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Tennessee Law by Stella Blanche – Extended Preview

He opened his mouth to say something, but then he glanced over the apartment quickly, his eyes zoning in on her bag, still packed just inside the open door of the bedroom.

“You haven’t unpacked,” he stated and looked down at her with glaring eyes. It wasn’t a question and she knew better than to answer. For a moment her thoughts scattered and she found it strange that she was skittish around any male who came into the bar, except for Bob and Sam. She knew none of the other men coming into the bar would do anything to harm her. Bob didn’t run that kind of establishment, but she still kept a safe distance and often jumped if the crowd was too rowdy during football games. Yet, even with Sam glaring down at her, fury clear in his posture, she didn’t even feel a trickle of fear. No. All she felt when he looked down at her in that way was horny. There was simply no other word for it. She shook her head slightly to clear it from the naughty images assailing her mind.

“On the bed, face down, now.” He used his dom voice and her stomach dropped, wetness pooling in her panties, but despite that she raised her chin defiantly and shoved the sub in her aside.

“No. You are not my dom anymore and… hell, I don’t even know you anymore!”

“Well, then now is the perfect time to get reacquainted. Bed. Now.”

“Sam, I…”

“No, Soph, I’ve told you what my intentions with you are. I’ve given you space, allowed you time to settle down and to heal. I’m even getting used to calling you Sophie but the hell am I going to sit back and wait for you to run again.”

Sophie had nothing to say to him, nothing to contradict him. He had given her space and she had hated every moment of it. She wanted his anger, his resentment, his bitterness toward her, but she also craved his attention, his kisses, his domination of her, of her body and of her soul. Was it time to give in to him? She wanted to, oh, how much she wanted to! But she would put him in danger if she did that. She would never forgive herself if something happened to him or Bob. They were the closest thing she had to a family and given the fact that she sought them out to run to, she realized that she had unconsciously thought of them as the people to keep her safe, so it was only fair to keep them safe as well. And the less they knew, the safer they were.

“Sam, you…” Her voice cut off in a startled gasp as he lifted her up, carried her across the room, and threw her lightly on the bed. Before she could gather her scattered wits, her hands were tied together to the bedpost with two of her silk scarves that were lying on the floor.

“Samuel!” He spared her a quick glance through narrowed slits as he moved about the room, looking for something.

“If I were you, I’d keep that pretty little mouth shut before I gag you.” Her eyes went wide and her mouth fell open. He couldn’t do this to her!

“You can’t be… what the hell! Samuel!” Her words were cut off as he shoved something into her mouth and she tried cussing him out as she realized it came from her underwear drawer. He’d just used a pair of her lace panties as a gag! She tried screaming at him when he started tugging her pants down her legs, shortly followed by her panties. When she raised her leg, aiming to kick him where the sun didn’t shine, he tsked, flipped her over, and his bare hand came down on her pale ass cheek with five resounding smacks. When he flipped her over again, her face was flushed, her eyes downcast, and not a sound came from her gagged mouth.

“That’s a good girl. Looks like I’ll have to start your training all over again.” She kept her eyes downcast; the submissive side of her had taken complete control and she was powerless against Sam’s determination and her own raging desire. Sam calmly spread her legs as wide as they could go and tied them to the bottom bedpost with two of her belts. With assured movements he moved toward her torso and her shirt and bra were soon lying on the floor in torn and tattered pieces.

“This is what we are going to do. I am going to tell you what I know, and you are going to nod when it is the truth and shake your head if it is a lie. You will not make a single sound. You will be punished for lying and rewarded for telling the truth. Simple enough?” Sophie nodded, her heart hammering furiously in her chest. “Since you are gagged, do you remember the signal that would be your safe word?” She hesitated for a fraction before knocking the pit-pat pattern on the head post. Approval shined from Sam’s face and bathed her in the warm glow of their former relationship. How easily she had fallen back into the role when Grant had spent years trying to break her to his will but had never succeeded.

“So, you married the guy from the carnival.” Sophie nodded and bit down on the panties to keep herself from moaning as his hands started roaming over her body. She tried not to think about Grant as Sam was touching her, but his line of questioning didn’t really help, and she was sure they were far from done.

“You lied to me the night you left town.” She nodded again, her heart giving a painful thump as she remembered one of the worst nights of her life. Sam’s hands covered her breasts, massaging the supple flesh and plucking at her sensitive nipples with experienced fingers. She arched her back, eager for more but he removed his hands as he voiced the next question.

“Were you seeing him at the same time as you were seeing me?” A frown plucked at the skin between her eyes. That was difficult to answer; she didn’t like Grant, she was taken by him as payment for her parents’ debt, he was always overly friendly and touchy, but she supposed since it was nothing she had wanted, she’d say no. She hesitantly shook her head and Sam returned her frown. Still not touching her.

“Did he force you to go away with him?” Sophie could feel the tears forming, the emotion building, and the helpless frustration rising again. She swallowed, averted her gaze, and nodded again. She saw Sam taking off his shirt and she marveled at the chiseled perfection that was his torso. Tanned, cut, and splendidly on display for her eyes to feast upon. His jaw clenched at her silent admission.

“Did he force you to marry him?” Sophie couldn’t help it; the tears spilled over, running from her eyes into her hair that was splayed out beside her on the cushions. She nodded and turned her head away from him. How could she look him in the eye after a confession like that?

“Sophie, I know this is hard, but you won’t let me in any other way. If you can look at me right now and tell me that you’ll talk to me, I’ll stop.” Sophie took a shuddering breath. She couldn’t tell him, she had to keep him safe. She survived Grant only with her memories of a better time. A time when Sam was with her, when he loved her. She shook her head.

“Then we’ll continue.” His hand on her face turned her head so that she was once again looking at him. “Did he force himself on you?” She started sobbing and knew he would know the answer to that question without her having to do anything. She waited for him to leave the room, disgusted with who and what she had become in the years that had gone by, but then Sam’s weight was on top of her. Not crushing her, comforting her. He took the panties out of her mouth and tossed them aside. His lips traced the tears on her face as he held her gently. By the time she had finally calmed down and pushed the memories to the back of her mind, Sam was busy playing with the strands of her hair. It felt good to have him with her like this, like a blanket of safety. Protecting her and keeping all the bad memories away.

“Sam?” She felt his dick twitch again her thigh and frustration built that he was still almost fully clothed.

He raised his head slowly, his gaze burning down at her. “Please make me forget.” The words rushed out before he could say something else and she kept her eyes locked with his, trying to convey the seriousness of her statement to him without having to repeat the question. Sam stood up from the bed and looked down at her but he saw no sign of hesitation. He quickly untied her legs and toed his shoes and socks off at lightning speed. He straightened and her mouth turned dry with anticipation at the passion and love blazing in his eyes. Even after all these years, after everything she had put him through, it was still there. As clear as the first rays of the sun after a dark thunderstorm.

“Anything for you, love. Turn over, on your knees, breasts flat on the mattress.”

Sophie could hear the floorboards creak as Sam moved about in the small kitchen; she heard him rummaging in the fridge and her nerves spiked, causing her to tremble in anticipation and wetness to leak from her exposed pussy. How she missed this. How she missed him. Her breath got stuck in her throat as she felt the bed dip behind her, but no matter how she angled her head she couldn’t see him.

“Are your arms comfortable?” His fingers stroked the length of her arms up to the bonds where her wrists were crossed over each other, testing the bondage to ensure it wasn’t too tight.


“Good girl.” There it was again, the warm submissive glow she loved so much.

His hands never left her skin, trailing over her back and wreaking havoc on her insides. When his hands left her body, she let out a dissatisfied moan, which earned her a hard smack to the ass. He gripped her cheek to keep the burning sting locked in before stroking it softly.

“Such an ungrateful little brat, aren’t you, my little love?”


Then she had to gasp as his mouth was on her exposed center, his tongue darting up and down her soaked slit, causing her to moan and wriggle in the steel grip he still had on her ass. One of his hands trailed down and he pushed a single digit into her tight channel, which had her grinding down on his face. She could feel herself edge closer to an orgasm and just as she thought she was going to come apart at the seams, his hand and face disappeared from between her legs.

She made another sound of discontent, ending in a yelp as his hand slapped her right on her swollen and needy center.

“Yes, we will definitely have to train you all over again.” He smacked her again and she bit her lip to keep the groan inside.

“I think some sensation play is just what we need today. I don’t want to push you too hard and too fast. How does that sound to you?”

“Oh yes, please, Samuel.” Sam groaned and gave her a playful smack on her ass as he leaned over her. His breath was deliciously hot while his teeth scraped the shell of her ear.

“You know how much I love it when you call me that.”

She smiled at him. “I do. I never forgot.”

He gave her a quick kiss. “Turn on your back and let me blindfold you.”

She turned over obediently, eager to please him. He slipped another scarf over her eyes, gently tying it behind her head, careful not to get her hair tangled up in the knot. This was exactly what she needed. To have him take control, even it was only for a little while. To give in to him and let him control her body, soul, and mind. This was one sure way of beating away some of her demons. Making new and happy memories with the love of her life could only be a good thing. She felt so comfortable with him, so content and happy, despite only just returning to him two weeks ago and rarely seeing him—it was like nothing had changed. Like no time had passed. Sophie welcomed the darkness of the blindfold; all her other senses were on high alert immediately, making her sensitive to even the slightest of touches and whispered sounds.

“Open your mouth, love.” She opened her mouth and the cold of an ice cube almost made her gasp and choke on the drops of water. “Suck.” She closed her mouth around the cube and sucked at it, hollowing her cheeks. “Good girl.” She heard the flick of a match, followed shortly by the smell of burning phosphor. She heard Sam blow out the match, but the slight smell still lingered in the air. The anticipation built and then Sam’s voice gruffly ordered her to open her mouth and give him the cube. The icicle touched the tip of her breast, teasing her nipple to the point where she was moaning with need. Sam removed the icicle and blew softly on the sensitive skin before she felt another cube rubbing against her lips. She opened her mouth obediently and started sucking again just as the first cube moved to her other breast. Sam left a shivering cold trail as he moved the cube down her stomach before dipping it lightly into her navel. Sophie moaned around the cube as Sam’s lips followed the path of the cube. His fingers tapped her mouth lightly and she opened and gave him the second cube. His mouth closed over her clit, sucking hard before the heat disappeared and the ice cube was rubbed over her sensitive nub. Sophie moaned lightly before gasping as the second cube was roughly pushed into her pussy.

“Oh…” She arched her back as she felt Sam making his way up her body again. As she felt something intensely hot drip on her breasts, she moaned and tried to move away but she was firmly trapped beneath Sam as the dripping heat spread and covered her nipple. She vaguely realized that it must be candle wax. The wax dripped across her chest to the other breast covering the nipple at the peak as well before it trailed down her stomach in no particular pattern.

“Mouth. Open.” She opened her mouth and welcomed the next ice cube. She wasn’t aware of the water dripping out of her pussy as her liquid heat melted the ice inside her. She tried to moan around the cube in her mouth as Sam’s fingers spread her legs wide open and then she gave a muffled scream as the wax dripped all over her thighs getting closer and closer to her core. It nearly had her whimpering, but it never reached past the soft skin of her inner thighs and she desperately needed him to do something—anything to her to cut the tension that was coiling through her body. Before she could fathom the sensation running through her body, Sam took the last cube out of her mouth and pressed it firmly against her throbbing nub.

“Oh, Samuel!” She was unconscious of her hips trusting upward wantonly in a vain attempt to get away from the cold and closer to the heat or to get away from the heat and closer to the ice. Despite the raging blood in her veins she felt herself reach that perfect space where she trusted Sam completely with her body, where she could let go and give herself to him completely and submit to him completely. She reveled in the feeling of freedom this created in her mind. She soaked up the sensations and glowed in the effects of his domination. The wax and ice were so contradicting, she felt like she was burning alive and freezing to death all at the same time.

But then his fingers were inside her, thrusting hard and fast and she tripped over the edge, utterly losing herself in the sensations and coming around his fingers as his mouth slurped up the juices pouring out of her.

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