system. It curved perfectly; it was a good size for his hand, and led down to two exquisitely shaped thighs that he had a sudden need to see in the flesh. He felt his cock chafe against the human pants he had styled for his mission—and his cock was rarely wrong in these matters. But perhaps all Earth women had asses like this one. There was only one way to find out.

The woman walked briskly, but Chazflyn, with his long, muscular legs had no problem keeping pace with her. Indeed, he was inclined to abduct her at once, he was so sure of his choice, but thought it wise to check his communicator was functioning properly before he nabbed her. It might prove disastrous for them both if he didn’t.

The mark stopped just outside a building with the symbols D o v e C i t y D i n e r flickering in neon pink over a ramped entrance. From his research he knew the symbols would have meaning, so he lifted his communicator to get a translation, but of course, it rattled, and when it did, the woman fled inside.

“Damn,” said Chazflyn, just as the door closed definitively on his prey. Nothing about this mission was going to plan.

Fortunately, the building was so well lit he was able to follow the mark even as she moved about inside. Chazflyn watched with interest as his diminutive prize seated herself at an enclosed table.

He raised the communicator again and pointed it at the symbols.

“Translate,” he said.

Dove City Diner.

“What is a diner?” he asked his communicator.

A type of eating house with counters, tables, and booths. Very common in the land mass known as North America.

Chazflyn understood. He watched with interest as a slightly curvier specimen joined his prey at her booth. Her butt was somewhat larger, and her undoubted feminine allure would fetch many Quans on the open market back home. It was a pity his predatory license would only permit him to return with one. And he had made his choice. All he had to do now was wait for an opportunity, then take her when she least expected it back to his ship.

Chapter Two: The Woolly Alpaca

Kate had cast off her waitress’s apron and exchanged it for a leather mini-skirt, lip gloss, and four-inch spiked heels. Megan felt underdressed by comparison; she rarely wore makeup herself but appreciated the sudden transformation it made in her friend.

“You look great!” Megan said as Kate pulled on her coat.

“Thanks,” Kate replied. “Not too much?”

“No, no, I don’t think so. Not for the Spandex Brigade.” This was Megan’s nickname for the Woolly Alpaca, the local haunt for the Allentown BDSM scene and Kate’s preferred drinking hole.

“We can go someplace else if you like?” said Kate.

Megan shrugged. “You want me to call an Uber?”

“Uh, not yet. It’s a nice night. I thought maybe we could walk?”

Megan sighed. “You’re flat broke again?”

“Paid a lot of bills this week. Sorry.”

Megan glanced down at Kate’s heels and looked dubious. “You think you’ll make it in those things?”

“Sure, I’ll just avoid the cracks in the pavement.”

Megan looked up from the heels to Kate’s face, which now towered over her. “Well, I’m your friend so I’ll catch you if you fall.”

“You’re so tiny I’d probably crush you.”

“Maybe. Shout ‘timber’ as you go. I’ll be sure to get out of the way.”

Kate shouldn’t have put so much faith into Pennsylvania paving.

“Holy Mother of Fucks!”

Kate’s ankle buckled as her heel crunched into the third pavement crack. “Nothing to it,” she said through gritted teeth.

Megan was glad the night hid her smirk.

The Woolly Alpaca wasn’t packed to the brim, but they were certainly busy. There were fairly even numbers of men and women, some dressed in leather or spandex, a few with creative up-dos, others dressed a little more lowbrow, but they were obviously all members of the scene. Each one stared at Megan, who in her post-workout gear clearly didn’t belong with this crowd. On the other hand, Kate got a few shout-outs and one or two random kisses as she passed the admiring hordes. The two women could not have been more different.

Most of the seats at the bar were taken, but just as they arrived another couple got up to leave so they took their spots in the center by the taps. The slim, confident, dark-haired barman showed a little too much chest hair and wore a little too much aftershave. He was all over them at once.

“Now, what can I get you beautiful laaaaadies?”

“Pinot for me,” said Megan.

“Seven and Seven,” said Kate.

“People still drink those?” Megan reached across the bar to grab a handful of the peanuts set out on the counter. She withdrew her hand quickly when a man she’d just seen come out of the toilet got his hand in before her.

“People with taste,” continued Kate.

“Shall I open a tab?” the barman asked.

“No, we’ll pay as we go,” said Kate flatly.

Undeterred, the barman winked at Kate then sloped off to pour the drinks.

“Ewww,” both women said simultaneously. Kate put her finger in her mouth and pretended to gag. They both giggled like teenagers.

When he returned, Kate offered him a twenty.

“I thought you were broke?” said Megan.

“It’s not that bad. I can buy my friend a drink, can’t I?”

“Only if you’re sure. Otherwise, I’ve got these.”

Kate rewarded Megan with a warm smile but handed the money over anyway. “Now, if we had dates, this money thing wouldn’t be a problem at all.”

“You’re really not into this equality thing at all, are you?” laughed Megan.

“It’s a bubble—I’m sure it won’t last.”

Kate took a sip of her drink and scoured the bar over the rim of the glass, looking for hopeful prospects. Megan followed her gaze; the Woolly Alpaca was a known pickup joint, but tonight it was mostly full of couples.

“There’s not much of anything this evening,” said Megan.

“Yeah, rough night. Maybe it’ll pick up later. If it doesn’t we can find some other place.”

Megan agreed. She wasn’t fond of meeting men in bars; it was hardly the place to find her soulmate, but what choice did she have? All men seemed to be thin on the ground these days. Even extraterrestrial ones. She grinned.

“What’s up?” asked Kate.

“I was just thinking about aliens again.”


“I have to admit, from where I’m sitting, their appeal is growing.”

“Yeah, right. Seriously though, what would you do if you met one?” asked Kate. “Would you go with him?”

“An alien?”


“I don’t think little green men are exactly my cuppa tea. I mean, would we even speak the same language?”

“Talking is overrated. I’d rather get down to business and check out his big green dick.”

Megan almost spewed her pinot over the hovering bartender. Maybe that was a good thing, because he’d looked as if he was about to cut in on their conversation.

“Kate, you really are something else.”

“You’re just saying that because you haven’t been laid in like, forever. When was the last time a sexy thing put you over his knee and gave you a good spanking?”

“Look, you know I’m not into the whole spanking thing. I’m more into, you know, traditional lovemaking.”

Kate raised her hands in the air. “Hey, honey, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with a bit of vanilla. But don’t knock what you haven’t tried yet. Hell, you might just love it.”

“I don’t think so. If a man put his hands on me that way, I think I’d probably punch his lights out and wrestle him to the floor.”

Kate grinned and took a sip from her Seven and Seven. “Once a marine… You know, I remember the first time a man put me bare-bottomed over his knee.”


“Oh, yeah.”

“What happened?”

Kate took a while swallowing then an evil smirk flashed across her face. “It was the best fuck of my life. It was so fucking hot, Megan, I mean, you have no idea.”

“But he hurt you.”

“It’s funny but I don’t remember the pain at all. I just remember his fingers accidentally on purpose tickling my slit and every now and then he’d slide one right into me. I didn’t fight back at all, I just clenched my pussy lips and let him finger fuck me for a bit. Then, when he was good and ready he pulled out his cock and rammed me into the sofa. We were coming all over the place, I lost count of the number of orgasms he gave me—it was one after another, after another. Oh, boy, Megan, you have no idea.”

Megan swallowed. Like it or not, no man had ever driven her to that point of insanity, though she had fantasized about it often. Kate was lucky. The girl was just so free and full of joie de vivre. In that regard, Megan totally envied her.

The bartender was standing close by and was listening intently. He hadn’t looked at Megan properly before but now he looked her up and down appraisingly.

“You know if you’re curious to find out what it’s like, I’d be happy to take you upstairs for a little workout.”

“Fuck off,” said Megan decisively.

The bartender scurried away in a flash.

“Stop the press! Now we’re talking.”

“What?” Megan put down her glass and followed Kate’s gaze over to the door. Two incredibly handsome and incredibly tall men had just entered the building. The slightly shorter of the two locked eyes on her at once, and Megan felt her color rise under the bold and unrelenting gaze of the stranger. A surge of desire consumed her body, and she forced herself to look away, lest she forget herself and drool over her beer mat.

“I’m taking the taller one,” said Kate, who even now was sitting up a little higher on her stool and was thrusting her boobs forward. “I saw them first so I get dibs.”

Megan was too busy being tongue-tied to care. Odd. This wasn’t like her at all. She wasn’t usually the type to go weak at the knees, but something about this man had her gushing. Perhaps it was his dark, almost blue-black hair that caught her attention, or his tall, lean, muscular frame. But most likely it was the fact that both men oozed some kind of sex appeal that had almost all the women in the bar looking their way, even the ones with partners. In all her years Megan had never seen or felt anything like it; the desire to look at the newcomers was powerful, so she lowered her eyes, trying to break the spell.

Not so Kate. “Quick, let’s get over there and nab ‘em before someone else does.”

Before she could say anything to object, Kate crooked her arm through Megan’s, grabbed her Seven and Seven, and dragged her over to the other side of the bar so quickly she barely had time to snatch her own drink.

“Hi, guys, it’s funny but Megan and I were just saying how we wanted to move to this quieter end of the bar. I hope you don’t mind us joining you, but you nabbed these seats before we got a chance to. My name’s Kate, by the way. Nice to meet you.”

If the strangers minded at all, Kate never gave them a chance to say so. But they graciously smiled, and moved their stools a little further apart so the two women could squeeze in between them.

“Thanks,” said Kate. “You guys got names?”

Kate’s bravado was en pointe and Megan marveled at her total lack of shame. But thank God for it. She might not have forced herself on them this way, but she was not about to run off either. Somehow, the sex appeal of the shorter man was amplified; so much so that she could hardly bear to look at him. This was so unlike her that Megan shook her head, as if trying to break some spell. But when she looked up, the man was staring at her so intensely, she almost wet her panties with want.

It was going to be an interesting evening; that was for sure.

Chazflyn followed the two women to a place his communicator called the Woolly Alpaca. Unlike at the diner, he couldn’t track the woman’s movements by simply watching her through the window. Fearful he would lose his prize, he tapped his communicator three times.

It buzzed awkwardly, then he heard a relieved voice at the other end. “Thank God you’re alive, little brother. We all feared you might be dead. I’ve been buzzing you for eons.”

Chazflyn raised the communicator to his mouth. “Huh? How is that?”

“Somehow the Lumineres planted a fresh virus at our sub-core. Systems have been shutting down left right and center. Communicators were hit hardest of all. I thought maybe we’d lost you—you’re the last one to check in.”

“Actually, brother, mine’s broken anyway. It’s not responding like it should. It rattles.”

“Ah. Well. Its malfunction quite possibly saved your life. If it had been working as it should, the virus might have screwed up your teleportation.” He paused, as if considering the horror of what might have been. But then he just shrugged it off. “So, now we know you’re alive and well, what can I do for you? I wasn’t expecting to hear from you for some time. You only just transported.”

“I don’t think I can trust my communicator to bring me back to the carrier safely. I need another.”

“You want me to bring a spare down to Earth?”

“Yes. Just so. I have my prize in sight. Oh, and there’s a second woman here I’m interested in.”

“You only have a permit for one.”

“Yes, but as captain, your license is unlimited,” Chazflyn reminded him.

“So it is.” There was a silence at the end of the line while his brother mulled things over. “Very well. I’ll come and take a look. Is she well-rounded?”

“She has the ass of a goddess. I’m thinking fifty thousand Quans at least. Maybe more, I’d have to see her naked to be sure.”

“That’s a prize indeed. But if she’s coming on my license then she’s mine.”

“Understood,” said Chazflyn.

“Confirm your coordinates. I will change into my human garb and will be there momentarily.”

Chazflyn manually transmitted his exact spot, and a few minutes later his brother Kandana materialized by his side. His clothes were very similar to his brother’s, but he was a good two inches taller. And he looked like he might throw up. Which he did.

“I guess you’d eaten already?”

“Just a little while ago. I’ll be alright in a minute.”

As soon as the sickness passed, Kandana embraced his brother, then handed him a new communicator. The old one disintegrated at once.

“You don’t mess around,” said Chazflyn as it disappeared.

“Well, we can’t leave it lying around for a human to find. Look, I can’t stay long. Where are the targets?”

Chazflyn pointed to the door of the bar.

“I have read of these places,” said Kandana. “Human men connect with women here all the time. I believe they serve something called alcohol to make them more submissive.”

“It’s a strange practice. I don’t know why they don’t just submit to the men, as our women do.”

“A less civilized culture,” said Kandana. “But it makes better sport for us, doesn’t it? I told you Earth was a popular resort. Come. I don’t have much time. I programmed these communicators with a universal language adapter. Anything you say to them will sound as if it’s in their native tongue. This land mass favors a dialect known as English. We should be able to converse easily enough through these. And with the new program we learn the language as we go. It’s very progressive that way.”

“I thought talking to them was frowned upon?”

“Generally yes, especially these human women. Given a chance they will get under your skin. Look, this Lumineres threat is quite serious and the quicker we get back to the ship the better. There’s no time for stalking on this expedition, I’m afraid. You’ll have to employ grab and run tactics. Now that we’ve found you, we’ll be leaving this solar system in a matter of hours.”

Chazflyn sighed. He’d been looking forward to this vacation for some time; simply snatching one without stalking and planning was no real challenge. As a warrior he found the idea offensive. But if the Lumineres had infiltrated their infrastructure, who knew what havoc they could wreak on their carrier’s systems. Kandana was right. They had to be quick.

Perhaps it was their height, for both brothers stood taller than everyone else in the place, but all eyes were upon them from the second they walked inside the bar. Chazflyn sought out his prize at once, and once he found her, all the other women in the Woolly Alpaca may just as well have been Morka eaters—he paid them no attention at all. The two made a beeline for the bar, ready to discuss strategy, but no real plan was needed for the moment they sat down, the very women they sought came in search of them.

Kandana grunted his approval under his breath. Chazflyn nudged him. Undeterred, Kandana scoped the bar, evidently a lot more interested in the other available women than Chazflyn was. It didn’t matter. His brother was here for him, and he would not deviate from the current plan.

While the women introduced themselves, the barman came over. “Shall I open a tab for you guys?”

Chazflyn had no idea what a tab was, but he knew a nod would be an acceptable reply to most questions so he nodded carefully.

“What’ll you have?”

This was an annoying distraction. He was considering how to reply when Kandana came to his rescue. “Beer.”

The barman nodded, then trotted off.

The taller of the two women called herself Kate and was babbling away. She didn’t seem the least bit bothered that neither he nor his brother said much. His target’s name was Megan. Of the two she was much more reserved, which was good in some ways, but made it harder for him to study her.

The barman returned and deposited two tall glasses with some cold amber liquid in them. “The same again for you ladies?” he asked.

“Sure, why not?” said Kate. “Make mine a double.”

Megan merely nodded.

Chazflyn reached for his drink and sipped it tentatively. It was ice cold and a little bitter; not to his taste at all. He was about to spew it out and cry, ‘baffat piss!’ but thinking this unwise, he bit his lips. He returned the glass to the bar and faked a smile.

“You don’t say much, do you,” said Kate, when she finally drew a breath. “Where are you guys from? I don’t think I’ve seen you in here before.”

“We are new to this region,” said Kandana.

“Are you Russian?” asked Kate. “You have a funny accent.”

“We’re from the north,” said Chazflyn, keen to try out English using the communicator.

Kate shrugged and reached for her new drink just as the bartender put it down in front of her. Chazflyn noticed she kept wiggling her backside, as if she wanted them to admire her butt. He did. More than she knew. They would definitely make good money selling her back on Corolla. Perhaps even in the clothes she now wore, which had a certain appeal about them. Megan’s garb was less alluring. He had already decided to strip her the first chance he had.

“So, are you going to tell us your names?”

“I am Kandana, and this is Chazflyn,” his brother answered.

“Kan… Cha… errr. Do you mind if we just call you Ken and Chaz?”

“Not at all.”

“Nice to meet you.”

Megan offered her hand and Chaz flinched. He knew this was some kind of primitive Earth greeting, but it was crossing the line. These women were prizes to be taken or sold, not comrades to bond with. Megan looked affronted, and even the insensitive Kate bristled.

“You must excuse my brother. He is not too familiar with the customs of the west. Please, do not take offense,” said Kandana.

“None taken,” said Kate, softening at once.

“No, none,” said Megan, though her body language told another story.

“Well, I don’t know about you, Megan, but I have to use the bathroom. Will you gentlemen excuse us for a moment? We’ll be right back.”

“Sure. We’ll be waiting.”

They were both silent while the two women walked away, then Chaz slid off his seat.

“I am not liking this.”

“What don’t you like, little brother?”

“I am not used to interacting with my prey on this level. Let us take them now and stop this charade.”

“This place is too crowded. We can’t just vaporize in the middle of a bar. It goes against the intergalactic treaty for undeveloped worlds. We must wait for the right moment, then nab them.”

“Right moment be damned. That beer tastes like swill and I’m hungry as a baffat. If the food is anything like their drink then I’d rather not try it, no matter how good it smells.”

“You must have patience, Chaz. After all, you have never hunted on this level.”

“No,” said Chaz, undeterred. “Everything about this place is horrible and I don’t want to stay here any longer than I have to. I’m going to follow them into the bathroom and we can take them there. I suggest you come with me.”

“Very well.”

They left their beers behind and walked over to the far side of the bar. There was a symbol of a woman on the door, and he guessed this was where the Earth women had gone. They both looked over their shoulders to make sure no one was looking, then once they were sure the coast was clear, they opened the door and slipped quietly inside.

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