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Taming His Brat by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

“I promise to be good. Please don’t spank me.”

“Oh, you bet your sweet ass you’re going to be good. Come on.” He held both sides of her face, pressing a series of kisses across her mouth. “My special girl. You have no idea how many times I thought about giving you a solid spanking. I wonder what would have happened that sultry April night if I’d had the chance.”

“I don’t know.” The kisses were sweet, protective, warming every inch of her body. She took a step back, easing the dress over her shoulders, her hands shaking. She was surprised how nervous she was, trying not to think about the hard whipping, as if the act would absolve her of all her horrible sins. The way his eyes swept down the length of her body was breathtaking, giving her a jolt of confidence. A heated blush crept up from her neck, cresting along her cheeks.

His expression was stern, his brow furrowing. “Well, consider this a do-over.”

She could do this, obey him. Oh, God, she was quivering at the thought.




The words made her bite her lower lip, her stomach lurching. Clenching her fists, she felt more naked than she had in her life.

“Just gorgeous, beautiful brat. Panties off too,” he instructed as he fingered his belt, unbuckling, every move deliberate.

Fingering her thong, she shimmied the material down her hips, kicking off her shoes before methodically easing the panties into her hand. The same look was there, filtered with a heightened level of lust. Placing everything in a neat pile, she resisted covering her breasts. She swallowed then took purposeful steps closer. “May I?”

Rex released his hold, allowing her to slide the thick leather from his belt loops, taking her time. His breath sounds were ragged, closer to panting as he held out his arms.

Cooper folded the strap, sliding the belt under her nose, letting her drink in the rich aroma. The smell of leather always created tingles and tonight was no exception. The feeling was so strange. He was going to use the implement on her naked ass and she actually liked the scent.

After taking the strap from her hand, he nodded toward the couch. “Kneel on the pillows and lean over.”

She did as she was told, folding her body over the back, the burlap material rubbing against her sensitive nipples. Biting back a whimper, she shifted back and forth, relishing the way the scratchy material felt against her skin.

He positioned her legs, opening them what seemed like twelve inches. “Keep your position. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir.” Saying the words didn’t surprise her, even though this could only be for one night, one amazing, passionate night. There were no pretenses, no way of knowing if this would last. But for tonight? She’d give him everything. The weight on the couch shifted as he crouched on top, running his fingers down her spine and tapping her buttocks.

“Twenty tonight, unless you talk back.” His words were strangled.

“Yes, sir.” She dropped her head, clenching her fists around the material, holding her breath. Her daddy had spanked her, using his belt. He’d believed in the old methods of discipline instead of removing privileges. She’d never understood why, calling her father a monster, but she never intentionally disobeyed him. That had been a lifetime ago. Being spanked as an adult? This was crazy.

The thought remained in the back of her mind as the first whooshing sound turned into extreme pain, the strike hitting her directly on her sit spot.

“Shit!” she whimpered, biting back tears.

“No cussing or we are going to wash that mouth out with soap.”

The second smack was just as hard, the slapping sound almost echoing in the dense space. The force pushed her forward and she was shaking, doing her best not to throw back her hand. Her leg kicked out involuntarily and she took a deep breath. “I’m sorry!”

“You can’t treat others badly. You have to learn manners. You can’t just go off half-cocked,” Rex schooled, taking his time to enunciate the words. “And you need to learn how to drive. And I mean safely. Without killing anyone.”

“Yes, sir.” Her teeth were gritted, the words almost inaudible, her ass on fire. You need this. You deserve this. Her inner voice was at it again, trying to convince her spankings would help. She held her breath, longing to rub her heated bottom. She could only imagine the color, bright crimson. Ugh!

Rex rubbed her bottom, caressing before striking her a third then fourth time, stopping only briefly when she kicked up her leg. “Easy, little lady. You’re doing well.”

Well? Let him get his ass whipped by a thick leather belt. A moment of utter defiance kicked in and she sat down, panting, burying her face into the back of the couch.

“Come on, now. You can do better than this.” His grip tender, he eased her back into position.

“Yes, sir.” This time, everything seemed muffled, but she resumed the required stance, taking several deep breaths. The next four came in quick succession, one solid smack after another. “Oh!” The moan floated up toward the ceiling. No wonder the man wasn’t bunking with his father.

“Did you ever receive a spanking before?” Rex asked, caressing first one ass cheek then the other.

“Yes. Sir.” Cooper took the opportunity to suck in her breath, preparing for the next volley.

“Hmmm… Then you know what you’re about to face, now and in the future.”

The comment made her twist her head, trying to find his face. Was he serious? Knowing Rex, he was. Shit. Shit. Shit. When he resumed the spanking, the strikes controlled but harder than before, she kept her head down, a few tears falling from her eyes. In those few seconds, she fell into a quiet state, a moment of peace and even understanding about herself.

Rex meant more to her than she wanted to admit.

“Two more then we’re finished. I’m very proud of you.” Rex’s voice boomed, but the inflection was different, almost guarded.

She didn’t have to brace herself this time, she accepted her punishment. When the session was over, she was surprised that she choked out tears, sobbing. The pain was significant, but certainly not enough to bawl her eyes out.

Rex gathered her into his arms, holding the back of her head as she cried, rubbing her waist with his other hand. “You deserved a spanking, but I wasn’t trying to hurt you. Are you all right, my little brat?”

When she didn’t answer right away, he leaned back, hunkering down so his face was at her level, brushing the hair from her cheeks. She could see so many emotions riding his face, as if he was torn from dealing with so many difficult situations. He was very different than she remembered. “Rex.”

A guttural sound rose from his throat and he crushed her mouth, pulling her shaking body against his. The kiss became a fervent roar, possessive as he explored her mouth with his tongue.

There were no lights, no sound as the intimacy continued, the tips of his fingers brushing up and down her spine.

She flung her arms around his neck, opening her mouth wide, the French kiss manic. Wild. Heat bloomed from deep within, making her pussy clench. She wrapped her leg around his, jutting her hips forward and rubbing her crotch against his groin. His cock was throbbing, pushing hard against the tight confines of his jeans.

Placing his hands under her buttocks, he picked her up, lifting her high yet the kiss continued, becoming obsessive, so dominating. Taking long strides, he walked out of the living room, down a darkened hallway, and into another room. He didn’t bother turning on a light. The glow from the moon spread a wave of illumination across the entire space, twinkling in its effervescence.

Her heart raced as he twirled her around in a full circle, fisting her hair and tugging back her head, and she allowed a series of whimpers to cascade from her mouth. Her legs were linked, her hands gripping his shoulders and as he growled before nipping her lower lip, she sensed she was floating. Obedience. The word slipped in and out of her mind.

“I. Want. You.” He dragged his tongue down her neck, moving up in a lazy fashion, sucking on her earlobe. He laid her down onto the bed, leaning over, his lips only centimeters from hers. With a single hand, he rubbed down the side of her face to her neck, caressing her shoulder and crawling down, cupping her breast.

There was such a wild look in his eyes, as if he would devour every inch of her body. She yanked at his shirt until he pushed back her arms, shaking his head.

“You aren’t going to move unless I tell you.” He placed his index finger across her lips, lifting a single eyebrow. “Be a good girl.”

Quivering, she nodded and managed to grab the headboard as he straddled her waist, alternating between licking and caressing, his lips following his fingers.

Rex kept his eyes on her as he traveled down, taking his time, exploring her body, his fingers dancing over her skin. He swirled the tip of his tongue around one nipple then the other.

“Oh!” She arched her back involuntarily, but so wanting him to suck on her aching nipples.

“Mmm…” Opening his mouth wider, he pulled more of her flesh into his mouth as he fingered the other hardened bud, flicking back and forth.

The second he pinched, twisting and pulling on her nipple, she let out a ragged moan, panting and squirming, the pain driving her into a state of utter bliss.

“Next time I’ll use nipple clamps,” he muttered before resuming his actions, growling savagely as he dragged his lips across to her other breast, sucking and biting down.

The electric current was almost too much to bear, and she tossed her head from side to side, her pussy clenching, her entire body aching. “Rex!”

He slid further down her legs, peppering kisses on her stomach, licking around her belly button in circle after circle. Changing his position, he cradled her legs, pushing them up and back against her chest, his fingers dancing across her skin.

Every part of her was tingling as she stared at him, the gorgeous hunk of a man who was making her crazy with desire. She was wide open, splayed out for him, to take and taste however he demanded. Closing her eyes, she bit her lower lip as he breathed across her cunt, able to gather the scent of her pussy, the extreme longing churning within her. “Mmm…”

Another guttural sound roared up from his throat and he fingered her clit, moving in a full circle. He repeated the move, swirling and moving back and forth.

She was so over-sensitized that her toes curled, her chest heaving. He was going to make her come without penetrating her. Sweet Jesus.

Rex blew another breath before licking around her clit, ever so slowly, then flicking his tongue hard and fast across the swollen and very hard bud. He repeated the sequence once, twice until she cried out, jerking up from the bedding.

“Rex! Oh!”

He pressed both hands on her labia, opening her wide and dragging his tongue all the way and down, languishing in the action. “So sweet. So wet.”

“Yes. Yes!” She was shaking all over, unable to control her body’s reactions. Perspiration dripped down from her forehead, sliding onto her cheeks, trickling down into her hair.

His actions became more fervent, his tongue moving faster, a single finger dipping just inside. He moved his head back and forth, thrusting another finger then a third, pumping in and out.

She was lost to the ecstasy, unable to focus as she blinked, her pulse skyrocketing to the point she had difficulty breathing. “I’m going to…”

“Not yet. Hold it.” Easing his fingers from her wetness, he slapped them against her pussy lips then sucked on her clit. He repeated the move then blew across her cunt with his hot breath.

“You only come when I allow you,” he commanded.

“Fuck. I… I mean, yes, sir.” Another series of smacks against her pussy lips made her whimper.

He resumed finger fucking her, flexing them open before driving deep inside. He slipped his thumb between her ass cheeks, wiggling then pushing until he was able to find her dark hole.

Oh, God. Oh, God! Her grip on the wood tightened, her body stiffening as he drove his thumb all the way inside. She was on edge, overheated, wanting nothing more than to come.

Wait. Wait. She willed her body to react as he licked and thrust, picking up the rhythm until she thought she’d go mad from pleasure.

“Rex. Rex!” The scream was piercing, and she heard the word, the revered word she’d been begging to hear.


There was no holding back, no way she could stay the tide. She climaxed so violently that she screamed again, her body bucking. The single orgasm turned into a wave and she could only ride the moment, his mouth and tongue as well as his fingers owning her.

Taking everything he wanted.

Demanding even more.


“That’s it, my brat,” he whispered, slowing his actions.

Panting, she blinked several times, no longer able to feel her legs. She turned her head to the side, trying to recover, to be able to breathe normally.

Rex lowered her legs and hovered over her, rubbing the tips of his cum-soaked fingers around her mouth. “You taste so sweet. Suck me. Clean my fingers.”

Parting her lips, she languished in the throes of passion as he slipped his fingers inside and she sucked on them. She wanted his cock in her mouth, deep throating her, but she continued to obey his command, gripping the headboard with enough force her fingers were aching.

Just like her quivering cunt.

A chuckle pushed past his lips as he slowly stood, dragging his shirt up and over his shoulders, pitching the unwanted item. He craned his neck one way then the other as he removed his boots, his eyes never blinking. He was like a powerful god, taking absolute control over her.

She was in a dreamlike state as she studied his physique, his long neck and rippled chest, the ink from several tattoos that covered a solid portion of his chest. His abs were stacked, almost perfect and his arms muscular from days of hard work, honing his craft. She was also able to see something else.

Scars. Even in the dim lighting, she knew what she was seeing. His beautiful skin was mottled in several places, no doubt injuries suffered from the war. He didn’t seem to notice, and she shifted her gaze lower, wanting to comfort him, to share his experiences, but how could she help?

He shoved his jeans down his hips, allowing his stiff cock to spring free.

The serious moment broken, she issued a single moan, the sound making him smile. Licking her lips, she was able to tell how swollen his testicles were and could almost feel them in her mouth.

When he was naked, he crawled back onto the bed, rubbing his hand down his chest, holding them, stroking the base of his shaft. “Do you see what you do to me?”


“Can you tell how much I want you, to shove my cock inside of you?”

“Mmmm… Yes.”

A smile crossed his face as he slid the tip of his cock back and forth across her belly, teasing. Taunting. “Have you been a good enough girl, my little brat?”

“Very good, sir.” She purred, knowing how much he loved the sound from before.

He remained over her, stroking his cock, his other hand squeezing his balls. “I ache for you and I have for years and I love you calling me sir.”

“Yes, sir.” Lifting her legs, she cradled them around his thighs, willing him to shove every inch deep inside her cunt.

Only after a few additional seconds did he finally lean down, kissing the tip of her nose, her lips and chin before thrusting the entire length of his cock inside.

“God!” His girth was wide, filling her, jolts of heat and current spiking throughout her body. Unable to hold back, she pressed her hands against his chest, kneading, savoring the way he felt to her fingers.

Tossing his head back, he roared, his body shaking, his hands planted on either side of her. He lowered his head, giving her a dominating look before pulling back his hips until only the tip of his cock was inside.

She clung to him, rubbing her hands up and over his shoulders, pulling down. “Please. Fill me. Fuck me.”

His smile remained mischievous as he slowly slid his shaft back inside, shuddering and inching his face closer to hers. “So hot.” He began pumping in and out, the move practiced, even. He kept his actions controlled even as beads of sweat rolled down from his forehead.

Shifting, she spread her legs wider, lifting them higher, clasping her feet together. The angle left her breathless, sucking in air. As he thrust deep inside, using the power of his upper arms to keep him aloft, she ached her back. “Yes. Yes…”

“I could do this all night,” he muttered, his voice strained.


He rocked her forward, thrusting harder and faster, his balls slapping against her skin.

As she clenched her pussy, they both moaned, and Rex stopped moving, dropping his head and panting. “You are such a naughty vixen,” he managed before pulling all the way out.


He crawled ever so slowly, his eyes never leaving hers, sliding along her hips to her chest, until his wet cock hung just above her mouth. “Suck me, my sexy brat.”

“Why, yes, sir.” Mewing, she accepted, opening her mouth wide, sticking out her tongue. Licking around his cockhead, she kept her eyes on him, watching the way his face scrunched, his mouth going slack. She adored pleasing him, this amazing experience almost identical to the heated fantasies, but oh, so much better.

“That’s it…”

Dragging the tip of her tongue back and forth across his sensitive slit, she was rewarded with a few drops of pre-cum. “Mmm…” The taste of him was like no other, sweet, tangy, and she wanted more. She opened her mouth into a small ‘o,’ sucking on just the tip, her tongue moving back and forth.

He planted his hands on the headboard, leaning forward. “Hot little mouth. Damn, you make me crazy, woman.”

She cupped his balls, rolling them between her fingers, squeezing then releasing, squeezing again until he moaned. And she could tell he was in agony, his body bucking with every teasing action.

“You’re earning another… spanking,” he struggled to whisper, dragging his tongue across his dry lips.

Resisting a giggle, she pumped the base of his cock with her other hand, licking up and down his shaft, moving to the underside. Every action as slow as she could stand, she dragged her tongue up the length, licking around his bulbous head, then pulling back.

“God damn, I am going to spank you every day.”

Purring, she took him down an inch at a time, using her strong jaw muscles to clench, to hold. She swirled her tongue back and forth, relaxing her throat as she allowed his shaft to slide in further, deeper.

He shuddered visibly, pumping into her mouth, every muscle flexed, tensing. “You have no idea how long I’ve thought about fucking that pretty little mouth of yours.”

Opening her mouth even wider, she resisted gagging as his cock filled her mouth, the tip hitting the back of her throat.

Hissing in pleasure, Rex thrust in and out, every move careful, almost orchestrated, his hips gyrating.

She accepted every inch, moaning past the intense invasion. Everything about this was perfect, amazing, and she never wanted him to stop. Just when she thought he would succumb, spewing cum down the back of her throat, he pulled out, giving her a heated look.

“I have more in store for you, my sweet brat.” Rex grinned and pulled on her ankles, tugging her half off the bed. In one move, he turned her over and onto her knees, issuing several slaps against her backside.

“Ouch!” She was on her elbows, darting her head over her shoulder, trying to figure out what he was doing. His lust-filled expression caused another round of quivers.

“I adore having absolute control over you, teaching you to be obedient.” He smacked her several additional times before positioning his cock to her pussy, thrusting all the way inside. “Yes!” Gripping her hips, he held his position before moving up onto the balls of his feet, arching his back.

The force tossed her against the comforter, but she pushed up, keeping her arms locked, trying desperately to watch him, to see his face. The feel of his pubic hair shifting back and forth across her reddened ass gave her the most delicious set of sensations and she whimpered with every hard plunge.

“Every hole will belong to me.” Rex slipped two fingers beside his cock, filling her completely.

“Oh, Jesus!” She wasn’t certain she could handle all of him, his thick shaft, his long fingers, but as he moved them in and out, one against the other, she lolled her head, her pussy squeezing involuntarily. She was aware he’d removed his fingers, running them up and down the crack of her ass.

“I will fuck you here soon. Very soon.” He slid his fingers inside her asshole, wiggling them as he thrust in and out, every move gentle.

“Oh, shit.” Pain tore through her, creating another series of ragged pants. Stars floated in front of her eyes as he continued pushing, driving in and out little by little until they were all the way inside.

“Damn, you’re so tight. We’ll have to work on that.”

The words were thrilling, yet she shuddered as he continued, pumping harder. Faster. She knew she was going to come again, incapable of stopping the oncoming climax. “Oh… I…”

“Yes, my brat. I… I can’t hold back. Sweet. Jesus.”

She heard ragged breathing and squeezed her pussy, clamping down as much as possible. Stars floated in front of her eyes as an orgasm threw her into a frenzied state. Unable to hold back, she released the intense wave.

“Yes! So good. So amazing,” he whispered.

As he lay down beside her, cradling her body against his chest, she smiled, sated and feeling so very alive.

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