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Tamed by the Buccaneer by Normandie Alleman – Extended Preview

Tamed by the Buccaneer by Normandie Alleman

Gaston crossed the room and stood before her, his waist even with her angry eyes. He bent down, cupping her chin in his palm and tilting her head, forcing her to look at him. “You have been a very naughty girl. You do realize that, don’t you?”

“I don’t see what business it is of yours where I go or what I do,” she spat.

He chortled at the ridiculous assertion. “My dear, long before you were my wife, you agreed to be my slave. Slaves do what their master commands them. And when you became my wife, you promised, took a vow, to love, honor, and obey me so how can you question my interest in your whereabouts?” He paused. “Especially in your condition.”

“What condition is that?” Sally piped up.

Frederica glared at her pointedly. “That is none of your concern,” she said in a measured tone.

Ignoring her, Gaston said proudly, “I believe my beloved wife shall be presenting me with a son in a few months.”

Sally’s hand flew to her mouth in an attempt to hide her smile. She looked at Gaston, then at Frederica, her eyes shining merrily.

Frederica rolled her eyes. “That’s enough of that.” She straightened her spine.

“In any case, my wife is due a punishment. That’s clear enough.” Gaston turned to Sally. “Would you like to help me to administer it?”

Sally giggled. “It would be my pleasure, Captain Galette.” A mischievous look crossed her face.

“Now see here…” Frederica attempted to increase her haughtiness, but Gaston and Sally simply ignored her.

“Help me rid her of this ridiculous costume,” Gaston said to Sally. They began to pull her blouse over her head. Underneath she wore an undershirt that was almost transparent in the lamplight. The outline of her heavy breasts cast a shadow on the wall.

“Stand up,” Sally barked sharply, and Frederica appeared too surprised by the tiny woman’s command to disobey. She stood and Gaston stood back while Sally yanked down her pants and removed Frederica’s boots.

All that was left covering Frederica were her shift and her drawers. Gaston raised an eyebrow. “Remove all of it.”

Instantly, Frederica began to comply, but he stopped her. “Let Sally do it. I want to watch.”

Frederica’s eyes rounded, but she held up her arms to aid Sally in her task. The whore lifted the shirt over her head and tugged down the under-drawers, leaving Frederica standing there glowing in the lamplight. There was no question her body had grown more rounded at the belly, her hips were fuller and her breasts plumper. His wife was more delectable than anything he’d seen at any table, and he’d dined at some of the finest tables in France before he’d set out to make his fortune in the New World. “She’s something, isn’t she?” Gaston asked Sally, as if Frederica were a piece of horseflesh to be admired by the games’ most discerning connoisseurs.

Mais oui. If only I could have a girl like this in my stable.” Sally’s laughter trilled through the air.

Gaston wagged a finger at her, a pretend warning. “Clear your head of those notions, madam. This one belongs to me.”

Frederica stood naked before them, shocked into a silence that was rare for her. Just as she opened her mouth to speak, Gaston approached her and lifted a lock of her hair, revealing the soft pink skin of her neck beneath. He kissed the skin there, inhaling the scent of honeysuckle blossoms that always followed her. He looked up at Sally. “Would you like a taste?”

Sally nodded, placed a hand on Frederica’s hip, and bent her head to kiss the hollow of Frederica’s throat.

Frederica stiffened, but Gaston rubbed the base of her neck. “Shhh,” he said gently.

“Gaston,” she whined her protest.

“My darling, you will do as I ask. There has been far too much disobedience from you this day. Now bend over that bed. Sally, do you have a strap?”

It was humiliating to be spanked in front of this Sally woman. One of Gaston’s former lovers no less. Inside she fumed, but on the outside, Frederica tried to appear compliant. The entire affair would progress better if she played the role of repentant wife.

Sally had given Gaston a leather strap, the hateful woman. What sort of sisterhood had the woman shown her? Nil. Now, Gaston lit her bottom up with it, and Frederica had to grit her teeth to prevent her from calling out in pain. She wouldn’t give the witch the satisfaction.

Out of the corner of her eye she could see the whore. The woman’s eyes were glued to her rump so she didn’t have to worry about being caught staring.

Thwack! The strap licked at her sit spot, that sensitive place where her legs met the curve of her derriere. Frederica swallowed a groan and watched Sally’s eyes light up with glee. Her stomach clenched, as did her pussy when she realized the woman was quite the sadist. Dressed in a bright green gown, with a skirt that was hiked up on one side in the front to show off her legs, Sally was a beautiful woman. Her yellow hair was piled casually atop her head, wispy tendrils escaping the sides falling down her short little neck.

Smack! Another blow to the butt cheeks. Frederica closed her eyes and tried to focus on her breathing.

“What are you intended to learn from this punishment today?” Gaston asked then cracked the leather across her bum once again.

“To obey you, sir,” Frederica squeaked.

“Certainly, that should not be too difficult. At least not as difficult as being punished,” Gaston crooned as he sent another lash of the leather flying against her rear end.

Frederica yipped. “Yes, sir. I’m sorry, sir. I have no explanation for my bad behavior.”

“She has been through some challenges recently,” Gaston said to Sally, as if Frederica were not in the room.

“Poor dear.” Sally stroked the back of Frederica’s hair.

“Yes. She was almost murdered the day before yesterday…” His voice trailed off.

“Women in her condition are more emotional than usual. Hmph! Heaven knows I’ve seen it in me girls from time to time. Worse than their monthly courses I’ll tell ye,” Sally commiserated.

“While that is unfortunate, I can’t see that it gives her cause to behave deplorably,” Gaston declared. “Frederica, you must obey me. That is not up for debate.”

Thwack! The pain of her bottom surrounded her like a cloud.

“Yes, sir,” she forced out.

Sally sighed. “No, you must keep a pretty thing like this in line.”

“And no throwing things. That was childish, my dear. I expect better behavior from you than that,” Gaston gave her one last whack of the strap followed by a thump with his palm. “You may rest now,” he said to Frederica.

Her ass stung and it felt as hot as if the blacksmith had branded her backside. She lurched forward and shifted her weight from the floor onto the straw mattress. A hand that she assumed belong to Sally slid up the backs of her thighs and over the curve of her derriere. The whore’s silky touch felt practiced, the hand of someone who provided not only pleasure, but also comfort, in her profession. And even though her defiant nature told her to fight it, Sally’s ministrations felt so good that Frederica sank into the mattress and gobbled them up like a field hand at supper.

The pain to her backside began to subside as Sally’s palms brushed over her cheeks, squeezing and kneading the tender flesh. Frederica let out a moan despite herself. Obviously encouraged, Sally’s hands drifted down between the cleft in her ass, her thumbs working the area just outside the opening of her cunt.

“Spread your legs apart,” Gaston ordered Frederica.

After a brief hesitation, she complied. She would never have let this woman touch her in this manner had it been only the two of them, but the woman’s touch felt nice, and she relished being able to let go and experience pleasurable sensations. She might be miffed at Gaston, but she trusted him completely. He often surprised her at how well he knew her own needs better than she knew herself. As long as the woman didn’t do anything she objected to, she would go along with Gaston’s game.

“Do you have any rope?” Gaston asked Sally.

“Over there,” Frederica heard Sally say. Frederica lay on her belly offering her arms over her head. The vulnerable position she was in and the anticipation of Gaston tying her with rope and taking advantage of her made her pussy damp.

As soon as the rope began to wind around her wrists, she felt the gentle nudge of a small tongue press against the slit between her legs. It was so surprising and delightful that she released a feline purr from her throat, to which Sally responded with a more insistent poke, prodding inside her opening then drawing back to lick her sensitive perineum.

Gaston stood by her head binding her hands together. “If I recall, Sally is as experienced making love to a woman as she is to a man,” he said playfully. This rankled Frederica. Must he remind her that he’d kept company with this whore in the past? A pang of jealousy zinged in her gut, quite at odds with the rest of what she was feeling.

“Prop up on your elbows, love,” he said.

“Are you referring to me?” Frederica said saucily.

He smacked her on the rear end. “Who else?”

“Well, there’s…” She lifted her torso onto her elbows.

Before she could finish speaking, the head of his cock acted as a battering ram at the opening to her mouth. Hungrily she splayed her lips for him, allowing him entry. He pushed in and out, lubricating his penis with her saliva before shoving it to the back of her throat.

Sally giggled. “That’s one way to shut her up.”

“Mmmm,” Frederica tried to protest, but her mouth was filled with Gaston’s cock so only unintelligible sounds came out.

“Shhh. No need to try to talk, my dear. As soon as Sally gets you nice and wet for me, I’m going to fuck that little cunt of yours and remind you who the master in this relationship is.”

The whore’s mouth licked the length of her, the tip of her tongue giving special attention to her clit, brushing it with little cross-hatching motions that drove Frederica crazy. She wriggled with pleasure, and tried to grind her hips back against Sally’s face, but Sally slapped her ass and barked, “Hold still, girl. No one said you could move.”

Then Sally inserted a finger inside her, then two, and finally three fingers into Frederica’s vagina. Sally moved them in and out, curling them up against her anterior wall. Wiggling those fingers faster and harder, she caused Frederica to whine. Soon her tormentor added a flick of her tongue to the rhythm, and Frederica felt herself climaxing. Her body spasmed violently and she shook uncontrollably. She had to release Gaston from her mouth and her head and torso collapsed onto the cot.

“I think she’s enjoying that,” Gaston observed.

Sally giggled as she slowed her movements to stroking Frederica’s sex with one finger. “She’s ready for you now, captain.”

Frederica lay with her eyes closed, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. She wanted to remain in that state, but she knew Gaston was only getting started, and she relished the opportunity to rest, no matter how short-lived. She heard the rustling of clothes being removed and when she finally opened her eyes, Gaston helped her flip over onto her back.

“Nice work, Sally. Her pussy is sopping wet.”

Frederica saw now that both Gaston and Sally were naked. Gaston was a vision of gorgeous masculinity with his sinewy, well-defined muscles and his long, hard cock. His beard was at the perfect length to scratch lightly over her most intimate areas, a sensation he knew she adored. He always excited her with his long locks hanging down his back and that mysterious patch covering his eye. Even though she knew what lay behind it, it gave him an air of mystery that never failed to entice her.

Sally was a beautiful woman as well, with ample breasts and an hourglass figure. Frederica couldn’t help but stare. She couldn’t remember seeing another woman naked before and she studied Sally’s brown nipples and the small thatch of hair just above her cunt.

“’Tis my lucky day, having two lovely ladies at my disposal.”

Frederica frowned. “I don’t want you to fuck her.” The thought of Gaston having sexual relations with Sally in front of her seemed a torturous possibility.

“I do not intend to, my love. I have one cock, therefore I only need one hole. But since you decided to frequent Madam Sally’s establishment and she has been paid for her room and her time, I shall allow her to continue to pleasure you. After all, you are the one who started this. You are the one who disobeyed me and engaged the services of a whore, not I.” His eyes danced with mirth, and then he held up a hand and whispered loudly for all to hear, “I believe you’ve quite enjoyed yourself so far.”

“Hmph!” Frederica muttered and tried to bring her arms in front of her, but realized that her wrists had been affixed to one of the top corners of the bed. She was positioned with her head at one corner of the head of the bed.

“I would consider tying her legs too, but I prefer her legs bent,” he said to Sally who nodded in agreement.

“Do you think you can behave?” he asked Frederica.

“Yes, sir,” she said, and exhaled to punctuate the pouty look she now wore.

He climbed on the bed stroking his cock as his eyes moved from one woman to the next. “With her knees bent I can get deeper inside her.”

Sally licked her lips in response and stroked the underside of Frederica’s forearm softly while Gaston positioned himself so that he could trace the tip of his cock against Frederica’s slick folds.

“Damn, she is juicy, isn’t she, Sally?”

“Delicious,” Sally moaned.

“Taste her,” Gaston encouraged.

Sally dipped her head to Frederica’s breast and ran her tongue over the tip. At that same moment Gaston entered her, and because of how wet she was, he was able to sheathe himself to the hilt. Frederica felt a wave of bliss pass over her and she closed her eyes to focus on the various sensations currently assaulting her body.

“Darling, when was the last time you had a nipple in your mouth?” Gaston teased Frederica. “When you suckled your wet nurse?”

“I believe.”

“My dear, Sally has been so good to you, I’d like you to return the favor. Suckle her breast, my love.”

Frederica caught her breath. It had never occurred to her to put a woman’s breast in her mouth. She looked up and saw Sally’s chest hovering over her, but she hesitated before following these latest instructions.

“Darling, who do you belong to?” he pressed.

“You, sir.”

“I’d hate for you to offend Sally. We are a guest in her room. She has been kind enough to pleasure you.” Then to Sally he said, “Slip your breast in her mouth. I want to watch you suckle each other while I fuck my wife.”

Frederica slammed her eyes shut and when she felt the gentle nudge at her lips she parted them slightly. She felt Sally cover her own breast with her mouth and lave her tongue around the areola and then gently nibble at the tip. Instinctively, she performed the same action on Sally’s nipple in her own mouth.

Sally stroked her hair and cooed, “That’s a good girl.”

“Oh, yes, Freddie. Such a good girl,” Gaston echoed her words.

Their praise was all she needed to open herself up to them completely. They would pleasure her, and she would pleasure them. It was not unlike what she’d done with the three pirate captains when she’d been called to, and that had turned out to be a uniquely blissful erotic experience. She’d make the best of her circumstances and embrace the multiple hands and body parts that were stroking her, licking her, fucking her as she focused her passion on Sally’s breast.

She teased it to a hard point and flicked her tongue across it, accentuating the movement with a quick nip of her teeth, something she loved when done to her. Her creativity was rewarded when Sally moaned with pleasure. Frederica answered with a whimper of her own.

Gaston laughed. “I knew she would enjoy this experience.”

“Is she always this responsive?” Sally asked, her voice breathy.

“Usually,” Gaston replied, pumping into Frederica’s pussy at a steady pace.

“If she worked for me I could make a fortune off ‘er.”

Gaston laughed. “I can imagine. When I met her, she was a virgin. I trained her myself.”

Sally stopped what she was doing. “For true?”


“Then she’s a natural.”

“Like I said, I’m a lucky man.”

“I’ll say. I’ve got men ‘at would line up for a piece of this. Girl so pretty and so open.”

“And she loves being used. Once I had to share her with three men and she performed like a professional.”

“You don’t say. You wouldn’t consider sharing her again, would ye?”

At this Frederica piped up, “He will do no such thing!”

Sally smiled at her. “Sorry, luv. Ye can’t fault me for tryin’. A girl’s got to make a living.”

Frederica smiled back then was surprised when Sally leaned in and kissed her.

Sally’s mouth was small and smooth, nothing like a man’s whiskery one. Sally’s tiny tongue darted between her lips and tangled with Frederica’s. The whore’s hands caressed her breast, pinching both Frederica’s nipples and she opened her mouth wider, eager to accept what the woman gave her.

About that time, Gaston cupped Frederica’s ass in his palms and tilted her hips. At the same time he pried her legs apart as far as they would go, pressing against them, stretching them with his elbows.

“Straddle her face, Sally,” he commanded.

Sally pulled away from the kiss and Frederica whined when she did. Before she knew it Sally’s cunt hovered over her face, and she tried to pull her arms down but again found them restrained. Gaston continued to fuck her, and again her body was at odds with her mind. As she inhaled Sally’s musky scent, a part of her wanted to embrace the hedonism of the moment, to explore Sally’s sex with her mouth, but another part of her railed against the notion.

Yes, as a child she’d suckled a breast. It was a natural occurrence within the usual order of things, but putting her mouth on another woman’s most private place? The idea made her heart race.

“Stick out your tongue, Frederica,” Gaston commanded in a harsh voice.

When she lay there frozen, he ceased his own movements.

“Noooo!” she protested.

“Do as I say or I will not fuck you. Only obedient girls get fucked, darling. You know that.”

“But…” she hesitated.

“I promise I will make it worth your while, my dear. I want to see your tongue lick her pussy.”

Sally had positioned herself with her clit just above Frederica’s face. “Hold onto my shoulders to balance yourself,” Gaston told Sally and in that moment they were all connected. Frederica opened her eyes but found she couldn’t see much in the dim light so she closed her eyes again and took a leap of faith.

Extending her tongue, she met the velvety folds of Sally’s cunt. Once the initial contact had been made, Frederica tried a number of movements with her tongue. Finally, one she tried worked and Sally lowered herself further onto her mouth and she licked the whore’s most intimate offerings while Gaston ravaged her pussy with his cock.

She felt him spread her legs wider and hold them there with his elbows, stretching her. She whimpered into Sally’s pussy, felt him plant a thumb atop her clit and start to move it in those circles that he knew would drive her to a hard climax.

“Grind into her face, Sally. I want us all to come together.”

Even as she heard his words, she wasn’t certain if Gaston could orchestrate something so complex. But knowing better than to argue, and with her mouth occupied, Frederica concentrated on her job. Making a point with her tongue, she provided a soft yet firm surface for Sally to grind her clit against, and every time Sally slowed down, she flattened it to stroke the length of her.

The pressure built and built inside her, until Frederica started to feel tingling sensations in her extremities, which meant an exquisite climax was impending. Her lust mounted and mounted, and she began to overflow with the delightful sensation of being carried away by waves upon waves of ecstasy. Sally relented with a small cry and Frederica felt the woman’s body quivering above her, and it gave her an unexpected feeling of accomplishment to have made her come during her inaugural encounter with another member of the same sex.

At the same time the women were fluttering from their orgasms, Gaston pushed his cock deep into Frederica with one last thrust and exhaled a small, satisfied breath as he spilled his release into his wife.

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