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Taming Their Maiden by Demi Lane – Extended Preview

Lavan and Viggo carried her from the center of the city all the way back to the mansion, taking her upstairs to the main bedroom. There they set her down, both keeping hold of an arm while the soldiers and servants prepared the room. They opened a set of large wooden doors to reveal the edge of the plateau before they pushed the bed outside. The Estates were large, but not so big that there was a great expanse of space between them.

Esme stared across the plateau, seeing a similar setup in the mansion adjacent to theirs about ten yards away. A Maiden she’d seen earlier on the podium was on the bed, two men holding her legs open while a third pumped hard between them. A few soldiers were crowded around watching, others on the floor indulging themselves with the other women they kept as servants.

She could hear the Maiden moaning, her cries mingling with the voices of other nearby women, some alarmed and some enraptured, all being mounted by these warriors as the moon shone down on them. She looked out and saw the same scene at each estate and knew what would be done to her in a few moments.

Quade’s sharp voice caught her attention. “On the bed and spread your legs,” he ordered, lifting his eyes when she hesitated. “Do I need to get my belt again?”

“No!” she said quickly, gasping when Quade turned around and took her jaw in one large hand.


“No, Master,” she managed, her voice shaking so much it was a miracle he understood it. He ushered her to the bed, removing the rest of her clothing before cupping her throat and shoving her onto the feather mattress. Esme only had time to gasp before Quade shoved his hand between her legs.

“You were so eager on the podium. Sucking cock like a little slut,” he growled as his fingers plunged inside her. “You’re going to love what we’ll do to you now.”

She swallowed, blood running cold, but her body so hot it ached. His voice was dark, his words degrading, and the dominance he held over her made her needy with desire. So needy that when Quade curled his two fingers she cried out. He pumped them hard, driving her wild, spreading her wetness over her folds and clit.

In a moment of sanity, Esme shook her head, trying to fight the rising lust he stoked within her. She thought maybe she should try to reason with them, but the look on Quade’s face and the way he thrust into her with his long digits told her it wasn’t going to do any good. They were going to fuck her, claim her as theirs whether she wanted to be taken or not.

At that realization, everything from her belly button down flooded with heat. She saw Quade smirk, and knew she had gotten wetter when he was able to slide his fingers easier in and out. Esme closed her eyes as her heart began to race. Why did the idea of them using her body and taking her as they wanted drive her near mad with lust?

She bit her lip, peering up at him in simultaneous awe and fear. He was so much… bigger than she was, his massive hands splaying almost across her belly as he held her down. Their legs were like tree trunks, chests and shoulders broader than the largest horse she’d seen. Massive. Dominating. And their cocks…

She’d had them in her mouth but had no idea how she’d managed that, and they somehow seemed larger now. Quade’s hung like a thick log between his legs, balls looking like heavy boulders. There was absolutely no way it would fit inside her, even his two fingers were stretching her pussy as he thrust them.

“There’s…” she started, trying to stay strong under Quade’s lustful glare. “I don’t think my body can take… take you.”

He chuckled, murmuring at two of the soldiers who stepped forward with heavy silk ties. Her arms had been pitifully clinging to or pushing against Quade’s biceps, she wasn’t entirely sure, but they were now yanked above her head. The soldiers tied her wrists together and bound them to the bed frame, leaving enough room for her to wiggle or be flipped over but restraining her from resisting them. Lavan and Viggo took her legs and pulled them wide, putting her on display for the entire room.

Esme’s breathing quickened, her terror mingling with intense arousal over how she was restrained and ready for the taking, her body a slave to whatever dark lusts they had. Her pussy pulsed with desire despite her feeble, whimpering protests. She didn’t want this. She couldn’t.

But Gods save her, she did.

“You were made to take our cocks, Esme,” Quade murmured, accepting a small object from one of the soldiers behind him. It was cone-shaped, tapered at the end and flaring out before narrowing dramatically into a flat base adorned with a jewel. She had no idea what it was for until Quade poured a silvery liquid over it while he slipped one finger, then two, into her forbidden hole.

“No, please,” she begged, arching dramatically when he pumped the digits a few times, then positioned the insert and began to slide it in. Slowly. Making her feel the smooth silkiness of it as it stretched her open. It hurt; the burn of her tight ring being stretched. Esme pleaded wordlessly, struggling by bucking her hips and trying to close her thighs until Quade leaned forward and sealed his lips over her clit.

A warmth blossomed inside her, radiant and bright. Heat from his circling tongue rocketed down her thighs to the tips of her toes, shooting upward into her nipples as though it was going to set her on fire. She heard herself moaning as he licked and sucked, a pressure building in her belly that was indescribable. She realized, with a horrific jolt, that it was from the object being pushed into her ass, but she didn’t care. It was so good, so deliciously good. The widest part of it sank into her and she wailed, but Quade’s tongue wove a circle of heat around her clit and she lost all control.

A new sensation, one she’d chased a thousand times in her bed back home listening to the sounds of women being fucked into bliss, tore through her like lightning. Esme writhed against his tongue, hips bucking as she screamed out into the night. Shame consumed her, but she wasn’t able to hold still, the pressure between her thighs too amazing to ignore. It flourished through her in waves while Quade continued to lavish her with firm caresses from his tongue until she fell limp onto the mattress. After a few final licks he stood up and gave her the darkest, most lascivious, most dangerous look she’d ever seen on a man’s face.

“Did I give you permission to come on my face like that?” he asked, licking his lips then wiping his chin. She swallowed and shook her head.

“Bad girl, Esme,” he purred, looking as though this was precisely what he wanted. “We’re going to have to teach you a lesson in obedience. You are not allowed to come again until I order you to.”

Two pairs of hands yanked her higher on the bed. Quade followed and pushed her legs roughly apart, Lavan and Viggo again cupping her knees and holding them back with one hand while they settled in, their free hands fondling her breasts and caressing her belly. Quade gripped his cock in hand and braced over top of her, positioning himself at her entrance while she shook her head.

“Please, Master. I couldn’t stop—”

“I know,” he said, leaning down to give her a filthy kiss as he dragged the tip of himself between her folds. He swallowed her responding moan, and chuckled softly at the yelp she let out when the tip of his cock slapped against her clit.

“I think you want to be punished,” he cooed, slapping her with his dick again. “You like being ours to use. To fuck over and over until your cunt is swollen with our cum.”

Another slap, Esme savoring the pain, and hating that he was right. She wanted it, she had begun to crave their dominance, and the dark power they seemed to exude over her. Quade looked dangerous, full of intent. He was going to take her hard, regardless of what she thought about it.

She shivered at the idea, pussy clenching tightly in anticipation, her arousal leaking out of her and onto her thighs. He slapped her clit again and Esme’s eyes rolled back as she trembled with need. She swallowed thickly, glancing down at his cock, fearful about what was coming, but desperate to have it all inside her, no matter how rough he was going to be.

“Please, Master… Have mercy,” she pleaded, knowing he would be merciless. Quade shook his head, stroking himself with lewd intent.

“Mercy is found in submission,” he said, amber eyes darkening as he pulled her hips closer. Esme whimpered, the tip of his cock parting her folds and teasing her entrance before he slid inside with one forceful thrust.

She gasped at the sudden intrusion; belly tight as her entire body seemed to clench around him. He was so long that not all of him entered at first, his hips still inches from hers even with the head and half of his cock inside her. He gave her a few shallow strokes and coated himself with more oil, making sure to dribble it over where his cock was insistently pushing in. Heat flourished between her hipbones, different from an orgasm, and when Quade pulled back and pushed forward again, he sank in so deep his balls rested against the plug buried in her backside.

“Oh, Gods,” she choked as stretch of his enormous girth filled her completely. It felt so good to be full of him, the head of his cock rubbing every nerve as he pounded into her with steady thrusts that shook her on the bed. She struggled against the hands holding her, trying to squirm away, but she only ended up rocking forward and back to meet his hips. Her traitorous body was taking her attempts to resist and twisting them into wanton attempts to fuck him back. The sensation of his cock as it slid in and out was so heavy, she lost her breath, tiny mewls leaving her throat that contrasted with the sound of his heavy balls slapping against her.

Quade grinned and rose up on both hands, digging his knees into the bed. A slapping sound began to echo around them. She realized it was more than just skin against skin. The sound was wet. It was his cock as it pushed into her dripping pussy, the sound thick, slippery, and surprisingly loud.

The shameful noise turned her on even more.

“She’s so tight,” Quade groaned, continuing to impale her, smiling down at her with lustful glee. “Sit her up. I want her to watch.”

Lavan and Viggo used their hands to prop her shoulders and head, and Esme whined as she watched Quade’s thick cock push in and out. He plundered her pussy, taking what he wanted and more, his cock disappearing and reappearing as he shoved what was far too large for her to accept deep inside her. She watched in fascination, another orgasm building as she witnessed firsthand her body being used for a man’s pleasure.

“Take that fucking cock, girl,” he growled, pounding harder, each word accentuated with a hard thrust. “Every. Single. Inch.”

“Please,” Esme wailed while heat and searing pleasure raced through her like an out-of-control fire. It made her head spin, her nipples ache, and her pussy squeeze Quade’s length as he continued to thrust. His fingers drifted down and found her clit, circling it softly as he growled out the command she’d been waiting for since he started.

“Come, Esme,” Quade ordered. “Come on that big cock.”

The directive was echoed around the room. Come. Lavan and Viggo joined in the command. Come. The word invaded her soul like Quade’s cock invaded her body and she was no longer able to hold back. Come.

Esme screamed into the night, the pressure that had been building inside her bursting open in a tidal wave of ecstasy. Quade gripped her hips and ravished her body as she came, pumping his cock and groaning loudly. Her orgasm raged on, stimulated by bursts of warmth she felt filling her with each of his furious thrusts. The wet slapping sound intensified, and she knew he was reaching his own climax, filling her full of his thick cum.

“Oh God!” she wailed, sensing every pulse of Quade’s cock when he shot himself inside her. She was weak with pleasure, thighs shaking while he ground himself into her until every drop had been wrung from him. Esme’s whimpering cries were cut off as he leaned down to seal his lips over hers, giving her a deep kiss that she struggled to return through her pants.

“I think the King was right,” he murmured, cupping her jaw to turn her head so he could breathe into her ear. His hips still moved against her, milking the last bits of orgasm from his still-hard cock.

“Right about what?” she heard Viggo ask. Quade kissed her cheek, his voice a growl when he spoke into her ear.

“Since she tried to run, we’re going to fuck her until she can’t walk.”

Viggo’s responding grin and Lavan’s hum of excitement made her heart race, pussy clenching again around Quade’s cock. He pulled out slowly, she could feel his seed leaking out of her onto her thighs but couldn’t focus on it. Lavan had moved between her legs and was staring down at her with lascivious intent.

“I’ve got her,” he said to Viggo, who released her thighs into Lavan’s waiting hands. He hooked her knees over his massive biceps before leaning down to kiss her. Hard. Almost bruising, his tongue plunging in her mouth to brush against hers. It was passionate, greedy, and despite her fear and dizziness from the last orgasm, she kissed him back just as desperately.

“I’ve waited for this,” he purred, grinding his cock against her. “I remember what you want. You want to be fucked hard. You liked it when I fingered you in that tent, and now my cock is gonna make you scream.”

He kissed her again, and when he stopped, she let out a quiet, pitifully needy sob, unable to deny how badly she wanted him. How badly she’d always wanted him.

“You want me inside you?” he asked, teasing her with a few practice thrusts that made his cock rub against her swollen, quivering clit.

“Yes,” she confessed weakly, wondering if the magic in the moonlight that gave Kavari their virility and lust was poisoning her mind. Or if it was their cum, or some other magical element. She couldn’t like this; she couldn’t want this.

But she did.

“I’ll fuck you good and hard, then,” Lavan purred, sliding inside easily and filling her once more.

Esme’s head fell back against the pillows as he pushed inside, slow and deep, luxuriating as his gigantic cock stretched her pussy anew. He gripped under her shoulders to steady her, a deep, husky grunt echoing in her ear when she arched her spine, hips involuntarily rocking upward as he sank deep. Lavan laid his body against hers and pressed against her cheek and neck in a series of worshipful kisses, all while he pushed his hips forcefully into hers over and over, grunting ardently, her body a slave to his movements. The wood frame of the bed began to creak from the power of his thrusts.

“Easy, Lavan,” Viggo chuckled from above her. “You’ll break the bed on the first night.”

He didn’t cease his pounding, only growled angrily and rose up, pulling the pillows under her back down under her butt. He released her legs and gripped her hips easily in both hands, palms almost encompassing them, which only helped him fuck her hard and fast. Lavan moaned and reached down to fondle her breasts with one hand, the other sliding so his thumb was positioned over her clit. The heat inside her began to rise; Esme unable to stop it. Unable to stop him. She was at their mercy. She hated it. She needed it. She wanted it to end. She wanted all they had to give her and more. She longed to defy them, but only so they would subdue her and take her with the brutality and lust they showed now.

“Two years, Viggo,” Lavan moaned as he continued to pound into her aching pussy. “I’ve been dreaming about her cunt for almost two years. Now she’s ours, and she wants to fuck hard.”

Esme’s cunt squeezed around him. She shook violently as he snapped his hips against hers, each push making her cry out. Lavan bent over and kissed her in between breathy, amorous sighs and eager grunts. She could see him grinning and heard him groaning eagerly as he sank and began to grind his hips. His cock felt so amazing she began to roll with him, then whined desperately when he pulled back to tease her with cruel shallow strokes.

“You want it,” he taunted as she moaned, his cock barely penetrating her yet still driving her wild. “Say it and I’ll give you what you need. Beg me. ‘Fuck me, Master Lavan,’ say the words and I’ll make you come.”

The sound of sultry laughter echoed in the room. Esme closed her eyes, knowing her lust and shame were on full display. Lavan pulled back so just the tip of him was moving inside her and she broke, giving into her desperation when he withdrew completely.

“Please fuck me, Master Lavan!” she begged, practically screaming when he slammed into her and did exactly as she asked.

“Yes,” he growled, pulling back and plunging in as the chant began to pick up again, the command to Come echoed around the room. Esme cried out each time Lavan’s cock was thrust into her, his cock swelling as his climax rose within him.

“Take my cock,” he growled, gripping her thighs and pumping even harder. “Take it and come for me.”

She gripped the ties wrapped around her wrists, unable to make any other sound than a strangled wail, another orgasm squeezing her as Lavan thrust. She could feel his knees digging into the bed, his thighs tensing and hips pumping as he filled her with warm, thick fluid. Esme’s orgasm ravished her body relentlessly until Lavan stilled as his own climax came over him.

“Oh, Songbird, I knew you would be perfect,” he whispered, kissing her ardently before withdrawing his still-hard cock from inside her.

Esme trembled on the bed, too weak to move, too shaky to rise, and even though there were no hands holding her down, her legs stayed spread. It was Viggo’s turn now, and he crawled over top of her and kissed her deeply while fondling her breasts.

“How is your pussy feeling?” he asked with a smile. “You should see yourself. Cum leaking out of your cunt onto your thighs. It’s glorious.”

Esme groaned, hating herself for enjoying it, despising them each for making her want such delicious, wicked things. But she couldn’t fight it, it was as though her will had been stolen and replaced with Kavari lust. She wanted more; she wanted the ache inside her satiated.

Viggo hummed lustfully and rolled her from back to stomach. He pulled her hips in the air while her chest was forced to stay on the bed. A sharp slap to her ass startled her, and she yelped. A moment later the plug inside her ass was removed, but she wasn’t free from that delightful torment just yet. Esme whimpered and turned back to stare at Viggo as he pressed a larger, second plug against her still tight, forbidden hole.

“Fuck me,” Viggo ordered, pulling her hips back with one hand while the other kept the toy partially inserted. “Push that ass back and fuck your Master’s cock.”

Another slap and Esme moaned, burying her face in the sheets as she began to push back, bouncing her hips against Viggo’s. His cock was stiff, rubbing her clit until he shifted it to push it inside, slapping her when she stilled at the sudden intrusion.

“I said, fuck me, girl.”

She sobbed quietly, the device stretching her backside open each time she rocked back, Viggo’s cock sinking into her channel. He chuckled, sliding the plug deep inside her even as she whined, then slapping her ass one final time.

“She doesn’t know how to fuck just yet. So coy, but she’ll learn,” he crooned, grabbing her hips and starting to pound.

Esme gasped with each thrust, turning over her shoulder to gaze at Viggo, who was smirking as he pumped into her. He spread her thighs with his knees and sat back, holding her hips and pounding up into her so hard her breasts shook. It was rough and brutal, his cock pounding into her aching cunt. She moaned into the mattress, achy and needy, the pressure inside her building and making her whimper even as she ground back against him.

“Please, I can’t… I can’t take it,” Esme whined. Viggo didn’t cease his fucking, he only laughed and swatted her ass again.

“You’re taking it just fine,” he grunted, reaching around to rub her clit. “You’ll take it just fine tomorrow as well when I fuck your ass.”

She cried out, shaking her head, the thought of taking his thickness or any of theirs up her backside terrifying to imagine. Her pussy could barely handle it, stretched around him like a glove. She looked between her legs to watch his thighs tense, his balls swinging with his pumping hips, broad cock plunging in and out of her and making wet, slapping sounds with each thrust. Esme shuddered as another orgasm began blossoming inside her, despite her efforts to fight it. She feared what might happen to her mind if they continued to make her come.

But she wanted it. She needed that sensation. Needed them to sate the waves of lust that moved through her. She ground back, pushing herself onto his broad dick, meeting his thrusts with her hips.

“That’s it. Fuck me with that sweet cunt.”

Esme moaned as he continued to finger her clit. “Please, Master… I need—”

“You need to come,” he ordered, the soldiers shouting at her again. Pleasure burst open inside her and she wailed in ecstasy while Viggo groaned, pounding through her orgasm as her thighs shook violently. The waves of pleasure rolled over her and left her weak, trembling, her body open as Viggo climaxed inside her. She rolled her hips against him, wanting to savor every inch as he slowed his thrusts, hot cum leaking out of her and dribbling over her clit.

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