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Tamed for Their Use by Ivy Barrett – Extended Preview

Sintar wasn’t able to pull himself away from his responsibilities until well after dark. He was tired, grumpy, and in desperate need of his mate. He’d been hard off and on all day, had been desperate enough to relieve the pressure himself, but it hadn’t really helped. He needed her snug pussy, not the frantic motion of his own hand.

When he found her snuggled against Tarlon’s side on the sofa in the living room, his control snapped. He pulled her to her feet and kissed her savagely. “I need you, now.”

She looked dazed, but didn’t object when he turned her around and bent her over the sofa right next to Tarlon. Sintar flipped up the back of her dress and kicked her legs apart.

“Nice to see you too.” She sounded annoyed, so he forced himself to slow down.

“I’ve thought about you all day, ached for you.” He pushed his hand between her thighs and stroked her with as much gentleness as he could muster. “I need you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, but…”

He found her clit with the tip of his finger and apparently scattered her thoughts. She was already wet and growing wetter with each caress. “Do you consent?” he whispered it into her ear with just a hint of mockery.

“Yes,” she whispered in return.

Still teasing her with one hand, he opened his pants with the other. The angle wasn’t quite right, but he bent his knees and found her entrance with the head of his cock. “Push back onto me. Offer me your cunt.”

Slowly she rocked back and impaled herself on his hard length. She arched, tossing back her hair and groaning loudly.

“That’s right.” He stroked her clit, reveling in the hot snugness surrounding him. She felt so damn good. He didn’t want to move, knew it would be over in moments as soon as he started. “Come for me. Come all over my cock.” He plucked on her clit persistently, thrilled by her ready responses.

“I can’t unless you move,” she muttered, trying to rock her hips and force the slide. He slapped her pussy and she cried out.

“Stand still and come.”

She stilled, harsh panting the only sound she made.

Tarlon slid over and drew her face toward him.

Sintar glared at him. She needed to learn to obey, to find pleasure when and how they commanded. Instead of kissing her, like he’d obviously intended, Tarlon captured her gaze and asked, “To whom does your pussy belong?”

“You and Sintar,” she said, her voice breathless and tense.

“Then surrender. Offer us your pleasure.”

Sintar switched to a circular motion, rubbing around, then over her clit. She still wiggled a little too much, but she was at least trying to remain still. He paused to spank her clit again, then went back to rubbing.

Her inner muscles tightened with the pain, but went lax again as he caressed her. Interesting. He spanked her a bit harder, drawing a startled cry from her throat. It happened again, so he delivered three firm spanks before he stroked her again.

“Stop,” she sobbed. “It really hurts.”

“You need the hurt, hellcat. Now stop fighting it.” He rubbed her clit briskly, then spanked her with careful, yet steady swats. A cruel smile spread across his lips as the telltale spasms burst into a strong orgasm. She cried out and shuddered, momentarily lost in the pleasure.

Thrilled with his discovery and her reluctant submission, he moved his hands to her hips and fucked her fast and hard. Gods, how he needed this.

He slammed into her over and over, feeling savage and wild. She arched and raised her hips, but didn’t try to control the motion in any way. He rammed into her, drilling her, claiming her with his cock, the way he wanted to claim her mind and being. She would be his! She would be theirs. He wouldn’t stop trying until it was so.

The possessive thought pushed him over the edge. He wrapped his arms around her hips and buried his entire length inside her pulsing cunt. She was coming again, he realized with a grin. And she’d done so without permission.

Nikki’s fingers dug into the sofa’s upholstery as Sintar’s cum jetted into her core. She’d been angry when he grabbed her and bent her over the couch like a whore, but what followed had been amazing. And enlightening. She got off on pain! How could she not have known that about herself?

“Are you going to jump me when you get home from work every night?” She panted out the words, not ready to let him off the hook for his rude behavior.

He pulled out and slapped her bare butt, utterly unapologetic. “I feel better!”

The response was so outrageous that she couldn’t help but laugh. “You are really in caveman mode, aren’t you?”

He just grinned.

“Did you eat already?” She smoothed down her dress, trying hard to ignore the warm wet slide of her well-fucked pussy. “We saved you a plateful just in case.”

“I ate, but it’s sweet of you to be concerned.” His expression gentled a bit. Then his next sentence assured her that his caveman mood was here to stay. “Get naked. I’m not nearly finished with you.”

Tarlon chuckled, but watched her expectantly.

“Can we at least go upstairs?” The blinds were closed, but this still felt odd. She’d always been a sex only in the bedroom sort of person. Until she met these two, of course.

Her hands trembled a little as she unbuttoned her dress.

“Are we even again, or did you fuck her while I was at work?”

The question snapped her head around. “Oh, my God. You really are keeping score.”

Tarlon smiled with his usual calm. “Just until the bonding, sweetheart. It really is important.”

“My question remains,” Sintar pointed out. “Did you fuck her or not?” He didn’t sound jealous, just curious.

“I ate her pussy, but my cock stayed in my pants.”

“Good. I want to be there when you fuck her pussy for the first time.”

Tarlon’s brow raised and challenge lit his eyes. “You want to watch and we both know it.”

“Hells yes, I want to watch. Do you have a problem with that?”

“Not at all.”

Nikki watched the exchange torn between arousal and annoyance. They were talking about her as if she weren’t standing there. So why did she feel all hot and tingly?

Sintar looked at her and scowled. “You’re still dressed.”

“Sorry.” She finished with the buttons and wiggled out of the dress. As usual, she was the only naked person in the room.

She knew better than bringing it up. Tarlon might let her get away with it when they were alone, but Sintar would spank her for asking. Which made her tempted to ask the question.

Before she could decide, Sintar glanced around the room then shook his head. “This will never work. Let’s go upstairs.”

Shaking her head, she turned toward the staircase. He was like a stubborn cat. Everything had to be his idea.

“Did you greet the others, like I told you to?” he asked as she started up the flight.

Was he hoping for a reason to punish her? “Yes. We took them on a tour of the building and even fed them milk and cookies.”

“Milk and cookies? They are potential mates, not children.”

She shrugged, secretly hoping he’d take offense. “We thought it would be funny.”

“The assignment was not meant to amuse. I was trying to make our newest guests feel welcome.”

His voice grew so gruff that she glanced back at him. His gaze was firmly fixed on her bare behind. Oh, yeah, he was definitely fishing for a reason to spank her.

“They are catty bitches.” She turned back around so he couldn’t catch her smiling. “They were lucky we showed up at all.”

They reached the hallway at the top of the stairs and his hand closed around her upper arm. “Were you rude to these females?”

She shrugged again, hiding behind the fall of her hair. “Not particularly.”

“I asked you to be my representative, yet you clearly didn’t take the assignment seriously.”

Tossing her hair out of her face, she made sure he saw her roll her eyes before she twisted out of his hold. “It’s no big deal. They’ll survive.”

He grabbed her again, his grip much firmer this time. “I will say what is or is not a ‘big deal.’”

She glanced at Tarlon as Sintar dragged her briskly down the hall. Their gazes connected and he offered a knowing smile. He clearly understood what she was doing. It was likely Sintar did too, but he was fully immersed in his disciplinarian role.

The question was, why was she encouraging this behavior?

She always tried to be honest with herself, so she quickly analyzed her motivation. Once he started the spanking he’d likely control the rest of the evening and she’d have little time to think. She was curious. He’d made her come by spanking her pussy. She wanted to see if it would happen again. But it was more complicated than a need for physical gratification. Their rough treatment, even what Tarlon had done to her, stirred something dark and needy inside her. Part of her ached for the intensity, the release, only found through a certain amount of pain.

“Bend over the bed and spread your legs wide. I want to watch my cum trickle out of your cunt while I spank your naughty ass.” His graphic descriptions were like everything else; they fed the darkness locked inside her.

She bent over the bed, bracing herself with her forearms. Her legs were unbent, her feet wide apart, just like he’d directed.

“So pretty.” He traced her slick crease then pushed his fingers into her pussy. “You’re so much fun to play with maybe we’ll do nothing but tease you for the rest of the night.”

“Speak for yourself,” Tarlon snapped, sounding mostly playful. “I haven’t even fucked her yet.”

“Good point.” Sintar pulled his fingers out and slapped each butt cheek once before asking, “Why are you being punished?”

“Because you asked me to welcome some women who didn’t deserve it.”

His tone changed, losing most of the autocratic snap. “I thought they were your friends.”

“We know each other, were trapped in the same horrible situation, but we were not friends. I don’t know if they expected us to ridicule them or what, but they were rude to us.”

“Well, they are not the governor’s mate. I asked you to represent me.”

“I’m sorry. I should have taken the task more seriously.”

“Good, then do you deserve this spanking?”

“Yes.” She did her best to sound angry, but the wait was driving her crazy. She wanted his firm hand spanking her bare butt and she wanted Tarlon’s cock thrusting into her and she wanted Sintar in her mouth—or in her ass—all at the same time. The unwanted interjection made her shiver. After last night, she might never allow that sort of sex again.

Sintar began the spanking in earnest. His hand fell with deliberation and purpose, raining spanks on both cheeks equally. She’d tried not to tease, but it was hard. The spanking really hurt. And yet the slow, flowing heat intensified her arousal. She kept her chest up, wanting her breasts to swing.

As if sensing her need, Tarlon was suddenly beside her, pinching her nipples and pulling hard on the tender nubs. How did he do that? He effortlessly knew exactly what she was thinking, feeling. It was almost as if—

“Such a naughty girl.” His deep voice scattered her thoughts. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll scream.”

Sintar’s next spank was significantly harder and she cried out. Clearly he liked Tarlon’s idea. He delivered several fast, hard spanks to each side then crawled on the bed. He knelt beside her but faced her reddened ass. “Do it,” he urged Tarlon. “Shove your cock in her hole.”

She tensed. He meant her pussy, didn’t he? She looked over her shoulder as Tarlon took his place. His pants were bunched around his knees. As usual, he couldn’t be bothered to undress. He looked at her and smiled, easing her fears. Then he aimed his cock at her core and filled her with one hard thrust.

She groaned as his tip hit her cervix. She gasped. She’d known he was long, but damn. That had never happened before. Maybe it was the position.

It was her last coherent thought. He grasped her hips and went at her like a jackhammer. She braced with her arms and tilted her hips, offering him her pussy for his use, for his pleasure.

Sintar lightly squeezed her cheeks, spreading the fire and renewing the sting. She tightened her inner muscles and let herself float, safe and utterly free.

“Oh, fuck. I’m not going to last,” Tarlon lamented. “She feels too damn good.”

Sintar chuckled. “I know the feeling. She’s amazing.”

Nikki smiled, pleased by the strange sort of praise. Tarlon’s cock worked her hard and Sintar’s hands kept the fire blazing in her ass. Then she felt a finger nudge her anus and her eyes flew open wide.

“I don’t want—”

“What you want doesn’t matter,” Sintar said harshly. “I want to finger-fuck your ass.”

She bit her lip. Not again. He was going to force his will on her in the most demeaning way possible. But he didn’t thrust inside, like she expected him to. He circled and caressed, drawing liquid from her pussy up to her other opening.

“Your body belongs to us, Nichole.” His voice was stern but gentler, even a bit reassuring. “Trust me. Trust us. But submit to our will.”

Unable to speak, she nodded.

He eased just inside, allowing her to feel the intrusion without forcing her to stretch. “Surrender,” he coaxed. “Let me in.”

She needed to relax, to submit even this to him.

Blowing her breath out slowly, she relaxed and he slid a little deeper.

“Good girl.”

Tarlon’s hips had slowed. He was obviously watching the show, enjoying her training as much as Sintar. Tarlon drove deep slowly, and so did Sintar. They filled both passages at exactly the same speed.

She groaned, gritting her teeth against the pleasure. This is what it would feel like if they fucked her together. Well, there would be a lot more of one of them, but it gave her the general idea. She was doing it again. Thinking rather than feeling.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the smooth slide of her mates in both her passages.

With his finger still in her ass, Sintar lifted her torso and scooted under her. His cock was exposed, clearly waiting for her attention. But he hadn’t told her to take him into her mouth.

“Suck me, baby. And use your hand. This angle is sort of tricky.”

He refused to scoot any farther back, obviously wanted to continue finger-fucking her bottom. She arched her back and lowered her head, able to take almost half of him inside her mouth. She stroked the base of his shaft while she licked and sucked on the top half.

Tarlon’s rhythm sped again, so she used every trick she knew, wanting them all to come together. Sintar moved his finger in time to Tarlon’s thrusts, so she did the same with her bobbing head. They were one, synchronized and tangled in a web of blissful pleasure.

All too soon, Tarlon’s hands tightened on her hips and he thrust in deep one last time. The hot, rhythmic splash of his seed triggered her orgasm. She cried out around Sintar’s cock and her core and ass tightened in rippling spasms. Sintar came a moment later, filling her mouth with cum. She swallowed and swallowed, shocked by the sheer amount. Both of them had come deep in her mouth before and it all slipped down without her fully experiencing it. She groaned in feral pleasure, tingling aftershocks echoing through her system.

Sintar stroked her hair back from her face and eased her head up. “Such a good girl.” Despite his semi-patronizing words, his gaze caressed her. She felt warm and sleepy, ridiculously content.

“That was…” She searched for a new adjective and failed. “It’s always amazing.”

Tarlon slowly drew out and she crawled onto the bed, snuggling against Sintar’s warm chest. Her hand stroked across smooth flesh and flared orvatta. She gasped, suddenly realizing he was naked. “How did you undress with your finger—never mind. This is so nice.”

Tarlon pulled the covers down then quickly shed his uniform. They crawled under the covers together, all three gloriously naked. They kissed and cuddled, and for the first time Nikki allowed herself to imagine a future spent between these two remarkable males.

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