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Tamed by the Aliens by Rose St. Andrews – Extended Preview

Archer positively glowed with delight when they told him. “Splendid! I will see to your induction at once. Please, disrobe and put your things in one of those bins on the shelf there, and then sit on one of the tables.”

Mioshi managed to swallow her squeak of shock and then turned to Geena as Archer left the room.

“We’re going to what?” she squealed.

Geena sighed and rolled her eyes. “Girl, chill, it’s no big deal. Come on, you’ve been naked in front of me plenty of times, and in front of aliens too. What was that planet we did a first contact with last year? Ah… Basuco, and the high council there always conducted their meetings in the nude.”

Mioshi nodded. “I remember, as a gesture of purity and to show that they keep nothing hidden. Okay, I’ll do it.”

They got undressed, put their clothes in separate bins (they were careful to hide the gear they’d brought along under them), and then each took a seat on an adjacent exam table. Mioshi felt especially small and vulnerable sitting there, and the table reminded her of her last doctor’s visit: gleaming metal, minimal padding, and tissue paper covering it. The paper stuck to her butt!

Sitting there, shivering from a mixture of fear and the cool air, she jumped slightly and covered herself as the door opened and two very large men in white uniforms entered. Devon took care of Geena and Fallon worked on Mioshi. Initially, it was simple: name, age, and then a basic exam. Fallon kept asking Mioshi if she was okay, as she couldn’t stop herself from trembling. She just said she was nervous. Granted, it was only half of the truth, she was also excited beyond anything she’d ever known. There was also how intimidated by and submissive to him she felt. His massive frame, the way in which his hands cupped her breasts, caressed her arms and legs, and his fingers slid between her thighs drove her wild.

“Well, it’s clear you’re both very healthy,” Fallon said with a smile. “Excellent candidates.”

“If you ladies will lie down on your tummies, we’ll move on to stage two,” Devon said.

Mioshi bit her lip and gave Geena a sideways glance. She swallowed hard, nodded, and got into position. Mioshi followed suit and felt goosebumps ripple across her supple flesh as Fallon moved around behind her. She squeaked as the table began to vibrate under her. Her fingernails went white as she gripped the table hard. It shifted and moved under her, becoming almost spear-shaped with her straddling the point, and thus her bare bottom was high in the air. Before she could even think about reacting or objecting, his hands were on her bottom. Her teeth practically chattered as she felt her cheeks being spread, cold lubricant smeared on her, and then a hard nozzle slid into her ass. She gasped as she felt warm water flow into her. Turning her head, she saw that Geena was getting the same. Devon had pulled down one of the hoses hanging from the ceiling to fill her ass, and thus Mioshi understood what Fallon must have done to her.

She positively shuddered, the humiliation exploding within her. Her toes curled, she clamped her teeth tight to keep them from chattering, and prayed that the whole episode would be over soon. Lungs heaved, tummy and thigh muscles twitched, and she could feel various types of moisture building up across her skin.

And between her legs.

“Fallon, is something amiss?” Devon said.

Mioshi squirmed as she felt his large long fingers between her legs.

“It would appear the nozzle is not seated properly,” he said. “I’m getting some leakage here. There is excess fluid between her legs.”

She dug her nails into the table as she shut her eyes tight. He’d noticed, and now her embarrassment level went into orbit!

“Mioshi, are you in distress?” Fallon asked. “Your facial dermal layer has filled with blood.”

Opening her eyes, she looked around, and saw his smiling face looking down at her. He seemed genuinely concerned for her, which only made the degree of her mortification all the higher. She heard a slight chuckle and turned. Geena had quite the shit-eating grin on her face, despite her obvious discomfort at her enema.

“It’s nothing,” she said. “Mioshi is just a little embarrassed at the whole procedure.”

Fallon picked up his clipboard. “Really? Well, I shall make note of that. There are many men who find that most endearing. It’s impressive that she’s learned to feel humiliation. Now, baby girls, clench your muscles while we withdraw the nozzles.”

The two of them grunted, did so, and then let out sequential squeaks as the tubes were removed. The men then lifted them from the tables and carried them to two doors in the far wall. They were bathrooms, and the ladies were then able to relieve themselves. Mioshi stayed in hers for a moment, breathing hard as she mopped her brow with some toilet paper. All of this was driving her wild and she fought hard to get her body under control.

She didn’t like feeling this way! Being so submissive always enflamed her, but she felt it was demeaning to her as a woman and to womankind in general. She was determined to purge herself of these unnatural feelings.

When she stepped out of the bathroom, Fallon immediately took her by the hand and led her back to the table. Lifting her up, he had her lie back, and then turned to a small tray next to them.

“Wha-what next?” she asked.

“A shave,” he said brightly. “Unless you’d prefer to simply shift.”

“Sh-sh-shave?” she squeaked.

“We’re babies, M,” Geena said. “So, we’re supposed to be… clean ‘downstairs.’ Let’s do it the old-fashioned way.”

Mioshi turned her head toward her and gasped. As Geena hadn’t taken as long in the bathroom, she was already in the process of getting shaved. Mioshi jumped as coldness spread over her crotch. Looking down, she saw shaving cream being spread across her, and then Fallon picked up an old-fashioned straight razor. She trembled. Never in her life had anything like this happened to her.

He placed his left hand on her inner right thigh and smiled at her. “Now, just hold still, baby girl. This won’t hurt a bit, and I’ll be done in two shakes.”

Mioshi completely and totally died! It took every ounce of her self-control to hold still, even as she knew she was bright red. Her entire head felt as if it was going up in flames. But one bit of luck came through for her: the cream flowing between her legs hid the fact that her juices were flowing quite a lot.

Once she was shaved, Fallon toweled her off, hoisted her into his long strong arms, and carried her to the next room. Devon followed with Geena, and the two of them were set in a huge bathtub.

“You okay with them?” Devon said.

Fallon nodded. “Sure.”

“Okay, I’ll get everything else ready,” he replied, and then headed for the door.

Mioshi cast her eyes sideways, a look of uncertainty and questioning on her face. Geena could only shrug. She had no idea what they had planned for them. What amazed Mioshi was how well Geena lived with that lack of knowledge. She just laid back and let Fallon bathe both of them. Mioshi shook so hard she caused waves in the tub. It wasn’t merely that she was nervous about what was being done to them; it was her feelings of inadequacy alongside Geena.

“You are both quite lovely,” Fallon said.

Mioshi blushed again.

Geena smiled. “Oh, aren’t you sweet? Thank you for that.”

“It’s the truth,” he said happily. “You, Geena, have height and curves, and incredible breasts. You, Mioshi, have the most gorgeous skin, so white and soft and supple, and the cutest little figure I have ever seen. You’ll be adopted in no time!”

She smiled and blushed again. Geena giggled, and he kept bathing them. Mioshi licked her lips at his touch. His hands were strong, his fingers supple, and he was gentle and soothing to her muscles and sensitive areas. He lightly stroked her breasts, tenderly rubbed her pussy, and cupped and rubbed her little bottom.

It all drove her wild!

Fortunately, before she said or did anything to get herself in trouble (or possibly blow their cover), the bath ended, and Fallon wrapped each of them in a warm towel. Once more she felt quite small, as the towel was very large, and he carried them (one in each arm) to an equally large table. Setting them down, he powdered their little bottoms and slipped diapers and colorful shirts on them. Mioshi’s toes curled; her embarrassment level shot up another ten points.

Geena beamed at her. “Awww, M, you look adorable in balloons!”

She looked at herself. Her blouse was white with many multicolored balloons all over it. Geena’s had a big rainbow arching across her firm breasts. A moment later, Devon returned, two large baby bottles in his hands, and Mioshi chewed her lip.

Oh, God, we’re getting the full treatment!

The next thing they knew, the two ladies were draped across the men’s laps, and they had a huge plastic nipple stuffed in their mouths. Mioshi grimaced. The milk was totally bland. However, she wasn’t about to complain. Instead, she managed to suck it all down. Considering some of the rations and alien foods they’d had to eat over the years, this stuff was a cakewalk. Slurping it down, her tummy soon felt quite full, and the next thing she knew she was up and over Fallon’s shoulder and he was lightly patting her back. Although she couldn’t see Geena, she was essentially behind her; the similar sounds told Mioshi she was getting the same treatment. Their nearly identical burps confirmed it.

“All right, baby girls, it’s nap time,” Devon said, hoisting Geena up in his arms.

“You two rest for a while, and we’ll see about getting your profiles up on the board for new daddies to consider,” Fallon added, doing the same with Mioshi.

The ladies just smiled and nodded, and waited until they were in their respective cribs (fortunately side by side) and the men had departed before speaking together in low whispers. They were also fortunate in that no other women were in the cribs right next to them.

“Gad, that was the worst milk I’ve ever had!” Geena said.

“I’m not surprised.”

Her brow wrinkled. “Really?”

“Yet another clue to this crazy world. Buildings that fall apart, fire that burns without heat, and milk lacking flavor. I’d be willing to bet that their solid food tastes marginally better than cardboard.”

“Yuck, but I get your point,” Geena said. “Okay, let’s slip out of these silly cages, and see about finding that fragment.”

“What, now?” Mioshi squeaked, her head whipping around to scan the area. “Isn’t that dangerous?”

Geena grinned. “Hey, danger makes life exciting. Come on, show some guts.”

“I’d prefer to not show them all over the floor!”

“M, would you chill? Think about it. We’re valuable to them. They won’t hurt us, and we need to find that piece of his ship.”

Mioshi groaned and again looked around. “Ohhh, all right.”

She again checked the room, just to be doubly safe. All was quiet, the other women were deep asleep, and besides, there weren’t many of them. As with every room they’d been in, natural light flooded the area from the skylight.

“What if we’re caught?” she said.

“M, you worry way too much,” Geena said with a sigh. “Come on, use that big brain of yours. Analyze our situation, this community, and you tell me how much they value us.”

Kneeling in the crib, Mioshi chewed her lip, and did so. She put the pieces together. This city needed women. The orphanage had few women, and they’d seen few on the streets. The park and sidewalks had a great many men shuffling along or sitting alone, and looking quite sad. Therefore, it was clear that she and Geena were very precious to the social structure. It meant they weren’t likely to do anything to hurt them or cause them to want to leave.

Turning to Geena, she nodded. “Okay, I’m with you.”

“Atta girl! Come on, quiet as a dove, and light as a feather.”

Getting to her feet, Mioshi grabbed the upper bar of her crib and swung her leg over the edge. She sighed and shook her head to see Geena easily vault over her bar. Life was tough when you were tiny, and Mioshi felt especially small in this place.

“What about the scanner?” she said.

“Leave it. If we are caught, it’ll raise questions we don’t want to answer. Besides, it’s safe with our clothes.”

Mioshi nodded and then climbed over and down. Facing the crib, she could see the bin with her things tucked under the crib. Once on the floor, they moved quickly and silently toward the side door. It looked so very tall, but Geena was able to reach the knob. Pushing it ajar just enough to pop their heads in, they saw that it was a storage room. Boxes of diapers, bags of powdered formula, and racks of baby clothes lined the walls and shelves. Off in a back corner was something different, but they couldn’t quite see it.

Geena stepped inside. “I bet that’s what we’re after.”

Closing the door behind her, Mioshi followed, and they found what they were looking for. It was the hatch off of the escape pod, of that there was no doubt. She recognized the call letters on the top. Geena tried to suppress a sigh. It was clear she was worried about Jonas. Mioshi gave the item a quick once-over.

“I don’t see any blood or tissue, and there’s no significant damage to the unit.”

“You’re trying to give me hope,” Geena said sadly.

“I’m merely being thorough and logical.”

Geena smiled down at her, even as she blinked away tears. “You’re being a good friend, and there is never anything ‘merely’ about you. Come on, let’s get back before we’re missed. We’ll chill until nightfall, and then take off.”

Mioshi agreed. Moving back to the door, they left, closed the door behind them, and a moment later squealed in synchronized pain as they were grabbed by the ears.

“Well, well, what have we here?” a booming voice from above and behind them said.

Straining her neck to look around, Mioshi saw a huge man; he had to be close to eight feet, frowning down at them as he held each by an ear.

“Ow-ow-owww,” Geena yelped. “Sir, please, take it easy.”

“We’re sorry we wandered off,” Mioshi added quickly. “We… we were bored and just wanted to look around.”

“We’ll go back to our cribs, honest.”

He chuckled and dragged them toward a large chair. “Oh, you will, but first you’re getting a taste of the leather. Baby girls can’t be out and about unsupervised.”

Sitting, he easily pulled both of them across his wide and broad lap, and then his massive left arm dropped like a gate across their collective backs. Giggles echoed around them. Mioshi cast her eyes about the room and blushed deep crimson. The other girls were awake and sitting up in their cribs to get a good view of the goings-on. Then she gasped. He’d tugged their diapers down and she felt the tap-tap of a very large leather paddle on her naked flesh.

Turning her head slightly to the right, she glared at Geena lying next to her. “This is your fault!”

“Sorry,” she squeaked. “Ow!”

Mioshi shuddered at her sudden outburst, but instantly knew what had happened. Before she could even think to prepare, whack, she got hers.

“Ouch,” she wailed.

That damn leather paddle was firm and large; she didn’t need a mirror to know she was now sporting a bright red circle that encompassed both of her cheeks. More giggles sounded in front of them. Lifting her head, Mioshi could see a sea of faces watching them from the other cribs. All of the other baby women had a great view of their punishment, and the humiliation erupted through her mind and body. Back and forth the paddle went, Geena and Mioshi trading yelps and squeals of pain as Turk (she’d seen his nametag as they went across his lap) swung the paddle and scolded them for their naughtiness.

“Babies must be obedient! Babies do not slip out of their cribs unsupervised. Do you little ones understand that?”

“Owwieeee,” Geena wailed. “Yes, sir, yesssss. Please, no more!”

“Ouch! We’ll be good, we’ll be gooooodddd,” Mioshi added, her eyes filling with tears.

Not until both were sobbing did he stop, and then he sat them in his lap, one on each beefy thigh, and rocked and comforted them. They both bawled like well-spanked naughty young ladies. Sitting on sore bottoms didn’t help.

“There, there, little ones, it’s all right now. You’re forgiven. You two lie down and rest and we’ll get you fed in a little while.”

Hoisting them up, he slid their diapers up, which elicited squeals from both of them, and then he put them back in their cribs.

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