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Taming the Little Princess by Rose St. Andrews – Extended Preview

Taming the Little Princess by Rose St. Andrews

“My goodness, Illiana, you’re just about swimming like a fish,” Papi said happily, swimming alongside her.

“Like a fish? Do they normally swim at the surface? I thought they remained below.”

He chuckled. “No, it’s just a saying. Are you feeling better? Have you enjoyed our time together so far today?”

“Yes to both, Papi. This is most pleasant. However, I am… concerned by something, and I feel perhaps medical attention is called for.”

“Illiana, you’re not claiming your legs are weak again, are you?”

“No, no, I am quite earnest this time. I am very upset about the fact that several times today my nipples have hardened, my vagina has gotten wet, and I’ve experienced a plethora of sexual reactions.”

Papi’s jaw dropped. “Ummm, okay. Ah, wh-wh-when has this taken place?”

“Well, the first was when you… um, spa-spanked and… dominated me this morning. Then when you ordered me to control the boat and the act itself, and again here at this beach. I do not understand these reactions and insist that something is wrong with my human form.”

By now, Mary had drawn close, and was listening to her. A massive grin cut across her face and she turned to Papi.

“So, it would appear that Illiana and I have something in common,” she smirked.

“Mary, hush. Actually, maybe a physical exam would be best. Remember, Mary, her body was manufactured. We can’t take a chance of her suffering some abnormality.”

“Humph, no one ever took me to a doctor just for being different!” she snapped.

“Am I… different, Papi? Is something wrong?”

“Not at all,” Mary replied quickly. “You are merely you, and there’s nothing to be ashamed about that. But, in thinking about it, I agree with Charlie. Let’s have the doctor check you over, just to be sure.”

Illiana nodded. “Good, I wish to insure that this body is functioning at its optimal level.”

They got dressed and one of their assistants brought up their hovercraft (they’d see to it that the sailboat was returned to the renter), and then they headed back to the hotel. Once up at their floor, Papi took her to the doctor’s room.

“She’s concerned about her… female functions. Do you think there could be a problem?”

Dr. Green tugged at his short hair and scratched his ear. “Hard to say. Would it be all right to give her a gynecological exam?”

“Yes, go right ahead,” he said without hesitation.

“Gyneco-what? Papi, what are you talking about?”

“It’s all right, sweetie, it’s just a normal type of female physical. Do as the doctor says, and he’ll be able to tell if there’s anything abnormal.”

“Um, all right.”

“Okay, princess, if you would just get undressed and lie down on the exam table.”

“What? Undress! Why? I thought he was capable of using a scanner.”

“Illiana, do as the doctor says,” Papi ordered.

She cringed, recognizing that tone, and slowly removed her garments. Fortunately, there was only the doctor and his chief nurse in the room. Most of the staff was off having lunch and taking a break. As she got on the table, the doctor and nurse directed her feet into two long metal objects. They sort of reminded Illiana of the stirrups from the horse ride, and then they actually called them that! Illiana gasped as the doctor sat down right between her legs and slipped on some sort of plastic gloves.

Is he going to touch me there? Whoa! He is.

“Now, just relax, princess, I’m not going to hurt you. Vaginal speculum.”

The nurse handed him a large metal device.

“What are you going to do with that?” she squeaked.

Papi stood next to her and held her hand. “It’s all right, Illiana, this is a normal examination that all human women go through.”

“That’s right,” the doctor said, nodding his head. “Now you’re going to feel my fingers, and then the speculum. Just try to relax and not tighten your muscles.”

He then did it, his fingers going inside her. She gasped again and lifted her hips from the table for a moment, her entire lower body clenching. Papi squeezed her hand; she felt comfort in his touch and she relaxed. Then came the speculum, and she squealed as the device was spread inside her.

“Ah! What are you doing? Is this some form of ancient torture?”

“You’re not that far off, sister, I mean, princess,” the nurse said.

“Amy, be quiet,” Dr. Green said. “You’ll only scare the girl. This is perfectly normal, princess. Just try to lie back and relax.”

Slowly, hesitantly, she put her head back on the table, and tried to ignore what he was doing, which was nearly impossible. Never in her life had she been subjected to such humiliation and by a primitive physician at that! She then squirmed when he withdrew the device.

“Arg! All right, that’s it; he’s trying to kill me. Papi, have him executed!”

Dr. Green held up the implement of torment. “Hmmm, vaginal secretions seem normal. I’ll send a sample out for testing.”

Papi nodded to him. “Good idea. Illiana, I keep telling you, this is normal. How she looking, doc?”

“I don’t see any malformations, infections, or signs of distress. Let me take a deeper look with the scope.”

Illiana opened her mouth to protest, but thought better of it. Papi would only chastise her—or worse. Nurse Amy handed Dr. Green something else, and Illiana felt a new invasion. Deep, deep inside her vagina the device went, and she squirmed. A screen next to them sprang to life and the doctor turned his attention to it. From her lessons in human biology, Illiana understood what was being displayed—it was her internal female anatomy.

“Uterus is consistent with normal size and configuration. I must say, given that she changed from her original form to human, they did a good job at their genetic mapping of our DNA. Illiana is a perfectly healthy woman. In fact, under the proper circumstances, she could become pregnant and carry a child to term.”

“Pregnant? Child to term? Ah, yes, you humans carry your young inside the female’s abdomen. Oh, of course, that’s why you don’t have litters.”

Papi and the others chuckled.

“Yes, that’s why, princess,” the doctor said, withdrawing the scope.

She heaved a sigh of contentment, glad that the ordeal was over, yet now a new dilemma faced her. Why was her body reacting the way it was? Pulling her legs from the stirrups, she brought her legs together and covered her crotch with her hands.

“Huh, it’s as I said, you ‘doctors’ know nothing! He’s an incompetent… oaf. Papi, why did you subject me to such humiliation? I could have told you he wouldn’t find the answer.”

“Illiana, that’s no way to speak to one of the best doctors on our planet. Dr. Green is the president’s personal physician and he’s only trying to help you.”

“Help me? Let him go back and tend to her needs. I imagine they’re something he’s capable of handling, but not a princess!”

Dr. Green flared his nostrils and stood up. “Princess, anytime you wish to dispense with my services, you have but to say so. Charlie, perhaps you could help. Can you describe the conditions under which her royal hiney experienced her… malfunctions?”

Papi rubbed his hands together. “Oh, I can do better. Let me show you.”

Illiana swallowed hard. Oh, no, he’s not going to do… that to me, is he?

He did. Before she could open her mouth to plead for mercy, he sat, pulled her over his lap, and began to spank her. Illiana squealed in pain and humiliation. As if being spanked again wasn’t bad enough, there was the fact that it was in front of the witch doctor and his minion, and she was naked!

“Dr. Putnam, what do you think you’re doing?” Amy screeched.

“Are you not familiar with this activity, Amy?” Dr. Green said casually.

“How familiar I am with that… activity is not the question, doctor. He is—is spanking a princess and a visiting dignitary!”

“Your concerns are noble but groundless,” Papi said, not letting up for a second. “Illiana is quite used to being across my lap, aren’t you, sweetie?”

“Ouch! Ow! I… I… yes, Papi, yes! But why now? I—ouch! I didn’t do anything.”

“You did just insult Dr. Green, which in my book calls for a punishment. Besides, we’re trying to re-create the… stimulation that caused your sexual excitement, and this is it.”

Papi’s hand crashed again and again into her defenseless flesh, the sting and heat growing second by agonizing second. Illiana yelped and howled, begged and squirmed, and felt her body react. Her breathing sped up and became labored, her breasts tingled and grew hard, and a wetness grew between her legs.

“Ow! Oh, Papi, pleeeease… I’ll behave, be good, do whatever you say—ow!” she said between yelps and groans.

“Ah, I think we’ve achieved the desired reactions,” he said, and stopped spanking her. He lifted her to her feet. “All right, back on the table, and now we’ll see what the doctor says.”

Her hands flew to her sore bottom. Lying on her back was the last thing she wanted to do, but she wasn’t about to argue with Papi now. She suppressed a yelp doing so, and then the doctor again sat between her legs.

“Well, ah, I think we have our answer. Her breathing is irregular, she’s sweating, and her clitoris and breasts are swollen. She’s got quite a bit of vaginal discharge, and her vaginal lips are becoming puffier.”

Illiana nodded. “Yes, I know all this, but what does it mean?”

“It means you’re a deviant,” Nurse Amy sneered.

“Don’t you dare say that!” Mary snapped.

All eyes turned toward the door. Mary stood in the doorway, holding the door closed behind her so as to prevent anyone else from entering or seeing into the room.

Papi stepped up next to Illiana. “Thank you, doctor; I think we have our answer. Now, if you don’t mind? We’d like some privacy so she can get dressed. Tonight is a very special night, and we need to get ready for it.”

Dr. Green nodded and rose to his feet. “I understand completely. Oh, and don’t worry, neither one of us will speak of this to anyone. Correct, Amy?”

“Yes, doctor,” she said simply, and turned for the door.

She and Dr. Green made a quick exit.

“Well, it seems I’ll have to find another means of disciplining her in the future,” Papi said. “Mary, will you help her? I’m going to go change.”

She nodded. “Of course.”

Papi then left. Mary entered, closed and locked the door, and then helped Illiana dress.

“I do not understand. I am abnormal in some way?”

“Not at all! You are merely different. Don’t pay any attention to what Nurse Ratched said.”


“Sorry, poor attempt at a joke.”

“Joke? Ah, a brief story with a humorous denouement.”

“Exactly,” Mary said, as she sat down and pulled Illiana to stand before her. “Now, do you understand the term fetish?”

“Fet-ish? Um, a magical object worshipped for its spiritual properties?”

“Huh? Oh, ah, well, yeah, I think that is one of the definitions of the word. No, I mean fetish as in something that produces a sexual desire or excitement.”

Mary then launched into an explanation as to what a spanking fetish was, and how it related to both Illiana and herself. Illiana’s eyes grew bigger and bigger and her jaw dropped so low she thought it might disengage from her facial bones and drop to the floor.

Chapter Twelve

“No, no, this is not me,” Illiana screamed. “I am not like you. I am a princess, a member of a royal bloodline that traces its history back over ten thousand of your years. I cannot be… submissive to a mere man, most especially not a human male!”

“Illiana, it’s all right,” Mary said, trying to calm her. “Many people, both men and women have similar feelings. Let me explain. In such a relationship, you are giving up control, which is exciting on many levels. There’s the lack of control for that period of time, there’s the symbolism associated with the act. By doing it, you are telling your partner that you trust him completely, that you know that he will never hurt you—in an improper manner—and that he loves and cares for you.”

“Really?” she replied, her brow wrinkling as she walked about the room in thought. “Ah, now I understand. It is this lack of control, this surrendering of physical autonomy that causes the release of the endorphins and other chemicals, which in turn create the conditions necessary for maximum pleasure. And now I understand why Papi rejects me. He does not share this fetish.”

Mary grinned. “Actually, he does—with a bit of encouragement.”

Illiana spun to face her. “What? How do you…? Ah, so you have been lovers. Wait, but then why are you not mates?”

“Illiana, we humans do not only engage in… intimacy as a prelude to mat—marriage. For us, it can be merely something to enjoy.”

“Intimacy for pleasure alone? Illogical—and yet strangely appealing. So, if it is not his disdain for the act, why does…? Wait, I see it. It is not that he does not love me, it is that he does, and is afraid of… entanglements that could potentially damage him emotionally.”

“Huh? Sheesh, Illiana, that was a mouthful. You got some subtitles that could translate that for me?”

“Papi is running away from everything he loves. He loves this island; I can tell it from the tone in his voice, the moisture that builds up in his eyes, his every gesture speaks volumes about his passion for this place. Yet he lives on Planet Grigstar, a place hundreds of light-years away; a water planet covered by islands. Then there’s his mate who left him. She clearly hurt him. So, to protect himself from future harm, he has built walls around his emotions. Now I know what to do.”

“You do? Um, okay, I shall defer to your judgment on this matter. But, Illiana, are you okay now? Do you understand what I’ve told you?”

She nodded. “Yes, and I shall explore this matter further—tonight.”

A soft rap at the door sounded and then it opened a bit. “Ladies, you okay?” Papi said. “We need to get going.”

Illiana smiled at the sight of him. Not only was it his physical presence that pleased her, but he was dressed in neat yet casual clothes. That told her he wanted to be comfortable, yet the evening held special meaning. She was determined that they share in whatever meaning that was.

“We are fine, Papi, and ready to leave. Mary, thank you for your assistance. Papi, may she share in the event of this evening?”

He was clearly taken aback by her words. “Um, sure, I was planning to have her come, but you wanting her there too makes me very happy.”

Illiana felt a renewed surge to her crotch. As much as she wanted release from her sexual excitement, she also wanted to wait. So she took his hand, and they set off. They went down to the dining hall of the restaurant for a nice dinner of shellfish, something called fried clams. Illiana found the taste delightful.

Afterwards, as the sky grew darker, they journeyed toward State Beach, passed the area where they’d gone swimming, went over Second Bridge, and came to the village of Edgartown. The place was bustling with activity; the streets teemed with people of all ages, which made her a bit nervous. So many of them were much larger than her, and the lack of daylight also made her nervous. Papi took her right hand, Mary her left, and they moved along with the crowd toward the harbor. Illiana smiled; the place did not stink of dead fish or other vile aromas. No, this harbor was a place where people kept boats—both sail and motor—for pleasure trips.

The main pier of the harbor was a large rectangular spot with some sort of wooden structure sitting right next to the water. It was open on all sides and had stairs that led up to a deck that was clearly intended as a scenic overlook—it had no other functionality. Papi took them to the top and they found seats near one of the corners.

“Now, in a few minutes, just as soon as it’s nice and dark, the fireworks will start,” he explained.

“Fire-works? I do not understand the term. Papi, must we be out here in the dark? I find it… uncomfortable.”

He wrapped his right arm about her, pulling her close. “Oh, it’s okay, Mary and I will protect you. Fireworks are an ancient invention of the Chinese. Small rockets that fly into the sky, explode, and create pretty colors and patterns. We use them on this day to celebrate the founding of our nation.”

“Ah, yes, this is the Fourth of July. I remember learning that it is an important date for your country. Close to three hundred years, eh? Humph, a blip in the history of my people.”

Whoosh, boom! A bright streak of red and gold shot high into the sky above the harbor and exploded into an orb of rainbow colors. Bang, another louder blast followed.

Illiana jumped in her seat. “By the Great Sky Birds of Lake Illustrium, what was that? Is that the fireworks you spoke of?”

Before Papi could answer, half a dozen more rockets roared into the sky to explode and create still more colors and patterns. She squealed and wrapped her arms about him.

“Easy, Illiana, easy, it’s okay. Try to calm down and enjoy it. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“I’m not afraid,” she squeaked, and then cleared her throat.

She shivered, but not from cold, as it was a warm evening. Between the darkness closing in about her and the loud blasts associated with each firework, Illiana felt her heart race and adrenaline surge through her. Papi’s arms were warm and comforting, and he put his large hands up to her ears to help muffle the racket. The rockets exploded over and over, painting vivid scenes across the night sky. All around them, people cheered and clapped—even small children, which made Illiana feel silly for her fright. Finally, there came a massive display, rocket after rocket shot into the sky in rapid succession, and for a time it was almost as if daylight had been created.

It didn’t take a genius to determine that this was the finale. As the last of the fireworks dimmed and cascaded toward the waters below, the crowd shouted their approval and applauded. Illiana let out a small sigh and looked around. The people were getting to their feet and heading for the stairs.

“Let’s wait a few minutes to go,” Papi said. “That way the crowd will thin out a bit.”

Mary nodded, and Illiana saw the truth of his words. Later, as they made their way to the car, Illiana felt tired and exhilarated. And she now had an idea. Once back at the hotel, Mary winked at her as she went to her room, and Papi took Illiana to theirs.

“Did you enjoy that, Illiana? I know some aspects of the day were rough on you, but I hope it was still overall pleasant.”

“Yes, I did, and I accept everything. Papi, there is something else. I want you to know, I release you from your obligation to me.”

“My what?”

“You are no longer my hook-rah, and I shall inform my father of this.”

“Um, okay, if you want, but how is that important?”

“You are no longer tied to me. So no matter what passes between us, you will be free to return to your previous life, and I shall return to Ilium.”

“Ohhh, now I understand. Huh, I guess I hadn’t really thought about where our relationship might lead, at least not consciously, but now I realize what you mean. But wait, why are you doing this?”

“I wish for us to share a bed tonight. I want to know what this lovemaking is, and I want to experience another sexual climax.”

“What? Ahhh, well, wait a minute—another?

She nodded, and explained about what happened following her first spanking.

“You used my toothbrush as a de facto vibrator? I put that thing in my mouth!”

“I cleaned it off,” she said simply.

“Illiana, oh, you can be such a brat,” he said, a small smile playing across his face.

“Yes, yes, I am, and I submit myself to your control.”

His smile grew larger and he moved to sit on the end of the bed. “All right then, young lady, remove all of your clothing and stand before me.”

Illiana trembled with anticipation, and slowly did as he ordered. Standing there, fully exposed, fear and bliss mingled within her.

“Y-y-y-yes, sir,” she squeaked.

He pointed at his large muscular thighs. “Get across my lap.”

She immediately did so, almost flying into position. Lying there, she felt his large left hand press on the middle of her back. It was so very large, and easily wrapped around her ribcage. His right hand squeezed and caressed her bare behind, his fingers sliding across the tops of her thighs right where her cheeks met them. Goose bumps broke out across her arms and legs, and then she stiffened when his hand disappeared from her flesh.

Smack, he struck, once again his hand easily covering the center of her bottom. She yelped and jumped, and then shivered when his hand lingered to swirl across her cheeks. Swat, he spanked again. Bouncing on his lap as much as she could—he held her quite tightly—she swallowed her cry, and then her jaw trembled at his caresses.

“You’re a naughty little girl, aren’t you, Illiana?” he scolded, picking up the pace.

“Ouch! I-I-I… ahhh,” she stammered.

Over and over his hand struck, moving around to cover her pert rump. She squealed and yelped, gripping the bed sheets tight.

“Answer me, little girl! When Papi asks you a question, you are to reply,” he ordered.

“Ow! Yes, Papi, yes, I’m a naughty girl.”

“That’s right,” he said, giving her half a dozen hard fast ones. “And what does a naughty little girl get?”

“Owwwieee! A-a-a-a spanking, Papi. I-ah-ahhh, please spank me, punish me as I deserve.”

“Oh, I will,” he said firmly.

He did so, smacking and swatting her bare bottom, changing it from white to red as the minutes slowly passed. Illiana felt the heat radiate all the way out to the edges of her hips and down to her thighs. Those were the spanks that truly stung, and she howled and wailed as the sting built up in her flesh. Yet, she also felt exhilaration. Papi was taking care of her. He was giving her what she needed, and she trusted him to not truly hurt her. The feeling was quite liberating.

On and on he spanked, and soon she was again feeling optical liquid trickle down her cheeks. Her lower body seemed beyond her mental control. As his hand swung back, her hips rotated to lift her bottom and present it for the next swat.

“Huh, you’re putting the target area up a little higher, which makes it easier for me to reach,” he said. “Something you learned from Mary?”

“Ow! What? No, I—ouch! I’m not doing it on purpose, Papi. Owwiieee! My body is…”

“Reacting? It’s all right, Papi will teach you to obey.”

The smacks continued to fall, speeding up, and the heat raged inside her. Kicking her legs, she pounded the bed, while she felt the other reactions taking place in her body. Her breasts grew firm, sweat flowed, her breathing was rapid and shallow, and the vaginal secretions flowed freely.

“Waaahhhhh! Papi, Papi, pleeease… I need, I need… release… release! Help me to-to-to… ohhh…” she wailed.

His fingers slid between her legs, and then easily inside her. He thrust and drove them deep into her, while his left hand came down to continue the spanking of her poor bottom. Illiana buried her head in the pile of sheets her hands had made and howled in pleasure and pain. This was what she had achieved before, only much more so. She exploded, the muscles of almost her entire lower body going into continuous spasm for several minutes. By the time she came down, she was amazed at the change in her position.

Papi was now under her, naked, his arms caressing her small frame. She tingled at his fingers lightly playing across her breasts, down her ribs, and sliding around to squeeze her still-sore bottom. His penis, now engorged, slipped into her, and she gasped, her eyes growing wide. This was human sexual interaction, and it was like nothing she had ever known. Again her lower body seemed to know what to do. Her legs raised and lowered her pelvis in a coordinated little ballet with Papi’s efforts.

“Ohhh, Illiana, you are so lovely. You are my princess, my queen,” he moaned.

She smiled, overjoyed that he was experiencing sensations similar to hers. Her heart pounded, her blood was like thunder in her ears. His penis seemed to grow and swell more and more, connecting and stimulating every inch of her vaginal canal. When his fingers squeezed her sore behind, she squealed and felt the pleasure center of her brain begin to short circuit.

“Ahhh, yes, Papi… yes, more…” she cried out.

His hips rocked and bucked under her, his hands smacked her aching flesh, and then he climaxed inside her. They all combined to push her brain into an area she’d never known. Starting in her crotch, a geyser of pure sexual energy rose up her spine, into her brain. Riding atop her bucking bronco of a man, she was lost in total bliss for several minutes.

Then, finally, the two of them calmed down, the energy dissipating, and she collapsed down onto his chest. He wrapped his long arms about her, gently rocking her as he kissed her cheeks and forehead.

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