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Taught by the Doctor by Aurie Jameson – Extended Preview

Evan spent the rest of their day off making sure Zoey was thoroughly humbled. He decided that she needed to learn a lesson in obedience and contrition.

“You’re not being punished anymore,” Evan told her as they drove to the movie theater later that afternoon. “I just sense that you are straying a bit, so I want to reinforce our roles in this relationship.”

That’s what he said, but Zoey sure felt like she was being punished. After the beach, the two went to a little coffee shop. Evan ordered a black coffee for himself and a hot chocolate for her. They even shared a warm fudge brownie. The little café was warm and homey. Zoey had thought that she was in the clear in terms of spankings, but Evan proved her wrong by taking her over his knee in the backseat of the car again. The spanking was lighter, but the level of embarrassment was the same as before. And to make it even worse, on their way to the movie theater from the café, Evan once again required her to sit with her warm bare bottom pressed against the car seat.

“I’m sorry for being a brat and having an attitude,” Zoey said quickly. She turned her head and gave him her best puppy dog pout.

Evan grinned at her. “I know you are, pretty girl,” he said. He took one hand off the steering wheel for just a second to pat her thigh. “But I told you that this isn’t for punishment. Ever since you started nursing school, we haven’t had much time to spend together. You’re forgetting your place, but that isn’t your fault. I haven’t been consistent with you. I’m going to do a better job with that, though, starting today.”

Zoey grimaced, but fell silent and faced the front again. She knew that Evan was right. Being in nursing school had put a toll on their relationship, despite their careful precautions to avoid just that. She had been missing Evan like crazy lately. She missed being able to cuddle up on the couch together and walking hand in hand while on dates. Even when they ate meals together, Zoey felt like she was rushing through it so she could get back to studying.

Still, Evan’s words made her uneasy. She wasn’t stupid; she knew that her attitude was worsening lately. A lot of it had to do with school-related stress, but that wasn’t an excuse. There had been several occasions over the last few weeks where she was shocked Evan hadn’t bent her over his knee after she mouthed off at him. He always looked like he was going to, but decided against it at the last second. She knew he was letting her off easy, but now it sounded like that was going to end.

A nervous knot twisted up in her stomach.

She breathed out a sigh of relief when they finally pulled into the movie theater parking lot. She gave Evan a tentative smile, but then her eyebrows furrowed a bit when he didn’t pull into their usual parking spot right in front of the theater. Instead, he turned so that they were heading toward a hidden little parking lot on the far side, away from the theater. Only a couple of other cars were parked there.

“Um, what are you doing?” she asked in a nervous voice. She bit her lip. He wasn’t planning on giving her another spanking in the back of the car, was he? She almost whimpered at the thought.

Evan pulled into a space in the mostly vacant lot and turned off the engine before turning to look at her. “We need to make sure you remember who is in charge while we’re watching the movie.”

Zoey’s lower lip quivered. “Evan, please. I know you’re in charge.”

Evan didn’t answer and instead, stepped out of the car and came around to her side to retrieve her. Zoey nervously but obediently allowed him to guide her back into the backseat of the car. She suppressed a groan as she, for the third time that day, lowered herself over his thighs. She squeezed her eyes shut when Evan peeled down her leggings and panties. She was mentally preparing herself for the familiar stinging slaps against her butt and gasped when she instead felt Evan’s thick fingers spreading her butt cheeks apart.

It was then that Zoey realized what was happening. She squirmed and looked over her shoulder to see that Evan was holding a small butt plug and a bottle of lubricant.

“Evan, no!” she cried, throwing her hands back to shield her exposed bottom. “I don’t want that in while we’re watching a movie.” She tried to keep her voice level, but it was shaking.

Evan’s response was to calmly scoop up her wrists in one hand, drop the plug and lube on the seat behind him, and apply a dozen well-placed swats to Zoey’s naked butt. “I’ve decided that you need this, Zoey,” he said in a stern tone. “You need to obey me and that comes with trusting me. It will help keep you contrite, but it won’t be too uncomfortable. Now, open up for me.”

Zoey hadn’t even realized she had clenched her bottom cheeks so hard that they were beginning to cramp a little. She forced herself to relax her cheeks and Evan wasted no time in sliding a lube-coated finger into her back hole. It didn’t hurt. Evan had given her enough attention to her bottom for her to be well-used to it, but the feeling of something inside her bottom still filled her with an intense sense of shame. She buried her face in her folded arms.

Evan took his time coating the inside of Zoey’s bottom with the lube. He even went so far as to vibrate his finger inside of her, grinning in satisfaction when the movement caused Zoey to squeal into her arms.

Zoey kicked her feet and squeezed her eyes shut, trying to ignore the intrusive feeling in her bottom. Evan was making her efforts nearly impossible as he wiggled his thick finger inside of her. She whimpered feebly, curling her toes inside her purple boots. She was only momentarily relieved when he pulled his finger out.

She couldn’t help but clench her bottom cheeks once again in order to prolong the momentary relief she was feeling. “Please, Evan. This isn’t necessary!”

Evan tsked before roughly grabbing one fleshy bottom cheek in his hand. He squeezed it roughly, forcing Zoey to relax the stiff muscle. He then pulled the mound to the side, once again revealing Zoey’s winking bottom hole. “The fact that you’re still fighting me over this proves that this is necessary.”

Zoey groaned and wriggled when she felt the cold stainless steel plug press up against her warm opening. It was at least twice the width of Evan’s finger. She squeaked as Evan slowly inserted it.

“Relax, Zoey,” Evan ordered in a gentle voice as he got to the widest part of the plug. “It shouldn’t hurt much at all as long as you relax.”

Zoey whined indignantly. How was she supposed to relax when something was being thrust into her bottom? She knew better than to voice that thought, especially since it would likely come out with a boatload of attitude so she settled for her whimpers and whines as she struggled to relax her cheeks.

Evan pushed the plug in slowly, both to ease Zoey to the feel of it but also because he enjoyed watching it slowly disappear into her hole. When the plug was halfway inside of her, he twisted it the rest of the way in.

“How does that feel?” he asked huskily, wiggling it inside of her.

“Big,” Zoey whined. She kicked a bit harder when she felt Evan tug on the base of the plug slightly. “How am I going to enjoy the movie with this thing inside me?”

Evan landed several swats to the lowest part of her bottom, knowing very well it would cause the plug to shake and jostle inside of her. “It’s a fairly small plug. You’ll feel it throughout the movie, but you’ll hardly notice it. Any more complaining and maybe I’ll opt for the larger plug for our next movie.”

Zoey shut her mouth with a pout and allowed Evan to pull up her tights and panties. She blushed when he kept her over his lap for a couple more minutes so he could squeeze her bottom and spank her a few more times right on the plug. He finally let her up just seconds before she was about to throw her hands back to protect the plug.

Evan had a little smirk on his face for the next couple of hours. He was already thoroughly enjoying himself when they started walking up to the theater. Zoey was waddling slightly and he thought it was the cutest thing ever. He couldn’t resist patting her plump rear when she passed him as he held the door open for her.

She was shifting from foot to foot as they stood in line for their tickets and then for popcorn, but Evan had been right that she would feel it but not be in too much discomfort. She could definitely feel something up inside her, but it didn’t hurt at all and after a little while, she could only feel it when she moved a certain way.

She was pretty confident that she’d be just fine through the whole movie until they climbed the steps to their seats. Zoey eyed her seat and flushed at the thought of sitting down with the plug inside of her. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end when Evan leaned in to whisper in her ear.

“Is something wrong, Zoey?” he asked, kissing her ear lightly, causing a shiver to go through her. “The movie is going to start soon. Is there a reason you aren’t sitting down?”

Zoey clenched her fists, trying not to crush the soda she was holding. She could hear the smirk in his voice. He was definitely enjoying this. She shook her head quickly, not wanting to draw attention to herself.

“That’s good,” Evan said huskily. Then he reached down and gave her bottom a firm pat, just enough to make her clench slightly around the plug. “Then you need to sit your little bottom into your seat.”

Zoey swallowed but knew better than to disobey when Evan used that deep voice of his. So, as carefully and slowly as she could, Zoey lowered herself into the velvety theater seat, gripping the arms of the chair so that she wouldn’t set all her weight down on her bottom at once.

Evan plopped down into the seat next to her, a little too enthusiastically for Zoey’s liking. She turned and glowered at him.

Evan met her gaze just as the lights dimmed and the previews began. He raised an eyebrow at her defiant expression. He did an exaggerated stretch and moved to put his arm around her shoulders, pulling her against his side. Zoey relaxed slightly against him until she felt Evan’s hand snake down between her back and the seat. She tried to press her back flat to the seat, having a bad idea of what he was planning, but Evan was persistent. His hand slipped all the way down to her bottom. It took some wiggling on Evan’s part, but after a few moments, he successfully got his hand under Zoey’s bottom.

Zoey squirmed and turned to hiss at him. “Evan, stop.” She immediately regretted it when one of Evan’s fingers found the base of the plug through her clothes. He pressed on it firmly, making Zoey gasp.

“I put this in to remind you of your place in this relationship,” he told her. “I expect you to behave like an absolute angel. Anything less, and as soon as we get home, I will be replacing this with a much larger plug along with a harsh spanking. Do you understand?” He emphasized his words by pressing on the plug after every other word.

Zoey swallowed thickly. “Yes, sir,” she murmured. She was thankful that the theater was almost completely empty except for a few people who sat toward the front of the theater. She and Evan were in the back, so there was no chance of anyone seeing or overhearing them.

“Good,” Evan said. He then adjusted Zoey so that she was curled into his side, her bottom facing slightly out to the side. He kept his hand on her pert cheeks, but instead of pressing onto the plug, Evan stretched his fingers out so that he almost gripped her entire bottom in his large hand.

Zoey sighed with relief. The new position was quite comfortable since she was leaning onto Evan and her bottom was no longer pressed against the chair. She rested her cheek on Evan’s shoulder and was able to enjoy the movie even though she could still feel the plug and Evan’s hand on her bottom only added to that distraction.

“Did you enjoy the movie?” Evan asked as they drove home.

Zoey shifted at the question. Evan had once again required her to sit bare-bottomed in the car. He even went so far as to turn on the seat warmers, making her feel like she had just been spanked. Her bottom tingled.

“Yes,” she said quietly, looking out the window.

It wasn’t a lie. The movie Evan had chosen was a romantic comedy. He knew very well that she adored those. And every time the couple kissed on screen, Evan would lean down, grip her bottom a little tighter, and press a sweet kiss to her lips.

Sitting with her naked bottom pressed into the seat with a plug in was another experience entirely. The plug’s presence was making itself very much known as the seat of the car forced Zoey’s cheeks to part slightly.

Zoey’s breaths were coming out shallower and quicker. Evan watched her out of the corner of his eye, no longer able to hide his amusement. It was quite obvious that she was aroused. Her whole face was flushed, her chest rising and falling visibly, even under her thick sweater, and her thighs were pressed tightly together.

Evan was rock hard as they pulled into the driveway. He wasted no time in parking the car and coming around to Zoey’s side of the car. She barely had enough time to pull up her panties and tights before he was yanking her out of the car by the upper arm and marching her up to the house.

They didn’t speak as they entered the house and Evan continued to pull her down the hall and into his office. Zoey’s eyes were down and she tugged against him feebly, not quite over her shyness.

As soon as they were in his office, Evan tackled Zoey onto the leather couch, straddling her small waist and immediately pulling her sweater over her head.

Zoey arched her back, both in ecstasy and to help Evan get her clothes off faster.

“You’re so naughty,” he murmured against the side of her chin. His hands tugged down her tights and panties in one swift motion, causing Zoey to moan when the plug pressed against the leather cushion.

In just seconds, Zoey was completely naked. She stared up at Evan as he began to strip, starting with his sweater and button-up shirt. She swallowed when his chiseled abs came into view. Tentatively, she reached up to rest her palms on his warm skin, tracing the muscles lightly with her fingertips. Evan stripped completely except for his black boxer shorts. He sat up and pulled Zoey to stand between his knees. She tried to cover her front self-consciously, but Evan wasn’t having any of that. He swatted her hands until they were resting at her sides, leaving her completely exposed to his gaze.

“You’re too beautiful to cover yourself,” he told her, his hands coming up to cup her bottom cheeks, one in each hand. He kneaded the warm flesh, smiling gently when Zoey bit her bottom lip. One hand moved to lightly trace the base of the plug, his grin broadening when Zoey whimpered and shifted slightly away from him.

“How does it feel to have your naughty hole plugged?” he asked, looking straight into her eyes.

Zoey swallowed. She wanted to look away, but Evan’s gaze was too intense. “Embarrassing,” she said in a shaky voice.

Evan made a thoughtful sound in the back of his throat. “Just embarrassing?” he asked doubtfully. He pulled her butt cheeks slightly apart, using one finger to push against the plug, just enough to make her squeak.

Zoey stepped back, but this only succeeded in making her bottom cheeks spread even further since Evan’s grip was so tight on her. “No,” she finally admitted. She almost moaned when she looked into Evan’s eyes and it was clear he wanted more of an answer from her. Her throat felt dry as she forced the words out. “I feel excited too.”

“You’re so naughty,” he repeated, pulling Zoey closer by her bottom. “I think my naughty little schoolgirl needs a lesson in obedience. Go put on your uniform and come back here.” He gave her a harsh swat on each cheek to send her off.

Zoey blushed, but obeyed, making her way across the large office to the wardrobe where her school supplies were kept. She tried not to look at the cane that hung inside and quickly grabbed one of the school uniforms and began to put it on. She knew without asking that Evan didn’t want her to put on anything underneath the uniform. She shivered as she slipped on the thin button-up shirt and the fabric brushed against her peaked nipples. She could tell when she put on the short plaid skirt that the plug would be visible if she bent even slightly. Her blush intensified as she bent to slip on her long socks and buckle her shiny black Mary Janes.

When she was done, she looked up to find Evan staring at her with a heated expression. His jaw was tense and his eyes blazing. He crooked a finger at her and she obediently approached him, her head down and face flaming.

As soon as she was within reach, Evan snagged her around the waist and tipped her over his knee. The tiny skirt didn’t even try to shield her firm cheeks, so Evan had no choice but to light into them.

Zoey immediately began to kick, but not from pain. Evan wasn’t punishing her, that much was clear due to the mildness of the swats, but each one did leave her clit pulsing as her plug was jostled inside her.

Evan spanked with a heavy hand. After about a minute, he adjusted Zoey so that she was straddling one of his thighs, forcing her cheeks to part and expose her plugged hole. After attacking her bottom for another minute, Evan landed a few swats up and down her crack, paying special attention to the plug. Zoey wiggled violently at this attention, making little whimpering sounds.

Zoey’s bottom was a light pink when Evan stood her back up and led her over to his large wooden desk by the upper arm. Her toes barely grazed the floor after Evan picked her up and bent her over the table.

“Professor,” Zoey moaned, watching as Evan walked around the desk and pulled a thick wooden ruler out from one of the drawers.

“Hush, Ms. Lu,” Evan said as he came back around to her side. He tapped the wooden instrument against Zoey’s sit spots. “We’re going to make sure that you continue the good work you’ve been doing in your classes lately.”

“I’ll keep doing good,” Zoey said earnestly, kicking her feet a bit. “I promise, sir. Please!” She pressed her thighs together, already feeling as if she were on the edge.

“Please what?” Evan asked, bringing the ruler down on Zoey’s sensitive sit spots. He spanked all around the plug, circling around and around it with the ruler.

Zoey cried out. “I’m close, sir. Please!”

Evan grinned but didn’t answer her. He continued to bring the ruler down all over her bottom, watching as light pink stripes appeared on the sensitive skin. He gave her a couple dozen more swats, waiting a few seconds between each one and enjoying the way Zoey was squirming over his desk. Her whole body was practically begging for him. The ruffles of her skirt framed her pink cheeks perfectly, the stainless steel plug acting as a focal point. He debated briefly getting a camera, but was almost at his limit as well. After one last particularly harsh swat with the ruler, he dropped the tool onto his desk with a careless clatter.

“You’re going to be my good little student for the rest of the semester, aren’t you?” Evan asked, freeing himself from his boxer shorts.

“Yes, sir!” Zoey cried, already spreading her thighs apart in anticipation of accepting him.

Evan grit his teeth together as he stared down at Zoey’s red bottom. He wasted no time in sliding himself into her, sighing deeply when he was fully seated inside her tight, wet passage. “That’s right. You better be,” he warned as he began to thrust his hips back and forth. “If you’re not, you’re going to be one sorry little schoolgirl.”

Zoey groaned as she gripped the opposite edge of the desk, squeezing her eyes shut as Evan filled her so completely. It always hurt a tiny bit when he first entered, making her feel even more naughty and punished. She tried to lift her hips up a bit to meet his thrusts, but her legs were too short to offer much help.

Evan grinned when he realized what she was trying to do and gripped her hips hard in his hands before lifting her up with each thrust forward into her. Zoey moaned loudly with each one, her fingers and toes curling.

“You’re mine, aren’t you, young lady?” he demanded, stilling so he could hear her answer, but keeping her hips firmly in his grasp.

Zoey was breathing heavily and murmured, “Mhm.”

Evan lowered her hips to the desk, but kept his length inside of her. He smacked her bottom cheeks several times, making her cry out. “Answer me properly,” he commanded, grasping a fleshy cheek in each hand.

“Ohh, yes, sir!” she cried out, wiggling her hips in vain when he stayed still, teasing her.

Evan began to slide in and out of her again, faster than before. “Tell me that you’re mine.”

Somehow, despite the overwhelming amount of ecstasy flowing through her, Zoey was able to obey him. “I’m yours, sir. I’m your naughty schoolgirl… and your naughty patient.”

“That’s right,” Evan told her, approval clear in his voice. “And soon, you’ll be my naughty nurse as well, won’t you?”

Zoey gasped at the image Evan created in her mind, of her in a nurse’s uniform, standing next to him when he wore his lab coat. She blushed. They would make an amazing pair; she couldn’t even begin to imagine it to the extent she wanted to. “I really hope so, sir.”

It was the wrong response. Evan brought his hand down harder than ever right on top of the plug, making Zoey shriek and pull herself up higher onto the desk. “None of that,” he growled. “You are going to become an amazing nurse. My little nurse. Understand?” He spanked the plug a few more times, making Zoey gasp again.

“Yes, sir!” she said immediately. “I’m going to be your little nurse!”

“Good girl,” Evan said. Then he grabbed each bottom cheek in his hands and used them to pull her toward him as he thrust even faster. Zoey moaned and came around his thick length before collapsing limply against the desk.

Evan stilled when she came, wanting to really feel the way her body shook around him before he came as well, bending his large body over her tiny doll-like frame.

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