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Taming Their Pet by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

Isabella crawled down the hall, positive that her face was as red as a cherry. She knew that Zack could see everything in between her legs, including her pussy and her bottom hole. She knew that he’d seen it already, but being on display felt incredibly shameful, yet oddly erotic. She nearly whined aloud when she felt telltale trickles of moisture flow from her channel onto her secret folds, but she did the best she could to hold back and not make a sound. She hoped he couldn’t see her dampness, but there was little she could do to stop him even if he did. Instead, she chewed on her bottom lip.

Her time in the cage had calmed her, like it was her very own safe space where she could be herself and not worry about always being in control, like she had been brought up to be. It was nice to be told what to do and how to do it and not have to worry about what other people thought. It was nice to just obey.

Maybe… just maybe, it was possible that she was cut out for this sort of thing after all?

Shaking her head, she tried to throw the thought from her mind. This kind of treatment was humiliating and embarrassing, to crawl on the floor practically naked in front of a man. It was even more shameful to find pleasure in such an act. With a sigh, she crawled until she reached the living room area as the sound of skin hitting skin broke through her reminiscing. Her eyes opened wide when she saw a naked woman over Noah’s knees getting what looked to be the spanking of a lifetime. With a heavy swallow, she stilled.

A smack rang out much closer to her ears and she yelped when she realized Zack had taken the opportunity to spank her own bottom cheek. The sting took a long moment to hit her, but when it did, she lurched forward toward the table at the center of the room. He smacked the other side of her ass and she yipped, glaring backward at him only to see a happy-looking grin on his face.

Her lower lip pouted as she went to take a seat, but his hand on her shoulder stopped her. He sat down first and wrapped his arms around her waist, effectively lifting her clean off the floor and onto his lap.

“What are you doing?” she asked, whirling herself to face him.

“I’m going to feed you. I ordered us a pizza. I bet it’s been some time since you had a slice of a good pie, huh?”

“I love pizza,” she replied, dragging out the word as though she could taste it on her tongue. She hated to admit it, but he was correct. She hadn’t had a decent piece of a pie since she’d left the safety of her hometown back on Earth.

“Good,” he said, pulling the boxes closer to them. When she saw the cheesy goodness complete with all the toppings she used to love, she almost drooled.

“Oh, that looks delicious,” she said.

“I’m glad. This is one of my favorite meals, but it’s a special treat.”

He held up a piece of pizza up to her lips and she tentatively opened her mouth for him. She bit off a small piece and chewed, allowing the glorious flavors to wash over her tongue.

“Oh, my God, that is so good,” she exclaimed.

He took a bite next before bringing it back to her mouth. As he fed her mouthful after mouthful, the two of them were silent while they watched Noah chastise the naked blonde girl. She shivered, imagining herself in the same scenario. Her bottom clenched in nervousness and anticipation. Chewing her lips, she squeezed her thighs together, knowing that watching such things triggered the arousal deep inside her. She tried her best to quench the strange yearning simmering deep inside her body.

Zack put down the rest of their lunch, threading his fingers up and over her shoulders to grasp her nipples. He tweaked each one, just a little, and she arched back against him.

“Open your legs, pet. Show your master what you’re hiding,” he whispered in her ear. “If you don’t, I’ll carry you over there and put you over my knee for the spanking you so desperately need.”

She shivered.

What should she do? Other than a few swats, she’d never experienced a spanking to the extent that blonde girl was receiving. Did she want to experience such a thing? Did she want to be punished for being naughty and not listening to Zack’s directions? What would it be like?

Zack’s fingers traced down her torso and against her thighs. Unconsciously, her thighs pressed harder together, fighting the impropriety and shameful nature of what he was asking her to do and of his fingers touching her there.

“Pet, open your legs or you’ll be spanked,” he urged once again, making it blatantly clear that she had a choice about what was to happen next.

Squirming a little on his lap, she kept her thighs closed, unsure of what she should do. Caught up in the confusion in her head, she lost track of time and before she knew it, he had thrown her up and over his shoulder and stalked toward the couch. In a fraction of a second, she found herself facedown over his lap, her bottom propped up high over his knee. His arm wrapped around her waist, lifting her up even higher than before. Her backside felt vulnerable and incredibly bare in the strappy leather outfit she was wearing. Trembling, she waited, not knowing what to do next.

His hand floated across her skin, igniting a trail of goosebumps and a shiver to race across her flesh. He lifted her tail and laid it against her back, the fur tickling her just a little. Its movement reminded her of the heavy plug still deep in her bottom, reminding her just how much control these men had over her.

“Bella, such a naughty pet. Now I’m going to have to spank you. Bad girls who don’t listen to their masters get punished,” he said softly and what breath she had left her lungs rushed out in one single whoosh of air.

Every nerve in her backside came alive, as did the ones between her legs. She groaned, feeling just how much moisture had gathered there.

His palm left her skin and cracked back down, directly between her cheeks and low enough so that it reverberated over the top of her pussy. He spanked her there a few more times before she realized that it was beginning to sting, just a little bit, but it wasn’t terrible. In fact, it felt kind of nice. Then he began to pick up the pace, his hand hitting harder as time went on until it started to hurt a whole lot more.

Wriggling a little, she tried to avoid his heavy palm, but the bites of the spanks just kept getting deeper and more powerful with every passing second.

“Ouch, please! I’ve had enough!” she cried out, only to hear both Noah and Zack chuckle at her words.

“Oh, no, pet, you don’t get to determine when a spanking is over. Your masters get to decide. And this bottom of yours is going to be thoroughly punished before I’m through. You won’t deny me access to that pussy of yours ever again,” Zack scolded her.

She yelped as his smacks suddenly increased in intensity and his grip tightened on her waist. He spanked up and down her bottom, even focusing on the tops of her thighs. It hurt much more than she thought it would.

Why had she thought this was something sexy? Why did it make her wet with need and why was her pussy dripping with her arousal? What was wrong with her? Her core pulsed as her sore bottom lifted, his broad hand smacking her aching skin.

“Ouch! Please, Zack!” she cried out.

“Master Zack,” he corrected with a few harsh spanks to the area where her thighs met the lower curve of her bottom.

“Oh! Master Zack! I’m sorry!”

“Not as much as you’re going to be, pet,” he said, continuing to tan her backside with vigor. She’d bet her bottom matched the color of the blonde girl’s, if not even redder.

“Please!” she cried, unsure if she was asking him to stop or asking him for more. Her muscles clenched with building need, as her body flew with an odd sense of euphoria.

Tear prickled at the edges of her eyes, even as her clit throbbed with unmet desire. He thrashed her hard and she kicked and tried to wiggle away but he held her firm. Every spank met its mark. Eventually, he attacked her upper thighs and the dam of emotions she was holding back flew apart as tears dripped down her cheeks.

Feeling thoroughly chastised, she lay over his lap like a bad little girl who had gotten in trouble with her parents. She didn’t quite feel as sexy as she thought being spanked would be like.

“Open your legs, pet.”

She didn’t hesitate this time and when his finger reached forward and glided against her wetness, she moaned with desire and shame. There was no doubt now. He knew just how turned on she was by the whole scenario. He’d hate her, her arousal would disgust him and he’d throw her to the wayside, she thought.

“My my, what do we have here,” he mused aloud.

“Please! I’m sorry! I don’t know why I’m like that,” she whimpered, terrified of what was to happen next.

“Noah, I think we lucked out with this one. She’s drenched like a naughty little pet,” he said, his voice low and gravelly, and incredibly seductive suddenly.

Another pair of hands ran up and down her back, only to grasp her achy bottom cheeks and spread them apart.

“Look at how wet she is. Bring her to the bedroom. With those juices, taming her will be easy,” Noah said darkly and she shivered at the promise hidden in his words. “I’ll send Becky to the kitten house and post a special guard to watch over her. I’ll be back shortly, brother.”

Isabella wasn’t paying much attention to the other two people in the room as her pussy smoldered with heat. All she could think about was the men who had taken over her care, the men who owned her and how hard her clit was throbbing with her lust. She wanted more, she needed more.

Zack stood and held her tight to his chest and she clutched at him, passion coursing through every millimeter of her veins. As she laid her cheek on his shoulder, she closed her eyes and just felt the rhythm of his steady heartbeat pulsing against her skin.

His heavy footsteps sounded against the wooden floor as they ventured back down the hall to the bedroom. She didn’t care that she shouldn’t want this, she just did. She wanted them both and her body screamed for them.

She opened her eyes slowly as Zack threw her on the bed on her back.

“Open your legs for me, pet. Show me what is mine to take.”

Throwing her head back, she splayed her legs in a wanton display of her lust and Zack growled with his own desire. She felt strangely powerful, knowing that she had such an effect on him. His eyes devoured every inch of her body, darkening with sultry promises that she ached to explore with him.

He stood there for a long moment, before she heard another set of footsteps coming down the hall. She caught sight of Noah’s dusky beard and even darker eyes and a sort of thrill raced down her spine.

Zack was the friendlier of the two; that was for certain. Thus far, he had taken the time to talk with her, to guide her through the hardships of learning a new culture on a planet far away from her home and made her feel comfortable, even though she was entirely naked. Noah was still a mystery to her. He was dark, a stickler for the rules and not as understanding as his brother, yet there was something about him that called to her.

Boldly, she met his shadowy eyes and licked her lips. With as much courage as she could muster, she made a show of looking them both up and down, enjoying the sight of their hard-muscled abdomens and tanned skin. Narrow hips cut into their belts and she yearned to see what was beneath them.

Noah was the first to move toward her. Zack moved away and took a seat on the soft black leather loveseat against the wall. He stretched and placed his arms on the back of the couch with a smirk on his lips that made her feel slightly nervous. Noah continued slinking toward her until he was mere inches away from her naked skin.

A hand slid up her thigh and a thumb brushed against her wet lips. Moaning, she chewed her lip, her breath a gentle pant.

Noah’s hands dropped to his waist, unbuckling his belt slowly so she could hear the leather as it slid across the hide. Her chest rattled with excitement as he folded it over in his hands and placed it on the bed beside her. Her eyes focused on the knife as well as the coiled whip he kept there. He untied the loincloth about his waist and put it on the bed. Next, he grasped the button of his dark cotton pants and undid them, letting them drop to the door. In a calm sort of detachment, he picked them up off the floor and folded them, placing them in a neat pile next to his belt.

Breathless, her eyes focused on the area between his legs. She’d never seen a male member before and the sheer size of Noah’s unnerved her. It was long and thick and stuck straight up between his legs. She wasn’t naïve to the ways of sex, as she’d been educated in the matter when she was younger, but she was seriously questioning the ability of his cock fitting inside the tightness of her virgin channel.

He walked toward her and his organ bobbed with his movement. A bead of moisture formed on the head and the sudden urge to lick it took over her senses. He climbed onto the bed and knelt over the top of her and she held her breath in anxious excitement.

He gazed down at her and brushed a stray lock of hair off her forehead. For a scant moment, she felt like the aura between the two of them had softened just a hair. It didn’t last long though, as a hand snaked around her shoulder, holding firmly yet gently enough to not hurt. The gesture made it very clear who was in control of the situation and it wasn’t her.

Her body felt like molten lava, a volcano about to explode at any moment. If he would just touch her, she’d fly apart, she just knew it.

“Keep those legs open, pet. It’s time for your first taming and I expect your complete obedience. Do you understand?” he asked sternly, loosening his grip on her shoulder and running a finger across the delicate skin of her collarbone. The rough pads of his fingers ignited every nerve, holding the promise of much more to come if only she was obedient to his dominant ways. She couldn’t help it as her curiosity bloomed and her body ached to experience his own brand of pleasure.

His lips descended on hers, owning her completely in a flash of movement. He devoured her, his tongue intertwining with hers in a kiss that left her breathless and wanting so much more. His teeth scraped her lower lips and she groaned with need. Her pussy felt slick and wet, soaked with her lust for him to take what was his.

Arching her back, she moaned as his mouth kissed her cheek and then her neck, sucking and pulling on her skin in such a way that her body pulsed with feverish passion. His beard scraped against her sensitive skin, igniting her body even hotter than before. He bit her softly and she didn’t care, knowing that she’d be able to see his mark long after this experience was over and that knowledge thrilled her to no end.

Her hips rocked toward him and she keened, wanting him to take her, to alleviate the lust that was taking over every single one of her senses. He did not give into her wishes though, taking his time to worship her body with his lips, dragging his teeth across sensitive flesh and running his tongue over her hardened nipples.

He kissed each one, before leaning back and tweaking them with his thumb and forefinger. Pain ricocheted from her breasts straight to her core, quickly replaced by rampant desire. He pinched her pebbled buds once again, harder this time and she keened under his dominance. One of his hands dipped lower, taking her pussy into his palm.

Groaning, she wriggled beneath him, suddenly ashamed of the liquid desire between her legs.

“Look at how wet you are for your masters,” he growled with delight and she bristled with pride. He actually liked the fact that she was wet and ready for him and she loved that she could please him that way.

“That’s a good thing?” she asked softly and he rewarded her with a gentle, sultry kiss. His beard tickled her chin and she moaned for him. Noah smiled and she reached forward, entwining her fingers within his facial hair. She loved it.

“It’s a very good thing. A wet pet is a good pet.”

His hips lowered slightly and she felt the head of his cock nuzzle at her entrance. All at once, it began to vibrate as he slid it up and down her clit. His hands held her shoulders and her entire body seemed to roll toward him. He pressed his cock against her slit more firmly and her eyes rolled back in her head. His erection felt like soft velvet-encased iron and her hips rocked against it.

This was so much more intense than her own hand. It was so much better.

“Don’t you dare come until I say, pet. You won’t like the consequences if you do,” he growled in her ear.

She wanted to please him but she knew she was ready to fly apart at any second. He squeezed her nipple hard in warning, giving her something to focus on so that she might hold back her release just a few moments longer. She gave into the pain as the passion inside her surged to new heights. Keening, she pleaded with him for mercy.

Firmly, he stared at her, daring her to defy him.

She didn’t want to. She wanted to please him.

“Oh, please. Please, Master Noah,” she begged.

His vibrating cock made speaking difficult and when she could manage no more, she screamed under him, her pussy clenching over empty air as her fingers dug into the mattress beneath her. Out of sheer desperation, she held back her release, panting with exertion.

His hips rocked backward and his cock nudged at her entrance once again. His hands trailed down her sides and took ahold of the lower part of her waist before his cock surged forward, encased by her tight entrance. He slammed into her in one fluid motion, his eyes holding hers, unforgiving and relentless, yet there was a twinge of kindness that settled her.

Her head flew back at the sudden surge of pain as he took her virginity in a single swoop. The sting paled in comparison to the passion rocking her system though and before long, she was squirming beneath him. Slowly, he began to move inside her, gentle long strokes in and out of her that left her aching for release.

He caressed her channel and she loved it. She reached for him and his body pressed down on hers, owning her as he claimed her utterly and completely.

When his cock began vibrating inside her, she jolted at the sudden onslaught of pleasure. He was no longer gentle, and took her long and hard then as her world came closer to shattering apart in a billion little pieces of ecstasy.

“Come, pet. You have your master’s permission,” he whispered.

Everything flew apart with a flash of white-hot heat. Screams of passionate lust ripped free from her throat as he rode her, taking her for the first time just like in the books she’d read. His cock vibrated within her, dragging out her orgasm until a second, more powerful one rocked her body. Her arms circled around his waist, holding on to him as he fucked her hard. The tail in her bottom hole felt heavy and she relished the feeling of fullness, filled with both a plug and Noah’s cock at the same time.

His cock slammed into her channel repeatedly, as he pulled every ounce of pleasure out of her that she had to give. She felt his own body tremble with euphoria as he groaned into her ear. His organ vibrated even harder deep inside her, before his hot seed splashed across her insides, eliciting a third orgasm that left her reeling.

When her release finally faded and her entire body tingled with residual pleasure, she breathed hard, trying to calm her heart. Looking up at Noah, she saw a glimmer of a smile at the corner of his lips and she couldn’t help but grin bashfully a little in return.

She’d pleased him.

She was so happy. Never in her life would she have guessed that she would love being taken in such a dominating manner. There was no denying it; that much was clear.

Suddenly very tired, she moaned when he pulled his cock out of her abused pussy. Her entire body felt sore and used, but in the best way possible. The muscles in her channel clenched, unused to the empty feeling all of a sudden.

Noah took her weakened body into his arms and cuddled her close, petting her hair as though she was a tamed house cat. If she could have purred, she would have.

“That’s a good pet. Good girl,” he whispered and she practically glowed with pleasure at his praise.

She heard the creak of leather as Zack pushed off the couch and joined them on the bed, petting her along with Noah. The two of them comforted her and she enjoyed every second of it. Zack took her hand into his and squeezed it firmly. She smiled, even though she had hidden her face in Noah’s chest.

“Would you like to sleep with us tonight, pet? Or would you like to sleep in your cage,” Zack asked, the gentleness in his tone surprising.

“With you,” she whispered, her own voice hardly audible.

For the rest of the evening, the two men doted on her every need. Zack even convinced Noah to allow her to have a piece of salted caramel cheesecake as her dinner, rather than as a dessert. They didn’t allow her to eat it herself, but instead fed her slowly, bite by bite, until the treat was all gone. She felt pampered and spoiled, and thanked them profusely.

Later that night, they put her to bed, snuggled in between their two male forms. She felt their heat blanketing her in their security and protection, and she fell soundly asleep, feeling safe for the first time since being sold to them as their pet.

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