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Tamed by Them Both by Rose St. Andrews – Extended Preview

“Wife, you will oblige me by going to the bath and drawing a tub. I will put the kettle on the stove and prepare some hot water.”

“The… tub? You wish to bathe?”

He grinned. “No, we are going to wash you.”

“After your little fracas today, I’d say you need it,” Thomas said with a grin.

She let out a little squeak, nodded, and headed up the stairs. He said ‘we’! They’re both going to… do it?

Reaching the bathroom, she ran the water, which was quite cold—the village was fed by an artesian well that gave them good water pressure, but also came from a deep aquifer—and then got undressed. It took a while, but a soft knock came to the door, and Logan and Thomas entered, each carrying a large brass kettle. She blushed and meekly covered herself, never having been naked before both of them at the same time, and they proceeded to dump the steaming water into the tub.

Kneeling down next to the tub, Logan bent his arm and stuck his elbow in the water. “Ah, nice and warm. Come, my dear, get in.”

Stepping into the water, she smiled—it was perfect—and then she slowly eased herself down. Only when her tender cheeks touched the surface did she hesitate and wince. Her men moved forward, knelt, and their hands began to gently scrub her. She tingled and squirmed under their touch. Never in her life had she been caressed by four strong yet supple hands. They cupped and squeezed her breasts, rubbed her thighs and arms, and slid between her legs. She groaned and spread her legs, kneeling in the tub, and arched her back. The warmth of the water, combined with their touch and the lingering heat in her cheeks were all converging on her pussy and driving her wild.

“Ohhh, Logan, Thomas, I… ohhh, sooo gooood,” she moaned.

Logan grinned and chuckled. “I thought as much.”

“You—ohhh—you did?” she choked out.

“Yes, I knew, given enough time, and the right… incentives, the sting in your lovely arse would enflame your passions.”

“Logan is quite perceptive,” Thomas said.

He rose and grabbed a large towel. “And now it is time for the next step in our night.”

She nodded and rose; he wrapped her in it, and then patted her down. Thomas got out her finest brushes and combed her hair out. When they were done, she let out a squeal when Logan let the towel drop to the floor.

“Off to bed now, my sweet,” Logan said, giving her a mild smack. “I’ll be along presently.”

“Um, y-y-yes, sir,” she said meekly.

Turning to leave, she caught a glimpse of her back and butt in the full-length mirror on the opposite wall. Her curvy cheeks were quite red. Scampering from the room, she made her way to their room and reached for her nightgown, and froze. Perhaps Logan was impatient this night. Her mind was awash with possibilities, and thus she found herself unable to act or even decide what to do next. She stood next to the bed, her mouth dry, and just kept licking her lips.

“I see you’re ready for me this night,” Logan said suddenly.

She spun toward the door, and her eyes grew large. He stood in the doorway, naked and clearly aroused, and grinned as he closed the door.

“Ah… ah,” she stammered.

He moved closer, his massive frame blotting out the room as he drew near enough for her to smell him. She loved his musky scent. His arms wrapped about her and hoisted her aloft. Her arms and legs embraced his body and she moaned as he entered her. Their eyes met, their lips locked, and he threw her down on the bed, his body on top of hers.

“We have been too long without this, aye, lass? But, ‘twas needed to teach you a lesson. You are my wife and Thomas’s woman, is that clear?”

“Oh,” she cried, his cock thrusting deep inside her. “Oh, yes, yes, Logan, I am yours!”

Sliding across the sheets, the friction burn to her stinging flesh sent bolts of sexual energy coursing through her pussy like waves of pure delight. Every move drove her wild, each touch brought her closer to climax, and all of the rocking and thrusting of his massive cock sent her brain over the edge.

Tara screamed out her climax, and she didn’t give a damn if Mary MacStephenson and the holy bloody neighborhood heard it. It was a good twenty minutes before she cooled down. Reclining in the bed, she smiled and sighed happily, and then tilted her head in confusion when he got up and threw on a robe.

“Logan, what are you doing?”

Reaching the door, he turned to her and grinned. “We have something special in mind for you this night, my sweet.”

He opened the door. Thomas, naked, stood there with an equally large grin, and entered. He and Logan nodded at each other, Logan left and closed the door, and Thomas approached the bed.

“Th-Th-Thomas! Wha-what are you doing here?” she squeaked.

She almost rolled her eyes at her instinctive reaction; she’d grabbed the covers and pulled them up a bit to cover herself.

“I would think that is obvious,” he said, reaching the bed. He took ahold of the sheets and easily pulled them aside. “Logan and I have talked about this. We agreed that it’s time to form our union. You are now ours!”

He got in bed, climbed atop her, took her in his arms, and kissed her long and deep. Tara sighed and moaned at his touch, the lingering passion of her time with Logan helping to rekindle the flames inside her pussy. He pulled her close, his arms wrapping about her, his hands caressing her tender cheeks, and his cock easily sliding inside her.

“Ohhh, Thomas, no, wait, slow down,” she begged. “I can’t—”

“Your body tells a different story, my dear,” he said with a chuckle.

His hips sped up, rocking and thrusting, pounding his hard shaft deep inside her. Tara gasped, and then moaned louder when his lips and tongue found her right nipple. He teased and tickled her, the lightness of his touch in stark contrast to the hard thrusts of his cock that raked her clit and drove into her g-spot. Her entire body was alive.

“Ohhh, I… I… yes, Thomas, yessss, almost… ohhh, th-there,” she wailed.

His nails dug into her smoldering cheeks, her jaw dropped and her back arched, and she was gone again. Her body shook and shuddered as she climaxed, Thomas rolled her over, she felt his hot load fill her, and she was truly lost in a sea of orgasmic bliss. Later, next to each other on the bed, she rubbed her left hand across his rippling chest as she lay nestled in his long strong arm.

“Well, it seems someone has benefited from his time here,” she said happily.

“Guess I have ‘bulked up,’ as the old saying goes. I thought it would please you.”

“Me, or the ladies of the village?”

He grinned. “I suppose that’s a fair question.”

“Thank you; you did seem to encourage the girls in their… pursuit of your affections.”

“True, but I changed my mind. I was going to drag out the whole episode as a lesson to you on how you hurt me, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.”

Her brow wrinkled. “Why? I would think a young stud like you would love it. After all, back home you don’t get much of that.”

He took her small chin in his hand and smiled warmly as he gazed lovingly into her eyes. “True again, but I already have the love of my life, and I can’t stand even the thought of causing her that kind of pain.”

Tara blinked very fast as her eyes filled with tears. She was devastated and wept. “Thomas, I’m so sorry for everything I’ve done to hurt you, deceive you, and most of all use you just so I could have some fun. Please, punish me severely!”

He reached back to stroke her hair. “Don’t worry, my sweet, we will, once we’re home. Right now, doing such a thing with your neighbors so close and so nosy is not advisable. Logan and I have also talked about that too, and we will help you to deal with your guilt. For now, it’s time for some more pleasures.”

Tara’s back stiffened at his words and she licked her lips. Oh, shit, now what?

He rose from the bed, got a chair, and set it in the center of the room. When he sat and patted his lap, she shrank back into the bed and shivered.

“Wha-wha-what are you… doing?”

“Oh, come now, sweetie, do I really have to tell you?” he chuckled.

“B-b-but why? Thomas, I already got… punished today! I thought you said all this was going to wait.”

He nodded. “The punishment will, this is something quite different. Now, come along, trust me, and all will be revealed in time. You should be an expert in that area, baby!”

Biting her lip, she slowly rose and crossed to him, her heart pounding so hard she could feel it thunder in her chest. Sitting there, naked, he did look so very fine. As if in a dream, she floated down across his lap; his massive and firm thighs were like a soft bed, and the hair on his legs tickled her nipples. His left arm held her, his right hand rubbed and caressed her tender cheeks, which still ached and burned from the day’s punishment.

“You can come in now,” Thomas called out.

Tara practically jumped on his lap as she looked around; the door opened a moment later, and in came Logan. She blushed bright red at being in this position in front of him again.

“What’s going on?” she squealed, squirming on his lap.

The men laughed and Thomas squeezed her right cheek.

“Well, as we know that the right sort of spanking is the best way to get you in the mood, I thought Logan would benefit from a little… tutorial.”

“Aye, and I agreed. I have certainly tanned your hide good and proper in the past, and many of those have led to a right good roll in the hay, but I cannot say I’m an expert at using a… what was it called? Ah, a sensual spanking to awaken your passion. Thomas claims to know what to do, and has elected to show me.”

“What?” Tara said, her pitch going up. “Well, but… wait a minute, why now? Come on, my men, give me some relief!”

Logan chuckled again. “Aye, we have much more in store for you this night. Thomas, you may begin the lesson.”

Tara opened her mouth to again protest, but was cut off by a firm smack to the center of her ass. She let out a squeak. It had been solid, but not extreme, and Thomas paused to caress and rub her before delivering the next one. He set up a fine and steady pattern of swats and rubs, and was soon driving her wild as her toes curled and she rubbed her thighs together.

“Who’s my naughty girl?” Thomas said smugly.

Tara shivered at his words, then yelped at a particularly firm smack.

“Ouch! Oh-ohhh… ahhh,” she gasped.

“Come on, little one, tell me, are you a naughty girl?”

“I… yes, sir, yes, I’m naughty, ever so naughty,” she choked out.

She got four solid swats in rapid succession, and then his fingers swirled across the low part of her sore bottom. Her pussy quivered as he tickled her clit.

“Yes, very naughty,” he said in a husky tone. “What does a naughty girl get?”

His fingers slid inside her. Her jaw dropped and she moaned.

“Ohhh! A-A-A… spank-spanking, sir, I… ohhh, spanked, I need to be… must be… sp-spanked, sir! Please, Thomas, I’m begging you, spank me.”

He chuckled, his fingers withdrew, and again he spanked. The pace sped up, the smacks came harder and faster, and she seized the chair legs with both hands until her fingernails turned white.

“Interesting,” Logan said slowly. “There is no difference in the speed and intensity of the spanks, there is fondling and… what would you call it, witty banter?”

“Exactly,” Thomas replied. “It’s all about attitude and sexual interaction. You just watch her reactions as the spanking continues.”

Tara squeaked and blushed, her humiliation bubbling up inside her. Their casual chatting, and their discussing of her body blended together to boost the raging fire building in her pussy. On and on it went, spanking and scolding, stroking and teasing, and a cold clinical lesson for Logan. Tara’s mind was consumed by passion; she buried her face in her hands, and lifted her ass and spread her legs. She craved everything Thomas was doing to her and knew that at any moment she would scream out another climax. Her body shook and shivered as her breathing came fast and hard, and then everything stopped. Before she could even start to process what he was doing to her now, he had hoisted her up and onto the bed. Squirming around so she was on her side, she turned and saw him headed for the door.

“Thomas, where are you going?” she called out.

He stopped and looked over his shoulder, and grinned. “To rest and wait for my turn. You take a lot out of a guy, sweetie, and anyway, it’s Logan’s turn with you again.”

Her head whipped around just in time to see Logan approach the bed.

“What? Wait, why?” she said quickly.

“To keep your passion lit,” Logan said as he reached for her.

She squealed and then her eyebrows shot up as his hands seized her about the waist and forced her onto all fours, her head down, and he got behind her. Logan had always been passionate, but in the lovemaking department he was a bit old school. She didn’t know if it was his upbringing or the era, but unconventional positions during sex were rather rare. Before she knew it, he was on his knees behind her, his massive cock easily entered her pussy, and she moaned as he started to thrust and rock into her.

Her head tilted back and her jaw dropped. “Oh! Ohhh, Logan, my lord, this is… oh! Not what we’re—oh, God!”

He chuckled. “It is different, eh? I have been learning much these past days, and now so shall you.”

She opened her mouth to ask what that meant, but let loose a high-pitched squeal as his hands roughly grabbed her sore cheeks. Fire shot from every point of his grip and plunged into her pussy. She wailed louder as his gyrations sped up, and she found that her body was in sync with his, and pure fire of delight consumed her mind. Seizing the pillow, she screamed her climax into it, even as his body pounded her like a jackhammer, his hands squeezed and kneaded her tender cheeks, and he finally exploded inside her. Multiple orgasms followed, her mind drifting off as stars danced before her eyes, until at last she slumped spent and limp upon the bed, drenched in her sweat and their juices. Her lungs burned as she tried to catch her breath, the endless barrage her heart was laying down eased off, and she was then able to lift her head.

Her body tingled and she gasped.

Another rigid cock was entering her drenched and throbbing pussy. She didn’t have to turn around to know it was Thomas, she knew his touch so well. Squirming around so she could get at least a glimpse behind her, she saw Logan’s fine firm bare backside sauntering toward the door, and felt Thomas slide his hands up and down her back.

“Thomas, what are you doing?” she said. “No, not again, not so soon, I can’t—”

“You can’t deny us anything, my dear,” Thomas said with a chuckle. “Remember, you belong to us both, and we shall both have our pleasures with you as often as we like, which is quite often!”

Tara tried to protest, to beg for some relief, for a little delay in another round of passion, but her body wouldn’t let her give voice to it. Her body wanted this, she wanted this, it was only that she couldn’t admit it to herself. She was so lucky to have two men who loved her and knew her body better than she did. He thrust and drove his fine cock deep inside her, raking her clit and teasing her g-spot, and his firm hips slammed into her sore cheeks like a pair of hands renewing her spanking. She was driven insane with pleasure, it overloaded her mind and body, and she slipped off into the subspace of sexual delight.

She lost track of how many times she climaxed, but finally came deep and cleansing sleep that carried her through to the morning.

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