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Taming Her by Lily Harlem – Extended Preview

Without bothering to lock the bathroom door, she stepped beneath the hot cascade of water. Tipping her face, she smoothed her hands over her hair, pushing it back. She blew out a breath, water spraying from her lips, and enjoyed a sense of wellbeing. There was something to be said for not partying into the small hours. Her mind was clear and her energy levels had recharged.

Maybe Griff did have a point.

With her eyes closed she reached forward, searching for his shampoo.

“Hey, let me.”

She spun and her hands landed on a hard, wet chest. “Griff?”

He was in the shower, gloriously naked, and smiling down at her.

The water clung to his hair, slicking it to his brow, and on his chest the small dark curls were flattened. Lower down, above his cock—at a semi—his pubic hair shimmered with droplets.

He held forward a bottle of pink shampoo. “It’s better if you don’t smell like a man.” He raised his eyebrows.

“Where did you…?” She dragged her gaze upward again.

“Get this? From a drawer of my sister’s stuff.” He nudged her shoulder. “Turn around.”

She did as he’d instructed.

Gently he massaged the shampoo into her hair, creating a riot of strawberry-scented foam.

Ava sighed and let her arms hang heavily at her sides. She tipped her head into his touch, appreciating every slow rotation of his fingertips on her scalp. He was thorough and tender. There was no rush, no sense of urgency.

The water sluiced down on them and it was as if they were the only people in the world. The rest of society had faded away. There was just her and Griff, in this shower, in his cottage. She had nowhere else to be, no one else to see.

“Like this,” he whispered, shifting her stance slightly so her head was directly beneath the main showerhead. “I’ll rinse the bubbles out.”

“Thank you.”

“You don’t need to thank me.”

“I do.”

He was quiet for a moment, running his fingers through her hair, washing away the suds. “I want to care for you, Ava. I want to be the one to do this kind of thing for you, to see you blossom when you uncurl your wings.”

“My wings? I’m no angel.” She giggled, a little expulsion of emotion.

“No, you’re definitely not an angel, your frequently red behind is proof of that.” He touched her backside, just a trace of one finger. “But…” His mouth was against her ear. “Perhaps I’ll be able to spank some of the devil out of you.”

The word spank sent a strange shiver through her despite the fact the spankings had been damn humiliating.

She leaned back against him, her shoulders coming into contact with his concrete chest. “I’ll try and avoid being spanked today.”

“Do you think you’ll manage it?”

She turned, her hair thoroughly rinsed now and stared up at his face. His eyelashes were wet little points, water dripped from his chin. “I can try.”

“That’s all any of us can do.” He cupped her face and studied her eyes.

She wanted to reach up and kiss him, have his mouth on hers and touch her tongue to his. They were close, so close and naked, yet still she needed more.

What is this spell he’s cast on me?

His eyes flashed. “You’ve had the wrong type of adoration for too long, Ava.”

“How can adoration be wrong?”

“You’ve had no one call you out on bad behavior.”

“But I—?”

“I’m speaking?” He frowned slightly. “You have been out of control, living without rules. What you need is hard rules with strict boundaries.”

Your rules?”

“Yes.” His cock brushed her belly. “My rules.”

A tremble of longing rushed through her veins. The water was hot but she was hotter.

“You’re unique.” He tipped his head a little lower. “You’re not like other people who understand what is good for them and what is not. But luckily I do know what is good for you, Ava, and I know exactly what you need.”

“What’s that?” She was a little breathless, her nipples tight and her heart thudding against her sternum. The craving for his kiss was eating her up.

“A man who’s not afraid of challenging you.” He stroked his thumbs over her ears. “A man you trust to dominate you with respect, tenderness, patience, and firmness.”

“And that man is…?” God, he had to kiss her. She’d die if he didn’t. She wanted Griff in a way she’d never wanted anyone else. More than she’d ever wanted him before.

“Me, Ava. That man is me.” He held her head tight and still then crushed his lips to hers. “I won’t let you be frightened away from me again.”

“But I… oh—” She whimpered, the relief of the kiss finally arriving weakening her knees. Closing her eyes, she slipped her arms around his neck, pulling herself closer. Her breasts flattened on his chest, his cock lodged between them. He slid his tongue into her mouth.

Had he always been this damn good at kissing? She couldn’t remember. In fact her brain was fudged. Griff was kissing away every thought, memory, and worry.

Releasing his hold on her head, he roamed down her body until he cupped her ass cheeks.

And then she was traveling upward. Their kiss didn’t break as he lifted her and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Her pussy was slick with arousal as the solid shaft of his cock pushed up against it.

The cold shower wall collided with her shoulders, and he dipped a little to line up his erection with her entrance.

“Griff,” she gasped into his mouth.

“I take responsibility for your pleasure very seriously,” he said hoarsely, water cascading down his face. “So get ready to come… hard.”

A shiver of anticipation gripped her belly and her pussy clenched.

He pushed in, a determined drive to full depth, filling her exquisitely and dragging a cry from her chest.

He caught the sound in his mouth, kissing her with enthusiasm, as if he couldn’t get enough of her.

Her pussy fluttered around his cock.

He shoved in a little more, grinding his body over her clit.

She clasped him tighter with her legs and her arms. She was so full of him. He’d sated one longing, for the kiss, and replaced it with another. Now she wanted that hard orgasm… now.

He appeared just as eager for it, and set up a wild pace, thrusting in and out of her, sliding her up the wet shower wall.

She curled her toes, the pressure building so fast. Each time he hit full depth he gave her clitoris a long, dragging press with his body. So damn good. Just the right spot.

She moaned around his kisses, reached for his hair and filled her fingers with it. She was nearly there; the raging orgasm trying to break free had almost won its battle.

“Come,” he gasped. “I want to… feel you come… around my… cock.”

“Yes. Yes.” She held her breath, every muscle tensed. The pleasure harnessed was on the precipice of breaking free.

And then it did. She cried out, a feral screech that echoed around the shower cubicle. Her pussy plunged into a serious of wild spasms, hugging his cock like a fist.

“Ah, fuck, yeah,” he growled, grinding over her clit all the harder.

She cried out again; the pleasure was extreme, the relief of the orgasm intense. She released his hair and dragged her nails over his wet shoulders and down his back.

He plunged higher, deeper. Buried his neck against the side of her head and came. A long, full-body shudder went through him, and his groan was low and primitive.

Ava held him closer, feeling small in his big arms as intense pleasure burst from him.

He clasped her ass cheeks, fingers digging in.

She whimpered, every feeling, every touch was so intense.

When he finally stilled, he raised his head and stared at her.

“Have we…” she managed breathlessly, “ever done it in the shower before?”

The right side of his mouth tilted into a devilishly sexy grin. “No, I don’t think so, but it won’t be the last time.”

She giggled and he kissed her again.

A minute later he withdrew and gently lowered her feet to the shower tray. Wordlessly he took a creamy shower gel, filled his palms, and carefully rubbed her all over with it, covering her body in suds.

Ava stood there, her heart rate returning to normal, and relished every second of care he bestowed on her. Yes, he wanted to fuck her, that was obvious, but he really did seem to want to look after her too. In a good way, not ‘an agreeing with everything she said’ way. And she liked that. She couldn’t get away with acting up. He was powerful, steadfast, and smart.

Exactly what she needed?

Certainly that’s what he thought.

Finally he rinsed her off, then stepped out of the shower and held the towel open. “Here.”

“Thanks.” She stepped into it.

He embraced her from behind, his mouth against her temple. “I will make you happy.”

She didn’t reply.

“Even if it doesn’t always feel like it during the process, Ava, I promise, I will make you happier than anyone ever has before.”

Her heart did a weird little flip then seemed to grow in her chest. For the first time she was hearing whispered post-coital words that held promise. She believed him. Griff was man enough to make her happy.

“Now get dressed then go downstairs, I have something to show you.”

“You do?”

“Mmm…” He released her. “Off you go.”

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